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00:16 mtj hmm, ive noticed something else around slow checkouts
00:18 mtj circ-rules that have 'hard date due' values set, seem to get processed for *all* of their 'loan perio'd days
00:19 mtj as soon as the 'hard due date
00:19 eythian I get the impression that that whole thing needs a better algorithm
00:19 dcook ^
00:19 eythian it should take no time at all to process a couple of hundred days or more.
00:19 mtj soon as the 'hard due date' date is reached, the processing should stop
00:19 eythian but it shouldn't be slow anyway
00:20 eythian _that's_ the problem, aiui
00:20 mtj eythian: its very very slow
00:20 eythian yeah, and I don't see why it would be
00:21 rangi yeah so fixing why it's slow will win us more, than making it stop sooner
00:21 rangi comparing numbers should be crazy fast
00:21 rangi it's what perl does well
00:21 rangi so we've probably built some madness into it by accident
00:22 mtj well, fair point.. i did assume we were doing it properly - and as fast as possible
00:24 eythian there's probably something smart that can be done with proper date and interval algorithms, I expect however it's being done right now is fairly naive.
00:25 eythian the first step would be to profile it and see what is slow. The second would be to analyse the big-O speed profile.
00:26 eythian third would be to find a way to make it O(n) or so.
00:27 mtj i did a Devel::Trace::More dump of a single checkout...  and ended up with a 1.8 gig file
00:29 eythian NYTProf
00:29 eythian is your friend here
00:29 eythian also, 1.8GB isn't the end of the world.
00:30 dcook It used to be though
00:30 * dcook recalls when 4MB seemed amazingly large
00:30 rangi[…]th_Devel::NYTProf
00:30 mtj eythian: i attached some nytprof pics to this bug ->[…]_bug.cgi?id=14315
00:30 huginn Bug 14315: normal, P5 - low, ---, mtj, In Discussion , Slow checkouts, caused by many 'special_holidays' definitions
00:32 eythian dcook: with the hackrf you can record the raw data from it. Which saves at up to about 40MB/s. It's pretty easy to forget you're recording until you run out of space a few minutes later.
00:32 dcook hehe
00:32 dcook I bet!
00:33 dcook Actually, I noticed that I was almost out of disk space on my desktop the other day...
00:33 dcook It was a bit of a shock to think that I could actually fill a disk
00:33 dcook As opposed to the days where you had to decide which games to uninstall before installing your new game :p
00:34 eythian heh yeah
00:34 rangi for a start Koha::Calendar::single_holidays should be cached
00:35 rangi properly
00:36 eythian mtj: so all the time is being wasted on comparisons, it looks like. Seems to me that a better approach would be to load all the holidays into a sparse array first, then you could count through the issue days one by one and look them up at O(1), resulting in O(n) over all (where n is the number of issue days.)
00:36 eythian but I bet it can be made better.
00:36 rangi yep, thats what single_holidays and exception_holidays do
00:36 rangi except they only cache them in a perl variable
00:36 rangi which dies when the cgi script dies
00:36 rangi so every single circ, it works them all out again
00:36 eythian hmm, but it should still be quick to do that even if it's not cached.
00:37 rangi (creating a date time object for each is the slow bit)
00:37 eythian hmm
00:37 rangi[…]ment.cgi?id=39765
00:38 rangi if you look therem the DateTime::Set::from_datatimes is the big one
00:38 eythian yeah
00:38 rangi which is called from single_holidays
00:38 rangi $self->{single_holidays}{$branchcode} = DateTime::Set->from_datetimes( dates => $dates );
00:38 eythian are datetime object immutable?
