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00:17 BobB joined #koha
00:18 BobB happy new year #koha
00:23 eythian same to you, BobB :)
00:24 BobB another year of this  :)
00:26 BobB mtj!  How are you?
01:14 mtj hi #koha, happy year new to everyone
01:15 mtj um, new year even
01:17 Francesca joined #koha
01:19 rangi hi Francesca, i pulled your changes
01:19 Francesca sweet thanks
01:22 Francesca hmm still doesn't look quite right. I'll try a few more changes and see if that helps
01:47 Francesca hey Chris I've pushed some changes up now
02:01 zetty joined #koha
02:01 zetty hello
02:01 wahanui what's up, zetty
02:01 zetty i'm facing a prob dealing with  koha
02:02 zetty can anybody help me
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02:05 eythian ...not any more...
02:05 eythian zetty: what is the problem?
02:05 wahanui hmmm... the problem is it's human beings doing it. Rebuild your indexes.
02:05 eythian shush, wahanui
02:05 wahanui eythian: what?
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02:11 zetty why i cant retrieve my record
02:11 papa joined #koha
02:12 papa joined #koha
02:12 eythian zetty: you'll have to provide more information.
02:14 zetty's like this
02:14 zetty i just started using koha last week
02:14 zetty and i start doing my cataloging into koha
02:15 zetty when i serach back the appears (1 result(s) found in catalog, 0 result(s) found in reservoir)
02:15 zetty what does this mean?
02:15 eythian how have you installed Koha?
02:15 eythian (tarball, Debian packages, etc.)
02:17 zetty it's not's my IT technician who'd install
02:17 zetty i can't edit my records
02:17 eythian hmm. Most likely the search engine part is either not getting records added to it, or it's not running.
02:18 eythian your IT person will have to have a look at that.
02:21 eythian dcook: y'about?
02:22 rangi Francesca: sorry just got a chance to pull
02:22 rangi lost the link colours
02:23 Francesca oh whoops
02:23 zetty my IT person was not expertise in koha
02:23 zetty he just help me to install koha
02:24 Francesca rangi the links in the body only appear to pick up part of the css. Any ideas why?
02:24 zetty anybody have Teamviewer software so that you can look into my probs?
02:25 dcook eythian: a bit
02:25 rangi hmm nope, i wonder if another css (or inline styles) are overriding it Francesca
02:25 eythian dcook: any idea how to solve "15:21:07-05/01 zebraidx(1502) [warn] No such record type: dom./home/robin/koha-dev/etc/zebrad​b/biblios/etc/dom-config-marc.xml"
02:25 Francesca Is there another style sheet floating around somewhere?
02:26 rangi could be, the firebug tools should tell you if you inspect element with it
02:26 dcook eythian: Hmm, didn't you encounter this a little while ago?
02:26 eythian dcook: yeah, I never figured it out, but now I need to be able to search.
02:27 dcook Ahh, I gotcha
02:27 dcook Hmm
02:27 rangi zetty: what actually is your problem, you dont understand that message? That means you have done a search in the cataloguing search (not the main search) and it has found 1 result
02:28 zetty yes rangi
02:28 Francesca rangi: I'm using chrome
02:28 eythian zetty: ah yeah, good point, I read it backwards. So you are getting results. What is wrong with the results you are getting?
02:29 rangi Francesca: you might want to try it in firefox .. or use whatever the chrome tools are .. i dunno what they are tho
02:29 zetty the result shows that 1result(s) found in catalog, 0 result(s) found in reservoir
02:29 dcook eythian: Is this relevant?[…]ember/030492.html
02:29 rangi zetty: yes, what is wrong with that?
02:29 Francesca hmm maybe I should install firefox and try it there. I'm pushing something up which might help now
02:29 dcook eythian: Now that I think about it, I think I might have had the same problem and that might have bene it..
02:29 zetty but when i try to edit the records
02:30 zetty it appears Software error
02:30 eythian dcook: ta, will have a look
02:30 zetty rangi: Can't call method "title" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-​bin/cataloguing/ line 838.
02:31 dcook eythian: Let me know how you go :)
02:32 rangi zetty: what happens if you add a new record?
02:32 rangi or edit a different record, does that happen on all of them, or just one?
02:32 zetty it happen on all of them
02:33 zetty the new record can be entered as usual..but when i retrieve seems that i never add any record
02:33 Francesca rangi: I've pushed something up, just pull it when you've got time and I'll use firefox to try and figure out the promblem
02:33 rangi zetty: what version of koha?
