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00:44 mtj ooh, i didnt realise that bootstrap3 only supports IE8 and higher
00:44 mtj
00:44 mtj "Specifically, we support the latest versions of the following browsers and platforms. On Windows, we support Internet Explorer 8-11."
00:48 mtj but, i'm sure they have their reasons... :0)
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00:59 wizzyrea namely: everything before 8 sucks (well, 8 sucks too but it starts to progressively suck less.)
01:00 rangi and anyone running ie7 on the internet
01:00 rangi is probably owned
01:00 wizzyrea ^
01:07 eythian 3.16.04 packages uploading
01:08 wizzyrea \o/
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01:13 tcohen \o/
01:15 wizzyrea confetti!
01:15 wahanui confetti is[…]1qh8hleo1_400.gif
01:15 wizzyrea haha that one makes me laugh
01:24 eythian new master packages uploading
01:24 eythian (sure is nice having master building reliably again)
01:24 wizzyrea confetti!
01:24 wahanui confetti is[…]1qh8hleo1_400.gif
01:25 wizzyrea I was getting tired of yay's
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03:41 Guest213 kia ora #koha
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05:12 cait hi all
05:12 cait gmcharlt++
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05:28 Oak gmcharlt++
05:28 Oak and thank you to all :)
05:29 Oak how's packing cait
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05:44 cait Oak: progressing :)
05:45 cait how are you?
05:45 Oak cool. i'm good. how are you?
05:45 Oak how many pair of shoes?
05:45 cait lol
05:45 cait 3 i think
05:45 Oak :)
05:45 Oak ah 3 is fine.
05:45 cait funny, i just picked them out
05:45 Oak hehe
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06:51 marcelr hi #koha
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06:53 reiveune hello
06:57 marcelr hello reiveune
06:58 reiveune hi marcelr magnuse
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07:01 alex_a bonjour
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07:01 fridolin hie community
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07:16 Oak Bonjour monsieur alex_a
07:16 gaetan_B hello
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07:22 cait morning #koha
07:24 Joubu good morning
07:25 cait morning Joubu!
07:25 Joubu cait: Did you finish to pack? :)
07:26 cait not quite yet
07:26 cait I did 3 loads of laundry last night... waiting for things to dry :)
07:27 rangi @wunder cordoba argentina
07:27 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Bo Alto de San Martin, Cordoba City, Argentina is 16.7°C (4:25 AM ART on October 02, 2014). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Falling).
07:27 rangi 16 at 4.25am is pretty warm
07:27 rangi dont pack too much ;)
07:30 cait rangi: packing layers, not a lot of warm things
07:31 cait but with t-shirts and stuff... there is already quite a pile to pack on my desk at home
07:33 ashimema :(
07:33 cait ashimema: we will keep you updated, promise
07:33 ashimema :)
07:35 ashimema We're having a sprint here during hackfest.. trying to get ILL developed in one week ;)
07:35 cait oh wow
07:35 ashimema should keep me reasonably entertained
07:35 cait any progess on edi?
07:35 cait i was hoping we could get that moving too
07:35 ashimema Lots...
07:35 cait i think shib is mostly done
07:35 cait but i need to sit down and write up stuff
07:35 ashimema We've been rolling it out to customers for the past couple of weeks..
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07:36 ashimema lots of iterating and fixing bugs found by customers..
07:36 cait ah cool :)
07:36 cait brb
07:36 ashimema I'm still poking Colin pretty much daily to get it submitted upstream.
07:36 ashimema the repo is out there for all to see though.. and I believe linked to in a few prominent places.
07:37 ashimema Reading the code, there still a few tiny bits of tidying to do.. which is why I think he's not submitted it yet..
07:44 cait hm maybe he needs to submit :) to make it move
07:45 ashimema It's moving..
07:45 ashimema I think that's his problem..
07:45 ashimema it's still moving so much here that he feels it's not ready for community.
07:45 ashimema Should be submitted imminently
07:46 ashimema I'll chase yet again today.
07:47 cait :)
07:47 cait i should chase pianohacker...
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08:40 ztajoli Hi to all
08:40 ztajoli news from yesterday
08:44 ztajoli There is an update on the thread about IE6/IE7:
08:44 ztajoli http://lists.koha-community.or[…]tober/040836.html
08:45 ztajoli As i understand, in fact now we don't support IE6
08:45 ztajoli We can discass about IE7
08:46 ztajoli we have positions against support of IE7
08:47 ztajoli We don't positions pro IE7 (Opac and Intranet)
08:47 ztajoli Your opinion ?
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09:09 fridolin hie ztajoli, how is the opac rendered on IE7/8 ? do you have a screen shot ?
