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00:39 tcohen eythian++
00:43 tcohen night #koha
00:55 eythian why on earth is the whole OAI library in opac/, and not actually in C4 where it's naming claims it should be?
00:57 * dcook perks up
00:57 wizzyrea[…]&utm_campaign=Oct huh.
00:57 dcook Yeah!
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00:58 dcook eythian: I wondered that quite a bit
01:43 wizzyrea ...that moment when you set out to do a thing, then realised you needed 3 other things to do that thing, did those things, then forgot what the original thing was.
01:44 wizzyrea that's me right now.
01:55 wizzyrea bug 10944
01:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10944 minor, P5 - low, ---, robin, Passed QA , Mixed content warnings in results and detail with Amazon images on https
01:56 wizzyrea gmcharlt - is there a concern about that one/
01:56 wizzyrea ?
01:57 wizzyrea just curious :)
03:11 eythian OAI-PMH requests are /so very slow/
03:11 wahanui Hmm.  No matches for that, eythian.
03:18 eythian mtompset: your filter thing should probably also be applied to systems like OAI-PMH too.
04:10 dcook eythian: super super slow
04:11 eythian yeah, it's like they're going to special effort to do it.
04:11 eythian I should chuck a profiler at them some time.
04:11 * dcook nods
04:12 dcook When I was building the OAI harvester, the slowness was killing me. Admittedly, a big part of that was probably the processing, but the requests definitely added a fair bit of time
04:12 * dcook should look at that again someday
04:13 eythian I'm getting about 4 bibs per second, running with two threads. There's no reason for it to take ~0.5 secs per request.
04:20 dcook How big is your request size?
04:21 dcook I think my average was about 5 and the best I ever did was about 10
04:22 eythian what do you mean?
04:24 dcook Mmm, I suppose I'm talking about something completely different
04:24 eythian I'm just pulling records via OAI-PMH one at a time in order to identify the ones that make it break.
04:25 dcook Mmm, and they do make it break..
04:25 dcook I think I added some handling for that locally..
04:25 dcook I was talking more about large requests with a maximum cap
04:25 eythian yeah, it is sensitive to badly encoded XML, however those records also need to be fixed anyway, so they want a list of them.
04:25 eythian ah right
04:25 dcook Mmm, makes sense
04:26 dcook Although going one by one seems awful
04:26 dcook Won't MarcLint pick those up?
04:26 eythian probably, but I thought this'd be faster.
04:26 eythian No matter, I'm going to leave it to run overnight anyway.
04:26 dcook More reliable, I imagine
04:26 dcook Your way that is
04:27 eythian probably is, yeah
04:28 eythian Because of the dumb design of the library, you can't just plug into it and bypass the whole networking thing either.
04:28 eythian well, I suppose I could have called the .pl ddirectly
04:28 eythian should have done that.
04:29 dcook Hmm, yeah, that probably would've worked better
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04:56 mtompset eythian: Say what?!
04:57 mtompset Don't go making the scope huge. :P
05:35 mtompset eythian: You there?
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05:36 mtompset @later tell eythian Check out bug 11592. That's my work so far.
05:36 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
05:39 mtompset Greetings, cait. And good day (24 hour period). :)
05:39 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha.
05:40 cait hi all
05:56 cait @wunder konstanz
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06:01 * dcook waves to cait
06:01 dcook Switching from Outkast to Iron & Wine is jarring...
06:03 cait ?
06:30 dcook Sorry, that was unrelated to me waving ;)
06:56 cait hm music?
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07:21 dcook @later tell cait: Yep
07:21 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
07:23 dcook night all
07:23 wahanui goodnight dcook. You'll be back.
07:26 * magnuse waves
07:26 magnuse @wunder boo
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07:37 reiveune hello
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07:50 magnuse bonjour reiveune sophie_m
07:50 magnuse eythian++ for quickly packaging libmarc-xml-perl
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07:56 alex_a bonjour
07:56 wahanui salut, alex_a
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07:57 cait good morning #koha
07:59 sophie_m hello magnuse (you're double ^^)
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07:59 sophie_m hi #koha and cait
07:59 cait hi sophie_m
07:59 cait :)
07:59 koha hi, my name is Quyen
07:59 sophie_m woo, koha himself is there !
07:59 koha From Viet Nam
08:00 sophie_m :-)
08:00 koha I've just known koha
08:01 koha and I like it, but it is quite difficult to do perfect if there is little knowledge about IT.
