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00:00 wizzyrea are you singing at the capital 150 thing on saturday?
00:01 Francesca yup
00:01 Francesca u coming?
00:01 Francesca Orpheus is dave dobbins backup
00:02 Francesca I have rehearsal tonight which is why I'm not coming in this afternoon
00:02 Francesca I need to retain some of my sanity and that unfortunately means doing uni work
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02:41 * Francesca is tired
02:42 cdickinson only the second week of the trimester and you're saying that
02:42 cdickinson doesn't bode well :P
02:43 Francesca yeah doesn't does it
02:43 Francesca might be something to do with the fact I have a lot of extra choir stuff this week
02:44 Francesca how did ur presentation go dickinson?
02:44 * Francesca sighs
02:44 Francesca cdickinson
02:44 Francesca stupid autocorrect
02:44 cdickinson how it went still makes me laugh
02:45 Francesca oh?
02:45 Francesca do go on
02:45 cdickinson ended up doing all the prep for it yesterday morning, didn't make a script or anything, all ad lib
02:45 cdickinson first up at 3pm, had to go move my car at 2:30pm because I couldn't find a park anywhere
02:45 Francesca hahaha those are the best
02:45 Francesca oh dear
02:46 Francesca but it went well?
02:46 cdickinson ended up getting there just before I was up, tired, gasping for air, unhappy
02:46 cdickinson yet it wasn't a disaster
02:46 cdickinson it went well enough
02:46 cdickinson Got some good feedback
02:46 Francesca glad to hear it
02:47 Francesca you still planning to apply for the internship this summer?
02:47 cdickinson my supervisors say to look forward to feedback from one particular marker though x_x
02:47 cdickinson absolutely
02:47 Francesca cool, I'm just about to get in touch and ask what we need to do
02:48 Francesca I'll pass the info onto you if you like
02:48 cdickinson That'd be awesome, thanks Francesca
02:48 Francesca once I hear back that is
02:48 Francesca no worries, it'd be cool to do an internship with you
02:48 cdickinson I was just going to have a chat with rangi or something about the avenues I'd need to go through, if there is nothing on Summer of Tech
02:49 cdickinson actually, I'd rather not go through Summer of Tech at all
02:49 Francesca oh I don't think he actually knows whats going on with internships
02:49 Francesca we talk to someone else instead
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02:49 * Francesca waves at tcohen
02:49 eythian tcohen: hi
02:49 wahanui hey, eythian
02:50 eythian tcohen: also, I uploaded new master packages with my patches in them
02:51 tcohen hi
02:51 tcohen thanks eythian
02:51 tcohen just to say hi, is really late already
02:51 eythian it's only mid-afternoon, tcohen
02:52 tcohen have a good day/nght
02:52 eythian an hour from beer o'clock
02:52 tcohen heh
02:52 eythian later :)
02:52 Francesca @wunder wlg
02:52 huginn` Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (2:30 PM NZST on July 24, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.45 in 1031 hPa (Steady).
02:52 tcohen here is cabernet-sauvignon o'clock
02:52 tcohen heh
02:52 eythian there will probably be some of that here too
02:53 * Francesca has a problem
02:53 cdickinson beer, cider, some shots fly around
02:53 cdickinson and passionfruit juice, man that stuff is glorious
02:53 Francesca my apache configuration file doesn't seem to have this line
02:53 Francesca LogFormat "%v:%p %h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %O \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" vhost_combined
02:54 Francesca which according to the guide I'm following it should
02:54 eythian I don't feel like that line would be necessary
02:55 eythian also, what guide?
02:55 Francesca https://bugzilla.readthedocs.o[…]pache.html#apache
02:55 Francesca that guide
02:55 eythian oh
02:56 eythian look for a logformat line
02:56 eythian it might not be identical, you might have a newer version or something,
02:56 Francesca can't find any log format line at all
02:57 eythian I would skip that instruction then
02:57 Francesca okey doke
02:58 Francesca restart apache it is
02:58 Francesca thanks eythian
02:58 eythian np
02:58 pianohacker bye
02:58 eythian hi
02:58 pianohacker I mean hi
02:58 pianohacker other way
02:58 wahanui other way is to pass the array as an arrayref
02:59 Francesca hahahaha bye hi pianohacker
02:59 Francesca right now onto configuring apache with mod_cgi
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03:06 Francesca oh fantastic
03:06 Francesca now the computer won't let me save the changes to the apache file
03:06 Francesca grrrrrr
03:08 Francesca anyone around still?
03:08 cdickinson yep
03:09 Francesca got any ideas or brilliant solutions
03:09 cdickinson for it not saving changes?
03:09 cdickinson what's the error?
03:09 Francesca brackets lets me edit but not save the apache configuration file
03:10 Francesca the terminal won't open it or do whatever its supposed to do
03:10 Francesca it says permission denied
03:10 eythian what are you trying to do, and what is the result you are getting?
03:10 eythian what is "brackets"?
03:10 Francesca Text editor
03:10 eythian and what is it that says "permission denied"?
03:10 Francesca terminal
03:11 eythian the terminal only shows things that other programs tell it to show
03:11 Francesca when I put this line /etc/apache2/httpd.conf in the terminal and hit enter
03:11 eythian what is telling it to say "permission denied"?
03:11 Francesca absolutely no idea
03:11 eythian if you put that line into a shell, you're telling it to run that.
03:11 eythian that is probably not a thing you want to do.
