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00:00 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
00:01 eythian[…]s/OdB8G0XEfNIieWp <-- my hackrf blue has arrived :D
00:01 mtompset @later tell tcohen Never mind, that whole Search.t mess... I can't seem to figure it out. Plus, it's not my fault. :)
00:01 huginn` mtompset: The operation succeeded.
00:04 mtompset eythian: What do you plan on doing with it? :)
00:04 eythian I don't know yet
00:07 dcook Ahhh
00:07 dcook Were you using one of these at Kiwicon, eythian?
00:07 eythian dcook: no, this just arrived. The one I had at kiwicon was a lot cheaper and simpler, also it could only receive, this can transmit
00:09 wizzyrea eythian: well that's a pretty neat gadget
00:10 eythian dcook: the other thing is that this can do 20 million samples/s, the cheap one can do about 1 or 2 I think.
00:10 eythian wizzyrea: yeah, it is.
00:12 dcook Definitely neat :D
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01:43 wizzyrea I think that latest message indicates a bug for allowonshelfholds... that doesn't sound right.
01:43 wizzyrea on the list
01:44 rangi yeah
01:44 dcook Which list?
01:44 wizzyrea koha list
01:44 wahanui koha list is probably not hosted by biblibre
01:44 wizzyrea literal koha list
01:44 wahanui wizzyrea: koha list =is= not hosted by biblibre
01:44 wizzyrea forget koha list
01:44 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot koha list
01:45 wizzyrea koha list is <reply> You can subscribe to the Koha mailing list at it is hosted by Katipo Communications.
01:46 wizzyrea koha list
01:46 wahanui You can subscribe to the Koha mailing list at it is hosted by Katipo Communications.
01:48 eythian The latest message sounds working as intended to me
01:48 eythian oh wait
01:48 eythian no, it doesn't
01:48 eythian sounds like a bug
01:51 wizzyrea :)
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02:46 dcook Is anyone around to answer an EZProxy question?
02:46 * dcook thinks rangi integrated EZProxy and Koha back in 2013?
02:49 wizzyrea define "integrate"
02:49 dcook That's the question. Haha
02:49 dcook I'm looking at the EZProxy demo, so nevermind for now..
02:50 dcook Or rather..
02:50 dcook I see something about EZProxy using SIP2 to authenticate with Koha
02:51 dcook Is the idea that EZProxy prompts you to login, it authenticates you against Koha, and then uses IP-based authentication to provide access to electronic resources?
02:54 dcook And I assume that the library has to replace their existing 856 with EZProxy links?
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03:04 dcook Hmm not following OCLC's documentation:[…]n/usr/sip.en.html
03:05 dcook That makes it seem like there is just a generic user :S
03:08 dcook Ah, but I guess that's just the SIP account?
03:08 dcook So EZProxy can connect to the SIP server with those credentials
03:08 dcook And then use SIP for the actual...ahh...ahhh!
03:08 dcook Bien sûr
03:12 wizzyrea lol
03:12 dcook Hmm, I wonder how EZproxy and the EDS plugin work together
03:12 dcook Probably not well
03:12 dcook Unless the EDS plugin allows you to specify an EZproxy URL...
03:12 wizzyrea they don't, it uses EDS's internal access control
03:12 dcook Which it might?
03:13 wizzyrea I think referrers and IP ranges are what it uses
03:13 dcook Yeah, I just tried clicking through and I'm getting an EBSCO login, although that's to be expected in my case
03:13 dcook Yeah, so it'll only work on-site for libraries
03:14 wizzyrea it might do some trickery with logged in users
03:14 wizzyrea for koha
03:14 wizzyrea it's pretty well integrated
03:14 wizzyrea an example
03:14 wahanui an example is probably a status change
03:14 dcook Mmm, that's a good point
03:14 wizzyrea is
03:14 wizzyrea so if you pick discovery from the dropdown
03:14 wizzyrea and do a search
03:15 wizzyrea that's the plugin
03:15 dcook Hmm, in my demo version, it's still prompting me to login to EDS
03:15 dcook Even as a logged in Koha user
03:15 dcook I mean once I try to access content that is
03:15 wizzyrea I think it's entirely due to EDS access controls
03:15 wizzyrea however you have that configured, or however they have your account configured
03:16 dcook Hmm, it might be that we're using a hacked version of the EDS plugin too
03:16 wizzyrea at the other end
03:16 dcook Yeah
03:16 dcook :/
03:16 wizzyrea O.o why would you do that?
03:16 wizzyrea the accounts do have to be set up on EBSCO's end properly
03:16 wizzyrea to work with the plugin
03:16 dcook I think we were running 3.14 but the only plugin available was 3.12
03:16 dcook accounts?
