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03:19 wizzyrea ...we really don't ask for browser and version in bug reports do we.
03:19 wizzyrea pity.
03:19 rangi its there, people dont really fill it out
03:22 pianohacker too many other fields :)
03:23 pianohacker anyway now that I've said my piece and added a smiley to defuse it I should run away again
03:23 pianohacker good night all
03:26 dcook hehe
03:26 dcook wizzyrea: Any particular one standing out to you?
03:26 * dcook is getting reasonably good at guessing IE versions
03:26 dcook Also compatibility mode
03:26 dcook "So everything's broken and you're not on IE 7? Ok, you're almost certainly in compatibility view mode."
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04:10 wizzyrea heh
04:10 wizzyrea no I just had someone ask me for a comprehensive list of IE bugs in koha
04:10 wizzyrea where to even start.
04:11 dcook Oh man...
04:11 dcook Do they mean open bugs or absolutely every bug ever?
04:11 dcook I try to include "IE" or "Internet Explorer" in the title of every IE bug I do
04:11 wizzyrea "bugs currently bothering IE in recent versions"
04:11 wizzyrea it's rather not specific
04:12 dcook Hmm. Yeah, no doubt.
04:12 gmcharlt bugs currently bothering IE...
04:12 dcook tcohen has also been pushing a lot of IE patches recently as well
04:12 gmcharlt can we bother IE even MORE?
04:12 dcook hehe
04:12 dcook Yeah, I think they mean "bugs in IE currently bothering recent versions of Koha"...
04:13 dcook Well...
04:13 dcook A few of them are arguably "bugs" in Koha, which modern browsers just gloss over nowadays
04:15 dcook I think every one of my IE bugs has been pushed, except for... bug 10772 and bug 9584
04:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10772 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , IE7 not loading reset-fonts-grids.css in staff client
04:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9584 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Failed QA , Remove problematic IE CSS Hacks in staff client
04:15 dcook I didn't provide a patch for the first one, and my patch for the second one was no good
04:16 dcook (and no one has raised them as issues locally so there's been no impetus to work on them anyway)
04:16 wizzyrea yeah, that's all fine.
04:16 wizzyrea hm
04:16 wizzyrea i'm looking at the latest master
04:17 wizzyrea can anyone else reproduce that the borrower name doesn't show up on the checkout screen?
04:17 wizzyrea screen inc.
04:17 dcook I could probably take a look at that sure.
04:17 dcook Which browser?
04:17 wahanui Which browser are you using?
04:17 wizzyrea firefox
04:17 * dcook is juggling about a million issues at the moment, and seems to enjoy putting more and more stuff ontop of his current list
04:18 wizzyrea I just want to know if it's me
04:18 eythian no wahanui, which browser is <reply>If it's IE, there will be trouble.
04:18 eythian no wahanui, \which browser is <reply>If it's IE, there will be trouble.
04:18 wahanui i already had it that way, eythian.
04:18 wizzyrea
04:18 wizzyrea see how the borrower name is just ()
04:18 wizzyrea both in the sidebar and next to "checking out to"
04:19 * wizzyrea tries renewing the borrower
04:19 * dcook is updating his db
04:19 wizzyrea mmm something is quite wrong I think
04:19 dcook Hmm
04:19 dcook I think it's something wrong with you, wizzyrea
04:19 wizzyrea yeah it looks that way.
04:19 dcook Mine looks ok
04:20 * wizzyrea dumps this database
04:33 wizzyrea I just totes broke up with that DB, the little jerk.
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04:42 dcook hehe
04:42 dcook I have comfort food :)
04:42 dcook Oreos, BBQ shapes, and... raspberry iced tea
04:42 dcook Hmm, apparently it's actually "Ice Tea"
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04:43 dcook Hmm.
04:43 eythian wahanui: wizzyrea also is never going to refer to a client as a flithy smurf in professional correspondence. Again.
04:43 wahanui OK, eythian.
04:43 * dcook wishes he knew more about the science of tastebuds...
04:48 dcook Wow...reading through the fine print on MARC21 bibliographic 300
04:48 dcook
04:48 dcook I think my eyes might start bleeding soon
04:49 dcook "In works that are not yet complete, only the type of unit designation is recorded preceded by three spaces. (The actual number of pieces received may be recorded as temporary data enclosed in angle brackets.)"
04:49 wizzyrea lol damn you
04:50 dcook In the example, the unit designation is not preceded by three spaces either...
04:50 wizzyrea not you.
04:50 dcook I know. I'm just ranting :).
04:50 wizzyrea eythian. Because he's a smartass. ;)
04:50 dcook I also know that eythian is a smartass :p.
04:50 * eythian is not the one calling people names
04:50 dcook hehe
04:50 wizzyrea you told me to!
04:51 dcook I think that's the part where you're supposed to deny it :p
04:51 wizzyrea haha no way.
04:51 wizzyrea I totally did it.
04:51 wizzyrea it's not actually my fault that the recipient didn't notice it and forwarded it to his boss. :P
04:52 wizzyrea it's only my fault for putting it there.
04:52 wizzyrea at least it wasn't sweary.
04:52 * dcook is so intrigued beyond words
04:54 * dcook thinks LoC might've meant "succeeded" or "followed" rather than "preceded", although their example doesn't corroborate that either.
04:54 * dcook thinks LoC might just be trolling everyone everywhere forever
04:54 eythian that would sure be a surprise.
04:55 dcook You know...maybe this is like Lost... and we all did something bad in our previous life... so now we're stuck with MARC21
04:56 dcook If that's what Lost was about
04:56 dcook Actually, forget Lost. *grumbles something about worst show ever*
04:57 dcook I would love to know what a "set" is
04:57 dcook According to MARC21
04:57 eythian I have had the last half-dozen episodes sitting in my to-download queue for years now.
04:57 dcook eythian: Save yourself some pain and just don't do it
04:57 dcook Friends don't let friends watch Lost :p
04:57 eythian So far, I've not done it :)
04:58 dcook :)
04:58 eythian hmm, I do have Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome sitting at home to watch.
04:58 eythian perhaps that could be this evening's fare.
04:58 * dcook thumbs up
04:58 dcook I think this evening might be Orange is the New Black...or Orphan Black...
04:58 dcook Or one of those shows that has an O or Black in the title
04:59 eythian ooh is orphan black back again?
04:59 dcook Dunno?
04:59 dcook I actually met one of the actors from Orphan Black years ago though
04:59 dcook We're from the same home town :)
04:59 eythian oh, no. Still on break.
04:59 rangi this looks pretty awesome
04:59 rangi[…]&
04:59 eythian cool
04:59 eythian it's a good show that
04:59 dcook Which one?
