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00:20 bag heya tcohen
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00:26 tcohen Dallas
00:26 tcohen nice huge airport :-D
00:28 bag yes that's a big airport
00:29 tcohen Terminal D is fresh and comfortable
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01:05 mtompset bag: Are you still here?
01:06 mtompset Oh, 30 minutes... you probably aren't. Oh well. :(
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01:30 eythian wahanui: migration toolbox
01:30 wahanui i think migration toolbox is
01:32 eythian no wahanui, migration toolbox is
01:32 wahanui okay, eythian.
01:42 eythian wahanui: csvtomarc
01:42 wahanui the latest version is at[…]migration-toolbox - improvements welcome
01:44 eythian no wahanui csvtomarc is <reply>the latest version is at[…]migration-toolbox (in migration/Generic) - improvements welcome.
01:44 wahanui okay, eythian.
04:02 mtompset when you clone a subfield, should the value be copied?
04:02 eythian I'd expect so
04:19 mtompset Shoot. :( That busts the way bug 6874 is done.
04:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6874 enhancement, P3, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , File upload in MARC
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04:27 mtompset Greetings, papa.
04:35 mtompset Does it make sense to have a biblio record with multiple URLs?
04:38 mtompset I guess I should sleep on this. Have a great day, #koha.
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06:00 * BobB returns to his desk.
06:00 BobB Hi #koha
06:00 BobB Thanks to all our new friends in Washoe County for a great KohaCon and Hackfest
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06:31 johnbljr Good least for me.... ;-)
06:35 mtj hi BobB , johnbljr
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06:37 reiveune hello
06:37 johnbljr Wondering is anyone has any good z39.5 libraries that have already cataloged Scholastic books. Having a hard time finding any of the scholastic books for the school that I work at.
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06:44 * magnuse waves
06:45 magnuse howdy Irma and BobB
06:47 mtj johnbljr, hmm… i know of some school libraries in the pacific. but, i'm not sure if they have public z39 access
06:48 johnbljr mtj , any names I can search for in IRSpy?
06:48 mtj johnbljr, a good question for the Koha mailing-list
06:49 johnbljr How do I get to the koha mailing list?
06:50 johnbljr I found it...I will post the question there.
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06:53 mtj johnbljr, cool
06:53 mtj i thought ASHS school, in NZ might have z39 access?  -- but, i am not sure, sorry...
06:57 johnbljr mtj they are not showing on irspy
06:57 johnbljr no worries though
07:00 BobB hi magnuse
07:01 BobB johnbljr, I am not sure how well IRSpy is kept up to date
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07:02 johnbljr I just searched the mailing list archive and one member says the Access PA library is good for Scholastic books...I will try that.
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07:05 johnbljr Access PA and OhioLink seem to be pretty good based on a few searches.
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07:25 gaetan_B hello
07:37 magnuse bonjour gaetan_B
07:37 magnuse @wunder boo
07:37 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 6.0°C (9:20 AM CEST on October 24, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.12 in 986 hPa (Steady).
07:37 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:37 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 17.0°C (9:30 AM CEST on October 24, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Rising).
07:37 magnuse you win :-)
07:38 gaetan_B @wunder paris
07:38 huginn gaetan_B: Error: No such location could be found.
07:38 gaetan_B O_o
07:38 kivilahtio hey any idea where can i see from which Zebra indexes different searches search. Like when I do a title search in, i get the following
07:38 gaetan_B well, you'll have to take my word for it, but it's warmer in Paris than in bodo magnuse ;)
07:39 kivilahtio where is idx=ti defined? From which Zebra indexes those searches are pulled from?
07:40 kivilahtio I already found the koha_to_zebra.xml indexing rules
07:40 magnuse @wunder paris, france
07:40 kivilahtio but where are the search "aggregators" defined?
07:40 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Paris-centre, France is 13.6°C (9:40 AM CEST on October 24, 2013). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
07:40 magnuse gaetan_B: i believe you :-)
07:41 magnuse kivilahtio: have you seen[…]ng_Zebra_indexing ?
