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00:00 eythian dcook: you just missed him.
00:00 dcook dinger :/
00:00 eythian but pull requests are a git thing, GH just has a web interface for it.
00:01 dcook I thought that Linus Torvald wrote something explicitly saying how he thought pull requests were a bad idea and that only GH had them
00:01 eythian[…]ll-request-on-git <-- this explains the difference
00:01 eythian Koha uses them occasionally if a patch can't be emailed for some reason, but that's rare
00:04 eythian and actually rarer still now we tend to use git bz anyway
00:04 dcook Hmm, neato. Thanks for the link :)
00:04 dcook Well, I was wondering about the whole MM thing
00:05 mtompset mtj_: yep, even the git clone you suggested fails... crawling on with my rsync hack.
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00:05 dcook Would rangi apply a patch via git bz, and then tcohen would cherry-pick from a branch with the MM repo as a remote?
00:05 dcook Or just apply from git-bz?
00:05 eythian I dunno. I don't know if the MM branches are widely used or not.
00:05 mtompset MM?
00:05 tcohen i'm experimenting
00:06 tcohen (is it idiomatic?)
00:06 dcook (Makes sense :) )
00:06 tcohen i git merged from rangi's MM branch
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00:08 dcook Mmm, I think I follow now. Thanks, tcohen :)
00:08 * dcook ponders
00:08 dcook How would they update their MM branch then?
00:08 tcohen for now, my goal is that MM take care of integrating patch series
00:09 tcohen the latest tiny patches might make it look like unnecesary overhead
00:09 tcohen it will depend on how big are they I guess
00:12 dcook I have no idea, but I like the idea of more people pushing code
00:12 dcook Seems like that could ease things for the RM long-term
00:13 dcook Although I suppose the bottleneck is still probably testing
00:34 mtj this is some interesting info from Linus... ->
00:49 dcook Hmm, interesting indeed
00:58 dcook I wish this worked:
00:58 dcook export DB_USER=my_koha
00:58 dcook perl Makefile.PL
00:58 wahanui rumour has it perl Makefile.PL is needed
00:58 * dcook might take a look so that we can revise the Makefile.PL instructions..
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01:00 dcook Looks like it should work but it never seems to..
01:01 dcook Or maybe it does partially do what it says it does..
01:06 dcook Ok, so maybe Makefile.PL does work exactly as it says...
01:06 dcook I just need to read more carefully :p
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01:21 pianohacker hallo
01:22 dcook yo pianohacker
01:23 pianohacker hey dcook :)
01:23 pianohacker decided on the galago ultrabook after a lot of research, the small-screen laptop market is a really frustrating place
01:24 dcook I hear that
01:24 dcook Galago, eh? Link?
01:24 dcook Nevermind. I'm overly excited :p
01:26 dcook How much hard drive space does that sucker have?
01:26 dcook Ahh, nvm
01:26 dcook That's n eat
01:26 dcook neat*
01:27 pianohacker yup, nice laptop. You go almost anywhere else, and you compromise on screen, battery life, graphics or build quality
01:27 pianohacker planning to put raid 0'd dual samsung ssds in it :)
01:29 * dcook really needs to play around more with raid configs..
01:29 dcook I suppose I still can't rationalize spending $1000 on anything other than travel :p
01:29 dcook I mean $1000+
01:30 dcook Mind you, this is a way nicer machine than the ones I've seen here for that same price..
01:32 pianohacker I have student loan money, and this laptop is dying slowly. Could last a year, but I can and should get something better
01:32 dcook Is System76 located in Canada? Wondering why they offer ground cover for there..
01:32 pianohacker to my understanding, they're a half hour away in Denver
01:33 dcook Hmm must just be an add-on for Canucks
01:33 dcook I've been pondering laptops for the past year or so. My netbook is...4.5 years old at this point
01:33 dcook Running Lubuntu means it's still usable but it's not necessarily ideal :/
01:33 pianohacker what kind of specs?
01:33 dcook Yet, I so rarely use laptops.
01:33 dcook Laughable specs ;)
01:34 dcook If I am going to use a laptop, it's probably going to be for work, and then I just use one of the machines we have here.
01:34 pianohacker I have a core 2 duo with a gig of ram and scrounged components by my feet, acting as a router. How laughable we talking!
01:35 pianohacker *?
01:35 pianohacker And good, I was gonna say, if you're doing koha development on that you are a trooper...
01:36 dcook Yeah, I think that processor and ram sound about the same :p
01:36 pianohacker fun times :) and probably intel graphics that think opengl is something you can eat
01:36 dcook Well, in...2012 I managed to install Debian on a Vbox VM on Windows 7. So painful...
01:36 pianohacker wait, on that hardware?
