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03:32 mtompset My other problem with it is the use of Ubuntu Desktop vs. Server, but considering most people are unfamiliar with a command-line, I suppose it is okay.
03:37 mtompset Have a great weekend/day, #koha.
06:07 halo joined #koha
06:08 halo dia someone have a koha website completely?
06:08 halo hello
06:13 wajasu yess
06:38 halo joined #koha
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06:59 cait hi #koha
08:57 * magnuse waves
08:58 * cait waves at magnuse
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14:22 * magnuse drops a pin and is surprised by the sound it makes
14:23 cait huh?
14:23 magnuse we have a syaing that "it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop"...
14:24 cait the sound surprised me as well :)
14:24 druthb magnuse!
14:24 wahanui magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
14:24 magnuse druthb!
14:24 wahanui Well, she finally snapped, like we all knew she would.
14:25 magnuse or maybe it was thr sound of druthb snapping?
14:25 druthb maybe
14:27 magnuse one more travel expense form to do, and then i won't have to do another one for a month!
14:31 cait oh
14:38 magnuse such fun!
14:42 magnuse there, all done!
14:46 cait heh
14:46 cait what's next?
14:46 wahanui hmmm... next is translation manager
14:47 magnuse i hope not! :-)
14:47 magnuse look at a letter that someone wants me to look at
15:10 magnuse done
15:11 cait and next? :P
15:12 magnuse go look for a pillow thingy that leonard is supposed to have in his lap when he starts sitting the right way in his car seat
15:13 magnuse so far he has been facing backwards, but his legs are getting too long for that
15:13 cait :)
15:13 magnuse problem is, i already sort of exhausted the list of places to look
15:13 magnuse we probably put it somewhere clever...
15:27 cait ah yeah
15:28 cait that's always the biggest mistake
15:37 dpk joined #koha
15:43 magnuse found it, it was just at the bootom of a pile
15:43 magnuse and the instructions on how to use it were actually *in the bag* with it - that's a win!
15:50 cait yay :)
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17:08 * wajasu Huh! Wha? i thought i heard a pin drop
17:09 * wajasu can't say facets aren't facenating
17:16 magnuse :-)
17:40 bag magnuse: HI
17:40 wahanui niihau, bag
17:41 Oak joined #koha
17:42 cait hi bag
17:42 bag heya cait
17:43 magnuse bag: HI
17:51 magnuse bag: HI
17:54 * magnuse fails bug 11759 with a heavy heart
17:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11759 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Batch checkout
17:55 * magnuse wanders off
17:56 * cait sends magnuse cookies
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19:22 wajasu An author search becomes: f @attrset Bib-1 @and @attr 1=1003 @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 "Ferguson, Sinclair B." @attr 1=1003 @attr 4=1 "Ferguson, Sinclair B."
19:22 wajasu with 43 results.
19:25 wajasu i meant 38 results. with the above being my facet click for the author.
19:26 wajasu the original author search generates @attrset Bib-1 @attr 1=1003 @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 "Ferguson, Sinclair B."  with 43 results.
19:28 wajasu so the more restrictive facet link search is doing a structure Phrase, and the original author search does a "word list" search, so thats why we get more results.
19:30 wajasu the Library Catalog search does: f @attrset Bib-1 @attr 1=1016 @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 "Ferguson, Sinclair B."    searches 1=1016, which is Any, and gives 57 results.
19:33 wajasu i sort of have the facet code integrated with the current code, and if no index is configured(or zero terms returned), it will revert to building the facet with the marc record, the same way it does now.
19:34 wajasu so hopefully   if or as zebra indexes are introduced, they drive the facet section.
19:36 wajasu if i get 2 facet term records for Authors, lets say, and we want to show 5 outright, I could code it to iterate throughthe results marc records as it does now to gain some more authors.
19:36 wajasu but I'll wait and see if thats what folks want.
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20:52 pastebot "wajasu" at pasted "inital native zebra facets for Authors" (35 lines) at
20:53 wajasu ^^ initial zebra driven facets implementation
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