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01:18 mtompset Greetings, Koha.
03:23 mtompset Have a great weekend, #koha.
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12:43 Topic for #koha is now Happy Birthday tcohen
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14:04 Mahdi Hi there. Question: I am linking a publisher authority record to a bibliography record using the biblio record's 260 field. What fields must be filled out on the authority file for Name of publisher etc to be pulled in? Currently I'm getting the following error:
14:04 Mahdi Can't call method "subfields" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/auth​orities/ line 88.
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20:16 rangi morning
20:25 liz hi
20:25 wahanui hello, liz
20:27 liz golly rangi, you've been busy.
20:27 rangi heh yeah
20:27 rangi hopefully someone can sign those off and qa them today
20:30 liz that'd be good.
20:30 liz obvious liz is obvious
20:30 rangi heh
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21:28 mtj hey liz, rangi
21:28 mtj ..ive got those patches applied ok to 3.16
21:28 rangi theres a bunch of new ones too
21:29 rangi ill hold the release a couple of days
21:30 liz was just waiting on the qa for those then I was going to stick them on mine
21:32 mtj rangi:  good idea
21:34 mtj thanks for sorting these patches over the weekend rangi
21:35 rangi no worries
21:37 rangi also
21:37 rangi
21:44 liz hahaha
21:44 liz that's very silly
21:44 liz (says spud)
21:45 rangi  <-- for spud
21:50 liz hahahaha he says "oh my gloob!" plus epic giggles rangi++
21:54 liz the natural follow on (perhaps a bit more refined and less giggleworthy)
21:54 mtj ive only got a 'thug dogg', or 'snobby lama' to trade...  ^
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21:55 mtj (i think eythian has been pimpin those on #koha, already)
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22:19 eythian I what now?
22:20 eythian cdickinson: awesomecross!
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22:44 rangi liz:  <-- super villain
22:44 cdickinson Morning #koha
22:45 liz :D
22:50 jcamins liz: what should I do with the kale (and other greens) that we're having with the sesame-black lava sea salt-coated tuna?
22:51 liz hm. You should make[…]salad-recipe.html
22:51 jcamins The kale isn't fresh enough anymore.
22:51 jcamins :(
22:51 liz aw
22:52 liz it probably wouldn't matter for massaged salad, it's supposed to be wilty
22:52 jcamins Last time I just took some steamed greens from another dish, and it was spectacular, but I'm trying to figure out if I want to do something else.
22:53 liz you definitely want cooked kale?
22:57 jcamins Yeah, the time for eating it raw was a week ago when it was fresh.
22:57 jcamins I think I might just steam it simply.
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23:21 eythian > libswagger2-perl_0.31-1_amd64.changes REJECTED
23:21 eythian rats
23:21 eythian (easy enough fix, just something I missed.)
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23:37 eythian Hmm, "patron" will continue to sound weird to my ear, even if it is made more of a standard.
23:38 rangi yep
23:38 dcook "patron" is pretty old world, I think
23:38 eythian dcook: you think it's a bit patronising nowadays?
23:39 dcook hehe
23:39 eythian (sorry)
23:39 dcook I just don't know if anyone would even know what it means anymore
23:39 liz i dontmuch like member either :/
23:39 eythian but yeah, it sounds like they're a rich person funding the place out of the goodness of their hearts.
23:39 dcook ^
23:39 liz user, borrower, it alldepends on the ibrary
23:39 dcook Yep
23:40 dcook I've gone to talks at library conferences about how there is no perfect word for everyone
23:40 liz 1h typing bcspud is requiring hugs
23:41 cdickinson eythian: never apologise for a bad pun
23:41 cdickinson they are to be celebrated
23:41 liz ^
23:41 eythian I think there are exceptions to that rule :)
23:41 liz naw
23:42 cdickinson there are bad bad puns, yes
23:42 cdickinson but that qualifies as a goodie IMO

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