04:59 wahanui i guess Which one is that? The fixed navbar?
05:00 eythian orphan black
05:01 eythian Dead Lands looks like it could be good.
05:01 dcook Dead Lands looks intense
05:01 dcook Mmm, yeah, I hear good things about Orphan Black
05:01 dcook Such a small world...
05:01 dcook I remember seeing Tatiana Maslany in local theatre productions
05:02 dcook I was amazed when she was in Gingersnaps 2, so it's sort of a big deal that she's in Orphan Black now
05:02 eythian oh, is that who you met?
05:02 dcook Yeah, she was in an improv group with a librarian I know
05:02 eythian she is utterly amazing in OB.
05:02 eythian like, super-great.
05:02 dcook That's what I hear :)
05:02 dcook Hmm, I didn't know she had two brothers..
05:02 dcook I've seen Daniel in some theatre too. He's pretty good.
05:03 rangi the interesting thing about the dead lands is its entirely in maori
05:03 dcook General Fools Improvisational Theatre. That was the improv group.
05:04 dcook rangi: In the cast?
05:04 rangi the language
05:04 wahanui somebody said the language was filed letter by letter word by word
05:04 dcook Sweet
05:04 eythian oh cool
05:04 rangi theres no english, ... maybe subtitles
05:04 rangi and i think the first pre colonisation set one
05:05 rangi[…]m-the-dead-lands/
05:05 dcook I wonder what it's distribution is going to be like
05:05 rangi it'll play all the festivals i imagine
05:05 rangi but then probably to dvd after that
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05:15 dcook yo cait
05:15 dcook rangi: I might have to keep my eyes and ears out for it
05:16 eythian hi cait
05:16 * cait waves
05:17 dcook Hmm 7:17am...I guess that's a reasonable time to be awake :p
05:18 cait heh
05:18 cait not sure
05:34 * mtompset sneaks out.
05:34 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
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05:36 indradg good morning #koha
05:38 dcook morning/afternoon indradg
05:39 indradg dcook: morning it is... just about 11
05:48 dcook 3:47pm, I believe ;)
05:48 dcook local public library doesn't have "detail" pages apparently...just search results
05:48 * dcook really dislikes the software used by his local public library
05:49 dcook Such bad cataloguing as well...
05:49 dcook I do a "series" search for "the walking dead" and I get volumes 19 and 20 out of the comic series
05:50 dcook Even though I know for a fact they've catalogued 1-18 as well
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06:36 dcook Noo, it can't be 4:36pm already...
06:36 * dcook thinks someone should work on the bug preventing each day from being 32 hours long.
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06:40 reiveune hello
06:40 wahanui hello, reiveune
06:41 dcook salut reiveune
06:41 reiveune salut dcook
06:42 ashimema morning
06:48 dcook heya ashimema
06:48 wahanui ashimema is on qa now .)
06:48 ashimema hows it hangin' dcook
06:52 dcook Mmm, good question
06:53 dcook Ever changing? haha
06:53 dcook How 'bout you?
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06:54 cait good morning #koha
06:54 dcook heya cait
06:55 cait go home dcook :)
06:57 dcook What? It's not even 5pm yet!
06:57 dcook (It's 4:57pm...)
06:57 dcook That's 3 minutes of checking emails at least!
06:57 cait heh ok
06:59 dcook ^_^
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07:50 ashimema the left hand never knows what the rights hands doing over here eiter dcook
07:50 ashimema morning cait.
07:50 cait morning ashimema :)
07:53 ashimema Why is it whenever you get back to a piece of code you were working on a few month before, that you just want to tear it apart and start again from scratch?
07:55 Joubu Good morning #koha
07:55 dcook ashimema: I think Australia learned it from England ;)
07:55 dcook hehe
07:55 cait morning Joubu
07:55 dcook Also good question about the tearing apart
07:55 cait ashimema: gues... don't let it lie around that long then? :P
07:55 * dcook wants to tear apart his OAI client code
07:55 dcook I was going to work on this code over the past few weeks, but been so busy...
07:56 dcook (ashimema: In my case, it's that my coding ability has improved drastically since I originally wrote that code a year or so ago)
07:56 ashimema yeah.. same issues dcook.. other things had to start taking priority.. finally getting back to stuff now and OMG, this code is aweful1
07:57 ashimema likewise I reckon.
07:57 cait which project is it? *curious* heh
07:57 ashimema The bit that's currently bugging me.. is that it's making me really want to shift a bunch of surrounding stuff into Koha namespace and do them 'nicely' before I get back to this code
07:58 ashimema it's my borrower import re-write cait..
07:58 ashimema I see khall took the 'easy' route for a similar patch..
07:58 ashimema but now I'm thinking all my work really isn't good enough to go into Koha:: as it's so intertwined with the C4:: members mechanicals..
07:58 ashimema :(
07:59 dcook Yeah, I know what you mean, ashimema. I had a bunch of plans for Search, but I think I'll have to incrementally improve it
08:00 dcook Once I get a handle on all the current stuff I have...
08:00 * dcook really needs a minion
08:00 cait step by step... and noone is perfect :)
08:00 * cait hands out cookies  and hugs to dcook and ashimema
08:00 dcook It'll be good when my boss is back to help lighten the load, but then I go away, and I'll have lots to catch up on when I'm back from holiday..
08:00 dcook D'awww
08:00 * dcook hugs cait back
08:00 dcook I have oreos? Not everyone considers them to be cookies, but I'm happy to share :)
08:01 * cait loves oreos
08:01 cait it's not so long that you can get them here i think
08:01 ashimema :)
08:02 ashimema It's really hard to know where to draw the line between adding more technical debt atop old cold and when you should bite the bullet and recode something before adding an enhancement atop it.
08:02 ashimema s/cold/code
08:03 cait but we also need to be careful not to rewrite constntly, i think there needs to be a gain when doing it
08:04 rangi[…]no-not-like-that/
08:04 ashimema What do you think of as 'a gain' though.. if it make's it drastically easier to write new enhancements..?  is that enough of a gain?
08:04 * ashimema heads off to read rangi's blog post.
08:04 cait if the enh follows the rewrite i think yes
08:04 cait but not rewrite just to rewrite :)
08:07 ashimema so in your method cait.. would one do the rewrite and then base a second bug upon that re-write?
08:08 * dcook is also curious about this ^
08:08 ashimema 'cause i've seen a number of bugs like that that never go in.. bacially because peopel are scared of the re-write part so they get blocked ;)
08:08 * dcook so far has done some rewrites and waited for them to go in
08:08 ashimema or would you do the re-write as part of the enhancement bug.. to give it a better chance of going in.