02:33 rangi go to the about page, it will tell you
02:33 rangi thanks Francesca
02:34 rangi have pulled it
02:35 zetty rangi: 3.6
02:35 rangi hmm that is very old
02:36 rangi do you know why they chose to install that?
02:36 eythian dcook: no dice :/
02:36 zetty rangi: any newest edition?
02:36 rangi what version of 3.6 is it? 3.6.what
02:36 rangi yes many more
02:36 dcook eythian: dinger :/
02:36 dcook eythian: So this is when you're doing a
02:36 eythian yeah
02:37 dcook Hm
02:37 rangi 3.18.2 is the latest stable version
02:38 Francesca rangi: the stuff I pushed up didn't work, I'm debugging in firefox now to see if that helps
02:39 rangi thanks
02:40 dcook eythian: Mine says 13:39:18-05/01 zebraidx(22978) 4037bd2eed7f0000 [log] add dom./home/dcook/koha-dev/etc/zeb​radb/biblios/etc/dom-config.xml /tmp/IwoZhY0eI9/biblio/exported_records 2                179076
02:41 dcook I think I'm using 3.14.5 zebra config though..
02:41 eythian dcook: where do you see that?
02:41 eythian this is a fairly fresh master dev install
02:42 dcook This is when I do a -b -x -r -v -v -v
02:42 eythian 'k, I'll try that
02:42 jcamins eythian: I'm going to speculate the problem is bib_index_mode being wrong.
02:42 jcamins Then I'm going to go to sleep.
02:42 dcook Hmm, it might just use a different dom-config file because of that -x flag
02:42 dcook eythian: I imagine you were indexing it as regular marc rather than marcxml?
02:42 eythian it fails in much the same way in both cases
02:43 eythian it just points to a different dom-config name
02:43 dcook jcamins: Yeah, I figure it's worth doing a re-install as I'm thinking a config option might be wrong somewhere
02:43 eythian koha-conf.xml: <zebra_bib_index_mode>dom</zebra_bib_index_mode>
02:43 jcamins Oh well. It was a nice idea.
02:43 jcamins Good night
02:43 wahanui Don't go, jcamins. Stay a while. Stay forever.
02:45 dcook I'm trying to think where record type is even set...
02:45 dcook zebra-biblios.cfg, I thought
02:46 dcook eythian: This might be useful[…]org/faqzebra.html
02:47 eythian I have a theory
02:47 eythian I'll let you know if it works :)
02:47 dcook :D
02:47 dcook Huzzah, my chef run worked.
02:48 Francesca rangi: had a look in firefox and webpage is defiantly not picking up the css. There doesn't appear to be another style sheet around so I'll try different code to see if it will work
02:48 eythian yep
02:48 eythian found it
02:49 eythian the modulePath was wrong, but what I fixed it to was also wrong
02:49 rangi ooh, write that down eythian, cos i ran into this the other day too
02:50 dcook eythian: Ahh, I wondered if that might be the case
02:51 dcook What did you end up with in the end?
02:51 zetty rangi: i'm sorry..this is exactly my koha version --->
02:52 eythian dcook: rangi: just making a 'zebra troubleshooting' page on the wiki
02:52 rangi zetty: ahh thats better, that isn't so old
02:53 rangi but im sorry i dont know why it isnt working, can you see the records when you search in the OPAC ?
02:53 dcook eythian++
02:54 dcook I need to make a page talking about PQF and such at some point... I'll link it to that one you're making
02:54 dcook I think zebra-biblios.cfg was set to /usr/lib/idzebra-2.0, but we actually had the modules in... /usr/local/lib/idzebra-2.0
02:54 dcook Or maybe that's normal. I remember the lib/lib64 issue before..
02:55 zetty rangi: when i search, it appears (An error has occurred  Error 404  This error means that the link was broken and that the page doesn't exist. To report this error, you can email the Koha Administrator. Return to the catalog home page.)
02:55 rangi yeah i suspect you need to do a zebra reindex
02:56 rangi zetty: was it installed using packages?
