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01:28 eythian
01:28 eythian @wunder nzwn
01:28 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 19.0°C (2:00 PM NZDT on October 06, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.33 in 993 hPa (Steady).
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01:38 eythian wizzyrea just went outside to enjoy the 19°.
01:38 eythian Now it's bucketing down
01:38 eythian[…]18937672597790720 <-- that just came through
01:39 eythian @wunder nzwn
01:40 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 18.0°C (2:30 PM NZDT on October 06, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.33 in 993 hPa (Steady).
01:40 eythian oh, huginn is 10 minutes out of date
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01:53 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
01:53 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 18.0°C (2:30 PM NZDT on October 06, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.33 in 993 hPa (Steady).
01:53 wizzyrea liar. ;)
01:54 eythian I think it only updates every half hour, so give it 5 more minutes :)
01:55 wizzyrea well that's not very helpful in wellington.
01:56 eythian no, not so much
02:02 eythian @wunder nzwn
02:02 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 18.0°C (2:30 PM NZDT on October 06, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.33 in 993 hPa (Steady).
02:02 eythian still slow
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02:06 wizzyrea metservice says 9.1
02:06 wizzyrea that's actually impressive.
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02:10 eythian 19 down to 9 is a pretty good drop
02:31 indradg @wunder kolkata
02:31 huginn indradg: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 29.0°C (7:50 AM IST on October 06, 2014). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 26.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
02:32 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
02:32 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0°C (3:00 PM NZDT on October 06, 2014). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.44 in 997 hPa (Rising).
02:33 indradg hi wizzyrea :)
02:33 wizzyrea hello :)
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06:40 reiveune hello
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06:58 gaetan_B hello
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08:08 ashimema good morning #koha
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08:18 marcelr hi #koha
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10:34 Jags Hi
10:35 Jags Can anyone help me?
10:35 Jags Hi ChanServ
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10:38 Jags I want to ask some questions regarding my queries , can anyone help me?
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10:40 Jags how to cahnge the message Greetings from kogha to my custom message
10:46 ashimema http://manual.koha-community.o[…]6/en/notices.html ,_ Jags
10:47 ashimema http://manual.koha-community.o[…]6/en/notices.html <- Jags
10:47 ashimema I can't do any better than the manual ;)
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11:19 cait ashimema: hm greetings from Koha could be sip
11:19 cait we had a library asking that
11:19 cait and goodmorning :)
11:20 ashimema could well be.. but he didn't actually clarify the question
11:20 ashimema good morning cait..
11:20 cait nope he didn't :)
11:20 ashimema hows kohacon
11:20 cait not yet started
11:20 indradg morning cait ashimema
11:20 cait just about to go down and meet with the others
11:20 ashimema cool..
11:20 cait then we will walk to the conference site
11:20 ashimema jealous
11:22 cait what time is it for you now?
11:22 cait my room is really loud from the street at night *complains so ashimema might feel better'
11:23 ashimema 12.25
11:23 ashimema nearly lunch time
11:23 ashimema and I'm still barely understanding how this Inter library loans module is meant to fit together.
11:24 cait i think maybe try and split it up into small things if you can
11:24 cait as general as possible
11:25 cait i have to run :) will be talking here later
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11:33 marcelr hi argentina
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11:59 oleonard Hi #koha
12:09 francharb good morning #koha
12:14 marcelr hi oleonard francharb
12:15 marcelr no sounds from argentina yet?
12:16 oleonard Only on social media
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12:18 oleonard
12:18 cait hola
12:18 cait this is cait reporting from kohacon14
12:18 cait we arrived at the conference website and are waiting for tcohen to give his keynote speach
12:19 cait it's going to be in Spanish, but he said he told me in an interview earlier that he will be targetting the local community
12:20 cait :)
12:20 cait hm conference... site...
12:20 cait not website... of course
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12:25 cait someone here? :)
12:25 oleonard Hi cait :)
12:26 cait hi oleonard :)
12:26 marcelr hi cait
12:26 cait we got no power outlet... so will run out of battery at some point :(
12:26 * oleonard is too grumpy about not being at KohaCon to talk :P
12:26 cait oh
12:26 cait should i not mention it then?
