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01:08 dcook Hmm... I have a Koha on a remote server but I want to play with its metadata...
01:08 dcook I think this might be a job for Koha RESTFUL API
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01:10 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
01:10 wajasu hi
01:10 wahanui hey, wajasu
01:10 wajasu i fall for that every time.
01:11 dbs rangi: hey, I've been talking about koha's # of systems (minimum estimate) for a while now!
01:12 dbs (Estimate being a minimum of 2,500 libraries, via the breeding thing; couldn't find better official stats when I went through the koha-community web site / wiki)
01:14 dcook dbs: If the Breeding thing says a minimum of 2,500, I can only imagine the actual number
01:15 dcook We have about 100 libraries alone, iirc, and we're a rather small org
01:20 dbs dcook: right. Which is why I say "minimum estimate".
01:21 dbs If you want to publicize a larger number, you need to make it easy for authors to find so they can publicize it.
01:22 dcook dbs: Totally. I wasn't criticizing. Just stating my awe of the unknown ;).
01:24 mtj hey mtompset, which bugs did you want me to take a look at, yesterday?
01:24 mtompset bug 10823 and bug 10825
01:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10823 trivial, P5 - low, ---, mtj, Needs Signoff , add class info to enumchron data in, for better styling
01:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10825 minor, P5 - low, ---, mtj, Needs Signoff , displays duplicated enumchron values for serial items
01:24 mtj also, attn: perl n3rdz,  ->
01:25 mtompset basically, I believe 10823 just needs your sign off, and my sign off, and then QA can take it.
01:25 mtompset Then 10825 needs to be dependent on 10823.
01:25 mtj mtompset, no no .. which of *your* bugs :)
01:25 mtompset Oh... let me check again.
01:26 mtompset bug 11797
01:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11797 minor, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Odd number of elements in anonymous hash
01:26 mtj the above DC interview is pretty grate ^^
01:26 mtompset bug 11253
01:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11253 minor, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , tools/ output_pref ignores 'iso' parameter passed
01:27 mtj ok
01:27 dbs dcook: no worries, quantifying open source project installs that don't include a phone-home mechanism is known hard territory :)
01:29 eythian <-- type:rider is the sort of game that would appeal to people here.
01:36 mtj have any keyboard nerds have a go at ->[…]mplified_Keyboard ?
01:38 mtj i've always been curious, but never got round to it
01:38 eythian Yeah, I used to use it.
01:38 eythian It was fine, though a bit tricky with vim.
01:40 * dcook is rather pleased with his typing abilities with a qwerty keyboard. He would love to know what it would be like to use a...more efficient keyboard (with adequate experience/skill/knowledge, of course)
01:41 mtj i guess any new keyboard style requires lots of time investment, before it starts to pay off
01:42 dcook Or you could just learn Matrix style
01:42 dcook That would be convenient]
01:42 mtj eythian, the type:rider game looks very classy
01:43 eythian The learning phase sucks.
01:43 eythian (of the keyboard, not the game.)
01:43 eythian (the game is pretty straightforward.)
01:44 eythian I think the game would work better on a tablet than a phone though.
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03:00 eythian how disappointing, you can't have a mandatory yet hidden field in a framework.
03:02 dcook Hmm, that is disappointing
03:10 dcook You know what isn't disappointing?
03:10 dcook Listening to the discography of a band you love and finding songs that you didn't know existed before
03:12 eythian heh
03:12 eythian that's always good
03:28 dcook dpavlin++
03:28 dcook For documenting the HTTP API and creating that sample client
03:33 dcook I'm really looking forward to upgrading from 3.8...
03:34 dcook Using the bib and report services, a person could actually get some good stuff done
03:50 * magnuse waves, then wanders off to catch a plane
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04:05 mtj dcook, i'm really looking fwd to trying out some of that new stuff too :)
04:05 dcook \o
04:05 dcook Ack
04:05 dcook \o/
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04:23 eythian bug 12023 is an easy one for someone.
04:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12023 normal, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Web installer fails under plack
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04:41 * cait waves
04:42 mtompset eythian: Why C4?
04:42 mtompset Why not Koha?