03:11 Francesca heres the error -bash: /etc/apache2/httpd.conf: Permission denied
03:11 eythian yeah
03:11 eythian you're asking the system to run it
03:12 eythian which isn't a thing that makes sense
03:12 Francesca according to bugzilla I've got to be able to edit the configuration file
03:12 eythian you need to edit it with a text editor
03:12 Francesca yeah tried that
03:12 Francesca it won't let me save changes
03:12 eythian and that text editor will need root privileges
03:12 Francesca how do I check if it has root privileges on a mac?
03:12 cdickinson does Mac OS support sudo?
03:12 eythian I don't know
03:13 Francesca Has worked for me so far
03:13 wizzyrea ls -lah should tell you useful things
03:13 wizzyrea in the directory with the config file
03:13 wizzyrea in terminal.
03:13 eythian that's where my knowledge of real systems keeps going, and knowlege of macs stops.
03:13 cdickinson Francesca, use "sudo [text editor] /etc/apache2/httpd.conf"
03:13 Francesca okey doke thanks
03:13 * Francesca needs to get ubuntu dual booted on her laptop
03:14 cdickinson just having a normal VM is probably less of a pain
03:14 Francesca it runs so slow though
03:14 Francesca I have virtual box installed
03:14 cdickinson you need to allocate more resources to the VM
03:14 Francesca umm ok
03:14 Francesca I don't think I know how to do that
03:15 Francesca in the meantime I'll just keep going on mac
03:15 eythian it's not a given that that is the issue
03:15 cdickinson that's true
03:15 eythian for example, maybe the CPU doesn't have virtualisation extensions.
03:15 cdickinson Or maybe it's disabled by default
03:15 cdickinson way, way too many computers come like that
03:15 * Francesca is slightly confused niw
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03:15 Francesca for all I know about websites and code
03:16 cdickinson Francesca: there is a hardware feature called virtualisation extensions that make running VMs fast
03:16 eythian using a mac will be quite like pushing poo uphill.
03:16 Francesca I know nothing about configuring my laptop
03:16 cdickinson but for some stupid reason, almost everybody turns it off by default
03:16 Francesca why?? what is the point in turning off something so useful
03:16 Francesca I will go and find out how to turn it on
03:16 Francesca if it is off
03:16 Francesca I should check that first
03:17 cdickinson - according to this, it IS enabled by default when running Mac OS
03:17 Francesca ok so thats not the problem then
03:18 cdickinson do you know what model MacBook you have?
03:18 Francesca mackbook pro 13inch retina screen
03:18 Francesca 2014 model
03:19 Francesca arghh I give up
03:19 * Francesca starts up virtual box
03:19 cdickinson Not exactly a powerhouse, but it should work decently enough
03:19 cdickinson actually, there is one more thing
03:20 eythian check the RAM allocated to the VM
03:20 Francesca I'm listning
03:20 Francesca how do I do that?
03:20 cdickinson right click on the VM in the manager -> Settings
03:20 cdickinson click on the "System" tab thing
03:21 mtj hey Francesca, fwiw... i run a debian vbox on osx, no problems
03:21 Francesca hmm I've had problems with the speed
03:21 Francesca but other than that its fine
03:22 mtj ah, yep.. youve got an mac air huh?
03:22 cdickinson Base Memory is the amount of RAM you've got allocated to it. I usually dedicate 2GB for any VM I'm doing serious work on
03:22 Francesca pro
03:23 cdickinson[…]n_NZ&locale=en_NZ
03:23 Francesca I've got 1024 mb
03:23 cdickinson 1024MB will work, but you've got RAM to spare
03:23 cdickinson the less RAM you have, the more it has to swap to disk, and that's REALLY slow
03:23 mtj Francesca: youve got a recent macbook pro, with an ssd ?
03:24 Francesca the one from last year yeah
03:24 Francesca not sure I know what ssd is
03:24 Francesca mm thats the way I set up the vm with rangi
03:24 Francesca but I can increase the allowance if you think thats a better idea
03:25 cdickinson it certainly doesn't hurt to
03:26 Francesca I'll bump it up to 1gb for now
03:26 cdickinson 1024MB == 1GB?
03:26 Francesca the most I'll be doing on it for the moment is installing bugzilla and creating a new skin
03:27 Francesca cdickinson: you seem confused, am I confusing you?
03:27 Francesca I think I'm confusing myself
03:27 cdickinson you said it's already at 1024MB, and that you'd be bumping it up to 1GB. 1GB is 1024MB, so that would do nothing
03:27 mtj Francesca:  many of my vbox VMs are only 1gig RAM, with no speed problems
03:27 Francesca okey doke
03:27 Francesca 1gb it is the
03:27 Francesca then
03:28 Francesca thanks mtj, dickinson, eythian
03:28 cdickinson there is one more thing
03:28 cdickinson VirtualBox includes some guest extensions that should be installed on the VMs in order to improve performance and stuff
03:28 mtj .. on a macbook pro (mid 2012), with an SSD drive
03:29 cdickinson it's especially important for Linux as it includes drivers for the 3D graphics
03:29 cdickinson do you know if you've installed it, Francesca?
03:29 Francesca yes I want the one that allows copying between my os and the vb
03:30 cdickinson are you not able to do that at the moment?
03:30 Francesca can't remember rangi and I set up the vm much earlier in the year
03:30 Francesca nope
03:30 cdickinson the bidirectional clipboard is something you have to enable specifically?
03:30 cdickinson sorry, no question mark, it is
03:30 cdickinson Still got the settings window for the VM open?
