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00:52 dcook Quick question:
00:52 wahanui rumour has it Quick question: is it possible to print the staff cardnumber in the quick slip receipt
00:52 dcook $debug and warn "Item is on hold shelf for another patron.";
00:52 dcook How does that work?
00:52 * dcook would love to see this warning
00:53 eythian if $debug is true, then it'll show the warning
00:53 dcook Hmm, I thought that might be the case
00:53 dcook Does $debug have to be set at the script level or is it set globally?
00:54 dcook In C4::Debug perhaps?
00:54 dcook $debug = $ENV{KOHA_DEBUG} || $ENV{DEBUG} || 0;
00:54 dcook Perfect
00:54 dcook Thanks, eythian
00:54 dcook :D
00:54 eythian there you go :)
00:55 dcook Seems like a sweet construct
00:55 eythian it's just short circuit logic. It's trying to return true or false.
00:55 eythian If debug is false, it doesn't need to evaluate the right hand side.
01:02 dcook Fo' sho'
01:02 dcook I didn't realize that you didn't need an explicit "if" to check though
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01:03 eythian more or less everything in perl returns a value
01:03 eythian and as soon as you say "and" it becomes a binary operation.
01:03 dcook I'll have to keep that in mind for future code
01:03 dcook I don't suppose you have any insights into SIP?
01:04 eythian Depends.
01:04 eythian What's the question?
01:04 wahanui the question is "What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?"
01:05 dcook Does the institution need to be equivalent to a branchcode?
01:05 eythian Hmm.
01:05 eythian I don't know.
01:05 dcook I'm getting errors like: "AddReturn error: branch 'kohalibrary' not found.  Reverting to kohalibrary at /koha/lib//C4/ line 1529"
01:05 rangi yes it does
01:05 dcook Where kohalibrary is the institution in the sip code
01:05 dcook rangi: You're the man!
01:05 eythian yeah, that sounds like it.
01:06 rangi it needs to match the institution stanza in the conf too
01:06 dcook Thanks for the confirmation :)
01:08 dcook Saves me digging around and trying to get remote sites to try it some more
01:08 dcook rangi++
01:08 dcook eythian++
01:08 dcook I might put that in the wiki
01:10 pastebot "dcook" at pasted "SIP config in Koha packages" (8 lines) at
01:10 dcook So CPL and LPL would be branches...
01:10 dcook What would 'kohalibrary' represent?
01:11 dcook Just an example?
01:11 rangi yep
01:11 dcook Cool beans
01:11 rangi you should use the branchcode of what you want that machine to be
01:11 dcook I suppose in Koha, library and branch are synonymous
01:11 rangi yep
01:12 bag usually
01:12 bag ah cool beans - that's a great saying - that's what meliss says all the time
01:12 dcook hehe
01:12 dcook It "is" a great saying
01:13 bag :)
01:13 dcook Enabling SIP for devone - edit /etc/koha/sites/devone/SIPconfig.xml to configure
01:13 dcook `/etc/koha/SIPconfig.xml' -> `/etc/koha/sites/devone/SIPconfig.xml'
01:13 dcook Sweet
01:14 dcook Radsicles
01:14 bag man rangi Aloo is doing laps around me - something has light a fire under his butt
01:15 * bag goes to investigate
01:16 dcook Random non-Koha question: Do folks go to their local Linux user groups?
01:17 eythian I used to at university
01:17 rangi not me
01:17 eythian the one in Wellington only restarted recently, and I think it's on a day that conflicts for me.
01:18 dcook Mmm, I see I see
01:18 rangi it died cos of a surplus of arsehats
01:18 dcook I remember pianohacker mentioning it
01:18 dcook Kiwi arsehats?
01:18 rangi hopefully the new incarnation is better
01:18 dcook Isn't that an oxymoron?
01:18 dcook Wait..
01:18 rangi dcook: IT is full of arsehats unfortunately
01:18 * dcook looks up the definition of oxymoron
01:18 dcook Yes, oxymoron
01:18 dcook Mmm, so I hear, rangi
01:19 dcook 'tis a joy of being the only person in the office these days
01:19 dcook Plus no one sees how much I eat...
