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00:45 eythian[…]le-choices-mysql/ <-- worth a bit of a read, we're probably doing many of these wrong
01:15 gmcharlt[…]ervice-providers/
01:18 mtompset Well said, gmcharlt.  :)
01:21 mtompset By the way, who has edit'ing powers over the list? There was a request by M. Tamayao on February 4 to be added. :)
01:24 eythian I know wizzyrea does, but she's away today
01:26 mtompset No problem. He's a friend of mine, and asked me about the status of it. I reminded him people are volunteers, so just wait two weeks before asking again.
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02:14 * Francesca waves
02:15 eythian "pv instance-2015-02-10.sql.gz | gunzip | sudo koha-mysql instance" is a handy way to do database restores with a progress bar
02:15 eythian also, hi Francesca
02:19 dcook Oooh, eythian, that might be perfect for what I'm working on exactly right now
02:19 dcook Well, maybe 5 minutes from now
02:20 eythian pv is quite useful for that sort of thing in general. It's basically 'cat' but with a progress bar.
02:21 dcook Hmm, apparently I don't have pv installed
02:21 eythian that's not surprising
02:22 dcook Hmm, wouldn't you want "pv" at the unzip stage?
02:22 dcook Or...
02:22 dcook Actually I have no idea what I'm talking about
02:22 dcook Anywho, back to what I was doing..
02:23 eythian you can put it anywhere, but it can't know how big a pipe is
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02:27 irma__ https://calyxinformationessent[…]=4B9BEAA0B75A7FCB
02:28 eythian that needs a login to read
02:40 tcohen eythian: I think being case insensitive might actually block a migration to postgres
02:40 eythian hmm
02:40 eythian maybe
02:40 eythian though, if we're relying on it, then it's a problem in koha, but I can't imagine there are too many places where we do
02:41 rangi hi Francesca
02:41 Francesca hi rangi!
02:41 Francesca a vm runs best on 8g ram right?
02:42 rangi we dont so much anymore, as TT is case sensitive .. we are much better about it now
02:42 rangi Francesca: yeah, the more ram the better
02:42 tcohen eythian: any place where we had problems validating and/or uppering-case stuff at some point
02:42 tcohen i recall authorized values... if you typed the same code, with different cases...
02:43 mtompset That still may be the case, tcohen. I vaguely recall something similar a while back.
02:43 Francesca rangi: I probably wont be able to push anything up till the weekend at the earliest, I'm in my last week of summer school and have a lot of assingments due
02:43 Francesca also I am having trouble with a few things
02:43 rangi Francesca: sweet as
02:43 mtompset Because all authorized values end up capitalized, I think.
02:46 rangi as they should
02:48 tcohen rangi, how can i find a bug i failed yesterday?
02:48 rangi hmm?
02:49 rangi as in one you marked failed qa?
02:49 tcohen i mistakenly cleaned my yesterday's queue, and lost track of a bug
02:49 rangi[…]gzilla3/query.cgi
02:49 rangi search by change history there
02:49 tcohen yes
02:52 rangi[…]r&bug_status=Push
02:52 rangi ed%20to%20Stable&bug_status=RESOLVED&bug_status=​VERIFIED&bug_status=CLOSED&bug_status=BLOCKED&ch​field=bug_status&chfieldfrom=2015-02-08&chfieldt​o=Now&chfieldvalue=Failed%20QA&f1=bug_status&lis​t_id=121589&product=Koha&query_format=advanced
02:52 rangi damn
02:52 rangi hmm 2 secs
02:52 pastebot "rangi" at pasted "try this" (1 line) at
02:54 tcohen thanks rangi
03:49 bag @later tell trea - happy birthday man
03:49 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
03:50 eythian hah, he claimed he was off taking care of an unwell soren today. I bet he was just having a birthday party!
03:51 bag eythian: I said happy birthday to him everyday that he worked with me
03:52 bag so sort of a silly thing that I do :P
03:52 eythian hehe fair enough
03:52 bag funny that I did it on a day he was home taking care of Soren - poor guy
03:52 bag that is one little rad dood
03:53 eythian he was hanging out here over christmas a bit
03:57 * dcook was wondering why trea always seemed to be having birthdays...
04:05 bag well then happy birthday dcook and eythian
04:05 eythian much too early :)
04:06 bag ah it’s past 8pm here - so it’s WAY too late :P
04:15 mtompset Greetings, dcook. :)
04:17 mtompset Have a great day, #koha bag eythian rangi dcook TGoat
04:17 bag later
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07:07 * magnus_afk waves
07:17 * Viktor waves att magnus_afk
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07:21 magnus_afk ooh, a clone! :-)
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07:32 alex_a bonjour
07:32 wahanui hola, alex_a
07:33 * cait waves too and runs off to work :)
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07:40 magnus_afk bonjour!
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07:45 reiveune hello
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08:06 magnus_afk yay for bug 13691
08:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13691 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Add some selenium scripts
08:07 magnus_afk not sure if i am a fan of selenium, but integration tests are definitely good!
08:09 Joubu hello
08:11 Joubu magnus_afk: I don't like selenium neither :)
08:12 Joubu I took me hours to write them
08:12 cait Joubu++ :)
08:12 cait thx for doing it
08:12 Joubu But I did not find something better
08:12 cait Joubu: hackfest meeting at 4 our time today?
08:13 mtj hi all
08:14 mtj Joubu++ indeed, thanks for the sel. tests
08:15 mtj i spotted this recently... ->
08:15 mtj ..i wondered if it might be useful for koha testing
08:18 mtj oooh, hooks up to jenkins too ,
08:19 magnus_afk Joubu: any opinion on
08:20 magnus_afk and Joubu++ definitely!
08:21 Joubu magnus_afk: We already use Test::WWw:Mechanize in some test, but I think selenium has more flexibility
08:21 Joubu for instance you can find a node using a xpath exp, not sur it's possible with T::WWW::M
08:22 Joubu and selenium uses a "real" browser, you can test the js behavior
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08:22 Joubu I don't use it in the tests I have written, but it could be usefull later
08:22 magnus_afk yeah, that is a good point, about js
08:23 magnus_afk the tests in t/db_dependent/www use T::W::M - i thought there was only one file in there, but more have been added while i wasn't looking. yay!
08:24 magnus_afk ah, they are related to the unicode cleanup, excellent
08:25 Joubu yep, zeno wrote them
08:26 Joubu mtj: I had a look at phantomjs too, but I dislike the idea to write tests in js...
08:30 cait Joubu: 4 today?
08:30 mtj yeah, i must agree
08:31 * magnus_afk found this interesting[…]dom-and-mech.html
08:31 Joubu cait: hum, 4 what?
08:31 wahanui it has been said that 4 is the attribute in bib1.att for title
08:31 Joubu the meeting?
08:31 wahanui well, the meeting is on wednesday?
08:31 cait the meeting today :)
08:32 cait i think you missed my question earlier :)
08:32 Joubu magnus_afk: actually I added this subject to the last dev meeting, but we did not have the time to talk about that :)
08:32 Joubu I was sure some people have ideas, better than selenium
08:32 Joubu cait: ha yes, sorry, I missed it!
08:32 Joubu cait: it could be 4, I don't know where you are exactly ;)
08:33 Joubu it's 15UTC, I let a link in the email I sent to koha-devel
08:34 cait aaah and you are in uk
08:34 cait ok, i will just be around and hope the best ;)
08:34 cait the google hackfest spreadsheet confuses me - it claims that i have worked on the workshop page, but i haven#t?
08:34 cait oh... never mind
08:34 wahanui Good, I'm glad you figured it out. I didn't understand, and probably never will, being a bot.
08:34 cait i am on the one from last year
08:35 Joubu Tomas suggested a video conf, but not sure it's a good idea
08:35 cait this feels like monday
08:35 cait i think he was thining about a different topic for this
08:37 cait not sure
08:45 magnus_afk hm, lots of different selenium modules on cpan
08:50 Joubu magnus_afk: I am pretty sure the one I used is the good one
08:55 magnus_afk ko, i have no idea :-)
08:55 magnus_afk s/ko/ok/
09:02 cait Joubu: around?
09:03 Joubu cait: yep
09:08 cait what does the opac=1 do again?
09:09 cait on the bug you commented :)
09:09 Joubu it hides the items for the opac
09:09 cait the opachiddenitems items?
09:09 Joubu ye
09:09 Joubu p
09:09 cait ah ok
09:10 cait so we shoudl always turn thaton
09:10 cait would you be ok with me providing a patch for a switch?
09:10 cait separately?
09:10 Joubu yep
09:10 cait how shoudl we handle the opac=1?
