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00:04 indradg eythian: that "accessing koha from internet" is a 3.8 install (not upgraded)
00:06 eythian indradg: sure, but it'll still work exactly the same way as it's apache configuration.
00:07 indradg sure! but either brave souls or with a death wish to take an old unpatched box online
00:08 eythian yes, definitely.
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01:12 mtj hey #koha
01:12 mtj[…]dit-tool-project/
01:13 mtj ..just in case people havent seen it yet
01:14 mtj just when you think you've seen in all.. someone surprises you, huh :/
01:15 mtj[…]e-pushing-adware/
01:19 mtj looks like the old Koha project at SF hasnt been seized yet - thats good
01:20 mtj
01:21 rangi i deleted all the tarballs off there ages ago
01:23 mtj hey rangi, good move
01:23 rangi ill see if i can remove the rest
01:24 rangi doesnt help randoms keep making new projects on there
01:24 rangi[…]?source=directory
01:25 mtj it sure does pay to have a plan-b, when using someone else's services for your project.. huh
01:26 rangi yup
01:29 mtj some of those koha projects on SF are pretty gonzo
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01:32 rangi killed everything i can, sourceforge wont let you delete a project
01:33 eythian it's mostly windows binaries that they're co-opting.
01:33 eythian fortunately, we're immune to that.
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01:42 cdickinson ugh, Sourceforge
01:43 cdickinson <huginn> Sent 6 days, 3 hours, and 35 minutes ago: <eythian> feel free to target Debian instead of Ubuntu if it's easier, I won't mind :D
01:43 cdickinson I've been online all week...
01:43 rangi it only tells you when you say something
01:43 eythian it only sends when it sees that you're actually there.
01:44 cdickinson oh, right
01:44 cdickinson huginn: can confirm, I'm alive
01:44 huginn cdickinson: I suck
01:44 cdickinson lol
01:45 cdickinson I think I remember the context though
01:45 cdickinson I was complaining about the bug in the libapache2-mpm-itk package, right?
01:45 cdickinson too late, I already made a hack in Puppet to work around it :P
01:46 cdickinson still need to report it though if it hasn't yet
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01:47 eythian cdickinson: it's been reported long ago
01:47 cdickinson wow
01:47 cdickinson and it works fine in Debian and later versions of Ubuntu?
01:49 eythian yep
01:49 eythian I think they don't consider it important enough for an SRU
01:51 cdickinson eythian: I respectfully disagree with that :P
01:52 eythian No, it's true. I do think that they don't think it's that important :)
01:52 eythian[…]-itk/+bug/1286882
01:52 cdickinson sorry, what I meant to say is that I disagree with THEIR opinion, not yours
01:54 cdickinson lol
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01:57 eythian mtj: <mtj>[…]e-pushing-adware/
01:57 eythian and then you're talking about putting stuff on github?
01:58 cdickinson oh yeah, that's right
01:58 * eythian feels that it's possible to take lessons from the sourceforge thing.
01:58 mtj um, are github added adware to their repos?
01:59 rangi not yet they arent
01:59 eythian no, but they're exactly the same sort of service.
01:59 mtj s/added/adding/
01:59 rangi but sourceforge didnt for 15 years
02:01 mtj its OK with me if you remove the page on github, fyi
02:02 mtj for me, github is a useful mirror... only
02:02 eythian If you're a free software project, it seems better to encourage the use of free software services.
02:02 eythian and github definitely isn't.
02:02 mtj yeah, i agree
02:03 mtj like i said... its fin with me to remove it :0)
02:03 mtj fine
02:07 mtj eythian, rangi... having an up-to-date koha page on github has a few other positives too
02:08 eythian that wouldn't happen if it was mirrored on another service, like gitlab?
02:08 eythian I actually kinda like the idea of having a k-c hosted gitlab, but it would require too many workflow changes to take full advantage of it I feel.
02:09 mtj nope :) not this specific postive
02:10 cdickinson
02:10 rangi @quote search coffee
02:10 huginn rangi: 1 found: #171: "rangi: I find proprietary software unethical...."