01:19 rangi catalyst does pretty well on that front
01:19 rangi (lack of arsehats)
01:19 * dcook suddenly recalls rangi teasing him for having a heaping plate of food when dcook said he 'wasn't hungry'
01:19 rangi heh
01:20 dcook Well, I don't have heaps of experience with Catalyst, but I must say that folks I know there are as rad as they come
01:22 dcook But yeah. I think I'm going to the Sydney one tonight. Not really sure what to expect.
01:22 dcook Hopefully a lack of arsehats
01:22 eythian The Dunedin one was good. Meet at the pub and chat over some beers. Might even be on topic sometimes.
01:24 mtj i'm gonna try to make the next wellylug
01:24 eythian I think I have encountered possibly the most frustrating bug
01:25 eythian something seems to be changing how strictly the XML parsing is done
01:25 eythian and then later something else will die because of a slightly malformed marcxml
01:25 bag I know that barton goes to louisville linux group
01:25 eythian and because plack, it could be _anything_ in the past.
01:26 rangi ah yeah thats the danger with plack
01:26 mtj woah, that is a weird one :/
01:26 dcook That does sound quite frustrating :(
01:28 mtj there a diff. in strictness between marc::record, and marc::xml perhaps?
01:28 eythian totally, but it doesn't happen every time
01:28 eythian so something is changing that causes it to fail.
01:29 eythian hmm, oddly, we have a new XML::LibXML object as our parser, so it must be something global.
01:41 bag well I've got my 1 our volunteer at a library time tomorrow - I will be a page and shelve some books :D
01:42 bag There is nothing like shelving some books - it clears the mind and the soul
01:44 wizzyrea :)
01:44 * wizzyrea had library time this morning
01:44 wizzyrea it was grand.
01:44 bag YAY!
01:44 bag wizzyrea++
01:53 dcook bag: So true although also murder on the knees sometimes
01:53 bag heh - not so bad for me - I usually checkout every book I try to shelve just cause they are so interesting
01:54 bag so I never have to work on the low shelves
01:54 dcook lol
01:54 dcook I did used to spend a lot of time in the science and engineering sections...and the art sections...and literature...and social sciences...
01:55 dcook Religion and philosophy too...always enjoy some good BS and BX
01:55 mtompset Hmmm... non-deterministic results... reminds me of a status update I saw about rr.
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01:56 mtompset But I don't think you gdb perl scripts.
01:57 eythian It'll be totally deterministic. I just don't know how to determine it.
01:58 eythian that looks useful though in general
02:04 eythian however, I can't reproduce it on my dev system, as some point in the dump/restore it becomes valid UTF-8, or something like that.
02:05 mtompset And you are tracing the string entire lifespace to check for UTF-8-ness?
02:06 eythian I'm looking at it in the database.
02:06 bag dcook: the libraries that I've shelved are dewey and I haven't found a range yet that I don't find something that I'm interested in
02:07 bag actually that should be my business card - "I haven't found a dewey range I don't like - challenge me"
02:09 dcook eythian: I have a problem with a prod site in regards to UTF-8 as well. It works perfectly fine when I dump it onto a few other servers, but on that one...:S
02:09 dcook bag: That could certainly work
02:12 bag I'm guessing mtj is a 364.x kind of guy
02:13 wajasu maybe the system locale is different?  influencing iconv libraries or something esoteric
02:13 eythian possibly if you export as latin1 and import as utf8, or visa versa
02:18 dcook Yeah, I figure it has to be system level. I think the export/import should be done as utf8
02:18 dcook Yet...when I switch my browser encoding to Windows/Western whatever (non-UTF8), the problematic characters resolve and the UTF-8 ones break
02:18 dcook But very inconsistently...
02:19 dcook The only place these non-UTF8 characters appear to be non-UTF8 is in acquisitions
02:19 dcook Everywhere else they're fine
02:19 * wizzyrea imagines the consternation this causes your librarians.
02:19 dcook Fortunately, there's only one library on that server, but man..
02:20 dcook Heaps consternation already around
02:31 mtj tee hee, i had to check on 364.x… :p
02:32 mtj i always loved looking for the weirdest classification section in the library
02:33 mtj 364.x would def. be on that list
02:37 bag HA I knew it - true crime :)
02:40 dcook Man...I'm always finding out about cronjobs I've never heard of before
02:40 dcook
02:41 dcook I don't think any of our folk use "ReturnToShelvingCart" so it's never really been a thing.