09:11 cait the oai patch is passed qa - should be pushed soon hopefully
09:11 Joubu what do you mean by "how"?
09:12 cait ah, shoudl we add a follow-up on the list/cart bug
09:12 Joubu That's not what you were suggesting?
09:14 cait suggesting 2 things - have the opac=1 flag and have a separate feature to turn off items altogether
09:14 cait guess i am asking fi you'd mind adding a follow-up with opac=1 to the existing patch set
09:15 Joubu why do you want to turn off items?
09:15 cait because of the internal notes
09:15 Joubu It was a bug, not a feature ;)
09:15 cait there is information in items that is not supposed for the user
09:15 cait in some cases
09:16 cait sorry, i think i might be confusing this morning :)
09:16 Joubu we need to provide a way to hide fields at the opac
09:16 cait yep
09:16 Joubu not to completely hide the items
09:16 cait i agree
09:16 cait but hiding them is the quick way... filtering out specific fields is too big for me
09:17 cait maybe something we could take a look at in marseille together?
09:17 Joubu Since the notes are already displayed (do you confirm?), I am not sure we should do something specific for this ft
09:18 cait they are not
09:18 Joubu nowhere?
09:18 wahanui nowhere is probably close to nz
09:18 cait internal note is not displayed in the opac
09:18 cait the filtering works for items mostly ok right now - not so much fields in the record itself
09:19 Joubu and now it will be displayed for oai and basket+list, that's it?
09:19 cait yep
09:20 cait probably in cart before - because you only made it consistent
09:20 cait but it's something that bothers me - so I'd like to fix it
09:20 cait but probably can't fix it right now
09:21 cait showing hidden items is even worse, so good to have that fixed at least
09:21 Joubu so I would prefer to remove the internalnotes field from EmbedITems if the opac param is set
09:22 cait we don't have a db feild for it yet (it's on another bug)
09:22 cait i think safest would be to use the hidden flags
09:22 cait if it's not showing in the opac, don't include it
09:23 Joubu too many level here...
09:23 cait it's a big problem
09:23 cait in scope
09:23 Joubu some stuffs are done in pl script, others in the core...
09:23 cait yeah, it's messy
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09:25 cait that's why the idea to just say... don't include the items
09:25 cait but not a real fix
09:25 Joubu do you know the bug number for the internalnotes field?
09:25 mveron Hi #koha
09:26 mveron @wunder Basel
09:26 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Attenschwiller, Sundgau, Attenschwiller, Switzerland is 1.6°C (10:25 AM CET on February 11, 2015). Conditions: Light Freezing Fog. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: -0.0°C. Windchill: -1.0°C. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027 hPa (Steady).
09:26 Joubu hi mveron
09:26 mveron hi Joubu :-)
09:26 cait 13023
09:26 cait we currently already offer it - it's just going into more_subfields_xml
09:27 cait it's been in the marc21 frameworks forever - just cleaning it up to a 'real' field with this patch
09:27 mveron Is there a bugunderway to have dates formatted as 11.02.2015 ? Or do I miss something in the sysprefs?
09:27 cait mveron: there was an approach - but it failed because of using C4::Dates
09:27 cait which is deprecated
09:28 mveron Hmm, we would need it for a library interested in Koha :-)
09:28 cait bug 12072
09:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12072 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Failed QA , New dateformat
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09:29 mveron Thanks, cait :-)
09:30 Joubu cait: sorry, I don't see a good and quick solution here
09:37 cait i know, don't worry
09:46 cait another question... any suggestions for nice cusomized opacs using the bootstrap theme? )
09:48 dexap mveron: my mind boggles that the available date formats are so damned limited, and hard-coded in multiple places. but i CBA to work on that bug right now.
09:48 Joubu cait: I am currently on
09:50 cait cool thx :)
09:50 cait updating our training materials with some examples
09:54 Joubu mveron: the author does not seem to agree with qa pov, not sure he will submit a follow-up
09:54 Joubu mveron: it's a shame, it's quite easy to do...
09:55 mveron Joubu: Ok, will have a look at it...
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10:23 vfernandes hi guys
10:23 cait hi vfernandes
10:24 vfernandes one question: are errors like this [cgid:error] [pid 48831:tid 139817945880320] (32)Broken pipe: [client] AH02550: Failed to flush CGI output to client, referer:[…]rrowernumber=6564 normal in koha-error_log?
10:24 vfernandes i'm getting 5/10 logs like this per day
10:35 magnuse vfernandes: which log? apache? syslog?
10:36 vfernandes koha logs - koha-error_log
10:37 magnuse i can check on my server
10:37 vfernandes i'm using koha 3.16
10:40 magnuse "sudo grep "Broken pipe" /var/log/koha/*/*.log" gives no hits on my production server
10:42 vfernandes so what it could be?
10:42 magnuse sorry, i have no idea
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11:33 Joubu cait: any thoughts on bug 11625 comment 25?
11:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11625 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Default to logged in library for circ rules and notices & slips
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11:47 drojf hi #koha
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11:56 drojf the request on the list looks like a great no-koha-service-provider
11:57 cait hi drojf - a new one?
11:58 Joubu khall: could you please give an answer to my note on bug 12357?
11:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12357 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Enhancements to RIS and BibTeX exporting
11:58 drojf cait: last mail on the main list from half an hour ago
11:58 khall Joubu: will do!
12:00 drojf there is so much no-koha that i'd consider it to be, quoting the paid support how-to page, "Entries that are obviously spam (i.e., not relevant to Koha services) will not be accepted." or i am really missing something
12:01 khall Joubu: replied
12:01 Joubu drojf: Galen wrote something about that
12:02 Joubu drojf:[…]upport-companies/
12:03 Joubu khall: looks at your patch "Tidy"
12:03 Joubu this line: -        @field_list = ('600', '601', '602', '604', '605', '606','607', '608', '610', '615', '620', '660'. '661', '670', '675', '676', '680', '686');
12:04 Joubu is splitted into 3 lines, where, if I remember correctly, my try did not split it
12:04 drojf Joubu: but that is a different story. to GET listed, the simple thing you have to do, AFAIK, is to have some kind of koha service visible on your website and a link to the community website. the last request does not even mention in the description in the mail ;)
12:04 Joubu I am not against long lines :)
12:04 khall odd. Do you want to submit alternate Tidying maptches?
12:04 drojf *mention koha
12:05 drojf of course being listed does not mean much, but that is another point
12:05 Joubu khall: actually I don't care, but it could be great to use the same standard
12:05 Joubu could you try to tidy the file without your extra rule and see if the line is splitted or not?
12:05 khall Joubu: I agree. Let me re-tidy without my customization
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12:07 Joubu drojf: the list is so long, I don't know how someone could find something in it
12:07 Joubu drojf: could be useful to highlight some, depending on the contributions
12:07 drojf Joubu: search by country, done. that is how it is done here
12:08 drojf at least that is my perception
12:08 khall Joubu: updated patches posted to bug 12357
12:08 Joubu the list by country is clear
12:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12357 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Enhancements to RIS and BibTeX exporting
12:08 drojf yes, look for someone being active in the community would be my recommendation if somebody asks me
12:09 Joubu khall: thanks, I will have a look after the lunch
12:09 khall np!
12:10 drojf search by country does not work well for india though. we should have a gazillion indian devs… oh we don't. ^^
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12:51 viktor Is anyone around that loves git problems? Did a (very) minor but useful patch in bug 13686 where posting a correction to the first patch started messing things up. Not it's stuck with problems in a 3 way merge.
12:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13686 trivial, P5 - low, ---, viktor.sarge, Needs Signoff , Add a hint about collation to the "alphabet" syspref
12:52 tcohen morning
12:54 viktor attachment 35825 is the correct one and I tried both posting it as a --amend on top of the first one (while it was active) and obsoleting all other patches. Refues to work both in sandboxes and with git bz apply
12:54 huginn Attachment[…]35825&action=edit patch, Bug 13686 Add a hint about collation to the alphabet syspref, Bug-13686-Add-a-hint-about-c​ollation-to-the-alphab.patch
12:54 viktor morning tcohen!
12:57 magnuse viktor: so you are on abranch, you have one good commit and then the second commit on top of that messed things up?
12:58 viktor magnuse: Yep. Did the mistake of using a diacritic in the second commit message. It crashed, put the file as "untracked" and I had to run --amend. That got the second patch in. Then there was additional confusion later from posting additional updates :)
12:59 viktor And now I have no idea what so ever in what state my git is in :)
13:00 viktor I'm comfortable with messing up my local git directory, but unfortunately there seems to be confusion on the bugzilla end now.