02:57 zetty i gave him this link to refer when istalling koha ([…]ubuntu-1004.html)
02:58 eythian[…]bleshooting_Zebra <-- dcook, rangi
02:58 rangi cool thanks
02:58 rangi zetty: on the command line (in a terminal or something) on the koha server
02:59 rangi what happens when you run
02:59 rangi sudo koha-list
03:02 zetty rangi: meaning? i'm sorry coz i just know hot to use koha..but not what;s inside koha
03:02 zetty *how
03:02 rangi ahh you cant really fix or debug this, if you cant get to the commandline on the server
03:02 zetty i just instruct him to install
03:03 zetty anyway thanks a lot rangi
03:03 rangi no problem, sorry i couldnt be of more help
03:03 zetty i will let him get in touch with u guys
03:04 zetty since he's the only one who have authority for the server part
03:04 Francesca joined #koha
03:08 dcook Nice one, eythian
03:24 eythian I do wonder how the packages make it work though.
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04:13 Francesca_ rangi are you there?
04:14 eythian Francesca_: he's not up here, may have left
04:14 Francesca_ oh right. Thanks eythian
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06:32 Francesca rangi: if you're there, did you pull the changes? Because the hover feature on the links is now working, which means its reading the style sheet yay!
06:41 rangi yep
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07:20 Francesca_ rangi: have pushed some changes up, can you pull when you're able too? I think I may have fixed the problem
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07:43 reiveune hello
07:45 rangi Francesca_: try that
07:51 alex_a joined #koha
07:52 alex_a bonjour
07:53 Francesca_ sweet body links are fixed! now onto other layout issues
07:56 rangi the search the logs link still looks a bit wrong
08:05 Francesca_ looks fine on my computer
08:05 Francesca_ what browser are you using?
08:06 rangi firefox
08:07 Francesca_ I'm in firefox as well and it looks fine. Hover and colours aren't quite working in chrome though- I think its because I've clicked on the links
08:07 rangi i think its just because its to the left
08:08 Francesca_ oh yeah I'm trying to fix that
08:08 Francesca_ But the colours and the hover effect were what I was trying to get working before
08:08 Francesca_ does that look ok?
08:10 rangi seems to be ok yep
08:11 Francesca_ sweet
08:11 Francesca_ I'm trying to fix the allingment issues now
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08:14 cait joined #koha
08:14 cait good morning #koha
08:14 ashimema Good morning #koha
08:18 gaetan_B joined #koha
08:18 gaetan_B happy new year #koha :)
08:19 cait Gutes neues Jahr :)
08:19 Francesca_ rangi: I've pushed something up, no idea if its going to work but can you try it?
08:19 Francesca_ Happy new year :)
08:19 cait Happy new year :)
08:20 cait Francesca_: i think he might be gone already, will probably see it later - or you could leave him a later with @later tell rangi message
08:21 rangi still here for a little bit
08:21 Francesca_ ok
08:23 Francesca_ If you're able to can you pull the changes?
08:23 rangi yep
08:23 Francesca_ sweet thanks
08:24 rangi not seeing any new changes
08:24 Francesca_ nether am I
08:24 rangi no when i went to pull it said it was already up to date
08:25 rangi are you sure you pushed?
08:25 Francesca_ pretty sure cas my code is showing up
08:25 Francesca_ oh right
08:25 Francesca_ weird
08:25 Francesca_ hold on
08:26 Francesca_ uhh it just kicked me out , trying again now
08:26 sophie_m joined #koha
08:26 Francesca_ ok its pushed up now
08:27 sophie_m Hello #koha and happy new year !
08:27 Francesca_ happy new year to you too :)
08:27 sophie_m thanks Francesca_
08:29 Francesca_ rangi did you see the changes I pushed up?
08:30 rangi mismatched tags
08:30 rangi
08:30 rangi cos its in strict mode
08:30 rangi you need to make sure your tags are in the right order
08:31 Francesca_ right sorry
08:31 rangi so you cant go <div> <article> </div> </article>
08:31 rangi etc
08:31 rangi they need to match
08:32 Francesca_ yeah sorry must have left one out by accident
08:32 Francesca_ fixing now
08:32 rangi no worries
08:36 Francesca_ pushed something up, error should be fixed now hopefuly
08:36 rangi 2 secs
08:37 Francesca_ k
08:37 rangi still not happy
08:38 rangi ah i see it
08:38 Francesca_ I'm sure the tags match
08:38 Francesca_ what have I done
08:39 Francesca_ I'm kinda confused now...
08:39 rangi try that
08:40 Francesca_ ok that works
08:41 Francesca_ do you like this layout or do you prefer it side by side?