08:09 ashimema certainly.. having lots of unit tests helps with this ;)
08:09 rangi first patch should be the tests
08:09 rangi second patch should be a rewrite
08:09 rangi such that all the tests still pass
08:10 ashimema certainly..
08:10 wahanui hmmm... certainly is confusing.. thanks for bringing your attention to it.
08:10 rangi almost all of the rewrite ones are the other way round
08:10 ashimema but should the enhancement be the third patch in the same bug.. or another bug entirely ;)
08:10 rangi either is fine
08:10 wahanui i already had it that way, rangi.
08:11 dcook What about when the rewrite actually fixes something that was broken?
08:11 dcook In that case, the outcome of the test should be different
08:11 rangi yes so the test should be failing
08:11 dcook Sweeet
08:11 rangi and the patch should fix it
08:11 * dcook likes this idea
08:12 dcook I'll have to ask again when I actually get back to the search stuff..
08:12 dcook Oh, forgot about Francois's email..
08:13 ashimema I agree in principle..
08:13 dcook It could be tough in some cases, me thinks, ashimema
08:13 ashimema and that's actually how I tend to go about re-writing now..
08:14 ashimema but yeah.. my instance if I'de like to completely re-write to be object oriented instead of functional..
08:14 ashimema and I think a fair chunk of the subs would actually just go away..
08:15 ashimema that would need to be a staged migration from one approach to the other.. how would you go about such a large shift?
08:15 rangi you still need to test all the functionality still works
08:15 rangi and id do it incrementally
08:16 rangi there is rarely ever a need to do an entire module in one go
08:16 ashimema yup.. would have to be incremental
08:16 rangi do a sub, then another, then another
08:17 ashimema k, i'm starting to get a bit of a map in my head for this now..
08:17 ashimema huge amount of work in total
08:21 rangi 3.4.1 seriously
08:22 dcook ashimema: But yay for member rewrite!
08:22 dcook rangi: 3.4.1?
08:22 wahanui hmmm... 3.4.1 is[…]693300df8fa9fb0f6 rather
08:23 * dcook goes back to doing his taxes
08:23 dcook One moment Lingua::Stem::Snowball. The next taxes.
08:23 ashimema huh?
08:23 ashimema 3.4.1 rangi?
08:23 rangi someone asking about a problem in koha 3.4.1
08:23 rangi its only 3 years old
08:24 ashimema oh.. on list somewhere I assume.
08:24 ashimema ack.
08:24 rangi yep
08:24 dcook I'm gobsmacked when I see questions floating around the internet about installing Koha 2.x
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08:53 cait Joubu: can you think of a public library with branche and nice catalog?
08:55 Joubu cait: what do you mean by "nice"?
08:56 cait looking nice :)
08:56 Joubu aix marseille has a big catalog:
08:56 Joubu ha
08:56 cait true, but i need a public one
08:56 cait public library i mean
08:58 Joubu ?
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09:31 cait Joubu: thx!
09:33 indradg dcook: the reason people are still gung-ho about 2.x is that those were the last to run on a MSFT Windows based system
09:33 indradg expired and pirated WinXP is still around in millions
09:34 dcook Ahhhhhhhh
09:34 dcook That explains so much, indradg!
09:34 indradg plus... Linux is all commands, and it is verry tough! :P
09:34 dcook Bah, it's not that tough :p
09:35 dcook I think you could actually install Koha on Ubuntu with almost no commandline work
09:35 dcook I think you can set sources via a GUI, install the packages via the GUI...
09:35 dcook I suppose the stumbling block would be setting up Apache
09:35 dcook Which is the same stumbling block as now
09:35 indradg yep... that is not the image Linux has in large parts of Asia
09:36 dcook That's fascinating :)
09:36 dcook I don't think we've quite made it to Asia yet. I think we're mostly still Pacific Islands
09:36 dcook Well, Australia and Pacific Islands
09:36 dcook Oh, actually, maybe we have done some work in Southeast Asia..
09:37 indradg trust me! a digital signature is a scanned image of signature
09:37 dcook O_o
09:37 dcook The world is an interesting place :)
09:37 indradg i got this from a very senior federal govt boss last month
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09:37 dcook Ah, well, there's your problem ;)
09:38 dcook I was watching a show called "Utopia" last night
09:38 dcook It's a satire of Australian government
09:38 indradg lol
09:38 dcook I've worked in Canadian government, and there definitely is a disconnect between hands on reality and perceived reality the further up you go the governmental food chain
09:39 dcook Which...makes a certain amount of sense I suppose. If one spends all of one's time in boardrooms and meetings, it is likely that one is going to be out of touch.
09:39 indradg its same every where apparently... just a degree of difference in the levels of spit and polish
09:39 dcook Agreed
09:39 dcook I think that's why I love my current job
09:40 indradg @seen mtompset
09:40 huginn indradg: mtompset was last seen in #koha 4 hours, 5 minutes, and 36 seconds ago: <mtompset> Have a great day, #koha.
09:40 dcook I can be hands on with Koha and metadata, but still help out with certain policy decisions
09:40 indradg dcook++
09:40 dcook (Although policy decisions are usually DSpace rather than Koha...)
09:40 dcook Hmm?
09:40 dcook I don't know what I've done :p
09:40 dcook Other than trying to fix IE bugs :p
09:42 indradg @later tell mtompset have a look at[…]ment.cgi?id=31173 adds [% USE Koha %] to all existing intranet templates that did not have them
09:42 huginn indradg: The operation succeeded.
09:42 indradg @seen jcamins
09:42 huginn indradg: jcamins was last seen in #koha 12 hours, 5 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: <jcamins> Likewise, you could add a test plan "try to download jquery.ime plugin using your web browser," but it's hard to see why anyone would want to do that.
09:57 jcamins You don't need to add me as a CC on bugs.
09:57 indradg @later tell jcamins I've split up the patch for bug 12815 into a 5 part patch set. Not sure, if I did it alright
09:57 huginn indradg: The operation succeeded.
09:58 indradg jcamins: wilco!
10:07 dcook Whoa, I've been at work long enough that jcamins has gone to bed and risen again :p
10:09 dcook Ooo, I can get wine delivered to my house.
10:09 dcook I think the wine store is only about a block away, but... delivery!
10:12 cait lol
10:12 cait go home.
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10:17 dcook Nevar!
10:17 cait *shrug*
10:18 dcook Actually, I'm just changing addresses and stuff like that, and waiting to hear if my wife wants an escort home.
10:18 dcook As she is out and about in the city.
10:19 indradg I tried to use a sandbox, but this error hit me -
10:19 indradg something about :fatal: sha1 information is lacking or useless (koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/p​rog/en/modules/
10:19 indradg Repository lacks necessary blobs to fall back on 3-way merge.