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13:03 magnuse sounds like you might want to fix things up locally, squash your two commits into one and then push that to bugzilla, obsoleting what is there already
13:03 magnuse what does "git log" and "git status" tell you?
13:07 pastebot "Viktor" at pasted "Output from git log on bug 13686 my local repo" (38 lines) at
13:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13686 trivial, P5 - low, ---, viktor.sarge, Needs Signoff , Add a hint about collation to the "alphabet" syspref
13:08 magnuse soo... 3 commits with the same commit message?
13:09 viktor magnuse: Was only correcting a typo so copied the message and added a short extra line to each one. So yes :)
13:10 viktor Sort of tempted to just open another bug, do the patch in a new branch and pretend this never happened ;)
13:11 tcohen cait
13:11 tcohen /invoke cait
13:11 viktor I don't quite understand why obsoleting the other patches don't leave the last one working. And I seem to only dig the hole deeper...
13:14 magnuse well, if you have three commits on top of each other, the first one changes something and then the second one corrects the typo
13:15 magnuse if you only upload the last commit to bugzilla it will try to fix a typo in text that is missing (because it is in the first patch)
13:15 magnuse so, let's try and squash those 3 commits
13:16 magnuse i think that would be "git rebase -i HEAD~3"
13:16 magnuse try that and paste the output?
13:17 viktor Thanks! Coming up.
13:18 viktor Hm. Complains about "It looks like git-am is in progress. Cannot rebase".
13:18 Joubu git am --abort
13:18 Joubu or git bz apply --abort
13:19 Joubu (if you was running a git bz apply
13:19 Joubu )
13:20 viktor Hm. Running git am --abort works. But when I run git rebase -i HEAD -3 it complains. But in new ways :) "fatal: Needed a singe revision"
13:21 tcohen Joubu: can u take a look at my followup for 10848?
13:22 Joubu tcohen: I have just added it to my todolist :)
13:22 tcohen thanks!
13:23 cait huh?
13:24 tcohen bug 13142
13:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13142 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Passed QA , Change "mobile phone" label back to "other phone"
13:24 tcohen when will this end?
13:24 cait viktor: HEAD tilde 3 :)
13:24 cait tcohen: never? :P
13:24 cait but consistency is desirable
13:25 cait so what's the problem? :)
13:25 tcohen we need a borrower_phone table (id, borrowernumber, phone, type[ENUM]) and stop doing this.
13:25 Joubu I am waiting for you to push the patch, to open a new bug report "change label other to mobile" :p
13:26 tcohen i was about to fill it, before pushing it :-P
13:26 magnuse viktor: what cait said :-)
13:27 tcohen how does the SMS module know where to send the message?
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13:29 viktor Ah. Finally managed to follow clear instructions :) Have nano open now.
13:30 viktor Should I remove the lines for the three commits we're trying to get rid of?
13:31 magnuse nope
13:31 magnuse can you paste what you see?
13:31 magnuse paste?
13:31 wahanui paste is found at
13:32 pastebot "Viktor" at pasted "Output from git rebase" (56 lines) at
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13:39 magnuse viktor: you want to edit what you see there, and replace the second or third "pick" with either "s" or "f" - if you choose "s" you will get all commit messages in an edit screen and you have to edit it to your liking". if you use "f" then you only get the one commit message, and you can edit that to your liking
13:39 magnuse hm, wait a minute
13:39 magnuse i am not sure if you should change the first and second "pick" or the second and third... anyone? cait?
13:40 nengard joined #koha
13:40 cait leave the first
13:41 cait change the other to to s
13:41 wahanui cait: that doesn't look right
13:41 cait other 2 to
13:41 Joubu tcohen: the sms module use a driver, defined in the pref SMSSendDriver
13:41 wahanui1 joined #koha
13:42 tcohen yes, but how does it choose the phone number to use for the patron?
13:43 magnuse viktor: so leave the first "pick" as it is, change number 2 and 3
13:43 Joubu tcohen:  88         $sent = $sender->send_sms( to   => $params->{'destination'},
13:43 viktor Ok. There?s 4 attachments on the bugzilla thread. At I think at least two were ran with --amend. Will this leave just the last in working condition?
13:43 Joubu tcohen: see C4::Letters::_send_message_by_sms
13:44 viktor Very happy you can help me out here :)
13:44 viktor Will do magnuse
13:44 tcohen Joubu: ah, smsalertnumber
13:45 Joubu tcohen: ha yes, sorry. Did not get the question...
13:45 tcohen so, there is a specific field for setting a mobile phone number
13:46 pastebot "Viktor" at pasted "Think the rebase messed things up again :)" (2 lines) at
13:47 cait tcohen: there are 2 i think - but one will cause you to get sms while the other would not
13:47 cait and one only shows up when the fetaure is activated for sending sms
13:47 tcohen => won't send
13:48 cait there is anther field in the borrowerstable
13:48 tcohen borrowers.smsalertnumber => will send
13:48 cait smsalertnumber
13:49 tcohen and there's no way to show smsalertnumber on the UI?
13:50 tcohen broken
13:50 cait activate enhanced messaging
13:50 Joubu tcohen: on the patron detail page
13:50 cait and the sms driver
13:50 Joubu but...yes
13:50 cait then it will show in the table for the patron notifications
13:50 tcohen by design
13:51 cait or it did that - not sure with the changes we made there for mulitples - haven't checked
13:52 tcohen so: borrower_phone table (id, borrowernumber, phone, type[mobile|home|work|other], use_for_sms[0|1], primary[0|1])
13:52 viktor magnuse cait - This seems to become more work than it's worth. Would it help to just clean out my local git sync everything with the upstream again and commit from a new branch?
13:52 tcohen and oleonard will take care of letting the user choose a really cool icon depicting the phone type
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13:53 magnuse viktor: yeah, that is ht eboring solution ;-)
13:53 Joubu viktor: git format-patch -n 3; git apply patch1.patch patch2.patch patch3.patch; git commit -a
13:53 Joubu git reset --hard origin/master avec the format-patch
13:53 Joubu s/avec/avant
13:53 Joubu oops, not in french:)
13:53 Joubu s/avec/before
13:54 * magnuse suspects Joubu knows what he is talking about
13:58 pastebot "Viktor" at pasted "Got a bit interesting at least." (32 lines) at
13:59 Joubu viktor: where are your 3 patches?
14:00 * Joubu should not have answered with a reset --hard
14:00 talljoy joined #koha
14:01 Joubu khall: On bug 13517, don't you think it is better to provide a patch for the enh, and open a bug report to tidy the file?
14:01 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13517 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Show waiting date on reserve/
14:02 viktor Joubu - Have no idea :)
14:02 Joubu khall: I am not sure it's a good idea to tidy
14:03 gaetan_B joined #koha
14:03 * Joubu is feeling stupid
14:03 laurence joined #koha
14:03 viktor I want my "sm?rg?sbord" with my "ombudsman" but will have to settle for "fika" ;)
14:04 viktor No worries Joubu - it's a very minor patch really and I don't even have that much interesting stuff in my local git anyway.
14:04 Joubu viktor: good
14:04 * Joubu is feeling better
14:05 Dyrcona joined #koha
14:05 viktor All things I'm working on i submitted and the stuff that isn't was going south anyway :)
14:05 viktor Good Joubu
14:05 Joubu viktor: actually reset --hard remove all your local changes
14:05 khall Joubu: I felt the tidy was needed. However, if you feel strongly about that you can deprecate the tidying patch
14:06 viktor By the time I write large and complex patches I hope to have picked up some Git skills along the way. But it's great to learn along the way with the help of everybody!
14:06 viktor Thanks for trying to help me out Joubu++ Cait++ Magnuse++
14:07 Joubu khall: I don't want to dictate that. But personnaly I would prefer to avoid this kind of massive changes
14:07 viktor I'll head for some fika and might get back on the horse again later.
14:07 khall Joubu: go ahead an deprecate it. If only because it will introduce conflicts with other patches
14:08 cait np viktor - looking forward to see you again :)
14:08 Joubu khall: the problem is that the enh patch is based on top of the tidying patch...
14:09 khall yep, I'll have to fix that up
14:09 magnuse happy fika viktor
14:18 khall Joubu: bug 13517 is now all fixed up
14:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13517 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Show waiting date on reserve/
14:26 dpavlin joined #koha
14:28 magnuse kia ora dpavlin
14:28 viktor joined #koha
14:29 druthb kia ora, #koha.
14:30 magnuse howdy druthb
14:30 druthb magnuse!
14:30 wahanui1 magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
14:31 * dpavlin hides in shame because he is not more often on irc :-)
14:32 cait hi dpavlin *drags him out of hiding*
14:32 paul_p joined #koha
14:36 drojf druthb!