07:42 kivilahtio magnuse: Yes, looking at it
07:42 wahanui rumour has it looking at it is exactly what I was hoping for. :)
07:43 kivilahtio but I have a gut feeling this might be more complex
07:43 kivilahtio no wait here at the end
07:43 kivilahtio lemme see
07:45 kivilahtio What is this for then? biblio-koha-indexdefs.xml
07:45 kivilahtio zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/bibl​ios/biblio-koha-indexdefs.xml
07:45 kivilahtio Canthis really honest to god be so simple as this wiki page lets me assume?
07:49 kivilahtio but I can't find no idx=ti from marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs
07:49 kivilahtio I assume it is a shorthand for title
07:49 kivilahtio and somewhere in code there are translation tables for these shorthands?
07:55 kivilahtio nevermind I'll dig into the code deep after my breakfast
07:56 kivilahtio sorry for bothering you with a solution I could have solved
08:03 sophie_m kivilahtio: look into, some aliases for indexes are defined there
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08:17 marcelr hi #koha
08:51 magnuse hiya marcelr
08:51 marcelr hi magnuse
08:52 BobB kivilahtio, there are two filters: GRS1 and DOM and you choose one; DOM is now recommended but many installations are still GRS1
08:53 BobB for GRS1 refer to record.abs; for DOM refer to biblio-koha-indexdefs.xml
08:53 BobB I just learnt that at Koha Hackfest  :)
08:59 magnuse yay!
09:07 kivilahtio BobB: great! How do I know which one I have in use? I don't think I remember such a selection during installation?
09:08 kivilahtio BobB: I am using Koha 3.12
09:09 kivilahtio or I think I am using the latest master currently
09:09 kivilahtio I know I am using the latest master
09:09 kivilahtio but I installed the v3.12
09:10 kivilahtio Is there any way to automatically fill the Koha Item Type when adding Items?
09:10 kivilahtio There is a SubfieldsToUseWhenPrefill and PrefillItems global preferences
09:10 kivilahtio but I don't think they can help here
09:21 magnuse kivilahtio: i think koha-conf.xml will tell you which mode you are using
09:22 magnuse "automatically fill the Koha Item Type" - in which context? migration of data or manual entry of new records and items?
09:23 kivilahtio magnuse: manual entry of new records
09:24 magnuse you can set a default value in the framework
09:24 kivilahtio magnuse: hmm, now i see that i didnt set the item type when adding an item and now when i am editing it there is a item type
09:25 magnuse but do you only have items of one type?
09:25 kivilahtio magnuse: 3 types, but the default seems to be the first one, the same on as the biblios default item type
09:25 magnuse if you set the itemtype in 942 (is it $c?) it will be carried over to 952
09:26 kivilahtio magnuse: I thought such data is no longer stored in the Zebra DB?
09:26 kivilahtio I mean item related data
09:27 magnuse items were removed from the marcxml and marc fields in the mysql database, but they are indexed by zebra
09:27 kivilahtio magnuse: ok, but there are no limitations to serials use regardless, such limitations as in v3.4?
09:28 magnuse limit on the number of items?
09:28 kivilahtio I think there were huge performance issues with lots of serials, but I am seeing such problems as well now that I am adding a ton of serials to the Koha
09:28 magnuse performance was one of the reasons for removing items from marc/marcxml columns
09:29 kivilahtio problems such as Home › Cataloging › Edit  (Record #26484) › Items          ... where the hundreds of items we have in our library cooperation are just showed in one table
09:29 magnuse but if you have thousands of items connected to one record there might still be surprises, i guess
09:29 kivilahtio magnuse: ok, just making sure :)
09:29 magnuse :-)
09:29 kivilahtio magnuse: yes there will be, but they are not critical issues, I think we can find a solution to them
09:33 magnuse yay!
09:33 kivilahtio magnuse: the situation here is really strange
09:34 kivilahtio magnuse: we need to apparently solve national issues with local resources :)
09:34 kivilahtio magnuse: crazy!
09:34 kivilahtio magnuse: I didn't sign up for that, but lets see what comes out of it :) I am certain something good
09:35 kivilahtio just nee to vent stuff out, thanks for helping
09:37 magnuse hehe
10:11 magnuse @quote random
10:11 huginn magnuse: Quote #15: "<|Lupin|>ricardo: you are like the Portuguese Hitchcock!!" (added by wizzyrea at 02:58 PM, July 10, 2009)
10:26 kivilahtio Is there any way to search for a specific serial number?
