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00:30 wizzyrea koha can catalogue them, generally they are stored elsewhere
00:30 wizzyrea but certainly you can catalogue them, and link to them.
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00:35 studentresearch Thanks for the info wizzyrea!
00:35 wizzyrea :) np, sorry for the delay
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04:57 bag made it
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05:01 mtj hey bag, you are in cordoba?
05:02 bag yup just made it :D
05:02 bag Ran into rangi already - he saved the night for me :)
05:02 bag rangi++
05:02 rangi hehe :)
05:02 mtj hey d00ds
05:02 rangi its how the koha community rolls :)
05:03 mtj hows those beers going chris?
05:04 rangi bag: the only downside of this hotel is the street noise, its much quieter on the side i am than over your side
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05:05 mtj is it really 2am over there
05:05 rangi it is
05:05 rangi mtj: saving them for the hackfest (the nz ones)
05:06 mtj good call
05:07 mtj i'm sure i would have finished half of them in the airport lounge
05:07 rangi cait and i were working on our presentation and she lay down for a nap, and i fell asleep on the couch about 8.30 .. so it was lucky bag called, so we got our beds back :)
05:09 rangi now i should finish reading emails and go to sleep, lots of spanish presentations tomorrow, its exhausting trying to understand. But great
05:10 mtj yep, i can imagine
05:11 eythian following things in other languages you can partly understand always leaves me with a headache.
05:12 mtj rangi, keep those food photos coming :p
05:14 mtj eythian:  yeah, me too
05:19 rangi mtj:[…]2157648469492715/
05:22 mtj awesome
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07:00 alex_a bonjour
07:00 wahanui hello, alex_a
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07:05 reiveune hello
07:22 ashimema sounds like your all having a great time.
07:22 ashimema awesome community.
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07:29 gaetan_B ello
07:30 gaetan_B +h
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11:18 bgkriegel morning
11:19 rangi Morning bgkriegel
11:20 * rangi goes for breakfast
11:20 bgkriegel HI RABGI
11:21 bgkriegel sorry
11:21 bgkriegel Hi rangi :)
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11:54 semarie hi all
11:55 semarie I think you know there is a vulnerability in bugzilla ?
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11:56 semarie I don't think it badly impact koha, but the "kind" of vulnerability could be present in koha
11:57 semarie i recommend reading this url:[…]web-applications/
11:59 ashimema we spotted that one this morning semarie :)
11:59 ashimema but thanks for the heads up..
12:00 ashimema rangi i believe has already patch bz
12:00 ashimema and it's on the hackfest agenda to look at koha
12:01 semarie ashimema: the bugzilla vuln is one thing, the present in koha of this kind of vuln is a second thing
12:01 ashimema yup.. hense why I mentioned it as two ;)
12:02 oleonard Hi #koha
12:02 ashimema Hi oleonard..
12:03 ashimema oleonard.. have you ever noticed how inconsistent the tabs on the members pages in intranet are?
12:04 ashimema the 'Checkout, Details, Fines, etc' ones on the left..
12:04 oleonard ashimema: Yes.
12:04 oleonard ashimema: It's something we fix periodically and then get broken again when a new feature is added.
12:05 ashimema that div seems to resize at random and the implementation seems strange.. I tried adding a tab earlier and found it displayed ok for all but the 'Fines' tab.. which when in focus didn't display my extra tab at all.
12:05 ashimema I see.. thanks..
12:05 ashimema I'm not just going mad then..
12:06 ashimema I may try patching it to be more consistent before adding my work on top..
12:06 ashimema just making sure I wasn't going to overlap with anything you may be doing.. it's the sort of thing you'd notice ;)
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12:15 rangi semarie: eythian did a quick code audit i think there are 2 or 3 places we need to fix
12:15 rangi thank you for mentioning it
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12:20 rangi tcohen:[…]2157648469492715/
12:21 tcohen rangi: awesome!!
12:21 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, tcohen
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12:26 cait hola #koha
12:27 cait we are stating the second day of conf now :)
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12:27 tcohen hi cait!
12:27 cait hi tcohen :)
12:28 cait looks fuller today than yesterday?
12:30 eternalsword rangi, is there a bug for tracking the code audit?
12:32 cait we just learned that over a 1.000 libraries are using Koha here!
12:32 tcohen yes, we have 10 more people already
12:33 cait tcohen: yay :)
12:33 tcohen that's a network that provides Koha to 1037 libraries
12:33 rangi eternalsword: not yet, you could make one in the security area
12:33 rangi 1057 ? or 1037?
12:33 cait 37... i think... butnot sure
12:34 tcohen we'll have the slides
12:35 cait tcohen: i think rangi is typing on his blog entry again :)
12:36 tcohen rangi++
12:38 ashimema cait... your awesome!
