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00:29 dcook If you just need space, go with AWS?
00:30 dcook Hmm, I guess that comment was hours ago...
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00:33 mtompset But do you get shell access with AWS? And AWS is hosted in the US. Not keen on the patriot act.
00:33 mtompset Nor after 180 days its their data.
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00:39 dcook AWS has heaps of servers outside the US
00:40 dcook Of course, it's an American company, so it might still count under American law?
00:40 dcook And of course you get shell access with AWS O_o
00:40 dcook Anywho... *wanders off again*
00:48 dcook I love when a website has a limit on password length, but it doesn't enforce it in the frontend, which means you create an account with a truncated password... but you don't know at what point they truncated it
00:48 dcook :D
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00:53 bairie hi..can i request some help here?
00:54 bairie hello?
00:54 bairie anyone?
00:54 wahanui i think anyone is free to organize one at any time :-)
00:54 bairie is there any koha expert here? need some assistant
00:59 ibeardslee bairie: normal suggested process is to just ask.
01:00 ibeardslee people are usually about, although not usually sitting waiting for someone with a problem ;)
01:02 bairie i have an issue....i hosted a koha system in ubuntu in a vmware
01:02 bairie recently it was down...when i turn back on....the database only shows data from year 2012
01:03 bairie there is no latest data up to 2014 /2015
01:03 bairie how can this happen?
01:06 ibeardslee first thing to check would be if you running a snapshot of the filesystem as of 2012
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01:07 ibeardslee check dates/times on the system to check that all is ok and you are running the version of koha and ubuntu you expect to be running
01:07 bairie ibeardslee: i have did that and it's running the existing snapshot
01:08 bairie and its only snapshot available...there is no other snapshot created previously
01:08 ibeardslee ok
01:09 bairie thousands of book records was lost due to this issue...i have no idea how to solve it
01:09 bairie i'm not even good at mysql
01:10 eythian bairie: that really sounds like an issue with vmware and its disk images/snapshots. I'd check your system logs and see if the jump in dates is what you'd expect.
01:13 rangi also if you installed with packages, check /var/spool/koha/
01:13 rangi for backups
01:13 eythian but, if vmware did a rollback on you, probably the only option you have is to restore from your external backups.
01:13 rangi yeah
01:15 bairie i really not fimiliar with this....
01:16 bairie and bad thing is there is no backup was done
01:17 bairie what should i look into  /var/spool/koha? any specific file?
01:17 rangi what is your koha instance called?
01:17 rangi actually just do ls /var/spool/koha
01:17 rangi what is in there?
01:17 bairie wait....let me go inside the server
01:18 eythian you had thousands of records with no backups? that sounds like a recipe for disaster. I guess it has to happen to everyone some time...
01:18 eythian wahanui: backups
01:18 wahanui backups are every night...and nothing changed this morning
01:18 eythian hmm, I need to find something more interesting to be that factoid.
01:18 wizzyrea[…]1se6q8so4_400.gif < why we do backups
01:19 bairie this server was taken care by an external vendor...because we didnt renew the contract, no maintenance was done...when this vendor come, he said that the database was lost
01:19 wizzyrea :(
01:20 bairie however, the vendor did not have any access to the server. so i cannot say it is a sabotage frm the vendor
01:20 eythian you'd probably only need access to the vmware console to roll back a snapshot
01:21 eythian however, what you should first verify is if that's what really happened.
01:23 bairie i have tried to /var/spool/koha but it said no such file or directory
01:23 rangi darn, not installed via packages
01:23 rangi the next place to look would by in the /var/log/ directory
01:23 bairie ok. wait a min
01:23 rangi maybe take a look at the syslog
01:24 bairie also return same statement,. no file or directory
01:25 eythian what did you actually enter?
01:25 eythian because I've never seen a system with no /var/log director
01:25 eythian y
01:31 bairie i have entered /var/log/directory
01:33 rangi no
01:33 rangi just try
01:33 rangi cd /var/log/
01:36 bairie ive tried this var/log/syslog
01:36 bairie and i can see all the log
01:36 bairie so which i should check
01:36 eythian the dates
01:36 wahanui the dates are in format yyyy-mm-dd
01:36 eythian see what the date before the recent dates is.