08:03 magnuse sophie_m: yup, i cloned myself to be able to do twice as much work
08:04 sophie_m \o/
08:06 magnuse :-)
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08:07 Joubu hi o/
08:13 nlegrand Hey #koha
08:16 magnuse hiya Joubu and nlegrand
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08:29 gaetan_B hello
08:29 wahanui kai ora, gaetan_B
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09:00 cait good morning Joubu
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10:05 Brooke @later tell druthb *hugs*
10:05 huginn Brooke: The operation succeeded.
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12:15 tcohen morning!
12:15 wahanui well, morning is a state of cat
12:17 liw shameless self-promotion, but just in case anyone here would find this useful, or knows someone who might find it useful:
12:19 magnuse liw++ - sounds good!
12:20 tcohen gmcharlt: do u remember when DOM became the default for authorities?
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12:27 tcohen Joubu: should we default to DOM for authorities?
12:30 tcohen irc meeting?
12:30 Joubu tcohen: I am still using grs1 for auth, but my dev installation is quite old
12:31 tcohen I found that assumes bib -> grs-1 && auth -> dom if not defined
12:31 tcohen so your patch should need some tweaking I guess
12:32 tcohen git log daca5edc
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12:35 vfernandes Hi
12:36 vfernandes guys it's possible to generate the serials for one subscription? for example, i have a subscription from 2014-01-01 to 2015-01-01... it's possible to generate all serials/numbers at one time?
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12:48 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
12:52 tcohen morning mtompset
12:52 mtompset Greetings, tcohen.
12:54 mtompset What fun things are you up to today?
12:56 tcohen mtompset: I'm about to fill a bug related to reporting the user missing entries in koha-conf.xml
12:58 mtompset That could potentially save me time from manually comparing a fresh install koha-conf.xml against my upgrade each time. ;)
12:58 tcohen exactly :-D
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13:01 mtompset Greetings, JesseM.
13:02 JesseM its a cold morning.
13:02 mtompset @wunder l7e 5y5
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13:02 JesseM Hi mtompset
13:02 mtompset -29?! GAH!
13:02 JesseM wow
13:02 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
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13:02 * mtompset glares at tcohen.
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13:03 mtompset Did you have to point that out? :P
13:03 JesseM :)
13:03 cait @wunder Konstanz
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13:03 * cait suggests meeting in the middle :)
13:03 mtompset Greetings, cait.
13:03 mtompset Roadtrip! ;)
13:03 JesseM Hi cait
13:06 tcohen its 10 in the morning and is *already* 31.6, we are melting today
13:06 tcohen true story
13:10 mtompset Well, fix the planetary air streams or something, and send some heat this way! :P
13:11 tcohen :-P
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13:15 mtompset Greetings, oleonard.
13:16 tcohen Joubu: i've attached a new patch that does what you wanted to do
13:17 oleonard Hi
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13:19 tcohen hi oleonard
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13:40 Joubu tcohen: ok, I'll test it
13:40 Joubu tcohen: ho yes, my patch was wrong!
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13:47 magnuse @wunder boo
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13:56 tcohen cait:
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14:06 tcohen #koha: need your feedback on this:
14:06 tcohen do u like it like that?
14:08 cait looks good to me
14:08 tcohen and the wording?
14:08 wahanui the wording is fine. easy to understand. by adding 'temporary' it will be crystal clear.
14:09 * tcohen knows he could leave it like that and galen would put it rigt anyway+
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14:20 tcohen @seen gmcharlt
14:20 huginn tcohen: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 15 hours, 3 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> noted, thanks
14:23 magnuse wahanui: forget the wording
14:23 wahanui magnuse: I forgot wording
14:23 druthb magnuse!
14:23 wahanui somebody said magnuse was afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
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14:28 magnuse druthb!
14:28 wahanui Well, she finally snapped, like we all knew she would.
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14:34 tcohen mtompset: bug 11596
14:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11596 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Missing indexing options in koha-conf.xml should be reported
14:36 mtompset tcohen: There's only 2 variables in it.
14:37 vfernandes it's possible to generate the serials for one subscription? for example, i have a subscription from 2014-01-01 to 2015-01-01... it's possible to generate all serials/numbers at one time?
14:37 tcohen mtompset: what about that?
