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04:22 rangi @later tell tcohen
04:22 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
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04:34 * Oak waves
04:34 Oak @seen cait
04:34 huginn Oak: cait was last seen in #koha 8 hours, 54 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <cait> might be osmething witht he path or permissions... i ma not very good on the sysadmin side of things
04:34 Oak magnuse
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05:23 * cait waves
05:27 Oak Ahoy cait
05:27 cait hi Oak :)
05:27 Oak haven't talked to you in a while. brushed your teeth?
05:27 cait :)
05:28 Oak no seriously. have you?
05:28 cait lol not yet, just getting ready for wokr
05:28 cait but i will
05:28 Oak oook.
05:28 Oak so no breakfast then either?
05:29 Oak wait. get ready for work. i'll annoy you later.
05:29 Oak :)
05:35 cait :)
05:35 cait you don't annoy me, just still sleepy
05:36 cait @wunder Cordoba, Argentina
05:36 huginn cait: The current temperature in Bo Alto de San Martin, Cordoba City, Argentina is 14.7°C (2:35 AM ART on October 01, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
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05:42 Oak cool.
05:45 magnuse Oak
05:51 Oak \o/
05:54 magnuse :-)
05:54 * magnuse waves at #koha in general
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06:40 reiveune hello
06:40 wahanui hello, reiveune
06:47 Oak hello reiveune
06:47 reiveune hi Oak magnuse cait :)
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06:56 Oak :)
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07:03 Oak Bnojour monsieur alex_a
07:03 alex_a Salut Oak
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07:09 Joubu hello
07:12 Oak hello Joubu !
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07:35 gaetan_B hello
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07:53 magnuse bonjour reiveune alex_a Joubu gaetan_B
07:53 alex_a bonjour magnuse
07:53 cait morning all :)
07:55 magnuse kia ora cait
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08:17 ashimema morning cait
08:17 ashimema morning all
08:19 magnuse hiya ashimema
08:31 pastebot "ashimema" at pasted "mail headers good" (31 lines) at
08:37 magnuse ?
08:38 ashimema that was meant for cait ;)
08:38 ashimema didn't mean to post it here..
08:39 cait :)
08:47 magnuse have fun JesseM_away :-)
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09:21 magnuse hiya akafred
09:22 akafred hello :-)
09:23 akafred btw - the issue i had with the koha-devel a couple of days ago was that the mailing list software looks at the actual sender, not the one in the to:-field - so i had to do some tweaking n my end.
09:25 * akafred inserts /list after koha-devel and adds an 'o' before the rather lonely 'n' ...
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09:39 indradg Hi #Koha :)
09:40 * akafred also does an s/To:/From:/ and is happy he is not coding right now ...
09:43 cait akafred: it looks like todayis typoday
09:43 cait i got the ame problem:)
09:45 magnuse e oo
09:47 khall mornin all!
09:52 magnuse kia ora khall
09:52 khall mornin magnuse!
09:52 cait khall: i am confused by the new waitig hold patch :(
09:53 ashimema morning khall
09:53 khall cait: it's my new alternative to the patch that was so contentious. I'm hoping everyone will be happy with this one.
09:53 khall mornin ashimema!
09:53 cait not sure about the Koha::Objects Koha::Object
09:53 khall magnuse: ashimema: You should check out bug 12892 and let me know what you think.
09:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12892 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Holds Waiting: not showing from check out screen
09:54 khall cait: the idea is to avoid using DBIC from our perl scripts, but still have a nice base upon to build smart objects so we aren't creating everyone in a bespoke fashion.
09:55 cait i understand the separating of dbic from perl - but i get lost about the objects i guess
09:55 ashimema i'll have a look
09:56 ashimema though I have to admit lately we've been reaching the edge of my perl understanding ;)
09:56 cait i would scratch 'lately' from that sentence for me :)
09:57 khall The way we are headed we will have totally inconsistent ways of handling higher level functionality in Koha. Koha::Object and Koha::Objects are bases upon which we can build better more consistent classes. Of course, no one will be forced to use them unless the dev's vote to do so. But at least they would be available.
09:59 khall so Koha::Item is a Koha::Object. We can then do things like $item->barcode and $item->barcode('1234'). We save them to the db with $item->Store().
10:00 khall Koha::Objects is where anything that deals with a group of objects lives. So for example, if we want a method that returns all checked out items ( for whatever reason ) we would put it in Koha::Items, and it would return any array of Koha::Item objects.
