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00:07 eythian hi
00:20 mtj heya eythian
00:20 mtj i just spotted this in my newsfeed...
00:20 mtj[…]-of-service-bots/
00:21 eythian yeah, you could write that headline as "people don't patch and firewall properly, get owned."
00:21 mtj i wonder what is Backdoor.Perl.RShell.c
00:21 mtj lol, awesome response
00:22 mtj so true too
00:22 eythian it's a perl web shell
00:23 mtj ah yep, just spotted that too...
00:23 eythian i.e. you drop it on something and then you can interact with it via a network port to control the machine
00:23 mtj ' They said that the attackers modified publicly available proof-of-concept exploit code for CVE-2014-3120 and used it to install a Perl-based Web shell '
00:25 mtj a bit more, for the curious ->[…]-ddos-and-profit/
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01:26 mtj peeps.. anyone know if its possible to restrict r/w access to a branches bibs/items - for a user category?
01:27 mtj ...ive taken a quick look about, but cant see any option to do this (in 3.14.x)
01:29 dcook Not that I know of
01:29 mtj ie: stop users from branch-A, to view/edit bibs from branch-B
01:30 mtj dcook: me too :)
01:30 mtj (i just ask, in case)
01:31 dcook Actually, even with IndependentBranches turned on, there is a lot of... well...lack of independence
01:31 eythian it's not very thoroughly implemented, I'm given to understand.
01:31 * dcook nods
01:32 wizzyrea well it turned out that nobody actually used it that way
01:32 wizzyrea and people who tried, gave up.
01:32 rangi yeah it was more independent the first time round
01:32 rangi then everyone was all
01:32 rangi oohhh we didnt mean actually independent
01:32 wizzyrea SHARE ALL THE THINGS
01:32 rangi but we cant tell you what we actually mean
01:32 rangi try and guess
01:32 wizzyrea ^^^^^
01:32 rangi and we will tell you if its wrong
01:33 wizzyrea that. so much that.
01:33 wizzyrea and, it's not a technical problem, it's a people problem.
01:33 rangi *nod*
01:33 dcook Well...
01:33 dcook I'd say both
01:33 rangi its a technical solution to a people problem
01:33 wizzyrea it's a technical problem because the people can't behave themselves.
01:33 dcook There are a few holes in the independence as it presents itself
01:34 dcook I'm willing to say it's a problem :p
01:34 wizzyrea I think libraries that want to do it like that
01:34 dcook I don't think there's an easy technical solution as people policy varies too much.
01:34 wizzyrea jsut ought to get their own koha.
01:34 rangi the whole idea of independent branches is a people problem
01:35 rangi i cant trust my colleagues, please make it so they cant do things i think they shouldn't
01:35 wizzyrea ^^^
01:35 mtj i think i agree rangi
01:35 * dcook ponders
01:35 rangi thats what makes it so hard to build
01:35 dcook I'd say also fear of accidents
01:35 rangi because everyone has different levels of trust in their workmates
01:35 wizzyrea if you have ever looked at moodle permissions
01:36 wizzyrea there is a system built around people problems if I've ever seen one and the rules are madness.
01:36 * dcook is a bit terrified of learning management systems
01:36 wizzyrea that way be dragons
01:36 rangi if you really want independence
01:36 rangi install packages
01:36 rangi run 5 instances
01:36 wizzyrea ^^^
01:36 rangi done
01:36 dcook And install 5 databases of 600,000+ MeSH authorities?
01:37 rangi yep
01:37 dcook Seems a bit inefficient
01:37 rangi disk is cheap
01:37 mtj i remember the 1st time a librarian explained to me that staff on other branches 'gamed' the holds queue on certain items
01:37 dcook rangi: There's only so much time to index though
01:37 dcook I suppose you only need to re-index on occasion
01:37 dcook fully re-index
01:37 rangi for authorities once a year if that
01:37 wizzyrea peer pressure at the system meeting is remarkably effective at curbing that.
