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00:28 eythian <-- interesting
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01:43 rangi oh hey look
01:43 rangi
01:43 mtj hey #koha
01:44 mtj woo!, that looks promising rangi.. ^
01:54 mtj re: ALIADA, is there some horrible catch to it?
01:55 rangi naw, looks good
01:55 rangi just KOHA always annoys me
01:55 mtj this seems impressive (to me) ->[…]-30/lod-cloud.svg
01:55 mtj aah, gotcha
01:56 rangi yeah i think it would be a fun thing to play with
01:58 mtj its blowing my mind
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02:02 rangi hey tcohen
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02:04 tcohen hi
02:04 wahanui bidet, tcohen
02:16 tcohen hi rangi
02:18 eythian hi tcohen
02:25 * eythian just fixed a big parsing thing by replacing a + with a .
02:25 eythian it's always the little things...
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02:31 tcohen ah?
02:31 wahanui i think ah is ?
02:35 tcohen eythian: javascript <-> perl context switch problem?
02:35 eythian tcohen: no, I think just brainfart. Also, it was concatenating two variables, which is rarer with strings in general.
02:39 tcohen are you talking about Koha?
02:39 tcohen :-D
02:39 * tcohen is trying to figure what are you working on
02:39 eythian tcohen: yeah, ES stuff.
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02:41 * tcohen grumbles
02:42 eythian tcohen: it's not all bad, you have your server back
02:42 tcohen it seems Koha::Config::SysPrefs broke install-requirement detection heh
02:42 tcohen yeah i read that, thanks eythian
02:43 tcohen the problem with jenkins is that each time a task is created it tries to clone the whole repo, and it takes more than some java timeout
02:43 rangi yeah
02:43 rangi 10 mins
02:43 tcohen so it leaves lots of wasted space
02:43 tcohen yeaj
02:43 eythian ah right
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02:43 tcohen "DBIx::Class::ResultSet::find(): Table 'koha_kohadev.systempreferences' doesn't exist at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/Koha/ line 85
02:43 tcohen "
02:44 rangi heh, not much is going to work without that table
02:44 tcohen @later tell khall I hope you have some time to talk about how we'll fix some issues caused by Koha::Config::SysPrefs, it should be easy, though
02:44 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
02:45 tcohen some eval+fallback-to-install missing
02:45 tcohen *needs a change
02:45 tcohen night everyone
02:45 tcohen and thanks gmcharlt for the pointer
03:00 mtj i recently bumped into this patch,  bug 10337
03:01 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10337 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , UT: The unit tests cannot be launched by everyone
03:03 mtj seems to be another nice way to test a koha db
03:04 mtj and test a bunch of other things, at the same time
03:16 mtj i wonder if the jenkins git-clone step could be speed-up using a tmpfs (or ramfs?) filesystem?
03:19 rangi naw its not the disk write
03:19 rangi its the gitserver
03:19 rangi thats the slow bit
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03:54 mtj ah, ok
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04:04 AmitG hi
04:04 AmitG all
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06:25 reiveune hello
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06:58 fridolin hie
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07:01 alex_a bonjour
07:01 wahanui what's up, alex_a
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07:26 marcelr hi #koha
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07:29 gaetan_B hello
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09:24 cait @later tell tcohen the bug batch edit is done - was careful with the more recent ones, maybe we can do another 'resolved fixed' run half time into the release
09:24 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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10:21 xarragon Is there no way in Koha to simply list all entries in the catalogue?
10:21 xarragon Except for searching, I mean?
10:53 khall mornin!
10:53 AmitG hi khall
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11:13 xarragon At present my Zebra search is offline and I am testing lost fee's, needing to open up an entry and edit it.. Right now I am using the mysql client to get the barcode ID's which can be entered into the checkout directly..
11:13 xarragon But I expected there to be some simple listing, like an SQL frontend?
11:14 xarragon Ehr, it is spelled 'fees', my bad.
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11:40 cait xarragon: you could write yourself an sql report
11:41 cait that would be an sql frontend ;)
11:41 cait sql library?
11:41 cait reports library?
11:41 wahanui rumour has it reports library is found at[…]L_Reports_Library
11:43 xarragon cait: Yeah, Viktor suggested that to me. And I guess it is pretty much the same as the mysql client.
11:43 cait kind of, it only allows selects
11:44 xarragon Well in my case it is just a stopgap measure until I get search running again.
11:45 xarragon I was just a bit surprised that there was no list function.. But I guess it is simply not needed; the existing functions handles it.