01:37 dcook Yep
01:37 * dcook was rather transitory at the time and had a lack of options
01:38 pianohacker good lord. You wouldn't have had hardware-assisted virtualization even, I don't think
01:38 pianohacker Windows must have taken forever and a day to boot
01:38 dcook Windows was the host, so it wasn't too bad. Debian was slow as though.
01:39 dcook Still, it was the first time I ever installed Linux
01:39 dcook I must've liked it if I persisted :p
01:39 pianohacker oh okay. And if you persisted through that, yes indeed!
01:39 dcook Playing with a Debian VM during class also proved more interesting than paying attention to lectures...
01:39 dcook No offence to the lecturers. It was just rather dry at times.
01:40 pianohacker no stones thrown, I've written plenty of code in class
01:40 dcook Multitasking!
01:44 dcook Now that I think about it, you're all done uni, yeah, pianohacker?
01:44 pianohacker dcook: kinda. Graduated last month, but doing field session work (which is writing an ajax circulation client using angularjs), and I'm staying here another year for my masters
01:45 pianohacker then I have to face the terrifying real world
01:46 dcook field session?
01:46 wahanui well, field session is going decent, trying to get them up to speed on stuff. They're learning web technologies, Perl and Koha's many quirks at the same time, so they're getting firehosed a bit
01:46 dcook Yay for masters delaying the world! ;)
01:47 dcook What will you be doing for your masters?
01:47 pianohacker oh hey, that's actually a quote from me. It's a summer session for my undergrad
01:47 pianohacker and I have no idea! advanced classes, but I need to track down a project. Probably something with networking
01:49 dcook I'm not sure I follow :S. So doing paid work for credit?
01:50 dcook Sometimes I wish I would've done CS or at least a little bit of CS...
01:52 pianohacker it's a weird setup. Companies (including ByWater this time) submit speculative/explorative projects to the school, and we're assigned in teams of 3 or 4 to them.
01:52 pianohacker The theory is that it's not something that will make the company money directly, so it's okay for us to pay the school for credit for it :P
01:54 dcook haha. Interesting
01:54 dcook So there are other people working on it as well?
01:55 pianohacker yup, two other guys getting introduced to the quirky joy of Koha and the circulation code
01:58 dcook Neato
01:58 dcook So we've been wondering...what are the perks of an ajax circulation client?
01:58 dcook Not reloading the page for each check in?
01:59 pianohacker yup, that's the biggie, makes a lot of things faster or instant
02:00 pianohacker cancelling a checkout that needed confirmation, for instance, involves hiding a div rather than a page reload
02:00 dcook Sweet :)
02:01 dcook Why use angularjs?
02:01 pianohacker because it's the best thing since bagels with nutella
02:02 dcook Bagels with nutella you say...
02:02 dcook Toasted or untoasted?
02:03 pianohacker I'm an untoasted man, but it depends on the bagel. Less hyperbolically, it gives us a really nice reactive template system. I'll show you the checkout screen as it currently stands (partially done)
02:03 pianohacker[…]/circ/
02:08 dcook Dang, that page is gettin' long :/
02:08 dcook Looks interesting though!
02:08 dcook Good excuse for the rest of us (i.e. me) to look at angular
02:09 pianohacker compare and contrast the needsconfirmation/impossible logic, it's spectacular...
02:10 pianohacker you just set stuff in your scope, and the page changes, boom
02:11 pianohacker tried to do this several years ago with jQuery and this is ten times better
02:11 jcamins pianohacker: I really like Angular. I also liked the looks of the one from Facebook, though.
02:12 dcook pianohacker: Oooh, I see there. That does look handy.
02:12 dcook I wonder if it would be useful to separate those into includes..
02:13 pianohacker jcamins: reactive frameworks are just nice in general. Plus it makes the translation situation with JS in koha less of a bear
02:13 pianohacker dcook: how do you mean?
02:14 dcook pianohacker: I was just thinking about the question section, but maybe it makes sense just to leave it
02:14 dcook Is the code at the bottom going to stay or has that just not been stripped out yet?
02:14 * dcook is looking at patron restrictions
02:15 pianohacker dcook: that's going to be converted, we just started with and went from there
02:15 dcook Mmm, sweet
02:15 dcook Personally I've always been more in favour of toasted bagels, but untoasted with nutella...
02:15 dcook Tough to find bagels in Sydney though :/
02:16 dcook At least in the inner west
02:16 dcook Looking forward to seeing it when it's done, pianohacker :)
02:17 pianohacker dcook: If you want a delicious artery killer, try a soft bagel with cream cheese and nutella
02:21 dcook Hehe. I've never been a huge fan of cream cheese :p
02:21 dcook I was thinking this morning about how good I feel in my body, then I remembered that I'm still in my late 20s :p
02:21 dcook Still have lots of time to fall apart..
02:31 eythian hmm, I have to embed a chunk of C4::Biblio into a Koha:: module to make something work. Or should I be bad and just reference C4::Biblio...
02:32 pianohacker sounds like a devil's bargain either way. What are you up to?