01:37 rangi ls -l
01:37 rangi should show you the dates
01:38 eythian well I was thinking the dates inside the file, that way you can tell the last shutdown before the recent startup
01:39 rangi ah yep that would be good to check too
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01:40 bairie ok..i can see the what i need to do next?
01:40 eythian What do the dates tell you about the system and the missing data?
01:40 rangi what is the date?
01:40 wahanui it has been said that the date is circled ;)
01:42 bairie there are so many file here,....which one i should referred?
01:43 rangi are there any that have 2012 ?
01:43 rangi they should all be 2015
01:43 bairie a lot....
01:43 wahanui well, a lot is possible already without having to rewrite the templates
01:43 eythian syslog usually has the most stuff in it
01:43 rangi then yes, its definitely a vmware problem, try looking inside the syslog
01:44 rangi but if lots of the files are still 2012 then its likely you restored a snapshot from 2012 by accident, or vmware did something broken
01:44 bairie syslog got two files here...syslog and syslog.1
01:45 bairie but this two files dates are dated today
01:45 wizzyrea yeah, you booted it today :/
01:45 eythian have a look inside the files
01:45 eythian they have dates in there
01:47 bairie owh shit...i need a root pwd
01:47 bairie only the vendor knows
01:48 eythian do you have an account with sudo?
01:48 eythian it'll be hard to do much without a root password.
01:50 bairie sudo dont have.....try to find the root pwd
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01:52 * Francesca waves
01:54 Francesca wizzyrea, rangi you guys around?
01:54 wizzyrea a bit, sup?
01:54 Francesca not much
01:55 Francesca I thought I'd just let u know that I can't spend much time on here atm
01:55 Francesca unis really busy so I won't be able to get a lot of work done till mid year break
01:55 wizzyrea ah yeah, school comes first :)
01:56 Francesca I'll try and stick my head in during mid year
01:57 wizzyrea that would be cool :D
01:57 Francesca but in the mean time I'll do little bits of work and stuff in between school work
01:58 bairie ahhh shitt....what is the su password...
02:01 wizzyrea bairie: try katikoan
02:03 wizzyrea (for the root password)
02:04 bairie wizzyrea: nope
02:04 bairie doesnt wor
02:04 bairie work
02:06 wizzyrea bummer, I was kinda hoping.
02:09 bairie aaarghhh....
02:09 dcook You could probably just reset your root password if the server is just for Koha
02:09 eythian yeah, if you can get console access to it, you could reset it.
02:10 eythian Not convinced it'll help though, my money is on something happening at the vmware layer.
02:10 * dcook did this at Kohacon13 before realizing that he'd been typing in the wrong password all along and that he actually knew what the password was... d'oh
02:10 eythian Linux/mysql doesn't just forget a chunk of data.
02:10 dcook ^
02:10 wizzyrea but not having an up-to-date snapshot would.
02:11 dcook I'm also curious about "the database only shows data from year 2012"
02:11 dcook Which table in the database?
02:11 dcook How is one seeing this data?
02:11 dcook mysql commandline? mysql query browser? Koha?
02:11 bairie i not fimiliar with koha...that's why asking ur guys whether i can retrieved back the latest database
02:11 * Francesca laughs at dcooks password story
02:12 Francesca I've done the same thing before
02:12 dcook Francesca: Hehe. I ended up resetting it to the exact same password that it was before :p
02:12 eythian bairie: you need to have something to recover from to get the latest data back.
02:12 eythian you need to have that data somewhere
02:12 Francesca you can do that?
02:12 dcook bairie: Also, what data are you looking at that makes you think it's from 2012?
02:12 dcook Francesca: Hmm?
02:12 Francesca some things (apple) make you choose a new password everytime
02:12 rangi dcook: the logs are from 2012 .. the whole machine is from 2012
02:13 Francesca and I always forget my apple password
02:13 bairie ok...when the librarian open their database to check on book loan and book data entry
02:13 * Francesca waves at rangi
02:13 bairie it just shows record on 2012
02:13 dcook Francesca: Ahh, yeah. This was just the system root password
02:13 Francesca ok
02:13 bairie no data on the latest database
02:13 bairie even the books record also was on 2012
02:13 dcook rangi: Ah. I didn't notice that in the scrollback.