00:39 eythian if so, they could be cached throughout the system
00:39 rangi i reckon if you koha::cached that
00:39 rangi and flush the cache whenever the calendar is changed (ie someone adds or deletes a holiday)
00:39 rangi you could save a bunch of time
00:40 rangi or we could switch to
00:40 rangi[…]table/tree/master
00:41 rangi[…]b/DateTime/
00:41 rangi im unconvinced we need the overheard of doing set math
00:41 eythian or I wonder if there's a faster way to create the DataTime objects perhaps
00:41 rangi its not so much the objects themselves
00:41 eythian well
00:41 rangi its this set object
00:42 rangi ie the DateTime->new doesnt seem to bre registering
00:42 rangi its all the set stuff
00:42 rangi basic::union  set::infinite etc
00:43 dcook How many DateTime objects does a person need to make? O_o
00:43 rangi those seem to be fast
00:43 rangi and not the problem
00:43 rangi you do want one for each date
00:43 eythian yeah
00:43 dcook Which date?
00:43 eythian the holidays
00:43 rangi
00:44 dcook That looks like an internal link perhaps?
00:44 rangi that while loop and the making the actual datetime objects seems fine
00:44 rangi 2 secs
00:44 pastebot Someone at pasted "while ( my ( $day, $month, $ye" (10 lines) at
00:44 eythian see, I'd use DataTime to pull the day of year from them and put it into an array (something something leap years) and then just look up that.
00:44 rangi its that DateTime::Set->from_datetimes( dates => $dates );
00:45 eythian or possibly something similar with a hash
00:45 rangi thats the slow bit
00:45 rangi and im unconvinced we need the overhead of using sets
00:45 rangi[…]b/DateTime/
00:45 eythian so you can say that 25-12 is a holiday very quickly
00:45 eythian the set stuff is probably ideal when you have complex cases, but we don't
00:45 rangi its good for comparing sets
00:45 rangi which we dont have either
00:46 rangi we have one date, the date due, and a we have to check it doesnt land on one of the holidays
00:46 rangi like eythian said, theres lot faster ways to do that
00:47 rangi i mean its nice to be able to do contains
00:47 rangi in terms of easy to read as a programmer
00:47 eythian we also need to check the days inbetween in some cases, don't we? (I have in my head that some libraries will not count holidays in the number of days that you can have something out.)
00:47 eythian well yeah, but we can make our own function called "contains" :)
00:48 dcook Yeah, and you don't want to include weekends and other closed dates
00:48 rangi yeah, how many dates are before this date, and after today
00:48 rangi sets still aren't helping us with that :)
00:48 eythian but still, very easy to implement in a fast, simple way
00:48 dcook ^
00:48 rangi so is_holiday
00:49 rangi does $self->single_holidays->contains($localdt
00:49 rangi which is elegant
00:49 rangi but as slow as wet week
00:49 rangi and you have to do it every single issue (rebuild the set)
00:49 dcook (wet week?)
00:49 rangi the first win would be just caching single_holidays
00:49 rangi win 2 would be rewriting it
00:50 rangi and implementing our own contains
00:50 eythian best would be to do both
00:50 rangi yep
00:50 rangi id do the caching first, cos that could go in a maintenance release
00:50 rangi whereas a rewrite would have to wait for a major one
00:55 * mtj reads the scrollback...
00:56 mtj peeps, heres the full nytprof dir, if yr curious.. ->
00:57 dcook On a totally unrelated note, I have just run out of flatbread but still have lots of hommus left... *sadface*
00:57 ibeardslee clean your glasses?
00:57 rangi mtj: tl;dr is_holiday is slow because it calls single_holidays, single_holidays is slow, because it creates this massively overly powerful DateTime::Set object (and exception_holidays does the same)
00:58 rangi if is_holidays is fast, then everything gets faster
00:58 rangi including the fines and overdue scripts too
00:59 rangi eythian: even the next open day, hangs off is_holidays
00:59 eythian yeah
00:59 rangi
00:59 rangi basically speed that up and tons of stuff gets faster
01:00 rangi (days_between, prev_open_day etc .. they all hang off iterating and asking is_holiday)
01:00 eythian @wunder nzwn
01:00 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 7.0°C (12:30 PM NZST on June 22, 2015). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Rising).
01:00 rangi it is quite easy reading code, ill give it that
01:01 eythian yeah, it is clean.
