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00:24 dcook Sweet. I didn't know you could pin packages.
00:25 dcook eythian++
00:25 dcook tcohen++
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01:36 mtompset Have a great day, #koha dcook eythian rangi
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02:16 tcohen do we have bootstrap3 already?
02:16 dcook I don't think so. I think we're still on 2
02:27 tcohen
02:28 dcook That's cool :)
02:29 tcohen I was thinking of vertical tabs actually, so it can grow
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02:36 dcook Hmm, that might be a better idea
02:36 dcook Or expandable sections
02:36 dcook Rather than tabs per se
02:38 tcohen i'm not sure what it is
02:38 tcohen like the accordion we use ?
02:39 tcohen oh, it might be a carrousel!
02:40 eythian <-- a reference on carousels
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02:42 tcohen heh
02:42 tcohen we don't need an auto-scrolling tedious carousel
02:50 * dcook isn't a fan of carrousels :p
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03:09 tcohen night
03:15 wizzyrea you know, I think new books displays are mighty fine.
03:15 wizzyrea but I am not sold on carousels.
03:20 eythian carousels are boring. You want ferris wheels or those things that shoot you up really fast.
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03:57 indradg hi!
03:57 eythian I assume you don't sleep, indradg
03:57 indradg do I need to add a patch's details and test plans in a commit message?
03:57 indradg eythian: affirmative
03:57 eythian indradg: it's preferred
03:58 indradg thanks... was doing that, but thought better to ask, than to be hauled up :D
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05:05 dcook hey cait :)
05:06 dcook "<indradg> eythian: affirmative"
05:06 dcook hehe
05:06 indradg hehe
05:32 * cait waves
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06:13 * magnuse waves
06:23 cait :)
06:23 cait bbiab
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06:39 reiveune hello
06:39 wahanui privet, reiveune
06:39 indradg hi magnuse
06:39 indradg hello reiveune
06:40 reiveune \o_
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07:57 indradg ashimema: ping
07:58 indradg need to about ptfs sandboxes
08:00 magnuse hiya indradg
08:00 indradg hi magnuse
08:00 indradg you might be about to help
08:00 magnuse @wunder boo
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08:01 indradg i'm trying to use a Koha sandbox (first time)... with master and web-installer
08:01 indradg what is the userid/passwd
08:01 indradg test/test doesn
08:01 indradg doesnt seem to do the trick :(
08:05 magnuse i don't know anything beside what is documented here, i'm afraid
08:07 magnuse[…]es#Step_4_:_login
08:11 Joubu indradg: you have to setup the sandbox before
08:11 Joubu pick one of the 5 available sandboxes
08:12 Joubu the " URL to setup the sandbox"
08:12 indradg Joubu: hi... i did send a request for "master" got the email
08:12 Joubu indradg: on which one?
08:12 Joubu (sorry didn't read the backlog)
08:13 Joubu indradg: the sandbox 1 looks setup
08:13 Joubu
08:13 Joubu the credentials (test/test) work
08:14 Joubu "Sandbox setup by martin.renvoize" but not setup by you...
08:14 indradg hmmm
08:15 indradg Joubu: what I wish to do (first time, so may be I've got it all wrong) - have a box setup to master, apply the patch for bug 12815 and check if it applies
08:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12815 enhancement, P3, ---, indradg, Needs Signoff , Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha
08:16 Joubu indradg: if you applied it today (in the last 10 hours), something wrong append.
08:16 Joubu indradg: I don't have an access to the ptfs-e sandboxes. Try with a BibLibre sandbox please.
08:17 indradg Joubu: uploaded that patch into bugzilla just about 3 hours back fyi
08:18 * indradg is not even sure if following the sandboxes workflow correctly :(
08:18 Joubu indradg: if you got an email, it should be good
08:19 Joubu indradg: but there is only 1 sandbox setup, and it has been setup 20 days ago...
08:28 ashimema Hi indradg.. i'm about now.
08:29 dcook good night all
08:31 ashimema 62 | sandbox  | Indranil Das Gupta |               | 2014-08-26 06:34:05 | apply  |        0 |
08:31 indradg Joubu: I think I was doing it all wrong
08:32 indradg ashimema: yep that was me
08:32 ashimema I can see your sandbox insteadded as master..
08:32 ashimema I don't record what db you use... it's the DB that gives you the login etc..
08:33 ashimema hmm.. Joubu.. how do you guys handle people walking through the installer?
08:33 indradg ok... clueless question time... I picked up one of Joubu's sandboxes... instead of master, I picked out the bug id this time... and bingo~ the patch applied and works
08:33 ashimema possibly, I've got somthing wrong in the config of db passwords here.?
