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00:01 Francesca joined #koha
00:06 Francesca right 3 hour lecture done
00:06 Francesca anyone around?
00:18 mario joined #koha
00:37 JoshB joined #koha
01:14 Francesca joined #koha
01:15 Francesca anyone around
01:19 rangi hi Francesca
01:19 Francesca hey rangi whatsup
01:23 pianohacker joined #koha
01:24 pianohacker hallo
01:26 Francesca hey its my friend pianohacker
01:26 pianohacker shalom
01:26 pianohacker how goes it
01:26 Francesca I'm having lunch before I last minute an assignment due at 5
01:27 Francesca how about you? hacked any pianos recently?
01:27 pianohacker hell yeah, college
01:27 pianohacker nope... been busy with working and teaching
01:27 Francesca cool
01:27 Francesca what are you teaching
01:27 pianohacker Introduction to C++
01:27 Francesca cool
01:28 pianohacker it's really ironic that you mention last minuting, because when I took this class myself 5 years ago I made it a game to start the assignments as late as possible
01:28 pianohacker due at midnight?
01:28 Francesca nope
01:28 Francesca 5pm
01:28 pianohacker wouldn't wanna start it sooner than 11 PM.
01:28 Francesca and its already 1.28
01:28 Francesca hahahaha
01:28 pianohacker oh, I was giving an example
01:28 Francesca risky risky
01:28 pianohacker but you're starting it already?
01:28 pianohacker overachiever
01:29 Francesca I have to be in town at 4
01:29 Francesca also so there is a significant amount of music terminology and writing involved
01:30 pianohacker well, fair
01:30 Francesca normally I would leave it later
01:32 Francesca one day I am just going to buy another laptop and install linux on it
01:32 Francesca then I would not be fighting my OS every step of the way to installing bugzilla
01:33 pianohacker oh, you're installing it on Mac?
01:33 pianohacker *shiver*
01:33 pianohacker no fun
01:33 Francesca I agree
01:33 Francesca buuut my virtual machine never runs like I want it to
01:33 pianohacker there was a guy who tried to get Koha on a Mac server ages and ages ago, that was apparently very painful
01:33 Francesca eh seems to be going ok so far
01:33 pianohacker you can dual-boot mac and linux :)
01:34 Francesca yeah I'm not quite at that level yet
01:34 Francesca anyways it seems to be working so far
01:34 Francesca so fingers crossed
01:35 pianohacker join ussss
01:35 pianohacker it'sssss not thaaaaat baaaaaad
01:41 papa joined #koha
01:55 mario joined #koha
01:56 Francesca i know linux isn't that bad
01:56 Francesca I've used it before
02:07 ibeardslee "isn't that bad" ?!?
02:09 pianohacker and putting Linux on a Mac isn't that bad either :)
02:11 ibeardslee s/isn't that bad/makes good sense/
02:11 ibeardslee s/either//
02:11 ibeardslee </zealot>
02:12 pianohacker </alsozealot>
02:13 wizzyrea </zealot_the_third>
02:18 Francesca I like linux
02:23 pianohacker put it on your mac
02:23 pianohacker linux is the cheese for your mac
02:25 Francesca I'll have to get help
02:25 Francesca I don't want to stuff up the laptop I use for pretty much everything
02:25 Francesca I do run ubuntu via virtual box at the moment though
02:26 Francesca btw what is </zealot>
02:26 Francesca don't think I've seen that before
02:28 pianohacker informing you of the end of the zealotry in proper html form :)
02:28 pianohacker (though it's not really the end)
02:33 wizzyrea yeah, it's ongoing here. :P
02:34 pianohacker bye all
02:45 Francesca bye pianohacker
02:45 Francesca and he's already gone
02:47 JoshB joined #koha
05:17 drojf joined #koha
05:18 drojf morning #koha
05:18 eythian hi drojf
05:21 drojf hi eythian
05:22 drojf got a reply from thessaloniki, they are working on the proposal website. so they are still in :)
05:22 eythian cool
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06:20 Francesca hello
06:20 wahanui hey, Francesca
06:25 marcelr joined #koha
06:25 marcelr hi #koha
06:25 cdickinson_ joined #koha
06:26 drojf hi marcelr
06:32 marcelr hi drojf
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06:58 reiveune joined #koha