08:41 rangi hmm not sure .. waht do others think of
08:42 cait i think... i like it
08:43 ashimema I can't remember what it looked like before ;)
08:43 Francesca_ sweet. I guess my issue is that I find the page looks kinda empty. But theres no other content to be added so
08:44 Francesca_ uhh it didn't have any styling on it before I started working on this page
08:44 ashimema haha.. I see..
08:44 ashimema so it certainly looks better ;)
08:45 Francesca_ its taken ages to get to this stage so I'm happy that everything looks nice and works which is more than it has been at times
08:47 Francesca_ hey rangi since I've kinda finished work on this page is there another one I can do?
08:48 rangi
08:48 rangi thats the today page
08:48 rangi dont want to change the style too much on there
08:48 rangi but having the koha banner at the top might be good
08:49 cait yeah that might be nice
08:49 Francesca_ I can add a header, nav and footer and leave it at that
08:49 rangi sounds good
08:49 Francesca_ If it reads from the same css file it'll just pick up the styles automatically
08:49 Francesca_ right gotta go find this file
08:50 Francesca_ you don't happen to know what folder this page is in do you?
08:50 Francesca_ oh and add a favicon. Must have matching favicons
08:50 cait :)
08:50 cait Francesca_++
08:50 rangi nope
08:51 rangi probably day.tmpl
08:52 Francesca_ ok
08:53 Francesca_ ahhh so much javascript! This could be fun
09:01 Francesca_ ok pushed header and favicon changes up. Can't work out what part is meant to be nav so left it for now
09:02 rangi try that
09:04 Francesca_ it hasn't picked up the favicon but the header works fine
09:06 rangi path to it is wrong
09:06 rangi The requested URL /koha/favicon.ico was not found on this server.
09:06 Francesca_ huh
09:06 rangi its cos the path is relative you might have to make it /favicon.ico in the html
09:07 Francesca_ ok. But the code thats in the file currently worked fine with the other page, index.tmpl
09:08 rangi yes because that isnt in /koha/
09:09 rangi eg vs
09:09 rangi so a relative link in that case isnt so bad
09:10 Francesca_ trying your suggestion now, have pushed it up
09:12 Francesca_ woohoo we have a favicon!
09:13 Francesca_ and on that note I'm off to bed. Night guys!
09:14 cait night :)
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09:15 cait happy new year paul_p
09:16 paul_p happy new year cait & everyone on #koha
09:21 marcelr joined #koha
09:21 marcelr hi again #koha
09:23 cait hi marcelr - and happy new year :)
09:23 marcelr :)
09:24 cait Joubu++
09:24 rangi right going to sleep
09:25 cait night rangi
09:25 cait sleep well
09:27 cait Joubu: could you take a look at 9848 maybe=
09:27 cait not sure how to run the tests
09:27 Joubu cait: sorry, but I don't know neither...
09:28 cait ah
09:28 cait ashimema: maybe you could ask Colin to take a look?
09:37 papa joined #koha
09:52 ashimema he's going to take a look today
09:52 cait cool thx!
09:52 cait trying to get the 'bugs' out of the queue
10:44 cait khall_away: around?
10:50 cait @wunder Konstanz
10:50 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is -1.7°C (11:50 AM CET on January 05, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 97%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: -2.0°C. Pressure: 30.54 in 1034 hPa (Steady).
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11:20 cait lunch time :)
11:21 ashimema oh cool..
11:21 ashimema debian packages now claim to be 'oldstable', 'stable' and 'unstable'
11:26 ashimema
11:32 ashimema Joubu about?
11:32 Joubu ashimema: yep
11:33 ashimema quick question for you.. just spotted that in the sandboxes we use as aposed to  wondered what the difference was and why we do it that way..
11:33 * ashimema admits he's never seen before :s
11:37 ashimema in fact.. I can't find anywhere other than in the cron line..
11:37 Joubu hum yes, we don't have this script in our repo :)
11:37 ashimema wondering if I'm going mad now.. I'm sure searching is working in my sandboxes
11:37 ashimema lol.. am I going mad then
11:38 Joubu ashimema: it's outside the repo, in ~/bin/
11:38 Joubu ashimema: you should have it on your sandboxes too, isn't it?
11:39 ashimema hmm.. no in my setup it's not.. at least I don't think it is.