14:36 druthb drojf!  cait!
14:36 drojf dpavlin!
14:36 wahanui1 Taking over the world is trivial for this one...
14:36 cait druthb!
14:44 * magnuse drags dpavlin out of hiding too
14:47 jim_ joined #koha
14:53 amyjeankearns joined #koha
14:56 leif joined #koha
14:58 gerundio joined #koha
14:59 Joubu cait, kivilahtio, dpavlin, magnuse, ashimema, khall, JesseM, bag, akafred: Did you already prepare a coffee cup? :)
14:59 dpavlin sure :-)
14:59 khall s/coffee/mountain dew/g
14:59 Joubu and tcohen? he left
15:00 JesseM Oh Yeah!
15:00 bag working on Joubu
15:00 bag working on IT ;)
15:01 Joubu Good, I did not prepare anything, I was on another unexpected meeting...
15:01 * druthb blames bag
15:01 Joubu The idea is to share our needs for the hackfest in 3 weeks in Marseille
15:01 * bag needs cheese and beer :)
15:01 Joubu the doc is[…]sharing_eid#gid=6
15:02 Joubu there are already some entries in the workshops tab
15:02 kivilahtio Yeah I donät have a coffee mug either
15:02 kivilahtio I havea a beer mug
15:02 gerundio hello
15:02 wahanui1 privet, gerundio
15:03 kivilahtio I was hoping to contribute for the community, we don't have any agenda for this year
15:03 Joubu Is it exhaustive or someone has another wish?
15:03 gerundio I'm trying to troubleshoot Z39.50 server settings on a koha installation
15:03 kivilahtio I haven't been signing off and I feel really bad about it. So I was hoping to sign off stuff
15:03 gerundio is there any z39.50 client for windows besides yaz that you recommend?
15:03 Joubu kivilahtio: you will have a whole week to signoff on patches )
15:04 Joubu gerundio: could you please back in ~1hour, we are in an unofficial meeting
15:04 * magnuse needs cheese too
15:04 magnuse bag: HI
15:04 gerundio Joubu, sure
15:04 * bag looking forward to having a few different things ready for testers etc.
15:05 Joubu Don't be worry about the cheeses :)
15:05 bag Elastic Search, new catalogers interface, khall ’s account rewrite
15:05 Joubu bag: ok, I will add it on the gdoc
15:06 khall bag summed up my list as well
15:06 * magnuse gotta run, but do not have any strong wishes for the hackfest, besides lots of bugs getting signed off
15:06 bag hey khall what’s the bug number for pianohackers angluar circ
15:06 Joubu bag: it could be nice to have a doc on elastic search, what is done, what is in progress, what will be done, etc.
15:06 nengard I plan on getting the help files up to date!!! a week of uninterrupted Koha work will rock
15:07 bag Joubu:[…]_bug.cgi?id=13630  (really really really pushing to have this ready for Hackfest)
15:07 huginn Bug 13630: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Angular-based circulation client
15:07 khall bag: looking
15:07 khall ah, you beat me
15:08 bag Joubu: ok I can write such a document there to update everyone on ES
15:08 Joubu bag: whaou, I was not aware about that, is there the code published somewhere?
15:08 bag Joubu: it’s in pianohackers github currently
15:08 bag Joubu:[…]tree/angular-circ
15:09 Joubu yep, found it
15:09 kivilahtio Elastic search
15:09 Joubu ha no, I found[…]ts/angular-submit
15:09 kivilahtio I think if we did something as a community we could focus on that
15:09 kivilahtio but it might be too big for one week
15:09 bag there are a few other branches in there - I think he needs to merge and submit somethings for a nice clean patch
15:09 Joubu bag:          Updated 8 months ago by pianohacker
15:09 Joubu could be great to see it rebased :)
15:10 bag that’s what I’m pushing for :)  (he’s a busy university kid)
15:11 Joubu kivilahtio: about ES, bag is expecting to have something testable for the hackfest
15:11 kivilahtio Joubu: I can help test that like a hawk
15:11 bag cool
15:11 kivilahtio I am getting full of this Zebra madness. It is so freaking frustrating
15:11 Joubu kivilahtio: you can already test it, don't need to wait for the hackfest
15:11 kivilahtio even the docs suck so badly
15:12 kivilahtio Joubu: I'll wait for the hackfest. I have a ongoing migration going :)
15:12 kivilahtio + ton of stuff
15:12 Joubu kivilahtio: I know you have a lot of spare time
15:12 Joubu magnuse: still here?
15:12 wahanui1 here is where I work
15:12 kivilahtio Joubu: yeah, all I do is chat with you guys :)
15:13 bag magnuse: HI
15:13 wahanui1 bonjour, bag
15:13 Joubu no, he left too
15:13 Joubu ok, so, somebody else has special needs/wants?
15:13 Joubu dpavlin: ?
15:14 cait oh sorry, i missed it :(
15:14 Joubu dpavlin: Do you plan to work on something special?
15:14 tcohen joined #koha
15:14 Joubu And you, cait, what do you want to do at the hackfest?
15:15 dpavlin no, I'm quote happy to help with anything
15:15 kivilahtio Joubu: I would like to have some good nuts and fruits, to compensate for the lack of cheese
15:15 tcohen hi, sorry for the delay
15:15 kivilahtio erm, not lack of cheese, but my lack of beign able to enjoy cheese
15:15 Joubu kivilahtio: you will eat bananas all day long
15:16 kivilahtio Joubu: I already eat bananas all day long, and swedes.
15:16 cait i expect to do a lot of qa, but would also like to see some progress on plack
15:16 cait and maybe a group working to 'kill dead code'
15:16 tcohen i expect to achieve full plack support
15:16 Joubu tcohen: we just added some stuffs ByWater would like to see them tested during the hackfest, I added it to the gdoc (workshop tab)
15:16 cait there are a few things we could tidy up... sqlhelper... the CGI modules... some unused tables etc.
15:16 dpavlin we have been running plack for both intranet and opac for half a year, so I have some expirience
15:16 Joubu tcohen: plack: do you know what is the remaining work for that?
15:17 dpavlin including somewhat easy upgrade path from apache installation to apache+plack
15:17 Joubu sqlhelper will be done soon
15:17 tcohen dpavlin: that sounds as a plan to me :-D
15:17 Joubu no need to wait for the hackfest :)
15:17 cait the stats Joubu did with plack are pretty impressive
15:17 Joubu dpavlin: do you have memory leaks?
15:17 cait it would be cool if the hackfest ended with a clear path forward
15:17 cait and a set of instructions for the preferred method of activating plack :)
15:18 dpavlin I restart perl process for each request, mostly because of encoding and zebra problems so I don't see any memory leaks
15:18 dpavlin I hope that utf-8 cleanups will fix encoding problems, so only problem left will be zebra
15:19 dpavlin (which I suspect is encoding problem when trasfering request to zebra)
15:19 cait I am also lookign forward to the API discussion
15:19 wahanui1 okay, cait.
15:19 tcohen dpavlin: please fill a bug for the specific problem so we can be prepared to fix it
15:19 Joubu dpavlin: ho, I thought you were tracking master
15:19 dpavlin If I had clear adea what it is, I would make a bug.
15:19 dpavlin but, unfortunatly I don't
15:19 cait dpavlin: maybe you coudl add some notes tot he spreadsheet?
15:20 bag oh we should probably have a quick talk about where we are with plack and follow up on ashimema ’s devel email a few weeks ago
15:20 tcohen dpavlin: the symptoms would be enough
15:20 Joubu I have just added the "full plack support /plack out of the box"
15:20 paul_p joined #koha
15:20 bag excellent
15:21 Joubu bag: do you use plack in production?
15:21 dpavlin tcohen: we will push master into production before hackfest, and submit bug, I promise :-)
15:21 tcohen awesomw
15:22 bag Joubu: only on opac
15:22 Joubu what is the "Browser-based tests for Koha (demo from OPL)" entry?
15:22 Joubu ok, we don't, but we will put plack in a 3.18 test server soon (something like tomorrow)
15:23 Joubu hopefully we will catch problems
15:23 Joubu no problem would be better :)
15:24 Joubu What could be a plan for the rest api?
15:24 Joubu to be productive
15:25 Joubu just write/complete an rfc won't be enought IMO, we need a poc at the end of the week, with technical approvements
15:25 tcohen maybe have a mini-workshop on writing REST services using Koha::Services
15:25 tcohen following an OO model, and khall's API draft
15:25 khall sounds good
15:26 kivilahtio regarding rest api, what is wrong with ILS-DI?