10:02 khall This way, our perl scripts know nothing about DBIC, but we can have consistency.
10:03 khall We can make our Object and Objects classes smarter over time. For example, I'd love to add iteration to Koha::Objects, but it wasn't needed for this bug, and would have taken me more time to add.
10:17 ashimema So you envisage a $items->next call for example where $items is a Koha::Items object which inherits all the basics from Koha::Objects.. right?
10:20 * ashimema goes off the read the patches
10:28 khall ashimema: exactly
10:29 khall It does sacrifice some of the automagic we get from DBIC, but in turn we gain much more control over how we do things.
10:30 ashimema sounds like a pretty dry approach.. which is nice.
10:31 khall We don't even *need* to use dbic. We can use plain ole DBI to get hashrefs to create Objects. So we aren't even married to DBIC though I don't see us switching to anything else in the near future.
10:31 khall yeah, I'm big on keeping things dry ; )
10:31 * khall hates to be wet.
10:35 ashimema haha
10:36 ashimema Well.. looking at the code I like it..
10:37 ashimema I think we need to get Joubu, rangi, tcohen and gmcharlt to weight in though..
10:40 Joubu hum?
10:40 * Joubu read back
10:41 Joubu khall: nice, I will have a look quickly!
10:42 khall Joubu: excellent! I didn't realize you were in!
10:42 Joubu khall: Where can I put comment? On the bug report?
10:42 khall I don't know. If it's about the implementation, why don't we start here in #koha
10:43 cait :)
10:43 khall I'd really like to get your input.
10:44 Joubu khall: I am for Koha::Object and Koha::Objects but other guys didn't. Did you read the last meeting about DBIC?
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10:45 khall I'm afraid not. It was really bad timing that I was away last week. Cait: do you have a link to the minutes?
10:45 khall Joubu: Of course, use of these classes is entirely optional, so those who don't like it don't have to use it.
10:45 cait khall: not right now, if not on the wiki probably best to dig them up from the irc logs
10:45 Joubu khall:
10:46 khall thanks!
10:46 ashimema http://meetings.koha-community[…]23-15.06.log.html
10:46 ashimema lol
10:46 ashimema 15:43:50 <gmcharlt> as far as our quesinon #6 is concerned -- I'm not a fan of a Koha::Object and/or Koha::Object::Set as a universal base class
10:46 Joubu khall: IMO if Koha::Object exists, all classes should inherit of it.
10:47 khall I would prefer that as well
10:47 ashimema me 3
10:47 Joubu khall: just looking at the code, quickly: 1/ Type and ObjectClass could be attributes, not method, isn't it?
10:47 Joubu 2/ <troll> Why methods begin with MAJ? :)
10:48 khall Joubu: 1) I tried that and found methods to be easier, but that could be changed easily.
10:49 khall 2) You mean camel casing method names? It was really just because we already camel case module subroutines
10:50 khall It also helps to separate methods from "properties" so to speak.
10:50 Joubu 3/ About the Save/Set method, you should have a look at[…]31953&action=diff I found a bug yesterday about "default" values and empty string vs '0' vs undef. Not sure how we should manage that correctly
10:51 Joubu Id method ++ :)
10:51 khall One of the advantages to this is we can override the default Store to do custom checking based on what's required for a given object type.
10:52 khall Id() could be important in the long run. Using it will allow us to fix our db schema without changing any code!
10:55 Joubu "Bad setter returns undef" => not sure about that. Bad setter should croak
10:56 Joubu Maybe it could be good to use Class::Accessor too (for get/set at least)
10:57 Joubu you should remove the encode call and depend on 11944 :)
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10:57 cait Joubu: maybe for a follow up
10:57 cait this is a bad bug in 3.16, so we probably need it there
10:58 khall cait: Joubu: exactly. We can update the Object as a one liner.
10:58 cait but something to keep a note somewhere to not forget
10:59 * khall won't forget.
10:59 Joubu khall: Why Koha::Borrower->new($patron_info) does not work?
11:00 Joubu sorry, looking at the wrong class
11:00 khall lol, yeah, I was re-reading my code to see what I did wrong!
11:01 khall If we added iteration to Objects, we can have it store an Object array, and be able to pass in an array of Object as part of the constructor as well. But that's thinking ahead a bit.