08:34 Joubu ashimema: the updatedb is executed by sandbox script
08:34 ashimema that's right indradg,, sandboxes are always based on master + the bug you ask for..
08:34 Joubu ashimema: when the email is sent, the updatedb should be executed
08:34 indradg ashimema then what is the purpose of using the "master" option ?
08:34 indradg checks for installer related scripts?
08:35 Joubu indradg: if you choose "master", you won't test any patch
08:35 ashimema basically so have somthing to test against..
08:35 ashimema i.e.  a before bug, and after bug case.
08:35 ashimema Joubu: of course it is..
08:35 indradg let me get this, the master is essentially the "control" in terms of a science experiment?
08:35 ashimema silly me
08:36 ashimema exactly :)
08:36 * indradg has a lightbulb moment!
08:36 indradg :D
08:37 ashimema :)
08:37 indradg ashimema++ / Joubu++ :D
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09:19 ashimema any dbic pros about?
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09:48 * cait waves
09:51 drojf hi cait :)
10:05 magnuse ashimema: ask, don't ask to ask ;-)
10:06 * magnuse waves to cait and the shadow of drojf
10:15 * magnuse goes searching for lunch
10:17 ashimema sorted
10:18 ashimema Seems my row object weren't unique enough to be ->update'able...
10:18 ashimema had to combine the search and update into one action
10:20 Joubu ashimema: you don't have a pk on the table?
10:21 ashimema primary key is set to the combination of two columns..
10:21 ashimema it's a linking table.
10:21 ashimema and.. the primary key isn't proply set at database level.. only in dbic schema..
10:21 ashimema (it's a nasty old project, that I'm bringing up to date)
10:22 ashimema but yeah.. I've got there in the end.
10:22 ashimema i was doing search.. and update on separate lines.. with a loop on the search results.. but doing the search and update in the same statement dbic 'gets it right'
10:23 ashimema now I just need to sort out my ->copy issue and I'll be happy..
10:24 ashimema the copy issue is just plain bad db design rather than dbic though.. we've got a qhole bunch of dangling data with no parent in the database.. so the object to copy just plain doesn't exist sometimes :(.. thinking that wrapping in a transaction is the best way around that..
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10:38 indradg wizzyrea: around?
10:38 indradg hello #koha
10:38 indradg @seen rangi
10:38 huginn indradg: rangi was last seen in #koha 10 hours, 57 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <rangi> pin
10:39 indradg @seen wizzyrea
10:39 huginn indradg: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 7 hours, 23 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> but I am not sold on carousels.
10:39 indradg @seen ashimema
10:39 huginn indradg: ashimema was last seen in #koha 15 minutes and 24 seconds ago: <ashimema> the copy issue is just plain bad db design rather than dbic though.. we've got a qhole bunch of dangling data with no parent in the database.. so the object to copy just plain doesn't exist sometimes :(.. thinking that wrapping in a transaction is the best way around that..
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10:47 indradg ashimema: around?
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11:05 ashimema am now..
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12:03 oleonard Hi #koha
12:10 oleonard Did we ever agree on a time for the next Koha general meeting?
12:10 oleonard "#agreed Next meeting is going to take place on September 17th - time to be agreed on on the mailing list"
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12:24 tcohen mornin
12:24 ashimema he tcohen
12:29 cait oleonard: we also forgot about the dev meeting it looks like
12:29 cait oleonard: i see your comment on the overdue bug - do they show in red for you?
12:38 oleonard They do not. And the markup doesn't seem to have a class to tell it to be red.
12:39 oleonard I've checked on two different test installations running master
12:39 cait oleonard: agreed
12:39 cait i am not sure what kyle does to make it work :)
12:39 cait khall khall khall...
12:39 khall mornin!
12:40 cait hah! :)
12:40 cait morning
12:40 khall yeah, I heard it that time ; )
12:40 cait :)
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12:40 cait oleonard also fails to see red overdues :(
12:41 khall weird, maybe it's because I'm using chrome? Let me check
12:42 oleonard khall: Not unless there is a class at work here which cait and I don't recognize as the one which should be making it look overdue
12:43 cait oleonard: i think the date comparison in the checkout js should set it - but i couldn't see what was going wrong there
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12:45 khall confirmed, works in Chrome, not in Firefox. Should have a class of "overdue"
12:46 khall no js errors either
12:47 khall oleonard: the code that should do it is in js/checkouts.js starting at line 151
12:47 khall does firefox not support Date objects?