02:14 rangi bairie: you would need a back up of the database .. and you could restore from that, but without a back up, or a recent snapshot there really is nothing you can do
02:14 dcook ^
02:14 bairie understand that rangi. but how come database could be loss? and rollback to 2012? if lost...should be lost everything rite?
02:15 rangi no
02:15 rangi its not just the database
02:15 rangi its everything
02:15 bairie system was setup on 2011.....
02:15 rangi somehow you/vmware restored a snapshot from 2012
02:15 wizzyrea everything on the machine, right now, is from the last snapshot, which was in 2012
02:15 wizzyrea at least, that's what the evidence you've presented suggests.
02:16 bairie in vmware, if the machine was not proper shutdown, it will be created a snapshot...even i use this snapshot, data still in 2012
02:16 bairie same with the original image currently used
02:16 rangi yep, so before that latest snapshot, it was restored to 2012
02:17 rangi the short story is, it is not a koha problem, but a vmware one .. so we can't help im sorry, you will probably need to find a vmware expert
02:18 rangi i would also try asking the support company you stopped paying if they have any backups
02:18 rangi but without a 2015 snapshot .. or backups .. there is not really anything we can do, if you had a db backup we could tell you how to load that in, but without the backup we cant help
02:19 rangi im sorry
02:19 bairie ok wait...i think i can access the syslog...
02:19 bairie what i need to find inside?
02:20 rangi what the syslog will do is confirm that the snapshot it restored from was 2012, it wont let you fix it
02:20 rangi but you can look back in the file, and see what the dates in it are
02:20 wizzyrea if it goes 2012, 2012, 2012, 2012, 2015, you'll know.
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02:20 bairie any keyword?
02:21 bairie got two syslog here....
02:21 bairie syslong and syslog.1
02:21 bairie which one
02:21 wahanui which one is that? The fixed navbar?
02:21 rangi id look at syslog.1
02:22 bairie then i should see which date? the incident date
02:22 bairie rite?
02:22 * Francesca waves goodbye
02:22 eythian the date of the log entries
02:22 eythian every log entry has a date
02:23 eythian when is the last date before 2015 in those files, and how does it correspond with what you expect
02:23 bairie a lot...need to scroll down
02:24 eythian yes, you will need to scroll a lot
02:24 bairie last record only for yesterday
02:24 eythian yesterday is still in 2015
02:24 bairie there is no record on the incident date
02:24 bairie i mean the log
02:24 bairie not the database
02:25 wizzyrea there won't be, because all of that data is gone.
02:25 eythian what is the date at the top of the file?
02:25 bairie may 7th
02:25 eythian what file are you looking in?
02:26 bairie im not sure....thats u guys ask me to do
02:26 bairie open the syslog
02:26 bairie and im not sure what file to look at
02:26 eythian yes, and you said there are two files
02:26 eythian what one did you actually end up looking in?
02:26 bairie i open syslog.1
02:26 bairie as u said
02:26 bairie sorry...rangi ask me to look at syslog.1
02:27 eythian ok, so try syslog.2.gz
02:27 bairie wait
02:27 bairie ok...what i should find here?
02:28 eythian the dates. still the dates.
02:28 bairie on the top is may 6th
02:28 eythian so you've been running this for quite a while before discovering the issue?
02:28 bairie yes
02:28 eythian how long?
02:28 bairie 3 months
02:29 bairie it was happen on 30th mar
02:29 eythian then anything useful is almost certainly gone
02:29 bairie so like 1 month plus
02:29 eythian OK, so you probably don't have useful log data.
02:30 eythian If you have no external backups, and vmware doesn't have a more correct snapshot somewhere, your data is almost certainly gone.
02:30 bairie owh there is no way i can retrieve back the database rite?
02:30 wizzyrea not if you don't have a backup :(
02:30 eythian you don't have the database, vmware has presumably swallowed it.
02:31 bairie can this database stored somewhere in the koha mysql folder or something?
02:32 eythian if you use packages, then it's backed up elsewhere on the system. But you've been running it with bad data for three months, any backups would have long rolled over.
02:32 wizzyrea by default it only keeps 2 days
02:32 eythian Also, if it is (as it looks) an old snapshot, then all that would be gone anyway.