14:37 mtompset I was hoping it was going to be a little more comprehensive. :)
14:38 tcohen oh, I think if we agree on that patch, we could fill new bugs for each config entry we find
14:38 tcohen i'm focused on 11096 right now
14:39 mtompset Right. Hence just these two variables.
14:39 tcohen true
14:39 mtompset I'll sign it off later. I'm in the middle of other things.
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15:12 barton where do I go to report perl abuse?
15:16 tcohen what you mean "perl abuse"?
15:17 barton misc/cronjobs/ line 242: my $digest = $due_digest->{$upcoming->{'borrowernumber'}} ||= {};
15:19 tcohen just fill a bug mentioning the problem
15:19 barton This sets $due_digest by auto-vivifying it to a hash reference.
15:19 barton Yeah. It's not wrong, per se, just ugly as sin.
15:24 tcohen barton: just report it and comment a possible solution or provide an actual patch for others to review
15:25 barton 'k
15:25 barton thanks.
15:28 tcohen np
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15:39 mtompset Oh my! That is perl abuse. :P
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15:46 Dyrcona Swap the ||= for just || and its not abuse. :)
16:03 mtompset Dyrcona: I think it is attempting to do TWO assignments at the same time.
16:05 mtompset Dropping the = would only be ONE assignment, the $due_digest->{$upcoming->{'borrowernumber'}} would still be undef, 0, '', NULL.
16:18 barton Dyrcona -- no, that breaks things, because $due_digest *isnt' set* before that call. I found this because I was inspeting the code, trying to figure out where it was set... I had to run it through the debugger to figure it out.
16:19 Dyrcona barton: Depends on what you are trying to do. Just that line by itself, looks like you don't need the = after the ||.
16:27 reiveune bye
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16:42 rhcl @seen bag
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16:43 rhcl @seen sekjal
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16:54 mtompset @marc 541
16:54 huginn mtompset: Information on the immediate source of acquisition of the described materials. The field is used primarily for original or historical items or other archival collections. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,d,e,f,h,n,o,3,5,6,8]
16:54 mtompset @marc 541$e
16:54 huginn mtompset: unknown tag 541$e
16:54 mtompset @marc 541 e
16:54 huginn mtompset: Accession number The identification code assigned to materials acquired in a single and separate transfer of custody.
16:55 mtompset @marc 952 i
16:55 huginn mtompset: unknown field/subfield combination (952/i)
16:56 mtompset Can someone explain to me what 541$e and 952$i are and how they should be entered in marc_subfield_structure?
17:06 nengard
17:06 nengard koha doesn't use this ...
17:06 nengard marc format for holdings data or MFHD is not something Koha uses - Koha uses the 952 for holdings data
17:08 nengard 952 doesn't have an i that i can find ...
17:08 cait 952$i is an accession/inventory number
17:08 cait it's saved into stocknumber in items
17:09 cait and there is also an index on it
17:09 cait it#s mostly a european thing
17:09 cait it's required here by law in germany and it seems to be required in France as well
17:09 cait it's an additional number, different from barcode or callnumber
17:09 cait often using a year + number schema
17:10 cait we have plugins to generate those, if you look for stocknumber in the frameworks
17:10 cait normally the number will be written or stamped into the book
17:11 cait and will never change, while a barcode or callnumber can change
17:11 cait it's in the default framworks, but maybenot for old updated installations, i think it got added sometime around.. hm. 3.4 maybe?
17:13 cait hm hope that made sense )
17:15 mtompset Mostly.
17:15 mtompset Sorry, I was writing an email to the list in the background, before I read this. Oops. :)
17:15 cait 941 is title level... we need it item level
17:15 mtompset 541, not 941.
17:15 cait ah
17:16 cait well koha doesn't use holdings the way marc does
17:16 cait like nicole said
17:16 cait @marc 541
17:16 huginn cait: Information on the immediate source of acquisition of the described materials. The field is used primarily for original or historical items or other archival collections. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,d,e,f,h,n,o,3,5,6,8]
17:16 mtompset So they both should map to stocknumber?
17:17 mtompset And what tab should they be on?
17:17 cait ?
17:17 cait i don't think koha does anything with 541 currently
17:17 mtompset See the email, I sent.
17:17 cait we CAN only map 1 field
17:18 cait and the intend of 952$i stocknumber is item level, so that's how it works now
17:18 cait hm don't have a mail from you yet
17:18 cait ah found it
17:19 cait wow
17:19 cait 541 shouldn't be mapped to items.stocknumber
17:19 cait i did the original patches and it ws not like that when i did it.