01:37 dcook mtj: "gamed"?
01:38 mtj well, just cheated really dcook :)
01:38 dcook But how?
01:38 wizzyrea that assumes you have meetings.
01:38 dcook wizzyrea: If it's a library, there are meetings
01:38 rangi or, they could spec it out, how they want it actually work and people could build it
01:38 dcook Many meetings
01:38 mtj they would reshuffle the holds queue... somehow
01:38 wizzyrea the usuall kind of hold queue nonsense I'd reckon, bumping their pet borrowers to the top
01:38 wizzyrea etc
01:38 rangi but this wave your arms and say independent
01:39 rangi is never gonna result in something anyone is happy with
01:39 mtj dcook:  not on a koha system here... just some random ILS
01:39 dcook rangi: Agreed. That's one of the reasons I dislike having the preference there to begin with
01:39 wizzyrea independent = I can't see the others items? or I can see them but not edit them? or can only edit certain fields?
01:39 dcook There isn't really a spec for it
01:39 wizzyrea same, borrowers?
01:40 dcook Ah, right, borrowers...that's another annoyance
01:40 wizzyrea I can see your borrowers? I can edit them? I can not see them at all?
01:40 dcook If you have 5 instances, you need to do patron management 5 times
01:40 dcook wizzyrea: Totes
01:40 dcook mtj: Right, I just don't understand how they'd cheat the holds queue :S. Librarians are an interesting breed though.
01:41 wizzyrea the patron search has gotten a lot better in this regard.
01:41 wizzyrea cheating the hold queue is time honoured tradition in libraries.
01:41 dcook As in, there's a hold on it, but Imma check it out anyway?
01:41 dcook (particularly to myself?)
01:41 wizzyrea as in, I like this person so I'll bump them up
01:41 * dcook shudders
01:41 wizzyrea or I don't like that person, I like this other person better, I'll rearrange this.
01:42 dcook Reminds me of the 3 hour class we had on ethics...
01:42 dcook It was horrible
01:42 dcook btw
01:42 wizzyrea also there's a hold on it but I'll check it out to this person anyway
01:42 dcook :(
01:42 dcook Mind you, I guess you don't necessarily have librarians doing a lot of the checking out...
01:42 wizzyrea mind, I had a library at NEKLS that would allow a borrower with a book in hand that they had gotten off the shelf issue an item even if it had a hold on it.
01:43 dcook That is a tough situation
01:43 wizzyrea (because, for example, the library hadn't pulled that item off of the shelf)
01:43 wizzyrea (yet)
01:43 dcook Righto
01:43 wizzyrea and it seemed unfair to take the book out of that borrower's hand
01:43 dcook On one hand, there's a hold on it. On the other hand, they have retrieved the book.
01:43 dcook Yep
01:43 wizzyrea I think what we learn from this is that the hold queue isn't sacred really.
01:43 dcook I suppose that's why some libraries don't allow holds where items are on shelf ;)
01:44 wizzyrea it is and it isn't
01:44 wizzyrea you definitely don't want the system messing up the queuing.
01:44 wizzyrea but people messing up the queuing can't really be avoided unless you simply don't allow it
01:45 dcook Or don't allow holds where items are on shelf
01:46 dcook Although that sucks if you're not a regular library goer
01:46 dcook Or...charge money for holds so that patrons stop using your library all together
01:46 * dcook is still bitter about his local public library
01:51 mtj wizzyrea:  the weird twist to my story was that there was nasty sabotaging happening, between staff from 'rival' branches
01:53 mtj the idea of admining (and/or developing) an ILS where your users are that badly behaved O_o
01:54 wizzyrea I'm pretty bitter about my public library too.
01:55 mtj still... you could just add better logging for those 'hold' events, then run a weekly report to catch those users?