11:01 khall Keeping it simple at the start is probably for the best.
11:02 Joubu khall: yes, I agree
11:02 Joubu I am really not a fan of CamelCase, especially when you have a "new" method
11:03 Joubu khall: last: t/db_dependent/Objects.t should be t/db_dependent/Borrowers.t
11:03 khall I'm open to changing that
11:04 khall Joubu: I was thinking that. Originally I set it up so Object and Objects could be instantiated directly, but in the end I though maybe that was a bad idea so I changed the unit tests to use Borrower and Borrowers instead.
11:04 Joubu khall: Otherwise, it could be a good start :)
11:05 khall It's really testing Object and Objects via Borrower and Borrowers so the naming is really philosophical ; )
11:06 khall Joubu: thanks! I really hope we can get some consensus on how to move forward. I keep writing proofs of concept and my hands are cramping up!
11:06 Joubu khall: yes but you directly test Borrowers, not Objects
11:06 Joubu anyway, not a big deal
11:06 khall Joubu: you are correct and have no problem with those tests being renamed.
11:07 Joubu khall: you would have been good to have the Object and Objects in a separate bug report (for the discussion, at least)
11:07 Joubu s/you/it
11:07 khall I agree with that.
11:07 khall give me a minute ; )
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11:09 khall mornin tcohen! Please take a look at bug 12892!
11:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12892 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Holds Waiting: not showing from check out screen
11:09 tcohen hi khall
11:09 tcohen will do!
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11:14 khall tcohen: if you can read back I think you'll find the recent discussion helpful, but it's nothing we haven't discussed before
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11:16 KaustubhG hello anyone there ?
11:16 khall yes ; )
11:18 KaustubhG hi khall :)
11:18 KaustubhG I am a newbie wanting to contribute for koha
11:19 KaustubhG how do i go about it ?
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11:24 khall KaustubhG: what experience do you have? Are you a programmer? A librarian?
11:24 Joubu KaustubhG: How do you want to contribute? Technically ?
11:25 KaustubhG yes i want to contribute technically
11:25 KaustubhG I am currently studying engineering in Computer Science
11:25 KaustubhG I wanted to implement better book searches
11:25 KaustubhG using Natural language processing
11:26 khall KaustubhG: probably the two best things you can do are to write patches for existing bugs, and to test and sign-off bugs that already have patches
11:27 khall Your suggestion there is a big idea!
11:28 KaustubhG :)
11:28 khall Do you have any idea where you'd start with the natural language processing? I think you'd need to learn a lot about Koha's search related internals if you haven't already.
11:29 KaustubhG I have started watching the video tutorials on NLP offered by coursera
11:29 khall it's also important to note that there is work being done to add ElasticSearch support to Koha. Right now we use Zebra from Index Data as the search engine. It's a z39.50 server basically.
11:30 KaustubhG oh
11:31 KaustubhG whats a z39.50 server ?
11:31 wahanui i guess a z39.50 server is done by zebra, so i think no
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11:33 khall wahanui: I suppose I'm oversimplifying things, aren't I
11:33 wahanui khall: i'm not following you...
11:34 KaustubhG me too
11:36 khall anyone please correct me if I'm wrong, but we build our query in CCL ( among other opions iirc ), query the zebra server with that, and it gives back MARC records.
11:36 ashimema bingo khall
11:37 ashimema z39.50 is a library specific indexing engine KaustubhG
11:37 KaustubhG oh
11:37 ashimema well.. actaully zebra is the indexing engine.. z39.50 is the protocol to interact with it.
11:37 ashimema and z39.50 itself support a number of different query langauge's..
11:37 ashimema that about right aint it khall?
11:38 khall yes, I think that's more accurate
11:39 KaustubhG so koha currently uses zebra  for querying the searches ?
11:39 ashimema as khall said. we are also currently investigating elasticsearch, which uses Lucene as the underlying indexing engine and eleasticesearch is in effect the z39.50 bit.. and can similarly be queried via different query languages.. I think
11:39 ashimema lets define it in simpler terms..
11:40 ashimema ccl -> z39.50 -> zebra -> records
11:40 ashimema so koha uses ccl (and sometimes pqf) query languages to communicated over z39.50 protocol to the zebra indexer which holds record fields inside indexes.
11:41 ashimema and a 'record' in this sense is a marc21 or unimarc record..
11:41 ashimema That's pretty much the flow..