17:19 cait are you sure you didn't remap it?
17:19 cait al fields in items.* shoudl only be mapped to 952 fields
17:20 cait or you most certainly will get into trouble
17:20 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "Here's my SQL results" (24 lines) at
17:21 mtompset 541$e is the only mess I have.
17:21 cait[…]1ebbd13e70f266d77
17:21 cait looking at the en default framework - it's only mapped to 952$i there as it should
17:22 cait same goes for the simple frameworks
17:22 cait[…]1ebbd13e70f266d77
17:22 cait and fast add :)
17:22 mtompset So, it's something my librarian colleagues broke?
17:22 cait you must have remapped it locally
17:22 cait yep
17:23 cait well somoene
17:23 cait buti don't think you can install koha with a mapping on 541
17:23 Joubu bye #koha
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17:24 cait really late here - bbl
17:24 cait left #koha
17:29 mtompset there... blanked kohafield for tag='541' and all is well. :)
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18:06 mtompset Oh shoot. I found out what we did wrong historically to cause that.
18:06 mtompset Now I have 7700+ records to tweak.
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18:07 * cait waves
18:08 tcohen hi cait!
18:08 cait :)
18:11 rhcl waves
18:18 mtompset cait: I just realized we were using 541$e for stocknumber in our imports.
18:18 mtompset oh what a lovely mess from upgrading from a 3.6.3 tarball mess to now.
18:21 Dyrcona Everyone doesn't just upgrade via git?
18:22 cait Dyrcona: it's not recommended
18:22 cait well to install in dev mode
18:23 Dyrcona :)
18:23 cait and i think when you install tarball or standard from git it's not such a big difference hm.
18:24 cait i might not make sense, it was a long day
18:37 mtompset No, but we didn't know much about the inner workings of Koha when we first started.
18:37 mtompset And we didn't ask the community.
18:38 mtompset Then we got these problems as a result.
18:38 mtompset It's a 2 year old mistake. :)
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18:41 mtompset Why Mr Agent 075? Why not MrAgentMan?
18:42 mtompset ( -- Secret Agent Man.
18:48 tcohen bye #koha
18:50 mtompset @marc 01e
18:50 huginn mtompset: unknown tag 01e
18:51 mtompset Anyone know about 'Coded field error'?
19:02 blou !ahok iH
19:03 cait hi blou
19:03 blou hi cait!!
19:03 blou long time no chat
19:04 * blou was assigned to solitary confinement
19:06 blou QUestion at large: what is the best way to UPDATE records in Koha, using a Marc (bin or xml) file ?
19:06 blou they got a 999c
19:07 blou I don't want to duplicate the notice, so not sure what the plain import will do...
19:08 cait you could match
19:08 cait but not sure what you awant to do?
19:09 cait and you don#t want to use sql to change bibliographic data. would be a bad idea
19:09 blou We're modifying some notices.  Got the notices, add some fields (using perl script), then need to "put them back"
19:10 cait you mean records? :)
19:10 blou There's a web service I think
19:10 blou yes
19:10 cait you could reimport and match on 999c
19:10 cait it won't add duplicate fields, koha can only overlay or not overlay
19:10 cait so itwould overlay the complete record
19:11 cait the items would not be touched by that, if you didn't want to
19:11 blou ha? interesting. Very interesting. So it's like a normal import, but you just specifiy a match field
19:12 cait i think there are 2 different ways, the bulkmarcimport can match, but we normally use staged marc import and the matching rules there
19:12 cait have never used the first
19:12 blou I'll explore that.  Thanks a LOT!
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19:24 wizzyrea oleonard - about?
19:25 wizzyrea if/when you have a bit of time, I'm curious about less compiling
19:25 wizzyrea also good morning
19:25 magnuse kia ora wizzyrea
19:25 oleonard Hi
19:25 * oleonard was just compiling some less as it happens
19:28 wizzyrea so what's the general process, where do you start? I looked over the website but I seemed to get lost
19:28 wizzyrea it seems like a fantastic idea though
19:29 oleonard wizzyrea: Do you have Node.js installed?
19:30 wizzyrea so it claims
19:30 wizzyrea so yea, my thinking was right, you have to have node, then install less
19:30 oleonard Yes, see "Server-side usage" just past this section:
19:30 wizzyrea then it should theoretically be as straightforward as they claim.