09:10 fridolin in my opinion it is normal to not support old browsers
09:12 fridolin IE8 exists since 2009, 5 years is a
09:12 fridolin huge time for software
09:13 fridolin so IE6 /7 are more than obsolete
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09:19 ztajoli No, I don't have it
09:31 Oak later guys.
10:29 gerundio hey all, good morning
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10:31 gerundio I'm trying to upgrade Koha from version 3.14.08 to 3.14.10 on Debian 7.6 (wheezy)
10:31 gerundio using apt-get update the koha-common package is listed under "The following packages have been kept back"
10:32 gerundio using aptitude I was able to find out that there's an unsatisfied dependency... liblocale-marketext-lexicon-perl
10:33 gerundio is there any workaround for this without performing an apt-get dist-upgrade ? ..ooO(which I'm not sure that will solve the problem anyways)
10:39 gerundio somehow performing apt-get install koha-common showed that the unsatisfied dependency package would be installed
10:40 gerundio don't quite understand why apt-get upgrade wouldn't install it as well... but it seems my problem's solved
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11:00 ztajoli News on IE7 and Koha opac:
11:01 ztajoli same screen shoots at
11:01 ztajoli To test you can use IETester,  <>,
11:02 ztajoli In fact the result is quite bad on graphic
11:02 ztajoli Cart and lists are not working in practies
11:03 ztajoli Koha vesrion tested: master from sandbox
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11:09 ashimema marcelr any chance you could explain the background of bug 12973
11:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12973 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Allow passing code to XSLT_Handler instead of filename
11:10 ashimema or jsut your train of thought as to how it can go some way to solving bug 12758
11:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12758 normal, P5 - low, ---,, ASSIGNED , Failure when loading or parsing XSLT stylesheets over HTTPS
11:10 ashimema think my brain is on a go slow this morning
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11:33 cait hi BobB_Mobile :) cu soon :)
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11:56 akafred Anyone know of a publicly available mirror of git-bz somewhere? (I cannot use the git-protocol from work, need an https-url ... )
11:56 cait akafred: hm maybe Joubu knows
11:56 akafred Btw ... will there be live streaming from KohaCon? Or videos available afterwards?
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11:57 cait akafred: i only know that they have set up equipment for remote presentations
11:57 cait maybe ask tcohen directly when he shows up - or bgkriegel
11:58 cait akafred: i will try to post to twitter and maybe we can post summaries
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12:02 cait bye all :) 2 weeks vacation now :)
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12:05 Joubu akafred: no sorry, I don't know
12:05 Joubu akafred: there is
12:05 akafred Anyone have a good twitter-list of Koha-people?
12:05 Joubu but not up-to-date
12:05 Joubu akafred: I can push it on my github account if you are still blocked
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12:06 akafred Thanks, we just did ourselves:
12:06 akafred No automatic mirroring, though.
12:07 khall mornin #koha!
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12:15 marcelr ashimema:
12:15 marcelr around?
12:18 ashimema am now marcelr
12:18 marcelr hi
12:18 marcelr i submitted the patch for 12758
12:18 marcelr it uses the string parameter of 12973
12:19 marcelr wait: not really, it fixes it with the workaround subroutine
12:19 marcelr the string parameter will be needed later on for perhaps marc mod templates
12:20 ashimema brill.. thanks marcel.. i'll tkae a look at the code..
12:20 marcelr the workaround sub switches location and string parameters of load_xml
12:20 ashimema i just understadn how the interaction would work
12:20 marcelr but note that is only a partial solution
12:21 marcelr i do not see any solutions now for the import references to https
12:21 marcelr this is a libxml2 c problem
12:22 ashimema sure..
12:22 ashimema I see now..
12:22 marcelr too bad to solve a problem only half
12:22 ashimema thanks marcel.. I'll take a look at signing both off..
12:22 ashimema it's a real shame that libxml contains the faul..
12:22 ashimema fault.. even..
12:23 ashimema I don't hold out much hope in an upstream patch happening any time soon :(
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12:27 oleonard Hi #koha
12:28 marcelr ashimema: i fear the same
12:28 marcelr hi oleonard
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12:31 ashimema did we actually post the bug all the way up to the c libarary?
12:32 * oleonard wonders how many levels up from the c library 'til you reach fundamental flaws in the laws of physics
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12:36 marcelr :)
12:37 marcelr ashimema: i just contacted the author of the perl module with no results (we had no code of conduct at that time ;)
12:38 ashimema yeah.. his response was very poor.