10:19 indradg Cannot fall back to three-way merge.
10:20 cait which sandbox did you use?
10:20 indradg cait: biblibre 1
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10:44 cait Joubu: around?
10:45 cait ah figuredit out
10:45 cait calculations...
10:46 Joubu cait: more or less
10:47 Joubu ok :)
10:48 cait Joubu: you included something for the basket groups - is that from the pdf?
10:48 cait i am still in 'ordering'
10:48 Joubu yes
10:48 cait ok
10:48 cait :)
10:51 indradg Joubu, trying to figure out the error can you pls help ?
10:53 Joubu indradg: one of the patches does not apply against master
10:53 Joubu fatal: sha1 information is lacking or useless (koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/p​rog/en/modules/
10:54 Joubu indradg: try to rebase it/them and request another sandbox setup
10:54 indradg ok
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11:13 ashimema i'm so happy to see people using the sandboxes outside of a conferance or other event where they're being plugged.. it's awesome Joubu, indradg
11:13 indradg ashimema: :)
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11:16 Joubu ashimema: yep, I just have a look at the stats, something like 30 requests has been done in August (for BibLibre' sandboxes)
11:16 Joubu for 4 signoffs
11:17 Joubu There are 1000 lines in the table since 2013-07-12
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11:27 ashimema That's fantastic Joubu..
11:27 ashimema we're a bit behind on that.. but then I didn't get them working again at this end until recently.
11:27 ashimema but yeah.. the stats table is starting to fill up with non ptfs-europe addresses.. which is great to see..
11:28 ashimema I always wanted to encourage people outside of just our own customer base to use them..
11:28 ashimema to b fair.. we're struggling to get our own customer base to use them much to start with...
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11:37 tcohen morning
11:37 ashimema joined #koha
11:40 indradg morning tcohen
11:41 ashimema joined #koha
11:44 ashimema joined #koha
11:46 cait morning tcohen :)
11:47 tcohen we need to schedule a deadline for the utf8 patches
11:47 * dcook needs to head home
11:47 tcohen hi dcook
11:47 dcook hey tcohen :)
11:48 cait go hme dcook
11:48 * ashimema is getting fed up of monitor issues with this box
11:48 ashimema still here dcook.. it's way past your home time mate
11:50 dcook I was just catching up on a few life admin things (and maybe doing a few Koha emails in between).
11:50 dcook Heading home now ;)
11:51 dcook Night all :)
11:51 cait hm
11:51 cait noone told him to take ashimema with him...
11:51 cait :)
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11:52 * tcohen thinks ashimema should replace his router
11:52 cait ah good
11:52 cait for a moment i thought you had gone with dcook :)
11:53 ashimema it's not the router.. it's the dual screen issues I'm having with this system.. I've just rebooted a number of times to enable/disable bios settings.
11:53 ashimema I have dual screns again now..
11:53 ashimema but the primary one doesn't like me still. :(
11:54 ashimema i get that horrible tearing when i drag a window accross it :(
11:54 tcohen what os?
11:54 ashimema ubuntu gnome edition.
11:54 tcohen 14.04?
11:54 ashimema 14.04
11:55 tcohen maybe its a compiz problem
11:55 ashimema I didn't think gnome used compiz?
11:55 ashimema Gallium 0.4 on AMD BONAIRE
11:56 Joubu tcohen: how do you schedule a deadline?
11:56 Joubu for the utf8 patches
11:56 cait Joubu: just a quick question- it hink currently we have freight cost on invoice level not on aqorders level - will the patch change it? i am cnfused about some of the freight comments
11:57 tcohen Joubu: we should schedule a dev meeting to take on that topic
11:57 Joubu cait: yes, I added that in the Questions/notes
11:57 cait ah ok... not quite there yet
11:57 tcohen and make sure all interested parties are present
11:57 cait and it started raining and all my papers ended on the floor in between from the wind
11:57 Joubu cait: IMO we should remove aqorders.shipment*
11:57 Joubu and use aqinvoices.shipment*
11:57 cait hm do you mean freight?
11:58 Joubu yeo
11:58 Joubu yep
11:58 cait i think we only use that currently - but there were libraries who wanted the freight ocst to be divided and the partials being added to the order lines
11:58 Joubu tcohen: who are the interested parties? :)
11:58 cait so I think i'd not hastily remove it, but be clear that currently the level is one step higher
11:59 tcohen we are the interested parties
11:59 tcohen :-D
11:59 cait i missed the interest of the party
11:59 cait which is it?
11:59 * cait has to check if she belongs to the parties
11:59 jcamins Cookies!
11:59 wahanui Cookies are delicious delicacies
12:00 jcamins Wait, that's not the interest of the party?
12:00 oleonard joined #koha
12:00 * jcamins takes his noisemaker and silly hat elsewhere.
12:00 cait hi oleonard
12:00 cait heh
12:00 cait utf-8?
12:00 jcamins *My* party is about cookies.
12:00 wahanui i guess utf-8 is lovely apart from the BOMs.
12:00 tcohen heh
12:00 cait i think first we need another date for a dev meeting :)
12:00 Joubu cait: aqorders.feright is not used (and has never been used I think)
12:00 tcohen next tuesday
12:00 cait Joubu: i think it has before 3.2 maybe
12:00 oleonard Hi partgoers.
12:00 cait so if we remove some libraries might lose data -i'd rather keep it around for now
12:01 oleonard Partygoers I mean.
12:01 meliss joined #koha
12:02 cait tcohen: works for me
12:02 cait i thin paola updated the wiki again, but haven't checked closely
12:03 tcohen as i see it, stakeholders are those interested in having this patches moving, and the utf8 mess cleaned soon
12:03 tcohen and also, those who have concerns about this patch series
12:03 cait it blocks other dev too
12:04 tcohen and might have something to propose/add/change
12:04 Joubu tcohen: Does someone proposed something?
12:05 tcohen i'd like to have some regression tests for this, at least for C4::Templates
12:05 tcohen but didn't seriously take the time to think of how to do it
12:05 Joubu nobody is going to write them...
12:07 Joubu Paola updated the wiki to tell "all" is working :[…]13174&oldid=13153
12:07 cait :)
12:07 tcohen Joubu: we'll schedule a dev meeting for tuesday, and formally talk about it there, ok?
12:07 paul_p joined #koha
12:08 cait i thin we need a plan
12:08 cait it has been on the agenda  a few times now
12:08 cait but it's hard to get it really moving
12:08 cait and we are getting into the second half of the cylce
12:09 * tcohen would like to have 4 more spare hours a day
12:10 ashimema just four.. I could do with another 6 at least.