11:47 cait in nomral circumstances zebra is there to take care of it
11:47 cait and the sql reports are super flexible
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12:49 tcohen morning!
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12:50 khall mornin tcohen!
12:51 tcohen hi khall
12:51 tcohen khall: it seems we broke the installer :-D
12:51 khall doh!
12:52 tcohen heh
12:52 khall tcohen: what can I do to help? What would you like me to look at?
12:53 tcohen it'd be great that you looked at why t/db_dependent/Context.t is failing
12:53 tcohen there might be a clue there
12:53 tcohen some API change
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12:55 tcohen @later tell mtompset I think we should be careful removing the transaction from files in t/db_dependent
12:55 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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12:57 khall tcohen: will do!
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13:12 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "khall: look" (13 lines) at
13:13 khall what's that for? Are there cases where find breaks?
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13:13 tcohen it makes the installer work again
13:13 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
13:13 khall excellent!
13:13 tcohen running through it so I can try the tests
13:14 khall Ahh, I get it not.
13:14 khall s/not/now
13:14 mtompset tcohen: What do you mean 'I think we should be careful removing the transaction from files in t/db_dependent'?
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13:14 mtompset And khall ... I'm looking at bug 14338 and I can't duplicate your problem under Debian Jessie.
13:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14338 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Unable to delete patron images
13:15 mtompset That is, the picture deletes for me.
13:15 tcohen i think we shouldn't spend time in deleting code related to transactions from db_dependent tests
13:15 mtompset This isn't deleting... it's replacing.
13:15 khall mtompset: that's odd, I should restest.
13:15 khall It shouldn't matter what Debian version your on
13:17 mtompset And it is better to do it sooner, rather than when "oops, it is really broken."
13:17 mtompset khall: Just given you an idea of which perl and setup I have. :)
13:17 mtompset ^given^giving^
13:17 khall gotcha
13:18 mtompset Because some of the noise in the tests lately have only been noticable in Perl 5.20's CGI.
13:23 mtompset So, tcohen, you are suggesting no more test tweaks on bug 14334?
13:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14334 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , DBI fighting DBIx over Autocommit in tests
13:23 tcohen i'm not sure you can infere that assertion from my comment
13:25 mtompset Are you suggesting some of the tweaks are wrong?
13:25 tcohen i'm not sure 'wrong' is the right word
13:25 mtompset Or that I should investigate the non db_dependent tests first?
13:26 tcohen "I think we should be careful removing the transaction from files in t/db_dependent"
13:26 mtompset you would prefer the $dbh->{AutoCommit} lines should be left in?
13:26 mtompset ^should^^
13:26 tcohen you suggested that some test files had transaction bolierplate on them, but they *looked like* they don't need it
13:27 tcohen i'm saying fix them, don't remove the boilerplate
13:27 mtompset That's true.
13:27 xarragon So how am I supposed to handle zebra on a debian dev installation, anyway?
13:27 mtompset AH....
13:27 xarragon I see that there are some debian-specific scripts for named zebra instances etc.
13:28 mtompset This is with respect to comments 6, 7!
13:29 mtompset What about comment 11?
13:32 * tcohen hasn't read most of the comments, just noticed that on his inbox
13:35 tcohen mtompset: focus on the change that needs to be made. If you feel a file could be improved, discuss it on a separate bug, because otherwise you will block the needed fix with the refusal from the QA team to accept the change, etc
13:35 tcohen also, we could have a big patch. right?
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13:35 tcohen I let that to the QA team to suggest it if they feel like
13:35 mtompset I'll turn it to a big patch at the end, sure.
13:36 mtompset I was doing small ones so you could grab the ones you wanted. :)
13:37 tcohen thanks :-d
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13:42 khall tcohen: I've got a handle on how to fix  Context.t, working on it now
13:42 tcohen khall: awesome.
13:42 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, tcohen
13:43 * tcohen is fighting with a regression test for bug 14339
13:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14339 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , Installer broken by bug 13967
13:45 cait xarragon: the debian scripts don't work on a dev install
13:45 cait xarragon: i believe there are still instructions to use without packageson the wiki
13:52 khall tcohen: success! Where should I post the patch for Context.t?
13:52 tcohen new bug
13:53 khall can do!
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13:56 * mtompset has a bad cold. I'm going to rest for a while.
13:56 mtompset Have a great day, #koha khall tcohen
13:56 khall bye!
14:00 khall tcohen: bug 14342
14:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14342 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Unit tests in t/db_dependent/Context.t failing due to Bug 13967
14:00 tcohen YAY!