12:38 ashimema I'll see if I can work out how to post a bug to libxml c
12:38 ashimema[…]ml2&content=https
12:38 marcelr ashimema++
12:39 ashimema I certainly can't find anything related so far.. so I think it's one they've not spotted yet..
12:39 ashimema parse xsl is a libxml 'thing' right.. i'm just wondering ifit's a bit fringe doing the load from remote file
12:40 marcelr Pathological performance .. abysmal performance
12:41 marcelr ashimema: yes it is somewhat strange to load a string with an import to htttps
12:41 marcelr but bugs are
12:41 ashimema indeed..
12:42 ashimema I was more wondering if an import is strange full stop..
12:42 ashimema never mind that it's https.
12:42 marcelr no the import itself will be used heavily
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12:52 * fridolin releasing 3.14.11
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13:02 oleonard gmcharlt++
13:02 oleonard fridolin++
13:07 fridolin thanks ;)
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13:19 fridolin FYI
13:21 marcelr fridolin++
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13:59 tcohen .morning
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14:18 * cait waves
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15:03 tcohen ahhhZ
15:04 * cait is worried
15:05 reiveune bye
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15:15 Joubu see you ;)
15:18 fridolin see u
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15:25 cait Joubu: :)
15:25 cait Joubu: when are you leaving?  my flight leaves around noon tomorrow
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16:11 bgkriegel hello
16:11 wahanui bidet, bgkriegel
16:12 * cait waves :)
16:12 bgkriegel hi cait :)
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16:14 * Oak waves
16:16 Oak oleonard, i replied to your thread but my message is awaiting approval from list moderator......
16:17 oleonard Thanks Oak.  Usually that means you included too many addresses in your reply.
16:18 Oak yeah it says " Too many recipients to the message"
16:18 Oak i only hit reply all in the phone asuming there must be only 2 addresses.
16:18 oleonard I try to send my replies only to the list partly because of that
16:18 Oak hmm.
16:18 Oak got it.
16:19 oleonard I don't suppose any mass-market email client these days is built with a "reply to list" feature :P
16:19 Oak :)
16:20 Oak i could paste email in a new message to the list. but i'm not sure i should do that.
16:21 Oak if you got the email on your address then i guess mission complete. you got my input. that's that.
16:22 oleonard Theoretically that would break threading in email clients which thread based on in-reply-to, but I think those are few and far between as well
16:22 Oak hmm
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16:43 cait bgkriegel++ tcohen++
16:44 jcamins Oak: do you know anyone who writes support for IE quirks for fun because they're bored?
16:44 * jcamins sure doesn't.
16:46 Oak well i actually wrote "if you are bored and hate your life" but then thought that would sound rude(ish) and chose a polite version that surely is stupid.
16:46 jcamins lol
16:46 jcamins The original version sounds much more accurate.
16:46 Oak i wrote that "if you are bored and hate your life" but then erased it i meant.
16:46 Oak :)
16:47 Oak yeah.
16:47 * jcamins understood what you meant. :)
16:47 Oak :]
16:54 * oleonard pictures someone maintaining a custom OPAC theme which uses <font>, layout tables, sliced-up images and Active-X controls
16:56 cait heh
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16:59 dani Hello
17:02 dani I have a questions about how "biblios in the resevoir" works.
17:10 cait dani:  just ask
17:10 cait if someone around knows, they will answer
17:11 dani how do the records clear out if they are from Z39.50 search?  Do they periodically get deleted? Do they need to be manually deleted? Deleted by cron?
17:12 cait by cron
17:12 cait i think one of the crons can do it
17:12 cait the one that does general database cleanups
17:13 cait but it depends on your version
17:13 cait which version of Koha are you using?
17:13 dani Agh, I suspected that.  3.16
17:14 cait hm
17:14 cait it should work there
17:14 cait but it needs to be activated
17:14 dani excellent, thanks cait
17:55 gaetan_B bye
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17:57 Gidoen_Liang hi
17:58 Gidoen_Liang who knows how to import csv file to patron or  cataloging books ?
17:59 Gidoen_Liang who knows how to import csv file to patron or  cataloging books ?
18:02 Gidoen_Liang is there any body?
18:11 oleonard Gidoen_Liang: There is a tool built into Koha for importing patrons from CSV
18:11 oleonard Gidoen_Liang: Tools -> Import patrons
18:12 oleonard Gidoen_Liang: If you want to import bibliographic data which is in CSV you'll have to convert the CSV to MARC with a tool like MarcEdit
18:12 oleonard
18:14 Gidoen_Liang oleonard: where can  upload  bibliographic data  please ?
18:15 oleonard Gidoen_Liang: If you have a MARC file you can use Tools -> Stage MARC records for import
18:16 Gidoen_Liang oleonard: i found it , thanks a lot !