02:10 rangi @quote get 171
02:10 huginn rangi: Quote #171: "rangi: I find proprietary software unethical. So even if it made me coffee and polished my shoes everyday, it would still suck" (added by wizzyrea at 08:10 PM, December 08, 2011)
02:10 rangi mtj: i stand by that
02:11 mtj lol, seriously awesome chris :)
02:13 rangi  <-- thats an automatic mirror
02:13 rangi but yeah i think we could run up
02:13 mtj it seems most of the perl6 stuff is happening on github, i was a bit shocked by that?!
02:15 rangi if there was a bugzilla -> gitlab importer
02:15 rangi that would be pretty sweet
02:15 rangi but first i think we would want to get a bunch of people to play with it, and see if they like it
02:16 rangi and if it's worth changing the workflow, and figuring out how that would work, with signoffs etc
02:18 eythian yeah
02:18 rangi i feel like our releases are really solid these days, and thats a testament to the signoff and qa process, so would have to figure out how that workflow would work with gitlab
02:19 mtj sounds exciting :)
02:20 mtj might reveal some workflow improvements, to how we do things currently
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02:22 mtj i have been curious to see how the bug workflow is happening on perl6/github
02:25 rangi as long as we dont move away from signoffs and qa, .. would be ok, if moved from patches to pull requests, but id resist any relaxing in qa standards thats for sure
02:25 eythian a gerrit style workflow could achieve a similar purpose.
02:27 rangi yep
02:31 rangi right, gonna try to nap and hopefully fight off this cough
02:36 cdickinson get better soon, rangi
02:40 mtj the qa-tools repo might be a good little test project for gitlab
02:40 mtj (afaik, its using github as a tracker)
02:41 mtj ..github as its bug tracker
02:42 mtj so.. not great :p
02:43 mtj i think lazyness won there
02:46 mtj yeah, gerrit too eythian :)
02:47 mtj ..also worth considering
02:47 mtj again
03:10 cdickinson <cdickinson> <huginn> Sent 6 days, 3 hours, and 35 minutes ago: <eythian> feel free to target Debian instead of Ubuntu if it's easier, I won't mind :D - actually, that got me thinking. I'll probably try my setup out with non-Ubuntu instances when I get it working with that as well
03:10 cdickinson how well supported is Red Hat-based distro in Koha?
03:10 eythian good plan, we tend to deploy Debian (but that's not set in stone)
03:10 eythian cdickinson: not nearly as well as Debian-based ones are
03:11 eythian you basically ahve to take the tarball and do it by hand
03:11 wizzyrea there was a project for redhat I saw just the other day to package an rpm, but I believe it was abandoned sometime around 3.10
03:13 cdickinson ahh
03:14 eythian yeah, I remember seeing people talking about it, but it's a fair bit of work. It took liw most of a year (I think?) to give us a solid enough foundation to build the debian packages on.
03:17 cdickinson yeah, I can understand that
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03:51 * eythian is always surprised when I discover things don't work that I expected would. In this case, advanced search in the staff client works when I hadn't even got to looking at it yet.
03:51 eythian In this case, I wanted to see how it failed.
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04:59 eythian 2097 result(s) found  with limit(s): 'and mc-itype,phr:ARTICLE and mc-itype,phr:BOOK and and and and and and ' ... I maybe should fix that.
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05:29 cdickinson hey eythian, is it possible to configure Koha with Zebra index running on a separate machine at the moment?
05:29 cdickinson even if it's still in the same package?
05:29 eythian yes, but not automatically, it's something of a manual process.
05:29 cdickinson That's fine, I'd just like to know how haha
05:29 eythian (basically, edit the relevant bits of koha-conf.xml.)
05:29 eythian disclaimer: I've never done this.
05:29 cdickinson okay
05:29 cdickinson I'll take a look
05:29 cdickinson heh
05:35 cdickinson I take it it's <biblioserver> and <authorityserver> in particular I need to look at? Can they be repeated to add more than one server?