15:26 kivilahtio can't we extend that?
15:26 kivilahtio I guess ILS-DI is not exactly rest, but it seems like a very good API
15:26 Joubu khall: where is your draft?
15:27 khall kivilahtio: yeah, I think that would be something concurrent or something we can build on top of our own REST api
15:27 mtompset joined #koha
15:27 khall Joubu: this is what we have so far:[…]PI_RFC#Guidelines.2Frules_for_the_new_API
15:27 khall I haven't really found much to add to it
15:27 kivilahtio khall: I know it is not exaclty standard based bu we could add more ILS-DI commands outside of the standard scope
15:27 cait kivilahtio: it's limited
15:27 cait andnot really maintained
15:27 cait well in koha iti s
15:27 cait but not the standard that's behind it i think
15:27 kivilahtio cait: ok
15:28 kivilahtio cait: do we have any other inter-library interoperability standards?
15:28 cait reading back sec
15:28 kivilahtio I hate these ILS specific API's, why everobody needs to have their own?
15:29 kivilahtio we also have a ton of issues here in Finland regarding non-standard API's and having a Koha RESTful API is another new API to the mix
15:29 tcohen kivilahtio: is not only about interoperability (which will benefit, a lot) but about design, and technologies
15:29 tcohen having a coherent RESTfull API is key to have a better UI, better/cleaner code
15:29 cait also ils offer different features
15:30 khall indeed, if all ILS had the exact same features it would be easy to have a universal api, but they don't
15:30 cait so i think there are always differences to be expected
15:30 kivilahtio tcohen: So you are planning on using the RESTful api as the internal API for Koha modules as well. To AJAXIfy it more ?
15:30 tcohen that's the plan, yes
15:30 tcohen maybe...
15:30 wahanui1 somebody said maybe was a momentaneous error
15:30 khall indeed!
15:30 kivilahtio tcohen: I can agree to that
15:30 tcohen angularize...
15:30 tcohen =D
15:30 kivilahtio actually it is a spectalcularly great idea :)
15:30 khall angular++
15:30 tcohen angular++
15:31 khall But we need to figure our the best way to create reusable angular components for Koha
15:31 kivilahtio I undesrtand
15:31 kivilahtio so It is making Koha more like MVC than about making 3rd parties integrate stuff into Koha?
15:31 kivilahtio or kinda both :)
15:32 khall exactly
15:32 khall both actually
15:32 khall didn't read the second line ; )
15:32 mtompset *sigh* Do we have to keep adding technologies?
15:32 kivilahtio interstink
15:32 tcohen mtompset: *rel¿placing*
15:32 kivilahtio mtompset: I agree that we should also deprecate stuff
15:33 mtompset ^adding^changing^
15:33 khall we're sharks, we must always keep moving forward
15:33 mtompset #info Mark Tompsett
15:33 kivilahtio mtompset: but I think this is the same as moving from DBI to DBIx
15:33 tcohen mtompset: it is more like doing the same, but better, more consistently
15:33 kivilahtio khall: agreed
15:33 misilot joined #koha
15:33 Joubu It would be good to have a performance script too, like the one I did using selenium
15:33 tcohen with proper frameworks, etc
15:34 kivilahtio Koha has a looong slimy tail needing refactoring
15:34 cait if we want to deprecate stuff... could someone rewrite the drag and drop in acq to not use yui then? :)
15:34 Joubu we should catch performance issues earlier
15:34 cait that woudl make owen happy and we can kick it out :)
15:34 tcohen those selenium tests, should be on master soon, and run by jenkins
15:34 tcohen just as the integration tests for UTF-8 are
15:34 mtompset Restful: good. But adding/removing technologies "constantly (e.g. solr which never fully made it in), seems like a waste of time.
15:34 Joubu tcohen: they are not enought, it's just few use cases
15:35 dpavlin cait: there is drag and drop in acq? Marijana and me are wondering where....
15:35 kivilahtio dpavlin: Marijuana and me are also wondering :)
15:35 Joubu basketgroup?
15:35 kivilahtio yeah
15:35 kivilahtio kill it
15:35 kivilahtio when I make acquisitons I enter another world for a while when moving basketgroups around
15:36 cait dpavlin: basket groups - open a basket group you can drag and drop the baskets in that form
15:36 mtompset *cringes* basket group.
15:36 kivilahtio :)
15:36 kivilahtio tell me about it. I managed to keep my cool when teaching people to do acquisitons :)
15:36 Joubu maybe we should think about sign some dev off too...
15:36 cait i have lots of ideas for dead code - can keep you all busy ;)
15:36 dpavlin ok, Marijana confirms that she knows about it
15:36 kivilahtio but in a way it is a good feature
15:37 cait i just want to kill the library - not the feature :)
15:37 kivilahtio we can collect orders from many libraries to one big basket. Then a big acq boss can inspect the order
15:37 Joubu ok so, conclusion, the hackfest should go on 2 weeks, that's it?
15:37 cait Joubu: should we add ideas to the spraedsheet and add our names where we are intersted in?
15:37 kivilahtio I find ElasticSearch and killing Zebra the biggest concern for us
15:38 cait Joubu: 1 month? :)
15:38 cait kivilahtio: the plan is not to kill Zebra for now - ES will be an option first
15:38 Joubu cait: yes, good idea, could be good to group people
15:38 kivilahtio Zebra is seriously limiting our ability to make good searches
15:38 kivilahtio And w ehave been postponing those search issues by saying we are going to change the search engine
15:38 cait it's not really zebra often - more the code behind it
15:38 Joubu or we can imagine different groups working on the same stuffs, rest api for instance, and compare the results at the end of the day
15:39 kivilahtio ElasticSearch is super easy to use
15:39 cait Joubu: there has been discussion about a second meeting room at the uni - is ther a plan on how to divide people between both locations?
15:39 Joubu not yet
15:39 Joubu but I don't want to split dev :)
15:40 cait could be harder to communicate yes
15:40 Joubu but it won't be a good idea to put dev somewhere and lib somewhere else...
15:40 cait yeah it's not easy
15:41 Joubu Could all of you add your name in front of the subjects you are interesting in?
15:42 Joubu cait: don't put your name everywhere!
15:42 Joubu ;)
15:42 cait oooh :(
15:42 cait :)
15:43 Joubu And what about the lightning talks/presentations?
15:44 Joubu At the moment there are only 2 entries, does someone want to present something else?
15:44 cait Joubu: which ones are lighztning talks?
15:44 cait OPL?
15:44 wahanui1 rumour has it OPL is Oslo Public Library a.k.a. "Deichman" - see for their website and for their tech blog
15:44 Joubu bag: for instance, could be great to present ES, don't you think?
15:45 cait a quick presentation of ES and the state of the cataloger's interface woudl be good
15:45 bag I hope so Joubu yes
15:46 Joubu bag: and maybe the 4 devs (ES, cat interface, account rewrite and angular circ)?
15:47 Joubu ok thanks to be there :)
15:47 Joubu see you in Marseille!
15:47 cait :)
15:47 Joubu And don't forget to fill the gdoc!
15:47 cait Joubu: you said i can't put my name everywhere!
15:47 cait :)
15:48 cait stepping out for a bit, bbl
15:49 Joubu @wunder Marseille, France
15:49 huginn Joubu: The current temperature in Saint Victoret, France is 12.1°C (4:48 PM CET on February 11, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
15:59 rocio joined #koha
16:02 reiveune bye
16:02 reiveune left #koha
16:06 TGoat joined #koha
16:21 tst_ joined #koha
16:21 tst_ i wish to get publisher name as a authority field
16:22 tst_ what settings i need to make so that if i have typed name of A publisher if it comes i should be able to pick up earlier entry
16:22 tst_ similar to author authority
16:39 laurence left #koha
17:10 pastebot "magnuse" at pasted ""Stage MARC for import" is not saving to the import_batches table, no errors" (198 lines) at
17:10 magnuse ^ this is driving me crazy
17:10 magnuse feels like i have stared myself blind on it too
17:10 magnuse if anyone has any suggestions i'm all ears! :-)
17:13 drojf joined #koha
17:13 thd magnuse: Try the more reliable command line utility outside web browser functionality.
17:14 magnuse thd: not sure what you mean?
17:14 thd s/web browser/web user interface/
17:15 magnuse i have done "sudo koha-mysql instance" and executed the query there
17:15 magnuse which command line utility?
17:15 thd magnuse: I do not remember the appropriate syntax but you can use zebra directly on the command line.
17:16 thd utility was a poor choice of words on my part
17:17 thd magnuse: You may still have the problem that zebra has some black box like behaviour.