03:16 wizzyrea the EBSCO account
03:16 dcook My search works fine
03:16 dcook I can see results from EBSCO
03:16 wizzyrea yep, searches will
03:17 wizzyrea anyway
03:17 dcook Well, thanks for the info :)
03:17 dcook I'll keep trying
03:17 dcook Hmm looks like the account is set up right..
03:18 wizzyrea I'm almost sure it's gonna be on the EDS side
03:18 wizzyrea not the koha side
03:19 wizzyrea and I don't think we've done one with ezproxy
03:19 wizzyrea not a plugin anyway
03:19 wizzyrea we've done ezproxy with SIP
03:19 dcook Hmm, I'm guessing it might be the Koha side
03:19 dcook Maybe someone here did something wrong
03:19 wizzyrea heh
03:20 dcook As the credentials are good
03:20 wizzyrea if you can search, it's working
03:20 dcook Then I'm guessing there's an auth issue in Koha where the credentials aren't getting passed correctly
03:20 wizzyrea you are or aren't getting results?
03:20 dcook our Koha*
03:20 dcook ;)
03:20 dcook I am getting results
03:21 wizzyrea but you can't get through to the article?
03:21 dcook But when I click "View in EDS", it doesn't work
03:21 wizzyrea right
03:21 dcook Correct
03:21 wizzyrea that's normal
03:21 dcook O_o
03:21 dcook That's horrible
03:21 wizzyrea if you have credentials, you can get in
03:21 dcook Well, if I use the credentials used to setup the EDS plugin, I can get in
03:21 dcook But I recall the EDS plugin also changed
03:22 dcook So I would think it would authenticate to EDS when logging into Koha
03:22 dcook Hmm, not noticing that patch anymore though..
03:22 wizzyrea that bit I'm not sure about
03:24 dcook Hmm, that might just be the 3.12 version
03:24 dcook Looks like that's gone in master
03:24 dcook and 3.14
03:25 dcook Ah, looks like that's probably because of the use of Koha.Preference in templates..
03:26 wizzyrea I think there's up to a 3.16 version of the plugin
03:27 wizzyrea afaik the plugin works ok on 3.18 as well
03:27 dcook Yeah, I thought there was a 3.16 version as well
03:27 dcook All I see in Github is 3.12.x, 3.14.x, and master though
03:27 wizzyrea master is the latest, it usually says somewhere
03:27 dcook ?
03:27 wizzyrea what version it's geared for
03:28 dcook So they keep it pretty up-to-date?
03:28 wizzyrea use branch:master for Koha 3.16+
03:28 wizzyrea <
03:28 wizzyrea this is canonical afaik
03:28 dcook Yeah, that's what I'm looking at
03:28 wizzyrea (anyway, this is where alvet puts the code, and where he says to get it from)
03:28 dcook Ah, right
03:28 dcook There in the README
03:29 dcook That's cool
03:29 wizzyrea >.>
03:29 wizzyrea <.,
03:29 wizzyrea <.<
03:29 dcook Too busy trying to find if this thing authenticates with EDS in any way except for the API
03:30 dcook Doesn't look like it
03:30 dcook I wonder how people use it then :S
03:30 * dcook has never known an EBSCO login in his life
03:30 dcook I think I always relied on being on-site or using the uni's VPN
03:32 dcook[…]ieve?an=102038624|dbid=a9h&resultid=4&query_desc=
03:32 dcook I can get the PDF Full Text, but View in EDS still prompts for login :p
03:32 dcook Just a bit funny
03:32 dcook Must be a fairly open item I guess
03:33 wizzyrea our clients do it either with a private catalogue and referers or if it's public, IP ranges and give the finger to those outside
03:33 wizzyrea or they have alternate access arrangements
03:33 wizzyrea i.e. individual logins
03:33 wizzyrea there are about 100 ways to access EDS, afaict
03:33 dcook hehe
03:33 dcook Yeah, I think most of ours use IP ranges
03:34 dcook Or a private catalogue and a referer, yeah
03:34 wizzyrea one of them uses SIP + EZproxy, but not with the plugin
03:34 dcook Yeah, we had an enquiry about the EDS plugin, and then they mentioned EZproxy
03:34 wizzyrea which btw
03:34 dcook But looks like the two don't play nicely together
03:34 dcook Hm?
03:34 wizzyrea if you are dealing with OCLC's ez proxy
03:34 wizzyrea you can ask them to stunnel it
03:35 wizzyrea to your SIP
03:35 wizzyrea so it's nice and cozy and secure
03:35 dcook :D
03:39 dcook Hmm, I wonder what options EBSCO has for authentication APIs...
03:39 dcook[…]etail.php?id=4191
03:42 dcook I guess we already use the OpenAthens authentication..