12:27 oleonard You should mention it as much as you can :)
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12:30 oleonard Pity about the power though cait
12:30 cait yeah, will try to switch to the phone later
12:30 cait but much slower typing then
12:31 oleonard You can manually count out 140 hand-written characters and send them later ;)
12:32 cait heh
12:36 cait still waiting :)
12:36 oleonard Bugs found so far during testing of Bug 12986: 6
12:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12986 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Upgrade the DataTables jQuery plugin to the latest version
12:36 oleonard Bugs found so far during testing of Bug 12986 which are related to Bug 12986: 0
12:37 cait oh
12:37 cait interesting
12:37 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
12:37 cait I like found bugs much better than the evil hiding until release ones
12:37 cait good job oleonard :) oleonard++
12:38 oleonard All minor stuff... The kind of thing you see and think, Oh I should file a bug for that sometime.
12:40 cait yeah, but it's good
12:41 cait fixing the small bugs improves the overall feeling
12:41 cait hm impression?
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12:46 cait we are about to start
12:46 cait last people coming in - tcohen is up in front
12:47 cait tcohen speaking, but in spanish :)
12:50 cait Koha = regalo in Spanish
12:52 cait from what I understand he is talking about the mailing lists, meaning of Koha, Open source, the community etc.
12:52 khall Joubu: I made those changes to bug 13019 that you suggested
12:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13019 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Add base classes on which to build Koha objects
12:52 cait hi khall
12:53 khall hi cait!
12:53 cait we are listening ot the first presentation
12:53 khall safe travels I hope!
12:53 cait yeah, it all went fine this time :)
12:57 cait talking about maintained versions and release schedule now
13:00 cait talking about3.18 now
13:00 cait introducing the release team
13:01 cait jcamins: you got mentionedtoo - but not sure about context :
13:01 cait :)
13:01 oleonard "Watch out for that guy!"
13:02 cait heh
13:02 jcamins cait: "watch out, Argentine tango can seduce you away from baking cookies; see Jared for a prime example."
13:02 cait automatic renewals are on the feature slide too :)
13:03 cait jcamins: silly :)
13:03 jcamins cait: I know. I still bake a ton of cookies!
13:03 cait it#s all spanish, so sorry for the sparse reporting :)
13:03 jcamins So many cookies that I ran out of sugar again.
13:04 cait lol
13:04 cait now he asks for questions
13:04 cait :)
13:06 oleonard The real reason jcamins is out of sugar:
13:06 cait eew
13:07 cait quite a few questions getting asked
13:07 cait one asked about the version numbering i think
13:08 jcamins oleonard: reading 1930s sci-fi lately?
13:08 oleonard jcamins: No, but live with constant fear of having my DNA spliced with an insect
13:09 cait lol
13:09 cait now I know what I will dream about tonight
13:09 * jcamins will dream about giving speeches and how much he hates it.
13:10 jcamins Two speeches in one day!
13:10 cait jcamins: why did you do that? :P
13:10 jcamins cait: that is an *excellent* question.
13:10 cait what's the non-kohacon one?
13:10 oleonard That reminds me... I had an awesome dream last night that I was at a combination Koha/Lego convention in Prague. Let's make this happen people!
13:10 cait lol
13:10 cait let's make it happen!
13:11 jcamins It's a rehearsal for the speech I'm giving in Orlando in two weeks on ontologies and structured data.
13:11 cait a rehearsal with audience?
13:11 jcamins Yes.
13:12 cait wow
13:12 cait nore than myshkin and shari?
13:12 jcamins Yup.
13:12 jcamins At Toastmasters.
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13:15 cait chris is live blogging some
13:15 cait
13:16 oleonard rangi++
13:16 oleonard cait++
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13:42 * oleonard sees a picture of KohaCon14 snacks on Twitter
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13:51 talljoy wizzyrea ?
13:51 wahanui wizzyrea is silly
13:51 talljoy still to early i think.  it's is tomorrow morning there.
13:52 * talljoy waits
13:53 cait oleonard: sorry for torturing you
13:53 cait i ate some for everyone of you
13:54 jcamins cait: I don't see the pictures. How are they?
13:55 jcamins I mean, the snacks.
13:55 jcamins I'm sure the pictures are cruel.
13:55 jcamins :P
13:55 cait yumm :)
13:55 cait small pastry kind of things
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13:59 cait ooh we got a choir now afer coffee break
14:00 oleonard Fancy!
14:01 cait yes, and sounds eally nice too!