14:01 * tcohen hates t/Context.t
14:01 tcohen a lot
14:02 fridolin see u
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14:02 khall indeed, it should be done away with over time
14:08 khall we should eventually be able to move syspref caching directly into the SysPref objects
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14:15 tcohen ok, my patch is attached too
14:15 tcohen will now test yours
14:21 achylles I am trying to remove a instance from koha, using koha-remove instance command-line, but it is not working. Where is the folder/file I can remove that?
14:21 achylles I am using ubuntu
14:22 tcohen "not working" seems to cague
14:22 tcohen vague
14:24 achylles koha-remove biblioteca_vl  Removing Koha instance biblioteca_vl  Could not open required defaults file: /etc/mysql/koha-common.cnf   Fatal error in defaults handling. Program aborted
14:25 tcohen podrías probar koha-remove --keep-mysal biblioteca_vl
14:26 tcohen s/mysal/mysql/
14:26 achylles I want to remove this instance, so that it does not appear on my lightdm login screen
14:27 achylles what is mysal
14:27 achylles ?
14:27 achylles ok
14:27 achylles mysql
14:28 achylles but I do not want to keep it
14:28 achylles I want to totally remove it
14:28 tcohen achylles: are you running koha-remove with the root user? otherwise you should use sudo
14:29 achylles sudo koha-remove biblioteca_vl
14:30 achylles Removing Koha instance biblioteca_vl
14:30 achylles ERROR 1470 (HY000) at line 1: String 'koha_biblioteca_vl' is too long for user name (should be no longer than 16)
14:31 achylles It says that cannot remove, because the name is too long...    :(
14:33 achylles biblioteca_vl   folder is located in /etc/koha/sites
14:33 tcohen sudo deluser biblioteca_vl-koha ; rm -rf /etc/koha/sites/biblioteva_vl
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14:41 achylles tcohen, thx for the command they worked fine. The only thing that I added was another sudo before rm   :)
14:41 tcohen ah, yes. i missed it. good catch
14:43 achylles Now, how can I add a z39.50 University server in my country to Koha >
14:44 achylles I know that they use z39.50 protocol...
14:44 achylles usp stands for University of Sao Paulo
14:47 tcohen achylles: have you read the manual?
14:48 tcohen that's the first step
14:48 tcohen otherwise you will end up asking too general questions
14:48 tcohen more suitable fr a support company / helpdesk
14:49 tcohen achylles: still here?
14:49 wahanui here is where I work
14:49 tcohen http://translate.koha-communit[…]anual/3.18/pt-BR/
14:50 tcohen lunch time
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14:50 achylles I mean I know how to add it. But, have not found z39.50 address for that University  :(
14:54 tcohen you ned to ask them
14:54 tcohen i'm from argentina, know nothing about brazilian servers
14:57 achylles Ok. I already have sent an email to them asking their z39.50 address. Waiting...
14:59 geek_cl tcohen, the hackfest will be in Buenos Aires ?
15:00 tcohen geek_cl: indeed
15:00 geek_cl nice
15:01 tcohen will you attend?
15:01 geek_cl tcohen, yes!, in fact, i send the email already,
15:01 * tcohen verifies
15:02 tcohen got it :-D
15:02 tcohen that's really nice to hear
15:02 geek_cl there are some hotel with discount for the event ?
15:03 tcohen geek_cl: i don't think so
15:03 geek_cl OK
15:03 tcohen i mean, we didn't have the time to think about it
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15:06 reiveune bye
15:06 reiveune left #koha
15:07 tcohen cait: will you join us?
15:07 tcohen please?
15:07 tcohen :-D
15:07 geek_cl maybe we can get a group discount
15:07 cait I'd love to
15:08 tcohen please please?
15:08 cait hopefully some next time
15:08 tcohen geek_cl: once we have the people list we could try to put you all in contact
15:08 cait the flights are pretty expensive for a short visit
15:08 * geek_cl cool!
15:09 tcohen cait: so you think we don't deserve your presence
15:10 cait tcohen: don't get mean
15:10 tcohen =D
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15:22 tcohen cait: 14039
15:22 khall joined #koha
15:22 cait yes?
15:23 tcohen do u think we could put that kind of "enhancements" inside a span so people can keep the old behaviour?
15:23 tcohen what's been the tradition about it?