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05:42 eythian yeah, and I don't know
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05:57 liw eythian, it only took about three months, for the Debian packages, if I remember correctly; but I had the benefit of sitting in the office with you and rangi etc
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06:41 reiveune hello
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07:00 alex_a bonjour
07:00 wahanui hola, alex_a
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07:25 gaetan_B hello
07:25 wahanui hi, gaetan_B
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07:36 marcelr hi #koha
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07:45 fridolin hie
07:47 nlegrand Hey #koha
08:04 marcelr hi fridolin nlegrand
08:08 fridolin hie marcelr
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08:46 nlegrand o/ marcelr
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10:09 marcelr thx Joubu #bug 14327
10:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14327 minor, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , Fix js error "TypeError: events is null" in additem.js
10:09 marcelr Joubu++
10:11 Joubu marcelr: you're welcome!
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12:17 tcohen morning
12:17 tcohen cait: i sent it
12:18 cait ah cool
12:18 tcohen he's just an asshole
12:18 tcohen sorry for that
12:18 cait ah, so you sent it a while ago
12:18 cait gr
12:19 tcohen that day I sent it to the list and to marshall
12:19 cait maybe he missed it?
12:19 tcohen yeah, sure
12:19 cait heh
12:20 tcohen maybe someone could remind him
12:22 cait hm yes maybe :)
12:23 cait just got your email :)
12:25 tcohen Joubu++
12:30 marcelr hi tcohen cait
12:30 marcelr khall around?
12:31 khall yo
12:31 marcelr khall: bug 14167
12:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14167 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Add Koha::Logger based on Log4perl
12:31 marcelr why DEBUG as your level in the conf? better WARN or so?
12:31 tcohen hi marcelr khall
12:31 cait hi marcelr
12:31 marcelr :)
12:32 khall marcelr: good idea
12:32 marcelr shall i add it in a followup?
12:32 khall please do!
12:33 tcohen fo-llow-up! fo-llow-up!
12:34 marcelr you like them heh, tomas
12:34 tcohen if it makes Koha::Logger get passed-qa... :-D
12:35 marcelr it would not be a blocker :)
12:35 marcelr but we should not log debug by default..
12:36 tcohen definitely
12:39 marcelr oops permissions..
12:39 marcelr Can't open /var/log/koha/test/intranet-error.log (Permission denied) at /usr/share/perl5/Log/Log4perl/Appender/ line 103.
12:40 marcelr always nice
12:40 cait I still have the tax patches on my list... was wondering if someone could run the update with some more acq data than i have
12:40 cait and test this bit
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12:41 drojf hi #koha
12:41 tcohen hi drojf
12:41 marcelr hi drojf
12:41 drojf hi tcohen and marcelr
12:42 xarragon I am trying to add an item to my catalogue, and I am getting an error: "Unsupported UNIMARC character encoding [] for XML output for UNIMARC" is this some known configuration mistake? I found some very old bugs on the tracker with similar messages.
12:50 AmitG hi tchoen
12:50 AmitG hit tcohen
12:51 tcohen hi AmitG
12:51 AmitG @bug 13993
12:51 huginn AmitG: Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13993 normal, P5 - low, ---, amitddng135, Passed QA , Transfer order from one vendor to another vendor previous orderstatus is not changed.
12:51 AmitG @bug 6810
12:51 huginn AmitG: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6810 enhancement, P4, ---, amitddng135, ASSIGNED , Send membership expiry reminder notices
12:55 cait xarragon: is your installation set up with unimarc?
12:55 cait xarragon: i think I'd suspect that sweden would use MARC21
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13:02 xarragon cait: Ah, you are probably right. I remember not knowing how to configure it and just used some random default..
13:03 cait i think i'd fix that first
13:03 cait you system might not be properly set up
13:03 cait how did you install koha? packages or dev installation?
13:04 xarragon It is a dev installation. But it is kind of broken since I just wanted something up and running.
13:05 xarragon cait: I am testing out other people's patches, so having a proper working installation is probably a good idea.