01:03 mtj i like the idea of caching the holidays, as an easy 1st win
01:07 rangi would be easy to test if it is a win too
01:07 rangi profile it with the cache disabled, then again with it on
01:10 mtj we are talking about caching using memcache here?
01:10 rangi Koha::Cache
01:10 wahanui Koha::Cache is more invalidation-friendly.
01:10 rangi which could be memcache, it could be something else
01:11 rangi we shouldnt care
01:11 eythian never use things like memcache directly
01:11 mtj ok, awesome
01:12 eythian (though, a memoise function that works with koha::cache would be good, if someone happens to write one by accident... :)
01:15 rangi[…]oize/   <-- something like that, but Memoize::KohaCache instead :)
01:22 mtj silly question ... are most people running with memcache enabled?
01:22 rangi who knows
01:23 mtj ..sorry, i meant on #irc, currently
01:24 rangi we run some
01:27 mtj cool, thx
01:27 dcook Anyone know, off the top of their heads, where CSV export profiles are stored?
01:27 dcook nvm
01:27 dcook export_format I guess
01:29 eythian it'd be a good thing for HEA to track
01:29 dcook Hmm me thinks this data is in UTF8 and that Excel isn't reading it as UTF8..
01:30 dcook Yep. Silly Microsoft...
01:31 dcook Hmm or maybe Excel can figure it's UTF8 if there's a BOM...
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02:33 eythian ibeardslee: is "arduino and string of LEDs" a useful response :)
02:34 dcook O_o
02:35 eythian he's trying to work out what people are using for dashboards across catalyst to aid in standardisation.
02:35 eythian that's what I'm using :)
02:36 dcook Dashboards?
02:36 * dcook seems to recall having seen a photo of this string of LEDs...
02:36 dcook O_O
02:37 dcook I also recall either cookies or chocolate, which reminds me that I saw a 10kg bar of chocolate on Saturday
02:37 eythian like for showing current information on systems
02:37 eythian that sounds like a lot of chocolate
02:37 dcook It was a lot of chocolate
02:38 liz 10kg
02:38 liz that's massive
02:38 eythian * liz drools
02:39 dcook It was definitely the size of a child
02:39 dcook It was for a firefighter raffle, and the fellow hefting it routinely seemed to be getting a bit over the chocolate
02:39 dcook I sort of wanted to win it... just to say I had a 10kg bar of chocolate
02:42 ibeardslee eythian: it could be .. although maybe not for a full dashboard.
02:43 eythian well, I suppose if I used a 2D array lof LEDs...
02:43 ibeardslee but there could be value in getting (eg) a RPi to also control a string of LEDs for extra effect
02:44 liz eythian: :) only if it's whittakers chocolate
02:44 eythian heh
02:45 dcook Mmm whittakers chocolate
02:46 liz the stuff they make things like 10kg bars of chocolate out of is mostly wax :P
02:46 ibeardslee I like how our PC and laptop supplier includes a bar with each PC and laptop
02:46 ibeardslee .. not the 10kg
02:46 liz does the intended recipient of the computer get the chocolate, or you?
02:47 ibeardslee the person who builds it
02:47 ibeardslee although that varies depending on how my day goes
02:47 liz :)
02:47 liz good internet providers that are not vodafone?
02:47 ibeardslee .. too many "I *NEED* chocolate" days
02:48 liz well, being awesome requires awesome fuel.
02:48 liz ^ you can hold on to that one.
02:48 ibeardslee liz++
02:56 cdickinson lol
02:56 cdickinson I'm praying I'm not the only dark chocolate lover here
02:59 liz nope :)
02:59 liz you and me, we can bond over a dark ghana sometime
03:00 liz actually, on my desk, there's some dark kaitaia spice if you want a square :)
03:00 liz I think...
03:00 liz you have my permission ;)
03:01 eythian[…]ezoeker-vast.html
03:08 liz hah!