11:40 pastebot "Joubu" at pasted "bin/" (9 lines) at
11:40 ashimema in the install sandbox instructions.. it says the path is ~/koha-dev/bin/
11:40 Joubu ashimema: ^
11:41 ashimema Cheers..
11:41 ashimema no one has ever reported zera not working in our snadboxes here..
11:41 ashimema lol
11:42 Joubu ashimema: Don't you get mails from cron?
11:42 Joubu if the script does not exist, it should
11:42 ashimema I do yup.. that's what made me spot this..
11:45 ashimema now I'm really confused..
11:45 ashimema non of my cron email complain about ti missing in the first place..
11:46 ashimema and our search does appear to work as expected..
11:46 ashimema I must be going mad
11:47 ashimema so.. why do you use instead of directly?
11:47 * cait sends peanut-butter-chocolate-chip-cookies
11:47 Joubu ashimema: no idea :-/
11:48 ashimema haha.. I see..
11:48 ashimema think I'll use rebuild_zebra directly here..
11:48 Joubu ashimema: It was done like that before I add improvements
11:48 ashimema will work nicer for our multi-tenant setup here.
11:49 Joubu ashimema: yes, it should work too
11:49 ashimema it appears to basically be a super trivial form of locking..
11:50 ashimema only in a multi-tenant setup your much much more likely to be locked that way.. as it's just looking for a process id matching zebra.. any zebra..
11:50 ashimema anywho.. all meat to the grinder ;)
11:50 ashimema thanks Joubu
11:55 ashimema will have a pull request for you in a few mins Joubu ;)
12:02 ashimema[…]ib/commits/master
12:02 ashimema I appear to be 30 commits ahead of Koha-Community:master.. looks like that repo is out of date with respect to the proper community git
12:13 gerundio joined #koha
12:14 gerundio hi, I was asked to perform an update to koha's latest version
12:15 gerundio I have a 3.14.08 package installation and "apt-cache madison koha-common" shows me the that the newest available version is 3.14.10
12:16 gerundio is it possible to perform an upgrade via packages to 3.18.x in debian right now?
12:17 ashimema sounds like your tracking oldstable
12:18 gerundio yes, it confirms, the repository is " oldstable/main amd64 Packages"
12:18 ashimema I'd upgrade to 3.14.10 first.. (apt-get upgrade), then I'de update the source to track 'stable' and then upgrade again to get the 3.18 upgrade ;)
12:18 ashimema
12:18 ashimema there are three debian repositories available
12:19 ashimema interstingly enough though.. that page claims it should be 3.16 in old stable
12:20 gerundio in the "To use" section yes, but if you read "Versions" it still refers 3.14 as old-stable and 3.16 as stable
12:21 ashimema I don't maintain those repos I'm afraid so can't really comments..
12:21 ashimema but still.. I'd probably track 'stable' unless your feeling really really causious
12:22 ashimema Joubu.. how would you like me to submit my pull request for koha-contribs?
12:22 ashimema it's a tiny tiny change which shouldn't affect your running as is ;)
12:28 cait Joubu: around and got a moment maybe?
12:31 ashimema busy man is our Joubu ;)
12:33 cait yeah :)
12:33 cait but never mind - i figured it out :)
12:33 cait still trying to wrap my mind about our different delete scripts for the database
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13:03 Joubu ashimema, cait: back, it was lunch time here :)
13:04 ashimema :)
13:04 Joubu ashimema: for the merge request, I don't remeber how we did last time
13:04 ashimema me niether..
13:04 ashimema me neither..
13:04 ashimema I have the changes in a public github repository
13:05 ashimema it's a one liner in the docs, and a one liner in  script
13:05 Joubu ashimema: maybe you can create a branch in your repo et I'll cherry-pick or am or whatever
13:05 ashimema sounds fair..
13:05 ashimema I'll branch it..
13:06 Joubu ashimema: ok I see it on github, I can do it
13:06 ashimema done..
13:06 ashimema[…]its/sandbox-zebra
13:07 ashimema just thee top commit.
13:07 jwagner joined #koha
13:08 * ashimema has decided that aracni is very cool
13:13 Joubu ashimema: merged and pushed on
13:15 Joubu cait: do you still need me?
13:15 ashimema awesome.. cheers Joub
13:16 cait Joubu: i think i figured it out
13:16 Joubu cait: k :)
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13:37 oleonard Hi #koha
13:37 cait hi oleonard :)
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13:42 cait hm does someone know how the table hold_fill_targets works?