12:49 cait oleonard: trying to get to send an emali now next - cross fingers? :)
12:49 cait to see if i can reproduce the problem you had
12:56 drojf oleonard: i noticed that video embedded in the opac looks funny with the bootstrap theme when used on a small screen. in which css file would i put something like video { width: 100%; max-width: 480px;}? opac.css?
12:58 khall oleonard: looks like FF is more picky about date formats than chrome:[…]e-but-not-firefox
12:58 oleonard drojf: OPACUserCSS
12:58 wahanui OPACUserCSS is an existing system preference in Koha
13:00 drojf oleonard: not sure should be changed locally as it looks funny for everyone ;)
13:01 tcohen hi cait khall oleonard
13:01 oleonard drojf: If you think you have CSS which will make embedded video work for everyone you should modify opac.less and submit a patch for that and a separate one with the recompiled opac.css
13:02 khall mornin tcohen!
13:02 drojf oleonard: thanks
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13:04 * tcohen is generating dbic schemas after applying 10212
13:05 cait does someone know what to do when you can't schedule a report?
13:05 cait i have "Failed to add scheuled task" in the gui
13:06 cait and in the logs:  you do not have permission to use atq
13:06 cait my /etc/at.deny file is empty
13:09 oleonard khall: Any idea why some checkouts show a time in the "due date" column and some don't?
13:09 Joubu tcohen: looking at your followup patch (10212), cait asked me to show/display the panel the user is modifying
13:09 tcohen i'm not sure I understand
13:10 khall oleonard: is it not because of changes to Koha's date formatting that drop the time when it's 23:59?
13:10 Joubu tcohen: you are modiying the panel/tab 'acquisition', you save. The page displays the acquisition tab
13:10 tcohen ah
13:10 oleonard khall: I guess so, I was not aware of that.
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13:10 cait i really need help to get the scheduler working - all suggestions welcome
13:11 cait could it be i am missing something in my koha_conf file? i am testing with bug 12031
13:11 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12031 normal, P5 - low, ---, liz, Passed QA , Task Scheduler not sending mail
13:11 tcohen Joubu: let me think a bit, I understand what is wrong, thou
13:11 Joubu tcohen: I think the "panel" variable is only set if a save has been done, not when you come for the first time. So maybe a [% if panel %][% panel %][% else %] false [% end %] will do the trick
13:11 tcohen exactly
13:11 tcohen i'll fix it right now
13:13 cait ColinC++
13:13 Joubu tcohen: not that all occurrences of "panel" have been introduced for this behavior.
13:16 * tcohen is aware
13:18 cait ok, got a step further... www-data was in at.deny...
13:21 cait nice_coworker++
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13:28 cait ... and received the scheduled report by email :)
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13:31 chris_n
13:31 cait oleonard-away: i can reproduce your problem with the replyto adn return-path address for runreport
13:33 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12808: remove useless diags from t/db_dependent/Context.t <[…]3bb0b50446e0e80b2> / Bug 12222: has a giant hash variable <[…]ab77c70a58e8cbc2a> / Bug 10212: DBRev <[…]git;a=commitdiff;
13:34 tcohen Joubu++
13:36 Joubu Thanks tcohen!
13:37 Joubu I will try to add the table configuration to acquisition tables on rewriting the gst/vat code
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13:37 tcohen did u get feedback on that?
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13:38 Joubu tcohen: no
13:38 tcohen hmpf
13:38 Joubu tcohen: francharb asked me to add something to the rfc.
13:39 Joubu and some feedbacks on the french ML
13:39 Joubu So yes, I got feedbacks :)
13:39 tcohen did u get feedback from nz and us users?
13:40 tcohen i'm worried about different legislations being covered
13:41 cait tcohen: worried too, bti sad not more feedback
13:41 cait Joubu:could you try to send an email to the koha list again maybe?
13:42 tcohen @later tell rangi we need nz feedback on GST/VAT use cases
13:42 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
13:42 cait i stil have my print out to read through too :(
13:42 tcohen @later tell bag we need US feedback on GST/VAT use cases
13:42 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
13:42 akafred koha-create --request-db mydbname gives "awk: fatal: cannot open file `/etc/mysql/koha-common.cnf' for reading (No such file or directory) " Anyone have any idea why? Do I have to install mysql-server even if i am not going to use to run it on the koha-server?
13:43 tcohen akafred: its a design problem koha-create has
13:43 cait Joubu: i got feedback from a german library
13:43 tcohen you need to use --use-db instead
13:43 cait I'd like to add that to the report
13:43 cait they send it today - about what is required here
13:43 tcohen and have /etc/koha/passwd instead
13:43 cait maybe i can get to it tomorrow or the day after
13:44 tcohen akafred: put instance:db_user:db_pass:db_name
13:44 tcohen on the file
13:46 akafred ok. I'll try. Is it documented somewhere (e g like:[…]rate_MySQL_server ) in case I need more instructions?