01:55 wizzyrea yeah, I filed a bug about that ages ago
01:55 wizzyrea logging for hold queue modification
01:55 wizzyrea or add reserve modification to the bib modification logs
01:55 wizzyrea something like that
01:55 mtj good spotting wiz
01:56 mtj yep
01:56 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6890
01:56 huginn Bug 6890: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mjr, Failed QA , Add reserves to modification logging
01:57 wizzyrea ohh, it was getting close too.
01:57 wizzyrea boo.
01:58 mtj meh, just a little fixup needed
02:58 eythian[…]rchange-perl.html <-- rangi, migrated into testing
02:59 rangi sweet
03:00 rangi @later tell ashimema Colin's perl module is now in debian testing[…]rchange-perl.html
03:00 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
03:20 eythian[…]ervation-society/
03:55 mtj rangi, very cool ^^
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04:55 dpk hi all.  Just upgraded from 3.14.06 to 3.16.02 and there were 5 update errors on the DB.  Is anyone here able to assess whether I need to worry about them?
04:55 eythian yes
04:55 eythian put them in a pastebin and put the link here
04:56 eythian wahanui: paste
04:56 wahanui i guess paste is found at
04:56 eythian (also, if they're all "something already exists" type messages, you're fine.)
05:00 dpk some are not.
05:01 eythian hmm
05:02 eythian the first and third are fine, but the rest are a bit dubious
05:02 eythian oh, the second may be OK too, hard to tell.
05:03 eythian yeah, the second isn't OK either
05:03 dpk So what's my next step?
05:04 eythian I don't understand why the issn one is happening, it drops the index immediately previously.
05:04 eythian Are you familiar with SQL?
05:04 dpk I can do some basics.
05:06 eythian In that case, I'd have a look in at the lines mentioned, and then check the schema in the actual database to see if it now matches. If it doesn't, make it match :)
05:07 eythian it really just seems to be the indexes around biblioitems.issn that're the issue
05:07 eythian and that ctId thing
05:07 eythian you may need to add it.
05:08 eythian That should have been added way back in 3.01, I don't know why you don't have it.
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05:16 eythian hi cait
05:23 cait morning eythian
05:23 eythian @wunder nzwn
05:23 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 14.0°C (5:00 PM NZST on July 30, 2014). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
05:23 eythian ug. I have to bike across town.
05:23 eythian what huginn isn't telling you is the wind gusting to 70kph
05:23 dpk Looks like I already have collections_tracking_id int(11).
05:25 eythian ahh
05:25 eythian yeah, that would be expected
05:25 eythian in that case, it's probably OK
05:26 cait ew
05:27 dpk So now we're down to the wonky ISSN stuff.  Let do a show columns on the biblioitems table
05:28 dcook @wunder sydney, australia
05:28 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Sydney Airport, New South Wales is 24.0°C (3:00 PM EST on July 30, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 15%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
05:28 * dcook consults the internet
05:28 dcook I think it's supposed to be winter here...
05:28 dcook Not that I'm complaining
05:29 cait @wunder Konstanz
05:29 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 16.1°C (7:25 AM CEST on July 30, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 91%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
05:29 cait supposed t obe summer  here
05:29 cait but currently we are getting los of rain
05:30 dcook :/
05:30 * dcook also just ate lunch is already hungry again
05:30 dcook Nothing is as it should be!
05:30 cait i don't like super warm weather, so it's not that bad fo rme
05:30 dpk I don't know what that column is supposed to be…
05:31 eythian if in doubt, look in installer/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql
05:31 * eythian has to go now, later all.
05:31 dcook later eythian
05:37 dpk can someone show me what "show index from biblioitems;" shows for a system running 3.16.02?
05:38 dpk Looking at kohastructure.sql...
05:43 dpk I think I fixed it.
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06:29 dcook Oh, IE7. Why you make me so crazy...
06:31 cait dcook: glad someone works outhow to fix ie bugs
06:31 cait dcook++
06:31 cait bbiab
06:31 cait left #koha
06:36 dcook @later tell cait This one is for DSpace :/. I think my brain is going to leak out of my ear. It's rather mind-boggling.