10:26 kivilahtio If not I am about to start working on that functionality
10:30 magnuse kivilahtio: do you mean like "vol 23 issue 34"?
10:39 kivilahtio magnuse: yes, I was planning to implement a search to OPAC and staff client where we can search for the volume, number/issue, branch and starting/ending date
10:39 kivilahtio magnuse: this is because we need to be able to place a hold on a specific item easily
10:40 kivilahtio magnuse: not sure if there is any sense to it, but I am said it is crucial to server our patrons
10:41 kivilahtio so they are interested in vol 2013 : number 12 and want to know if it is available easily
10:41 kivilahtio in their home branch
10:41 magnuse today you would have to just browse the list of issues to do that, i think
10:41 kivilahtio also we need to find a way to make extra notes about issues. One issue could be a christmas extra
10:41 kivilahtio magnuse: yes
10:42 kivilahtio magnuse: this is problematic when we have 20 libraries with 12 issues a year for the past 5 years
10:42 magnuse i wonder if that data is sufficiently structured, though
10:42 kivilahtio that makes 1200 issues
10:42 kivilahtio its great that there are the top n most recent issues already, but if we have lots of branches the views will become totally incomprehensible
10:43 kivilahtio I was planning to target the enumeration field
10:43 magnuse if it is just stored as "vol x, issue y" it will be hard to differentiate between e.g. "vol. 4, issue 5" and "vol. 5, issue 4"
10:43 magnuse oh well, lunchtime
10:43 wahanui lunchtime is a terrible time for a meeting
10:44 kivilahtio magnuse: I know, but this is what I aim to provide a solution for
10:44 kivilahtio I think there needs to be some kind of a unified way of labeling the enumeration
10:45 kivilahtio and that label needs to be defined in the global preferences
10:45 kivilahtio but I am more worried about the UI modifications
10:45 kivilahtio But I have a solution thanks to javascript and the awesome jQuery you use
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10:51 drojf hi #koha
10:51 kivilahtio drojf: hi there
10:51 wahanui que tal, kivilahtio
10:51 drojf is git terribly slow or is it just me?
10:52 drojf hi kivilahtio
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10:55 drojf looks like it is the horrible university wifi again
11:09 kivilahtio bug 11129
11:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11129 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Limiting the display of Serial issues OR Searching a specific Serial issue
11:10 kivilahtio if I start with this do I waste my time?
11:10 kivilahtio or yours?
11:10 wahanui hmmm... yours is better actually
11:10 kivilahtio good boy wahanui
11:11 kivilahtio Couldn't find any conflicting bugs in bugzilla
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11:21 jcamins kivilahtio: I'm not sure that what you propose is possible at this time. With Zebra you can't search for a part of a record. So a search for "vol. 4, issue 5" will just return the entire record.
11:22 kivilahtio jcamins: I know, but I will embed the search filte to and Staff client
11:22 jcamins Ah. That will not involve Zebra, then.
11:22 kivilahtio jcamins: I am not planning to extend Zebra god no! But to make a filter to serials views.
11:23 jcamins Got it.
11:23 jcamins That makes sense.
11:23 kivilahtio Base class package "DBIx::Class::Schema" is empty.
11:23 kivilahtio I got this?
11:23 kivilahtio at http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]members/
11:23 jcamins You need to install DBIx::Class.
11:23 kivilahtio ok
11:24 kivilahtio why I didnät figure it out immediately :)
11:25 kivilahtio jcamins: Thanks for the review!
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11:42 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
11:43 kivilahtio greetings mtompset
11:43 mtompset Greetings, kivilahtio.
11:43 kivilahtio mtompset: A guestion if you may?
11:43 mtompset Perhaps, but I never guarantee answers. :)
11:43 kivilahtio mtompset: How do you manage quickly circulating items?
11:44 kivilahtio mtompset: we have a new book and we need to limit its circulation period so everybody can have their share
11:44 kivilahtio mtompset: Isn't there a functionality which allows the check-out period to change based on the amount of holds placed?
11:45 kivilahtio can you somehow set a book to circulate faster? and then revert back to normal circulation speed
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11:46 mtompset kivilahtio: Have you tried reading the manual? Because, to be honest, I don't know the answer.