04:07 * eythian wishes to remind everyone that catalogue/ may be the worst thing ever.
04:08 eythian I kinda want to refactor the whole thing
04:08 dcook ^
04:08 dcook I'll buy you a beer
04:08 eythian $advanced_srch_type <-- good abbrev. there guy
04:08 dcook Maybe even more than one beer!
04:08 eythian heh
04:08 dcook lol
04:09 dcook Oh man. I've seen so many bad abbreviations lately
04:09 dcook Actually, I'm not even going to start
04:09 * dcook is wishing beer eythian's way in any case
04:15 dcook Wooo. Solving problems left and right here.
04:15 dcook Alas, one problem remains
04:15 dcook What to listen to next?
04:16 eythian Theatre of Tragedy, of course
04:17 dcook I'll give 'em a shot, sure
04:17 dcook Any song recommendations?
04:18 dcook Oh, I'm always a sucker for a song with the same name as other songs I listen to..
04:18 eythian hmm
04:18 eythian "Forever is the World" is probably a place to start.
04:21 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
04:21 dcook Sweet. I'll give 'er a go
04:42 dcook Mmm catchy
05:09 dcook God I love Git
05:10 dcook It just makes life better
05:14 dcook Gitolite is always rad
05:21 * eythian ticks off one beer from dcook as he finishes moving a block into a sub.
05:21 dcook hehe
05:21 dcook Yay eythian!
05:21 dcook Actually, if someone did analysis on all the IRC logs, I wonder how many beers that would equal out to...
05:22 dcook Probably a lot
05:22 eythian heh
05:48 eythian time to go, later
05:53 dcook laters
06:15 * magnuse waves
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06:40 reiveune hello
06:40 magnuse bonjour reiveune
06:41 reiveune hi magnuse
06:44 * dcook waves quickly
06:45 * magnuse waves quickly back
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06:57 alex_a bonjour
06:58 dcook Nooo. It can't be 2 minutes to 5 :(
06:58 dcook hey alex_a :)
06:59 alex_a dcook: hello
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07:01 dcook Man... learn something new every day
07:01 dcook I'd never heard of "shopt" before
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07:16 fridolin hie$
07:17 cait morning #koha
07:19 dcook laters alls
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07:21 gaetan_B hello
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07:37 magnuse @wunder boo
07:37 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 8.0°C (9:20 AM CEST on May 12, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Windchill: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.50 in 999 hPa (Steady).
07:37 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:37 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Realtor, CABRIES, France is 18.0°C (9:35 AM CEST on May 12, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 69%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Steady).
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08:20 * andreashm waves
08:22 * magnuse waves back
08:23 * liw undulates
08:23 * magnuse looks quizzically at liw
08:24 liw it was a pune or play on words
08:24 andreashm is there a reason why the search boxes (patron, checkout etc.) has a somewhat limited width?
08:25 andreashm as far as i can tell there is never anything on the top right of the page in Koha anyway?
08:28 magnuse liw: punny ;-)
08:28 magnuse andreashm: probably not? you can try making it longer with javascript (or css?) and see how you like it
08:29 andreashm magnuse: Halland is doing something there. I was just curious why this is?
08:29 andreashm Some of our UX:ers brought it up when they looked quickly at the staff interface
08:34 andreashm magnuse: how's the ill/ncip stuff coming along?
08:38 magnuse a bit slowly...
08:38 magnuse looks like the deadline for a working prototype is getting pushed to end of august
08:38 magnuse which suits me fine
08:39 magnuse i am thinking of doing a blogpost, to point to the different places where development happens
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08:48 andreashm magnuse: that would be interesting!
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10:49 drojf hi #koha
10:56 magnus_away moin drojf
10:57 * drojf shouts "hei magnus_away!" because you're far away ;)
10:59 * magnus_away can barely hear it
11:00 magnuse that's better
11:00 drojf :)
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11:10 magnuse @seen oleonard
11:10 huginn` magnuse: oleonard was last seen in #koha 10 weeks, 3 days, 17 hours, 15 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <oleonard> That's very strange squash. I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on.
11:11 drojf that's an awfully long oleonardless time
11:11 magnuse yup
11:11 magnuse hope there's nothing wrong
11:13 drojf hope so too
11:13 magnuse here's the weird look of the staff interface in ie that slef and i were talking about yesterday:[…]ha/staff-ie11.png
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12:02 magnuse MARC--
12:06 cait what did it do this time?
12:20 magnuse cait: it failed to have some way to say "this a daisy thingy"
12:20 magnuse in general: failure to keep up with new formats
12:20 magnuse document formats
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12:31 tcohen morning
12:32 tcohen @later tell rangi odd, because they are set using the unstable repo and koha-perldeps, there shouldn't be any dependency missing!