12:10 tcohen i'll try to write a sample unit test for tuesday, for others to review
12:10 cait make it 10? :)
12:10 tcohen just a tiny one, to see what others think testing this should be
12:11 Joubu tcohen: I will review it, with pleasure!
12:11 tcohen *be like
12:13 collum joined #koha
12:25 Mahdi joined #koha
12:32 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Revert "Bug 12176 - Remove HTML from" <[…]e74367ac413a35699>
12:35 nengard joined #koha
12:43 cait hm quick poll
12:43 cait what do peopel think about removing items when importing via z39.50?
12:48 oleonard At my library we would not want to import items
12:48 cait thx oleonard :)
12:49 Dyrcona joined #koha
12:49 oleonard Why do you ask cait?
12:50 cait there is a patch that will remove 952/995 from z39.50 records on import
12:50 cait bug 6681
12:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6681 major, P2, ---, simith.doliveira, Needs Signoff , When importing a biblio record via Z39.50, authority links and items also get imported
12:55 paul_p joined #koha
12:57 tcohen cait: i'd suggest we implement a way of specifying what to remove
12:58 cait i'd like that a little better, but was not sure if i was wrong
12:58 cait i keep thinking there might be use cases where people don't want the fields to be removed, but haven't come up with one yet
12:58 tcohen the existence of those particular fields/subfields is just a consequence of a bad configuration (or not) and other requirements could arise
12:58 cait coudl you add a comment on the bug with your thoughts?
12:59 tcohen hmpf
12:59 cait don't steal my soudn words! :)
13:00 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "tcohen: Testing Bug 11672, I get this error from the test" (6 lines) at
13:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11672 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Untranslatable report areas in step 1 of Guided Reports
13:01 tcohen oleonard: that's ok
13:02 tcohen there is a test using bad SQL
13:02 tcohen on purpose
13:02 tcohen to check it fails
13:02 tcohen i can add a followup that catches the warning
13:03 oleonard Okay thanks
13:14 Mahdi joined #koha
13:16 cait taxes make my brain hurt
13:17 cait Joubu++ # he deserves it all the tax thinking :)
13:20 Joubu cait: good news!
13:20 wahanui good news is it looks like it's running properly.
13:21 cait Joubu: taxes are dead and we don't have to care about them?
13:22 Joubu it's the first config: 0 0, no?
13:22 meliss joined #koha
13:24 cait hm i think 1 1 - inclue include
13:24 cait or... depens if there are no taxes anymore both woudl work the same i guess :)
13:25 * cait is confused now
13:26 ashimema pants.. Sorry I missed that LDAP regression tcohen
13:26 tcohen we didn't have that code fully covered by unit tests, regressions can occur
13:27 cait dpavlin: around? :)
13:27 ashimema I should have spotted it.. it's obvious now I look at it.. but the case didn't even occure to me :(
13:27 * ashimema feels like a bad QA'er
13:28 cait ashimema: do I have to repeat the hug and cookie thing? :)
13:28 cait you are only human
13:28 ashimema lol.. i'm always in acceptance of hugs cait ;)
13:28 cait heh
13:28 tcohen ashimema: use the mocked ldap object, configured to fail, and make sure it falls back to a successful authentication (create a user you know credentials)
13:28 cait *cookie and hug* then
13:29 ashimema did dpavlin submit a bug for it yet?
13:30 datadoctor joined #koha
13:30 cait didn't check, only get the bug mail where i am cc at work
13:31 cait ashimema: is there a trick to make bug link sin the wiki maybe?
13:32 ashimema hmm.. I could create a template to do it for you cait?
13:33 ashimema would look somthing like {{bug|12345}} in wiki markup.. and would come out as 'bug 12345' with a link on page
13:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12345 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Can't Clear Reading History for Anonymous patron
13:33 ashimema haha.. silly huginn
13:33 paul_p joined #koha
13:34 ashimema all the template would do is translate to [[url|bug 12345]] dynamically
13:35 cait ashimema: that sounds nice :) dokuwiki can do wimilar with interwiki links, so i wondered
13:36 cait [[bug>xxxx]] in ours .)
13:40 ashimema there you go..
13:40 ashimema {{bug|12345}} should now work..
13:41 ashimema we could now retrospectively replace all occurences of 'Bug 12345' with the template syntax to get all to link.
13:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12345 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Can't Clear Reading History for Anonymous patron
13:53 ashimema except that regeular expression don't work properly in our mediawiki..
13:53 ashimema ffs
13:56 ashimema of course.. it's yet another bug with using mediawiki atop postgres instead of mysql
13:56 * ashimema end rant
13:57 cait but the template works nicley in preview
13:57 cait ashimema++
13:59 Mahdi joined #koha
13:59 ashimema Yeah.. it'll work throughout..
13:59 ashimema we just can't easily apply it retrospectively..
13:59 ashimema inless someone with db access wants to do it for us. ;)
14:20 Mahdi joined #koha
14:30 carmenh joined #koha
14:49 laurence joined #koha
14:49 laurence left #koha
14:50 khall Joubu: you may want to take a look at bug 12833
14:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12833 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Patron search no longer searches extended attributes
14:51 tcohen oleonard++ # taking the time to test patches
14:53 Joubu khall: ok, I will try tomorrow
14:57 rocio joined #koha
15:01 tgoat joined #koha
15:17 ashimema @later tell rangi any further comments on testbuilder given yohanns comment[…].cgi?id=12603#c13. I'm inclined to leave it for now
15:17 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
15:17 huginn Bug 12603: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, yohann.dufour, Signed Off , TestBuilder - Module to simplify the writing of tests
15:29 Joubu bye #koha!
15:35 cait bye #koha :)
15:35 cait left #koha
16:02 vfernandes joined #koha
16:02 vfernandes hi :)
16:02 vfernandes it's possible to migrate patrons and patrons photos using command line?
16:25 cait joined #koha
16:27 tcohen joined #koha
16:27 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
16:27 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Bo Alto de San Martin, Cordoba City, Argentina is 21.3°C (1:25 PM ART on August 27, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 21%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Falling).
16:28 oleonard @wunder 45701
16:28 huginn oleonard: The current temperature in OHDOT 31-Athens County Garage, Athens, Ohio is 28.9°C (11:50 AM EDT on August 27, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 19.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
16:31 tcohen ewww:
16:33 cait oh
16:33 tcohen it seems a really bad default configuration!
16:33 cait yeah
16:33 cait including passwords?
16:34 tcohen shhhh
16:36 * tcohen is happy the sru protocol doens't provide a way to write stuff..