03:30 Francesca yup
03:31 cdickinson go to the General tab, then Advanced -> Shared Clipboard
03:31 cdickinson flip that to bidirectional
03:31 cdickinson Might as well enable drag n drop as well
03:31 Francesca I was just about to ask that
03:31 Francesca mind reader
03:31 cdickinson restart your VM
03:31 cdickinson Let me know if it works
03:32 Francesca they were disabled but I've enabled them now
03:32 Francesca just gotta increase the memory (I haven't done it yet)
03:32 Francesca then I'll start up the vm and let you know
03:33 * Francesca realises stupidly that she already had agh of memory
03:34 Francesca faceplate faceplate facepalm
03:34 eythian wahanui: facepalm
03:34 wahanui facepalm is a tiny member of the Arecaceae family whose preference for warm, humid environments makes it a perfect choice for cultivation in the human nasal cavity.
03:34 Francesca and auto correct has returned with a vengeance
03:34 Francesca hahahahahahahaha I love it
03:34 cdickinson * Francesca realises stupidly that she already had agh of memory <--- that's what I was trying to point out
03:35 Francesca wahanui: botsnack cookie
03:35 wahanui :)
03:35 Francesca cdickinson: I figured
03:35 Francesca my brain is not working today
03:35 eythian wahanui: status
03:35 wahanui Since Wed Jul 15 22:30:23 2015, there have been 147 modifications and 34 questions.  I have been awake for 8 days, 5 hours, 5 minutes, 3 seconds this session, and currently reference 44594 factoids. Addressing is in optional mode.
03:35 cdickinson it's okay, I can do worse
03:36 Francesca Really? wow
03:36 cdickinson at least once a week, I walk into my own bedroom door while trying to open it
03:36 Francesca hahahahahahaha
03:36 eythian one day quantum tunneling will cause you to pass right htrough
03:36 eythian that'll be a confusing day.
03:36 mtj hmmm, would be interesting to run some benchmarks on various VMs
03:36 * Francesca is dying of laughter
03:37 cdickinson if that happened to me, I'd immediately go and try to divide by zero
03:37 cdickinson just to make sure I was living in reality
03:37 Francesca hahahahaha
03:37 Francesca ask siri to do it
03:38 Francesca right vm up and running
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03:38 cdickinson try copy and pasting text. Files, I'm not sure if it does that
03:39 francesca_ right using irc from the vm now
03:39 francesca_ (copied from mac) <Directory /Library/WebServer/Documents/bugzilla>
03:39 francesca_ AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
03:39 francesca_ Options +ExecCGI +FollowSymLinks
03:39 francesca_ DirectoryIndex index.cgi index.html
03:39 francesca_ AllowOverride Limit FileInfo Indexes Options
03:39 francesca_ </Directory>
03:39 francesca_ yup it works
03:40 francesca_ thanks cdickinson
03:40 cdickinson okay, so you DO have the guest extensions installed then
03:40 eythian future step is to work SSHed into the VM rather than on its console, and remove all the GUI stuff altogether.
03:40 francesca_ yeah
03:40 francesca_ and have enabled them
03:40 francesca_ eythian: slightly confused
03:40 eythian nobody uses servers with a gui because it's a terrible idea
03:40 eythian effectively, you have a small server inside your mac now.
03:41 francesca_ ok
03:41 eythian so you should be using it the way that servers are used, not the way desktop computers are used.
03:41 cdickinson Remoting into the server allows you to use your desktop GUI, rather than being confined to a small window
03:41 francesca_ i like that idea
03:41 eythian also, it uses a lot less resources
03:41 francesca_ I ssh into my vagrant vm
03:42 francesca_ just not the one with ubuntu installed
03:44 francesca_ right
03:44 francesca_ time to install bugzilla
03:47 cdickinson is it still slow? cause if there is enough RAM and you have guest additions installed, I'm stumped haha
03:47 francesca_ seems to bw fine now
03:48 francesca_ *be
03:48 cdickinson if it still slows down, only other thing I can think of is check that 3D Acceleration is enabled... it should be enabled by default but you never know
03:50 francesca_ right I'll keep that in mind
03:50 francesca_ I can always show you next friday
03:50 francesca_ thats when I'll be in next
03:51 cdickinson Awesome, good to hear
03:51 cdickinson where do music students normally live at Vic?
03:51 francesca_ what do you mean?
03:51 francesca_ are you asking for hall of residence?
03:51 francesca_ cas I live at home
03:52 eythian they live in the small holes in trees.
03:52 francesca_ nah everyone knows we live in pianos
03:52 cdickinson a surprising amount of people crawl into small areas to sleep
03:53 francesca_ not music students
03:53 francesca_ as far as I know
03:54 cdickinson putting aside the fact that I was making a joke about how people spend too much time at Vic, what I meant to say was where do you hang out and study and stuff :P
03:55 cdickinson you music people seem like a rare species
03:56 francesca_ uhh wishbone is fairly popular
03:56 francesca_ so is the tiny little common room at the music school
03:57 Francesca and the vm is back to running slow
03:58 cdickinson maybe something is happening in the background?
03:58 eythian what does top say?
03:58 Francesca f-vm [running]
03:59 eythian that is not what top says
03:59 Francesca I'm confused
03:59 eythian <-- also not what top says
03:59 cdickinson top is a terminal command, Francesca
03:59 wizzyrea I think he means type "top" into your terminal
03:59 wizzyrea :)
04:00 eythian specifically, the one inside the vm
04:00 wizzyrea (it shows you what's eating up your resources)
04:02 Francesca I'll let you know when I can work out how to screenshot
04:02 Francesca in the vm
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04:03 * Francesca is giving up for now
04:03 * eythian would copy-paste into pastebin
04:03 * eythian will go for beer now instead though
04:03 * Francesca is going to sleep before rehearsal tonight
04:04 Francesca its a 3 hour one
04:04 Francesca thanks for the help pythian, wizzyrea, cdickinson
04:04 Francesca hmmm eythian auto correct thinks you are pythian
04:08 cdickinson that's alright
04:09 cdickinson surprise surprise, pythian is a real word
04:10 Francesca I'm gonna try running my vm another time when I haven't got so much other stuff open on my desktop
04:10 Francesca right now I should attempt to find my sheet music, after all I do need it tonight
04:11 cdickinson priorities are straight as per usual, I see :D
04:11 cdickinson well, that's what I'd say to myself anyway
04:11 Francesca oh shh
04:11 Francesca catalyst and music are equal
04:12 Francesca in my mind
04:12 Francesca any uni related work e.g.: quizs, assignments come much lower down the list
04:12 Francesca I'd much rather build a website than write an essay
04:12 Francesca wouldn't you?