04:42 eythian mtompset: I didn't actually think of that.
04:43 eythian But, it is old-style code that references a lot of C4 things, so it might be best in C4.
04:43 mtompset Okay. Just was thinking out loud. :)
04:43 eythian It doesn't matter too much either way. I'll see what others say.
04:43 mtompset I don't have plak installed.
04:43 mtompset set up or whatever.
04:43 eythian Anyway, I'm feeling a little hazy after a flu shot, so I'm going home.
04:44 mtompset Is there a wiki page somewhere?
04:44 eythian for what?
04:44 mtompset plack?
04:44 wahanui Plack is a FastCGI thingy that works with Koha. See for more information.
04:44 eythian there
04:44 mtompset Yes, yes there is.
04:54 cait bag++
04:55 cait get better eythian
05:08 mtompset Can someone clarify what /srv/koha is supposed to be in the plack instructions?
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05:20 cait ?
05:20 mtompset The plack instructions were clearly written by programmers. :P
05:21 mtompset I think I figured out that problem, and have moved onto the next one. :)
05:21 mtompset I was hoping it would be explicit about where the psgi file goes.
05:22 mtompset I think I'll give up and go to bed.
05:23 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha cait
05:23 wajasu mtompset: don't worry about 11909.  i am seeing if i can write facets in 11232.
05:24 mtompset okay, wajasu.
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06:42 reiveune hello
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07:12 alex_a bonjour
07:12 wahanui kai ora, alex_a
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07:28 tarsem hello
07:28 wahanui que tal, tarsem
07:28 tarsem i need hepl about zebra rebuld
07:29 tarsem how to rebuild zebra
07:29 tarsem plz tell me
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13:04 grharry Hi, is there a way to stage a file of marc records from the server command line ... instead of downloading it to the PC and then upload it again via the staff web interface ????
13:05 jcamins grharry: yes, look for stage_file (or something like that) in misc.
13:07 grharry jcamins: thanks !!!
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13:52 rhcl @wunder 64507
13:52 huginn rhcl: The current temperature in St Joseph, Missouri is 4.7°C (8:50 AM CDT on April 02, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Windchill: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1014 hPa (Rising).
13:59 oleonard Hi #koha
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14:07 mjkerpan hello koha fans
14:08 mjkerpan quick question: is there a way to allow self-checkout/checkin users the choice of using either a card or a username/password or can the system only handle one method at a time
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14:09 oleonard both seem to work when I try it mjkerpan
14:09 francharb morning!
14:09 wahanui morning is a state of cat
14:10 francharb whatever it means, good to know
14:10 mjkerpan oleonard: so the users have an option? good
14:12 oleonard Tested in master mjkerpan
14:12 mjkerpan my club library is getting ready to deploy koha for the checkout of video materials and there's been debate about how to access the system
14:13 mjkerpan i can't test at the moment as koha is intranet-only at our clubhouse.
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14:16 dustin hello
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14:16 dustin Can someone help me with my koha installation on debian? im having one problem.
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14:27 oleonard paxed around?
14:27 paxed yes?
14:27 oleonard Please classify Bug 12024 as a bug (rather than an enhancement), assign to yourself, and set to "needs signoff" if it is ready for testing.
14:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12024 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Add to list opens the list adding UI in two windows
14:30 paxed done
14:30 oleonard Thanks!
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15:06 reiveune bye
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15:41 oleonard jcamins around?
15:42 jcamins -ish.
15:42 oleonard I'm trying to understand what is going on in browser.js with regard to Bug 11817
15:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11817 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Staff client next/previous browse JavaScript interferes with other JS functions
15:43 oleonard Especially lines 79-82
15:43 oleonard That selector is too broad, but I'm not sure exactly what it was intended to target
15:44 jcamins 79-82 of what?
15:44 oleonard intranet-tmpl/browser.js
15:44 jcamins Ah.
15:44 jcamins The goal is to catch all the detail viws.
15:44 jcamins *views
15:45 jcamins And addbiblio.
15:45 oleonard So normal, MARC, ISBD, etc?
15:45 jcamins And the item detail.