06:36 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
06:44 dcook "margin-left:0px;"
06:44 dcook But of course...
06:44 * dcook glares at IE7
06:46 * dcook pushes his brains back into his head through his ear
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06:55 alex_a joined #koha
06:56 alex_a bonjour
06:59 * dcook looks at more horrifying webpages
06:59 dcook salut alex_a
07:00 alex_a salut dcook
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07:06 gaetan_B hello
07:06 wahanui kia ora, gaetan_B
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07:31 matts cait, around ?
07:41 cait yes
07:59 ashimema morning #koha
08:00 ashimema morning matts
08:00 ashimema morning cait
08:01 cait morning ashimema
08:13 ashimema matts, I've tried clarifying Tomas's main point on the CAS patch.  Apologies, I think it was me that sent that bug off on a tangent by not fully reading Tomas's first comment.
08:13 atheia joined #koha
08:14 ashimema In Tomas's words.. it's not he OPACBaseURL stuff holding it back..
08:15 ashimema I think he's working on regression tests for it and trying to prove to himself that the patch fixes the problem directly rather than coincidentally.
08:15 atheia morning all!
08:15 ashimema morning atheia
08:15 ashimema @wunder stevenage, uk
08:15 huginn ashimema: The current temperature in Monkswood, Stevenage, United Kingdom is 18.6°C (9:15 AM BST on July 30, 2014). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
08:16 ashimema hmm.. looks like my local whether station no longer gets top hit in wunder
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08:16 ashimema @wunder great ashby, uk
08:16 huginn ashimema: Error: No such location could be found.
08:16 matts ashimema, just read your comment
08:16 ashimema :)
08:16 matts I totally agree: opacbaseurl stuff should be discussed somewhere else
08:16 ashimema sorry mate.. didn't mean to hold the patch back.. i misread to start with..
08:17 atheia @wunder brussels, belgium
08:17 matts and as for the test, jajm will write one today hopefully
08:17 huginn atheia: The current temperature in Brussels, Belgium is 18.0°C (9:50 AM CEST on July 30, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
08:17 ashimema @wunder 51.925076, -0.160660
08:17 huginn ashimema: Error: No such location could be found.
08:17 ashimema hmm.. I thought wunder could cope with lat and long.
08:17 ashimema excellent news.. I'm usre that will make tcohen happy ;)
08:18 ashimema @wunder 51.925, -0.160
08:18 huginn ashimema: Error: No such location could be found.
08:19 cait :)
08:20 cait probably it was me - because i noted that it expected a different setting
08:20 cait the intention was to make it easier for testers
08:20 ashimema Yeah.. lots on confusion over that bug.
08:21 ashimema @wunder 51.911 -0.186
08:21 huginn ashimema: Error: No such location could be found.
08:21 ashimema ack..
08:21 cait @wunder Konstanz
08:21 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 17.0°C (10:00 AM CEST on July 30, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.82 in 1010 hPa (Rising).
08:21 ashimema looks like my local weather has gone offline.. I see why it's not working now.
08:21 ashimema[…]ard?ID=IHERTFOR21
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09:30 matts ashimema, is the shib single sign out always enabled, or is there a config option ?
09:36 matts and could you explain a bit more what <categorycode> is used for in koha-conf.xml ? It is unclear to me...
09:37 cait :)
09:37 cait i hope he will be back soon
09:38 ashimema be with you in a tic matts.. in a call with a customer at the second.
09:38 matts ah... customers ! :)
09:39 ashimema indeed ;)
09:52 cait hi khall :)
10:15 khall mornin cait! mornin all!
10:16 ashimema right..
10:16 ashimema i'm back
10:16 ashimema morning khall
10:17 ashimema interesting question matts
10:17 khall thanks to everyone ( ashimema,  bkriegel, tcohen ) involved with getting bug 9000. That's definitely a personal record for me! Submitted one day, pushed to master the next!
10:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9000 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , misc/cronjobs/rss/ uses HTP
10:17 ashimema it's obviosly only enabled when shibboleth is enabled.. but when shibobleth is enabled it is always enabled as part of it yes..
10:18 ashimema However.. there are caviats with that.. in that your have to setup single sign out correctyl at the IdP and SP ends outside of koha first.
10:18 ashimema in short.. it 'should' 'do the right thing'
10:19 ashimema will move to private chat.. sure not everyone wnats to hear my ranting ;)
10:25 cait ashimema: oooh
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10:36 cait lunch time bbiab
10:39 irma_ joined #koha
10:39 ashimema matts++ for spotting a couple of glaring errors in my shib documentation and one glaring error in the implementation.
10:40 matts :)
10:55 ashimema joined #koha
11:03 cait matts++ ashimema++ cooperation++ :)
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11:34 fridolin hie all
11:50 francharb Good morning
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12:09 jajm cait, ashimema, the test for CAS is out \o/[…].cgi?id=12398#c16 (took me a while to figure out how to test this...)
12:09 huginn Bug 12398: critical, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , CAS authentication not working
12:10 cait morning fridolin and francharb
12:10 cait jajm++
12:10 ashimema jajm++
12:10 ashimema cheers..
12:11 fridolin good morning cati
12:11 fridolin cait:
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12:20 matts thx for the test, jajm
12:25 tcohen morning #kohaq
12:27 ashimema morning tcohen
12:28 tcohen i'm about to rewrite the test in t/db_dependent/
12:29 tcohen the cas one
12:29 cait morning tcohen :)
12:29 ashimema did you spot jajm's one in the bug?
12:29 tcohen yes
12:29 ashimema great..
12:29 ashimema i've not looked yet.. just wanted to make sure you'd caught up before ploughing into work ;)
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12:30 cait right eythian wants us to watch our for tests in t  - making sure they really don't need a dbb
12:30 cait because that breaks the build
12:30 ashimema it's coming in thick and fast at the moment
12:30 cait hm?
12:30 tcohen jajm's needs access to sysprefs actually
12:31 ashimema assume he's mocking those though?
12:31 ashimema if at all possible.. i prefer to mock the db,pref and config stuff myself ;)
12:31 oleonard joined #koha
12:31 ashimema i 'hate' db dependant tests ;)
12:32 ashimema easier to write, but harder to consistently test
12:32 jajm tcohen, i can rewrite patch with syspref mock if you want
12:33 tcohen ah, that'd be great
12:33 ashimema awesome.. jajm++
12:33 tcohen jajm++
12:34 oleonard Hi everyone
12:35 tcohen jajm: could you just move it to db_dependent?
12:35 tcohen my feeling is that we will write more tests soon for it
12:35 tcohen all db_dependent
12:36 tcohen you could just do my $opac_base_url = C4::Context->preference('OpacBaseURL') // '';
12:36 tcohen also, the test could look like
12:36 tcohen is(C4::Auth_with_cas::_url_with_get_params($cgi),
12:36 tcohen "$opac_base_url/cgi-bin/ko​ha/",
12:36 tcohen "_url_with_get_params should return URL without deleted parameters (Bug 12398)");
12:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12398 critical, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Passed QA , CAS authentication not working
12:37 oleonard joined #koha
12:37 jajm tcohen, can't we have both t/Auth_with_cas.t and t/db_dependent/Auth_with_cas.t ?