02:41 dcook But I've always wondered if Koha had support for aging from cart to shelf
02:41 nengard dcook - that ones is kind of tricky ... aka those who have used it say it's flaky
02:41 nengard just saying ...
02:43 dcook Thanks for the head's up, nengard :)
02:43 dcook Looking at the code, I can see why..
02:43 nengard ;)
02:43 nengard I don't know any specific bugs about it though - just that our partners who tried to use it found that it doesn't do what they need/want
02:43 dcook Not that it's horrible code. In fact, I think it follows an idea that gmcharlt proposed for the task scheduler.
02:44 dcook nengard: I imagine they didn't set up the cronjob to run as often as they should've perhaps
02:44 dcook Mmm or maybe there were issues with their permanent_location field...
02:44 dcook Anyway, thanks again :)
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02:58 BobB dcook: SLUG is often good.  Irma usually goes, but tonight we are elsewhere
02:58 mtompset oh... database...
02:58 wahanui database is gone now :(
02:58 BobB if you meet Chris Vella, he is Calyx staff
02:59 dcook BobB: Cool! Thanks for letting me know :)
02:59 mtompset eythian: Curious if show variables like '%char%' and show variables like '%coll%' generate all utf8 stuffs.
02:59 BobB :)
02:59 eythian mtompset: it's not that simple
02:59 BobB see you there another time
02:59 eythian because Koha overrides some of them anyway
02:59 dcook BobB: I suppose we'll see how this one goes, but that sounds nice. It would be good to catch up!
03:00 mtompset eythian: It does... can you point to a line of code that does?
03:00 eythian not right now because I'm otherwise busy
03:00 eythian but it's when it connects
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03:03 mtompset Well, I'm dreadfully tired.
03:04 mtompset Have a great day, #koha eythian BobB dcook mtj bag.
03:04 bag heya BobB - hi there
03:04 BobB hi bag
03:06 BobB late Friday afternoon, still so much to do!
03:25 bag heh always happens that way
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03:58 dcook Yay! My Windows partition has been re-formatted and is now up-to-date.
03:58 dcook Now to never turn it on again if I can avoid it.
03:58 dcook Well, re-formatted, re-installed, then updated.
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04:15 twb I have an old koha instance from around 2009, not sure what version.  It's configured to authenticate via LDAP in /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml.  That was broken (wrong basedn); I fixed it.  Now the apache log no longer complains about LDAP.
04:16 twb *But* I still can't get in.  After it passes LDAP, the web UI tells me my user isn't authorized.
04:16 twb I think this is because the authorization part is being done inside koha.  Where do I look to find the list of authorized admin users?
04:18 eythian twb: you need to specify the users that are admin in the staff client
04:18 eythian you can use the database username/password to log in to set that up
04:18 eythian if it lets people log into the opac, then you have ldap set up right.
04:20 twb afaik normal users don't log in at all, the borrowers table in the DB appears to only mention the head librarian, plus a couple of clearly test accounts
04:20 eythian then you probably don't need ldap
04:20 twb It's entirely possible ldap has just been broken for two years
04:21 twb The old head librarian was maybe logging in with a password stored in mysql
04:21 eythian either way, you can test with a user login on the opac
04:21 eythian and then login using the database creds to set permissions for admin users
04:21 eythian (that is to say, admin rights don't come from ldap, they are defined in Koha.)
04:21 * eythian leaves again, hopefully that gets you somewhere.
04:22 twb Nod, "admin rights" is what I meant by authz
04:22 eythian the head librarian login would also work to elevate someone else to admin
04:22 twb I see two "bits" -- an "opac" tree that inmates use, and a "intranet" tree the librarian uses
04:22 twb I can't see any login form in the opac bit
04:23 twb is what I see for that
04:23 twb Oh if I click around a bit I find a login
04:24 twb But that gives an error page
04:24 twb (I don't normally use koha at all, so I don't know what I'm doing.)
04:28 twb btw, I know the ldap part is working correctly because I tcpdumped it and I can see it correctly doing an ldap search and then an auth bind, and the correct responses coming from slapd.  The slapd host is the one I normally sysadmin, so I'm confident that part is OK
04:30 twb Huh.  From the OPAC login that I pastebinned last, I see the HTML page title is "<Koha Online    Catalog › Catalog Login Disabled>"
04:41 dcook That could do it
04:41 dcook I know it's a bit late in the day, but does anyone actually use ""?