04:13 cdickinson I would, you're exactly right
04:13 cdickinson I have a funny feeling "do as I say, not as I do" is going to be a saying that will feature a lot in the future for me
04:14 Francesca hahahaha I couldn't agree more
04:16 cdickinson alright, got my work committed
04:17 Francesca cool
04:17 cdickinson going to go for some not-so-beer o'clock now
04:17 Francesca ok see ya
04:17 Francesca have fun
04:17 cdickinson Francesca, you should come in more often, you're fun to have chats with
04:17 Francesca awww I'm touched
04:18 Francesca I'm planning on coming in every friday afternoon
04:18 cdickinson Perfect, cause that's my schedule as well
04:18 Francesca Its just I have choir tonight so I needed a rest
04:18 cdickinson Ah, nice
04:18 Francesca and a concert tomorrow
04:18 Francesca we're backing up dave dobbyn
04:18 cdickinson o.O
04:18 Francesca u shld come
04:19 Francesca tomorrow evening down at parliament
04:19 cdickinson Does it cost to get in? :P
04:20 cdickinson cause I heard about this on TV this morning, but yeah
04:21 cdickinson[…]al-150/wellington - it's this, right?
04:21 Francesca yup
04:21 Francesca I think its free
04:21 cdickinson Yeah, it says it's free
04:22 Francesca see if u can spot me in the choir
04:22 Francesca theres 100 of us
04:22 cdickinson I have decent eyes so hopefully
04:22 cdickinson are you tied up there the whole time, or what?
04:23 Francesca I'll be till just after 6
04:23 Francesca I have to be in kelburn for a contra dance at 7,30 so wasn't planning on staying for the light show
04:24 Francesca you wanna meet up after the performance is finished?
04:24 cdickinson Yeah, that'd be good
04:24 Francesca Hmmm
04:25 Francesca I could meet you outside the parliament grounds
04:25 cdickinson Yeah
04:25 Francesca might be easier than trying to find you in the crowd
04:25 cdickinson That's true
04:25 Francesca I'll txt you when i get to my phone
04:25 cdickinson you'll probably need my number for that haha
04:25 cdickinson PM'd
04:26 Francesca got it
04:26 cdickinson my car has petrol and my wallet has pocket lint, so I'm driving in. I'd be able to take you up to the contra dance later, as well, if you want
04:26 Francesca oh that'd be great!
04:27 cdickinson Cool, done deal then
04:30 Francesca lets meet outside parliament grounds round the front then
04:30 Francesca shouldn't be too crowded there
04:30 cdickinson Cool, shortly after 6. I'll note that down and not forget
04:31 Francesca yup
04:31 Francesca I'll txt u if plans change, they'll be finnalising timings tonight
04:31 cdickinson Alright
04:32 Francesca sweet
04:33 Francesca Right I gotta go do stuff now
04:33 Francesca see you tomorrow cdickinson , bye #koha
04:33 cdickinson Okay, have fun, see you tomorrow :)
04:33 Francesca :)
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06:53 reiveune hello
06:53 wahanui que tal, reiveune
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06:57 alex_a bonjour
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07:35 gaetan_B hello
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09:19 drojf hi #koha
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09:29 cait hi drojf
09:29 drojf hi cait
09:31 drojf i just learned that in bibliotheca plus, you have to send emails manually. you export them, and put them in outlook. and apparently now you even have to send each one manually
09:32 cait interesting
09:32 wahanui i guess interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
09:33 drojf i guess it's bad in this case :D
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09:40 clrh cait: +1 ;)[…].cgi?id=7736#c118 (Hello)
09:40 huginn` Bug 7736: new feature, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, In Discussion , Edifact QUOTE and ORDER functionality
09:41 cait clrh: i am trying, saldy not so much success in finding volunteers to help out with the taxes patches
09:41 cait i am a bit stuck on thsoe
09:42 clrh ...
09:42 clrh I don't know how to help you
09:42 clrh for functionnal testings or more technical ?
09:42 cait that's alright
09:42 cait both - looking for another code review and maybe some acq testing data
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10:19 nlegrand hiya
10:26 nlegrand cait: for the plugins I've done all that, enabling both ways, restarting server, and I watched Kyle's video. The most basic features, like the link in are not in the master branch.
10:26 cait hm?
10:26 nlegrand Maybe I should wait for someone from ByWaters :), maybe they're still asleep right now :)
10:26 cait i think you can access them via tools
10:26 cait khall ping :)
10:27 cait which plugin were you looking at?
10:27 khall mornin!
10:27 nlegrand \o/
10:27 cait morning khall :)
10:27 nlegrand cait: Sink Kitchen first, the idea was more to developpe my owns ^^
10:27 cait khall: plugin queestions :)
10:27 nlegrand khall: may I ask you about plugins ?
10:27 khall sure!