03:11 eythian it likes those tentoongestelde
03:11 cdickinson I was eyeing it up, liz, but I couldn't take your chocolate haha
03:12 cdickinson Dark Ghana is really awesome
03:13 cdickinson in fact, Whittakers in general is awesome
03:13 cdickinson I hate jumping on bandwagons for when food makers change their formula and stuff, but Cadbury really is worse than it used to be
03:13 liz cdickinson: we can be friends. :)
03:13 cdickinson hahaha
03:14 liz spud was watching over my shoulder he was like "Is that a minion" I was like "Yes, minions really love the museum. Just like you!"
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03:14 eythian heh
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03:53 liz dcook did you try it with that patch?
03:53 liz bug 14389
03:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14389 normal, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Signed Off , Editing a syspref in a textarea does not enable the Save button
03:53 dcook Nopes
03:53 dcook I'd already hacked the JS when I added WYSIWYG editors though
03:54 dcook I think I already use "change"... which doesn't fire if you use JS to change the content within the element
03:54 liz the patch makes it all on('input') which works every way you'd like it to
03:55 liz and I think would not interfere with wysiwyg
03:55 liz because input is, well, input.
03:55 dcook Ahh,  my bad
03:55 dcook I read that totally wrong
03:55 dcook I'll look
03:55 dcook I'd never heard of 'input' before as an event
03:56 liz it's html5
03:56 * liz neither until just the other day
03:56 liz seems just the thing for that though
03:56 dcook Hmm very interesting!
03:58 dcook Hmm, I'll give it a try now!
04:01 dcook Hmm I don't know if I can use jQuery or not..
04:01 dcook Mmm but surely I could..
04:02 dcook I wrote the WYSIWYG stuff last year when my JS-fu was weaker :p
04:03 dcook Hmm apparently keyup worked with pasting...
04:04 liz it went from keyup, which had mild issues, to change, which has major issues
04:04 dcook Hmm, it looks like "oninput" is meant for "input" elements only?
04:04 dcook[…]tHandlers/oninput
04:06 dcook Hmm other sites say textarea too
04:06 liz all Input controls, other than buttons
04:06 liz is what I'm reading
04:07 dcook What about select elements?
04:07 liz which would include textarea
04:07 dcook So Input rather than "input"?
04:07 dcook Err input rather than "input"?
04:11 liz I'm not fully sure about that part, but it does seem to work and I don't see anything that explicitly says "no don't do that"
04:11 dcook Sounds good to me
04:12 liz aha
04:12 liz The following event handler content attributes may be specified on any HTML element:
04:12 liz oninput is in the list
04:12 dcook \o/
04:12 dcook What's the link?
04:12 liz[…]global-attributes
04:13 dcook Beauty :)
04:13 dcook wizzyrea++
04:13 liz \o/
04:13 dcook I think it might not work for me with TinyMCE though :/
04:13 dcook As the interactions with the editor are too high level me thinks
04:14 dcook But maybe I just need to read the API documentation further
04:15 dcook I wonder why we changed from "keyup" to "change"..
04:15 liz what version of tinymce?
04:16 dcook 3.5.8, I think
04:16 liz gosh mce is up to 4
04:16 liz 4.x
04:16 dcook I'm using "ed.onKeyUp" atm
04:16 dcook Yeah, I can't remember if Koha is at 4.x or not yet
04:16 liz there was a problem with pasting - people found it annoying that you had to enter a space sometimes
04:16 liz git log would know why
04:17 dcook Hmm, I have to have people do that now, but only when using editor buttons
04:17 dcook keyup seems to work with pasting?
04:17 dcook Yeah, I might do a git log/blame at some point
04:20 dcook Seems that I look for TinyMce's "onKeyUp" and then I trigger a "keyup" event manually on the original element
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04:21 dcook Which I guess would still be caught by "oninput"
04:26 dcook Ok, j'ai une idée...