11:41 ashimema hope that helps
11:41 KaustubhG wow :)
11:42 ashimema in parallel there is work going on to add elestic search.. which pretty much replaces each one of those steps with similar steps, but specific to the Lucene indexer...
11:42 ashimema try saying all that 5 times fast ..
11:42 khall lol
11:42 * ashimema should really get back to setting up mail servers
11:42 ashimema In short, search is hard KaustubhG
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11:43 KaustubhG so tweaking the searches is gonna be hard :p
11:44 ashimema kinda ;)
11:44 ashimema though there are lots of peeps interested in it in here ;)
11:45 ashimema eythian and dcook are the current peeps with most vested interest.. but jcamins is also usually interested in it too.. though he does less with koha these days.
11:45 khall Joubu: ashimema et al, to bounce back to bug 13019 ( I moved the patch to it's own bug ). On of the benefits of this system is we can encapsulate our bad schema, then fix it! For example, we can have Koha::Biblio keep and handle biblioitems as well. Once it's encapsulated in the code, we can merge the two tables in the database, update only Koha::Biblio and we are done! The same goes for tables that need renaming ( like reserves shou
11:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13019 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Add base classes on which to build Koha objects
11:45 magnuse KaustubhG: you might want to look at[…]eveloper_handbook
11:46 KaustubhG thanks magnuse
11:46 khall If we went with the DBIC facing approach, we'd have to do the opposite, fix the schema then update all the code that handles biblioitems, a much more monumental task.
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11:47 khall I think it's a good middle ground between full-dbic and what we envisioned in Edinburgh
11:47 Joubu khall: you have been cut: " like reserves shou"
11:48 khall ( like reserves should be holds )
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11:52 oleonard Hi #koha
11:54 khall mornin oleonard!
11:55 indradg hi oleonard
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12:07 cait glad to see the discussion iss back on :)
12:08 magnuse yeah!
12:10 magnuse it's way over my head, but it sounds like something that would be good to decide on *now*, so we don't have to go back and change too much
12:16 oleonard @later tell eythian I don't see a red box when adding a library to Koha. What version?
12:16 huginn oleonard: The operation succeeded.
12:17 oleonard I'll ask this again since people are awake...
12:17 oleonard Given ([…]13a2;hb=HEAD#l155)...
12:18 oleonard Would it be wrong to do this? $branchloop = C4::Branch::GetBranchesLoop("");
12:18 oleonard pass an empty string as the branch in order to force no branches to be "selected" ?
12:18 oleonard Seems to work, but I'm wondering if it's stylistically incorrect somehow
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12:27 Joubu oleonard: $branchloop = C4::Branch::GetBranchesLoop() should be enough
12:28 oleonard Okay I guess I'm misunderstanding how it's being called in the context of the script I'm looking at
12:28 * oleonard will have to look again
12:30 * cait cheers oleonard on
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12:32 tcohen morning
12:35 cait morning tcohen :)
12:37 tcohen morning cait
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13:25 oleonard Thanks for taking my suggestion in that followup for Bug 12550 khall. I think that works well.
13:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12550 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , Add ability to delay loading of patron's checkouts in circulation and patron details
13:26 khall np!
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14:12 oleonard Hi schnydszch, how's your news today?
14:12 schnydszch hi oleonard, they're back :)
14:13 schnydszch the NEWS are back
14:13 schnydszch how are you oleonard?
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14:23 oleonard I'm fine thanks schnydszch
14:25 nengard cait didn't you and I work on some jquery to hide item types from the advanced search page? I don't see it on the wiki
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14:29 cait nengard: hm i didn't put it there, but i think we discussed on irc
14:30 nengard yeah, that's what i'm remembering and i didn't put i there either :(
14:30 cait but it stll had the problem that it left holes or that the lines had a different number of entries
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15:03 jeff (sorry for the noise, #koha)
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15:05 reiveune bye
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15:09 * ashimema feels battered and bruised after having spent the last two days getting to grips with mail servers!
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15:54 ztajoli Hi to all. In dev mailing list I have sent a post about IE6/IE7 and their support in opac, bootstrap theme
15:54 ztajoli As I have understand, now opac is not usable with IE6/IE7
15:55 ztajoli Are we aware of this situation ?
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15:58 ztajoli The mail: http://lists.koha-community.or[…]tober/040836.html
15:59 oleonard Frankly I don't care if something doesn't work in IE6. But I'm open to discussion on IE7.