18:16 oleonard You're welcome
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18:56 Liang how to find ways for physical circulations data to embed into system ?
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18:59 oleonard I don't understand your question Liang
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20:50 wnickc @wunder 05048
20:50 huginn wnickc: The current temperature in Quechee Lakes Sec 1, Quechee, Vermont is 18.4°C (4:50 PM EDT on October 02, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018 hPa (Falling).
20:53 tcohen hi
20:53 wahanui que tal, tcohen
21:01 * tcohen is puzzled why people doesn't reply emails asking for confirmation
21:01 cait oh tcohen
21:02 tcohen so far: 151 people registered, 82 confirmed, 21 aborted, 49 unconfirmed
21:02 cait annoying
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21:16 nengard gonna miss you all
21:16 cait we will be here
21:19 nengard not the same
21:19 cait well i have to go now and reinstall the laptop... but i might hopefully be back
21:19 cait i know :(
21:19 wnickc hi and bye cait
21:19 wnickc tcohen, it is likely me, but I can't get bug 11232 working, just wanted to play more in marc21
21:19 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11232 new feature, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Retrieve facets from Zebra
21:20 cait wnickc: did you reindex?
21:20 wnickc keep getting can't call  method 'raw'
21:20 cait and now... i should hsut down :)
21:20 wnickc yup
21:21 wnickc applied patches, copied files to respective locations, rebuilt zebra, relaunch browser
21:21 wnickc I got it on my first try, but now cannot make it happen, no worries if you are busy
21:21 tcohen wnickc: i can't tell right now
21:21 tcohen it works for me
21:22 tcohen once,  I had the wrong files
21:22 study_koha i explorted all data from my phpmyadmin with sql file,  and i sent to bywater compay , after that, they sent me one txt file back which seem to tell me the data has some issue, but i can not undertand the content, it looks like: "500......................................​......................................Item not added (bib 576, item tag #5, barcode 33927000024377): duplicate barcode 33927000024377 ........................ 600........................
21:22 wnickc okay, I will keep fussing, must have missed something like that
21:22 wnickc thanks tcohen
21:22 study_koha 500.......................................​.....................................Item not added (bib 576, item tag #5, barcode 33927000024377): duplicate barcode 33927000024377 ........................ 600................................​...................................​................................. 700Item not added (bib 700, item tag #9, barcode 33927000030978): duplicate barcode 33927000030978 ......Item not added (bib 706, item tag #5, barcode 33
21:22 study_koha i explorted all data from my phpmyadmin with sql file,  and i sent to bywater compay , after that, they sent me one txt file back which seem to tell me the data has some issue, but i can not undertand the content, it looks like: "500......................................​......................................Item not added (bib 576, item tag #5, barcode 33927000024377): duplicate barcode 33927000024377 ........................ 600........................
21:22 study_koha who know how to fix it ?
21:22 cait you got doubled up barcodes
21:23 cait a barcode should be unique
21:24 study_koha cait: but seems no barcode in my database
21:27 tcohen wnickc: I ended up deleting the koha-dev dir, and installing again
21:27 tcohen just to be sure
21:27 tcohen the upgrade path is not clear to me
21:27 eythian hi
21:31 rangi morning
21:32 cait joined #koha
21:32 cait back from tablet
21:32 wnickc I will keep playing later
21:33 wnickc thanks again tcohen
21:34 * cait grumps about not remembering the password for the ubuntu install on the ssd :(
21:34 cait would save me so much time
21:35 eythian that might be an issue
21:35 eythian go change it
21:35 cait not funny
21:35 cait morning eythian
21:35 eythian it's totally easy to change passwords on things.
21:36 eythian unless they're encrypted, then it's a problem
21:36 cait yes....
21:37 eythian ah, then you're stuck
21:38 cait yep
21:39 eythian you know what you should do? remember the password
21:39 * cait glares at eythian
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21:43 cait do i want lvm?
21:43 cait help?
21:43 wahanui help is, like, at if no-one here can help
21:43 cait :)
21:44 eythian cait: sure
21:44 eythian I dunno
21:44 eythian up to you
21:44 eythian you probably won't notice either way
21:44 cait hm
21:44 eythian but it's good if you want to do fancier things with disks, like turn it into raid or whatever.
21:45 eythian but if you don't, it'll just be there not doing any harm.
21:45 cait probably not, but its already installing
21:45 cait thx
21:46 cait so i tild it I wanted to install encrypted
21:47 cait but it still asks if i want to encrypt my home directory=
21:47 cait ?
21:47 cait any suggestions? :)
21:47 eythian well, if you're doing whole disk encryption, encrypted home dir is a different thing.
