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00:09 JoeLib001 joined #koha
00:09 JoeLib001 Hello Everyone. :-) I have another problem. XD
00:10 JoeLib001 When I go to receive an order, I don't find any pending orders.
00:10 JoeLib001 I tried deleting the order and re-creating it in case it was an issue with the particular order, but that did not fix my issue.
00:11 dcook I don't really have time to help you at the moment, JoeLib001, but I would check if you have IndependentBranches turned on
00:11 dcook I would also check to see if you're using a library filter on the pending order page
00:11 dcook Both those things could prevent you from seeing a pending order if you don't belong to/look for the right branch
00:11 dcook If I recall correctly ;)
00:11 * dcook buries his head in code again
00:16 JoeLib001 I'm not sure what you mean by, if I am using a library filter on the pending order page. I don't see an option for that.
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01:11 pastebot "JoeLib001" at pasted "Orders Not Received" (11 lines) at
01:12 JoeLib001 That MySQL Report shows the items I have not received and should be in the pending orders list.
01:13 JoeLib001 For some reason it doesn't show the pending orders when I go to receive them on the invoice.
01:13 JoeLib001 I did an update from 3.14.x to 3.16 recently, so that's the only thing I can think of that could have broken something.
01:13 eythian[…]-Official-Trailer <-- dcook
01:14 kmlussier joined #koha
01:25 rangi dcook:  <-- more ammo to visit wellington
01:29 eythian I wonder how many people I know are in that
01:34 JoeLib001 Should I be able to see a list of things, if I look at the aqorders_trafers table?
01:34 JoeLib001 *aqorders_transfers
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02:46 dcook Hmm
02:49 wizzyrea < possibly a demotivator for visiting wellington... but still look at the skill of those pilots. Awesome.
02:49 dcook Pondering whether to make a web service or an internal API...
02:50 wizzyrea actually it should be a motivator, because if they can land in that, they aren't going to crash. :P
02:50 dcook Well already made the web service but not wondering it was such a good idea..
02:52 dcook Given the coding guidelines...not really sure what to do
02:52 dcook Just want to read the leader and say what the material config is
03:02 dcook So if we're not supposed to shoehorn procedural code into OO...what do we do with procedural code that should be centralized but not put in C4?
03:04 dcook Meh screw it
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03:46 dcook Hmm, TT why are you not passing my variable...
03:47 eythian wahanui: exuse
03:47 wahanui eythian: excuse me?
03:47 eythian wahanui: exuses
03:47 wahanui eythian: sorry...
03:47 eythian wahanui: excuses
03:47 wahanui eythian: It was OK before you touched it.
03:47 eythian ^-- dcook
03:47 dcook hehe
03:48 dcook It's still ok. It's just not adding the addition :p
03:49 dcook Hmm, because it's somehow getting nuked before it's passed to the template...
03:49 dcook Ahhh
03:49 dcook I'm an idiot :p
03:50 dcook "Kids, that's why you don't re-declare your variable with "my" after you've already done it higher up in the script."
03:50 eythian it does warn you about that you know :)
03:50 dcook It should...but it isn't :/
03:50 dcook Ah
03:51 dcook Because this script has warnings turned off for some reason
03:51 dcook #use warnings; FIXME - Bug 2505
03:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505 major, P1 - high, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED , enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts
03:52 eythian ah
03:53 dcook Now let's see if I remove all the warns that I put in there for debugging...
03:59 dcook Hurray, all good
04:12 dcook If anyone wants an easy sign off... bug 9093
04:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9093 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Needs Signoff , 008 forgetting what material type was chosen
04:16 * eythian wants code to have an autorejection if it's undercommented.
04:17 dcook Ugh, just noticed one of my comments isn't completely correct :/
04:17 dcook May as well add more comments while fixing that one :p
04:23 dcook Hmm, better but I realize I could've made a comment slightly better...
04:23 dcook Oh well. Food time.
04:34 eythian holy crap, my new way of doing facets just worked
04:34 eythian that is very surprising
04:34 eythian now, beer o'clock, followed by whisky o'clock
04:35 dcook well done, eythian!
04:35 * dcook didn't get food after all..
04:36 eythian it worked first time even.
04:36 eythian now you can flag specific fields to be faceted in the database, so you might want to do an author search that includes 245$c, but you don't want that faceted for authors. So now you can!
04:36 * eythian &
04:36 eythian have a good weekend.
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05:26 dcook How does one publish with the splinter review?