02:33 eythian I want to add item data to a MARC record for indexing. However, to reimplement C4::Biblio::EmbedItemsInBiblio, I need to implement several other functions dealing with frameworks and such.
02:34 pianohacker I'd definitely vote for using the existing sub. Why not?
02:34 eythian it's preferable to not use C4:: things other than C4::Context in Koha:: modules.
02:35 eythian I might do it now, otherwise I'll risk losing momentum in what I'm actually doing. It could be added later if needed.
02:35 pianohacker interesting, did not know that. To risk sounding like a broken record, why?
02:35 pianohacker seems like there are lots of cases like this where you'd have to reimplement something
02:35 eythian because we'd like to move everything to a Koha:: namespace, and part of doing that is removing dependence on C4.
02:35 rangi thats the idea
02:36 rangi reimplement it properly/cleanly without the circular dependencies
02:37 rangi[…]_Koha::_namespace
02:43 dcook eythian: Would it be possible to create a new "EmbedItemsInBiblio" function in Koha:: and then change C4::Biblio::EmbedItemsInBiblio to just be a wrapper?
02:43 eythian dcook: yes, totally.
02:43 eythian however, I just don't want to spend the time going through tracing all the dependencies right now :)
02:43 dcook It would be extra work, but wouldn't that be easier than trying to fix the call to C4 in the future or embedding a chunk?
02:44 dcook Mmm, that'll do it :/
02:44 eythian It's probably what I'll do in the end.
02:44 * eythian adds a TODO note.
02:45 eythian basically I want to get items indexing in ES sooner rather than taking the time to reimplement stuff right now.
02:45 dcook I wonder if it would be useful at some point to create a plan for how Koha:: would look
02:45 dcook eythian: Yeah, I can understand that
02:45 * dcook is pro ES :D
02:46 dcook No harm being bad if it's pre-community anyway
02:46 dcook Speaking of bad...*pokes Zebra and asks why it's not merging authorities as it should*
02:46 dcook Well, that's not what I mean..
02:47 dcook Zebra, why you think you have no bib 1 attribute when you totes do
02:48 eythian adding item details slows down my reindexing time noticeably :(
02:48 dcook :(
02:48 eythian Mind you, I could probably optimise that a fair bit, I suspect it's doing far more db calls than needed right now.
02:58 dcook Yay optimise!
02:58 dcook Also boo Zebra right now...
02:58 pianohacker rangi: Hmm. I think I'm missing something, as it seems to imply, for example, that the services we're writing for the angular circ project need to port all of the circulation and holds logic to Koha::
02:58 dcook Well, it's almost certainly our fault and not Zebra, idea why it's config doesn't seem right..
03:00 rangi eventually they will use Koha::Circulation or something, you will just have to note that that work is still todo
03:01 pianohacker ok... I'm never entirely sure when our coding guidelines are MAY, SHOULD or MUST in terms of patch acceptance
03:01 rangi its always at the discretion of the RM
03:01 dcook pianohacker: I think at this point it's mostly that if you're adding new modules, they should be in Koha:: rather than C4:: ?
03:01 rangi dcook: and that they shouldnt reference C4:: ones
03:02 rangi because otherwise we will never get rid of C4
03:02 dcook rangi: Huh...I suppose that makes sense as otherwise there is no incentive to write Koha:: modules..
03:02 dcook yeah
03:02 pianohacker rangi: with an implied "when reasonably possible" after that shouldn't?
03:02 dcook It would be cool if there were a Koha:: roadmap
03:03 rangi i dont think that would work
03:03 rangi there was a rfc, but it was overly complicated
03:03 dcook Maybe not
03:03 pianohacker aka if it's some silly utility call in C4::Koha, you should just buck up and port it, but if it's some bear like CanBookBeIssued, a todo is reasonable?
03:03 dcook I suppose when it's open to comment, it's going to get complicated
03:03 rangi pianohacker: that'd be up to the QA team to decide
03:04 * dcook supposes that he's glad that he mostly sends in small patches..
03:04 dcook But then again change is good...argh..
03:04 rangi i have a new Koha::Email one
03:04 rangi im working on now
03:04 dcook I remember you mentioning that
03:04 * dcook is quite excited by it
03:04 dcook That's a really really good one to do
03:05 rangi pianohacker: for your use case i think it will be ok
03:05 dcook rangi: Was that prompted by a client or the urge to do good deeds? ;)
03:05 rangi client
03:06 dcook Sweet. I love when clients drive change :)
03:07 dcook I wish sometimes that more of our clients were upset by things so that there was impetus for change
03:07 pianohacker I'd think so, yeah. I think it is forward-thinking and reasonable to push hard for refactoring when you touch the code in question.
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03:29 dcook Has anyone ever had to manually refresh a Zebra db?
03:29 dcook I use the -r flag but it's not hacking it..