04:55 dcook I'm an idiot
04:55 dcook Of course it works when I paste
04:55 dcook I paste using Ctrl+V :p
04:55 * dcook facepalm
04:55 wahanui i heard facepalm was a tiny member of the Arecaceae family whose preference for warm, humid environments makes it a perfect choice for cultivation in the human nasal cavity.
05:01 liz :)
05:01 liz keyup would catch that one :)
05:04 dcook hehe. Yep
05:05 dcook Hmm, Hmm, except Tinymce's version doesn't catch Ctrl+C... which is good... but tricksy
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06:19 AmitG hi indradg
06:19 indradg hiya AmitG
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06:48 reiveune hello
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07:09 fridolin hie
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07:29 gaetan_B hello
07:29 wahanui hey, gaetan_B
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07:45 Joubu Hi #koha
07:47 cait hi marcelr and Joubu
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07:47 marcelr hi cait Joubu
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07:58 ashimema morning #koha
07:58 magnuse kia ora ashimema et al
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08:09 marcelr hi ashimema magnuse
08:10 cait hm my computer shut itself down..
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08:21 magnuse cait: it's telling you to take another holiday :-)
08:21 cait doesn't have to - i know
08:24 magnuse then just do it ;-)
08:27 rangi joubu++ # thanks for the sign off
08:29 magnuse sign off all the things!
08:30 Joubu rangi: I added a patch for integers (to allow integers)
08:35 rangi cool, yeah they are safe enough
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08:43 rangi @wunder nzwn
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08:51 cait hi andreashm :)
08:51 andreashm hey cait
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08:58 cait hm rangi, can you change the topic?
08:58 cait hi seige :)
09:00 rangi now you can
09:00 seige i'm trying to set up patron self registration, so far the catalog claims to send verfication emails but the new patron cannot be found in the database and no email is received by the new patron-mailbox, where should I look for mailserver-settings or error-logfiles?
09:00 cait yu shouldn't give me that power
09:00 seige hi cait!
09:00 cait hm
09:01 cait did you try if it works without email verification?
09:01 cait just to see if then the patron is added?
09:01 leander hm, no
09:01 leander ok, i can try it
09:01 cait also make sure that the patron category code is valid
09:01 cait in the system preference
09:01 leander i see
09:03 leander i have to try it later because i cant reach the machine currently
09:03 leander thanks cait
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10:02 drojf hi #koha
10:02 cdickinson @wunder lower hutt
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10:02 cdickinson yep
10:02 cdickinson it's gotten to the point that I'm making my PC do distributed computing in order to help heat up my room
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10:18 cait storing_passwords_in_plaintext--
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10:23 Joubu Really, encoding issues when search at the intranet on 3.20??
10:23 Joubu Does nobody use it yet on production?
10:23 Joubu in
10:25 rangi a couple of people do, i havent hit encoding issues on intranet yet
10:26 rangi i just did a search for Māori
10:26 rangi worked fine on opac and staff
10:27 Joubu rangi: I did with cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/​=Schärer&idx=kw&idx=kw&sort_by=relevance
10:28 drojf beda's library manually switched to dom not long ago. i hope my instructions did not cause any weirdness. but they would have found that in 3.18 too i guess
10:28 Joubu /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/āori
10:28 Joubu explodes here.
10:28 Joubu Cannot decode string with wide characters at /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/perl/5.20/ line 215.
10:28 Joubu Encode version...
10:28 rangi hmm weird
10:28 Joubu rangi: could you try:
10:29 rangi No results match your search for 'kw,wrdl: Schärer' in Parliamentary Library Catalog.
10:29 rangi which is correct, nothing does match that
10:29 rangi but im not getting any erro
10:29 rangi r
10:29 pastebot "Joubu" at pasted "rangi: this" (14 lines) at
10:30 Joubu it fixes the issues for me
10:30 Joubu with Māori and Schärer
10:30 rangi hmm i cant recreate the issue, and im testing on a live site
10:30 rangi so cant really change the code
10:31 Joubu k
10:32 rangi 117730 result(s) found for 'kw,wrdl: ä' in Parliamentary Library Catalog.