04:42 dcook Outputting to a static HTML page seems...problematic.
04:43 twb Why is there a password in the borrowers table if I'm authing against LDAP?
04:43 twb Does koha keep a copy as well, so that if the LDAP password changes, koha will break?
04:43 dcook No idea, twb. I don't use LDAP.
04:43 wajasu twb: you might look at this code.  or the version in history to see what might be going on.
04:44 wajasu[…]d805a5a;hb=master
04:44 twb is what somebody set up
04:44 wajasu[…]work-in-koha-3-4/
04:44 twb The koha install wasn't done via dpkg; how can I tell what version of koha is installed?
04:46 twb "if the patron is returning and update is ON, the information from LDAP that is mapped to Koha overwrites their existing Koha data in those fields.  This includes hashing and storing the user’s LDAP password (md5 base 64 hash)."
04:47 twb So since I have updates on, that is a write-only field
04:47 wajasu that   is="userpassword" must be the mapping to your ldap schema.
04:47 twb wajasu: yeah, although it's an SSHA field that can be used for auth but can't be queried.
04:48 twb olcAccess: to attrs=userPassword,pwdHistory by dn.exact=gidNumber=0+uidNumber=0​,cn=peercred,cn=external,cn=auth manage by self write by anonymous auth
04:49 twb How does the mysql database know which accounts (borrowers?) are staff?
04:49 twb What I'm trying to get into, is I think what that page calls the "staff client".
04:58 wajasu find /usr/share/koha -name ""  and look at the top of that file to see your koha version.
04:58 twb Thanks
04:58 twb Oh gods
04:58 twb looks like it's a snapshot
04:59 twb But # grep VERSION /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ ==> our $VERSION = '';
05:00 wajasu then you can browse the git repo and possibly use the git hashcode in the snapshot versions to browse the C4/ or such.
05:01 twb Nod.
05:02 twb I think the problem is convincing it the account is a staff account, tho.
05:03 wajasu the koha_conf.xml  usually has a koha user with mysql password.  you can query borrowers to see if the koha admin  username use that password and it might work, but that depends on if the auth code does something special for the admin account
05:04 twb I already tried logging into koha with the mysql username/password, it didn't like it
05:04 twb Though that account doesn't exist in ldap, so it might be failing there -- lemme check that log
05:05 twb [Fri Mar 28 15:34:08 2014] [error] [client] [Fri Mar 28 15:34:08 2014] LDAP Auth rejected : (uid=kohauser) gets 0 hits, referer: https://koha:10444/
05:05 wajasu i find/grpped for Catalog Login Disabled, but not found in current master source tree.  it may be "translated".
05:07 dcook 3.1 was also a long time ago
05:07 twb Yeah if it was up to me I'd do a fresh install
05:07 dcook I believe many a reasonable person has said "Get your data out of there and do a fresh install"
05:07 pastebot "wajasu" at pasted "ldap code from master" (21 lines) at
05:08 dcook Be more persuasive ;)
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05:09 twb This is for prisons.  Right now there's more money rolling out IPTV than cleaning up their OPAC :-(
05:11 wajasu maybe you can use ldapsearch for the user login you are using (from tcpdump) or  xml config, and prove the user can authenticate (is found).  maybe their account expired or is locked, etc.
05:11 twb No I checked that
05:11 twb The ldap part is definitely fine
05:13 dcook yo cait
05:18 cait hi dcook, #koha
05:19 cait twb: whats the problem?
05:19 wahanui well, the problem is it's human beings doing it. Rebuild your indexes.
05:20 twb cait: I don't know the password of any staff accounts, so I need to create one
05:20 twb cait: at least I think that's the problem
05:21 cait hm you can always go in with the database user, create a new superlibrairan and reset the passwords
05:21 wajasu note the ldap mapping has categorycode PT  for patron, so maybe the ldap is just for OPAC. not sure.
05:21 twb wajasu: it's entirely possible the LDAP part never worked
05:22 twb cait: I can probably manage the SQL-fu but I don't know enough about the koha schema to know what to poke
05:22 cait not with sql
05:22 cait with gui :)
05:22 twb Oh you mean log in with the username and password that's in koha-config.xml?