12:38 * ashimema just got some post
12:38 cait hmpf?
12:38 cait oooooh that was fast :D
12:38 cait they told me 3-4 work days and i only posted it thursday, with friday being a holiday in germany
12:39 cait german_post++
12:39 ashimema keep up the great blogging.. :)
12:40 ashimema i'm very touched cait.. can't wait to show nikki when she gets back from work too.
12:40 ashimema hugs
12:40 cait *hug back* i hope she likes it too :)
12:40 cait I expect a photo ;)
12:40 tcohen =D
12:40 tcohen photo++
12:41 ashimema :)  just stuck the camera on charge ;)
12:41 cait heh, i was thinking later :)
12:41 cait much later
12:41 ashimema rangi++ too
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13:05 cait they went up from 3.0 to 3.8 and plan to go to 3.16 in the near future :)
13:05 cait 3.0... they have been around a long time!
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13:06 ashimema who's that your talking about cait?
13:07 cait oh sorry -http://
13:07 cait thy are doing a union catalog
13:07 ashimema oh cool
13:07 cait an taking care of the 1000 something libraries mentioned earlier
13:07 rangi[…]4-day-2-digibepe/
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13:08 ashimema haha, thanks rangi.. you just saved me typeing 'korerorero'
13:12 cait well now you did type it :)
13:14 * oleonard wonders if all 1000-something libraries are registered in lib-web-cats
13:14 rangi i doubt it
13:15 rangi i think if you tripled the number in libwebcats you are getting close to the actual number of libraries
13:15 * cait does doubt it as well
13:15 rangi the 1000 or so in turkey arent in it either
13:17 cait i just did a search for argentina and koha
13:17 cait in lib web cats
13:17 cait there are only 47 libraries regisered
13:17 cait but there seems to be an entry koha DigiBEPé
13:17 ashimema those numbers are staggering..
13:17 ashimema awesome!
13:17 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, ashimema
13:18 ashimema happily donated
13:18 cait so probably some did register, but not a lot
13:18 oleonard :D
13:20 * oleonard grumbles about bugs which exist because fixing them is hard
13:20 * cait grumbles with olenoard
13:20 rangi ashimema: it seems like a really nice set up
13:22 ashimema yeah.. I'm just reading your blog post now
13:22 ashimema rangi.. you have a random http address in your post.. the post-new address for your blog by the looks ;)
13:23 oleonard Cue mbreeding response, "But I can only report what people submit" in 3... 2... 1...
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13:44 cait sorry, we were taking the group photo
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13:48 rangi ashimema: fixed thanks
13:52 ashimema :)
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14:04 cait hi alvet :)
14:06 cait hm sounds like some canon... shots(?) outside
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14:12 cait listening to the presetnation of metabiblioteca
14:15 oleonard cait: Are they giving Koha a 21-gun salute?
14:15 cait no idea :) maybe?
14:15 jcamins rangi: did you travel into the future for Paul's talk?
14:16 jcamins ("day 14"...)
14:18 cait jcamins: do you doubt rangi can do that? :)
14:19 jcamins cait: I'd be more impressed if rangi could go into the past and spend 48 hours in a particular day.
14:25 cait oh?
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14:25 cait hi mveron :)
14:25 * cait waves from Argentina
14:25 rangi hehe
14:26 rangi ill fix
14:26 mveron Hi everybody from Frankfurt (I will attend the Book Fair)
14:26 cait oh nice :)
14:26 cait hope you have a good time :)
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14:27 cait ok, now it's Arnaud - talking about bokeh
14:27 mveron cait: Well, they call it the Bücher Wahnsinn, it is huge :-)
14:28 cait are you shopping for books? :)
14:28 mveron I go almost every year, because I am very interested in books. The books I byu then at my local book shop in Allschwil  :-)
14:29 rangi new post up about koha in colombia
14:30 cait :)
14:30 cait[…]-una-red-de-koha/
14:30 mveron rangi ++  This way I can attend to KohaCon a little bit as well..
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14:31 cait rangi: the kohacolombia link is broken
14:31 cait wwww in front
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14:34 * mveron Has to go...  Eraly dinner time... Have a good time #koha
14:43 rangi cait: fixed
14:43 cait rangi++
14:46 rangi hmm down to 34%
14:46 rangi hopefully i can make it until gmcharlt presents
14:46 cait rangi: maybe plug itin over the lunch time?
14:46 cait like i did yesterday?
14:47 rangi good idea
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15:06 reiveune bye
15:06 reiveune left #koha
15:06 rangi published post now, before i run out of battery
15:08 cait mine is low too
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15:13 rangi quick arnaud i only have 20% left!! :)
15:15 cait i am already in deep red... shutting down now
15:15 cait cya all after lunch break
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15:18 rangi ok, shutting down too
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15:27 oleonard Kinda disappointed not to read any #KohaCon14 tweets from people I *don't* know...