06:58 reiveune hello
06:58 wahanui niihau, reiveune
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07:07 cait joined #koha
07:07 Jul joined #koha
07:09 fridolin1 joined #koha
07:14 fridolin1 hie there
07:14 cait hi fridolin1
07:15 cait I had a unimarc problem somewhere i was wndering if you could confirm it
07:15 alex_a joined #koha
07:18 cait bug 14527
07:18 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14527 normal, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, NEW , zebra error 114 when searching for items added before or after a specific date
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07:31 cait *sigh* bug 13640
07:31 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13640 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Holds To Pull List includes items unreserveable items
07:39 gaetan_B joined #koha
07:39 cait morning gaetan_B
07:39 gaetan_B hello
08:16 drojf berlin paid 1.600.000€ to apply for olympic games 2024. 1.300.000€ were used for a marketing campaign called (translated) »we want the games« that was supposed to make people in berlin vote in favour that application.
08:17 drojf we don't have enough housing space. schools are rotting, because there is no money. but yeah, why not.
08:17 drojf *in favour of
08:48 cait drojf: calm down and fix a koha bug? :)
08:49 drojf cait: writing invoices ;)
08:49 cait heh ok
08:49 drojf not about 1600000€ unfortunately
08:49 cait hopefuly you are not as expensive as the olympics
08:49 drojf lol
08:49 drojf not yet
08:50 drojf we could have migrated all berlin libraries to koha for that money
08:50 drojf :P
08:51 cait oh holds...
08:51 wahanui holds are made to sell more aspirin
08:51 cait yep definitely
08:51 drojf hahaha
08:51 drojf cait: fixing last minute bugs?
08:52 cait finding last minute problems...
08:52 drojf aaaand then… fixing them last second!
08:52 cait hmpf
08:52 drojf let me know if you need last minute signoffs
08:52 cait i placed 2 holds that need to come off the shelf
08:52 cait and they are not showing up in the reports
08:53 cait why?
08:53 drojf i hope i get more ram for the office notebook today, so i can actually run a virtzal machine on it ;)
08:53 drojf hm sorry, don't know
08:53 wicope joined #koha
08:53 cait i am totally confused
08:56 paul_p joined #koha
08:59 cait this pendingreserves report is nuts
09:00 nlegrand joined #koha
09:00 nlegrand hey #koha!
09:00 cait good
09:01 cait i think it was my mistake
09:01 cait hi nlegrand .9
09:01 cait .9
09:01 cait :)
09:01 nlegrand hey cait o/ :)
09:02 cait but pending reserves is still weird - it doesn't seem to differentiate between item and record level holds?
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11:02 liw rangi++
11:19 Jul- joined #koha
11:19 marcelr holds?
11:19 wahanui holds are made to sell more aspirin
11:19 paul_p__ joined #koha
11:19 cait exactly
11:20 marcelr could have been your words :)
11:20 cait who knows... :)
11:21 cait marcelr: what is your library using for the 'on shelf holds'?
11:21 cait i was looking at holds queue vs. pendingreserves earlier
11:21 marcelr i have a custom report for pulling holds
11:21 cait ok... that is an option too :)
11:21 marcelr but it is close to pendingreserves
11:22 cait the problem with pendingreserves is that it picks not for loan items
11:22 marcelr i did not see that
11:22 marcelr but could be version and prefs combination
11:34 cait marcelr: hm there is alreay an older bug for that
11:34 cait it's a not for loan itemtype even :(
11:37 cait marcelr: the other thing is that it's not showing any difference for item and record level holds... unless i am missing something
11:49 marcelr cait: probably you are not missing something
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12:13 brevilo joined #koha
12:13 brevilo hi
12:13 wahanui hello, brevilo
12:14 cait marcelr: hmpf :)
12:14 brevilo just wanted to ask a quick question: is there a way to enable notifications for pending staff actions, like pending moderation and purchase suggestions?