15:45 jcamins Yeah.
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16:27 * magnuse waves from oslo
16:29 * druthb waves back.
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16:45 oleonard
16:53 wajasu looks like when i retreive facet results,for an author, there is an entry with the authority number as well.  this can be helpful for building my links when UseAuthoritiesForTracings is on
17:13 wajasu okay. got facet results in search. got to parse em. XML::Simple?  or regex? or what? any suggestions?
17:25 pastebot "wajasu" at pasted "zebra facets strategy needed" (85 lines) at
17:29 barton @seen Ashimema
17:30 huginn barton: Ashimema was last seen in #koha 1 day, 3 hours, 37 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <ashimema> ;)
17:32 barton @later tell ashimema I made some minor updates to your zebra wiki page:[…]/zebra#Background
17:32 huginn barton: The operation succeeded.
17:34 jcamins @later tell ashimena has nothing to do with QueryParser.
17:34 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
17:36 wajasu just read "Supplementary Note: QueryParser uses for indexes" in that zebra wiki page above
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18:16 barton how do I run by hand on a package site?
18:22 wajasu as the correct koha user, or such, you must set KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB  correclty and use /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/, I would expect.
18:22 wajasu but don't quote me on that.
18:23 wajasu :)
18:23 cait-m__ using the koha shell
18:23 wajasu ahh.
18:24 cait-m__ would set the env variables etc i think
18:24 wajasu it does.
18:24 * cait-m__ is on a train, again
18:24 wajasu man koha-shell  explains
18:28 dbs @later tell nengard thanks for the article referral
18:28 huginn dbs: The operation succeeded.
18:30 magnuse koha-shell++
18:31 barton wow. That's definitely powerful...
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19:20 * cait waves
19:33 * JesseM waves back
19:36 cait hi JesseM :)
19:36 JesseM hi cait
19:38 magnuse hiya cait and JesseM
19:39 JesseM hiya magnuse hows it going?
19:40 magnuse trying to put the finishing touches on my ebook thingy
19:40 cait @wunder Konstanz
19:40 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 13.4°C (9:35 PM CEST on April 02, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
19:40 magnuse there is always one last little thing...
19:40 magnuse well, finishing as in "having a minimum viable product"
19:41 JesseM that is very true. always one last thing
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19:42 mjkerpan Hello, all.
19:42 magnuse JesseM: and yerself?
19:42 mjkerpan Is it possible to allow for both barcode-based and username-based self checkout at the same time?
19:43 mjkerpan This morning someone said it was, but I can't find any option that would allow it.
19:43 JesseM All is well. The family is out of the house and it is sooo quite here.  :D
19:44 mjkerpan hmm.
19:44 mjkerpan i'm in a building with practically no insulatioon, so the traffic noise makes it loud.
19:45 JesseM oh not good mjkerpan
19:45 magnuse JesseM: lovely :-)
19:45 * magnuse is in a nice and quiet hotelroom
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19:48 mjkerpan it's just a clubhouse
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19:48 mjkerpan the 15000 volume library keeps it warmer than it would be at least
19:49 cait hm
19:49 cait web based self chckout?
19:49 cait or sip2 based self checkout?
19:50 cait koha's opac allows for username + password and cardnumber + password by default,so there is no switch for it. sip2 only works with cardnumber afaik
19:52 * cait is on a train...
19:52 cait did my answer to the login question come through?
19:56 jcamins Yes.
19:58 cait ok
20:00 wajasu if i get two facet results from zebra for lets say <term coccur="4" occur="4">Tozer, A. W.</term><term coccur="4" occur="4">Tozer, A. W. (Aiden Wilson), 1897-1963. 11849</term>
20:00 wajasu should i consolidate them?
20:01 wajasu that 11849 is the authority number.  should i use that when building links if UseAuthorityForTracings  is on?
20:02 mjkerpan sorry i was away
20:02 mjkerpan web-based
20:03 mjkerpan are you still there
20:03 mjkerpan sorry
20:05 jcamins mjkerpan: why don't you tell us what the problem actually is, so that someone can help you with it, if they know how to solve it.