03:29 eythian It's pretty common to do that.
03:29 dcook Mind you, I think Zebra isn't reading the config right either..
03:30 dcook Loads of 114 errors that make zero sense
03:31 pianohacker you may have to look through zebra's source code, dcook. It's the only way I've been able to solve a lot of problems...
03:31 pianohacker besides config roulette
03:31 dcook hehe
03:32 dcook Yeah, I think this is going to be...
03:32 dcook I dont' even know
03:32 eythian dcook: two step solution: a) check out my ES code, b) help me make it work in all cases :)
03:36 dcook wth...reset the db and it's still messing up. Has to be the zebra server itself not reading the config correctly...
03:36 dcook eythian: So so tempting
03:38 dcook Hmm, maybe the .cfg file is screwed up...although that would make zero sense...
03:38 dcook Nope, that looks good..
03:40 dcook It's just for authorities as well...biblio is fine
03:43 pianohacker dcook: do you have the index defined as the correct type?
03:45 dcook correct type?
03:45 pianohacker :w, :p, etc
03:46 dcook Ah, yeah, that's all good
03:46 dcook The config is identical between the two instances
03:46 dcook Or as identical as I can tell
03:46 dcook But one seems to not be loading the Zebra config files correctly..
03:47 dcook Well...two instances in two different ways
03:48 dcook Yet it says that it's loading the right files..
03:48 pianohacker same zebra version?
03:48 dcook Yep
03:48 pianohacker (and yaz)
03:48 dcook Yep
03:48 pianohacker and you're sure there are records being indexed that would fill that index?
03:48 dcook Yep
03:49 dcook I manually reset the database and it said database wasn't available (as expected)
03:49 dcook But when i reindexed and tried to query through yaz-client, it's giving me 114 errors
03:49 pianohacker What's your PQF?
03:49 dcook Which mean that the bib-1 attributes don't exist
03:49 dcook I'm not even using PQF at this point
03:49 dcook But 1=1016 <anything>
03:50 dcook It'll convert "f test" to "@attr 1=1016 'test'"
03:50 pianohacker wait, @attr 1=1016 is failing? That's nuts
03:50 pianohacker isn't that general keyword search?
03:50 dcook [114] Unsupported Use attribute -- v2 addinfo '1016'
03:50 dcook Yep
03:50 dcook Hmm
03:51 dcook Maybe it can't read the bib1.att file..
03:51 * dcook checks permissions
03:52 dcook Nah, that should be ok..
03:53 dcook No idea at all..
03:54 dcook My other in stance has:
03:54 dcook ZOOM error 114 "Unsupported Use attribute" (addinfo: "Koha-Auth-Number") from diag-set 'Bib-1'
03:54 dcook When trying to merge authorities :S
03:54 dcook Which is in the biblio db's bib1.att file
03:54 dcook Something farked is going up
03:55 dcook going on*
03:55 dcook Hmm segfaulting now...that's cool, Zebra
03:57 dcook But search is still sort of working in Koha
03:57 * dcook is really starting to contemplate eythian's suggestion of checking out ES...
04:19 mtj dcook: are you running zebrasrv -v all , for debugging...
04:19 mtj can be handy for problem
04:19 mtj s
04:24 dcook I suppose I could. It's telling me what the problem is. It just seems unbelievable :p
04:35 dcook Man Zebra gets super slow for updates on large DBs..
04:39 dcook Yep...Zebra config identical...system preferences identical...code identical...
04:39 * dcook glares at Zebra
04:39 dcook mtj: Thanks for that btw. I think I might try that next..
04:40 pianohacker dcook: And you're sure the index is finishing successfully? Has enough shadow space and everything?
04:41 pianohacker There may be some issue that's only visible with -v -v on the rebuild that might mess you up
04:41 pianohacker (warning, the above will spew output)
04:41 dcook Yeah, I've been using -v -v :/
04:41 pianohacker shoot, okay.
04:41 dcook So the one that produces the error:
04:41 dcook ZOOM error 114 "Unsupported Use attribute" (addinfo: "Koha-Auth-Number") from diag-set 'Bib-1'
04:41 dcook Biblio and authority searching are working fine on that instance
04:42 dcook It's just when the merge tries to look up bibs connected to the auth record that it fails to find "Koha-Auth-Number") as a valid attribute :S
04:42 dcook (The problem with the authorities not being searchable at all is a different dev instance)
04:42 dcook (The one with "any" being considered invalid)
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05:01 dcook Despite all my rage, we still can't lock Zebra in a cage...
05:01 wizzyrea lulz
05:01 wizzyrea i'm out later :)
05:01 dcook night wizzyrea
05:03 eythian dcook: I bet it'd make good steaks though
05:05 dcook No argument here :)
05:07 eythian A downside to using the Koha:: namespace is you have to implement all sorts of APIs yourself, e.g. right now I have to write an ItemTypes one.