15:35 chris_n oleonard: did you figure out your regex question?
15:36 oleonard No I set it aside
15:36 oleonard Do you have any suggestions?
15:37 chris_n I do
15:37 carmenh left #koha
15:40 chris_n oleonard: maybe => title="?(.*?)"?>
15:42 oleonard Thanks chris_n I'll try it
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15:57 grharry Hi all ! Need a quick MYSQL query to delete a half imported authority  BATCH  into the catalog  due to an bad marc record !! :)
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16:12 gmcharlt of potential interest to folks here:[…]-ebook-libraries/
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16:18 oleonard It would probably be simpler to post a list of folks who are *not* spying on me.
16:20 jcamins gmcharlt: I'm shocked!
16:20 jcamins gmcharlt: wait, just kidding.
16:20 gmcharlt jcamins: meh; at least Amazon *told* you they were tracking your reading
16:20 gmcharlt ADE just slipped it in
16:20 * jcamins goes in an edits /etc/hosts, just in case.
16:20 jcamins *and
16:20 jcamins gmcharlt: that's a good point.
16:21 gmcharlt also, I like tilting at windmills, and pushing back on the notion that privacy violations are an inherent and necessary part of the intersection of software and business
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17:00 gmcharlt just want to double-check time zones -- it's 14:00 in Cordoba, right?
17:01 jcamins Yes.
17:01 jcamins I believe so.
17:01 jcamins Which means that I need to leave now for a different conference. Break a leg!
17:01 gmcharlt thanks!
17:02 Dyrcona gmcharlt++ # just watch out, 'cause the windmills sometimes strike back.
17:04 gmcharlt for anybody who's in Cordoba - I'm standing by, ready to start the Google hangout for my presentation
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17:38 cait looks like we are back
17:38 cait no internet for a scary moment
17:41 cait gmcharlt: you can't see it right now, but I was waving :)
17:42 wnickc :)
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17:43 cait galen is talking now about extending koha to use linked data
17:44 cait wb alvet :)
17:44 cait ah,.... left...
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18:14 gmcharlt[…]koha-linked-data/
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20:37 wizzyrea oh we have an alvet!
20:39 wizzyrea cait - about? I find it rather unlikely that you are...
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21:07 alvet Hola! from KohaCon14 :) - cati: returning your hi after 5+ hrs; I missed that up on top.
21:07 alvet and yes - we have an alvet!
21:09 paul_p hola! alvet
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21:54 indradg wizzyrea: ping
21:55 wizzyrea hi :)
21:55 wizzyrea is it *the* alvet?
21:55 eythian hi
21:55 wahanui hi, eythian
21:55 wizzyrea the famous ebsco alvet?
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21:58 indradg wizzyrea:
21:58 wizzyrea It's there now ;)
21:58 wizzyrea it wasn't earlier
21:59 indradg lol
21:59 wizzyrea at least, I'm pretty sure it wasn't, I think I wouldn't have missed that, as I clicked on that page.
21:59 wizzyrea now I'm just waiting for them to tell me it's there.
21:59 wizzyrea on the list.
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22:36 alvet wizzyrea: yup - the one and only! spelling of my first name is so unique I didnt have to create an alias :)
22:36 wizzyrea \o/
22:36 wizzyrea also hi :)
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23:10 eythian hi alvet
23:10 * eythian <-- Robin @ Catalyst
23:11 cait wizzyrea: you have been looking for me? :)
23:11 rangi if you can hear bass thumping, thats my room, i just figured out how to play music on the stereo from my phone
23:12 wizzyrea lol
23:12 wizzyrea cait I forget why now
23:13 cait heh
23:13 cait ok
23:14 wizzyrea sorry >.<
23:14 wizzyrea OH! It had to do with the patch for koha-disable
23:14 cait rangi: so the party tonight is at your place?
23:14 wizzyrea wait. You are not doing work.
23:14 wizzyrea never mind.
23:14 wahanui Good, I'm glad you figured it out. I didn't understand, and probably never will, being a bot.
23:14 cait wizzyrea: you are confusing me :)
23:14 rangi bob marley thumping out now .. this is a super good stereo, surround sound and all
23:14 wizzyrea cait: you are having fun at a conference, and should not be doing work
23:15 wizzyrea but when you are doing work again
23:15 wizzyrea there's a patch for koha-disable.
23:15 cait ah
23:16 cait hopefully i will work some at the hackfest
23:16 cait if i survive presenting with rangi tomorrow
23:20 rangi i should stop trying to blow up the subwoofer and go downstairs for dinner
23:24 cait yeah me too
23:24 cait cya there
23:56 jcamins wizzyrea: looks like there's a link on the "Pre-configured Koha" page.

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