11:47 jwagner kivilahtio, why not give it an item type with a short circ rule? Then change item type to a more normal one once the first demand is past
11:47 jwagner i.e., NEWBOOK with one week loan period, vs BOOK with three week loan period
11:49 kivilahtio jwagner: we would need a quickly circulating item type for each item type we have and that is a pain regarding all the views where itemtypes are dealt with
11:49 kivilahtio jwagner: but I was thinking about having just one quick circulating item type
11:49 jwagner that would work
11:49 kivilahtio we could run the reports and statistics based on the bibliographic records koha default item type
11:50 kivilahtio I don't think we have a need to have the biblio in differnt item type than its items
11:51 mtompset http://manual.koha-community.o[…]/en/patscirc.html
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11:53 mtompset changing the checkout-period based on the number of holds sounds like a potentially useful feature.
11:53 kivilahtio mtompset: I think it was already in Koha?
11:53 kivilahtio mtompset: Or maybe i mix it up
11:53 jcamins kivilahtio: setting item type at biblio level or item level is an either/or proposition. You can't set the item type at both levels, and have both settings have an impact.
11:53 kivilahtio jcamins: if we configure our system preference to use the item's itemtype to deal with circulation rules
11:54 kivilahtio then it should work, while still retaining a trace of the item's original itemtype in the bibliographic record
11:54 jcamins In that case, bib-level item type has no impact.
11:54 jcamins Yes.
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11:54 kivilahtio jcamins: yes, but we can still target it in reports if we want to know if our quick circulating items are books or dvdäs?
11:54 jcamins bug 7751
11:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7751 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, CLOSED FIXED, Decrease loan period on items with a high number of holds
11:55 jcamins Yes.
11:57 kivilahtio jcamins: I think there is no way to add items to a list?
11:57 kivilahtio only Biblios?
11:57 jcamins What do you mean?
11:58 jcamins The reports module is just SQL.
11:58 kivilahtio There are lists in Koha, to make colelctions of Bibliographic records
11:58 jcamins Ah.
11:58 kivilahtio and you can merge biblios
11:58 jcamins That is correct. They are bib-level.
11:58 kivilahtio but we would like to have rotating collections
11:59 kivilahtio so add items to a list and set this list as a rotating collection
11:59 jcamins There was a rotating collection feature in Koha.
11:59 kivilahtio then set the home location of items to other library
11:59 jcamins I think it may still be there, it's just disabled due to bugs.
11:59 kivilahtio I think all we would need is to have a list for items
11:59 kivilahtio we can batch edit items, shouldn't be a biggie to extend lists to contain items as well
11:59 kivilahtio or maybe it is
12:00 jcamins I'm not sure of that.
12:00 kivilahtio jcamins: I understand
12:00 kivilahtio jcamins: thanks for your help
12:00 jcamins You're welcome.
12:01 jcamins There's also... floating collections.
12:01 jcamins That might do what you want.
12:01 jcamins Just ship the books to the new library and check them all in to change the location.
12:02 jcamins I think.
12:02 kivilahtio we are looking into flaoting collections
12:03 kivilahtio jcamins: And we think that you choose the whole Koha installation to use floating items or not
12:03 kivilahtio jcamins: we didn't figure out a way to have only certain items float
12:03 kivilahtio jcamins: If we are wrong, I would be more than happy!
12:03 jcamins It's by item type, I think.
12:03 jcamins Or maybe collection code.
12:03 kivilahtio I think you have to choose, hmm let me see
12:04 kivilahtio jcamins: but is this a system preference? or a circulation rule?
12:05 jcamins System preference, I think.
12:05 jcamins I'm not actually sure, though.
12:05 jcamins I don't use floating collections.
12:05 kivilahtio jcamins: I think it is what we think then :) because it is a system preference to set how material returns after being checked in
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12:10 drojf why do i get a gazillion merge problems when i try of update master? there is no patch of me in there
12:13 drojf hm. looks like i seriously broke something
12:21 magnuse kivilahtio: bug 8836
12:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8836 new feature, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Resurrect Rotating Collections
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12:27 magnuse kia ora oleonard
12:27 oleonard Hi magnuse and all in #koha
12:27 * oleonard is back in his regular chair
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12:28 magnuse welcome back oleonard :-)
12:31 mtompset Were you in an electric one before, oleonard? ;)
12:32 oleonard Flying chairs, desert chairs, bus chairs. Many chairs.