15:24 cait hm there is not really a tradition
15:24 cait but a psan never hurts
15:24 cait also... this include migh be used in moreplaces
15:25 tcohen in several, yes
15:27 cait tcohen: i thik a span with an id would make a lot of sense then
15:27 cait also - is there a warning in the logs when the variable is not set? wonder if we should add an if
15:29 tcohen cait: you mean it introduces a warning?
15:29 cait i don't know
15:29 cait but easy to check
15:29 tcohen ah, I get it
15:30 tcohen will put it in my fail-qa message
15:30 cait it might not
15:30 cait there would be more then i guess hm.
15:34 tcohen can anyone QA on major bugs ?
15:34 cait i can look at osme things laer tonight
15:34 cait something specific?
15:35 tcohen 14342 and 14339 please
15:35 wahanui 28681
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15:39 cait bug 14342
15:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14342 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Unit tests in t/db_dependent/Context.t failing due to Bug 13967
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15:40 cait bug 14339
15:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14339 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Installer broken by bug 13967
15:40 cait hm i can try
15:40 tcohen both are simple
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15:50 mtompset Greetings, #koha. So much for sleeping. The call to bug fix is too strong.
15:50 mtompset khall: you around?
15:50 mtompset @seen khall
15:50 huginn mtompset: khall was last seen in #koha 1 hour, 42 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <khall> we should eventually be able to move syspref caching directly into the SysPref objects
15:51 mtompset Oooo that would be good.
15:52 mtompset @later tell khall I was testing bug 14318 for the idreambooks, and noticed the isbn had a ; on the end of it. Different bug? Or can a little scope creep be done? ;)
15:52 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
16:04 gaetan_B bye
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16:07 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14276: Keep highlight on the active item in item editor <[…]ef3b8b46d12587116> / Bug 14173: Paging on 'recent comments' page in OPAC is not displaying correctly <[…]535d3dcbd9a95226c> / Bug 10824: OAI-PMH repository/server not handling time in 'until' and
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16:30 mtompset Nevermind, bug 14345. :)
16:30 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14345 trivial, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , parsed isbn has semi-colon fails to nicely link for idreambooks
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17:37 mydsls hi we want to create message that - Please confirm checkout - Item the hobbit (11606)  was prevoiusly checked out to this patron?
17:37 mydsls can anyon ehelp?
17:38 indradg joined #koha
17:39 mydsls hi indradg
17:40 indradg mydsls hiya!
17:40 mydsls hi we want to create message that - Please confirm checkout - Item the hobbit (11606)  was prevoiusly checked out to this patron?
17:42 indradg mydsls: explain the flow?
17:50 mydsls when you hit checkout button it should check list of circulation history and if that record exist in circulation history then it should prevent or ask librarian to confirm checkout
17:50 mydsls sorry for late reply
17:51 mtompset But what is the reason for doing that? So what if the person had it checked out before?
17:51 mtompset You can only check things out once?
17:53 mtompset What is the business rule that you are trying to implement?
17:54 mydsls borrowers got books checkout which has been already read by them and when they start reading then realises ohh we took book we have already read
17:55 mydsls i'm new to programming  and i really dont know how to do it even i dont know how to write the code
17:56 mydsls but intrested to customise koha as per my requirement
17:58 mtompset mydsls: Why don't the librarians while checking out go to the circulation tab for the user, scan for the item using the search filter feature there....
17:59 mtompset and then casually comment, "Oh, you must have enjoyed reading this earlier,"
17:59 mtompset as they go back to the circulation tab, and actually check out the item.
18:01 mydsls it also good idea
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18:26 * mydsls slaps nengard_webinar around a bit with a large fishbot
18:35 viktor joined #koha
19:13 tcohen bye #koha
19:19 nengard why am i being slapped?
19:19 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10938: Item columns displayed in random order - OPAC <[…]6a862b2d7535a68b6> / Bug 10938: Item columns displayed in random order <[…]b8ae01fe1e806aff1> / Bug 7976: DBRev <[…]tdiff;h=25caeacae
19:20 pianohacker nengard: no idea :P
19:20 nengard pianohacker hmmmm
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20:15 pianohacker @later tell magnuse Could I ask you to take a quick look at my latest comment on bug 11211 ([…].cgi?id=11211#c51)? Thanks!
20:15 huginn pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
20:15 huginn Bug 11211: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Needs Signoff , Move calculation code out of C4::Calendar
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22:36 mtompset Greetings, barton. Shall I call you "the optimizer"? :)
23:35 mtompset xarragon: Please look at bug 14246 again.
23:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14246 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, xarragon, ASSIGNED , Add borrowernumber to koha_news
23:35 mtompset And while you are at it, please squash it all.

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