10:28 nlegrand khall: Thanks! It doesn't seem to work like in the video you made. For example, after enabling both ways and restarting web server, I don't have links.
10:29 cait nlegrand: you turned of the pref, gave your user the permissions and koha-conf?
10:29 cait sorry to interrupt, just thought maybe there is a third option missing
10:32 nlegrand cait: user is super librarian
10:32 nlegrand $ perl -MC4::Context -E "say C4::Context->config("enable_plugins"); say C4::Context->preference('UseKohaPlugins')"
10:32 nlegrand 1
10:32 nlegrand 1
10:32 nlegrand Restarted the server again, same effect
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10:33 nlegrand khall: then I use direct links and upload Kitchen Sink like said here : <>
10:33 khall nlegrand: can you to going to /cgi-bin/koha/plugins/ for your server?
10:33 nlegrand khall: yes
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10:34 khall so you can go to and upload a plugin?
10:34 nlegrand khall: but It doesn't propose to upload new plugins, and it doesn't list Kitchen Sink once I've uploaded whith
10:35 nlegrand khall: I have to go directly to plugins-upload to do so, it unzipped it cleanly in /var/lib/plugins
10:35 nlegrand khall: but it's not listed in then
10:36 khall nlegrand: I would try another plugin or two. Usually what that means is some part of the plugin failed to load.
10:36 nlegrand ho right.
10:37 khall try the patron last activity plugin, or the records by biblionumber plugin
10:39 cait khall: can you help me out a little later understanding one of your patches?
10:40 khall sure!
10:46 nlegrand khall: they have been unzipped in the plugin directory, but I have "No plugins installed" in
10:47 khall are there any error messages in your apache logs?
10:47 nlegrand khall: no errors
10:47 nlegrand I'm on a fresh master, my db may be a bit weird though.
10:50 khall nlegrand: i you apply this diff to your kohaclone you might see the errors:
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10:56 cait khall: i am looking at the grace period bug
10:56 cait (12:09:15) cait:[…]15135&oldid=14934
10:56 cait oops
10:57 cait[…]_bug.cgi?id=13590
10:57 huginn` Bug 13590: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Add ability to charge fines at start of charge period
10:57 JoshB joined #koha
10:57 cait still there? :)
10:58 khall yep!
10:58 cait i am wondering
10:58 cait in overdues.p,m
10:58 cait why the use of INTERVAL_START? and INTERVAL_END?
10:58 cait hm INTERVAL_END doesn't seem to be used actually
10:59 khall you're right about that it seems
10:59 cait and i think you could just do == 1 below?
10:59 khall basically, it's to give a name to those two arbitrary values
11:00 cait hm i get what you meant, but i think it was a little confusing here
11:00 khall ok, I'll add a followup then
11:00 cait i hope to sign it soon
11:00 cait currently trying to adapt the algorithm for a custom fines script...
11:01 cait they need your way of grace period calculation but with non-linear fines
11:01 cait hope to build that into koha once some of the overdue patches have gone in
11:02 khall cool!
11:02 cait just too worried about conflicts right now - lots of things inthe works there
11:04 nlegrand khall: no errors, but, I realised some of my logs where for some reasons in the apache logs dir, and I have this:
11:04 nlegrand [Fri Jul 24 12:59:36 2015] Use of uninitialized value $op in string eq at /home/koha/koha-src/plugins/ line 91.
11:04 sophie_m joined #koha
11:04 khall nlegrand: that's no a problem.
11:04 khall I'm afraid I'm out of ideas at this point!
11:05 nlegrand argh :)
11:05 nlegrand thanks anyway
11:06 khall wish I had better news for you : \
11:06 khall cait: I've updated the patch
11:07 cait thx!
11:08 cait khall: could you kill the  +use Readonly; too?
11:08 cait i could do it, but not yet signing and might forget
11:09 nlegrand khall: do the links should appear in the "More" menu on a koha master branch? I see no entry in the template:[…];hb=HEAD
11:09 khall nlegrand: no, they links should show in the reports page and the tools page
11:11 nlegrand khall: ha I have the one in the reports page, but not in tools page... Well, I'll search, thanks again :)
11:11 khall np!
11:13 cait thx khall :)
11:13 khall np!
11:27 Callender joined #koha
11:34 matts hi #koha !
11:35 wicope joined #koha
11:52 drojf joined #koha
11:57 meliss joined #koha
12:09 barton morning #koha!
12:09 barton I was wondering if anyone here has experience with VuFind? I'm especially interested in configuring / trouble-shooting the Koha-Rest driver.
12:10 barton ... and if anyone considers themselves an expert, perhaps registering here:
12:12 NateC joined #koha
12:14 cait barton: you should talk to someone fromptfs europe maybe
12:15 cait barton: which driver are you looking at?
12:15 drojf the rest driver is the ptfs one
12:15 drojf the other (old) one uses sql directly
12:16 barton I'm actually using a modified version of the ptfs driver that misilot sent me.
12:18 drojf i have not had the time to try vufind again (the last time was before the rest driver), so i'm out
12:19 barton the ptfs version can be found here: -- I can't remember the branch name off hand -- probably Koha-Rest or something very similar.
12:20 misilot barton: what's up
12:20 drojf i think it is part of vufind these days
12:20 cait koha-driver
12:21 cait i think they had a request going to get it integrated
12:21 cait i amnot sure what happened
12:21 barton misilot: talking about vufind in general. I was giving back-story.
12:21 barton your name came up :-)
12:21 misilot ah :)
12:21 misilot wasn't sure if you needed any help with it
12:24 barton misilot: well, yes and no... I think that a good chunk of my problem right now is that I just don't know enough about VuFind in general... I've been going down very specific avenues, without any context.