12:38 tcohen jajm: yes, do what u prefer
12:38 tcohen i'll push whatever test the QA team passes
12:39 jajm ok
12:40 tcohen i'm still not sure what is the benefit
12:40 tcohen as i understand it, non db-dependent tests should exist to make sure no side effects take place when the DB is set
12:41 tcohen but we have a situation where we indeed need the DB
12:41 tcohen but are mocking it
12:41 tcohen i'll just put it in db_dependent
12:42 tcohen s/ll/d/
12:43 matts Just a reminder, I think no one took a look at bug 12631 yet... If anyone has the time, or the will, it will be greatly appreciated :)
12:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12631 normal, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Needs Signoff , Inventory: fix "wrong place" and "item not scanned" statuses
12:45 * cait thinks we need more hands desperately ... and eyes of course
12:46 ashimema or a time machine cait..
12:46 cait or cloning?
12:46 wahanui hmmm... cloning is tough though. They need to have the same physical and mental abilities of me now...but they need to gain them instanteously
12:46 ashimema then we could pause time for a while to go over the backlog
12:46 cait but seriously, sign off queue is huge
12:46 cait and in needs qa are lots of good feature sthat take a lot of time to work through
12:46 nengard joined #koha
12:47 ashimema to be fair.. if the sign-off queue was smaller, then the signed-off queue would be large so the poor qa's would be the limiting factor instead.
12:47 ashimema we're stuck either way ;)
12:48 cait yeah, we need hands everywhere...
12:49 matts About 12631, it's not a feature, it's fixing a broken behavior ;)
12:49 matts Maybe we could hire monkeys
12:49 cait clever monkeys?
12:50 matts Not necessarily
12:50 matts If we have enough time, any kind of monkeys will do the work
12:50 jajm ashimema, tcohen, patch submitted
12:50 matts (as  stated in the Infinite monkey theorem :[…]te_monkey_theorem )
12:52 ashimema I love that theorum
12:53 cait there are also 2 critical  bugs in needs sign off
12:53 JesseM_ joined #koha
12:54 paul_p @seen magnuse
12:54 huginn paul_p: magnuse was last seen in #koha 2 days, 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 1 second ago: * magnuse runs off
12:58 cait paul_p: magnuse is on paternity leave
12:58 cait paul_p: best to write him an email if you need something
12:58 paul_p really ? I didn't even knew he was pregnant :D :D
12:58 paul_p cait will do (it's a norwegian language problem...)
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13:49 ashimema cait: around?
13:49 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12615: Remove CGI::scrolling_list from <[…]d6598114c55a582cd> / Bug 12487 [QA Followup] - GetContract must return undef with no params <[…]5a16847474fe23aac> / Bug 12487: SQLHelper replacement - C4::Contract <http://git.koha-co
14:10 cait khall: ping :)
14:10 cait ashimema: yep now again
14:19 tcohen hi cait
14:19 Mahdi joined #koha
14:20 cait hi tcohen
14:20 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12654 Correct incorrectly quoted regexp <[…]b1af6b2aebc50a13c> / Bug 12661: Fixing capitalisation from "Item Type" to "Item type" <[…]4b9ea9f0a089b3123> / Bug 9221 - contact note not showing <[…]it;a=commitdiff;h
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14:30 cait tcohen: we filled up your queue again :P
14:44 mtompset joined #koha
14:44 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:45 mtompset Seeing as some people are on facebook. I thought I'd point out a new group I was directed to:
14:45 mtompset It's a Koha Philippines group. :)
14:52 tcohen yay! for the first time the QueryParser tests passed for Ubuntu 14.04
14:53 * tcohen would like to know which the rnd for hash order randomization in Perl 5.18 is
14:54 tgoat joined #koha
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15:04 mtompset tcohen: You mean the way hashes are ordered isn't deterministic and the same across Perl versions?
15:05 tcohen the way hashes are ordered is not deterministic at all
15:06 tcohen older Perl versions might have had a fixed seed, or no randomization at all
15:11 cait left #koha
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15:35 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11905 - when editing item, cursor is positioning in search box and not to item <[…]d712e55f5e780d703> / Bug 11888: Random password suggestion does not work twice <[…]693b3089ebc721fda>
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16:05 ashimema @seen pianohacker
16:05 huginn ashimema: pianohacker was last seen in #koha 19 hours, 53 minutes, and 0 seconds ago: <pianohacker> hi rangi
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16:13 mtompset Greetings, ashimema.