12:16 brevilo (by notification I mean via email notices)
12:25 cait brevilo: i think there is something on the way for suggestions, but not for other things
12:25 cait and it will be in an upcoming release, so not availbel now
12:29 brevilo cait: thanks, do you have a bugzilla ID? I couldn't find anything...
12:30 cait bug 13014 - maybe too specific
12:30 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13014 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Sent an email to budget owner when a suggestion can be treated
12:31 barton joined #koha
12:33 brevilo cait/huginn: thanks, that seems about right. might have to file a RFC for the rest then.
12:33 cait huginn is a bot :)
12:33 cait he reacts to keywords like bug <number> :)
12:33 brevilo no reason not to thank "him" ;-)
12:33 cait that's true
12:33 cait huginn botsnack cookie
12:34 cait wahanui botnsack cookie
12:34 wahanui cait: what?
12:34 cait hm, they used to like them
12:34 brevilo heh
12:35 tcohen joined #koha
12:38 tcohen morning!
12:46 tcohen marcelr: aroud?
12:47 marcelr hi tcohen
12:47 brevilo cait: I guess 13014 indeed to specific (targeting a different part of the workflow). New RFC incoming...
12:48 cait morning tcohen
12:48 tcohen hi cait!
12:48 tcohen are you really back?
12:48 cait back in which sense?
12:48 cait still on overload - but i am here
12:48 tcohen back here
12:48 cait library goes live next week... we will see after then :)
12:49 tcohen heh
12:49 tcohen let us know anything we could be of any help
12:49 cait can you fix all the bugs? :P
13:02 tcohen shoot
13:02 tcohen :-P
13:03 JoshB joined #koha
13:04 Jul joined #koha
13:08 cait tcohen: don't tempt me :)
13:11 cma joined #koha
13:11 brevilo cheers
13:14 mario joined #koha
14:25 talljoy joined #koha
14:35 fridolin1 hie, does anyone have issues with old Firefox and Ajax features like patron search ?
14:36 fridolin1 out client reports a pb with FF21, the patron search does not respond
14:36 fridolin1 is there a minium version of FF for 3.18 version?
14:36 cait it works for you?
14:36 cait i think data can also cause this - maybe ask them for the exact search they are doing
14:36 fridolin1 cait: yes but I have version 36 of FF
14:37 cait hm i have 31.8
14:37 fridolin1 they click on a first letter
14:37 cait no known problems on our side
14:37 cait which first letter?
14:37 cait i had a case where an adblocker blocked 1! of the letters
14:37 cait and it gave no results
14:37 fridolin1 ouuuu strange
14:38 fridolin1 I'll ask
14:38 cait yeah it was pretty weird
14:38 cait hm it was G
14:38 cait loading forever, no results
14:40 cait hm it seems the problem was ot totally resolved - maybe the plugin, but maybe the firefox version, they reported it worked after installing a newer version
14:41 fridolin1 cait: wich where the old/new versions of FF ?
14:45 cait they had 25
14:46 cait they didn't send the newer version number that fixed it
14:46 cait but might be anothe rproblem you see - unless it's only the one letter broken :)
14:54 paul_p joined #koha
15:13 nlegrand I'm a bit puzzled my the plugin system... Does it work?
15:19 carmen joined #koha
15:29 reiveune bye
15:29 reiveune left #koha
15:39 pianohacker joined #koha
15:45 cait nlegrand: i think it does - there are a few plugns on the bywater page you could use for testing
15:46 cait but you need to activate it first in a few steps - including one change in koha-conf.xml
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17:16 gaetan_B bye
17:49 laurence left #koha
18:11 tcohen holds vs. reserves?