05:10 dcook Well, half-way solved the problem
05:10 dcook It's definitely related to a system preference
05:10 dcook Now to find out which one...
05:15 pianohacker I need to go to bed
05:15 pianohacker night all
05:15 wahanui goodnight pianohacker. You'll be back.
05:17 dcook eythian: dontmerge had somehow disappeared from the database
05:17 dcook As to why it was an error about bib 1 attributes...
05:19 dcook Hmm, but if dontmerge is turned on, it also throws that error..
05:19 dcook turned on being set to 1
05:19 dcook Err 0 rather..
05:19 dcook Bloody sysprefs..
05:33 dcook Anyone know if you can use "make upgrade" to downgrade an install?
05:36 dcook Ahh, think I found my problem
05:36 dcook Someone broke my install by owning my Zebra DB with root...
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05:39 eythian doh
05:39 eythian it's good to run zebrasrv manually sometimes, it'll log errors like that to the screen then
05:40 dcook I was running zebrasrv manually, but it was just giving htat 114 error
05:40 dcook At least, that's the only error I noticed
05:40 eythian hmm OK
05:41 dcook Yay! Pretty sure fixing the permissions did the trick for the dev instance
05:41 dcook Also re-ran Makefile.PL which probably didn't hurt either
05:41 dcook Adding an extra -v -v onto probably would've done the trick
05:42 dcook I wasn't getting the right output before but I didn't remember what I was supposed to be looking for
05:42 dcook Basically dcook whines too much on #koha :p
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05:42 dcook Although that's dontmerge thing is probably a bug...
05:42 * dcook knew the dev instance thing was config related, but  yeah..
05:53 dcook Hmm, definitely still a problem in master
05:56 * magnuse waves
05:56 dcook yo magnuse
05:56 magnuse yo yo yo!
05:57 magnuse eythian: yeah, the config for 942 should probably be the same for marc21 and normarc
05:58 eythian OK cool
05:58 dcook @later tell pianohacker you were right about it not finishing indexing. Someone must've re-indexed my dev instance as root and it broke everything...
05:58 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
05:58 dcook @later tell pianohacker As for that issue with the authority merging...working on that one...stupid Koha-Auth-Number...
05:58 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
06:06 eythian the startup time involved in a 'use Koha::Database;' is concerningly high.
06:06 dcook Mmm, I think I finally figured it out...
06:06 dcook eythian: That's what I seem to keep hearing
06:07 eythian hope we can figure a way around that.
06:08 * dcook swears
06:08 dcook eythian: You know what the bloody problem was?
06:08 dcook The stupid Koha-Auth-Number index was empty
06:08 dcook So even though the bib 1 attribute was defined in bib1.att...
06:08 eythian ah
06:08 dcook It threw a 114
06:08 eythian how annoying
06:08 dcook Well, I guess at least I solved all my problems...
06:09 dcook Well, today's problems :p
06:09 dcook I'm pretty sure ES would just say "Oh, hey. This index is just empty, dudes."
06:09 eythian that's what it does.
06:10 eythian well, if the index doesn't exist, it'll explode and tell you the index doesn't exist.
06:10 dcook Fair 'nuff
06:10 dcook But in theory it should exist and just not be populated, yeah?
06:10 eythian yeah
06:15 eythian I mean, it'd be weird for it to do anything else, right.
06:21 dcook hehe
06:21 dcook Oh, Zebra.
06:22 dcook I'm glad I shall end the day having at least understood the problems I was facing...
06:22 dcook eythian: You should go home/to the pub
06:22 dcook Oh my...I'm turning into you!
06:22 eythian haha
06:22 dcook This is cait's cue to show up..
06:22 eythian I want to get my itemtype api done so I can make itemtype facets show up nicely.
06:22 dcook :D
06:23 dcook That would be very nice ^_^
06:23 eythian (at the moment they show up with their codes.)
06:23 dcook I think I might have to try out your ES code when I have some free time
06:23 dcook It would be cool to see if nothing else :D
06:25 eythian you should :D
06:27 dcook Do you have any brief instructions?
06:27 dcook I was thinking of using my Debian VM so that I could just apt-get install elasticsearch
06:27 dcook (if that's how you do it :P)
06:28 eythian more or less, yes
06:28 eythian There's a big gob of dependencies needed for the Koha side though. I have packaged them all into .deb files.
06:28 dcook Big gob?
06:29 dcook Ahh right
06:29 dcook Catmandu, etc
06:29 dcook Hmm, only downside is if I look at your code...I might get too desirious for it...
06:29 dcook Mind you, good for external sign offs down the road...
06:30 dcook wtf...someone just chowned my sockets again with root...
06:30 * dcook goes on a diplomatic warpath
06:30 eythian yeah, signoffs would be good :)
06:31 eythian I'm going to be spending a good bit of time in the future squashing and splitting patches into logical blocks I think.