12:32 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
12:32 tcohen hi cait
12:35 tcohen time for the beta
12:36 magnuse \o/
12:37 tcohen @later tell mtompset are you talking about the verbosity of Search.t?
12:37 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
12:47 tcohen @does anyone have the list of the new devs?
12:47 huginn` tcohen: I've exhausted my database of quotes
12:47 tcohen does anyone have the list of the new devs?
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12:58 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
12:58 mtompset @seen tcohen
12:58 huginn` mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 10 minutes and 58 seconds ago: <tcohen> does anyone have the list of the new devs?
12:58 tcohen hi mtompset
12:58 mtompset No, I was talking about the failure of the Search.t test.
12:59 mtompset But that isn't why I'm looking for you. :)
12:59 mtompset I'm finally getting around to 11592.
12:59 mtompset My question is about where to hook, since you didn't like it being hooked in the GetMarcBiblio function.
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13:03 tcohen mtompset: let me do the beta now, and be back to you
13:03 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "The Search.t stuff I was looking to solve (Zebraidx warnings)" (56 lines) at
13:21 tcohen mtompset: about Search.t
13:22 tcohen the fact is that GRS-1 is deprecated and staged for removal
13:22 tcohen i wouldn't spend time on it
13:22 mtompset Yes, but I don't like getting emails. :P
13:23 mtompset Jenkins build is unstable: Koha_Master_D8 #43
13:25 tcohen mtompset: i'm very aware
13:25 tcohen not sure that's idiomatic
13:25 tcohen heh
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13:28 mtompset No, that's fine. You are aware that no one likes getting emails about a deprecated feature failure.
13:31 xarragon git-bz does not want to attach my stuff. Login invalid, but it looks correct in the config. Any ideas?
13:33 tcohen mtompset: exactly
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13:34 mtompset xarragon: Did you properly escape funky characters? $, *, etc.?
13:34 mtompset Can you actually log into bugzilla?
13:34 mtompset using the web interface?
13:37 xarragon yep, web login works. The username has an '2' in it, unescaped.
13:37 xarragon Ehr, '@' I mean.
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13:40 mtompset Sorry, my wireless flaked out on me.
13:40 mtompset and git config -l (I think it is a lower case l) lists the correct settings?
13:41 mtompset make sure you don't have a typo on the tracker lines. It's too easy to have a typo.
13:42 mtompset git config --global /bugzilla3
13:42 mtompset git config --global U
13:42 mtompset git config --global PW
13:42 mtompset ([…]bz_configuration)
13:43 druthb o/
13:43 * tcohen is anxious
13:43 tcohen hi druthb
13:43 mtompset Greetings, druthb. :)
13:43 tcohen 100kb/s upload speed makes me anxious
13:43 druthb Hi, tcohen and mtompset.  :)
13:43 mtompset oh oh oh...
13:43 mtompset Well?
13:45 tcohen confetti!
13:45 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
13:45 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Koha 3.20 beta <[…]980f2a3335289d682> / Preliminary (beta) release notes for 3.20 <[…]712e9bcb4f98f7473> / Translation updates for Koha 3.20 beta <[…]a910365ebdcffe6cd>
13:46 tcohen heh, that's what i call timing
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13:47 druthb wahanui:  druthb?
13:47 wahanui Let's rewrite Koha in Scala!
13:47 druthb lol
13:52 druthb wahanui: forget druthb
13:52 wahanui druthb: I forgot druthb
13:52 druthb druthb is <reply> She's really more trouble than she's worth, you know?
13:52 druthb wahanui:  druthb?
13:52 wahanui She's really more trouble than she's worth, you know?
13:52 * druthb nods.
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13:55 mtompset wahanui: druthb is also an amazing person
13:55 wahanui okay, mtompset.
13:56 mtompset druthb?
13:56 wahanui druthb is an amazing person
13:56 mtompset druthb?
13:56 wahanui i heard druthb was an amazing person
13:56 mtompset druthb?
13:56 wahanui She's really more trouble than she's worth, you know?
13:56 mtompset Looks good to me. :)
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14:00 tcohen yay!
14:00 xarragon Ah, I see git-bz is using a browser. Defaulting to firefox. My firefox is heavily locked down with noscript and similar extensions.
14:06 tcohen git-bz doesn't use a browser
14:07 xarragon tcohen: Ok? I was looking inside the code for it, and there is a config option for it? But maybe it is not for the bz login?
14:08 xarragon Ah, I see. It just "borrows" the cookies from it.