05:27 dcook I'm not seeing a publish button :/
05:27 dcook Ah
05:27 dcook On the overview page
05:27 dcook That's a bit hidden..
05:32 cait joined #koha
05:46 mtompset Finally! Got a working clone on my Ubuntu 14.04 VM... now to test the git instructions and see if I can replicate bug 12128
05:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12128 trivial, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , Acq basket shows some values with single decimal
05:46 mtompset Finally! Got a working clone on my Ubuntu 14.04 VM... now to test the git instructions and see if I can replicate bug 12182
05:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12182 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, In Discussion , Koha installation problem in Ubuntu
06:02 eythian rangi: whisky o'clock about to start, should you happen to check the channel first :)
06:06 dcook Beer o'clock is already over? :(
06:14 * cait waves
06:15 cait have to run... last day at the conference
06:27 dcook Huh...that OPAC Marc view kinda blows a bit..
06:28 dcook Having no subfield codes is super handy...
06:28 * dcook is apparently ornery today
06:36 mtompset dcook: just replied.
06:37 dcook Cool. I'll take a look next week :)
06:37 mtompset I'll have a minor revision up by next week.
06:37 dcook \o/
06:49 reiveune joined #koha
06:50 reiveune hello
06:52 dcook yo reiveune
06:53 mtompset @later tell eythian Class::ISA missing from perldeps. Just trying a git install.
06:53 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
06:53 reiveune hi dcook
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06:55 alex_a bonjour
06:55 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "Any ideas?" (57 lines) at
06:55 yohann joined #koha
06:57 mtompset Is anyone here versed in the arcane magicks of that secretive query language we use?
06:57 mtompset is($QParser->target_syntax('biblioserver', 'smith'), '@or @or @attr 1=1016 @attr 4=6 "smith" @attr 9=20 @attr 2=102 @attr 4=6 "smith" @attr 9=34 @attr 2=102 @attr 4=6 "smith"', 'super simple keyword query');
06:58 mtompset Can anyone tell me why that might fail?
07:00 mtompset YUCK!
07:01 mtompset prove -v t/QueryParser.t is giving me different results each time. All fails, but different fails.
07:03 Joubu hello #koha
07:04 mtompset Joubu: Can I blame you? :)
07:04 Joubu mtompset: yes, of course :)
07:05 mtompset Greetings, Joubu. Not really blame. :) But some of the tests that fail randomly on me were added by you.
07:05 sophie_m joined #koha
07:05 Joubu which ones ?
07:05 wahanui which ones are those?
07:05 mtompset in t/QueryParser.t
07:05 mtompset tests 13-17.
07:05 Joubu I wrote tests in QueryPerser.t, really?
07:05 mtompset I don't think you added all of them, but you did for bug 11202
07:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11202 enhancement, P4, ---, mathsabypro, Pushed to Stable , Improve UNIMARC biblio indexing
07:07 mtompset Well, okay. Maybe you tested them? I just looked at the git blame. :)
07:08 mtompset The problem is I am getting a fail on it, but it isn't always the same fail.
07:08 mtompset Only 6 is a common failure, but that wasn't yours.
07:08 Joubu ho yes, randomly... :-/
07:09 Joubu mtompset: I suppose the tests passed when I changed them. So maybe should we know which commit breaks them
07:09 mtompset OH! I see why they are failing.
07:10 mtompset The order of the parts of the query aren't always in the same order.
07:10 Joubu tcohen told something about that some days ago
07:11 Joubu something about hash keys ordering
07:11 mtompset AH!
07:11 mtompset Hashes would be problematic.
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07:11 fridolin hie all
07:16 paul_p joined #koha
07:17 paul_p good D-day #koha
07:29 ashimema joined #koha
07:42 Joubu mtompset: do you have a bug report for this issue ?
07:43 mtompset bug 12182
07:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12182 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, In Discussion , Koha installation problem in Ubuntu
07:43 mtompset Feel free to rename, etc.
07:43 Joubu ok thanks. I will try to provide a patch
07:44 mtompset If you write it, I will test. :)
07:44 mtompset Because this kind of sucks, not being able to 'make test'.
07:56 yohann joined #koha
07:58 Joubu mtompset: hum, not sure I will find the time to deep into the QP code :-/
07:58 mtompset No problem.
07:58 Joubu It does not look trivial
07:58 mtompset No, it does not.
08:12 mtompset Joubu: What do you think? What if we took the string and sorted the parts, and compared it against a sorted parts string? Would that suffice?