16:37 cait some interesting comments too
16:37 cait :P
16:39 tcohen DEAD!!!
16:40 cait yep hehe
16:40 gmcharlt oy
16:41 reiveune bye
16:41 reiveune left #koha
16:42 tcohen the explain file is there just for explaining, right?
16:42 tcohen so people using SRU/SRW know how to query our Zebra server
16:43 tcohen otherwise, that 2008 dated file should've been modified the last 6 years
16:43 ashimema ack.. I dislike how allot of our unit tests are so picky about the database they are run against!
16:43 tcohen ashimema: that is changing
16:43 ashimema indeed..
16:44 tcohen ashimema: feel positive, now :-D
16:44 gmcharlt ashimema: obey the RM!
16:44 gmcharlt ;)
16:45 ashimema I'm still up and down regarding testbuilder btw.. I kinda want someone else to weigh in.. but I do think in the particular case I'm now getting annoyed about it would have helped prevent it.
16:45 cait oleonard++ woohoo thx!
16:45 ashimema gmcharlt: not seen you in ages. how goes it?
16:45 gmcharlt ashimema: busily
16:46 ashimema I know that feeling.
16:46 tcohen same here
16:47 ashimema Hmm.. I tihnk to QA this patch I'm going to have to blow away my test database and start again..
16:47 ashimema :'(
16:47 tcohen which one?
16:47 wahanui which one is probably that? The fixed navbar?
16:48 ashimema anyone fancy grabbing bug 11577 and running a prove on db_dependant/Circulation.t
16:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11577 new feature, P5 - low, ---, h.meissner.82, Signed Off , [ENH] Automatic renewal feature
16:48 cait i tried, fails for me after 24
16:48 ashimema I can't get the tests to actually reach his changes.. they die long before that due to db constraint failures on my test db.
16:49 ashimema fails after test 15 for me.. or rather.. dies after test 15 rather than fails.
16:51 tcohen oh, dbic needs to be updated to properly test
16:51 JasonBurds joined #koha
16:52 ashimema on your system you mean tcohen?
16:52 ashimema It's perfectly understandable that Circulation.t dies on my setup..  the line that dies makes a bunch of assumptions that simply aren't true in my test db.
16:53 ashimema either we need a definitive test db that we all test against (which I don't really like the idea of).. or we need to build all the data for every test properly on a per test run.
16:53 ashimema TestBuilder is basically exactly for that me thinks.
16:55 tcohen
16:56 tcohen ashimema: jenkins runs on top of kohastructure + all default data chosen on web installer
16:56 ashimema looks like you forgot to run updatedatabase tcohen?
16:56 tcohen and also, you might be noticing a bug, on Koha or the tests
16:57 ashimema it adds the required auto_renew column ;)
16:57 tcohen because there is a $dbh->do('DELETE FROM issues');
16:57 tcohen line on the first place
16:57 ashimema yeah.. Circulation.t is horrible.. it randomly mangles data into and out of the database all over the shop it seems
16:57 tcohen heh, the relevant part was that tests pass on my box
16:58 ashimema lol.. I didn't read down far enough..
16:58 ashimema haha.. thanks.
16:58 * ashimema is happy now :)
16:58 tcohen that's why i like wrapping tests inside subtests,
16:58 tcohen with a proper rollback at the end
16:58 ashimema certainly.
16:58 wahanui certainly is confusing.. thanks for bringing your attention to it.
16:59 cait tcohen: at least we are getting better :)
16:59 tcohen exactly :-D
16:59 ashimema I'm thinking I'm going to pass TestBuilder now... but may request some other QA'ers weight in too
16:59 tcohen we just need a newer libtest-more-perl, or deprecate squeeze :-P
17:00 * tcohen tries to start a flame war
17:01 ashimema haha...
17:01 ashimema My shib tests use subtests...
17:02 ashimema I take it that means they will fail on squeeze then :(
17:04 tcohen eythian will build the more recent one soon, don't worry
17:05 ashimema what is our policy on adding 'contributing institutions' ?
17:05 tcohen Sponsored-by: Institution on the patches?
17:06 ashimema this bug adds a line to with the institution that sponsored this particular bug (it's actually the second bug they've sponsored with the first one already in master)
17:06 tcohen i don't think we have a policy for that
17:07 ashimema K.. so it 'should' be ok to add it within this bug..
17:07 ashimema I can't see any real reason why not.. just thought it worth askin in case I'de missed a policy somewhere ;)
17:07 tcohen my opinion would be that those attributions should be release-wise
17:07 tcohen that's why i'm thinking on how to refactor the about page
17:10 cait hm I think it's nice to have history
17:10 tcohen cait: me too!
17:10 cait and it's all we can offer volunteers
17:10 cait having your name there :)
17:10 cait i think it shouldn't go away with new releases - and in this case it's even a library contributing new features
17:10 tcohen i was toying with a version carousel
17:10 cait :)
17:11 jcamins tcohen: I have a page that can help you with that.
17:11 tcohen with all version + release teams
17:11 tcohen ah, eythian showed me one
17:11 jcamins
17:11 tcohen :-P
17:11 tcohen not *that* kind of carousel
17:12 tcohen just a means to avoid having zillions of tabs for each version
17:13 tcohen
17:13 tcohen ^^^^^ if I put all versions... it will grow a lot
17:15 * tcohen facepalms about Zebra's SRU explain
17:15 tcohen "Unfortunately, the data found in the CQL-to-PQF text file must be added by hand-craft into the explain section of the YAZ Frontend Server configuration file to be able to provide a suitable explain record. Too bad, but this is all extreme new alpha stuff, and a lot of work has yet to be done .."
17:16 cait tcohen: is tuesday agreed on for the dev meeting?
17:17 tcohen you need to send an email de koha-devel to be sure :-P
17:18 cait *hides*
17:39 cait tcohen: can you delegate on someone else?
17:40 kmlussier joined #koha
17:42 ashimema ok.. properly stupid question here..
17:43 ashimema how does the dbh->rollback call work?
17:44 ashimema This test script is full of calls to things like AddIssue.. will just a dbh->rollback at the end of the test file also roll back those actions?
17:44 ashimema and if now.. should that be a fail ?
17:49 tcohen ashimema: it rolls the db changes back
17:50 tcohen for example addissue changes
17:50 tcohen ashimema: note that AUTO_INCREMENT will keep growing even on rollback
17:50 ashimema great..
17:51 ashimema so it works more comprehensively than I thought..
17:51 ashimema I couldn't see anything in the script that sets the start of a transaction to rollback to.. I must have just missed that somehow.
17:52 ashimema tcohen.. you can ignore most of the last comment I make on bug 11577 then..
17:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11577 new feature, P5 - low, ---, h.meissner.82, Passed QA , [ENH] Automatic renewal feature
17:52 ashimema :)
17:53 tcohen :)
17:53 tcohen cait: did my email hit koha-devel?
17:55 cait yep just now
17:55 oleonard-away I got a dev meeting one if that's what you mean tcohen
17:55 cait ashimema++ :)
17:55 tcohen yes, thanks oleonard
17:56 ashimema right.. think I need khall to clarify what his followup to TestBuilder achieves.. then I 'think' I'm happy passing that one too..
18:02 cait khall_away:
18:02 * cait tries her new super power
18:02 cait khall_away
18:02 wahanui i guess khall_away is familiar with DBIx::Class too, so he probably would know what to do
18:08 rocio left #koha
18:10 tgoat left #koha
18:15 WNickC joined #koha
18:31 Mahdi joined #koha
18:32 indradg joined #koha
18:48 Mahdi joined #koha
18:51 oleonard Bye #koha
19:00 indradg evening #koha
19:01 jeff joined #koha
19:01 indradg @seen mtompset
19:01 huginn indradg: mtompset was last seen in #koha 13 hours, 27 minutes, and 9 seconds ago: <mtompset> Have a great day, #koha.
19:06 indradg hi all, I need a suggestion - bug 12815 needs TT plugin include in the intranet template i.e. [%- USE Koha -&]
19:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12815 enhancement, P3, ---, indradg, Needs Signoff , Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha
19:07 indradg the part of the patch for the staff client *depends* on that plugin being included. How do I proceed?
19:08 jcamins indradg: you put the patch adding the [% USE Koha %] line on that bug before the patch that adds your functionality to the staff client.
19:09 jcamins indradg: actually, I just looked at your patch, and I don't see why you can't just add [% USE Koha %] at the top of doc-head-close.
19:10 jcamins In that same patch.
19:10 indradg joined #koha
19:11 indradg jcamins: I can do that, but from what I saw, everywhere it was added it was inside a .tt file
19:12 jcamins Did you try just adding it to the .inc file
19:12 jcamins *?
19:12 jcamins Because I can think of no reason it wouldn't work, and adding one line to one file is preferable to adding one line to hundreds of files.
19:14 indradg jcamins: thats was what I did originally and yes that had worked
19:14 jcamins Yeah, that's fine. When you asked me before, it sounded like you were planning on adding the line to every single file, which is why I said you needed to make it a separate patch.
19:16 indradg aah
19:57 druthb_away joined #koha
20:04 indradg joined #koha
20:22 rangi @later tell ashimema yep, saw the comment, still think our own db astraction layer for testing is a step back not forwards, will promote less understanding of the db structure not more
20:22 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:33 andrew_ joined #koha
20:34 andrew_ Hi. Does anybody have any idea on how to do a batch write-off of fines?
20:37 * andrew_ slaps andrew_ around a bit with a large fishbot
20:38 cait andrew_: what are you trying to do?
20:38 andrew_ We are trying to eliminate all the fines for all current patrons
20:39 andrew_ something better than manually going through and forgiving each individual fine
20:39 cait hm you could do it with sql, i think not from the staff interface currently
20:39 cait what is the reason you eliminate them?
20:39 andrew_ I've been working on doing it through sql for the past 5 hours.
20:41 andrew_ We are a school library so if books were checked out before the summer they accrued fines during the summer. We wanted to clear them and start over for the school year
20:41 cait is this a production system? or just getting started?
20:41 andrew_ This is production
20:41 cait hm ok
20:42 andrew_ The changes I have been making have been very minor and in a vm so I have sufficient backup protection should something go wrong
20:42 cait for migations i woudl have suggested deleting the lines, but htat's not very clean
20:42 andrew_ yeah.
20:42 cait another suggestion to speed things up a bit
20:43 cait write a report for the users with fines and into the report put a link to patron acount fine page
20:43 cait that way you can wlak through them faster
20:44 cait maybe you can even craft a link to the waive fines thing
20:44 andrew_ thats possible but the head librarian doesn't want to take that route. He wanted it automated if all possible.
20:44 cait i think the other thing would be to write a little program to do it
20:44 cait how many students have fines?
20:45 cait also have you thought about how to prevent for next year?
20:46 andrew_ Around 70 and no. I just got this position this year and havne't been doing much more than trying to maintain what we have
20:46 andrew_ and figure out how koha works
20:47 cait i'd suggest doing it manually - 70 is less than an hour with a report and opening the links in a tab... and so on
20:47 cait probably
20:48 cait and then for next school year, prevent fines to accrue during summer
20:48 cait there are ways to make sure hte due date falls into the new school year
20:48 andrew_ ok
20:48 cait but: if hte student hasn't returned the book yet, I am not sure, but i think the fine might accrue again over night - i'd check that
20:49 andrew_ that was one problem I ran into
20:49 cait it gets recalculated - over night or on return
20:49 andrew_ I can change all of the fines to 0 but then as soon as I manually run the script it redoes it
20:49 cait so you also need to renew I tink
20:50 cait there is also a preference that will recalculate the fne from the due date on return... that could give you trouble too
20:50 andrew_ I also figured out how to do that, but the library staff wants to know if someone still has an overdue book but just not charge fines on it. It is possible but involves manually going through and paying all the fines for that book.
20:50 nengard left #koha
20:51 andrew_ I found that when you go in koha and writeoff a fine it adds a new entry in the database that just says write off and has the amount but I havne' figured out how it knows what it is paying of because the item number is null
20:52 andrew_ and thats where I got stuck and started googling like crazy till i just came here
20:52 cait i think it will also change the amountoutstanding of the fine
20:52 cait entry
20:52 cait but that won't fix your reappearing fines problem i think
20:52 andrew_ nope
20:53 andrew_ I already tried it :)
20:53 cait hm.
20:54 cait sorry - not having a good idea right now
20:54 andrew_ oh its fine.
20:54 cait i'd suggest honestly to just waive the fines on return of the books
20:54 andrew_ ok
20:55 andrew_ I guess I just figured that there had to be someone else somewhere who wanted to forgive all fines one time but I guess not.
20:55 cait waiving fines on books the patron still has is the tricky part i think
20:55 cait without reneweing
20:55 andrew_ agreed
20:57 rocio joined #koha
20:57 andrew_ Well thanks for your help. I guess I'd better go and get working on them
20:57 cait sorry to be not more helpful
20:57 andrew_ its fine. :)
21:13 WNickC just randomly, does anyone happen to know what impact, if any, opening a library as a Z39.50 source has on system performance?
21:13 ashimema time for bed..