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06:36 dcook eythian: Do you have an existing bug report for it or is that down the track
06:36 * dcook waves to the French folk :)
06:37 eythian dcook: there's no bug made for it yet. I want something I can release first, and that's getting close I feel.
06:37 eythian Not prod ready, but mostly functional.
06:37 dcook Mostly functional works :)
06:37 dcook I'd be quite keen to test it out
06:38 dcook What's the plan when there is a bug for it?
06:38 dcook Would it be an optional switch over?
06:38 eythian Yeah, it's totally syspref controlled. You flick the syspref back to zebra and it's (mostly) like you don't have the code there at all.
06:39 eythian Currently it'll load some modules no matter what, but I plan to stop it even doing that.
06:39 eythian At this stage the only place it hooks into Koha proper is the file.
06:41 dcook Cool :)
06:42 dcook (An aside to myself: it does appear that you can downgrade with make upgrade. Sweeeet.)
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06:49 marcelr hi #koha
06:49 alex_a joined #koha
06:50 alex_a bonjour
06:50 marcelr hi alex_a
06:54 eythian hrm, I don't know how to write db_dependant tests using dbix::class
06:55 * dcook has yet to bite the bullet on dbix::class
06:55 dcook Still a bit sour after the last time I used it..
06:56 eythian the problem is that I'd normally get a dbi handle from C4::Context, and turn off autocommit.
06:56 eythian But now the setup is running in a different transaction to what the code being tested is
06:56 eythian so it can't see the data I add.
06:59 dcook gmcharlt++
06:59 dcook good eye on bug 1472. I never noticed that dependency section!
06:59 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1472 blocker, P3, ---, chris, CLOSED INVALID, Foreign key constraint fails on item checkout
07:00 dcook err
07:00 dcook bug 11472 even
07:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11472 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , MARC21 008 plugin should consult leader to set default type of material
07:01 dcook eythian: That does sound problematic :/
07:01 yohann joined #koha
07:05 dcook Wooo. Wifey done her homework early, so date night!
07:05 dcook Good luck, eythian!
07:07 fridolin joined #koha
07:08 eythian joined #koha
07:08 fridolin bonjour to all
07:08 eythian later dcook
07:08 eythian hi fridolin
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07:20 paul_p joined #koha
07:29 magnuse @wunder boo
07:29 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 19.0°C (9:20 AM CEST on June 05, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
07:29 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:29 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Realtor, CABRIES, France is 16.3°C (9:29 AM CEST on June 05, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 36%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014 hPa (Rising).
07:29 magnuse hah!!
07:30 eythian OK, itemtype facets now show up with the description rather than the code. That's definitely a good thing.
07:30 eythian Also my cue to go home.
07:31 magnuse eythian: have you seen there is some official debian packaging of Catmandu on the way?
07:32 eythian magnuse: the problem is I have had to submit patches to catmandu to make things work
07:32 eythian they've gone in upstream, but debian packages won't be that current.
07:32 magnuse ah, gotcha
07:33 magnuse eythian++
07:36 magnuse hm, i know about  minPasswordLength, but didn't i see some more fancy password stuff while i was translating?
07:43 magnuse for setting the length and complexity? or did i dream that
07:43 ashimema I vaguely remember such things magnuse..
07:43 ashimema can't find it now though.
07:48 ashimema wow.. I think this might be the first time I've ever been higher than Cait on the QA leader board ;)
07:48 ashimema only 'cause she's been out for the majority of this month so far
07:53 magnuse hehe, you better bask in the glory while you can ;-)
07:53 ashimema ;)
07:53 magnuse or make sure you get a good lead on her before she is back
07:53 ashimema doesn't happen often
07:53 magnuse nope, cait is pretty awesome
07:53 ashimema unfortunately I've not really got much time for QA at the minute.. :(
07:54 ashimema cait holds the whole thing together really... her stats are amazing.
07:54 magnuse cait++
07:54 ashimema cait++
07:57 magnuse @karma cait
07:57 huginn magnuse: Karma for "cait" has been increased 85 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 85.
07:57 magnuse @karma
07:57 huginn magnuse: Highest karma: "gmcharlt" (114), "cait" (85), and "eythian" (64).  Lowest karma: "^" (-5), "-" (-3), and "ie" (-3).  You (magnuse) are ranked 10 out of 205.
07:57 * magnuse nods
07:57 ashimema @karma
07:57 huginn ashimema: Highest karma: "gmcharlt" (114), "cait" (85), and "eythian" (64).  Lowest karma: "^" (-5), "-" (-3), and "ie" (-3).  You (ashimema) are ranked 8 out of 205.
07:59 ashimema our permissions system is weird.. currently trying to work out if it would be possible to set permissions as part of import in my borrower import re-write..
07:59 paul_p joined #koha
07:59 ashimema but getting my head around them to start with is proving challenging.