08:13 mtompset That would be a secondary routine in the .t file, not actual code.
08:22 mtompset Well, have a great day. I need to get at least 3 hours of sleep. :)
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12:04 cait hi #koha
12:04 tcohen_ hi #koha cait
12:04 cait hi :)
12:05 cait on the triain back to konstanz now - conf over
12:06 tcohen_ happy welcome back
12:07 ashimema welcome back cait.. we've missed you
12:12 cait :)
12:12 cait that's sweet, thx
12:12 cait i am glad to be back on my laptop  :)
12:12 cait even if it's on a train with unreliable internet
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13:45 jl- morning.. I uploaded a 1 GB mrc file via the web interface and attempted a batch import. job report has been stuck at 25% for an hour and top doesn't show any intense proccesses (like bulk-marc-imp) anymore
13:45 jl- is it safe to assume it failed?
13:45 jl- maxid of biblio is 106k -- should have been around 260k records in thatfile
13:46 jl- so it seems like 100k records made it in, and then it stopped
13:49 tcohen that size is prone to timeouts
13:50 tcohen i'd split the file and try with smaller pieces
13:52 jl- what size do you recommend tcohen
13:52 jl- 100mb?
13:53 jl- also, is it similiar to evergreen that I need to attach copies/holdings to make biblio's visible in the catalog
13:53 jl- ?
13:53 tcohen you need to attach holdings in order to tell Koha you have those copies, yes
13:53 tcohen they are coded on repeatable field 952
13:54 jl- is there a way to batch attach copies for all existing bibs in koha?
13:55 tcohen[…]data_fields_(9xx)
13:59 tcohen i don't know jl, never did that
13:59 grharry Hi!! what is the  project status of KOHA using SOLR indexing? I see a some e-mails on the list and some limited confs here and there and thats it!! Is there any progress on the this ?
13:59 tcohen but there's the Perl API to write a script to do it if needed
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14:09 jl- tcohen: if I have a failed import, what's a safe way of reverting or rebuilding the database?
14:10 jl- I'm running "undo import into catalog" right now perhaps that will restore it
14:21 paul_p hi grharry = the status of Solr is bad. We (BibLibre, my company) made some work on it, but the community did not jump-in enough to help us. Se we stopped working on it. And now, it's not working anymore, and we (community) are moving toward ElasticSearch in the future, probably (funding still hoped)
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15:12 reiveune bye
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15:21 fridolin bye
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15:34 tcohen @later tell eythian is it possible to have access to the API for the ES libraries?
15:34 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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15:46 JoeLib001 Hello Everyone, I 'm still working on why I can't see any pending orders. Anyone have any ideas? I just upgraded from 3.14.x to 3.16. I am wondering, if it was something that changed in the update.
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17:01 miki-koha I have installed koha on my pc, now I want to go online with my library that I had on sirsi before, so how can I manage my offline koha to my online site/domain, sorry for question like this, but I have searched internet on this topic and find nothing, can you point me to good manual about this? Thanks in advance!!!
17:05 pastebot "miki-koha" at pasted "Going with koha online to my site/domain" (1 line) at
17:11 JoeLib001 Hi miki-koha, you already have an offline installation of koha that you just need to setup to be visible from the internet?
17:12 miki-koha yes, I have it offline, just want to make it visible from my site...
17:14 miki-koha I must go right now, if someone can send me a tutorial or something for how to make koha visible from his own site, thanks in advance... Please email it to
17:14 * miki-koha slaps JoeLib001 around a bit with a large fishbot
17:15 pastebot "JoeLib001" at pasted "Making your Koha Installation Visible from the Internet" (23 lines) at
17:17 JoeLib001 I just pasted some information from the wiki for you about it. I also included a link to the wiki.
17:17 JoeLib001 By everyone. :-)
17:54 jl-[…]blionumber=283447 ok I have this record here with an attached copy for location 'Centerville' -- but it will only show up when i search in 'All Libraries'
18:03 jl- searching the same title with 'Centerville' selected yields no results
18:05 jl- rebuilt zebra and now it works
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20:03 * cait waves
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23:17 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "Error in OPAC (3.14): clues?" (4 lines) at
23:18 jcamins tcohen: you need to update your translation.
23:29 tcohen thanks jcamins
23:55 mtj i've bumped into that bug a few time recently too ^^
23:57 mtj ...would be a good one to add some helpful error msgs too

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