19:31 wizzyrea if you can get all that malarkey working
19:31 wizzyrea so the idea then
19:31 wizzyrea is that when you've gotten it installed, you can just less compile them and output the css to the css directory?
19:31 oleonard Yes
19:32 wizzyrea yay i was less lost than I thought ^.^
19:32 wizzyrea GETIT ha ha ha.
19:32 oleonard when I was developing the Bootstrap theme I used this:[…]SS-Watch-Compiler
19:32 wizzyrea oh.
19:32 wizzyrea ohhh
19:32 oleonard You run that and it watches for changes in the less directory and automatically compiles
19:32 wizzyrea yes I like that idea.
19:32 oleonard Unfortunately the latest version also minifies, which we don't currently do with the OPAC css
19:32 oleonard (although we should)
19:33 wizzyrea well it would prevent people from editing it by hand
19:33 wizzyrea instead of editing the less and compiling it
19:33 oleonard Having minified CSS would be a nice hint that it shouldn't be edited
19:34 wizzyrea so, also
19:34 wizzyrea there are some css files that don't have less counterparts (specifically, print.css)
19:35 cait wizzyrea++ oleonard++ :)
19:35 wizzyrea 1. should they have less counterparts? 2. it's still ok to edit them for now, because they don't?
19:36 oleonard Perhaps for consistency's sake there should be no directly-edited CSS files in the Bootstrap theme?
19:36 wizzyrea well that would be a good guideline I think
19:36 wizzyrea not good for a patch i have out but good overall ;)
19:36 wizzyrea is there a retrocon?
19:36 wizzyrea css -> less?
19:38 oleonard You could just slap a .less extension on any of the CSS and it would "compile" (i.e. stay the same because it doesn't have any special directives in it)
19:39 wizzyrea hehe yep I just read that
19:39 wizzyrea is it your opinion that for bootstrap that should be done?
19:40 oleonard Yes
19:41 wizzyrea k ty, will file a bug and do some of that.
19:42 magnuse wizzyrea++
19:43 wizzyrea unless you'd rather..
19:43 * oleonard is wrapped up in non-Koha stuff at the moment
19:43 wizzyrea righty o :)
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19:48 magnuse poor oleonard
19:49 magnuse have fun #koha!
19:49 wizzyrea later magnuse
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21:11 rhcl chris_n: long time no see
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21:54 barton Hey, I've got a simple question about facets, but they're bending my brain a bit ...
21:56 barton I have a partner who is wondering why only five branches show up in the 'Libraries' facet -- they have six -- but there's no 'Show more' button.
21:59 cait hm
21:59 cait is the sixth branch appearing in the first x results?
22:00 cait x is set in a pref
22:00 cait it defaults to 20
22:00 cait search for facets in the prefs, there are a few
22:00 wahanui joined #koha
22:04 mtompset Yes, the facets are built from the current page, if I recall.
22:05 cait it's according to the sys pref setting
22:05 cait you can change it, but take a performance hit
22:05 * cait says barton to make the client ping
22:06 barton I see the maxRecordsForFacets  sys pref.
22:06 mtompset Yes, but I was noting that if the sixth library is mentioned on page 2, it won't show up in the facets unless you are on page 2.
22:06 cait yep
22:06 mtompset (as far as I recall)
22:06 cait hm not sure how it recalculates
22:06 cait i didn't try that
22:07 wizzyrea it will do libraries on page 2+ if you set the maxrecordsforfacets higher
22:07 wizzyrea i think it defaults to 20
22:07 wizzyrea oh cait said that.
22:07 mtompset wizzyread, but then page 2 isn't page 2 anymore.
22:07 wizzyrea ok let me rephrase.
22:07 mtompset if it is on page 3, and you double the size, page 3 becomes page 2.
22:07 wizzyrea no, it's not changing the max results.
22:07 cait hm not sure the facets actually change
22:07 wizzyrea per page.
22:07 cait they don't change on my test installation
22:08 cait when i page
22:08 wizzyrea (it definitely used to work.)
22:08 wizzyrea there are two sysprefs
22:08 wizzyrea one for results per page, usually 20
22:08 * cait nods
22:08 wizzyrea one for maxrecordsforfacets, also 20
22:08 * mtompset shrugs. I could be wrong, but I thought the facets were built by Koha, and therefore, only the last block retrieved is used to build the facets.