05:22 wajasu twb: she means using the user in koha-conf.xml  and login
05:22 cait yes, and then create a new staff user, give it superlibrairan permission
05:22 twb I'll try that again to double-check
05:22 cait thn you can reset any password
05:23 twb Argh, that *can* log in
05:23 twb I must have typo'd it last time
05:23 wajasu twb: u may be correct.  your inmates might be just searching anonymously (no login) in the OPAC.
05:26 twb OK so I just go to patrons and then edit their "type"?
05:26 twb Or category
05:26 wahanui category is, like, itemtype, in this situation
05:27 twb Category is "Patron" for everything afaict, not Staff
05:27 twb I'm tempted to just tell the librarian to log in as kohaadmin from now on
05:29 cait twb: don't
05:29 cait it will cause problems
05:30 cait just fix the staff patrons or create new
05:30 wajasu if you create a patron, there may be a permission dropdown button.  add superlibrarion to the patron you create.
05:30 cait create a new staff patron for the librarian, go to the patron account, more > permissions and set
05:30 cait superlibraian
05:31 twb k, I'm trying that now
05:31 wajasu fyi twb is 3.01 koha version
05:33 twb that worked, now I'll see if I can log in with the "opac password", though I just made one up and don't know her ldap password
05:36 twb I can log in as the librarian account I just created, using the opac password.
05:37 twb So I guess everything is happy and sunshine.
05:37 twb Thanks, guys, you've helped a lot.
05:38 wajasu you could look inthe log for some time back and see how long the "LDAP Auth rejected" has been going on.   are there acually borrowers logging in with LDAP.
05:38 twb well the thing is, that log doesn't have year logged :-)
05:39 twb Oh yes it does
05:39 twb "Mon Jun 29 16:40:00 2009"
05:40 twb The logfiles aren't getting rotated either, so that one's 500MB
05:40 twb Definitely gonna prod $boss for a reinstall of this box
05:42 wajasu it might be some work since 3.01 -> 3.xx current has had many changes.
05:44 wajasu ldap log messages are for failures inthe code i see for ldap.
06:48 dcook Anyone want a laugh?
06:48 dcook[…]123456789/page-1/
06:49 dcook Also known as, Amazon's cover image for ISBN 0123456789 :[…]_SCLZZZZZZZ__.jpg
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06:52 dcook Nobody? :p
06:52 wajasu ha
06:53 dcook All right. Got my laugh. Now I need to hustle to SLUG.
06:53 dcook night all
06:53 wahanui goodnight dcook. You'll be back.
06:53 wajasu facets work on it!
06:54 dcook haha
06:54 dcook I don't think I'll be working on facets properly for a very long time
06:54 dcook All right. Really going now.
06:55 wajasu especially since zebraqueue and zebrasrv restart is required for dynamic facet config that i was mulling over.
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07:33 * magnuse waves
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07:37 reiveune hello
07:37 wahanui hola, reiveune
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07:43 huginn GERMS!!!!
07:43 wahanui germs is
07:43 * cait hands some germs to wahanui
07:47 magnuse germify all the bots!
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07:57 alex_a bonjour
07:57 wahanui kai ora, alex_a
08:22 nlegrand hiya #koha
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09:08 atheia mornin' all!
09:09 cait morning atheia
09:09 cait :)
09:09 atheia Hi cait
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09:09 atheia How are things?
09:09 Hopla its friday ... so its good   ;)
09:10 cait pizza?
09:10 wahanui pizza is in the oven.
09:10 atheia Pizza for breakfast? I hear it can be good…
09:12 cait yeah,might be a bit early :)
09:12 * cait turns the oven off
09:15 atheia :-)
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09:39 magnuse friday?
09:39 wahanui friday is pizzaday!
09:39 magnuse it's never too early for pizza
09:39 magnuse and hiya atheia et al
09:44 atheia morning magnuse!
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10:06 gaetan_B hello
10:08 magnuse bonjour gaetan_B
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10:22 fridolin hie all
10:35 atheia hi fridolin
11:05 gerundio good morning
11:05 gerundio how can I run Z39.50 server on a different port in Koha?