08:00 alex_a_ joined #koha
08:04 magnuse yeah, i think i got as far as figuring out how to add a new permission once - that was enough for me ;-)
08:05 ashimema I've worked that bit out before..
08:05 ashimema but how the permission themselves fit together.. I'm baffled..
08:05 ashimema seems to be a sum or squares or some such math going on to get the flags number
08:06 magnuse is it similar to file system permissions? that was sort of the impression i got
08:07 ashimema i'm not exactly sure.. but I have a feeling it's not that similar
08:08 magnuse ok
08:10 ashimema actually.. maybe ther's more similarity than I initially thought..
08:11 ashimema I think i'm starting to get my head around the user_permissions and permissions tables.. but I've got no idea how it relates to borrowers.flags
08:15 magnuse you wave the flags in the air to celebrate when you get the permissions you want?
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09:03 ashimema joined #koha
09:20 magnuse hm, should patches for the documentation be on bugzilla, or sent to the documentation mail list?
10:26 ashimema pass
10:26 ashimema it's quiet in here today.
10:50 longrider joined #koha
10:52 longrider Hi
10:52 wahanui kia ora, longrider
10:52 longrider Everybody
10:52 wahanui Everybody is so enthusiastic today :)
10:53 longrider I did not solve my previous problems regarding solr search in koha
10:56 ashimema solr isn't supported for production.. it was in development.. but seems to now be mostly abandoned.
10:57 longrider have You tested solr>?
10:59 * longrider slaps laurence around a bit with a large fishbot
11:03 collum joined #koha
11:08 Joubu longrider: what do you want to know about Solr and Koha?
11:09 longrider I like to deploy solr in my koha
11:09 longrider when I run ./ -i
11:09 longrider It produce
11:10 Joubu longrider: There is only 1 way to have a Koha using Solr in production, and it is not possible with the master branch
11:10 longrider 0 record index
11:10 Joubu the only way is to use the BibLibre branch (based on 3.2Biblibre which is a fork of Koha 3.2).
11:12 Joubu longrider: yes, it is possible you forgot something in the configuration
11:12 Joubu on it is possible something is wrong in the master code
11:12 Joubu I didn't try to index record with Solr using the master branch for a longtime...
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11:39 oleonard joined #koha
11:41 oleonard Hi #koha
11:42 tcohen joined #koha
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12:32 tcohen joined #koha
12:41 tcohen morning #koha!
12:43 nengard joined #koha
12:55 oleonard One of our e-resource vendors sends a MARC file of titles which are no longer available  and should be deleted. Is there a way to use it to batch delete titles?
13:06 tcohen Joubu: don't you think that something like --where table.field operator value would be better syntax?
13:08 collum joined #koha
13:14 Joubu tcohen: I don't understand.
13:14 tcohen sorry, bug 12368
13:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12368 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Rebuild Zebra improvement: allow to specify a DB table
13:14 Joubu tcohen: you suggest the query does a join on items and biblios?
13:15 tcohen I suggest that we parse the parameters accordingly
13:15 tcohen just hinking out loud
13:15 Joubu tcohen: hum, yes but if the where clause is complex, it could be difficult to parse the tables to use
13:16 * tcohen agrees
13:32 bag[…]-prank-2D79756707  (This guy plays on my baseball team with me)
13:33 bag pretty rad prank
13:35 NateC joined #koha
13:36 Dyrcona oleonard: I have something like that for Evergreen if you want to have a look. We get a mixed file of updates and the script checks the record status field.
13:37 oleonard Thanks Dyrcona, but I'm not looking to adapt something at the moment, just looking for immediately practical options
13:46 Dyrcona oleonard: Good luck. I can help you with the MARC side, but probably not so much with the Koha bits if you have questions.
13:52 kmlussier joined #koha
14:11 nengard oleonard there is a bug/patch for that ...
14:12 nengard looking
14:12 oleonard I know there is a batch delete biblios bug report, but I don't know how it works.
14:13 nengard it uses the 'd' in one of the fixed fields
14:13 nengard what the ebook vendors put in there
14:13 nengard i forget what field though
14:13 nengard khall might know
14:13 nengard or talljoy
14:14 khall I do remember writing that
14:15 khall[…]_bug.cgi?id=11084
14:15 huginn Bug 11084: trivial, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Failed QA , Delete biblios on Leader 05 =d
14:30 barton oleonard, I've got a patron self-registration question: when I check the borrower-modifications table, I see that all of the verification_tokens are associated with borrower 0 -- do you know what would cause this?
14:30 oleonard Not off the top of my head, no.
14:31 barton Hmm, weird.
14:35 barton just checked sysprefs->OPAC->self registration -- I can't see *anything* that would affect that. I guess it's bug report time :-)
14:37 oleonard barton: What is the consequence of the symptom?
14:37 nengard wouldn't it be that borrower 0 (the koha user) generated the code?