02:32 bairie i have access the mysql log
02:32 eythian because snapshots apply to the whole disk
02:33 wizzyrea I'm sorry, as far as we can tell, it's gone.
02:33 eythian yes, but if you have only what is on that machine, it is all gone because everything since 2012 has gone from that machine.
02:33 bairie on 2nd error said database not properly shutdown..starting crash recovery
02:33 bairie is that mean anything?
02:33 eythian dunno.
02:34 eythian we still don't have really enough information to do much more than speculate.
02:34 wizzyrea the time for recovery is long since past, it would seem.
02:34 bairie the sequence data in ibdata files not match...thats the error written
02:36 eythian that suggests that mysql was improperly shut down at some point.
02:36 eythian the crash recovery stuff should fix that.
02:37 bairie seems that i cannot do anything with the database
02:37 bairie thanks for ur help guys
02:37 eythian np, pity it wasn't useful
02:37 bairie just wondering whether this koha can be work with RDA?
02:38 eythian I think there's some support in the newest versions, but I'm not sure how complete it is
02:38 wizzyrea it's getting better
02:38 wizzyrea answer is: koha can ingest RDA
02:38 wizzyrea and it's getting better at displaying it
02:38 wizzyrea you might need a framework
02:38 wizzyrea RDA framework?
02:38 wahanui rumour has it RDA framework is[…]le:Export_RDA.sql
02:39 wizzyrea ^ you can get it from there
02:41 dcook I think that one is out of date nowadays
02:41 wizzyrea Oh?
02:41 wizzyrea you should update it if you have a newer one ;)
02:41 dcook Hehe. True as.
02:41 dcook We actually had some outdated RDA frameworks, so my to do list has a task for double-checking frameworks here
02:41 dcook I'll have to remember the wiki one as well
02:42 bairie any of u have done it?
02:43 dcook Yeah, we have heaps of libraries using RDA
02:44 dcook All you need is an up-to-date MARC Bibliographic Framework
02:44 dcook We use custom displays that allow clients to show RDA fields which aren't necessarily shown at the moment in Koha
02:44 bairie ok...i will go throug the docs
02:44 bairie i will come here if i got prob
02:44 bairie thanks guys!!
02:47 wizzyrea good luck - oh drat he's gone.
02:57 mtompset ARG! Why do I find more bugs when I am looking at bugs.
02:58 mtompset wizzyrea: Want a good laugh? take a look at C4/ look for sub TransformHtmlToXml. Notice the parameter list. Try looking for ind_tag in the file, and then laugh and cry.
02:58 wizzyrea I try not to look in there.
02:59 wizzyrea ^.^
02:59 mtompset maybe dcook is crazy enough? :)
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03:05 dcook Nah, I'm heaps busy atm
03:05 dcook yo pianohacker
03:05 dcook Come on DSpace... I have the extra dependencies installed already... just work, son
03:05 mtompset Greetings, pianohacker.
03:06 mtompset Oh Lord God of computing be merciful to dcook. :)
03:06 pianohacker hallo
03:11 mtompset pianohacker: Care to confirm that many a program are trying to get and pass a non-existent ind_tag parameter? :)
03:11 pianohacker mtompset: that rings vague bells
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03:15 mtompset Hey, papa  found it last year.
03:16 papa eh, what?
03:16 wahanui eh, are there other packages than Debian?
03:16 mtompset I was looking at bug 13180
03:16 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13180 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Failed QA , Errors when acquiring from the new improved staged file, empty indicator warning
03:16 mtompset When I noticed something cringe worthy in C4/
03:17 mtompset ind_tag wasn't even used.
03:17 mtompset That's when I decided to search for ind_tag, and I found your bug 11247 papa
03:17 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11247 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, Needs Signoff , Remove unused params from TransformHtmlToXml()
03:17 papa ah that one
03:17 mtompset Why did you remove indicators though?
03:18 papa yeah, painful :)
03:18 mtompset ind_tag is obviously not used.
03:19 mtompset From what I can tell, it should be used, but whether it gets passed and processed properly is another issue. :)
03:19 mtompset I see lots of indicator1 indicator2 type things on template files.