11:06 gerundio I've tried changing the values in koha-conf.xml but no matter what I change I only get response @9998
11:06 gaetan_B is there a specific url for patron self registration ? i can't find anything new when i activate the system preference...
11:06 gerundio even if Z39.50 server config blocks in the XML are commented
11:10 fridolin gerundio: did you restart the zebra server ?
11:11 gerundio no
11:11 gerundio I restarted memcached which koha uses to store the configurations
11:12 gerundio so, for every change regarding Z39.50 I'll have to restart the zebra server, is that it?
11:23 jcamins gerundio: yes, of course. All search-related changes.
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12:00 barton dcook: I heard my name. Yes, I'm an active member in my local Linux User Group... I'm lucky enough to live in a town that has an active and friendly LUG. :-)
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12:11 francharb good morning
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12:51 NateC Morning folks!
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13:23 * cait wishes very hard oleonard was here
13:23 rhcl I wish I was in Thailand
13:24 rhcl @wunder Bangkok Thailand
13:24 huginn rhcl: The current temperature in Patumwan Demonstration School, Bangkok, Thailand is 29.2°C (8:22 PM ICT on March 28, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 25.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Rising).
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13:24 rhcl @wunder 64507
13:24 huginn rhcl: The current temperature in St Joseph, Missouri is 2.2°C (8:20 AM CDT on March 28, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: -5.0°C. Windchill: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Rising).
13:46 barton good moring #koha!
13:47 barton I'm being lazy -- can anyone tell me which URL we use when we query GoogleJackets for covers in the OPAC?
13:51 barton Hm. seems to be some javascript wrapped around a call to
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13:52 nengard oleonard might know - but he's not here yet
13:53 rocio I know this is 2013.... but I google searched lol[…]94efb2e21e4b96e30 it looks like isbns are gathered and used against google book search?
13:54 rocio so whatever the url is for google book search? maybe?
13:55 rocio
13:55 rocio barton
13:55 rocio I dunno if that's any more specific than what you knew already
13:56 barton rocio: yeah, I think that I hit the same link that you did.
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13:56 rocio ah, poop
14:22 jcamins rocio: there are gitorious and github mirrors that are kept up to date, and may have better search capabilities than
14:23 rocio barton gave me this link to check if I have questions? is this one that you are referring to?
14:24 rocio[…]h=HEAD&st=grep&s=
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14:26 jcamins rocio: right, if you're not happy with the search capabilities there, I think github and gitorious have more advanced search features. I can't say I've really done much experimenting with them, though, being too lazy to open up a web browser when I have a terminal already open.
14:28 jcamins (actually, that might be an argument in favor of irssi/weechat... grep is just one Ctrl-A 1 away)
14:28 rocio lol I am a data person... I think my brain understands the web browser better!
14:29 rocio github and gitorious?
14:29 jcamins Yeah, it's Koha-Community (or something like that) on GH, and I'm not sure what it's called on Gitorious.
14:30 rocio ooohhhh
14:36 barton jcamins -- have your cake and eat it too: kohasearch() { xdg-open[…]h=HEAD&st=grep&s="$@"; }
14:37 barton ( might use 'open' on mac or 'gnome-open' under gnome )
14:37 jcamins barton: I don't use X forwarding.
14:37 jcamins ;)
14:38 barton jcamins -- whatever floats your boat.
14:38 jcamins However, that's a fun trick.
14:38 cait julianm++
14:38 cait @karma julianm
14:38 huginn cait: Karma for "julianm" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
14:38 jcamins I might have to start using X forwarding just so I can do things like that.
14:38 barton jcamins -- *much* to be said for terminal only workflow.
14:40 Joubu cait: actually it is jajm :)
14:40 cait Joubu: thx :)
14:41 cait jajm++ # irregular frequencies
14:41 jajm cait, means you tested it and it works ? :p
14:44 cait not yet, but i hope it works!
14:44 cait :)
14:46 dbs magnuse: I met with Aesgir briefly over breakfast a few days back. Wow Oslo is doing some impressive work.