13:46 tcohen create /etc/koha/passwd
13:46 tcohen and use --use-db (without any other parameter)
13:46 akafred And it will populate?
13:47 tcohen nope
13:47 tcohen unless...
13:47 wahanui unless is probably meant to give code that reads more like natural language? but i'm not a fan either
13:47 tcohen you use --default-sql file.gz
13:47 tcohen :=D
13:47 akafred Ok... is there a bug report on the design issue?
13:48 tcohen there isn't
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13:48 Joubu cait: ok great
13:49 akafred tcohen: Thanks ... I'll have to investigate more tomorrow...
13:49 tcohen it works for us, we use that daily
13:50 tcohen no worries
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14:25 jcamins Joubu++ # apparently some people weren't around when I gave you karma
14:34 cait rocio++ # like your blog post!
14:35 rocio thanks cait!
14:35 cait jcamins: so the question is... does the karma still count if noone sees it? :)
14:35 jcamins cait: I don't know, that's why I gave Joubu more.
14:35 cait :)
14:37 reiveune bye
14:37 reiveune left #koha
14:38 Joubu :)
14:55 cait Joubu: working on bug 12717 now :)
14:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12717 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Library no longer receiving Overdue email for patrons without email address
14:55 cait thx! Joubu++
14:58 Joubu cait: If you have a clear vision on how fix the current inconsistencies when sending print notices, let me now.
14:58 cait the solution sounds good - but i think we need to work on the gather_* next
14:58 Joubu cait: I think all print notices should use the same script, it's why I add new parameter to this script (don't remember the bz number)
14:59 cait Joubu: the problem is that you will have to add a lot of entries to the cron for that
14:59 cait i think maybe it needs an option for a combined email by library or something like that
14:59 cait not sure yt
14:59 Joubu cait: ok, but at least 2 patches (modifying this script) NSO
14:59 cait and the file should not be named holdnotices :)
14:59 cait yep
14:59 Joubu cait: will be easy to fix
15:00 cait i think so too, but I think we need to put some thought into how it will be easy to use
15:00 cait we didn't use it so far, so not sure yet
15:01 Joubu cait: I don't know how people/librarians use these script, so not sure to understand all workflows
15:01 cait i thik until the mtt change sit was only used for hold_print
15:02 Joubu yep, but I meant print notices in general
15:02 cait and there was an additional
15:02 cait i wonder what shoudl happen with that now - i can still see it on master
15:03 cait it crates a pdf from html files... that you generated with i think
15:03 Joubu maybe printoverdues could be removed after the new patches I submit (but not sure...)
15:03 cait I guess we need a good way to announce such changes
15:04 Joubu yes, release notes :p
15:04 cait i'd not be unhappy to see it go, but maybe after some deprecation tme - it's using a python library too
15:05 cait Joubu: but noone reads them! :P
15:06 Joubu everybody should!
15:06 cait :)
15:07 cait i think maybe not remove immediately - but urge people to switch to the other script
15:07 cait as a first step and make sure it  can offer a similar result
15:07 cait or better :)
15:10 Joubu cait: On a major release, it could be safe to describe a good and new workflow and explain that old way/script are removed
15:10 Joubu anyway, I don't a good and new workflow to propose :)
15:11 Joubu cait, tcohen(, others?): what could be the best way to "highlight" plumbing patches (like bug 12827 I am going to submit). Generally it's quite easy patches, but a routine prototype will be changed. So the integration time should be short, otherwise regression will be introduced easily.
15:11 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12827 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, ASSIGNED , NewOrder returns basketno
15:11 cait hm maybe a tag in the title?
15:12 Joubu I think I still asked and the answer was : "set the component to plumbing"
15:12 cait [API] or similar?
15:12 Joubu s/still/already
15:12 cait and set the component to plumbing? :)
15:12 Joubu cait: yes, but not easy to filter on
15:12 cait you could use a keyword - tags seem to be for personal use only
15:12 cait but not sure how the keywords work
15:13 cait Joubu: should ther ebe a fallback to another notice text if you haven't defined one? i am testing overdues and have checked email and print for mtt
15:13 Joubu cait: yes, good idea. It could be good to have several keywords defined somewhere
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15:14 Joubu cait: Actually, my idea was to fallback using the "print" notice.