22:09 wizzyrea you can increase maxrecordsforfacets and not increase the results per page
22:09 mtompset AH... okay, I was not aware of that, wizzyrea. :)
22:09 * cait nods again
22:10 * mtompset has begun testing 11596 for tcohen. :)
22:10 mtompset I need some successes in my life right now. :)
22:10 wizzyrea yea, so, when I say page 2+, I mean "when the results per page is set to 20, and maxrecordsforfacets is set to something higher, like 40, you will get facets from the 2nd page
22:10 wizzyrea increase it more, and you will get pages 2+
22:10 wizzyrea it's a performance hit, however.
22:11 wizzyrea barton ^
22:11 barton I'm not actually looking for search results though... I'm interested in what shows in the side bar ...
22:12 wizzyrea yes, that's what I'm talking about
22:12 cait the facets are built from the result list
22:12 wizzyrea the facets come from the result list
22:12 cait they are based on it
22:12 wizzyrea for example
22:12 wahanui hmmm... for example is remapping in koha a wise path ?
22:12 wizzyrea NEKLS has 48 libraries
22:12 * barton starts to get it...
22:12 wizzyrea lets say their maxrecordsfor facets is set to 20
22:12 cait forget for example
22:12 wahanui cait: I forgot for example
22:12 wizzyrea and lets say that in the first 20, only 15 libraries are represented
22:12 eythian hi
22:13 barton wizzyrea -- riiiight
22:13 cait hi eythian
22:13 wizzyrea if you double the syspref, you get double the results to calculate from
22:13 wizzyrea which may increase the number of libraries represented in the results
22:13 cait barton: the only hardcoded facet is availability - that shows up always i think, the others are depending on your result list
22:13 wizzyrea in the facets
22:14 barton so if there are only 3 libraries shown with the first page of search results, that's what you'll see on the side bar,.
22:14 wizzyrea yes, exactly :)
22:14 cait our facets are...
22:14 cait could be better.
22:14 cait we should let zebra build them.
22:14 barton *chuckle*
22:14 wizzyrea or solr. or elasticsearch.
22:14 barton nod.
22:15 cait not sure how much work solr would need - getting zebra doing it right might be less work
22:15 cait but yeah, hoping for elastic search, just not sure when it will be ready :)
22:16 barton ok, I think that answers my question. you can keep on talking about facets if you really *want* to, but I'm good :-)
22:16 rhcl :)
22:17 dcook joined #koha
22:17 wizzyrea \o/
22:19 mtompset i'm waiting for bug 10891 to take off. ;)
22:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10891 enhancement, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Make facets customisable
22:29 dcook I think M. Saby isn't working with Koha anymore?
22:30 * dcook thinks someone with more time/money than himself should write a patch to use Zebra's facets :p
22:41 gmcharlt dcook lines them up, I knock 'em down ;)
22:42 dcook Who wha?
22:42 * dcook looks up
22:42 dcook Email?
22:42 wahanui Email is sent to either the KohaAdminEmailAddress or the branch address - cait is not totally sure
22:43 gmcharlt dcook: yeah
22:43 dcook \o/
22:43 cait hm?
22:43 * cait waves
22:44 dcook hey ya cait
22:44 dcook Thanks for that gmcharlt :)
22:44 dcook In retrospect, I suppose I should've asked if that'll be the default for new installs, but I assume so?
22:44 dcook Since it's included in Koha's debian repo
22:45 gmcharlt dcook: correct, anybody installing from packages from scratch will get the latest
22:45 dcook \o/
22:45 dcook I suppose my Debian machines check for updates automatically. I think that's what I had in mind.
22:45 dcook I probably have installed the update and not even realized.
22:46 dcook One way to check..
22:47 dcook Hmm, perhaps not..
22:56 eythian they tend to check regularly, but they don't apply updates automatically unless you tell them to.
22:56 dcook Yeah, that's usually the case at home
22:56 eythian I have a thing installed that emails me of updates needed each morning, in order to stay on top of them.
22:56 dcook Not this one at work though. I had to do it manually :/
22:56 dcook Mmm, I think I was reading about that. Is that one of those apt* packages?
22:57 mtompset Receiving objects: 100% (258349/258349), 1004.27 MiB | 431 KiB/s, done.
22:57 mtompset Wow! Fresh full git clone is huge!
22:57 dcook eythian: apticron?