18:13 wnickc holds
18:14 tcohen thanks wnickc
18:14 tcohen I always forget
18:14 wnickc wel,, depends on what you actually meant by that question, just throwing out my opinion
18:14 wnickc tcohen:^^^^
18:15 tcohen wnickc: if it is wrong, it will be your fault, so I don't care anymore
18:15 tcohen :-P
18:15 wnickc I can accept that
18:36 pianohacker_ninja tcohen: Check ze terminology page! :)
18:40 drojf pianohacker_ninja: that page says if it's a book, i check it out, but if it's a serial issue, i issue the issue?
18:40 * drojf implodes
18:41 pianohacker_ninja nah, you'd check out the issue
18:41 pianohacker_ninja :)
18:41 drojf that's not what i read in "Check out (not issue, unless you are talking about a serial issue) "
18:41 drojf :P
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20:01 dan_ Hello, someone please help: What to do if I get a persisting "Error 500" for having removed a sub (and subsequent "@EXPORT" line edition) in ? Is it related with Perl's CGI sessions in memory or something like that?
20:02 dan_ joined #koha
20:04 dan_ joined #koha
20:09 cait dan_: why did you change
20:10 dan_ a new subroutine by mine
20:11 cait sorry, I can't really help you debug it  - I'd go back to the original file if possible
20:13 dan_ but have you had before an error similar to this?
20:14 cait error 500 is pretty unspecific
20:14 cait i don't think we can tell form that what's going wrong for you
20:17 rangi morning
20:20 cait morning rangi
20:20 drojf hi rangi
20:30 talljoy1 joined #koha
20:38 drojf good night #koha
20:41 Francesca joined #koha
20:46 Francesca good morning
20:46 wahanui the only good morning is a dead one
20:46 Francesca thats sad
20:50 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
20:50 wahanui :)
20:52 * Francesca waves at cait
20:57 cait hi Francesca :)
20:58 Francesca what sup cait
20:58 cait lots?
20:58 wahanui lots is cc-sa or cc-by-sa those you can use
20:58 cait forget lots
20:58 wahanui cait: I forgot lots
20:59 cait not sure what a good response is :)
21:07 pianohacker_ninja lots is <reply>yes, lots
21:12 cait ninja? :)
21:22 Francesca joined #koha
21:25 Francesca right test finished
21:25 Francesca now I can continue installing bugzilla
21:28 trea joined #koha
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22:36 cait wizzyrea: can youtake a look at bug 14465 in the pqa queue? it's a patch only for 3.18.x (pre utf-8 clean-up)
22:36 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14465 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , Broken umlauts/diacritics in feedback of last checkout
22:36 eythian hi
22:36 wahanui hi, eythian
22:36 cait it owrks nicely in our installations :)
22:51 wizzyrea yep
22:56 wizzyrea oh cait, do I need the full sign off for bug 14586
22:56 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14586 trivial, P5 - low, ---, nengard, Needs Signoff , Update 3.18 Koha team with new release maintainers
22:57 cait left #koha
23:02 Francesca joined #koha
23:16 Francesca joined #koha
23:52 wizzyrea omg there's a "change several bugs at once" in the new bugzilla
23:52 wizzyrea *swoon*
23:53 wizzyrea that means I can go to this list[…]cmd=3.20%20pushed, tick the ones I've done stuff to, and update them all at once >.< amazing.
23:54 * Francesca waves at wizzyrea
23:54 wizzyrea hi Francesca ;)
23:54 Francesca hows it going?
23:56 wizzyrea oh, alright. I have had a terrible cold so my brain wants to do nothing but snuffle.
23:57 Francesca oh no!
23:57 Francesca I've had that as well
23:57 Francesca its going around

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