15:14 cait ok
15:15 cait makes sense
15:15 Joubu cait: If the patch, I think the fallback is : sent an email with notice in failure + using the print notice
15:15 Joubu pff
15:15 Joubu s/If/with
15:15 cait hm
15:15 Joubu it's not what you are expecting for?
15:16 datadoctor we like a notice priority of SMS > Email > Phone notification > Print Notice for cost efficiency
15:16 cait we could work with it - but i think it won't solve the problem of people suddenly getting no email - because they might not have deifned a print notice yte
15:16 cait i am still testing
15:16 datadoctor We don't have default notices for all transport_types like we used to
15:17 datadoctor if you don't fill one in, I'm assuming you can't send it?
15:17 cait hm well the option to have different notices for different types is in itself new
15:17 cait so before you had to use one template for all
15:17 datadoctor I like that feature a lot.
15:17 Joubu datadoctor: if no template is defined for a mtt, the notice won't be sent
15:17 cait with the exception of hold_print
15:18 Joubu (won't be generated)
15:18 datadoctor thanks for the clarification Joubu
15:18 datadoctor I noticed that is functioning using an unless clause
15:18 datadoctor in the
15:20 cait Joubu: when is a print notice set to sent?
15:20 datadoctor if there is no email defined, then prepare a print notice
15:21 Joubu cait: when it's sent ? :)
15:21 Joubu cait: and the only wait to sent print notices is the gather_print_notices
15:21 Joubu s/wait/way
15:22 cait ok
15:22 cait so we won't interfere with that
15:23 cait it loosk like it#s working to me
15:24 cait i think what I'd like is an option for gather_print to outout all holds and all overdues for a branch in one email each
15:24 cait i think right now you can't do that - because it doesn't accept multiple letter codes?
15:27 francharb hi all
15:27 francharb do you know if I have to reindex zebra if I turn on the querystemming preference?
15:27 Joubu cait: note that bug 11603 removes the "holdnotices-" prefix for files generated by gather_print_notices
15:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11603 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Gather print notices: add csv and ods export
15:27 Joubu s/removes/replaces
15:27 cait cool
15:28 Joubu[…]ment.cgi?id=30983
15:28 cait i was hoping it dd
15:28 cait i hope to test it next
15:28 francharb Joubu, j'ai jamais vu autant de substitions de ma vie
15:28 francharb ;)
15:28 Joubu francharb: sorry...
15:28 francharb s/;)/:)
15:28 francharb ;)
15:28 francharb je rigoooole
15:28 francharb ;)
15:29 Joubu francharb: to push the enter key is compulsive...
15:29 oleonard khall still around?
15:30 francharb Joubu, ahah
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16:28 oleonard indradg around?
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16:43 cait oleonard++ # thx for suggestion a solution for the transl problem
16:44 oleonard yeah I'm glad i was able to find a way
16:48 cait me too :)
17:06 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "khall: Why this markup preceding the checkouts table?" (4 lines) at
17:07 khall oleonard: not sure at this point. it's been too long ; ) I'm guessing either for whitespace, or it's just dead markup that got left in there that got missed during cleanup.
17:09 oleonard khall: I noticed because the whitespace seemed unnecessary.  The "processing" div, since it is absolutely positioned, doesn't need to be placed in a "row" div.
17:10 khall yeah, that markup should be removed
17:23 Mahdi joined #koha
17:38 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10402: (QA followup) amend unit tests <[…]d1fdb41983d316346> / 10402: DBIx::Class schema update <[…]65af64931fc85ef85> / 10402: DBRev <[…]401aca9d674222c55> /
17:41 jcamins Yay!
17:41 jcamins tcohen++
17:42 tcohen :-D
17:54 indradg joined #koha
17:57 * cait waves
17:58 tcohen hi cait
18:00 indradg hi all
18:00 indradg hi tcohen
18:00 tcohen hi indradg
18:02 indradg I have a question: I tried out my patch for bug 12815 on one of biblibre's sandboxes. it applied and the patch seemed to behave as per test plan. afterwards, I got into my ~/kohaclone and ran `prove t` it came out FAILED
18:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12815 enhancement, P3, ---, indradg, Failed QA , Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha
18:03 indradg that's the `prove t` output
18:03 indradg can someone clue me in what i'm missing?
18:03 wahanui well, missing is usualy library only, an item that's not out
18:03 jcamins That's expected.
18:03 jcamins You added a database update, right?
18:03 indradg jcamins: yes
18:04 jcamins One of the tests checks that all database updates have been numbered.
18:04 jcamins However, only the RM can number a database update.
18:04 tcohen indradg: you can safely ignore *that* error
18:04 indradg yes... that was the first error... i think
18:05 jcamins indradg: that's the only error, too.