14:02 Joubu Hola
14:02 ashimema sounds like the perfect moment to get a cuppa here then too
14:03 cait[…]note-and-opening/ < better link than before
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14:15 cait next up are paul and chris talking about koha history
14:16 cait i am going to take notes for the blog... or trying to
14:27 oleonard Oh thanks, VM I installed for testing IE7, for upgrading yourself to IE9 without asking me. Very helpful.
14:27 * cait hands oleonard some cookies
14:27 oleonard It just goes to show how hard one must try to keep using IE7 I guess.
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14:28 cait heh
14:28 cait my battery is runnign low :( will try to charge during lunch break
14:28 oleonard If your job in IT is to keep Internet Explorer from upgrading itself from IE7 you have officially joined the Dark Side.
14:29 Dyrcona oleonard++
14:47 cait running out of battery :(
14:58 cait koha history went pretty well
14:58 cait need to shutdown laptop now :(
14:58 cait will be back from the phone, but slooow and typos
15:04 talljoy @later tell wizzyrea i am looking for the blog post that chris wrote about version control.  i remember you sent this to me, i thought i had it bookmarked, but don't.  do you have the link handy?  gracias.
15:04 huginn talljoy: The operation succeeded.
15:05 jcamins talljoy: wizzyrea won't be around for another ~8 hours, I think, but what was in the blog post? I might know where it is.
15:05 talljoy how koha is numbered.  and how the releases are numbered.
15:05 talljoy chris doesn't remember what it was called.
15:05 jcamins Ah. Yeah, I remember that one.
15:05 jcamins One moment...
15:05 talljoy i thought it was bigballofwax, but cannot locate.
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15:06 cait-m__ hola again
15:07 talljoy hola cait-m
15:07 cait-m__ current presentaion by bgkriegel is about translating the manual
15:08 jcamins talljoy: I can't find it either.
15:08 cait-m__ i hate typing on the phone
15:10 * nengard too
15:10 nengard oooo - what's the manual talk like? going well?
15:11 cait-m__ spanish
15:11 nengard heh
15:11 nengard well okay then
15:11 cait-m__ but english slides
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15:11 cait-m__ great work by nicole engard
15:11 cait-m__ :)
15:11 nengard :)
15:12 cait-m__ talking about to improve technical side now i think
15:12 * oleonard has a feeling of KohaCon deja vu.
15:13 cait-m__ hm?
15:13 ashimema ;)
15:13 cait-m__ talking about splitting up the po files
15:13 * ashimema too with the deja vu
15:13 oleonard We talked about improving the translation process at KohaCon13 but it didn't exactly go anywhere
15:14 ashimema translation is a hard problem to solve.
15:14 nengard yeah, bgkriegel emailed me his suggestion for breaking the manual up
15:14 nengard which I'll do if I can still link easily from section to section
15:14 oleonard The Koha staff client looks like crap in IE7 but the Bootstrap OPAC looks remarkably good considering it's IE7.
15:14 nengard he said he'd look into that
15:14 cait-m__ :)
15:14 nengard oleonard down with IE
15:15 cait-m__ showing pootle now
15:15 oleonard That's my opinion nengard, but the feedback I've gotten so far says we should continue to support IE8 at least.
15:15 nengard :p
15:15 reiveune bye
15:15 reiveune left #koha
15:15 * nengard makes a raspberry sound with that face
15:16 cait-m__ killing 6+7 still progress
15:16 oleonard Concerns about a DataTables upgrading breaking things for IE7 users are moot because DataTables don't work for IE7 even before the upgrade.
15:16 oleonard s/upgrading/upgrade
15:16 cait-m__ heh
15:17 jcamins oleonard: let's report a blocker bug anyway, just to be safe!
15:18 * oleonard can't sort my checkouts?! *flips table*
15:20 gmcharlt oleonard: jquery.ui.table.flip?
15:20 oleonard Not in IE7 you don't!
15:21 cait-m__ grumps at rangi
15:26 cait-m__ he was supposed to fix typos and stuff on my notes
15:31 oleonard However... The DataTables upgrade does seem to have created problems for IE8 which weren't there before :(
15:34 oleonard ...but obviously not insurmountable problems, because it works in some places.
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16:26 gaetan_B is there really anything such as a "standard koha migration tool" ?
16:26 gaetan_B or an easy automated way to create marc records from an excel file with ISBN, author and title ?