13:42 cait seemed related to the holds queue?
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14:14 ashimema koha scales really really badly for this kind of thing by the looks..
14:14 ashimema mind you, I suppose in effect I'm DOSing my test instance here.
14:16 cait :(
14:18 cait hm funny
14:18 cait you can#t delete patrons with fines
14:18 cait but you can totally delete patrosn with a credit
14:18 akafred :-)
14:18 cait happy new year akafred
14:18 cait :)
14:19 akafred to you too! and everyone else in here! :-)
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14:26 akafred We have just spent a few hours trying to figure out why our automated suite of tests started failing during the holidays (or specifically pretty close to the time Santa usually tries to navigate chimneys) ... from what we have found out so far our virtual machine pulled in a new version of mysql (probably bumping from 5.6.21 to 5.6.22) which seems to have
14:26 akafred caused '/usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/svc/new_bib' to start failing ... It is weird.
14:30 carmenh Good morning #koha from NJ, USA :)
14:31 akafred ...  we suspect there is something in new_bib that is incompatible with mysql 5.6.22 (but works well with 5.6.21 ... or 5.5.41).
14:59 cait akafred: hm haven't heard anything about problems with newer versions of mysql so far
14:59 cait wonde what that could be - is there nothing in the logs?
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15:05 ashimema Joubu.. I'm just putting together a more inclusive MARC21 DB for our sandboxes.. would you also like a merge request with this?
15:07 Joubu ashimema: did you create a branch?
15:07 ashimema not yet.. still building it.
15:07 ashimema Colin's given me a great starting point..
15:08 ashimema a bunch of marc records highlighting random characters (there's Arabic and Russian in there to highlight Cyrillic support) and some linked authorities too
15:08 ashimema I'm just adding back a test:test user and things now
15:08 ashimema adn resting settings to a bunch of defaults.
15:08 Joubu ok, let me know when the branch will be created
15:09 ashimema will do
15:20 ashimema Joubu:[…]ee/sandbox-marc21
15:20 ashimema bascially, it just adds a bunch of records to the current MARC21 db.. last commit on that branch
15:22 Joubu ashimema: there are only new records (biblio + auth), that's it?
15:22 ashimema auth + bib, +a few extra anonymous users
15:23 ashimema takes the compressed db up in size a fair bit though.. from tiny ( 434K ) to 1.2M (compared to the full UNIMARC db of 6.4 M compressed)
15:23 ashimema i've also run the updatedatabase against it.. so there's less update to do with each run up of a sandbox.
15:24 ashimema so there's a number of small changes.. but no nasty surprises.
15:29 cait ashimema++
15:30 ashimema colinc++ he gave me the data to start with ;)
15:51 Dyrcona joined #koha
15:56 rocio joined #koha
16:05 Joubu see you tomorrow #koha
16:08 cait mveron++
16:33 laurence left #koha
16:49 cait bye all - holiday here tomorrow :)
16:49 cait left #koha
17:00 reiveune bye
17:00 reiveune left #koha
17:16 edveal joined #koha
17:35 gaetan_B bye
18:18 * chris_n considers a wiki page entitled "101 ways to install koha wrong"
18:18 chris_n based on the list, source material would not be lacking
18:18 druthb better set it up to auto-count the major headings, and auto-increment.  There'll be more than 101 before long.
18:32 barton joined #koha
18:47 oleonard NEKLS is looking for a director. Keep your fingers crossed they find someone Koha-friendly.
18:49 rangi ohh good point oleonard
18:50 gerundio joined #koha
18:55 jmsasse joined #koha
19:21 barton joined #koha
20:12 hankbank joined #koha
20:34 barton joined #koha
20:58 jmsasse With a package install of 3.16.04 on debian 64, will zebra, SIP, etc resart with a restart of the server or do they need to be manually started?