16:13 ashimema @later tell pianohacker give me a bell when your about mate.. want to clarify a few shib bits related to your auto-provisioning stuff
16:13 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
16:13 ashimema hi mtompset
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17:27 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7462 - duplicate patron shows flags <[…]61d052651600bdc0a> / Bug 10155: Patron search should remember search type options selected <[…]a6ae13e940195b6b3> / Bug 7237 - duplicating patron not using patron's branch <
17:38 oleonard Preparing screenshots of my test system would be a lot easier if I didn't have to make sure that EVERYTHING looks EXACTLY like our production system. Otherwise they'll latch on to the tiniest difference and focus only on that.
17:38 oleonard Me: "Here is a new feature where you can..." Librarians: "OH MY GOD THE DATE FORMAT IS DIFFERENT."
17:40 oleonard
17:55 JesseM LOL
17:57 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12662: (follow-up) Ajax-based check in does not work for some system preference... <[…]a61e57cb8b6f3f2b6> / Bug 12662: Ajax-based check in does not work for some system preference settings... <[…]19032befae66fc5e0>
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18:05 tcohen anyone with MARC21 for serials knowledge?
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18:11 mtompset My sympathies, oleonard. :)
18:11 mtompset oleonard++ # nice animated gif. :)
18:13 * cbrannon is now away - Reason : Lunch
18:32 gaetan_B bye
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19:08 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha.
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19:19 ashimema ok.. random question to throw out there to people
19:20 ashimema when mapping one thing to another and providing a default for when one end of the mapping is empty whats clearer
19:20 ashimema <A default="thing">B</A>
19:20 ashimema or
19:21 ashimema <A is="B">default</A>
19:23 cait i like the first
19:23 cait hm how does ldap do it?
19:25 jcamins ashimema: the second is closer to how data binding systems like Angular do things.
19:26 jcamins But that's not a vote.
19:26 ashimema the second is how ldap does it
19:27 ashimema I see.. so doing it the second way is 'generally more consistent with how it's done elsewhere'.. I wondered why ldap did it that way as it seems totally unclear to me.
19:28 jcamins Well, "is" may be the worst label EVER.
19:30 cait what ldap is missing, is being able to map from something to a koha code
19:30 cait like a patron category code
19:30 cait that would be really helpful
19:31 cait or a branchcode
19:32 jcamins cait: ldap is also missing a certain pleasantness of usage.
19:32 wahanui okay, jcamins.
19:32 ashimema hmm..
19:32 jcamins ldap?
19:32 wahanui it has been said that ldap is missing a certain pleasantness of usage.
19:32 pianohacker ah, so say the LDAP sends something like 'a' or 'b', mapping that to 'cat_a' or 'cat_b'?
19:32 ashimema well is was going to add in some basic string manipulation to the shibboleth config..
19:32 ashimema of the lines
19:33 ashimema <userid is="email" regex="s/">default</userid>
19:33 ashimema maybe a further followup could be something like
19:34 jcamins pianohacker: I was thinking something more along the lines of mapping the configuration of LDAP to an API request to send the poor benighted soul doing it a stiff drink. But that might be good too.
19:34 ashimema <userid is="uid" is_really="ccode">default</userid>
19:34 pianohacker jcamins: unless everclear is legal in NY I don't think it would be strong enough
19:34 jcamins pianohacker: I don't think it is. Good point.
19:36 ashimema another followup I was thinking of was allowing a config based upon finding a particular field and value..
19:37 ashimema ie. if found attribute called affiliation with value student use one set of mapping..
19:37 ashimema if found attribute called affiliation with value staff use another set of mapping.
19:41 hankbank joined #koha
19:51 cait ashimema: that would work too
19:52 cait pianohacker: yeah basically hte codes in koha and the codes in ldap don't always match but now they have to, some flexibility there would be good
19:53 ashimema you almost need a submap cait..