16:27 gaetan_B a customer is being an *** with me telling me it is all standard koha
16:27 gaetan_B if it is i'd like to know :-|
16:27 nengard there is a way to get excel in to koha
16:27 nengard one sec
16:28 nengard http://manual.koha-community.o[…]arceditexcel.html
16:28 nengard that might help
16:28 gaetan_B oh right going through marcedit
16:28 gaetan_B i hadn't touhgt of that
16:28 gaetan_B thanks nengard
16:29 nengard :)
16:29 nengard no prob
16:31 gaetan_B i am going to tell them they will have to do the mapping though
16:38 nengard yeah
16:38 nengard good call
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16:59 oleonard Way too much digging later... IE8 doesn't support trim(), used in one of our DataTables extensions. Simple to fix, but... sheesh.
17:02 cait wow
17:02 cait amazing you found it :)
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17:08 cait we are back from lunch
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17:09 cait hi tcohen
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17:09 tcohen hi
17:09 cait paul is up now talking about community organisation
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17:22 * jcamins has cleared the filing cabinet behind his head.
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17:28 cait so we don' tsee your cookbooks? :)
17:28 jcamins cait: actually, it was empty binderes.
17:28 jcamins *binders
17:28 jcamins Well, plus one binder with menus in it.
17:29 cait :)
17:29 * jcamins takes entertaining very seriously.
17:29 cait i was not that far
17:29 jcamins Hm. To clarify, those are menus I wrote, not menus I obtained from the local takeout places.
17:29 jcamins :)
17:30 cait heh i know
17:31 tcohen hey, where should we upload the presentations?
17:31 cait tcohen: maybe the wiki page?
17:31 jcamins I think we uploaded them to the wiki in the past.
17:31 rangi tcohen: internet archive
17:31 cait the slies?
17:31 jcamins Unless you mean video, in which case, Internet Archive.
17:31 cait slides?
17:31 wahanui kf should be writing slides
17:31 rangi and link to them from the wiki
17:32 tcohen i'm talking about the slides
17:32 rangi for slides yeah just on the wiki is fine
17:32 oleonard Hi rangi, welcome back to my time zone
17:32 tcohen it should be great to stream using hangouts
17:32 rangi if you link them from the schedule that should work
17:32 rangi hey oleonard
17:32 wahanui rumour has it oleonard is not really here.  He said so.  He did
17:32 cait tcohen: are you recoding jareds talk?
17:32 tcohen i'm not sure we can
17:32 tcohen is it possible?
17:32 cait I don't know:)
17:33 tcohen "hangouts on air"
17:34 cait hm, I haen't used hangouts much
17:34 * jcamins either.
17:37 tcohen there's a hangouts on air feature
17:37 tcohen for that specific purpose
17:37 tcohen we could have streammed all the conference
17:37 tcohen :/
17:37 cait don't worry about it
17:41 jcamins I tried to convince Myshkin to help with my presentation, but he wasn't interested. He'll probably change his mind when I'm in the middle of it.
17:42 cait :)
17:42 cait much better to have a cat knocking over your screen than have an earthquake doing it
17:42 jcamins You'll be able to tell because first I'll bob out of sight suddenly, and then there will be a feline nose over the camera.
17:42 jcamins True.
17:46 * jcamins is getting into the Argentine KohaCon mood by listening to Gotan Project and other contemporary tango.
17:46 cait :)
17:46 * cait wants a myshkin appearance now
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17:52 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Need (JS) regular expressions advice" (13 lines) at
18:01 cait our jcamins is talking now :)
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18:10 rangi i think its hangouts trying to handle the volume by reducing it
18:10 cait joined #koha
18:11 cait back
18:11 cait Jared still talking  :)
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18:21 cait i think we are visiting a library now
18:21 cait while they have a breakout session /discussion/roundtable in spanish
18:22 rangi i could sit there and nod
18:22 rangi ive managed to look like i know spanish a few times :)
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18:31 jcamins Whoah, talk about lucky.
18:31 jcamins My LAN just spontaneously exploded.
18:32 jcamins (lucky because if it had happened earlier, it would've been the middle of my talk)
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18:33 indradg is anyone recording the sessions?
18:43 barton hey, has anyone seen issues with fast indexing on new bibs? we have seen an influx of problems relating to un-searchable bibs requiring a full re-index. Simply re-queueing the bib will not fix.
18:44 barton ... we haven't found a root cause.
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18:51 koha hi everyone, who knows how to explort Patrons and remove all Patrons once in koha please ?