20:06 jcamins (not me, I'm leaving now, but someone might know the answer to whatever problem has you asking about this again)
20:06 * wajasu thinks he needs the dewey decimal number relating to heating/thermostat operation
20:09 mjkerpan Basically, my organization is getting ready to start using Koha for item checkin/checkout and some members want to use a username/password and others want to use cards with barcodes
20:10 mjkerpan I want to know if both can be kept happy.
20:10 mjkerpan Currently, the options for we-based checkout allow me to present either a page that asks for a barcode number OR a page that asks for login/password
20:11 mjkerpan I want to know if I can (easily) present a page that has both
20:12 rangi morning
20:13 rangi you'd have to do some dev, to get it to do that
20:13 mjkerpan ah
20:13 rangi not a lot, but you would have to change the template page, that presents that
20:14 mjkerpan that's the answer i'll give to the club then: if there's a perl wizrd who wants to make it so then it can happen, otherwise, you have to choose.
20:14 rangi template toolkit mostly
20:14 rangi not actual perl but yep
20:22 wajasu if i code support for zebra facets, should i leave it so the current implementaiton is used as a fallback when indexes are not configured?
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20:32 cait1 wajasu: wouldn't we need the old config for grs1 using libraries anyway?
20:36 wajasu i am going to see if i can get grs1 working as well, but not sure. we'll see.  i've just got the response coming back now for DOM and am parsing for the UI.
20:38 * wajasu just working on "Authors" now
20:40 ashimema @later tell barton Cheers for the updates.. feel free to move my scribblings into a more useful part of the wiki if their useful..
20:40 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
20:40 * cait1 waves at ashimema
20:40 ashimema jcamins.. your later didn't work..
20:41 ashimema hmm. that note was added at smoeone in here's request..
20:41 ashimema mha.. random scribblings..
20:41 ashimema High cait1
20:41 ashimema hi..
20:41 jcamins ashimema: Fortunately you got it anyway. ;)
20:44 barton ashimema -- I may move that stuff into the wiki proper at some point. I'm still trying to get some of that stuff straight in my head.
20:45 barton zebra indexing is one of those things that I want to understand *before* I go messing with it :-)
20:55 ashimema certainly..
20:56 ashimema indeed jcamins..
20:56 wahanui indeed jcamins is not.
20:56 ashimema so.. what does QueryParser use then?... I thought it relied uopn a different indexing style/query language..
20:57 ashimema hmm. bedtime me thinks.
20:57 ashimema nighty night peeps
20:57 * cait1 is still on a train...
20:58 cait1 night ashimema_afk
20:58 ashimema_afk poor cait... it's been quiet here without you
20:58 cait1 aaw :)
20:58 cait1 will be back tomorrow :)
20:58 cait1 tired... but here
20:58 cait1 :)
20:58 cait1 and now i am running out of battery... bbl :)
20:58 jcamins @later tell ashimena QueryParser uses the QueryParser configuration file. It is orthogonal to Zebra.
20:58 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
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21:15 magnuse kia ora Irma
21:17 eythian hi
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21:27 magnuse hiya eythian
21:27 magnuse upgrade done, time to catch some sleep!
21:27 magnuse have fun #koha!
21:36 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
21:37 rhcl HI mtompset
21:39 mtompset Greetings, rhcl. :)
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22:51 mtompset Is anyone around who is familiar with setting up plack?
22:53 eythian mtompset: start with this perhaps:
22:54 mtompset instead of the default kohaclone?
23:01 eythian it's not part of koha, it's tools to do things with it.
23:01 eythian it's a separate checkout.
23:14 mtompset a separate branch or a separate clone location?
23:16 mtompset BTW, who controls the titles on the dashboard? It still says March, even though it did clear the March totals and has started counting April.
23:16 dcook mtompset: If you looked at the source, you would see that it is a separate git repo all together
23:17 dcook Hence a separate clone location
23:25 dcook Random quote from the dashboard: 'oleonard: bridget jones + vampires, the only remaining mashup left.'
23:25 dcook Love it
23:28 * mtompset sighs, "Programmer documentation. That is, the bar is too high to participate without learning time."
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