12:35 mtompset Putting on driving hat.
12:35 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
12:37 magnuse have fun mtompset
12:44 * magnuse is reminded of bug 10117
12:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10117 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Byte Order Mark breaks Patron Import
12:57 oleonard Hi druthb
12:57 druthb hi, oleonard! :)
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13:19 kivilahtio magnuse: Thanks for the link! Very precious!
13:19 oleonard I guess my co-workers weren't too busy while I was gone:
13:20 kivilahtio Is that toilet paper?
13:20 magnuse oleonard: that's your desk?
13:20 magnuse lol!
13:20 oleonard Yes and yes.
13:20 kivilahtio oleonard: maybe they are worried about your health?
13:20 * druthb chuckles.
13:20 magnuse you should teach them to sign off koha patches instead :-)
13:20 druthb magnuse++
13:20 oleonard I don't know if you can read it, but the sign on the door says "Toilet Supplies Annex"
13:21 magnuse tee hee
13:23 druthb My asoke scarf made it to my office today.  I have a large stuffed feline on a high shelf; it is draped over the critter's midsection.  :)
13:24 kivilahtio oleonard: I like your colleagues.
13:24 kivilahtio oleonard: I would just hide your mouse
13:24 kivilahtio If I had a form in Koha, could I use the HTML5 <input type="number"> ?
13:25 kivilahtio I am a bit worried about how the checks localize to any language
13:25 kivilahtio don't wanna make javascript checks
13:26 oleonard We do use an HTML5 doctype. The type attribute degrades gracefully in non-HTML5 browsers?
13:26 kivilahtio oleonard: absolutely no idea. Long time since I last did web development
13:26 kivilahtio oleonard: but it doesnt seem to respect the maxlenght attribute
13:27 oleonard Decent support except for Firefox for some reason:
13:28 oleonard kivilahtio: What are you trying to do?
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13:50 kivilahtio oleonard: bug 11129, validate user inputting integers
13:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11129 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Limiting the display of Serial issues OR Searching a specific Serial issue
13:51 kivilahtio do we still need to define id and name for html elements?
13:51 kivilahtio is IE still breaking my balls?
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13:52 oleonard kivilahtio: The staff client already globally includes a validation plugin you can use
13:52 busla joined #koha
13:52 kivilahtio i am working in staff client and OPAC
13:52 kivilahtio mainly
13:52 kivilahtio prolly will have to propagate filters up to C4 modules
13:53 oleonard having a server-side layer of validation is always best
13:53 kivilahtio oleonard: both is best :)
13:54 oleonard Hi tcohen, are you back home?
13:55 tcohen hi oleonard, in chile, a couple more hours until i get to cordoba
13:55 tcohen how are you?
13:55 talljoy joined #koha
13:55 oleonard I'm fine, thanks. Nothing bad to report about my trip home.
13:56 tcohen :-D
13:56 kivilahtio tcohen: wow, chile must be awesome!
13:56 tcohen yeah, the airport has some wide sits where u can have a nice nap
14:02 druthb tcohen: It was lovely getting to meet you in Reno!
14:02 tcohen hi druthb
14:02 tcohen the same feeling here
14:03 tcohen :D
14:04 tcohen druthb: your granola is awesome btw
14:04 * oleonard likes having more faces and voices to go with the IRC nicks
14:04 druthb Thanks!  I make those snack bars all the time, and am always changing up which fruits and nuts are in it.  That mix was particularly tasty.
14:05 tcohen cait recommended me to take them, I didn't know they were your's
14:06 druthb I brought them to share. :)
14:10 tcohen sleepy tcohen givin' thanks to druthb:
14:10 druthb aw!   *hug*
14:11 oleonard :)
14:13 druthb That batch had almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, some pistachio, and dried apples, prunes, and cherries, with just a splash of orange juice to get it to bind up for baking.  Turned out chewier than I normally like 'em, but it worked out.
14:13 oleonard I should know this, but how does one turn on debug, as in "$debug && warn ..."
