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01:44 mtompset Mooooo... mooooo... class::accessor, or something like that. ;)
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03:36 mtompset Have a great weekend, #koha.
04:22 wajasu ok. i'll use class accessor.  if they want to refactor to Moo roles they can do that in another patch,
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09:19 * magnuse waves
09:19 * cait waves :)
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17:08 WNickC Hi all, can I ask a question about jQuery?
17:09 WNickC if anyone is aroudn
17:09 jcamins WNickC: go ahead and ask. No guarantee that anyone will respond, but it never hurts to ask.
17:10 WNickC Mostly I just want some direction on what should and shouldn't be done with it
17:10 jcamins You should do everything you can with jQuery, because editing the templates is pretty much always a bad idea.
17:11 * jcamins loves questions like that. :)
17:12 WNickC how much of a risk is there in classes and ids changing?  I think the worry is developing a script we love, then it breaks horribly and can't be resurrected
17:12 jcamins There are changes occasionally, but they're not usually that large.
17:12 jcamins And the changes are always a lot more destructive to direct template changes.
17:12 jcamins Mostly it's just a matter of changing IDs and classes.
17:13 jcamins As opposed to redoing the entire change.
17:14 WNickC that was my assumption, but before messing with the way 50 libraries our using our system I thought it prudent to check
17:14 WNickC thanks!
17:15 jcamins You're welcome.
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17:42 magnuse and i'guess the direction we are heading in is to make it easier to achieve things with id's and classes, not harder...
17:43 jcamins magnuse: right.
17:44 jcamins No macarons for me today. It's raining. :(
17:45 magnuse pizza for me today, since we bbq'ed sausages on the beach yesterday
17:45 magnuse well, i have to make it first...
17:45 magnuse the pizza, that is
17:47 jcamins Time for some choux pastry, then.
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18:53 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
19:05 druthb Hi, mtompset. :)
19:05 mtompset Greetings!
19:05 mtompset I was hoping to see bkg...
19:06 cait ?
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19:09 barton hi #koha!
19:10 cait hi barton
19:11 barton I'm getting "fatal: read error: Connection reset by peer" when trying to do do a "git fetch --all" with remote git://
19:12 barton I can ping and browse to without problem though.
19:12 barton hi cait!
19:13 mtompset cait: I can't remember how to spell his irc nick. I was looking at bug 11393
19:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11393 trivial, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Language menu not show up as name for Thai (th-THA was shown)
19:13 cait bgkriegel
19:13 wahanui rumour has it bgkriegel is on a signoff spree
19:13 cait i think he will read your comments on the bug report
19:13 cait he is not around here much
19:14 cait i think he is right - we can't fix this for existing, it will be ok after the next update. we could put a note that the language code has changed
19:14 mtompset should I sign it off or not... the bug does fix it for a clean install from master, but it doesn't fix a broken install.
19:14 cait well it can't
19:14 mtompset why can't it?
19:15 cait it would have to rename files
19:15 cait if you have thai installed it would have to rename the translated directories
19:16 cait and they are not part of git - they are generated
19:16 cait i don't see how we can do that and if we should
19:16 mtompset I can see how we can do it, but I don't know if we should.
19:16 cait i think we should not
19:16 cait i think a suggestion would be a note in the release notes
19:17 cait peopl eneed to reinstall translated templates after updating - they could uninstall the old code and reinstall with th enew
19:17 * barton is still getting "fatal: read error: Connection reset by peer" on "git fetch --all" ... any thoughts on how to proceed?
19:17 mtompset barton: sorry. No idea.
19:17 mtompset I agree the site is up.
19:18 cait hm
19:18 cait let me check
19:18 mtompset firewall?
19:18 cait i normally use a git pull
19:18 cait or a git fetch
19:18 cait never used the --all
19:18 barton git fetch  gives me the same.
19:18 barton Don't think that it's a firewall issue...
19:18 mtompset firewall allows outgoing, but blocks incoming?
19:19 cait i get the same error
19:19 cait i think our repo has the problem
19:19 cait barton: it's hosted by bywater, maybe someone could check
19:19 mtompset about to kaboom...
19:19 mtompset (installing new version of virtual box)
19:20 barton I'll send an email to bywater staff... someone should be watching that.
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19:23 mtompset Okay... that explosion is over now. :)
19:24 mtompset barton: same problem on my normal git pull.
19:25 barton I just sent an email, I presume that someone's checking it.
19:25 cait barton++
19:27 mtompset http://tumblr.libraryjournal.c[…]e-a-great-weekend (humorous comic)
19:28 barton heh.
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20:24 barton @seen gmcharlt
20:24 huginn barton: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 2 days, 22 hours, 41 minutes, and 0 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> rangi: thanks
20:31 jcamins He's at a conference this weekend, I believe.
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21:43 magnuse "git pull" worked for me just now
21:51 cait works now for me too
21:51 cait magnuse: shouldn't you be asleep?
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22:24 mtompset Doesn't work for me. :(
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22:39 barton me neither. magnuse: what remote are you using?
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23:05 mtompset Oh sucky. I wanted to ask cait a question. :(
23:35 mtompset YAY! git pull works again.
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