18:11 indradg ok! I see oleonard has tested out the patch. it seems to run for him as too, but he has marked it 'Failed QA' with certain inputs and guidance.
18:12 indradg how do I processed next: address the issue - like adding the jQuery.IME license info into and mark it back in 'In Discussion'
18:13 indradg jcamins, tcohen what is the expected protocol here?
18:13 cait mark it back needs sign-off i think
18:13 indradg cait: thanks :)
18:13 oleonard indradg:[…]ment.cgi?id=29887
18:13 oleonard indradg: For example
18:13 indradg oleonard: checking
18:13 indradg yes I got that that part
18:16 indradg oleonard: what i did not get was your point #1 in[…]g.cgi?id=12815#c4
18:16 huginn Bug 12815: enhancement, P3, ---, indradg, In Discussion , Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha
18:16 indradg can you please explain, so that I can avoid this
18:16 oleonard Simple: Take out those comments
18:17 oleonard "+<!-- Bug 12815 - Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha -->"
18:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12815 enhancement, P3, ---, indradg, In Discussion , Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha
18:18 oleonard indradg: We use git. Git can track when any particular line of code was modified. We don't need comments in the markup which track changes.
18:19 indradg oleonard: you mean this -
18:20 oleonard No, I mean "+<!-- Bug 12815 - Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha -->"
18:21 * indradg been using git only for like a week. trying to get up to speed with the 'jargon', but obviously not there yet :-(
18:21 oleonard indradg: Just take out those HTML comments.
18:23 indradg oleonard: blimey! i got it! that was just for my own tracking. found out the hard way that in the opac, calling in the lib was not going to work from, rather from
18:23 indradg will remove those bogus artifacts
18:23 Mahdi joined #koha
18:24 tcohen indradg: you can use template::toolkit comments if you consider them important
18:25 tcohen -> [%# This is a comment ]
18:25 oleonard But not for adding bug information!
18:28 cait hm for some time those showed up in the translations
18:28 cait not sure if that got fixed
18:28 cait i hope it did
18:29 indradg tcohen: copy that!
18:30 tcohen cait: there are some improvements to on my pipe
18:30 cait it be in already - i haven't checked
18:30 cait maybe osmething i need to check next time i see a comment in qa :)
18:44 Viktor joined #koha
18:48 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12325 - Marc and Card view in Z39.50 Results doesn't work properly in IE 8 <[…]1a4366df29cdba833> / Bug 12176 - Remove HTML from <[…]34d8dd3e03e56ed24> / Bug 12717: Library no longer receiving Overdue email for patrons without email address <ht
18:52 tcohen bye #koha
18:54 mtompset joined #koha
18:54 mtompset Greetins, #koha.
18:55 mtompset I'm trying to build the ultimate test set, but I need to determine the columns of a table, and if they are string, number, or date. Anyone give ideas on a good way to do that?
19:00 oleonard Bye #koha
19:00 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12626: SQLHelper replacement - C4::Acquisition <[…]fba8d2cfb7efce069>
19:01 bag @weather 93102
19:01 huginn bag: The current temperature in Westside (Gillespie), Santa Barbara, California is 25.8°C (12:01 PM PDT on August 26, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1016 hPa (Steady). High surf advisory in effect from 4 PM this afternoon to 3 am PDT Thursday...
19:18 mtompset NICE! Found a DBIx way to do it nicely.
19:23 kmlussier joined #koha
19:24 Mahdi joined #koha
19:32 indradg joined #koha
20:12 Mahdi joined #koha
20:22 tcohen joined #koha
20:22 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
20:22 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 16.0°C (5:00 PM ART on August 26, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 15%. Dew Point: -11.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
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20:27 wnickc joined #koha
20:47 eternalsword patron notification emails, can the delay be negative to say how many days before? It doesn't make sense to remind patrons that their book is due after the fact.
20:50 talljoy left #koha
20:51 eternalsword or I guess it's advance notice of item due. where is the default number of days prior defined?
20:52 cait i think you are looking at overdues
20:53 eternalsword okay looks like it's a cronjob argument
20:53 cait adcance notices required that the extendedmessagingpreferences are turned on
20:53 cait and then you can configure a standard per category
20:53 cait and change in the patron account individually
20:53 wahanui cait: that doesn't look right
20:53 wahanui joined #koha
20:54 cait eternalsword: are you looking at or at
20:54 cait maybe you can do something with arguments, but i have never had to :)
21:10 indradg Hi
21:11 indradg I noticed something, that out of 522 .tt files under intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules, only 15 includes [% USE Koha %] in their declaration. In contrast, out of 72 .tt files under opac-tmpl/bootstrap/en/modules, 49 files uses the declaration.