21:48 eythian if it's just for you, you probably don't need both.
21:48 eythian so one or the other.
21:48 cait ok
21:48 cait that was what i was thinking
21:48 cait so the first shoudl be enough?
21:49 eythian yeah
21:49 cait cool
21:49 cait thx!
21:49 eythian presumably that's whole disk encryption, so you'll need a password on boot
21:50 cait i checked the checkbox... we will see what happens
21:55 cait wow that was done fast
21:57 eythian yeah, it's zippy eh
21:57 cait lets find out if i remember the password )
21:58 cait oh no
21:58 cait i think i netered my password on an english keyboard...
21:58 eythian haha
21:58 cait not funny!!
21:59 eythian yes it is :)
21:59 cait no, it's about midnight and not funny :)
21:59 cait i guess i need to start over
21:59 eythian it's not even lunchtime yet
21:59 jcamins cait: but at least you know the password now, right? Just find an English keyboard and compare it to the German.
21:59 eythian surely you could work it out
22:00 cait and how do i change it?
22:00 cait can you change it?
22:00 cait i have lots of special keys. hm.
22:01 eythian you surely can change it, I just don't know how.
22:03 cait hm now when i start it, it goes to the grub screen - i pick ubuntu, then get a black screen
22:03 cait *sigh*
22:03 cait not sure if it does something, it doesn't look like it
22:04 eythian try using the recovery mode
22:04 eythian it tends to give you more info
22:05 cait ok
22:06 cait still a problem with the passphrase
22:07 eythian as in, you can't get it right?
22:07 cait and i tried to type the english keyboard and the german keyboard version
22:07 cait yeah
22:07 cait eactly
22:07 eythian If I were you, I'd do a reinstall, being careful about your keymaps :)
22:07 cait yes
22:08 eythian or just do an encrypted homedir, which works with your login password.
22:08 eythian (and is totally transparent.)
22:08 cait hm?
22:08 eythian encrypted home dir is easier as you don't have to think about it ever
22:09 cait i will try
22:09 cait just waiting for the installer to coome back up
22:09 cait that waht takes longest
22:09 cait thx again
22:09 eythian np, I'm just waiting for 3.14.11 to build
22:10 cait yay... general error mounting filesystems
22:10 cait and the sounds are not promising
22:10 eythian Man, General Error. He gets everywhere.
22:11 cait remember? not funny!
22:11 cait :)
22:11 cait ok.. it is
22:12 study_koha hi anyone knows  what is the rule of "barcode" name?  could i give it with any numbers  though it is unique ?
22:12 eythian study_koha: anything you like, but must be unique
22:13 study_koha eythian: really thanks
22:13 cait ok, cross fingers, trying again...
22:14 eythian 3.14.11 uploading
22:14 BobB_Mobile2 joined #koha
22:14 eythian 3.14.11 uploaded
22:15 cait something is seriously wrong here
22:15 cait now it complained about not finding files... and then didn't let me install at all
22:15 * cait tries a last time
22:16 eythian weird
22:20 cait ok... now it seemed to load the installer... from the noise it made... but i end up with a black screen
22:28 eythian ...
22:28 eythian turn it off and turn it back on again?
22:30 cait i tried that... i am giving up
22:30 cait there is something wrong i don't want to argue with it any longer
22:30 rangi are you taking it to argentina?
22:31 cait yeah
22:31 cait or what exactly? :)
22:31 cait and hiya rangi
22:31 rangi the thing you cant install on :)
22:31 cait hm not sure
22:31 cait too worried something is broken with it
22:32 cait after the strange behaviour
22:32 cait iw ill take the laptop with the normal harddrive i think
22:32 rangi good idea
22:32 rangi also this
22:32 wahanui also this is cool
22:33 rangi[…]a-crazy-Maori-boy
22:33 rangi is pretty classic nz
22:35 rangi tcohen: are you around?
22:44 papa joined #koha
22:47 cait1 joined #koha
23:02 migration joined #koha
23:02 migration hi everyone,  who knows  how i can make a data migration from my phpmyadmin to bywater koha plase ?
23:03 migration i already have online library account in bywater koha
23:10 cait1 maybe you should ocntact bywater support to help you?
23:12 migration i see, thanks
23:17 cait1 no sure what the offer is you are using and what it includes
23:17 cait1 and data migration is complicated depending on where you come from
23:18 cait1 left #koha
23:24 tcohen hi rangi
23:24 tcohen cooking
23:24 tcohen rangi: don't ne jealous, will pick you and BobB too
23:24 tcohen :-P
23:39 sijobl joined #koha

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