20:59 carmen joined #koha
20:59 rangi they will restart
21:00 jmsasse Thx rangi
21:45 eythian hi
21:45 wahanui hola, eythian
21:49 burdsjm joined #koha
22:36 ngourlay joined #koha
22:38 TGoat joined #koha
22:40 TGoat koha channel - can anyone give me Tomas Cohen's email address? I received an email from someone that would like to speak with him on the logistics of Kohacon. Thanks
22:42 TGoat awesome eythian .. thank you :D
22:42 eythian np
22:43 TGoat the person inquiring works for the university system in Costa Rica and they'd like to host in 2016
22:43 eythian ooh that'd be neat
22:44 dcook ^
22:44 TGoat myn thoughts too
22:46 rangi they might have to go for 2017
22:46 rangi i needs to rotate every 3
22:47 rangi 2016 needs to be europe, asia, the pacific
22:47 rangi one of those areas
22:48 rangi but 2017 would be fine
22:56 cait joined #koha
22:57 * cait waves
22:58 eythian hi cait
22:59 cait hi eythian
22:59 cait good answeron the list
23:00 eythian ta
23:00 eythian <-- cait
23:01 jenkins_koha Starting build #27 for job Koha_3.18.x_U14 (previous build: FAILURE -- last SUCCESS #25 5 days 1 hr ago)
23:01 cait cool, it worked :)
23:10 alvet joined #koha
23:17 dcook Hmm any ideas why a record might seem OK in MySQL and Zebra, yet still cause Koha to die?
23:18 dcook And by Koha I mean the XML parser...
23:18 dcook Saying all sorts of illegal characters are there but I can't see them when I look at the hex in MySQL :S
23:19 dcook I'm guessing maybe bad item data that I'm not searching thoroughly enough
23:19 eythian can you extract the XML and run XMLlint on it?
23:20 dcook Hmm
23:20 dcook The XML in my MySQL would be easy enough
23:20 dcook Actually, yeah, maybe both... I'll give that a shot. Thanks, eythian.
23:20 eythian you could just use the exporter to get the whole thing
23:26 dcook Hmm...
23:26 dcook xmllint seems ok with it...but maybe I'm missing something
23:27 eythian hrm, maybe the exporter for rebuild_zebra does something different...
23:27 eythian (I'm totally guessing now)
23:27 dcook It looks ok when I query Zebra directly though...
23:27 dcook SimpleSearch just returns marc... I suppose I should try looking at that as well
23:27 eythian oh wait
23:27 eythian causes koha to die
23:27 eythian I was thinking causes zebra to die
23:28 eythian yeah, check out the marc.
23:28 dcook :168: parser error : PCDATA invalid Char value 30
23:28 dcook <subfield code="u">TEXT\x1e  </subfield>
23:28 dcook :S
23:28 dcook I think \x1e is "record separator" but no idea how that's gotten in there..
23:29 dcook The overall record seems like it's under the length limit
23:29 dcook Maybe I should check individual field length to see if anything is over 9999 octets..
23:29 dcook Nah, that's not it
23:30 dcook I encountered one of these the other day. I did a ModBiblio on it and it fixed it, but need to figure out what's going on here as this is the second one to do it
23:32 dcook Invisible characters are always fun :)
23:32 eythian well, it's looking at marcxml there. Is there something strange in whereever that subfield u is coming from?
23:33 dcook Not that I can see :S
23:33 eythian mysterious
23:33 dcook MySQL has an old query browser that lets you compare the text and the hexadecimal version of the text, and I can't even see that 1e there. It looks fine.
23:34 dcook Other fields maybe... so I'm thinking it might be a problem somewhere else
23:34 eythian view the record via the debugger?
23:34 eythian it'll take a bit of time, but should give you more insight.
23:34 dcook Hmm would I just print it out in debug mode?
23:35 eythian I mean perl -d 'biblionumber=123'
23:35 eythian and trace through the execution
23:35 dcook Ahh
23:35 dcook Good call
23:36 dcook Ah wait a tick..
23:36 dcook won't help
23:37 dcook opac-detail works fine
23:37 dcook It's the search, and the error happens during C4::Search::searchResults
23:37 eythian oh right
23:38 eythian well then do the search :)
23:38 dcook Should be a similar syntax though I suppose..
23:38 eythian yeah
23:38 eythian it could be screwed up data in zebra, or did you check that?
23:38 eythian oh, you did
23:38 dcook Well, at least using yaz-client, which usually tells you pretty fast if you have a bad record
23:44 papa joined #koha
23:45 dcook Hmmm the debugger doesn't seem to be saying anything different than the apache logs :/
23:47 jenkins_koha Yippee, build fixed!
23:47 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
23:47 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.18.x_U14 build #27: FIXED in 46 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_3.18.x_U14/27/
23:59 eythian dcook: well the thing is you can inspect the data
23:59 dcook How do you mean?

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