17:17 tcohen joined #koha
17:18 magnuse not sure how zebra comes into play here?
17:18 thd magnuse: Are you not indexing with zebra?
17:20 magnuse thd: sure, but the records never get as far as indexing
17:20 thd magnuse: My suggestion would merely test the backend and not provide access in Koha and should not be tried on a production system.
17:21 tcohen marcelr++
17:22 tcohen magnuse, thd: whatsup
17:23 thd magnuse: Maybe we need to add some verbosity parameters to the perl staging script for use when debugging is needed
17:24 magnuse tcohen: some more info on a problem with staging records that i was talking about yesterday:
17:24 magnuse thd: yeah, more verbosity would be good. but to me it looks like mysql is not saving the data, yet still reporting the query as a success
17:25 thd magnue: I once extended the verbosity and much else in .
17:26 thd magnuse: Have you tried the same set of records with
17:28 thd magnuse: The extra verbosity parameters which I had written for were lost in migrating from CVS.  However, you should try different means of importing the data to help isolate the problem.
17:31 thd magnuse: In other news, some direction from ashimema has given me a clue about how to have Semantic Media Wiki working in the Koha wiki in due course..
17:31 mtompset Okay, stupid question. I forgot to set the user and email correctly when I made a patch. How do I change it?
17:32 magnuse mtompset: git commit --amend --author "Magnus Enger <magnus@...>"
17:32 magnuse just replace the relevant bits... :-)
17:33 magnuse that will change the last commit
17:33 magnuse you can also set the information correctly and do something like git commit --amend --author
17:33 magnuse (not quite sure of the last one)
17:34 mtompset magnuse++ # thank you.
17:34 thd magnuse: We had discussed the problem of getting Semantic Media Wiki to work on the Koha wiki in 2010 and we had segmentation fault errors on tests at that time which may have been partly a consequence of using Postgres instead of MySQL for MediaWiki.
17:34 magnuse thd: but my records are ok, and will just push them into the places where they belong. it is the "Stage MARC for import" tool that is causing me a headache
17:35 thd magnuse: Then you know what I was prompting you to test.
17:36 thd magnuse: I have never used the staging script for any of my work and I have long considered to be prone to design bugs.
17:38 thd magnuse: The staging code may need some careful rethinking.  I would advocate trying to create a workflow which bypasses it which would require writing some additional code for some use cases.
17:40 thd magnuse: I know that does not solve your problem but I merely report how I avoided your problem where I was not actually running a library and knew that some parts of the Koha code were especially problematic.
17:40 magnuse thanks for trying thd :-)
17:52 Callender joined #koha
17:54 thd magnuse: One longstanding problem with importing MARC records from staging is that the MARC framework would act as a filter on those records.  You could have fields and subfields stripped out of your records if your frameworks are insufficiently complete relative to the fields and subfields in your records.  Using has at least historically bypassed the MARC frameworks.
17:55 laurence joined #koha
17:55 laurence left #koha
17:57 magnuse thd: that may be, but i have a customer who has been using staging successfully and who would like to continue using it
18:00 magnuse oh well, i gotta run - have fun #koha!
18:01 thd thd: Again, I am only giving a caution for something which mostly works for most people but could work better for everyone.
18:01 thd magnuse: Sorry, I could not be more helpful magnuse.
18:36 cait left #koha
18:38 tcohen joined #koha
18:39 tcohen back?
18:39 wahanui1 and forth.
18:39 tcohen thanks wahanui
18:56 tcohen joined #koha
19:03 mtompset front?
19:07 tcohen back?
19:07 wahanui1 and forth.
19:10 thd tcohen: Do we not have a meeting now?
19:11 BobB hi folks, is this meant to be a meeting time?
19:11 BobB snap
19:11 BobB hi thd
19:11 thd BobB: Hello.  It is the time recorded in the previous minutes.
19:11 BobB indeed
19:12 BobB and I have risen early for it :)
19:12 BobB but I am happy to return to bed if it does not proceed
19:13 tcohen ok
19:13 tcohen was it part 2 of last weeks dev meeting?
19:13 tcohen or is it the pre-marseille meeting?
19:13 * tcohen is puzzled
19:13 BobB no tcohen, the general meeting
19:14 thd tcohen: No the general meeting.
19:14 tcohen oh my
19:14 thd Who is here for the general meeting?
19:14 BobB Next meeting is scheduled for 11th February, 19 UTC  (cait,
19:14 BobB 10:45:08)
19:14 bag oh is it meeting time soon?
19:14 mtompset a littke over an hour or so.
19:14 thd bag: Yes, now.
19:14 BobB 14 minutes ago, bag
19:15 bag oh HI
19:15 mtompset Oops... miscalculated. :)
19:15 tcohen ok, do we have an agenda?
19:15 thd I guess there was no reminder sent to the mailing list.
19:15 thd tcohen: We could quickly create an agenda from the previous meeting.
19:16 tcohen alright
19:16 tcohen[…]g_14_January_2015
19:18 * tcohen can't chair, taking care of Manuel right now
19:18 tcohen but i'm here
19:22 irma_406 joined #koha
19:22 thd BobB: Would you like to chair the meeting?
19:22 BobB I could, but I am not greatly awake  :)
19:23 BobB anyway, here goes ...
19:23 BobB #start meeting
19:23 tcohen thd did u duplicate the agenda from last?
19:23 BobB #startmeeting
19:23 wahanui1 if there is a meeting then Brooke must want me
19:23 huginn BobB: Error: A meeting name is required, e.g., '#startmeeting Marketing Committee'
19:23 wahanui1 i already had it that way, huginn.
19:23 BobB good start
19:23 thd tchohen: I will create the agenda page now if it is not there.
19:24 tcohen General IRC meeting 11 February 2015
19:24 BobB #startmeeting General IRC Meeting 11 Feb 2015
19:24 huginn Meeting started Wed Feb 11 19:24:15 2015 UTC.  The chair is BobB. Information about MeetBot at
19:24 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
19:24 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 11 Feb 2015)
19:24 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_11_feb_2015'
19:24 BobB The agenda is here:
19:24 BobB[…]g_14_January_2015
19:24 tcohen - topic introductions
19:25 BobB #topic introductions
19:25 wahanui1 #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
19:25 Topic for #koha is now introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 11 Feb 2015)
19:25 BobB #info Bob Birchall, Calyx, Australia
19:25 tcohen #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
19:25 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York
19:25 gerundio joined #koha
19:26 tcohen cait?
19:26 wahanui1 cait is just silly on a train again
19:26 jwagner #info Jane Wagner, PTFS
19:26 BobB bag about?
19:26 bag hi
19:26 BobB mtompset about?
19:26 bag #info Brendan Gallagher ByWater
19:26 mtompset Not really?
19:27 mtompset #info Mark Tompsett
19:27 talljoy #info Joy Nelson BWS
19:27 BobB I'm trying to stump up a quorum here  :)
19:27 bag heh - how many do you need?
19:28 tcohen we are enough
19:28 BobB ok, is that all?
19:28 tcohen w eare not making any votes or something
19:28 BobB #topic announcements
19:28 Topic for #koha is now announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 11 Feb 2015)
19:28 BobB Any announcements?
19:29 tcohen there's been a pre-Marseille meeting today
19:29 BobB #topic update on releases
19:29 Topic for #koha is now update on releases (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 11 Feb 2015)
19:29 tcohen we spoke about possible stuff
19:29 tcohen to work on during the hackfest
19:30 tcohen #info tcohen is almost back to his RM daily tasks
19:30 barton #info Barton Chittenden, BWS, Louisville, KY
19:30 tcohen so far we have pushed the UTF-8 patches and a lot of the VAT/GST rewrite
19:30 bag yes - sounds like it’s going to be an awesome hackfest - good stuff going on
19:30 * mtompset cheers. :)
19:31 tcohen there have been reported several issues on 3.18
19:31 tcohen performance (Jonathan did a good job finding DBIx is to blame, somehow)
19:31 tcohen zebra facets
19:31 wahanui1 zebra facets are all done with Koha perl code anyway, not zebra itself.
19:32 cait joined #koha
19:32 tcohen we are working on both
19:32 BobB hi cait, please join the meeting
19:32 tcohen the DBIx issue has several implications
19:32 cait oh
19:32 cait missed a meeting?
19:32 cait #info Katrin Fischer, Germany
19:33 tcohen if we get full out-of-the-box Plack support
19:33 tcohen we could take advantage of several DBIx::Class options
19:33 tcohen so we are very excited to work on that during the hackfest
19:34 BobB tcohen, do you expect the 3.18 performance problem to be resolved for the next  maintenance release?
