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01:31 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
01:32 eythian hi
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03:44 mtompset Oops... Greetings, eythian. I didn't see your reply until now. Silly me working on non-coding aspects of ministry. :)
03:44 mtompset I have a short presentation tomorrow.
03:51 mtompset Is the transfer of the system happening now, eythian?
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05:52 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha.
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08:57 cait good morning #koha
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17:08 * Oak waves
17:24 * cait waves
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20:52 * cait waves at kathryn
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20:52 kathryn hiyeeeeeeeeeeeee cait :D
20:52 cait :)
20:52 * cait shares some christmas cookies with kathryn
20:52 kathryn (I'm feeling quite chirpy today)
20:53 kathryn oh mmnn thanks cait
20:53 cait I have 2 weeks of vacation starting tomorrow - feeling quite chirpy myself :)
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21:05 pablito I would like to allow search by call number in Koha 3.14, what tag must I use to tag my call number in order to allow this?
21:05 cait pablito: your callnumber should be in your items, in think it's 952 o or p
21:05 pablito ok
21:06 pablito now, I have a non-standard call number, it's not Dewey or LCC, would this still work?
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21:08 cait pablito: yes it should still work, if you want to specify it's another classfication you can create a new value for 952 $z
21:08 cait with generic sorting
21:08 cait you can do that in administration
21:09 pablito so what should I put in 952 $z?
21:11 pablito should my value for 952 $z the same for all records?
21:11 pablito for example: sts
21:12 pablito or should it be the specific call number of the corresponding book?
21:12 cait $z should be a pull down - it's created form what you have under administation classification sources
21:12 eythian hi
21:12 wahanui bonjour, eythian
21:12 cait in z is your classification schema - the call number goes into the call number field
21:12 cait so if you were using ddc, $z would be ddc
21:13 cait as you are using your own local one, you could create a new classification source local and use generic as sorting... I tend to do that for libraries here
21:13 cait oh sorry
21:13 cait i confused fields :(
21:13 cait $2 and you can use z = Other/Generic Classification Scheme
21:14 cait just looked it up in the interface right now
21:14 cait and it can/should be the same for all your items using the same classification scheme
21:14 cait you can define the default in the system preference DefaultClassificationSource
21:21 pablito ok, I'm under  Home › Administration › Classification sources
21:22 pablito I have z = Other/Generic Classification Scheme
21:22 cait yep you can use that
21:22 cait put that into the sys pref
21:22 cait DefaultClassificationSource
21:22 cait and then don't worry about $2
21:24 pablito ok, so I set DefaultClassificationSource to Other/Generic Classification Scheme
21:25 cait yep
21:25 cait the sorting might not be perfect, it really depends on your callnumbers
21:25 cait but wihtout writing your own sorting algorithm... it might be the best you can do
21:29 pablito suppose, I don't put anything in the $z subfield, would I still be able to search by call number?
21:32 cait hm yes, but sortin gmight not work at all
21:33 cait there are 2 field sin the database, a callnumber field and a normalized version of the call number for sorting, the second gets automatically generated from the first
21:33 cait using rules defined by $z
21:33 cait so if the field was left empty, that could cause sorting to not work at all. I would use z.
21:33 cait rules dfined by the value in $2 i mean... i keep confusing z/2 here... doesn't make it easier to understand me I guess
21:34 pablito so my custom classification scheme is called STS
21:35 pablito i should set $2 to STS
21:35 pablito and leave $z untouched
21:35 pablito is this correct?
21:35 cait yes, sorry for talking about $z... when I meant $2
21:36 cait might be just to late for subfield codes here :)
21:36 pablito now, do I need to set the 084$a field with my call number?
21:37 cait you can
21:37 cait but i think it#s not searchable in koha currently
21:37 pablito ah
21:37 cait but it could still be useful
21:37 pablito but for universality, would you recommend it?
21:37 cait if you set 084$a you can use the itemcallnumber system preference
21:38 cait and it will get copied to your callnumber field in the item on cataloguing
21:38 cait btw where are you from pablito?
21:39 pablito I'm in Israel for the moment
21:39 pablito I'm trying to setup koha for a local seminary here
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23:17 dcook morning #koha
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23:51 dcook gpl?
23:51 wahanui i heard gpl was a bit vague on modifying trademarked logos.
23:51 dcook gpl3?
23:51 wahanui hmmm... gpl3 is rangi's default
23:51 dcook Hmm
23:51 dcook I would've sworn that there was somewhere on the wiki from which to copy the new gpl3 statement
23:52 jcamins @later tell cait My mackarel was *awesome*! http://dinersjournal.blogs.nyt[…]mackerel-fillets/
23:52 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
23:53 jcamins @later tell cait Also, there was only one bone in each fillet. Apparently I'm learning from Masterchef!
23:53 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.

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