14:09 tcohen nope
14:09 tcohen the browsers are identified by the servers
14:09 tcohen as "user agent"
14:10 tcohen git-bz uses a library that emulates a user agent
14:10 tcohen and you see a configuration section
14:10 tcohen where git-bz tells the user agent to identify itself as firefox 3
14:10 tcohen but no browser is involved
14:11 xarragon Hm, okay. That makes more sense; full browser would be overkill.
14:11 xarragon However, the home page says: "Authentication for git-bz is done by reading the cookies for the Bugzilla host from your web browser."
14:11 xarragon
14:12 * tcohen just can't read python
14:14 mtompset xarragon: Did you check for typos, like I suggested?
14:14 tcohen xarragon: i see, it fallsback to try reading the browser's cookies if you don't provide the credentials on the configuration
14:15 tcohen line 926: test for user/pass
14:15 tcohen line 953: else, try the cookies
14:15 xarragon mtompset: Yes, it looks correct.
14:16 * druthb makes squinty eyes at mtompset
14:16 tcohen where's everyone?
14:16 wahanui everyone is doin' the hot new dance the Cracked Out Kitty Tail Shiver
14:18 mtompset I am not, wahanui! :P
14:18 xarragon Let's just try reentering the user/pass again..
14:18 xarragon Like "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
14:19 mtompset BTW, congrats on the beta, tcohen. :)
14:19 mtompset I use the full email address for the username.
14:20 xarragon Yes, same here.
14:20 mtompset But you already said you do too... Hmmm...
14:20 mtompset (since you mentioned the @) :)
14:20 xarragon I did reset my password to a new one right before trying this, because I had apparently set it to something I forgot.
14:21 mtompset DOH!
14:21 mtompset That's why you are going through this headache. Yuck. Hope you figure it out.
14:22 mtompset Oh my! more pushes to pull.
14:23 xarragon I added print statements to the Python code and yes, it indeed reads out the correct credentials at line 370 and 377.
14:25 xarragon But is there something about having reset it just before that I should know about? I entered the new credentials into the git config, of course.
14:25 xarragon At this point I am considering just attaching the patch manually. :-)
14:26 * mtompset is both impressed and horrified at the same time. :)
14:26 xarragon I am very good at going at something I am completely new to and completely trashing it. That is usually followed by learning how to fix it.
14:27 mtompset tcohen: So, now that you have a pretty new beta. Can we chat about the hooking of the filter?
14:27 tcohen not yet
14:27 tcohen sorry
14:34 mtompset xarragon: I hate password reset issues. I've hit them a couple times, but not in this Koha case.
14:34 mtompset Sorry I can't brainstorm any more ideas. I'm out.
14:35 mtompset BTW, this is why LastPass or some other password manager is useful. :)
14:43 xarragon Well, just to make clear.. I did successfully reset my password on the bz web site, set a new one, successfully logged in with it, but it won't work when configured in git-bz.
14:46 drojf left #koha
14:49 Joubu xarragon: Which branch of git-bz are you using?
14:53 xarragon Joubu: git clone
14:53 xarragon mtompset: thanks for all your time
14:54 mtompset did you check out the fishsoup branch?
14:54 xarragon What does proper  escaping for  '@' look like?
14:54 mtompset I didn't have to escape mine.
14:54 xarragon ok,good
14:54 mtompset if it looks correct in git config -l, it's fine.
14:56 Joubu xarragon: git log --oneline|head -n1
15:01 tcohen Joubu: aa8bd7a Koha 3.20 beta
15:01 tcohen :-P
15:01 tcohen thanks for that zillion patches
15:03 Joubu tcohen: it was not for you! ;)
15:03 Joubu tcohen++ for the beta
15:03 * tcohen knows, i was joking
15:03 Joubu 3.20 looks awesome :)
15:03 xarragon Joubu: 7a73819 Add README
15:03 Joubu even if I have found a major ;)
15:04 tcohen really?
15:04 tcohen WTF?
15:04 Joubu because of the 'get rid of DateParse stuff"
15:04 reiveune bye
15:04 reiveune left #koha
15:04 Joubu the onsite checkout is broken, I will submit a patch soon
15:04 tcohen will you? :-D
15:05 tcohen that'd mean...
15:05 Joubu xarragon: you should track the fishsoup branch on git://
15:05 JoshB joined #koha
15:07 xarragon Joubu: Ok, was tracking master
15:09 xarragon Joubu: Now it flows like fish soup!
15:10 rocio joined #koha
15:10 xarragon Joubu: Many, many thanks!
15:11 Joubu xarragon: you are welcome! Now we are waiting for you patch[es] ;)
15:12 tcohen :-D
15:12 xarragon Here it is:[…]_bug.cgi?id=12342
15:12 huginn` Bug 12342: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Patron registration datepicker dropdown shows only 10 years
15:12 xarragon Obviously an incredibly critical one..*cough*
15:14 Joubu it's useful, you will save a lot of clicks!