19:34 tcohen #info tcohen is happy to know there hasn't been many reports on UTF-8 problems on master since the big push
19:35 tcohen BobB: yes
19:35 BobB cool
19:35 tcohen JOnathan has a proof-of-concept fix, and I'm waiting for Galen as he was about to propose another idea
19:35 thd I posted a meeting page just now at[…]_11_February_2015 .
19:35 tcohen not strictly about performance (at all) but one that has its implications
19:36 BobB #info a performance problem in 3.18 caused by DBixis likely to be resolved for the next maintenance release
19:36 BobB are any other RMs here?
19:37 BobB or is there anything else on 3.18 tcohen?
19:37 tcohen nope
19:37 BobB changing topic then
19:38 BobB #topic KohaCon15
19:38 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon15 (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 11 Feb 2015)
19:38 BobB olug is not here, I think
19:38 BobB does anyone else have any update?
19:39 thd I have an update on the wiki.
19:40 thd Maybe wiki maintenance goes in old business by the agenda.
19:40 BobB sorry thd I meant on KohaCon
19:40 BobB I'll change topic again
19:41 thd Sorry for missing the context :)
19:41 BobB #topic Actions from General IRC Meetings Dec/Jan
19:41 Topic for #koha is now Actions from General IRC Meetings Dec/Jan (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 11 Feb 2015)
19:42 BobB #info the Roadmap for Koha page has been created on the wiki
19:42 BobB #info there is not a lot on it yet - further contributions are encouraged
19:45 BobB I think the HEA info was posted?  Not sure if it was back-ported to 3.16 though?
19:45 drojf oops a eeting
19:45 drojf meeting even
19:46 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
19:46 BobB #info Previous discussions about roles of Wiki Maintainer and Communications Manager/Coordinator need to be continued at some point
19:46 BobB maybe not now?
19:47 thd I have a helpful comment to make about the issues raised by ashimema.
19:47 BobB go ahead thd
19:47 thd I agree for the maybe not now for voting, etc.
19:48 thd Last month I had a telephone conversation with ahimema about the issues which he raised.
19:49 thd I have added some comment to the discussion page for my proposal following that conversation.
19:49 tcohen which issues specifically?
19:49 thd I will modify my proposal accordingly.
19:50 BobB thd could you post the link to that again, after you've updated it?
19:50 thd The big issue is that when we started using MediaWiki without a proper testing period in consequence of PTFS taking down the former wiki we used Postgres.
19:50 thd BobB: Yes of course.
19:51 thd ashimema informed me that some aspects of Semantic MediaWiki or the set of related extensions have been known to not work properly in Postgres.
19:52 thd That maybe why command line tests failed in 2010.
19:52 thd Migrating to MySQL may be possible but tricky.
19:53 BobB that's a big problem, then
19:53 thd We may need to postpone upgrading MediaWiki until after migrating to MySQL to make best use of the one set of migration scripts which exists.
19:54 thd However, we may find that migrating works better after upgrading MediaWiki.
19:54 thd In any case, careful testing needs to be done with a copy of the Koha instance of MediaWiki first.
19:55 thd We do not want to go the wrong way and find that we cannot migrate well to MySQL.
19:55 BobB yes indeed
19:55 BobB thd a mediawiki upgrade is not essential however to the curation task on the wiki?
19:56 thd ashimema and I agreed that the first step should be a more general cleanup.
19:56 BobB stuff can be moved around now?
19:56 BobB oh, we're agreeing I think
19:56 thd BobB: Yes, exactly.
19:56 thd Also, testing migration will require more time.
19:56 BobB ok
19:57 thd I expect my time to increase from around now as previously reported.
19:57 thd I am just coming off what had become a large project wrangling years of bad user data.
19:58 BobB #action thd to update discussion of wiki curation/upgrade and post the link
19:58 thd Sadly, my project was not library related so I could not leverage all my advantages.
19:59 BobB ok, hope that's meaningful
20:00 BobB well then, we might list both those roles for resolution at the next meeting?
20:00 tcohen_ joined #koha
20:00 BobB I'll change topic?
20:01 tcohen_ networking issues...
20:01 BobB #topic Time and Date of Next Meeting
20:01 Topic for #koha is now Time and Date of Next Meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 11 Feb 2015)
20:02 BobB Should the next meeting be on 11 March?
20:02 BobB or is that during hackfest?
20:03 thd Does anyone have a link for hackfest dates?
20:04 wnickc joined #koha
20:04 thd The Hackfest is 2 to 6 March.
20:04 BobB hackfest is 2 to 6
20:04 BobB So our meeting can be on 11 March
20:04 BobB what time now?
20:05 thd What was the previous meeting time, 10 UTC?
20:06 thd I think that we would have had a better turnout at this hour if there had been a reminder to the mailing list.
20:07 BobB 10 UTC is a good time, but is very early on east coast USA
20:07 thd I think 10 UTC also works OK even if it maybe too late for bag and too early for nengard.
20:08 thd 2 UTC or similar times have historically had terrible turnout even if not terrible for the whole US.
20:08 BobB I think if we revert between 10UTC and 19UTC it mostly works
20:08 thd Yes.
20:08 BobB so 10 UTC next time?
20:08 thd +1
20:09 BobB #info the next meeting will be on Wednesday 11 March 2015 at 10.00 UTC
20:09 BobB if we all agree
20:09 BobB thanks thd, the silence of others is taken as consent :)
20:09 talljoy +1
20:10 thd BobB: You seem more awake than most others who are not having networking problems :)
20:10 BobB thx talljoy
20:10 BobB :)
20:10 BobB i think we are all done?
20:11 BobB #endmeeting
20:11 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.18.3 is released! Welcome to the IRC home of Koha | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | The next Koha General IRC meeting is 11 February 2015 at 19 UTC | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
20:11 huginn Meeting ended Wed Feb 11 20:11:09 2015 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
20:11 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-02-11-19.24.html
20:11 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]5-02-11-19.24.txt
20:11 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]11-19.24.log.html
20:11 talljoy time for a beer!
20:11 BobB thanks everyone
20:11 talljoy thanks BobB
20:11 BobB time for breakfast!
20:11 thd Yes, and I will try to see that a reminder of the meeting time goes to the mailing list next time.
20:11 BobB thanks Thomas
20:12 BobB good morning/day/evening everyone
20:12 thd Good morning BobB.  Thanks for rising early.
20:19 nengard left #koha
20:32 drojf joined #koha
20:36 tcohen_ BobB++
20:49 rangi morning
20:49 cait morning rangi
20:54 rangi what tool would people use in linux to do something like a gantt chart (i have to do a project timeline) ?
20:55 cait thers ie openproj
20:55 akafred Google Sheets?[…]d2N3c&mode=public
20:55 cait sorry, project libre
20:56 cait but it's not very pretty and i was struggling a bit when i tried
20:58 rangi hmm
21:00 rangi akafred: can't really use google sheets, data shouldnt leave nz jurisdiction
21:00 rangi cait: ill give project libre a go
21:02 talljoy1 joined #koha
21:05 drojf rangi: something in latex? *hides*
21:05 rangi heh
21:06 rangi hmm ganttproject looks small and simple, i might try that too
21:06 drojf ha.[…]antt/pgfgantt.pdf ;)
21:07 cait rangi: cool, i might too :)
21:13 eythian hi
21:13 cait hi eythian
21:14 eythian LaTeX gantt charts will surely look the best.
21:14 rangi you volunteering eythian ? :)
21:15 eythian sure, if you wanna finish off this SAML and ES stuff for me, sounds like a fair trade :D
21:16 eythian also, 'planner' is now what was 'Mr. Project'
21:38 jcamins rangi: Redmine has gantt charts, I think.
21:39 rangi oh right thanks jcamins
21:41 jcamins You could even set up Redmine using my Ansible playbook.
21:41 rangi i think we run a redmine instance here
21:41 eythian we do
21:41 jcamins Heh. Or that.
21:42 eythian but I think it requires making tickets for all the entries
21:42 rangi for this use case, i just need a quick graphic to illustrate how tasks can work in parallel
21:42 eythian (not that I've used it, but that's sorta how redmine works)
21:42 rangi i think ganttproject is going to work, it hasnt annoyed me too much yet
21:43 cait rangi: thx for finding that
21:43 cait :)
21:43 eythian not as pretty as pgfgantt I bet though
21:43 cait eythian: i tihnk you are right - we are using redmine, but i fialed using the gantt becuase we don't do start/end dates and some other things enough
21:44 eythian yeah, it probably needs more planning of schedules and such than I usually have to put into something like that
21:49 barton Hi #koha
21:49 rangi hi barton
21:50 cait hi barton
21:53 barton I'm having an interesting time with search, when QueryAutoTruncate is set to 'Only if * is added' For example,  "governme" and "governme*" return the same results. QueryFuzzy is set to 'Don't Try'. UseICU is set to 'Using'.