21:11 indradg Any specific reason for this low ratio among the intranet templates?
21:12 cait bootstrap was redone after the tt plugin got available :)
21:12 cait well it was done after.. i think
21:12 cait and oleonard used it everywhere it hink
21:12 indradg hmmm
21:12 cait it reflects that the bootstrap templates are newer and less files than the staff interface, where changes get reflected slower
21:13 Mahdi joined #koha
21:13 cait indradg: we are still in a kind of transition phase from htp to tt, because we don't use the nice new options everywhere yet
21:13 cait htp being the old template system
21:13 indradg cait: just wanted to be sure that there were no design decisions I might be missing out on
21:14 cait i think it's mostly a historic thing
21:14 mtompset indradg: You could always fix that with a mega patch. ;)
21:14 cait please don't :) heh
21:14 indradg coz, oleonard comment against bug 12815 that I should prolly not use a separate .inc for the jquery.ime
21:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12815 enhancement, P3, ---, indradg, In Discussion , Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha
21:15 indradg cait ^^^ and I can't do that as cleanly as in opac bootstrap templates
21:15 indradg hence the question
21:16 indradg for now I can plug a [% USE Koha %] inside the, but that looks ugly IMHO
21:16 cait hm not sure what's best there
21:17 indradg jcamins gave me a friendly warning shot about not going around messing across a lot of templates in a single shot :)
21:17 mtompset Wow that is a LONG patch file.
21:17 mtompset I felt my blood sugar drop scrolling through that.
21:18 indradg mtompset: thats mostly due to the jquery.ime lib inclusion
21:18 mtompset Yes. :)
21:18 * indradg was swallowing hard at the 1.1 mb size of it :P
21:18 mtompset Perhaps you might want to split your patch to have the lib inclusion stuff as a separate patch.
21:19 mtompset So that your specific Koha changes are in another commit.
21:21 indradg mtompset: doable! how about the leaving out the [% USE Koha %] out of 12815, and adding a fresh patch and *adding* in this second patch as the "Depends on" for 12815?
21:21 indradg cait what do you suggest ^^
21:21 cait i think too tired for good suggestions :)
21:22 cait kinda late here and about to go to sleep
21:22 jcamins indradg: if you are saying you'd like to make 12815 OPAC-only, fine. If you're saying you'd like to add a bunch of files but no functionality... no.
21:22 jcamins Just add two patches on bug 12815.
21:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12815 enhancement, P3, ---, indradg, In Discussion , Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha
21:22 mtompset I'm with jcamins on that.
21:22 cait opac/staff sounds good to me
21:23 jcamins Right, I'd prefer it be both OPAC and staff client, but that's indradg's decision.
21:24 cait ok, confused, i should have gone to bed :)
21:24 cait will now - good night all :)
21:24 cait left #koha
21:25 Mahdi joined #koha
21:25 indradg jcamins: hmmmm... how about a fresh patch that adds [% USE Koha %] to koha-tmpl templates; then break up this 12815 patch into separate OPAC and staff client patches, with the staff client patch being made "Depends on" the [% USE Koha %] patch
21:26 mtompset tcohen: You will fear the day you told me to look more in depth into the tests. ;)
21:26 indradg and obsolete this current patch
21:26 tcohen mtompset: ?
21:26 mtompset I'm adding 700+ test cases to NewChannels, just to run through every possible data case! ;)
21:26 tcohen omfg
21:27 tcohen isn't it possible to generalize a bit? :-P
21:27 jcamins indradg: "Depends on" is only relevant for bugs.
21:28 jcamins The fact that there is no [% USE Koha %] declaration is not a bug.
21:28 jcamins At least, IMO.
21:28 jcamins tcohen: may disagree.
21:28 jcamins s/://
21:28 jcamins So what I would prefer is three patches on bug 12815. One that adds the [% USE Koha %], one for the OPAC, and one for the staff client.
21:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12815 enhancement, P3, ---, indradg, In Discussion , Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha
21:29 jcamins Maybe even 5 patches, splitting the added libs into their own patches, too.
21:29 jcamins 1.1MB is *big*.
21:29 jcamins For a patch.
21:29 jcamins Small for a feature film.
21:29 indradg heh
21:29 tcohen heh
21:30 mtompset tcohen: I did generalize. I only use two branch codes, 3 numbers (undef, 0, 1), 3 dates (undef, 0000-..., 3999-...), the some possible values for lang (undef, '', 'koha', 'slip', 'en'), ... it gets large fast when you cover all the possible general cases for each field. ;)
21:30 jcamins mtompset: how many of the tests are handwritten?