14:52 * dbs confirms the branch in bug 11786 still merges cleanly, hopes it gets some love (on a much more simplistic note)
14:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11786 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dan, Needs Signoff , Improve RDFa mappings in prog and bootstrap
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15:24 NateC_ joined #koha
15:27 gerundio I've been struggling with z39.50 for a while now
15:27 gerundio I'm using MarcEdit's Z39.50/SRU Client to troubleshoot but can quite figure out how it's suppose to behave
15:28 gerundio in koha-conf.xml there's <database>, <user> and <password> entries for the Z39.50's <serverinfo id="publicserver"> config
15:30 jcamins gerundio: what is the problem?
15:30 wahanui the problem is it's human beings doing it. Rebuild your indexes.
15:30 gerundio are they anyway related with other <serverinfo> nodes such as the biblioserver or authorityserver?
15:30 gerundio jcamins, I'm trying to setup Z39.50 port, database, user and password settings
15:30 gerundio but the result is not the expected
15:31 gerundio I can only connect successfully with the MarcEditor client if I keep the default settings
15:31 jcamins Everything except for the port must match.
15:31 gerundio port 9998, database biblios and empty user and password
15:32 gerundio if I change the port only it works too
15:33 jcamins Yes, that is all you can change.
15:33 gerundio but when I change any of the other 3 settings it stops working
15:33 gerundio jcamins, you're saying I can only change the port setting?
15:33 jcamins Of course. If you change the database, username, or password that Zebra is trying to use, there will either be no data or there won't be any authorization.
15:34 jcamins Using koha-conf.xml, yes.
15:34 jcamins If you want to change other things, you're going to have to edit the Zebra configuration files.
15:34 jcamins And you'll be on your own for that.
15:35 gerundio hmm, I thought those particular user and password were settings to enable authentication on the Z39.50 server requests
15:35 gerundio I'm looking at it the wrong way I guess
15:36 gerundio at the end of the day if I enable the Z39.50 it will be public
15:36 gerundio and I can't restrict its access other than by firewall rules, is that it?
15:36 jcamins There is a way to add authentication, but I don't know exactly how to do it.
15:37 jcamins I'd look at zebradb/etc/passwd for hints, though.
15:41 gerundio that file has only one line with a password
15:41 gerundio I'll try to look for more info online
15:41 gerundio thanks for the info
15:41 gerundio jcamins++
15:41 gerundio time to go now
15:41 gerundio see you all next week
15:41 gerundio have a nice weekend
15:42 cait dbs: ah, sad it#s not sigend off yet :( maybe we can recruit someone
15:46 gaetan_B left #koha
15:51 ashimema nooooo...
15:51 ashimema my trusty 10 year old monitor just blew it's baklight bulb
15:51 ashimema s/baklight/backlight
15:51 cait ooh.
15:52 rhcl so, huh, how are you typing ashimema?
15:53 fridolin bye
15:53 fridolin left #koha
15:53 ashimema it's the primary monitor that died.. my secondary (a 14" baby) is still alive and well
15:53 cait fallbacks++ :)
15:53 ashimema i can see irc.. but not much else.. the rest is on the other screen
15:54 rhcl icic
15:55 laurence left #koha
15:57 mtompset_away joined #koha
15:59 jcamins ashimema: as long as you have the important things.
15:59 mtompset Greetings, @koha.
15:59 ashimema indeed
15:59 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
15:59 laurence joined #koha
16:10 barton I have a koha search behavior question:
16:12 wajasu mtompset: when thinking about zebra facets, making them dynamically configurable is a pain.  the question is would we push changes for a specified list of indexes, and code to handle them being available
16:12 reiveune bye
16:12 reiveune left #koha
16:13 barton if I do a keword search on author, say 'au,wrdl: kim harrison' -- and limit the branch, I get a list of items, all at the given branch.
16:14 barton If I then click the author link on one of the items, I get results which are no longer limited by branch.
16:14 barton Is this the correct behaviour?
16:15 wajasu are you limiting by using the facets box on the left after the initial search?
16:17 barton wajasu: no, I'm specifically interested in the item link. The facet *does* limit by branch.
16:19 cait barton: yu mean the link in a detail page?
16:19 barton cait: correct.
16:19 barton cait, no, hold on...
16:20 mtompset wajasu: It would be really nice to be dynamic across the board, so people don't have to keep updating code every time they want a new facet.
16:20 barton I'm still talking about the search results page.
16:21 mtompset Sure, they'd have to tweak configuration files somehow, and those could have some defaults in them as part of the package, but no need to change code.
16:22 cait barton: sorry confused, so where is the link?