21:55 barton I didn't see any bugs in bugzilla that exactly matched, but I figured that I'd ask here, in case it's an edge case of an open bug or something.
21:55 eythian barton: you have stemming on?
21:55 barton yes, query stemming is on.
21:55 eythian then it often behaves something like autotruncation
21:57 barton yeah, I was wondering about that... but that should only account for common word endings like 'ing' or 'ed', right?
21:58 eythian you'd think that, wouldn't you? :)
21:58 barton well, I'll give that a shot.
21:58 barton does changing that require a reindex?
21:58 cait barton: it does multiple languages
21:58 eythian I think if the stemming function can't do anything with it, it just returns it as-is and koha slaps a ? on the end (same as a *)
21:59 eythian not at all
21:59 cait i think
21:59 eythian cait: it can, yes
21:59 eythian it's based on your current session language I think
21:59 cait how does the stemming owrk? does it just construct the 'base' word or really do a search for the wrod in various forms?
22:00 cait if it does the first with a truncated search that would explain
22:00 eythian which has interesting repercussions if you're searching for something in english with your OPAC set to german.
22:00 eythian cait: it constructs the base
22:01 eythian and then we take that and glom a ? to the end
22:01 barton Ausgezeichnet.
22:01 * eythian had exactly this issue a couple of days ago, so it's fresh in my head
22:02 eythian <-- interestingly it won't generate 'hoof' from 'hooves'
22:03 barton So in my case, it's taking 'Governme' shortening this to the base 'Govern' and then tacking the wildcard to the end?
22:03 eythian it might be
22:03 eythian or just tacking ? to the end of governme
22:04 * eythian points out this is testable
22:06 eythian $ perl -MLingua::Stem::Snowball -e '@w=qw(governme) ; print join "", Lingua::Stem::Snowball::stem("en", \@w) ; print "\n";'
22:06 eythian governm
22:06 eythian > Since it effectively provides a ‘suffix STRIPPER GRAMmar’, I had toyed with the idea of calling it ‘strippergram’, but good sense has prevailed, and so it is ‘Snowball’ named as a tribute to SNOBOL, the excellent string handling language of Messrs Farber, Griswold, Poage and Polonsky from the 1960s.
22:08 barton well, turned query stemming off, now 'governme' returns no results... which is probably correct.
22:09 eythian arguably
22:09 barton ... given the data being searched.
22:09 eythian I guess it depends if you want to provide more varied but hopefully useful results, or more correct results :)
22:09 magnuse if anyone gets really bored during the next few hours you might want to read my tale of woe related to staging marc records for import, and see if you can come up with any fresh suggestions: ;-)
22:09 eythian but just on the face of "search works", then yeah, it's correct :)
22:10 magnuse i just tried dropping all the import_* tables and recreating them from kohastructure.sql, without any luck
22:10 magnuse have fun, #koha!
22:10 eythian magnuse: for some strange values of fun :)
22:21 NateC joined #koha
22:35 chrisvella joined #koha
22:36 dcook Oh my...
22:37 * dcook reads the scrollback about Snowball
22:37 dcook barton: Are you still around?
22:38 barton yes.
22:38 dcook Did you ever resolve your problems with "bibliographic-reference"?
22:39 barton No, I haven't had a chance to dig back into it... I've been playing catch up with all of my other work after spent 8+ hours on it.
22:39 dcook Ah, fair enough
22:39 dcook Why was it changed from "Reference" in the first place?
22:40 barton oh, I'm not quite sure... probably bloody ignorance on my part, a few months back ;-)
22:43 barton that does make me wonder though ... I don't think that I replaced it... I added bibliographic-reference, but I don't think that I removed Reference ... can two zebra indexes point to one bib1 attribute?
22:43 dcook I don't think so
22:43 dcook Maybe try removing Reference
22:45 barton ok... can't I set up somethign along the order of aliases in
22:45 dcook Yeah, that would be fine
22:45 dcook But then it's an alias, not an index
22:46 dcook Which is good :D
22:49 barton ah... so uh, let me get this straight in my head ... the index is set in *indexdefs* -- there is a one to one mapping between indexes and bib1 attributes. then allows aliases on the indexes, allowing search by alias. Is that a sane assesment?
22:49 dcook Almost
22:50 dcook The bib1 attribute and index are set in bib1.att
22:50 dcook *indexdefs* indexes content from a marcxml record into an index
22:51 dcook provides acccess to the index using either the bib1 attribute for the index, the index name (from bib1.att), or an alias (which points to either the bib1 attribute or the index name (from bib1.att))
22:51 dcook (and yeah, I think there's a one-to-one mapping between index names and bib1 attributes in bib1.att)
22:52 dcook Ah wait, I think that's what you were saying
22:52 dcook I just didn't see "bib1.att", so I re-worded it all :p
22:53 barton Well, I think that you added a distinction about the inner workings of that I left out. But yeah, I think we're on the same page.
22:54 barton Who knows, I may get this licked yet ;-)
22:57 cait night all
22:57 wahanui1 goodnight cait. You'll be back.
22:58 dcook barton: Huzzah!
22:58 dcook night cait :)
22:58 dcook When I first started with Koha, I used to be really apprehensive about Zebra
22:59 dcook Actually, maybe even the first year... year and a half
22:59 dcook Then I did a lot of reading, asked a lot of questions, and did a lot of experiments :)
22:59 cait dcook: the problem is, that the translation bit is fixed - but we still keep all the overhead in the installer files
23:00 dcook cait: But why? :S
23:00 dcook Why would it be affected by the installer?
23:00 cait because copying theinstaller files is manual work
23:00 dcook But why would it involve the installer?
23:00 cait it just doesn't improve the situation
23:00 cait it does not make it worse
23:00 dcook I was thinking about this a bit, because I liked what you were saying
23:00 dcook But the file would just sit in the template toolkit includes
23:00 cait it makes things a little better :)
23:01 dcook I'm just confused :(
23:01 cait your patch is alright :)
23:01 cait it's just a chance we could make thing smuch better
23:01 dcook Thanks :)
23:01 cait :)
23:01 dcook I just really want to understand what you're saying
23:01 cait the reason we have mulitple sql files with permissions to maintain is translations
23:01 dcook Right
23:01 cait so now you fixed translations... it would be cool to get rid of them
23:02 dcook Oh absolutely
23:02 cait but your patch will work and will help people who have no customized installer files
23:02 dcook Well, it'll ignore the customized installer files
23:02 dcook If hasn't been translated, they'll just get the English version, no?
23:02 cait yes :)
23:02 cait the inc is alright
23:03 cait i just wanted to fix the installer and get rid of the multiple permission files in the same step
23:03 dcook The plan is to remove the multiple sql files, the installer step, and... a few other references to the database
23:03 dcook Ahhhh
23:03 dcook Ok
23:03 dcook Yeah, that makes total sense
23:03 cait your patch opens the door to that :)
23:03 dcook :)
23:03 dcook Yeah, I was thinking of getting my patch in and then doing the next step
23:03 dcook But it could all be done on one, or as a patch set
23:04 cait but now i need to talk someone into doing it :P
23:04 cait we can have this first
23:04 dcook Haha. Well, I'll do it, but just not today
23:04 cait deal :)
23:04 dcook :)
23:04 dcook Today is... setting up a few physical machines with Debian and Koha :)
23:04 cait probably better on a new bug
23:04 dcook And maybe some Amazon stuff
23:04 cait as paola has tested it already
23:04 dcook Yeah, so maybe I'll just do Bernardo's fix
23:05 dcook Still probably not today though :p
23:05 dcook Well... maybe I have time exactly right now..
23:05 cait ah yeah, we should make sure it actually trnaslates - which bernardo's fix should do
23:05 cait ok, have to really sleep now
23:05 cait :
23:05 dcook cait: Actually, it might not be a bad idea to do it in one bug...
23:05 cait :)
23:06 dcook Because if people add new permissions to the .inc but not the english sql, it can cause subpermission auth problems..
23:06 dcook Anyway, night :)
23:06 cait left #koha
23:09 dcook
23:09 dcook "There has been a report that Kaspersky anti-virus falsely reports DoxBox as having the 'generic.Trojan' virus, please disable or replace this before installing."
23:09 dcook Hmm...
23:15 irma_463 joined #koha
23:16 irma_175 joined #koha
23:17 irma_359 joined #koha

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