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03:43 Aliase Hello everybody
03:43 Aliase I have a problem
03:44 Aliase help me plz
03:44 Aliase I want to add a new module to Koha, what I need to do?
03:44 Aliase tks
03:45 * Aliase slaps NateC around a bit with a large fishbot
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07:53 * cait waves
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10:42 cait jcamins: around?
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13:01 ogio71 Hi all, I need some help installing Koha. I'm using an Italian installation guide from
13:02 ogio71 I'm installing perl modules on Centos 6.3, but I'm unable to install HTTP::OAI and Net::Z3950::ZOOM
13:03 ogio71 cpan downloaded the TIMBRODY/HTTP-OAI-4.02.tar.gz
13:03 ogio71 but   /usr/bin/make -- NOT OK
13:04 ogio71 I can't understand what is the problem
13:05 ogio71 Regarding  Net::Z3950::ZOOM
13:06 ogio71 ZOOM-Perl requires at least version 4.0.0 of YAZ, but you only have version 3.0.49.
13:06 ogio71 I'm unable to find a version 4.0 of yaz that works on centos
13:07 ogio71 I can't continue installing koha because the ZOOM is required
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13:11 cait using centos makes thins more difficult ogio71
13:11 cait not many people will be able to help you here
13:11 cait and yes, zebra is absolutely required for searching
13:11 ogio71 Hi cait, I can choose other distros
13:12 cait debian would be easiest
13:12 cait packages?
13:12 wahanui packages is at
13:12 cait it will just install all the dependencies there, using the packages :)
13:12 ogio71 and with debian it should installed all with apt-get?
13:12 cait yep
13:12 cait you will have to add the koha repository but then it works nicely
13:13 ogio71 Ok, so I will check with debian... can you point to an installation guide for debian?
13:13 cait i did, chck teh link above
13:14 ogio71 Well... I will check immediately.
13:15 cait :)
13:16 ogio71 I don0t know well the versioning for debian. What is the best version? 7.0?
13:16 cait not sure, i would use the current
13:17 ogio71 As the koha installation is a proof of concept for my children school, I would like to download a virtualbox image already installed
13:17 ogio71 I found 6.0.6 and 7.0.0
13:17 cait as a proof of concept that would be ok, but you hsould never use that in production
13:18 cait i mean a virtual image
13:18 ogio71 Well.. I know... even if the school is little (150 people)
13:19 cait i'd give the pacakge installation a try if you can
13:19 cait it's really working quite nicely and people here can help - just wekends are a bit quiet
13:20 ogio71 I will check for debian 7.0. Just 3 or 4 hours to install all. If it works, I will check for a fresh stable installation :-)
13:21 cait good luck :)
13:21 ogio71 I checked even evergreen and openbiblio. Openbiblio was easy to install, but I can't understand some things... There isn't a delete
13:21 cait hm koha is a bit bigger
13:22 cait but not nearly as complex to install as evergreen
13:22 ogio71 :-) tnx for now... NOW  It is a challenge
13:22 ogio71 I will win :-D
13:22 cait :)
13:22 cait monday more people will be arond, or tonight, when nz is awake
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14:24 * dbs concurs with cait, koha's much easier to install thanks to the interactive script and packaged dependencies
14:37 cait hi dbs :)
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17:34 cait @later tell oleonard - could you take a look at bug 11978? I think your library is using overdrive?
17:34 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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19:08 cait hi khall :)
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19:28 cait @wunder Konstanz
19:28 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 11.2°C (9:25 PM CEST on April 06, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
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20:43 kathryn Hello hello! Hope you are all well :)
20:44 cait hi kathryn
20:44 kathryn hi cait
20:44 cait how is wellington today? :)
20:45 kathryn wellington is being sprinkled  on, due to turn more into, hmm...chocolate hail, then possibly too much icing
20:46 cait ?
20:46 kathryn I think the rain is going to get worse ;)
20:46 cait :)
20:46 kathryn also, we gained an hour, so could rise leisurely this morning
20:47 cait aah
20:47 cait so 10 hours now..
20:47 cait so it's not quite nine where you were?
20:47 cait where yo uare...
20:47 kathryn hmmn too many time zones for me..correct!
20:47 cait daylight savings doesn't make it any easier
20:48 kathryn no, long summer evenings are nice but everything else is just confusing
20:49 cait :)
21:24 wizzyrea heya
21:24 wizzyrea someone comes in, says "hi help me" then slaps someone with a fish? So rude.
21:25 * wizzyrea reads teh backscrol.
21:25 wizzyrea wow typing.
22:07 eythian hi
22:11 * cait waves
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22:12 eythian It's cloudy right outside my window. That's not so usual.
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22:25 bugolf Hello
22:25 wahanui que tal, bugolf
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22:27 cait hi bugolf
22:27 bugolf hello
22:29 bugolf can any one help me figure out how i can transfer ils to koha
22:30 cait we can help with advice, but you will have to ask a bit more specific questions :)
22:30 eythian bugolf: that's a very broad question.
22:31 eythian ...and what cait said...
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22:36 bugolf Well I'm trying to move my ILS to koha as I said and I'm trying to figure out how call numbers work because I am not a librarian.
22:36 cait call numbers go into the items
22:37 cait koha normally stores them in a single field
22:37 cait and there is also a copynumber you can use
22:40 bugolf So for my understanding a call number reffers to a record of a book and then each copy of a book has a barcode.
22:40 bugolf or am I understanding this wrong
22:40 cait hm no
22:40 cait the call number is on the same level as the barcode
22:41 cait it might be different in your current ils
22:41 cait and ofte there is also a classification in the record
22:41 cait the callnumber is what is printed on the book to locate it on the shelf
22:41 cait well printed on a label on the book spine
22:43 eythian usually all copies of a book have the same call number, but it's by no means a requirement.
22:43 eythian and as such, it's stored at the item level.
22:44 bugolf does a record always have to have call number
22:44 eythian No, not always.
22:45 eythian The call number is to find it on the shelf though, so if you have a big library, most things probably do.
22:45 eythian if it's smaller, then it may be less necessary.
22:45 eythian[…]enting-1557812641 <-- this is totally brilliant.
22:52 bugolf Ok that makes sense. Sorry for me not understanding I work in that technology department at my school because we have a small library and our librarian isn't actually formally trained I'm mantaing the system rather the her.
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22:57 bugolf If you would like the know what the old system we are transfering from it is mandarin oassis
22:59 cait you might want to ask on the list - i think others have done that before
23:01 bugolf Where would I find the list?
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23:07 bugolf Is it this?
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