12:24 barton time to back up and get a better idea of what I'm doing.
12:25 misilot ah ok :)
12:25 misilot i'm gonna try and put some of my changes out there publically and try and get them merged into VuFind stable possibl
12:25 misilot possibly
12:26 barton nod.
12:26 misilot i just need to figure out a better way to gracefully handle the custom parts of authentication that we added. where I do not use koha username and passwords for authenticating to the backend
12:26 misilot for users
12:30 barton Yeah, that's one of the places that I'm running into trouble as well: the site that I'm integrating with is using LDAP; as soon as it hits user data, it's prompting for a login, and I have no clue about the plumbing inside Vufind that's making that happen... I can see a login method inside the KohaRest driver (or something like that)... but I don
12:31 barton I don't have clue 1 about how that's called or how it interacts with Koha.
12:32 misilot let me try and put my custom code up into a branch on github, and see if I can walk you through it. I'm not using LDAP for VuFind, but I am using CAS so it may be similar enough
12:33 barton misilot++
12:34 gerundio joined #koha
12:59 mario joined #koha
13:00 cait have a nice weekend #koha
13:00 cait left #koha
13:07 barton cait, misilot, drojf : just added[…]ernal_Integration -- pretty bare bones at the moment, but it's a start.
13:07 misilot barton:[…]9bc0d5629549R1498
13:09 misilot the username is our *identifier* for koha so I just look up based on ID and don't actually authenticate the patron
13:09 misilot since the external source is doing that
13:13 barton misilot: nod ... so you're treating Koha as read-only, correct?
13:13 misilot barton: what do you mean?
13:13 misilot I can place holds/renewal/cancel holds etc through the ILSDI driver
13:14 barton you can't do anything lik placing holds via VuFind.
13:14 misilot yes, i can ^^
13:15 misilot that
13:15 misilot As long as the ILSDI driver allows it, I can do it
13:15 barton nod.
13:15 misilot The only wonky thing is, the overdue page in VuFind, it shows all items checked out
13:16 misilot the fine page I mean not the overdue page
13:16 barton ah.
13:16 misilot and all items checked out = previously checked out
13:16 misilot I haven't had time to or want enough to care about that little misconecption, since our fines are put into the Finance system for the university
13:18 barton I think that perhaps I need to learn more about Koha's ILSDI as well... it's not a corner of Koha that I've played in before.
13:18 misilot barton: http://demo.bywatersolutions.c[…]bin/koha/
13:19 barton A little experience will trump a lot of theory.
13:19 misilot barton: think of it is the pre rest/ rest driver for Koha
13:24 barton hm. I'm going to have some fun playing with that...
13:25 misilot barton: but we have VuFind running just like we did with our previous vendor. Possibly even a little smoother
13:25 misilot barton:[…]tree/fit-koharest here is the branch with our current production code
13:26 misilot I need to clean it up a bunch, but I might try and do that when I'm on vacation next week and try and get it submitted to VuFind.
13:26 talljoy joined #koha
13:26 misilot My code does make some alterations I believe to show shelving location instead of which library has it, since we are a single branch
13:31 cma joined #koha
13:46 paul_p joined #koha
13:59 amyjeankearns joined #koha
14:21 wicope joined #koha
14:32 edveal joined #koha
14:51 geek_cl joined #koha
15:20 pianohacker joined #koha
15:20 mario joined #koha
15:46 drojf joined #koha
15:47 tcohen joined #koha
15:49 tcohen late morning
15:59 mario joined #koha
16:12 drojf joined #koha
16:31 gaetan_B hi tcohen, i'm busy signing off bug 12252, but i'm not sure how to sign off multiple patches at once
16:31 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12252 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , OAI-PMH GetRecord result doesn't include item data
16:31 gaetan_B that whole HEAD~2^ thing is not very clear to me
16:32 laurence left #koha
16:33 gaetan_B i have 6 patches to attach so i feel like doing git bz attach -e 12252 HEAD~^5 would do
16:33 gaetan_B just not too sure about myself here
16:36 drojf gaetan_B: does that help?[…]re_than_one_patch
16:37 gaetan_B well that's what i am looking at right now
16:37 tcohen gaetan_B: I usually do git bz apply -s BUG#
16:38 gaetan_B i have already applied and tested all patches
16:38 gaetan_B i have to attach them to bugzilla now
16:39 gaetan_B i have tried doing git bz attach -e 12252 HEAD~^5.. which seemed like it was what i wanted from reading the wiki
16:39 drojf but it dod not work?
16:39 drojf *did
16:40 drojf i did it before with git bz attach -e xxxx <commitid of first commit, e.g. b50ea9bd>^..
16:40 gaetan_B no, probably because, my vm is in an lxc container, but i am sending the git-bz commands from outside the container
16:40 drojf get the commitid from git log
16:41 gaetan_B aaah this looks promising :)
16:41 reiveune bye
16:41 reiveune left #koha
16:44 gaetan_B it worked, thanks drojf!
16:45 drojf great!
16:45 khall heydevs so my mac pro won't even boot now
16:45 khall what's the zoom url we were using?
16:46 khall oops, wrong channel!
16:50 xarragon Okay, probably something obvious.. But my MARC::Record objects do not have a to_xml() method, even when MARC::File::XML is used. Anyone know what it can be?
16:50 tcohen gaetan_B++
16:50 tcohen khall: sorry to hear!
16:50 gaetan_B :) nice way to end the week i guess!
16:50 tcohen gaetan_B: you rock
16:50 gaetan_B :D
16:51 tcohen xarragon: are you sure?