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16:02 oleonard ztajoli: You sent this email after testing in IE6 and IE7?
16:04 ztajoli No, because I don't have IE6 or IE7
16:04 ztajoli But the documentation on jtree plugin is very clear:
16:05 ztajoli It doesn't work with IE6/IE7, only from IE8
16:05 ztajoli So, now, with the code in git master
16:06 ztajoli Koha Opac doesn't work with IE6/IE7 only for the presence of jtree JQuery plugin
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16:11 jeff If anyone finds themselves needing/wanting to test in ancient versions of IE, Microsoft provides virtual machine images here which I have found useful in the past:[…]n-tools#downloads
16:11 oleonard ztajoli: Have you tested the behavior of jstree in the OPAC with a modern browser?
16:12 jeff from IE6 and IE8 on XP, IE7 on Vista, IE 8/9/10/11 on Windows 7, and IE10 and IE11 on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 respectively.
16:13 oleonard ...although I'm pretty sure usage of the IE6 on XP VM is banned by the Geneva conventions
16:14 cait hm
16:14 cait isn't jstree only used for authorities?
16:14 druthb .
16:14 cait and only if you have a certain pref on?
16:15 cait hi druthb :)
16:15 * druthb perks.
16:16 * druthb dropped something on her keyboard.  :P
16:18 * druthb is a clumsy old thing
16:18 ztajoli Yes, jstree is used only for authority in Opac
16:19 ztajoli But for me authority is a quite important part of Opac, so the meaning is 'Opac doesn't work with IE6/IE7'
16:19 cait hm do you use hierarchical linked authorities?
16:19 oleonard ztajoli: Therefore I think that saying "Opac doesn't support IE6 and IE7" is an unnecessary exaggeration
16:20 ztajoli For us not
16:20 ztajoli It is used in details and MARCdetails
16:24 oleonard ztajoli: jstree is used in details and MARC details?
16:24 ztajoli Jstree is the only first js library that I find not supporting IE6/IE7. Now I do a completa check and I will add the situation on the dev-list (and here). Probably I will send the situation from 1-2 hours
16:27 jcamins Why is jstree required for non-hierarchical authorities?
16:27 ztajoli -> line 123 with [% IF ( displayhierarchy ) %]
16:28 cait yes it's only needed if you have hierarchical linked authority data and choose to show them
16:28 jcamins I'm having trouble caring that an advanced feature doesn't work on IE6 or IE7.
16:29 ztajoli -> 65 with [% IF ( displayhierarchy ) %]
16:30 oleonard Anyone know a link to a publicly-accessible OPAC which shows hierarchical linked authority data?
16:30 jcamins I don't see how that's different from lynx not displaying images.
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16:31 jcamins oleonard: Lyon 3, maybe?
16:33 jcamins I can't find their library catalog, never mind.
16:33 ztajoli I need to go away, I will report the situation as soon as possible
16:33 oleonard jcamins: Never mind, we don't use a version of jsTree that is broken in IE6/7
16:33 oleonard
16:34 jcamins oleonard: just as well, this isn't the one I was thinking of.
16:35 jcamins I could've sworn it was a French library that start with an 'L,' but Lyon 3 is Sonia's library, and that's not the one.
16:36 oleonard Koha uses two different javascript tree view plugins in two different places and I think both would be broken by an upgrade to the latest jQuery
16:36 jcamins Wait, where's the other tree view plugin? I thought I replaced it.
16:36 jcamins (note: I'm not replacing it if I didn't, I'm just making conversation)
16:37 oleonard jquery.treeview.pack.js in the staff client, jquery.jstree.js in the OPAC
16:39 jcamins Oh, staff client. I didn't know we had any tree view plugins on the staff client.
16:40 jcamins And didn't we conclude the staff client didn't work in IE7 anyway?
16:40 oleonard Occasionally someone files a bug about IE7 and sometimes they get fixed
16:41 cait some people have ie customers...
16:42 jcamins cait: yeah, but I thought too many people had given up.
16:43 cait hm?
16:43 jcamins cait: I thought it was not a matter of policy but a matter of people not having enough time to fix the IE7 bugs.
16:44 cait ah
16:44 Oak \o/
16:45 oleonard If folks are using IE7 and having problems then they're not reporting many bugs:[…]ha&resolution=---
16:45 * Oak got Koha installed inside a virtual machine using QEMU/KVM
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16:49 Oak cait, are you at KohaCon?