10:32 Joubu If someone around does not have the issue, could you please try the patch and let me know what's happened.
10:32 rangi that'll be the icu kicking in and searching for a also
10:33 rangi i wonder what is different
10:34 rangi yours is utf8 ... not a extended latin char eh?
10:38 Joubu utf8 chars result in boom "cannot decode string with wide chars"
10:38 Joubu with diacritic "ééé", I "just" get enconding issues
10:39 rangi how weird, i wonder what is different
10:39 Joubu rangi: the Encode version
10:40 Joubu I have 2.60, pretty sure yours is <
10:40 rangi must be
10:41 Joubu ok, will open a bug report and create 2 different test plans :)
10:41 rangi :)
10:41 rangi 2.44-1+deb7u1
10:41 cait i think ä a is even matched without icu
10:41 cait in the mappings
10:42 rangi (wheezy)
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10:44 Joubu bug 14431
10:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14431 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, ASSIGNED , Encoding issues - search in staff
10:45 marcelr Joubu: no problems here with Māori and ééé
10:45 marcelr current master
10:45 rangi can you do
10:46 rangi apt-cache policy libencode-perl
10:46 rangi im guessing you have 2.44 like me
10:47 marcelr funny: installed none? candidate 2.44-1
10:48 rangi ah you might have cpanned it on
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10:50 marcelr rangi: also provided by perl
10:51 Joubu pmvers should be used
10:51 rangi ah ha, debian security patch
10:52 marcelr $Id:,v 2.42
10:53 rangi http://metadata.ftp-master.deb[…]+deb7u1_changelog
10:54 rangi thats why im running the slightly newer version
10:54 rangi but yeah .. jessie is 2.63
10:54 rangi so that will probably have the problem too
10:55 Joubu patch attached, marcelr could you please test again with the patch?
10:56 marcelr bug 14431
10:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14431 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Encoding issues - search in staff
10:56 * rangi should go to sleep
10:57 * drojf too
10:58 marcelr Joubu: seems to be okay (searched for ééé and Māori again on opac and staff)
10:59 marcelr just a quick test..
10:59 Joubu marcelr: that's a very good news :)
10:59 marcelr when i look at the code i would no longer expect a decode there ?
11:00 marcelr but just a glance..
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11:52 cait drojf:
11:53 magnuse cait:
11:55 drojf magnuse: cait:
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12:19 AmitG Jonathan around?
12:21 AmitG alex_a around?
12:21 alex_a AmitG: yep
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12:40 tcohen joined #koha
12:42 tcohen morning
12:43 magnuse kia ora tcohen
12:43 tcohen hi magnuse
12:48 marcelr hi tcohen
12:49 tcohen hi marcelr!
12:49 marcelr tcohen: i will open a new report for the warnings from the plugins
12:49 tcohen marcelr: thanks
12:49 marcelr note that they were disabled previously
12:49 marcelr so we suppressed them instead of solving them
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13:11 tcohen marcelr++ # sense of humour
13:12 marcelr :)
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14:39 fridolin bye
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14:47 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14401: Zebra index configuration doesn't allow exact search for C. <[…]a175db9944710067e> / Bug 14394: fix documentation of OpacHiddenItems <[…]07017c4171630d140> / Bug 14422: Typo in <[…]b/?p=koha.git;a=c
14:57 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14290: Add a table foot to circulation matrix <[…]2ce5a4c34a9a58462> / Bug 12616: Locale in subscriptions not preselecting correctly <[…]17b015db5441d8118> / Bug 8330: Overdue email link contains untranslatable 'Overdue:' <
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15:42 tcohen #koha: does anyone know who takes care of
15:44 nengard_phone I think it's catalyst ....
15:46 reiveune bye
15:46 reiveune left #koha
15:47 Joubu hum, Am I tired or the saved_reports table is always empty?