16:22 mtompset And if the configuration was in a table, it would be easy to update with the packages too.
16:22 cait every link apart from the facets i think will do a completely new search
16:22 cait so breaking your limit
16:22 cait i think
16:22 barton cait: I'm working on a clearerer desc ... gimme a sec.
16:23 wajasu[…]n,%20Sinclair%20B.
16:23 mtompset Are you asking whether facets limit on just one facet, or do they drill down?
16:24 mtompset Actually, that does make me wonder... how do we unlimit on a facet. Our facet interface is limited that way.
16:24 wajasu thats local to me, but has both branch and author limit.   the results always show availability from all branches
16:24 mtompset e.g. stores let me hard drive, 100-199 dollars, >2TB
16:25 wajasu a new search resets the limiting
16:25 mtompset but I might want to unlimit the dollar range.
16:25 barton wajasu: I'm actually searching the staff client. Not sure if that makes a difference (if I was asking about a public opac, I would have posted the URL)
16:25 bag barton: I think that is expected behavior
16:26 barton bag: yeah, I was coming to that conclusion myself.
16:27 barton where's nengard when you need her? ;-)
16:27 bag so you search and then on the search results - you are clicking on the author link.  That link isn't smart enough to know that you still want to limit by branch...  basically I think the rendering of that AU link - is just a<whatever>
16:27 barton bag: exactly.
16:28 bag you could look at the template barton and see if it has any logic in there for the OPACCSS  branch_limit from the apache virtual host
16:28 bag but that would be the only way that I think you could "retain" the limit on the branch
16:28 barton in this case, catalog/
16:30 JohnC joined #koha
16:30 wajasu is the author link the one in "Did you mean: ...?"
16:30 barton wajasu: no, it's just the author link hanging off the item in the search results.
16:31 wajasu all my authors ar not links.  are you using XSLT default? or ...
16:31 barton ... on the search page itself (I'm not drilled into the item page)
16:32 barton wajasu: I would have to check on that.
16:36 alex_a joined #koha
16:39 oleonard joined #koha
16:39 oleonard Hi #koha
16:39 JohnC joined #koha
16:44 bag ah right barton sorry you're on the staff side - yes it wouldn't limit the author search :)  expected
16:46 ashimema hi oleonard
16:47 barton bag: thanks. oleonard: good morning! (/me pretends that he doesn't live in the US Eastern timezone).
16:47 mtompset oleonard! You've been off channel a bit.
16:59 mtompset chauffeur's hat.
17:00 thd-away joined #koha
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17:24 thd-away` joined #koha
17:35 indradg joined #koha
17:36 * ashimema doesn't like xml
17:38 bag heya ashimema
17:38 wahanui i guess ashimema is on qa now .)
17:48 ashimema working my way through the shibboleth stuff.
17:49 ashimema it's a tad breakable ;)
17:49 ashimema adding some unit tests
17:50 ashimema hi bag
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19:37 * cait waves
19:39 mtompset Nasty... Hello again, cait. :)
19:51 cait hello mtompset
19:56 meliss joined #koha
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20:38 magnuse bag: HI
20:38 bag magnuse: HI
20:42 * cait waves
20:42 bag heya cait
20:51 kmlussier joined #koha
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21:01 cait oleonard++
21:01 cait oleonard++
21:01 cait oleonard++
21:09 wajasu so i guess Moose is part of koha.  i see uses Moose::Role,   was going to code zebra facets, and saw object lying around.
21:23 cait wajasu: it's only for solr
21:24 cait wajasu: and after some benchmarking people seem to prefer moo
21:24 cait there is a bug with the discussion somewhere in bugzilla
21:25 wajasu but it would have been pretty for me to write
21:46 NateC joined #koha
22:02 wajasu well, i guess things are just stubbed out and not functional in master.  koha_perl_deps says Moose  is not required. i read bug 8233 and see things went in  version 3.10
22:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8233 major, P2, ---, jonathan.druart, RESOLVED FIXED, New search engine layer - introduce solr without breaking anything else
22:08 wajasu read[…]searchengine_plan
22:18 rocio left #koha
22:38 wajasu read[…]earch_Rewrite_RFC#.28a.29_Inject_new_query_parser_in_​front_of_existing_Zebra_search_code.

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