16:50 cait yes :)
16:50 Oak wait.
16:50 Oak oh cool.
16:50 cait did i mess up now?
16:50 Oak huh?
16:50 Oak nope you are OK.
16:50 cait becaus eyou said wait and i had already answered :)
16:51 Oak oh i got confused about dates... whether KohaCon is even started or not :)
16:51 jcamins According to my calendar, not.
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16:52 Oak :)
16:52 Oak 6th October.
16:54 cait ah yes, i will be at koha con :)
16:54 cait right now i am panicking becuase i need to pack!
16:55 Oak when is your flight?
16:58 cait friday around noon :)
17:00 Oak hmm. lots of preparations to make then.
17:26 oleonard Let it be known: chris_n forever lies in wait for the right time to strike.
17:26 gaetan_B bye !
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17:30 bag @marc 100a
17:30 huginn bag: unknown tag 100a
17:30 bag @marc 100
17:30 huginn bag: A personal name used as a main entry in a bibliographic record. [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,j,k,l,n,p,q,t,u,4,6,8]
17:31 oleonard @marc 100$a
17:31 huginn oleonard: unknown tag 100$a
17:43 tgoat joined #koha
18:30 chris_n oleonard: muhaahhaha!
18:31 wnickc joined #koha
18:46 gerundio joined #koha
18:50 rangi ah yes, the old reporting bugs that dont exist because we read a page on the internet trick
18:51 cait heya rangi
18:51 rangi morning
18:52 tcohen morning rangi
18:52 cait rangi: just told tcohen that you will have free hand on the slides
18:53 tcohen heh
18:53 cait i wlil just stand there trying not to faint
18:53 rangi heh
18:54 rangi at least its the last day, so we have a few evenings to work on it before then
18:58 cait rangi: yeah
18:59 cait rangi: maybe we can do a practice run
18:59 tcohen rangi: negative - drinking beer is the plan :-P
18:59 tcohen let cait do it
19:00 cait WHA!
19:01 * bag offers to help rangi and tcohen drink beer
19:01 * bag has to put together some slides for his talk at night too
19:06 rangi im happy to drink after the conference :) but i learnt my lesson in 2009, early nights when you have to speak the next day, or you lose your voice
19:07 cait only 2009?
19:07 rangi thats the only conference i had to skip my talk cos i had no voice
19:08 bag rangi: I blame texas - not the drinking or the late nights
19:12 tcohen heh
19:12 tcohen ok ok
19:12 tcohen drinking only wednesday onwards
19:13 * tcohen is happy to speak only at the beggining
19:15 * cait goes to start the next load of laundry... travel prep :)
19:16 rocio joined #koha
19:18 rangi hmm looks warm next week, according to the forecast
19:20 rangi[…]rgentina+ARCA0023
19:37 rangi @later tell paul_p i have a copy of the presentation from last year, i figure we just add one more year to it eh?
19:37 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
19:41 nengard joined #koha
19:42 bag oh nice - Shorts weather
19:45 rangi bbiab feeding ravenous children
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20:03 indradg joined #koha
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20:32 tgoat joined #koha
20:33 rangi back, briefly
20:46 rangi and gone again
20:55 tgoat joined #koha
20:55 NateC joined #koha
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21:16 cait oleonard++
21:23 tgoat joined #koha
21:24 jburds_ joined #koha
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21:54 eythian @later tell oleonard 3.16.3, but it was our weird patched version that has other issues, so it could have just been that.
21:54 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
22:15 gmcharlt
22:23 tcohen joined #koha
22:24 wizzyrea \o/
22:25 eythian gmcharlt: bug 12849 could do with being put into 3.16 (and 3.14)
22:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12849 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Sending a list has malformed links
22:25 gmcharlt eythian: cool, I've tackd on the rel_3_16_5_candidate keyword in the bug
22:25 eythian cool ta
23:02 eythian <-- rangi
23:05 tcohen AWESOME
23:06 tcohen awesome
23:06 eythian wahanui: you're supposed to answer to that
23:06 wahanui eythian: huh?
23:06 wizzyrea awesome!
23:06 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, wizzyrea
23:06 wizzyrea yerp.
23:07 tcohen awesome!
23:07 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, tcohen
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23:54 chrisvella94 joined #koha

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