21:31 jcamins (versus pattern tests in a loop, for example)
21:31 mtompset I wanted to build the tests automatically, but that was too hard. :)
21:31 mtompset well, it isn't 700 tests... it's 700 data points.
21:32 mtompset Just wanted to freak tcohen out a bit. ;)
21:33 indradg jcamins: in that scenario, the actual feature enabled patch for OPAC and staff client's test plan should mention as #1 'install lib add patch' and in case of staff client - 'install lib patch followed by "USE Koha" patch'
21:33 indradg ?
21:33 jcamins No.
21:33 jcamins Step one of the test plan is "apply patches."
21:33 jcamins It is your responsibility to upload them to bugzilla in the correct order.
21:35 mtompset -- sometimes the test plan has steps to demonstrate the problem before the "apply patches" step.
21:36 indradg jcamins: so *one* bug filing number followed by a) lib add patch upload ; then USE Koha patch upload and finally the OPAC and staff client patches... all uploaded against bug 12815?
21:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12815 enhancement, P3, ---, indradg, In Discussion , Adding browser based multi-lingual jquery.ime input method support to Koha
21:36 jcamins Yes.
21:36 indradg got it!
21:36 jcamins indradg: there's no useful way to test the first two patches.
21:36 indradg i was thinking about that
21:37 jcamins Sure, you could add a test plan "add a call to the Koha TT plugin in every single template," but no one is going to test that.
21:37 jcamins Ever.
21:37 jcamins Likewise, you could add a test plan "try to download jquery.ime plugin using your web browser," but it's hard to see why anyone would want to do that.
21:37 indradg makes sense
21:39 tcohen indradg: always focus on lowering the barrier for potential testers
21:40 indradg tcohen: aye!
21:40 * indradg takes the patch back to chop shop!
22:07 eythian hi
22:14 wizzyrea whaddup
22:20 papa joined #koha
22:21 indradg hi... can anyone throw somelight on this -[…]s#Translatability
22:22 indradg any examples?
22:22 eythian there's examples in koha
22:26 Mahdi joined #koha
22:33 indradg eythian: in /intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/a​dmin/preferences/i18n_l10n.pref it is given as
22:34 indradg but shouldn't it be as
22:34 eythian those two pastes are exactly identical, I think
22:34 eythian but I don't actually know what your question is
22:35 indradg eythian: no there are not exactly same
22:35 indradg my question is w.r.t. - Single quote (') and double quotes (") must not be used. Use glyphs: « » ‘ ’ “ ”
22:35 indradg ^^^
22:35 indradg from the wiki link above
22:37 eythian oh, the quote
22:37 eythian I missed that
22:37 eythian it's probably an error then
22:37 indradg so no need to worry on that?
22:37 eythian or it's the case that it sometimes works, sometimes doesn't
22:37 eythian I don't know
22:37 eythian I mean, it is probably the .pref that's in error, the wiki is most likely right
22:38 indradg who might? fredericd ?
22:38 eythian who?
22:38 eythian err
22:38 eythian who what?
22:41 indradg[…]f=11425&oldid=843
22:42 indradg eythian: that specific line in the wiki was added by Frédéric Demians aka fredericd
22:43 eythian yes, he's probably correct
22:44 indradg @seen fredericd
22:44 huginn indradg: fredericd was last seen in #koha 26 weeks, 0 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: <fredericd> #info Frédéric Demians, Tamil
23:02 mtompset indradg: EEEEEW! Smart quotes.
23:03 tcohen joined #koha
23:03 indradg mtompset: good for health? :P
23:03 mtompset No, for shorter life. Because you waste yours debugging them. :P
23:06 indradg lol, so can ignore that "must" for now? :D
23:06 eythian well, it might cause problems sometimes, or it might not.
23:13 Mahdi joined #koha
23:14 indradg sounds like Schrödinger's cat :P
23:16 tcohen eythian: --enable-sru vs. --enable-z3950 ?
23:17 eythian tcohen: they're different things, aren
23:17 eythian 't they?
23:18 tcohen doesnt' zebra speak both?
23:19 eythian I think it does, but assuming they're different protocols that are configured differently, what does the speaking doesn't have much of an influence on the option naming.
23:26 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.16.3 is available! Next general meeting is 13 and 14 August 2014 at 22:00 and 15:00 UTC. Welcome to the IRC home of Koha Please use for pastes.
23:28 gmcharlt
23:28 tcohen wb!
23:28 tcohen gmcharlt++

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