16:54 xarragon tcohen: Hm, it was supposed to be as_xml() actually
16:54 tcohen yeap
16:55 carmen joined #koha
16:55 xarragon tcohen: Uh, it actually works now.. magically
16:55 tcohen it is gmcharlt's aura
16:56 tcohen he's always around, looking after his beloved lib
16:56 xarragon tcohen:Does the MARC::File::XML has to be used before the MARC::Record?
16:56 tcohen xarragon: i don't think so
16:57 xarragon Because I belive I changed that before starting to Data::Dump all over..
16:57 tcohen MARC::File::XML includes MARC::Record
16:57 tcohen isn't it?
16:58 tcohen it extends MARC::Record/MARC::File injecting more methods
16:58 tcohen[…]/MARC/File/
16:58 xarragon I was probably just missing to use it then. Called the as_xml() on a record object without using it. Makes sense, since I pasted in parts from another file into a small test script.
16:59 tcohen xarragon: it is friday, it is supposed to be like that on fridays
16:59 xarragon Ah, yes, I fixed the error by using the XML module.. But went on adding dumping code
16:59 xarragon I see it in the bash scrollback.
17:00 xarragon Okay, thanks for the mental support.
17:00 xarragon And for some reason I imagined that Dumper would print the methods.
17:01 tcohen xarragon: I always usa Data::Printer
17:01 tcohen warn p($object);
17:02 xarragon "colored pretty-printer"
17:03 xarragon It better be l33t since I can no longer do the "dumping pun" when I use it..
17:03 xarragon Oh, I like.
17:03 xarragon Much more compact and complete!
17:03 tcohen xarragon: u r welcome
17:04 xarragon tcohen: Thank you veryt much!
17:05 xarragon tcohen: very*
17:05 tcohen de nada
17:05 xarragon gracias
17:13 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14107: Patron cards: Make barcode width and height scaling editable <[…]7bf294b65ed2ddf2d> / Bug 14268: Followup - instruction for preftype selection <[…]9665bd4c7498a9e55> / Bug 14268: Use dropdown for variable types <
17:26 gaetan_B bye
17:29 edveal joined #koha
18:04 tcohen quick question: anyone remembers how to query a koha<->marc mapping?
18:04 tcohen through the API of course
18:05 * tcohen laughs nervously
18:06 tcohen oh my
18:06 tcohen there's no such a thing as an API for that!
18:09 tcohen khall: around?
18:09 pianohacker tcohen: we're on a call atm
18:09 tcohen oh, sorry
18:09 pianohacker np
18:19 tcohen how do i get a value of a specific column from a result set?
19:17 tonys joined #koha
19:19 tonys Is anyone here that could help me understand why my :80 doesn't bring up the OPAC but it brings up the Apache "This Works" page. Port 8080 is walking just fine.
19:20 pianohacker tonys: what linux distro?
19:20 tonys Ubuntu 12.04
19:22 pianohacker tonys: what's in your /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ directory?
19:27 tonys pianohacker <<< 000.default and Library
19:27 tonys sorry library.conf
19:27 pianohacker tonys: sudo a2dissite 000.default
19:29 tonys can't find the a2dissite
19:29 mtompset joined #koha
19:29 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
19:30 pianohacker *blink* that's odd.
19:30 tonys My error got it -- indicates 000.default doesn't exsist
19:30 mtompset That I exist, or something else? ;)
19:30 pianohacker hi mtompset
19:31 pianohacker tonys: try just default then
19:31 mtompset Greetings, pianohacker tonys.
19:31 tonys Greeting mtompset
19:31 mtompset jcamins: Can I ask you a question about Koha::RecordProcessor?
19:31 mtompset @seen jcamins
19:31 huginn` mtompset: jcamins was last seen in #koha 5 days, 7 hours, 15 minutes, and 7 seconds ago: <jcamins> Hehe.
19:33 tonys <pianohacker> I'm still getting that default page
19:34 pianohacker tonys: run sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
19:35 tonys Just did that and now it works.... I must be brain fryed but thank you so much pianohacker
19:37 pianohacker tonys: glad to hear!
19:38 tonys Thank you again
19:39 pianohacker happy to help, have a nice day :)
19:46 mario joined #koha
19:46 amyk joined #koha
20:16 tonys I made a mistake and deleted all the patron files in Koha and it got rid of all my user and admin logins ... anyone know what I need to do to get at least the default back in place
20:17 bag @seen cait
20:17 huginn` bag: cait was last seen in #koha 7 hours, 17 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <cait> have a nice weekend #koha
20:17 bag ah you too cait
20:18 drojf tonys: the database user should still be there (info in koha-conf.xml), or you could just remove the instance and recreate it
20:19 tonys okay let me check the file first
20:23 tonys drofj>> don't see to be able to find the file you recommended
20:25 drojf tonys: assuming you are on an installation with debian packages and your instance is called Library (from what you posted before), it would be in /etc/koha/sites/Library/koha-conf.xml
20:26 tonys drojf: thank you I found it so let me take a look and see if the user is stil there.
20:28 mtompset Greetings, drojf bag.
20:28 drojf hi mtompset
20:29 bag heya mtompset
20:29 wahanui well, mtompset is catching up in the non-coding aspects of his ministry.
20:29 tonys drojf: thank you for the sucessful help.. everything works again...
20:29 mtompset Strangely, true again. Silly reports due in a week.