15:47 Joubu It seems to be populate by C4::Reports::Guided::store_results which is never called
15:51 pianohacker Joubu: pretty sure you're not only right, you've been right since 2009 (14be4400d84b28369d095b3b0bfa79c3396f44d4)
15:54 Joubu pianohacker: thanks for the confirmation :)
16:10 indradg joined #koha
16:16 indradg kia ora #koha
16:16 indradg tcohen++ for the pushes :)
16:17 * indradg comes back online to see the RM has been super busy :)
16:18 gaetan_B bye
16:21 carmen joined #koha
16:47 tcohen heh
16:49 Joubu goodbye #koha
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18:00 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
18:00 mtompset @seen kivilahtio
18:00 huginn mtompset: kivilahtio was last seen in #koha 4 days, 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <kivilahtio> I know I will!
18:00 cait joined #koha
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18:27 tcohen hi cait
19:10 mario joined #koha
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19:13 bgkriegel Hello
19:14 tcohen hi
19:14 bgkriegel @seen nengard
19:14 huginn bgkriegel: nengard was last seen in #koha 2 days, 23 hours, 33 minutes, and 45 seconds ago: <nengard> except maybe that I can have a P attached and A can have a C attached ...
19:15 nengard I'm here
19:15 nengard what's up
19:16 bgkriegel Hi nicole
19:17 bgkriegel Manual does not mention 952$f, i and j.
19:17 bgkriegel Are those subfields used?
19:17 nengard I didn't see fields for them in the database probably ... i'll look in a sec
19:18 bgkriegel 952', 'f', 'Coded location qualifier', '952', 'i', 'Inventory number', '952', 'j', 'Shelving control number'
19:20 cait hm we use i
19:20 cait have never been able to make sense of f and j
19:21 cait inventory number is used at least in germany and france i think - the plugins named *stocknumber* go with it
19:22 bgkriegel thanks cait :)
19:23 cait thx for the locales patch :)
19:30 mtompset @seen khall
19:30 huginn mtompset: khall was last seen in #koha 3 days, 4 hours, 11 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <khall> changing the status to in discussion
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20:10 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14253: (follow-up) Same fix for the basket page <[…]80755182e111eaf81> / Bug 14253: Acq - notify borrowers popup needs to allow scrolling <[…]49d2d19889c3610a5> / Bug 5025: discrepancy between opac and staff <http://git
20:42 m1234 joined #koha
20:43 m1234 hello. I am trying to upgrade from 3.14 to 3.16 and I ran into an issue
20:43 m1234 it tells me I have unmerged files
20:43 m1234 and when I do a git add .
20:44 m1234 it says fatal: unable to stat 'installer/data/mysql/en/opt​ional/sample_numberpatterns.sql': No such file or directory
20:45 Dyrcona m1234: Try git status  to see what unmerged files exist.
20:46 m1234 there are a lot of "both modified"
20:46 m1234 and I have some untracked files
20:46 Dyrcona untracked files are usually not a problem.
20:47 Dyrcona Did you make a lot of customizations or apply patches, or did you just build in this repo?
20:47 m1234 did i have to do a purge origin before upgrading to 3.16?
20:48 m1234 not a lot of customizations
20:48 m1234 i'm not very familiar with git
20:49 m1234 this is how I used to upgrade from one release to another
20:49 m1234 $ git fetch $ git checkout -b my_3.14.x origin/3.14.x $ git checkout UTTKoha $ git merge my_3.14.x
20:50 NateC joined #koha
20:50 Dyrcona I don't know if that is the recommended way or not.
20:50 m1234 probably is not, but i do not know another way
20:50 cait i usually use a git rebase -i --onto
20:51 cait that wil try to apply your customizations on top of the new version - might work better
20:51 Dyrcona I was going to say that when I get unmerged files, I usually do git stash or even a git reset --hard.
20:52 m1234 just type git stash?
20:52 Dyrcona git stash will save the changes and you can git stash pop them later.