22:58 eythian dcook: I can't remember what it's called off the top of my head
22:58 dcook No worries. Perhaps I'll look into this one at some point.
22:58 eythian ah yeah, it is.
22:58 gmcharlt apt-listchanges
22:59 eythian no, that's different
22:59 gmcharlt ah, so it is
22:59 gmcharlt hmm
22:59 eythian oh, it might have the same effect actually
22:59 eythian but it was apticron I was thinking of.
23:00 dcook On a related note, I was wondering if I could ask you a question about verifying a GPG trust path, eythian
23:00 eythian sure
23:01 dcook As far as I can tell so far (having only used GPG for 2 days), a person would either have to have a web in their own keyring connecting themselves to the owner of the key being assessed, or use an online tool to check between the two, yes?
23:01 dcook Actually, at the moment, I only (vaguely) understand the idea of a keyserver using a tool to do the verification
23:02 dcook If doing it from the commandline, one would need to do it semi-manually?
23:02 dcook I suppose if there are 5 or fewer steps between themselves and the key being verified?
23:02 eythian yeah
23:02 eythian so, you do need to have the keys that form the path
23:03 eythian[…]/to/48BFF157.html <-- things like this will tell you though
23:04 dcook I think that's even the one I looked at last night
23:04 dcook Are those the only two methods one could use?
23:04 dcook I suppose other than knowing the person and just trusting it
23:05 dcook But then I guess you wouldn't need to verify a path...
23:05 dcook Because you would already have them as a trusted key..
23:05 eythian well, there's no way for it to know if there's a path without having all the steps in the path
23:06 dcook Makes sense. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a web.
23:06 eythian yeah.
23:07 dcook I suppose the online tool has the advantage of having more keys than one would locally
23:07 eythian Over time, your keyring will end up with many many keys in it.
23:07 eythian yep
23:07 dcook I hope so :)
23:07 dcook I still need to figure out the best way of managing keys over multiple devices...then I should be ready to start actually using GPG
23:07 eythian especially if you tell your mail client to fetch any that it doesn't know when it sees them.
23:07 wizzyrea ^ has been most practical
23:08 dcook Interesting...I suppose the more keys you have, the better
23:08 eythian also run gpg --refresh every so often to make sure they're up to date
23:08 dcook And it doesn't necessarily hurt you if you have your trust specified correctly?
23:08 eythian yeah
23:08 eythian how do you mean?
23:08 papa joined #koha
23:09 dcook Well, I haven't thought it through completely, but what if you add a key from a stranger, and you trust it fully and it turns out that this person is somehow malevolent and that you shouldn't be trusting the keys they sign?
23:09 dcook You might have a trust path to a key that you shouldn't trust?
23:09 eythian yeah, don't trust keys from strangers :)
23:09 eythian though, the trust path thing is more complex than that.
23:09 dcook But it's ok to have keys from strangers so long as you don't trust them, never trust them, unknown trust them?
23:10 wizzyrea I don't even trust keys from people I haven't actually met in person. :P
23:10 eythian yep
23:10 dcook I added yours, eythian (due to the Koha packages), but I have yet to make up my mind on that one, lol
23:10 dcook I've met Chris but that's still a degree of separation...:p
23:10 eythian by signing a key, you're saying to everyone "I've checked that this person is who they say they are"
23:11 eythian by trusting a key, you're saying to yourself "I think this person is likely to do a good job signing keys"
23:11 dcook Right, that's the other thing. It's about trusting the person's ability and not just knowing them.
23:11 eythian the keys in the packages are not my key (these days, they used to be.)
23:11 dcook For instance, I wouldn't trust me too much, since I'm just starting
23:11 dcook It definitely had your subkey?
23:11 dcook Or maybe it was just that you signed it?
23:11 eythian well, if you just sign, then it doesn't really matter. It'll just require, say, two people vouching for them.
23:12 eythian But if you trust one person more, then it might just require them.
23:12 dcook When I imported the gpg.asc from the debian site, it had two keys and one was "A99CEB6D"
23:12 eythian dcook: I have signed it.
23:12 eythian My primary key ID these days is F8713BDF
23:12 dcook Ah, hence it being more complex than just trust
23:13 dcook And A99CEB6D is your subkey signed by your primary?
23:13 dcook "a subkey" rather than "your subkey", I guess
23:13 eythian no, that's an old key that I used to use for the packages.
23:13 eythian Some day soon I'm going to revoke it.