19:54 cait yeah it doesn#t fit into a one liner
19:54 cait more like an if/else construct
19:54 ashimema a map to map 'words' returned by ldap/shibboleth attributes to code/words in koha.
19:54 ashimema that could lead to one very complex config file :(
19:59 ashimema joined #koha
19:59 ashimema lost you there guys..
19:59 ashimema silly irc
20:04 Mahdi joined #koha
20:14 rangi morning
20:14 nengard hiya
20:15 nengard left #koha
20:19 rangi  it's general election time
20:33 ashimema @later tell matts that final update to the shibboleth patch is ready when you are mate.. Thanks for testing :)
20:33 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
20:42 tcohen joined #koha
20:42 tcohen hi
20:42 wahanui hey, tcohen
20:42 tcohen @seen wizzyrea
20:42 huginn tcohen: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 18 hours, 45 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> boo.
20:43 tcohen @later tell wizzyrea I need a google maps plugin in the community wordpress
20:43 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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21:24 wizzyrea hi tcohen
21:24 irma_ joined #koha
21:24 wizzyrea did you have a specific one in mind?
21:25 wizzyrea (it's ok if you don't. Some requirements might be nice though.)
21:32 tcohen wizzyrea: yes! this one
21:32 tcohen haven't tried it yet
21:32 tcohen but looks it does the job
21:32 tcohen thanks!
21:32 wizzyrea what is the main goal? Just show a map?
21:33 * wizzyrea is nosy
21:35 tcohen wizzyrea: i need to put two maps for the kohacon section
21:35 tcohen those locations I sent to the list, actually
21:35 tcohen (in reply to nicole)
21:35 wizzyrea *nod*
21:47 wizzyrea mmm actually I don't think that does what you think it does
21:47 wizzyrea that puts maps in a widget. You want them on a page eh
21:47 wizzyrea tcohen ^
21:48 * tcohen doesn't understand the difference heh
21:48 wizzyrea :) sok, that's my job.
21:48 tcohen widgets are stuff you move around ?
21:49 tcohen "put this widget showing this on the left"
21:49 tcohen ?
21:49 wizzyrea widgets go in certain areas of the site that are (usually, but not always) visible on every page (or type of page)
21:49 wizzyrea example, sidebars or footers.
21:50 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "I think you want to simply embed this in the page instead" (1 line) at
21:50 wizzyrea (for example)
21:51 wizzyrea you can get at that by clicking the gear at the bottom right, and selecting "share and embed"
21:51 tcohen ah
21:51 wizzyrea then pick the tab "Embed map"
21:52 wizzyrea you may want to use for your maps so they don't come out in ... is it portuguese?
21:52 tcohen ah
21:52 wizzyrea or spanish? I'm sorry to be ignorant.
21:52 tcohen spanish
21:52 wizzyrea spanish :)
21:53 wizzyrea does that seem like what you were looking for or...
21:53 wizzyrea am I totally wrong
21:54 tcohen wizzyrea: that looks like what I need
21:54 wizzyrea \o/
21:54 tcohen \o/
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22:26 cait good night #koha
22:26 cait left #koha
22:27 pianohacker @later tell ashimema push finally done
22:27 huginn pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
22:41 eythian hi
22:41 wahanui salut, eythian
22:48 papa joined #koha
22:48 tcohen hi eythian
22:58 * dcook waves to awake folk
22:59 rangi hi dcook
23:00 dcook yo rangi
23:09 tcohen my wishes for the utf-8 general fix:
23:15 rangi :)
23:16 rangi tcohen:[…]ing_when#Arriving  i added hotel info to here and mailed the list
23:22 dcook Exciting!
23:22 * dcook hopes folks have a good time at Kohacon14
23:40 tcohen rangi: excellent
23:53 Mahdi joined #koha

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