13:05 cait the marc flavour is set at 2 steps during installation
13:05 cait when you run Makefile it will ask
13:05 cait you want to say marc21 there
13:05 cait it will be the default
13:05 cait the next is running the web installer
13:05 cait there you want to pick marc21 too
13:06 cait i think you might have some mismatch there maybe
13:06 xarragon I belive I reinstalled it and set it to unimarc at one point, so that is probably the error. is there any way to see the flavor in the db or installation files? I looked in koha-conf but saw nothing obious.
13:06 cait your installed frameworks/database setting might not match what zebra indexes
13:06 cait i think i'd rerun it to make sure
13:07 cait there is a pref, but that won't help you much
13:07 xarragon Anyway, I will nuke this install and make  clean one, there have been some db upgrade issues before anyway, so I need it clean.
13:07 xarragon 7win 7
13:07 xarragon whupsie
13:18 cait xarragon: for explanation: unimarc is the marc flavour used in france and maybe some other counries, but most use marc21
13:19 cait xarragon: and there are quite big differences, so you want to have the right one for your data
13:19 cait xarragon: for example 200 is title in unimarc, 245 in marc21
13:19 cait xarragon: and then there is also NORMARC, which is more similar to MARC21 but not quite and used in norway
13:19 wahanui okay, cait.
13:21 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14111 - More t/Auth_with_shibboleth.t silencing <[…]86c27a2c393e23701> / Bug 14111: Silence warnings in t/Auth_with_shibboleth.t <[…]32e197a51af60bcee> / Bug 13382 - RDA: 700/710/711 display in XSLT <[…]p=koha.git;a=comm
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13:24 marcelr tcohen++ # 5010 is the first step :)
13:25 tcohen marcelr: as you said, a first step. i'm happy too
13:26 cait the second meeting suggested to move the prefs to koha_conf.xml
13:26 cait hopefully it's in the logs
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13:31 tcohen cait: i read that
13:31 tcohen i'd go further
13:31 tcohen i'd like a set of preferences that describe explicitly the use case
13:32 tcohen something "I am set using HTTP but I'm behind a reverse proxy that puts SSL on top of me"
13:32 tcohen not only a hardcoded protocol
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13:37 cait yougot me confused
13:37 cait i think we need something that is easy for the library
13:37 cait also you might be reachable via multiple domains... so they can set the preferred one?
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13:38 cait out of my depth there... i am mostly hoping it will finally be more consistent
13:39 tcohen the simple situations should be trivial for end-users
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14:01 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14024: DBRev <[…]0a3606ce86d5e8506> / Bug 14024 - add reports to action logs <[…]acb5ceed703722d7c> / Bug 14024 - add reports to action logs <[…]8d2125d1392581108
14:02 cait oh wow
14:02 cait big stuff :)
14:03 cait syspref module and opacbaseurl
14:03 tcohen =D
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14:06 xarragon cait: Ok, thanks. I knew my MARC framwork was b0rked, I plan to configure one Koha install to use the Swedish defaults, but I do not have them available at the time.
14:07 xarragon cait: I also discovered that if the database is not created when you run the web installer, you will get a somewhat unclear message about 'blah blah on unblessed reference', but the apache logs will tell the full story.
14:08 cait hm
14:08 cait wonder why it would not be created
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14:08 cait doens#t it check the name and permissions on one of the steps?
14:08 cait hi mveron :)
14:08 mveron hi cait :-)
14:09 cait gone for a bit.
14:09 cait finnnd
14:09 xarragon cait: I executed DROP DATABASE koha; before reloading the page.
14:09 cait to find a real late breakfast :)
14:10 cait hm, and didnÄt run create database koha after?
14:10 xarragon cait: yeah
14:10 xarragon cait: So it was my own fault.
14:10 cait hard to catch all possible things i guess
14:10 cait but it's what i ususally do
14:10 cait drop database... create database..