03:20 papa well sure, at least I sparked some interest ;)
03:20 papa it was a long time ago...
03:28 * mtompset grumbles.
03:28 mtompset We don't even have any test coverage of the TransformHtmlToXml function.
03:30 pianohacker ...
03:30 pianohacker that function name alone fills me with terror and doubt
03:30 papa didn't I make some when doing that too many calls to item details thing?
03:31 mtompset Nothing in master.
03:31 papa ah yes, still in the process
03:32 papa anyway, I thought indicators were an abandoned concept, so if I'm wrong please destroy that bug
03:32 mtompset pianohacker: You are too funny. :)
03:32 mtompset No, it is a useful bug... ind_tag isn't used at all.
03:33 mtompset Could you post what tests, if any, you have on the bug?
03:37 papa zilch
03:39 papa sorry, I'm doing some node.js and my brain is vapourised, it was XSLTParse4Display()
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03:45 mtompset No, TransformHtmlToXml
03:45 mtompset Oh... your work.
03:45 papa yeah, I confused it]
03:45 mtompset Never mind.
03:45 wahanui Good, I'm glad you figured it out. I didn't understand, and probably never will, being a bot.
03:45 mtompset Anyways. I should sleep.
03:46 wizzyrea papa: they are making you do note.js now?
03:46 Francesca good afternoon
03:46 wizzyrea node.js I mean
03:46 wizzyrea hi Francesca
03:46 Francesca my kitties are slowly destroying a box
03:46 mtompset 2048. ;)
03:46 Francesca and I am procrastinating badly on a journal
03:46 wizzyrea I'm told that's a thing cats do ^.^
03:47 Francesca it is
03:47 papa yeah, perl is not cool enough for fairfax any more
03:47 mtompset Have a great day, #koha wizzyrea papa Francesca
03:47 ibeardslee papa: fairfax .. aren't they a news site without grammar, spelling and fact checkers?
03:48 papa yep, that lot
03:49 * Francesca waves at ibeardslee
04:03 * ibeardslee waves back
04:10 Francesca ibeardslee: sup
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04:26 * Francesca waves at cdickinson
04:26 cdickinson you're a sight for sore eyes
04:27 cdickinson hi Francesca, just got destroyed by a test :P
04:27 Francesca what kinda test?
04:28 cdickinson a Mobile Computing one
04:28 Francesca fun
04:28 cdickinson basically on all that sort of technology, honours-level stuff. It was hell
04:28 Francesca I have a harmony test on monday
04:28 Francesca I can imagine
04:29 cdickinson :P
04:29 cdickinson Harmnony test? what's that going to be like?
04:30 cdickinson Harmony*
04:30 cdickinson can't even spell properly
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04:35 cdickinphone Whoops
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04:42 Francesca interesting
04:42 wahanui somebody said interesting was sometimes good and sometimes bad
04:43 Francesca wahanui has the right idea
04:43 wahanui Francesca: huh?
04:43 Francesca anyone around?
04:49 cdickinphone Just
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04:51 cdickinphone Popped out for a bit
04:52 Francesca oh good I have company
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05:56 * magnuse waves
05:57 eythian hi magnuse
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06:07 magnuse kia ora eythian
06:08 magnuse beer o'clock came and went already?
06:08 eythian well, there's a fresh hop thing happening at a bar here that I'm thinking of heading to, but beer o'clock was looking pretty quiet today.
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06:27 dcook Beer, beer, beer
06:27 * dcook isn't sure what else to contribute
06:27 cdickinson did someone say... beer? :D
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06:46 magnuse hooray for bgkriegel!
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07:37 dcook Laterz all
07:41 cait hi markvandenborre
07:41 cait oh
07:41 cait was looking for marcelr :)
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08:15 magnuse MARC--
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10:59 markvandenborre cait: hi you too
10:59 markvandenborre even if it was meant for marcelr
10:59 markvandenborre I remember you being really helpful when I was setting up koha for our music academ
10:59 markvandenborre y
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11:10 drojf hi #koha
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11:16 magnuse moin drojf
11:16 drojf hei magnuse
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11:29 kivilahtio Any idea is the  UseTransportCostMatrix  used anywhere?