23:14 eythian Most people do signing but don't bother with trust too much, and just let it work itself out.
23:15 dcook Hmm
23:15 eythian if you run "gpg --update-trustdb", it'll ask you how much you trust the people to be good signers.
23:15 dcook So then the path relies more on who has signed whose key up to the key you're checking
23:16 eythian yeah
23:16 eythian the more, the better.
23:16 eythian these are all tunable, but no one really bothers.
23:17 dcook So basically I would sign the keys of people I know, and then rely on their signatures
23:19 eythian Yep. You can also advertise your trust rating if you want, but you don't have to. You can also locally sign a key if you want to treat them as verified for you, but don't want to say that to other people.
23:19 eythian Basically it just stops it getting exported beyond your computer.
23:19 eythian These are all pretty rarely used though.
23:20 dcook Makes sense. I suppose it's all a bit of added work.
23:20 dcook Cool. That makes a lot of sense :)
23:20 dcook Thanks for that :)
23:21 dcook Any tips on managing keys/identities over multiple devices? wizzyrea, feel free to add anything :)
23:21 dcook I've thought about trying the method mentioned on but...figure I'd ask some folks I know first
23:22 dcook Happy to discuss over PM too if that's preferable
23:26 eythian dcook: I don't really bother. so long as all locations have the right public and private keys, it works itself out in general.
23:26 dcook eythian: So you would just export all of your keys and import them onto each different device you use?
23:28 eythian yeah. Or copy all of .gnupg over.
23:30 eythian dcook: beware that the koha@ list silently drops signed emails.
23:30 eythian I need to chase up getting that fixed.
23:30 dcook Ah, that's good to know!
23:31 dcook Hmm, so if a person were copying .gnupg, you would only have to do that each time you generated/revoked your own keys?
23:31 eythian no, just when setting up something the first time.
23:32 eythian I suppose you could copy the files and the import them, that'd probably work though I've never done it.
23:32 dcook I mean just to keep them in sync in case you add a new key on your home system, send the pubkey to a keyserver, then need the private key on your laptop
23:33 magnuse joined #koha
23:36 wizzyrea whenever I see that guy's name on an email, it makes me tired and I want to take a nap.
23:36 eythian to move the private key, you export it and then import it.
23:36 eythian This isn't something that happens very often.
23:36 eythian public keys I do via the keyserver.
23:37 dcook Mmm, makes sense
23:37 dcook Send to the keyserver and then retrieve your own public key?
23:37 eythian yeah
23:37 dcook So when someone signs your public key, do they send it back to the keyserver, and then you download it again?
23:38 eythian generally yeah, though not always.
23:39 dcook Ah, I see. "When Blake signs Alice's key he sends the signed key to the key server. The key server adds Blake's signature to its copy of Alice's key."
23:47 tcohen joined #koha
23:47 mtompset So what if some jerk up the chain gets all their keys revoked... what happens to everyone down the chain?
23:48 mtompset tcohen: Just tested 11596
23:48 mtompset Looks good. :)
23:48 tcohen that's great mtompset
23:48 mtompset I cloned a fresh 1GB repo for you. ;)
23:50 BobB joined #koha
23:52 dcook mtompset: --fresh-keys should update your keys and then when you check a key, it'll say whether or not the key is revoked, I believe
23:52 mtompset But could a revoke trigger a mass revoke?
23:53 dcook You would revoke your key, send it to a keyserver, and then people would download it from there
23:53 dcook Otherwise, you're emailing everyone you know, I believe
23:54 maximep left #koha
23:55 tcohen dcook: how can I get my key signed by you?
23:56 tcohen (or anyone else)
23:56 dcook tcohen: As far as I can tell, you would either need to upload to a keyserver (then I would download by searching your name, email, or a fingerprint that you would give me), or you would email it to me and I would email it back or upload it to the keyserver
23:57 dcook I think anyone can upload to the keyserver, so you would only want to sign a key if you can confirm the fingerprint with the actual person
23:57 dcook Whether that is by email, phone, in-person, etc
23:57 dcook With each having its pros and cons, of course
23:57 tcohen got it
23:57 dcook Should have keysigning parties at the Kohacon hackfest ;)
23:57 tcohen I generated my key when started the rmaint task, but never asked anyone to sign it
23:58 dcook I suppose signatures aren't required but they help build the web of trust
23:59 tcohen exactly

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