15:15 xarragon More to come. I just fixed that one because I noticed it and it was trivial.
15:15 xarragon AND there was a ticket for it, so obviously someone else was annoyed.
15:15 cait bgkriegel++ tons of sign-offs
15:16 cait xarragon++ too - first patch?
15:16 xarragon cait: yep, bit of a slow start for me
15:16 cait i don't think so - you are doig well i'd say :)
15:17 * cait feels like she missed important things on irc today
15:18 xarragon I have been adding some things to the Wiki as well, I have a setup guide for Arch Linux coming as well as this Debian Jessie guide:[…]development_setup
15:22 laurence left #koha
15:25 cait :)
15:30 cait left #koha
15:32 gaetan_B bye
15:39 JoshB joined #koha
15:58 mtompset xarragon: Why not in your home directory?
15:58 mtompset (I'm reading your page)
15:59 mtompset Why are you using github, rather than
15:59 mtompset Why are you not being lazy and sudo apt-get install koha-perldeps?
16:00 mtompset PDF::FromHTML is an anomaly, not normative. Instructions should probably not focus on that.
16:03 mtompset A development server isn't necessarily internet accessible, so security concerns about the home directory are mute.
16:06 Krixvar joined #koha
16:29 cait joined #koha
16:39 codavid joined #koha
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17:08 eskaaren joined #koha
17:11 indradg joined #koha
17:12 codavid joined #koha
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17:13 Krixvar joined #koha
17:13 Krixvar Hi, this might be more of an issue of me not fully understanding web programming, but where do I put images that I want to include in OPAC html and/or how would I refer to them? Thanks!
17:14 cait anywhhere where you can access them via url
17:15 cait i am nto sure which options you have and if you can put them on the koha server yourself
17:15 cait there is not really 'one place'
17:15 Krixvar Yeah, full access to the server
17:15 Krixvar I think this is just me being an html noob :/
17:15 cait you could put them... in koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/images... in you rown directory
17:15 cait but that's really just one idea
17:16 Krixvar is koha-templ somewhere other than /usr/share?  I'm not seeing it
17:17 cait hm sorry, i don't have the path for a package installation in memory right now
17:17 Krixvar I'm just trying to toss an image into OpacMainUserBlock and having more trouble than I expected
17:17 tcohen @later tell rangi can u please check if history.txt is up-to-date? I plan to grab the new devs from it
17:17 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
17:17 cait koha-tmpl
17:18 cait tcohen: do you know the patch from memory?
17:19 tcohen ah?
17:19 wahanui well, ah is ?
17:19 jwellner joined #koha
17:19 cait path
17:20 cait Krixvar wants to put images into the opac - i suggested to put the file with the other images in its own directory
17:20 cait not sure what a better place would be with packages
17:20 tcohen Krixvar: you should create a directory wherever you want on the server (outside koha's directories)
17:20 tcohen and add an "Alias" entry on apache, like this:
17:22 bag foodz time for me
17:22 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "like this" (6 lines) at
17:23 tcohen then you refer to the images using /local-images/image_name.png
17:23 Krixvar I hate to ask but where exactly does this alias go? Pretty inexperienced with apache
17:23 Krixvar awesome
17:23 tcohen can u run this on the command line? koha-list --enabled
17:23 cait that's a good idea too :)
17:24 Krixvar outputs "test", the name of the setup I'm working on
17:24 tcohen great
17:24 tcohen then the file you are looking for
17:24 tcohen is /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/test.conf
17:24 tcohen you will see a section for opac, and another one for intranet
17:25 Krixvar I see it
17:25 tcohen i'm pretty sure you will add it to the opac virtualhost definition
17:25 tcohen this way, you don't mess with the files shipped by koha, no risk of loosing anything on upgrade, etc
17:26 Krixvar sweet
17:26 Krixvar should I restart apache for it to kick in?
17:28 Krixvar Didn't work with or without a restart :/
17:28 tcohen when you change a virtualhost definition
17:28 tcohen you need to (at least) reload: sudo service apache2 reload
17:28 tcohen if you add some new apache modules you might need to restart, though
17:29 Krixvar hmm still not working, let me tinker with it a bit
17:29 tcohen the logs will tell you
17:29 tcohen oh
17:29 Krixvar hmm?
17:29 tcohen on the <Directory...></Directory> block
17:30 tcohen delete the two last lines
17:30 tcohen and replace them with
17:30 tcohen require all granted
17:30 Krixvar all one line?
17:31 tcohen just a sec
17:31 Krixvar thanks
17:32 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "Apache 2.4 version" (5 lines) at
17:34 Krixvar hmm still no go.. its a jpg file rather than a png, would that be breaking anythingm?