11:29 kivilahtio afaik in 3.16 it does nothing
11:31 kivilahtio Also I need to implement similar floating control for Items than the transport cost matrix is
11:33 kivilahtio But I donät know should the floating be controlled by a matrix or a view like "Library Transfer Limits"
11:34 kivilahtio I think I'll take the matrix because they are much more informative
11:35 cait kivilahtio: it is used to my knowledge yes
11:36 cait did you turn it on?
11:36 cait there is also a whole set of unit tests for it
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11:40 drojf how is the policy these days? can i enhance something in a C4 file, or does it have to go out of C4 then?
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11:42 drojf that is probably a cait question ;)
11:46 cait huh?
11:46 cait you can enhance, but has to be covered by a unit test
11:46 drojf you are ruler of QA land, aren't you?
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11:46 cait heh, but not RM
11:46 cait that would be my take on it
11:47 cait as long as enh is not implementing something completely new
11:47 drojf oh those tests i never learned how to do
11:47 drojf no it's adding youtube to the video streaming. it's a pretty small patch actually
11:48 magnuse yay
11:48 drojf @later tell nengard got a youtube video working with direct access to the web file (the first option we talked about). :)[…]/koha-youtube.png
11:48 huginn` drojf: The operation succeeded.
11:49 drojf it adds a dependency that is packaged in jessie, but not in wheezy though :/
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11:52 magnuse drojf: is it any chance that could be violating the terms of service? if you are playing youtube video without the "overlay interface"? or am i getting the wrong impression from that screengrab?
11:52 magnuse i don't know the terms of service, it just struck me as something they might not like
11:54 drojf magnuse: i am not sure, i was wondering about that too. what is catalogued, is the regular url. the link to the webm file that is played is resolved on the fly, as it is not persistent, IP address bound and i don't know what other crazy things more. that is basically what is done once you open the website direcly in your browser and don't use flash
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11:55 magnuse sounds like a nice piece of wizzardry :-)
11:56 drojf that yould break immediately if youtube changes something ^^
11:58 drojf the other option would be a new, exclusive youtube feature doing the regular youtube embedding that you find on blogs and stuff. but it would be a new feature, way less cool (i think :P) and people lose control over what is actually loaded/displayed in koha.
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12:14 magnuse trur
12:14 magnuse true
12:19 bag :)
12:21 drojf what are you so happy about, bag? :P
12:21 cait bag is always happy :P
12:21 bag :)
12:21 bag heh
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12:21 bag espresso machine is at temp so I can make espresso
12:23 drojf oh. i should make an espresso too
12:23 xarragon I am too lazy; I just drink hot water.
12:23 drojf lol
12:26 * liw has a thermos full of tea, brewed from leaves, and sips it while waiting for the work day to end
12:28 magnuse bag: HI
12:28 bag good day magnuse
12:29 Dyrcona joined #koha
12:37 magnuse bag: yes so it is, against all odds
12:39 drojf rule 2.4 of the youtube TOS says i should print the TOS. i am not reading this ^^
12:40 drojf can't we hire a lawyer to read it, please?
12:44 ebegin joined #koha
12:45 drojf actually i would argue those things are relevant to a library offering streams via youtube, not to koha as a project
12:54 drojf "you agree not to access Content through any technology or means other than the video playback pages of the Website itself, the YouTube Player, or such other means as YouTube may explicitly designate for this purpose;"
12:54 drojf "you agree not to (or attempt to) circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with any security related features of the Service or features that (i) prevent or restrict use or copying of Content or (ii) enforce limitations on use of the Service or the content accessible via the Service;"
12:56 JoshB joined #koha
13:00 drojf how would i know what "security related features" they use?
13:01 Oak joined #koha
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15:16 mtompset @seen tcohen
15:16 huginn` mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 21 hours, 49 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <tcohen> LOL
15:17 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
15:33 chris_n heya mtompset
15:33 wahanui mtompset is catching up in the non-coding aspects of his ministry.
15:33 mtompset @later tell tcohen I was noting[…]ember/030492.html
15:33 huginn` mtompset: The operation succeeded.
15:34 * chris_n did not realize there were non-coding aspects to life... ;-)
15:34 mtompset Greetings, chris_n
15:34 mtompset Well, I survive based on donations.