14:37 nengard which would make senese
14:37 nengard sense
14:39 barton The consequence is that when borrowers click on the link link to verify that they got the email, they're all taken to the same borrower...
14:39 oleonard :(
14:39 barton yeah. not good.
14:40 barton the small saving grace being that self registered patrons have limited access.
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15:17 reiveune bye
15:17 reiveune left #koha
15:17 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12295: fix Javascript error when merging authorities <[…]fef0b03357e1814af> / Bug 12025 - Inventory tool fails with "Could not reads headers", or sometimes a timeout <[…]5d230bb74da10cca1>
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18:05 ashimema tcohen or eythian about?
18:05 ashimema not likely.. but worth a try ;)
18:05 tcohen ashimema: hi
18:05 wahanui hey, tcohen
18:05 ashimema random question.. is it jsut me.. or has the format for verions number changed slightly with 3.16 release in the repos?
18:05 ashimema 3.14.00 vs
18:07 ashimema just wanted to check it wasn't something I’ve got confused.. I've been building our 3.16 repo today.. but have just run up against my version number not being larger due to the .1 at the end.
18:14 tcohen ashimema: where are you reading that?
18:15 ashimema from an apt-cache policy
18:15 tcohen and always contained that appendix
18:15 ashimema koha-common:
18:15 ashimema Installed: 3.14.06-2ptfs
18:15 ashimema Candidate:
18:15 ashimema Version table:
18:15 ashimema 0
18:15 ashimema 500 squeeze/main amd64 Packages
18:15 ashimema 3.16.00-1ptfs 0
18:15 ashimema 500 wheezy/main amd64 Packages
18:15 ashimema *** 3.14.06-2ptfs 0
18:15 ashimema 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
18:15 tcohen oh
18:15 ashimema indeed.. I wondered if it's deliberate.
18:16 ashimema to bring it inline with for instance
18:16 tcohen nope
18:16 tcohen looks like a typo s/./-/
18:17 tcohen ah
18:17 tcohen maybe eythian built a revision just after building 3.16.0 because he found some trouble
18:18 ashimema no matter.. I'll just go ahead and rebuild my package with the .1 in then my version will be ahead..
18:18 ashimema only difference is a minor credits tweak we always put in so far.. 'Supported by...'
18:18 ashimema coolios.
18:18 ashimema thanks tcohen.. that makes sense.
18:19 mtompset joined #koha
18:19 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
18:19 mtompset -- OpenSSL update to fix a really old bug.
18:24 ashimema we saw that too..
18:24 ashimema oh dear.
18:30 mtompset I just ran a apt-get update, upgrade, dist-upgrade. Looks like Ubuntu has a patch already available now. :)
18:36 sophie_m left #koha
18:37 ashimema that's quick
19:11 pianohacker hi ashimema! Have to run now, but wanted to say 'allo
19:13 ashimema hi pianohacker..
19:13 ashimema have fun running.. hope your well
19:14 pianohacker yup, busy with school, work and errands, but life is good :)
19:23 ashimema coolios..
19:23 ashimema I'm heading off now too.. have a good night/evenig.. whatever time it is there.
19:43 JesseM joined #koha
19:47 rangi morning
20:11 rangi Joubu: you still awake? :)
20:13 kmlussier left #koha
20:14 rangi @later tell joubu im going to look at bug 11169, even tho its sorta acq, its sorta opac and it has a patch from you on it
20:14 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
21:27 wizzyrea barton - is the borrower category filled in in the sysprefs?
21:27 wizzyrea for your self registration question
21:28 barton I'll have to check... I did see a bug report about that...
21:28 barton I guess it could be related.
21:29 barton if the borrower category isn't set, it doesn't create a new borrower number perhaps?
21:30 barton I'm pretty sure that they had some sort of restricted borrower for self registration though.
21:33 mtj hi #koha
21:33 mtj thanks for that openssl heads-up mtompset :)
21:39 mtompset You're welcome./
21:57 NateC joined #koha
22:08 cait joined #koha
22:22 eythian @later tell ashimema there are two things: the -1 was dropped because Koha is effectively a debian native package (I plan to change that, one day.) There is a because there was an issue with the package upgrade in 3.16.00.
22:22 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
22:23 eythian hi cait. go back to bed.
22:31 cait hi eythian
22:31 cait will soon :)
22:37 cait left #koha
23:01 papa joined #koha
23:08 tcohen joined #koha
23:36 eythian[…]erviews-with-him/
23:39 dcook That is...a bit bizarre
23:39 wizzyrea it's rather hilarious
23:39 * dcook watches the video now
23:45 dcook That IS hilarious\
23:59 dcook Whoa...crazy muscle memory...
23:59 dcook Wanted to see if I remembered the root password for a VM
23:59 dcook I barely had any idea, but I just willed it and it happened
23:59 dcook Still no idea what it is even after typing it out O_O

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