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00:02 reki13 ... maxreserves
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00:08 reki13 maxreserves isn't what I was looking for, it is intended for limit the maximum holds for one single patron
00:11 reki13 reformulating my question,
00:12 reki13 is there a syspref for setting a maximum limit of holdings per item? (the holdings from all the patrons)
00:15 jcamins reki13: not to my knowledge.
00:23 reki13 thank you
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03:01 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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04:47 eythian hi
04:47 wahanui niihau, eythian
05:14 mtompset Greetings, eythian.
05:14 mtompset How goes your weekend.
05:14 eythian well, I'm at work, so take from that what you will ;)
05:16 eythian Have a library merge thing to do tomorrow, so right now loading the final data into the test system so people get to have a look at it and a final chance to hit the abort button.
05:18 mtompset Does it look like[…]6396_2-CA_1_20001 except the words abort? ;)
05:20 eythian I think the staples website is terrible, it doesn't let me see that link
05:20 eythian[…]igAbortButton.jpg <-- probably looks more like this
05:22 jenkins_koha Starting build #360 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
05:23 mtompset Not this?
05:23 eythian That's more like a "Go!" switch.
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05:32 mtompset I like the minimalist nature of bootstrap, but I just discovered that the new theme will cause me some more work... I integrated my login extension onto prog... now I have to do it for boot strap. :(
05:36 eythian yep, that'll happen.
05:42 mtompset Will prog be gone by 3.16 or 3.18?
05:43 eythian I think 3.18, off the top of my head
05:45 mtompset Hey, what is your opinion on this abuse of a package installation?[…]evelopment_Server
05:49 eythian hrm
05:49 eythian > (Koha prefers to use the apache2-mpm-itk package for apache2, but any will do.)
05:49 eythian no, it won't
05:50 eythian that is far and away the hard way of doing it.
05:50 eythian It's fine in principle, but there are easier ways to do it.
05:50 eythian for example, gitify
05:51 eythian also, it should include git-bz
05:51 eythian So, I'm happy with the idea of what they're doing (I sometimes do a similar thing myself) but there are easier ways to achieve it.
05:52 mtompset I have yet to try gitify.
05:53 eythian it's pretty straightforward: just point it to an instance and a git checkout, and it'll do the reset.
05:53 eythian *rest
05:53 mtompset a git checkout?
05:53 wahanui a git checkout is, like, the way
05:53 eythian git clone
05:53 eythian (I used to use SVN which calls them checkouts :)
05:54 mtompset would a git init dir do?
05:54 eythian no, you'd want to have a copy of Koha there, otherwise there's no point.
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05:55 mtompset if you have the koha packages installed, isn't that sufficient?
05:56 mtompset -- and what do you mean by "no it won't"?
05:57 eythian you can have the koha packages installed, but if you want to do development you should ahve a git checkout.
05:57 eythian I mean that Koha won't work if you use an Apache other than ITK.
05:57 eythian (Unless you change certain things, anyway.)
05:58 mtompset it won't? For plak, perhaps?
05:58 eythian plack is a totally different story.
05:59 eythian I need to do some work on figuring out how to make that behave in a similar manner.
05:59 mtompset can you give an example of it busting?
06:00 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #360: SUCCESS in 39 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/360/
06:00 jenkins_koha * Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel: Translation updates for 3.8.20 release
06:00 jenkins_koha * Chris Hall: Release notes for 3.8.20
06:00 jenkins_koha * Chris Hall: Koha 3.8.20 release
06:00 eythian Well, the apache config includes things to set the user it's running as. A non-ITK apache won't understand those, and so won't parse the apache config files.
06:02 mtompset does koha-common install koha-perldeps and koha-deps?
06:02 eythian neither
06:02 eythian err
06:03 eythian no
06:03 eythian they're for developers to easily get all the required modules onto your system.
06:03 mtompset ah, so it does it all directly.
06:03 eythian yep
06:12 mtompset Is there an easier way to trick the package command scripts to work for a git installation?
06:14 eythian you mean have them use the libraries in the git install rather than the system ones?
06:14 eythian If so, not really.
06:14 eythian They're pretty much hard-coded.
06:15 eythian time for me to go, this testing deploy seems to have gone smoothly.
06:15 eythian hopefully I get no emails about it before tomorrow when the live one happens.
06:16 eythian later.
06:16 mtompset Bye, eythian.
06:49 mtompset Have a great day, #koha
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16:02 pablito hi
16:02 pablito i'm a newbie with koha and marc21
16:03 pablito and I am wondering what is the meaning of the Leader or LDR tag in MarcEdit?
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16:16 pablito hi
16:16 pablito anyone here?
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19:16 pablito hi all
19:16 pablito is anyone available for a few questions?
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22:44 eythian hi

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