15:35 mtompset So, I need to talk with people about the ministry I'm involved in. :)
15:35 * chris_n wishes his zebra would just get over it
15:36 chris_n any idea what's going on here: 11:34:05-08/05 zebraidx(11939) [warn] No such record type: dom./home/cnighswonger/koha-dev/etc​/zebradb/biblios/etc/dom-config.xml
15:37 chris_n or if it would cause searching to return no results after a reindex?
15:38 mtompset Click the link I just told tcohen.
15:38 mtompset I know how to solve that. :)
15:38 mtompset the path is wrong.
15:38 mtompset you need to edit the cfg files to point to the correct path.
15:39 mtompset 64-bit installs use lib64 not lib. :)
15:40 cait left #koha
15:50 chris_n strange, but on this ubuntu install the zebra modules appear in /usr/lib
15:51 chris_n and changing the path does not fix things up... weird
15:53 geek_cl joined #koha
15:53 mtompset really?!
15:54 mtompset So the path entered matches where the modules actually are?
15:54 chris_n yup
15:55 chris_n /usr/lib/
15:55 chris_n /usr/lib/
15:55 chris_n # modulePath - where to look for loadable zebra modules
15:55 chris_n modulePath: /usr/lib
17:05 jajm joined #koha
17:11 chris_n so it turns out that the zebra modules were not installed in-spite of installing idzebra-2.0
17:12 chris_n now they are at: /usr/lib/idzebra-2.0/modules
17:12 chris_n and now I get the extremely descriptive error: zebraidx(3173) [warn] extract error: generic
17:12 chris_n generic--
17:12 mtompset Boo.
17:15 chris_n so here is a little more intelligence
17:15 chris_n 13:14:22-08/05 zebraidx(3455) 8077a945737f0000 [log] XML: Entity: line 188:
17:15 chris_n 13:14:22-08/05 zebraidx(3455) 8077a945737f0000 [log] XML: parser
17:15 chris_n 13:14:22-08/05 zebraidx(3455) 8077a945737f0000 [log] XML: error :
17:15 chris_n 13:14:22-08/05 zebraidx(3455) 8077a945737f0000 [log] XML: Extra content at the end of the document
17:15 chris_n 13:14:22-08/05 zebraidx(3455) 8077a945737f0000 [log] XML: <record
17:15 chris_n 13:14:22-08/05 zebraidx(3455) 8077a945737f0000 [log] XML: ^
17:15 chris_n 13:14:22-08/05 zebraidx(3455) 8077a945737f0000 [warn] extract error: generic
17:15 chris_n looks like a corrupt record
17:16 mtompset Haven't encountered that. Sorry.
17:16 * chris_n has
17:16 chris_n its just been soooo long ago
17:17 mtompset chris_n: Are you sure that they are not in ./lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/idzebra-2.0/modules?
17:18 mtompset Because mine have some weirdness like that. :)
17:19 chris_n nothing there
17:19 mtompset Enjoy your corrupted record.
17:19 chris_n Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS
17:19 chris_n here
17:19 mtompset I need to step out.
17:20 mtompset $ vi ~/koha-dev/etc/zebradb/zebra-biblios.cfg
17:20 mtompset $ echo modulePath: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/idzebra-2.0/modules
17:23 mtompset Anyone who can tweak the zebra-biblios.cfg for the Jenkins D8... please look into doing something like that.
17:36 eythian joined #koha
17:48 chris_n @later tell khall I'll have to hold off on testing 14167 due to a stubborn zebra instance
17:48 huginn` chris_n: The operation succeeded.
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19:15 wnickc ashimema:  around?
19:28 wnickc ah, time differences, weekend :)
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19:53 mtompset wnickc: I suppose so. :_
19:53 mtompset :)
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20:10 mtompset lovely dumps and rejoins. :)
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20:19 indradg hello #koha
20:36 mtompset Greetings, indradg. :)
20:36 indradg hiya mtompset
20:42 mario joined #koha
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21:16 ebegin joined #koha
21:21 mtompset indradg: Care to try a tat on bug 13673? :)
21:21 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13673 trivial, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Remove warnings from t/db_dependent/Barcodes.t
21:22 indradg on it
21:26 mtompset thanks. :)
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22:57 indradg hi anyone around?
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