17:34 Krixvar *anything
17:35 tcohen nope
17:36 tcohen is it accesible from outside?
17:36 tcohen you should check the logs
17:36 tcohen /var/log/koha/test/opac-error.log
17:37 tcohen tail -f /var/log/koha/test/opac-error.log
17:37 tcohen while trying to access the image on the browser
17:38 Krixvar apparently that log doesn't exist
17:39 Krixvar its just <img src="/local-images/library.jpg">, right?
17:40 wnickc joined #koha
17:40 Krixvar oh der alt text one sec
17:41 Krixvar nevermind, that didn't actually help
17:41 indradg joined #koha
17:47 Krixvar tcohen, found the log - I believe the pertinent error is "[Tue May 12 13:46:06 2015] [crit] [client] configuration error:  couldn't perform authentication. AuthType not set!: /local-images/library.png, referer:
17:47 Krixvar "
17:47 wahanui Hmm.  No matches for that, Krixvar.
17:49 cait Krixvar: in which part of the apache did you put it?
17:49 Krixvar the image?
17:49 cait there might be too entreis - one for the opac and the one intranet
17:50 cait apache config
17:50 wahanui apache config is, like, the only thing that would've been different
17:50 Krixvar just in opac
17:50 cait hm
17:50 Krixvar I could add to intranet as well
17:50 Dyrcona joined #koha
17:50 cait i thought you had maybe put it in the intranet, because that wouldmake sense with the authentication
17:50 cait not sure then
17:51 tcohen cait:[…]uery=&sort=newest
17:51 tcohen =D
17:51 tcohen ah, no
17:51 tcohen it takes the commit dates, not the pushed date
17:53 Krixvar_ joined #koha
17:54 Krixvar_ power just went.. back now
17:55 tcohen Krixvar_: it seems you need to add
17:56 tcohen Satisfy Any
17:56 tcohen to the directory options
17:56 Krixvar_ ah
17:56 tcohen i never ran into that
17:56 tcohen so, just a google result :-D
17:57 Krixvar_ and it works, thank you!
17:58 Krixvar_ there's two other hopefully smaller things that I've been having issues with  if you don't mind me asking
17:59 tcohen i'm kind-of-here
17:59 Krixvar_ no problem
17:59 tcohen working on several things at once
17:59 tcohen don't get pissed if we lag to answer
17:59 Krixvar_ I totally understand :) Doing the same myself haha
17:59 tcohen it is the usual
18:00 * cait is kind-of-here to
18:00 cait o
18:01 Krixvar_ I'm having issues with the backup command outputting to the default directory regardless of parameters and with the create_koc_db  not finding some dependency even though I've tried installing things as well as copying from the koha folders to system folders
18:02 burdsjm_ joined #koha
18:02 burdsjm__ joined #koha
18:20 ashimema @later tell eythian any chance you could take a look at bug 14167. Seems nice a neat to me, but I've a hunch there's somthing missing to make it package compatible.
18:20 huginn` ashimema: The operation succeeded.
18:21 cait bug 14167
18:21 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14167 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Add Koha::Logger based on Log4perl
18:22 ashimema there's lots of alternative logging bugs out there cait.. but this one seems to be the lightest weight and thus easiest to get through the various channels ;)
18:22 ashimema I really really want decent logging in koha ;)
18:36 tcohen ashimema: it is pretty straightforward
18:36 tcohen i've just mentioned it
18:37 ashimema cheers tcohen..
18:37 ashimema I thought it probably was.. but I've had my head out of the mindspace for a while and couldn't exactly remember ;)
18:39 * tcohen will give his new laptop+gift_from_the_community its first use, creating that followup :-D
18:42 mtompset tcohen: Will we get to that chat at all today? :)
18:43 ashimema awesome
18:43 Dyrcona joined #koha
18:52 tcohen mtompset: no chances!
18:52 mtompset Care to schedule it like a meeting? :)
18:53 tcohen sure
18:53 mtompset Okay, when is good for you?
18:53 tcohen while i set a date, please think about this
18:53 tcohen "Implement it as a Koha::RecordProcessor filter on MARC records
18:53 tcohen "
18:54 mtompset That's not the issue. ;)
18:54 mtompset I think that's a reasonable idea.
18:54 mtompset The issue is WHERE to hook.
18:54 JoshB joined #koha
18:54 tcohen look at Koha/Filter/MARC/
18:54 tcohen ah
18:54 tcohen maybe don't worry about it right now?
18:55 mtompset No. It's important. I need to get this into master somehow.
18:55 tcohen having the filter will be a great start
18:55 mtompset You don't like it hooked in GetMarcBiblio?