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19:46 chris_n oleonard: maybe => title="?(.*?)"?>
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19:50 wizzyrea hi
19:50 wizzyrea talljoy: did you find what you were looking for?
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20:38 wizzyrea mtj about?
20:39 wizzyrea mtj-
20:39 talljoy_away hey wizzyrea
20:39 wahanui wizzyrea is, like, silly
20:39 talljoy_away ha!  did you get my later message?
20:39 wizzyrea I did, did you find it?
20:39 talljoy_away no, not yet
20:39 talljoy_away not a single librarian i've put to the task can find it!
20:39 talljoy_away sad.
20:39 wizzyrea heh
20:40 talljoy_away do you have it bookmarked somewhere?
20:40 mtj hey wiz
20:40 wizzyrea[…]-release-process/
20:40 wizzyrea maybe?
20:40 wahanui rumour has it maybe is a momentaneous error
20:40 wizzyrea mtj regarding 12856
20:40 wizzyrea what version of debian/ubuntu/apache are you running?
20:40 talljoy_away that's it.
20:40 talljoy_away wizzyrea++
20:40 * wizzyrea wins the librarian prize
20:40 mtj bug 12856
20:40 talljoy_away LOL
20:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12856 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , koha-disable fails without disabling site
20:41 talljoy_away indeed you do.
20:41 talljoy_away did you see rangi's tweet.
20:41 wizzyrea errrr
20:41 talljoy_away about the really old book
20:41 talljoy_away and how it was cataloged in Koha?
20:41 wizzyrea oh yes I saw him post it on facebook
20:41 talljoy_away oh the facebook.
20:41 wahanui the facebook is *not* a universal authenticator!
20:41 talljoy_away oh yah?
20:41 talljoy_away facebook is my LDAP
20:41 wizzyrea unesco heritage site, oldest known encyclopedia, catalogued in Koha, that's how we roll? yeah pretty awesome.
20:41 wizzyrea though didn't see the tweet
20:42 talljoy_away yeah.  it was so damn awesome
20:42 talljoy_away might not have been a tweet.
20:42 talljoy_away i saw it on his phone,and it looked like twitter, but could have been FB
20:42 talljoy_away don't listen to me.
20:42 rangi[…]19203510379098112
20:42 koha hi everyone, who knows how to explort Patrons and remove all Patrons once in koha please ?
20:42 talljoy_away twitter.
20:42 wahanui well, twitter is quite invasive of culture. :)
20:43 talljoy_away koha there is no patron export in Koha at the moment.
20:43 talljoy_away you can run reports of your patrons and save those files to your computer.
20:43 mtj wizzyrea:  was a deb 7.6 system
20:44 talljoy_away there is a tool that you can use to delete patrons, (can't remember what it's called)
20:44 wizzyrea batch delete patrons
20:44 wizzyrea more -> tools
20:44 wizzyrea if you do a report select * from borrowers then download that as CSV or tab, that's pretty much a borrower export
20:44 talljoy_away bath patron deletion/anonymization
20:44 talljoy_away unless you need borrower attributes too.
20:45 wizzyrea oh there's a report for that
20:45 wizzyrea in the wiki I thought
20:45 talljoy_away probably so.
20:45 wizzyrea and if there isn't there should be because I think I wrote one not long ago
20:45 talljoy_away i've got to go the market and buy some foodstuffs and wine.
20:45 wizzyrea suppose I should have a nosey
20:45 talljoy_away bbiab
20:45 wizzyrea have fun, good luck
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20:45 talljoy_away wizzyrea you are a better librarian than us.
20:45 wizzyrea apache version mtj?
20:45 wizzyrea gosh.
20:46 wizzyrea that's uh, undeserved praise.
20:46 wizzyrea but thank you :)
20:46 talljoy_away :-D
20:48 wizzyrea mtj: apache 2.2 or 2.4? I'm not sure it matters but it's interesting that it's working for you and not for others (specifically, I think it's ubuntu 14.04)
20:48 mtj 2.2.22-13+deb7u3
20:48 wizzyrea :) ty
20:49 wizzyrea I'm about to put a patch up for that bug, it's pretty small but since it's already workign for you I'd like you to make sure it still works for you after the patch.
20:49 wizzyrea many you's there.
20:49 Irma_Mobile2 joined #koha
20:49 wizzyrea because it now works on 14.04
20:49 mtj weird...