20:29 drojf tonys: great
20:33 mtompset_ joined #koha
20:39 drojf a multitude of mtompsets
20:48 pianohacker @seen ashimema
20:48 huginn` pianohacker: ashimema was last seen in #koha 1 week, 4 days, 13 hours, 5 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <ashimema> morning
21:11 cdickinson joined #koha
21:20 pianohacker @later tell cait well, later than wanted, but I posted a sandbox for bug 11559
21:20 huginn` pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
21:22 tcohen joined #koha
21:27 tcohen hi there
21:28 pianohacker tcohen: RE: your question earlier (if it's still relevant), C4::Context->marcfromkohafield ?
21:28 pianohacker also hi :)
21:30 tcohen hi pianohacker
21:30 tcohen i was giving TestBuilder my frst real-life usage
21:31 tcohen I have to say I like it :-D
21:31 tcohen makes writing integration tests pretty simple
21:31 pianohacker oh really? What are you working on?
21:31 tcohen without any assumptions on the db data
21:32 tcohen i'm writing a regression test for bug 14598
21:32 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14598 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , itemtype is not set on statistics by C4::Circulation::AddReturn
21:32 tcohen it is trivial to solve (have a patch already)
21:32 tcohen but building the test wasn't
21:32 tcohen can i show u?
21:32 mtompset tcohen and pianohacker: Did you see my koha-devel email question? :)
21:32 pianohacker absolutely, definitely interested
21:33 pianohacker mtompset: yup, but jcamins is probably the only person likely to be helpful :)
21:33 tcohen mtompset: I answered, even
21:33 pianohacker oh, nvm
21:33 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "pianohacker: TestBuilder goodness" (49 lines) at
21:34 tcohen create a couple random itypes, a random branch, a random borrower
21:34 tcohen single line thing
21:34 pianohacker niiiiice!
21:34 pianohacker who made that again?
21:34 tcohen and I also create random items
21:35 tcohen it was an intern from biblibre
21:35 pianohacker ah, right
21:35 mtompset Actually, if you changed the line I suggested, tcohen, then you could set the params in a $self->params in the initialize routine without having to make the change you did.
21:35 tcohen Yohann Dafour
21:36 pianohacker does it depend on a wrapping $dbh->{AutoCommit} = 0 / $dbh->rollback?
21:36 tcohen yes, because it fills all foreign constrains with random data :-D
21:36 tcohen :-D
21:36 pianohacker ah, okay :)
21:36 pianohacker that's reasonable, it makes the generation of test data a lot better
21:37 tcohen yeah, and we don't test on other tests' side-effects
21:37 pianohacker right...
21:37 tcohen which is causing me a lot of headaches
21:37 tcohen i told jenkins to run the tests randomly
21:37 tcohen prove -s
21:37 tcohen and they of course, fail randomly
21:37 pianohacker ... joy
21:38 pianohacker why is that? I thought the only dependency for most of the tests was a full installation of the sample data?
21:38 tcohen i think that's the aim
21:39 tcohen but there must have been situations in which we inadvertedly passed tests only because they were run after another test
21:39 pianohacker tcohen: and, just to be clear, this is reordering the .t files, not the tests within them, correct?
21:39 tcohen exactly, only teh .t files
21:39 pianohacker makes sense
21:40 mtompset We have failures when the .t order is randomized?!
21:40 pianohacker *shiver* that's terrifying
21:40 pianohacker (the failure, not the reordering)
21:40 tcohen we should build test cases inside subtests so there aren't unnecesary side effects inside the same .t
21:40 tcohen mtompset: yes
21:40 tcohen that's why jenkins is constantly failing in master
21:41 mtompset I think a vulgar explicative is in order: holy excrement!
21:41 tcohen i'm tempted to just remove the shuffle option switch
21:41 pianohacker cait's gonna be thrilled to hear about that...
21:41 tcohen because once tests fail for more than a week
21:41 tcohen the devs stop bothering to take a look at the regressions they introduce
21:41 pianohacker yeah
21:42 pianohacker that's how the test suite used to be, and nobody paid any attention to it
21:42 mtompset I stop looking after the 3rd email. :)
21:42 tcohen mtompset: serial jenkins breaker
21:42 tcohen :-P
21:42 mtompset I check, and it is usually someone else.
21:42 mtompset I may have been me once.
21:42 tcohen nah, you are too obsessive, was just a joke
21:43 mtompset speaking of obsessive. :)
21:43 * tcohen clarifies it was a cumpliment
21:43 mtompset Can I list you some bug numbers that have passed QA? :)
21:45 mtompset 12357
21:45 mtompset 13948
21:46 mtompset 14240
21:46 mtompset 14487
21:46 mtompset 6874
21:46 mtompset Not all are mine, but I'd like to shrink the number of branches I have. :)
21:46 tcohen 6874 is on hold
21:47 tcohen marcelr is revising it
21:48 mtompset I thought he was revising it in other bugs.
21:48 mtompset Though, I think there may be an issue with what is currently there.
21:49 mtompset I had a pain rebasing it into my 3.20.x hack branch.
21:50 tcohen therest are ok
21:50 tcohen today i pushed 11 i think
21:50 tcohen will cover all of them
21:51 tcohen there were bugfixes which have a bit higher priority
21:51 mtompset I understand. :)
21:52 tcohen rda patches are on my working branch already
21:52 mtompset If you need a break from those intense ones. :)
21:53 pianohacker bye all, be back tonight
21:56 tcohen mtompset: i take breaks :)
21:58 tcohen ribasushi: who invented dbix syntax?
22:00 tcohen mtompset: there are some easy to tset on your list
22:01 mtompset 190?!
22:01 mtompset Did I blink?!
22:02 tcohen 190?
22:06 mtompset 190 needs sign off.
22:07 * tcohen tries to remember if there's anyone from him
22:10 * tcohen stares with suspicious face
22:31 mtompset stares at whom and where?

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