20:52 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14408: Allow integers in template paths <[…]3630c470e06107fd6> / Bug 14408: Add tests to get_template_and_user <[…]bac77a04f70661864> / Bug 14408: Path Traversal error <[…]59290326e1cea8460
20:52 Dyrcona yeah, just git stash.
20:52 Dyrcona you could try cait's suggestion, too, but I'm not sure how rebase works with unmerged/uncommitted files.
20:53 m1234 i just get a fatal: git-write-tree: error building trees
20:53 cait it probably doesn't
20:53 cait you should commit your customizations
20:53 m1234 cannot save the current index state
20:53 cait i'd abort the merge
20:53 cait clean up the branch
20:53 cait create a new one... and try doing the update there
20:53 m1234 how to i clean up the branch
20:54 Dyrcona git reset --hart HEAD # wipes out all uncommited changes and untracked files.
20:54 Dyrcona oops. --hard, not --hart
20:54 cait then the update will work - but your changes will be gone
20:55 m1234 but i will need those changes
20:55 Dyrcona m1234: Did you try the git stash?
20:55 m1234 yes
20:55 Dyrcona Is that what gave you the errors?
20:55 tcohen bye #koha
20:55 Dyrcona I think what cait suggested might help: git merge --abort
20:56 m1234 it gave me fatal: git-write-tree: error building trees
20:56 Dyrcona then git stash
20:56 Dyrcona It could be that missing file causing the problem.
20:57 NateC joined #koha
20:57 m1234 if i use git rebase -i --onto
20:57 m1234 ?
20:58 m1234 what would that do?
20:58 Dyrcona I don't think that will work at this point.
20:58 m1234 hmm
20:58 cait it would only work if you commited your changes
20:58 m1234 and to commit them i would have to type git commit -a
20:58 m1234 right?
20:59 Dyrcona Should be.
20:59 * Dyrcona turns into a pumpkin.
21:00 Dyrcona It's time for me to go.
21:00 m1234 i'm sorry, but what command do i use to merge files?
21:02 rangi[…]-conflicts-in-git
21:22 rocio left #koha
21:26 nengard left #koha
21:27 m1234 joined #koha
21:28 m1234 if i do a git status and it says On branch UTT-Koha
21:28 m1234 Your branch is ahead of 'origin/3.14.x' by 7 commits
21:28 m1234 what can i do?
21:39 m1234 i have certain customization on UTT-Koha that I cannot lose
21:40 m1234 how to I make sure this branch is not ahead?
21:40 m1234 or does it even matter?
21:40 m1234 also, I am trying to upgrade to 3.16 and I do not know what the best steps would be
21:43 cait left #koha
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23:02 JoshB joined #koha
23:04 mtj hey m1234, this is good info for you..
23:04 mtj[…]Control_Using_Git
23:04 mtj also..[…]g_Git_Cherry_Pick
23:06 mtj you can cherrypick your commits from your dev branch, to the HEAD of a new 3.16 branch
23:08 * mtj does it that way ^
23:10 wizzyrea confetti?
23:10 wahanui confetti is[…]1tt9lrzo6_250.gif
23:11 wizzyrea literal confetti?
23:11 wahanui wizzyrea: confetti =is= <reply> o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`|[…]1qh8hleo1_400.gif|[…]1tt9lrzo6_250.gif
23:12 wizzyrea hi cait - sure I'll have a look at it
23:12 wizzyrea bug 14173
23:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14173 normal, P3, ---, bgkriegel, Pushed to Stable , Paging on 'recent comments' page in OPAC is not displaying correctly
23:12 wizzyrea ah, actually no need. My push rights were just broken, it was already in my branch. :)
23:14 * mtj waves to wizzyrea
23:15 wizzyrea hey mtj
23:15 wizzyrea how goes it with 3.16.x :)
23:16 mtj pretty good liz, i got the patches merged and waiting
23:17 wizzyrea yeah same
23:17 wizzyrea all but the last two I think.
23:17 mtj mee too
23:24 irma joined #koha
23:38 chrisvella joined #koha

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