20:49 wahanui i think weird is normal after a while :)
20:50 mtj its a mysterious bug that one.. :/
20:50 wizzyrea naw
20:50 mtj ...and that koha-shell  bug too
20:50 pianohacker hi
20:50 wizzyrea which one is the koha-shell bug?
20:51 mtj bug 11775
20:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11775 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , koha-shell displays warning on Debian Wheezy
20:51 mtj bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Inappropriate ioctl for device
20:51 mtj bash: no job control in this shell
20:51 wizzyrea oh. yeah, that one doesn't seem to have any real functional effect
20:51 wizzyrea that I can tell
20:52 wizzyrea maybe you've had a different experience
20:54 mtj i've had it glitch-up my shell
20:55 wizzyrea I don't find myself using it for much except running cronjobs as one-offs.
20:55 wizzyrea so I don't have to mess around with the environment (which I presume is what it's for)
20:56 mtj its seems to fix itself for a while, then kinda comes back (on my box)
20:57 mtj anyhoo... its not a biggie, that one - i'd just like to get to the bottom of it
20:57 wizzyrea ah yeah
20:58 wizzyrea seems like deep debian magics to me.
20:58 wizzyrea syntax errors I can get after ;)
20:58 wizzyrea I leave those deep magic ones to the big kids.
21:00 NateC joined #koha
21:01 Irma_Mobile joined #koha
21:05 mtj google does return some general (non-koha) hits on the msg, but there doesnt seem to be any decent info on what the cause/fix is
21:06 wizzyrea I just put a patch up :)
21:06 mtj bbiab...
21:06 wahanui bbiab is Be Back In A Bit
21:07 wizzyrea though it's not a terribly nice patch for white space...
21:07 wizzyrea i thought I had a git hook for that...
21:07 wizzyrea hrmph
21:07 * wizzyrea fixes it
21:09 mtj thanks liz, i'll test it later today
21:11 pianohacker when is feature freeze?
21:13 wizzyrea a valid question.
21:14 pianohacker why are potatoes so delicious?
21:19 koha i got it ! thanks everyone !
21:20 koha and could i think  account of "Koha OPAC" means the account for every  patron ?
21:28 cait joined #koha
21:28 Irma_Mobile2 joined #koha
21:35 Irma_Mobile joined #koha
21:44 BobB joined #koha
21:45 BobB hi
21:45 NateC joined #koha
21:46 Brooke joined #koha
21:46 eythian hi
21:46 cait hey eythian :)
21:46 cait weird time to see you around :)
21:47 BobB hi eythian
21:47 cait hi BobB :)
21:47 Brooke Hi eythian
21:47 BobB hi cait, NateC, Brooke
21:47 wnickc joined #koha
21:50 nengard joined #koha
21:51 Irma_Mobile2 joined #koha
21:54 BobB joined #koha
21:58 paul_p joined #koha
21:58 paul_p joined #koha
21:59 paul_p BobB & cait & rangi & NateC & talljoy => 8:30 in the lobby ?
22:00 talljoy no dinner for me.  staying in.
22:00 NateC I'm eating in tonight!
22:00 cait lol
22:00 rangi i think im just gonna get something and eat in too, and get an early night .. too tired
22:00 cait seems to be a general trend
22:00 cait i was thinking the same
22:00 talljoy bought a bottle of malbec for 2 bucks.  i'm good
22:00 cait nibbling on my salt crackers
22:00 talljoy i'm making tortellini!
22:00 paul_p bernardo may join. Tomas also want, but we suggested him to have a long night.
22:00 cait talljoy: what's malbec?
22:01 paul_p maybe we should do that as well...
22:01 talljoy red wine.  a type of grape
22:01 cait oh
22:01 cait talljoy: where did you get the tortellini... and when are they ready? ;)
22:01 talljoy i have a tub of dulce de leche
22:01 talljoy LOL
22:01 cait ok, just the first question? :)
22:01 talljoy i went to the supermercado almacor on independencia street.
22:01 cait is that a different one to the one yesterday?
22:01 talljoy small clean grocery store.  decent selection of stuffs.
22:01 talljoy yes different.
22:02 talljoy better.
22:02 talljoy bigger
22:02 cait how far?
22:02 paul_p well, maybe that will finish like this for us then...
22:03 cait hm?
22:04 BobB paul_p I would go out to eat, but prefer it not become too late
22:04 talljoy cait not far.
22:04 talljoy go out the door, to the left. one block?  maybe two?  if you hit the mall too far.