14:10 xarragon cait: I added it under the 'common errors' section to the wiki page I made:[…]tup#Common_Errors
14:10 cait and yu don't need to rerun the permission command then
14:11 xarragon cait: Well, it is nothing wrong with Koha, just me being stupid. But I figured it might help someone, or possibly one could make the module output a slightly more clear message.
14:21 tcohen @later tell eythian I think the hard disk is full for
14:21 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
14:22 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14142 - Holds queue viewer only displays first subtitle from marc keyword mappings <[…]5838f973c70a70b61> / Bug 13815 - plack loose CGI qw(-utf8) flag creating incorrect utf-8 encoding everywhere <[…]302ccf18e55de911b> / Bug 14267: How active is active? <
14:54 cait hi there.... i'd like to try my hand at some message/notice related patches this week - could maybe someone take a lok at bug 12532?
14:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12532 new feature, P5 - low, ---, maxime.beaulieu, Failed QA , Redirect guarantee email to guarantor
14:55 cait hm
14:55 cait wrong number again
14:55 cait bug 13972
14:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13972 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Include fields from subscription and serial table in serial notification email
15:00 tcohen khall: your Sysprefs package broke several tests :-D
15:00 tcohen might be related to how caching is expected
15:01 khall hmm
15:01 tcohen ah, and a merge error from me regarding OPACBaseUrl
15:01 tcohen @seen mtompset
15:01 huginn tcohen: mtompset was last seen in #koha 18 hours, 34 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <mtompset> Have a great day, #koha
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15:05 tcohen jajm: please let me know when you have some spare minutes
15:07 tcohen khall: difficult to figure
15:07 khall tcohen: what't the bug number on that?
15:08 tcohen bug 13967 introduced the package for sysprefs
15:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13967 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , System preferences need a package
15:08 tcohen if that's what you are asking
15:11 tcohen bisected using t/db_dependent/Acquisition.t:
15:19 tcohen @later tell mtompset do we really need to check if every syspref is OPACBaseURL? to fix it just in case?
15:19 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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15:30 gaetan_B bye
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18:22 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13967: (RM followup) fix merge error <[…]77cba96292cdba8ee> / Bug 13967: (QA followup) Make DBIx control transactions on tests <[…]0422f081538e15138>
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18:51 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
18:57 indradg hi mtompset
19:07 mtompset @seen tchoen
19:07 huginn mtompset: I have not seen tchoen.
19:07 mtompset @seen tcohen
19:07 huginn mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 3 hours, 47 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <tcohen> @later tell mtompset do we really need to check if every syspref is OPACBaseURL? to fix it just in case?
19:07 mtompset Awww... I was the last thing on his mind. :)
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19:40 mtompset tcohen: I love you too, man. ;)
20:17 mtompset I hopefully submitted the patch as you correctly, gmcharlt. :)
20:17 mtompset bug 14334
20:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14334 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , DBI fighting DBIx over Autocommit in tests
20:18 mtompset (the t/db_dependent/Letter.t one)
20:19 gmcharlt mtompset: yep, I think you're on the right track
20:19 mtompset I'm doing each one as a commit, so we can push them as fast as possible. tcohen ask for these ones first.
20:23 geek_cl joined #koha
20:32 mtompset @later tell tcohen Is t/db_dependent/Acquisition/FillWithDefaultValues.t even writing to the DB at all? Why is that dbh stuff even there?
20:32 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
20:46 * rangi resists the desire to reply to the ALIADA email
20:50 mtompset You can't automate linking well, can you?
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21:36 mtompset A's "complete"... though feedback on two would be appreciated.
21:36 mtompset bug 14334
21:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14334 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , DBI fighting DBIx over Autocommit in tests
21:36 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
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23:01 eythian hi
23:02 eythian @later tell tcohen yes, it is. Looking into it now.
23:02 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
23:24 eythian @later tell tcohen I added a 15GB volume and moved /srv to that, it's happier now. Keep an eye on it though, make sure nothing is leaking space.
23:24 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
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23:26 rangi sup NateC
23:27 eythian @later tell tcohen oh, I've also turned on auto-rebooting when updates require it, though I don't expect that's very common.
23:27 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.

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