21:14 ashimema night #koha
21:14 WNickC I mean I suppose it depends on use
21:14 cait hm would think so
21:14 cait not sure, we haven't been asked to do that so far
21:15 WNickC just noticing that all our incoming sources are INNOPAC or HORIZON
21:15 WNickC would be nice to see us pulling from other Koha users
21:15 WNickC or maybe I am being idealistic
21:16 cait :)
21:16 wizzyrea WNickC: it's negliglble.
21:16 wizzyrea negligible*
21:16 cait hi wizzyrea - and (belated) happy birthday!
21:16 wizzyrea and yeah, depends on usage
21:16 wizzyrea :) thanks :)
21:16 cait WNickC: i think the reason we didn't get asked to is that the records are in the union catalog and that offers a z3950
21:17 cait maybe some of the bigger consortias offer z3950 to their koha systems?
21:17 wizzyrea NExpress does I think
21:17 wizzyrea we have a Crown Research Institute that offers one
21:17 WNickC oh, maybe I should ask NExpress then since we are both Bywater
21:17 wizzyrea it's made no apparent impact on the performance of the system
21:17 wizzyrea can't hurt, just email heather
21:18 WNickC we all shared a bunch of our sources at NAKUG, but none of us shared our own
21:18 wizzyrea she'll know if it's public or not.
21:18 WNickC and she'll know if Larry endorses the idea or nit
21:18 bag ha
21:18 wizzyrea Larry can be convinced
21:18 wizzyrea >.>
21:18 cait ah here is bag :)
21:18 wizzyrea hi bag.
21:18 cait i was about to suggest to ask bywater if they know of libraires with activated z39.50 :)
21:19 bag hey cait and wizzyrea
21:19 bag yeah we have quite a few that are opened up
21:19 * wizzyrea suspects bag has an alert on the word bywater
21:19 bag yup
21:19 wizzyrea bywater bywater bywater bywater
21:19 WNickC yeah, I just wnated to see if it was common or not before asking consortia and then Bywater
21:19 bag HI HI HI HI wizzyrea
21:19 wizzyrea BING BING BING BING
21:19 wizzyrea :)
21:19 wizzyrea It's early and the sun is shining!
21:20 wizzyrea well early, 9:30
21:20 wizzyrea not that early.
21:20 WNickC thanks all
21:20 wizzyrea gl WNickC
21:20 bag BTW WNickC vokal has their z3950 open
21:20 cait yay vokal
21:20 wizzyrea oh vokal I should have thought of them too.
21:20 WNickC I thought we did, but I don't think we publicize it anywhere
21:20 * wizzyrea has too many libraries stuffed into her head now
21:21 WNickC was really thinking it would be nice to have a list of open z39.50s for koha
21:21 bag yeah WNickC is from Vokal
21:21 WNickC cover=blown
21:21 bag hmm I think we may have started a list on the wiki awhile ago?  not sure
21:22 WNickC I didn't see one
21:24 bag I thought it was somewhere like this page[…]sers/NorthAmerica
21:24 bag but I'm an wrong
21:25 bag if you want a nice list of Z3950 targets - I use this a bunch
21:25 magnuse bag: HI
21:25 bag magnuse: HI THERE
21:25 wahanui hi, bag
21:26 WNickC bag: yeah, I like IRSpy, just thought it would be nice to have some Koha targets specifically
21:26 WNickC like in solidarity or somthing?
21:26 bag yup
21:27 wizzyrea Could just make a wiki page
21:28 wizzyrea or add to that one but I don't see why it has to be US only
21:29 WNickC yeah, I think I might do that
21:30 bag wizzyrea: I just clicked on a link - didn't want to make it only US :)  if you go back one page - it's all broken out
21:31 bag[…]a_Users_Worldwide
21:46 cait left #koha
21:53 wizzyrea yeah that's probably a better place :)
21:55 wizzyrea actually I'd rather either make sure our targets are listed in irspy
21:55 wizzyrea or have our own equivalent to irspy.
21:55 wizzyrea but probably 1, nobody needs another place to look.
21:58 WNickC well, I put this there[…]en_Z39.50_Sources
21:59 WNickC making web pretty, not my skillset
22:08 wizzyrea :) nice one
22:13 WNickC thx
22:34 Mahdi joined #koha
22:43 eythian hi
22:43 wahanui niihau, eythian
22:44 papa joined #koha
22:45 Mahdi joined #koha
23:01 dcook joined #koha
23:07 eythian @later tell cait <-- things are different in Germany eh
23:07 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
23:20 eythian dcook: would enabling QueryParser cause non-advanced searches to stop working?
23:34 * dcook ponders
23:34 dcook In the OPAC or the staff client?
23:34 dcook In the OPAC, no - non-advanced searches should work
23:34 dcook In the staff client, I have noticed that non-advanced searches don't seem to work in 3.14.5
23:35 dcook Unsure if that's a bug or something broken on my end though.
23:35 dcook eythian^
23:40 * dcook stalks gmcharlt's LJ mover and shaker page
23:40 dcook Just realized LJ could be LiveJournal or Library Journal. Hmmm
23:45 eythian dcook: this is 3.12.10 ('s ok, we're planning an upgrade RSN :)
23:46 eythian > Enabling UseQueryParser breaks all searching in opac and simple search in intra unless a field is manually specified
23:47 dcook Hmm. Could be.
23:47 dcook I noticed it seemed to break simple search in 3.14.5 in intra
23:48 dcook Although opac seemed ok
23:48 dcook But... maybe I'm imagining that about the opac
23:48 dcook I shut it down pretty fast as it wasn't working well enough
23:48 eythian Ah right
23:48 * dcook would so love people to give him some money to improve QP
23:48 eythian the issue here is that there are some advanced searches that don't work without query parser, but show up anyway (which strikes me as bad)
23:49 dcook mmm, those subject ones, eh?
23:49 eythian yeah
23:49 dcook Yeah, that drives me a bit nuts
23:49 eythian su-br and su-na etc
23:49 dcook You might notice that one of them does work
23:49 dcook su-na is nasty
23:49 dcook As it's actually defined in as well
23:49 dcook For a totally different purpose
23:49 eythian ick
23:49 dcook yarp
23:50 dcook I think they could work without queryparser, if were updated
23:50 dcook I think it's or something that manually adds those aliases/indexes into the QP config
23:50 dcook No idea why that's happening but could be remedied fairly easily (I think)
23:50 dcook Although that su-na thing is...just ick
23:51 eythian yeah, that needs to be renamed
23:51 dcook yep
23:54 kmlussier joined #koha
23:56 eythian oh yeah, I have package building to do
23:58 dcook 3.14.3?
23:59 eythian yeah

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