22:04 paul_p cait = I wanted to say that we may end eating in the appt ;-)
22:04 talljoy take a right. and it is on the right just a little ways up.
22:04 talljoy easy to find.
22:04 talljoy natec found it
22:06 wizzyrea http://kohadevreactions.tumblr[…]t-kohacon-kohails this is totally what's happening in Cordoba right now
22:06 wizzyrea perhaps with less enthusiasm.
22:07 wizzyrea because you're all tired.
22:07 rangi right im gonna go find it, i might walk in the complete opposite direction, that appears to be what we do
22:07 rangi :)
22:08 wizzyrea[…]h8INbi1qegw8v.gif maybe more like this
22:08 jcamins wizzyrea: hehe.
22:08 trea joined #koha
22:09 wizzyrea[…]1tsm3m7o1_500.gif or this
22:11 jcamins The little girl is funnier. Stick with that one.
22:11 wizzyrea Boo is cute. ;)
22:12 Irma_Mobile joined #koha
22:17 paul_p hi Irma_Mobile !
22:21 koha could i think  account of "Koha OPAC" means the account for every  patron ?
22:24 eythian koha: what do you mean?
22:29 koha i am usting  bywater koha, and they gave me two account, one is  opac, the other one is staff
22:30 koha i do not know what opac is ....
22:30 eythian OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalogue. It's the part of the system that the public see and do searches on and so forth.
22:31 koha you mean  OPAC is public so that every one check it and borrow books there ?
22:32 eythian well, they can't borrow books there, but they can see them and put reserves on them.
22:32 wnickc joined #koha
22:33 koha eythian:  oh, i see, so OPAC account is for patron,  but opac site is for everyone, right?
22:33 wizzyrea if you have a staff account, you can create more borrowers
22:33 wizzyrea more opac users.
22:34 wizzyrea right, you can have an account to log in and do stuff like reserve books, make lists, renew books
22:34 wizzyrea but the OPAC itself doesn't require a login
22:35 wizzyrea the staff side, however, does.
22:35 koha wizzyrea:  i got it , thanks !
22:36 wizzyrea cool :)
22:36 wizzyrea can I just put it on the record again that OPAC is a terrible term. :)
22:38 eythian jup
22:51 koha how to find out where we can modify "Item type" please ?
23:00 eythian koha: in the administration screen you can modify your item type definitions.
23:00 eythian[…]web-applications/ <-- it's entirely possible Koha is vulnerable to this.
23:01 * rangi scurries off to update bugzilla
23:05 rangi right, so thats no longer vulnerable, eythian can you email me that and ill put it on the agenda for the hackfest
23:05 paul_p BobB = so, what do you do for dinner ?
23:06 eythian rangi: k
23:06 * rangi just ate a sandwich with what i thought was cream cheese, but was cream fraiche instead .. tasted ok anyway
23:08 rangi now back to presentation writing
23:10 eythian oh yeah, I need to think about that soon too
23:13 bgkriegel joined #koha
23:14 BobB paul_p, sorry, I went out and bought something ..... so tired
23:18 bgkriegel Hi, all tired?
23:18 bgkriegel I am
23:19 eythian svc/import_bib:47:    my %params = map { $_ => $query->param($_) } $query->param;
23:19 eythian cataloguing/value_builder/​        $template->param('index' => $query->param('index'));
23:22 eythian serials/        biblionumber => $query->param('biblionumber'),
23:23 eythian I'm going to stop looking now, we have a handful of places where there is a risk of this thing being usable (useful is a different matter.)
23:23 eythian but in most cases it's fine
23:24 rangi bgkriegel: yep, i just went to the supermarket and got some food there, working on presentation now, then having an earlier night
23:24 rangi eythian: cool eythian thanks for checking
23:24 eythian opac/        biblionumber   => $query->param('biblionumber'),
23:24 eythian that sort of thing is probably the most iffy
23:24 bgkriegel rangi: good, i'm planning to do the same (early night)
23:24 eythian given it's an unauthenticated part of the system
23:27 rocio left #koha
23:31 cait joined #koha
23:39 studentresearch joined #koha
23:39 studentresearch Hi! I'm a student at my small, private school and looking into the feasibility of moving from our proprietary system to Koha
23:40 studentresearch One thing that I'm interested in is whether or not Koha can also host and catalog digital documents. We have a large digital essay collection and it would be nice to roll that collection directly into our library catalog.
23:58 nengard_ joined #koha

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