18:55 tcohen i have a working filter that does the same, but for MARCXML data
18:55 tcohen so i'll be thinking on where to hook it in a couple weeks
18:55 mtompset Where did you hook it?
18:56 tcohen my plan is to get rid of searchResults
18:56 tcohen sort-of
18:56 mtompset That's a big endeavour.
18:56 mtompset Sounds like a 4.0 worthy change. ;)
18:56 tcohen we have several of those on the pipe
18:56 mtompset Or better yet... 5.0, because it is huge. ;)
18:57 tcohen mtompset: it is not *that* big deal
19:05 mtompset When's the next dev meeting?
19:11 tcohen mtompset: you should ask the Release Manager that question
19:11 tcohen :-P
19:11 tcohen bye #koha
19:13 cait bye tcohen :)
19:42 indradg joined #koha
20:28 tcohen joined #koha
20:29 tcohen hi there
20:29 wahanui hola, tcohen
20:33 cait wb tcohen
20:35 aleisha joined #koha
20:35 tcohen hi cait
20:38 indradg hi tcohen
20:39 tcohen hi indradg
20:43 indradg tcohen: traditionally, accepted patches to the Koha manual do not get a reference in the release notes (not being part of the code).. do they?
20:43 tcohen that's right
20:43 wahanui I know.
20:51 cait maybe we could add a page to the manual?
20:51 cait with contributors?
20:53 indradg cait: +1
20:58 indradg @seen nengard
20:58 huginn` indradg: nengard was last seen in #koha 23 hours, 8 minutes, and 36 seconds ago: <nengard> hmmm
21:02 indradg @later tell nengard do you think it is a good idea to have a section in the manual - "Authors and other credited contributors"?
21:02 huginn` indradg: The operation succeeded.
21:03 mtompset welcome back, tcohen. :)
21:07 rangi morning
21:07 indradg tcohen: I see that bug 6815 is assigned to you. any update on that or should I go ahead and test the available patch?
21:07 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6815 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Capture member photo via webcam
21:07 indradg morning rangi
21:07 rangi tcohen: is there anything you would like aleisha to look at before the release?
21:07 cait :)
21:07 rangi tcohen: and history was up to date a month ago, ill check now
21:11 tcohen joined #koha
21:11 tcohen rangi: thanks!
21:11 rangi tcohen: yep its up to date
21:12 tcohen great
21:13 tcohen indradg: i'm not working on it right now, I was using a javascript-only implementation using photobooth.js or something like that
21:13 tcohen the only problem was translations, because it was (in mtompset words) poorly coded
21:13 indradg ok!
21:14 mtompset My understanding of 6815 is that a client-side solution is prefered.
21:14 mtompset My patch is a server side solution.
21:14 tcohen mtompset: i'll schedule a dev meeting for next wednesday
21:14 tcohen it will probably be 3.20-only
21:15 tcohen unless we sorted all important bits by then
21:15 tcohen and next week, we'll start talking about the fun stuff: ES, REST api, Angular, plack, etc
21:16 cait :)
21:16 tcohen mtompset: that's right, it is a client side thing. And should not depend on any superhero
21:17 tcohen specially robin
21:17 tcohen or flash
21:17 mtompset But I am still pleased with my server solution. :)
21:18 tcohen mtompset: it is always awesome when you conceive an idea and you find you implemented the way you liked it
21:19 mtompset It meets the criteria of no flash. ;)
21:23 mtompset The largest problem with a client side solution right now is the "don't use flash".
21:23 TGoat joined #koha
21:23 mtompset Because not all browsers support the HTML media functions like they should.
21:24 tcohen mtompset: that's actually not an issue
21:24 TGoat hey #koha .. is debian koha's native environment?
21:25 tcohen i think it is a fair requirement 'a modern browser' for running an ILS
21:25 mtompset Yes, TGoat. The server is natively on Debian.
21:25 tcohen TGoat: it is!
21:25 TGoat thansk ..
21:25 TGoat I had someone asking about CentOS and RedHat and though I was sure I still had to ask
21:26 mtompset TGoat, it is possible to do Koha on CentOS and RedHat... please don't take on the headache.
21:27 TGoat yea right .. who wants the headache. We tried to install it on CentOS at the library I worked at but we stopped shortly there after. Just not worth it
21:28 TGoat thanks for the quick response mtompset!
21:39 papa joined #koha
21:51 tcohen joined #koha
21:59 eythian hi
21:59 wahanui que tal, eythian
22:00 eythian ashimema: see also bug 13413
22:00 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13413 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, Needs Signoff , Koha::Log - an attempt to have sane logging in Koha
22:02 wizzyrea hi
22:38 cait left #koha

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