14:13 tcohen its great druthb
14:15 druthb :)
14:17 gmcharlt @quote random
14:17 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #19: "<chris> i just want to yell things like don't kick the ball, pass it and Feed the backs" (added by jdavidb at 12:11 PM, July 27, 2009)
14:19 gmcharlt oleonard: SetEnv DEBUG 1 in the apache config is one way
14:19 oleonard Thanks gmcharlt
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14:46 oleonard Oh and by the way gmcharlt, I actually disagree with Bug 11057's suggestion that the language chooser should be always visible
14:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11057 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Bootstrap theme: Don't hide language chooser below the fold
14:46 oleonard I'm thinking about an alternate solution that would be more mobile-friendly
14:47 gmcharlt the main oddity I see is that no matter how you resize the window, one must always scroll down to see it
14:47 gmcharlt what alternative do you have in mind?
14:47 oleonard maybe something like this:
14:48 gmcharlt in the header? looks good to me, though I don't know if an iconic tools menu is visible enough
14:48 oleonard Yeah I agree
14:50 tcohen icu?
14:50 wahanui well, icu is a good idea.
14:50 tcohen icu?
14:50 wahanui icu is a good idea.
14:50 oleonard Better than Facebook's method, where once you're logged in the language choice is in a footer that always jumps out of reach when the page auto-loads more results :P
14:51 gmcharlt heh
14:51 tcohen does anyone have a link to the ICU setup wiki? i'd like to do what is needed to get it working on packages
14:51 gmcharlt tcohen: looking
14:53 kivilahtio Hi again!
14:53 kivilahtio I need to make a dropdown form, any guidelines regarding showing content based on a button click?
14:54 kivilahtio I don't remember those being used anywhere in Koha
14:54 kivilahtio I havea button I click, and then a form appears under the button.
14:54 gmcharlt tcohen: hmm, not on the wiki -- this is the closest I've found
14:54 gmcharlt
14:54 oleonard kivilahtio: Please provide more details. What is the situation?
14:54 tcohen thanks gmcharlt
14:54 gmcharlt or more specifically,[…]r-regional_2.html
14:55 gmcharlt upshot, I think, is that copies of all of the relevant files should be added to Koha's source tree
14:55 kivilahtio oleonard: wow[…]lterIssues=Submit#
14:56 kivilahtio under Holdings(30) -> Limit issues, a to be button, not yet styled
14:57 kivilahtio there is a form which needs obviously to be hidden when not needed
14:57 kivilahtio oleonard: just looking into jQueryUI documentation, never used that
14:58 oleonard If all you want to do is show and hide that form you shouldn't need jQueryUI
15:00 oleonard Take a look at members/ for a fairly simple example of showing and hiding content using jQuery
15:00 kivilahtio oleonard: I could use display : none -> block and position: absolute
15:00 kivilahtio but I was more worried about aligning my design with the Koha UI design principles
15:00 kivilahtio and having a nice animation is a bonus
15:01 kivilahtio oleonard: so I was curious should I use some specific fade effect as is present in some UI elements in the OPAC
15:01 kivilahtio or maybe it is Mozillla
15:01 tcohen gmcharlt: that's correct, but we also need to tweak some files I guess
15:01 oleonard What fade effects are you thinking of kivilahtio?
15:03 gmcharlt tcohen: agreed; we'll need to lean on current ICU users to describe whatever tweaks they use from the configs that ship with Zebra
15:03 kivilahtio oleonard: nothing obtrusive, just asking are there any styling guidelines. But I'll hack something up and then let's see what happens
15:03 jenkins_koha Starting build #383 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:03 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #383: SUCCESS in 11 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/383/
15:03 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: add AllowOfflineCirculation
15:13 tcohen gmcharlt: so people are effectively using ICU but it is not properly documented, we need to fix that too
15:14 gmcharlt tcohen: agreeed
15:14 tcohen i volunteer of course, but i need some information source
15:14 tcohen kf / cait was the first to ask me for ICU in packages so I'll contact her first
15:15 oleonard Call the casino floor, she may be putting her last dollar into a slot machine right now
15:15 tcohen @heh
15:15 huginn tcohen: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
15:16 tcohen oleonard++
15:16 bag HA
15:17 bag anybody have a clue what day it is?
15:17 oleonard I know right?
15:18 gmcharlt bag: Friday.  why do you ask?
15:18 oleonard :D
15:18 bag :P
15:18 jcamins tcohen: I just use the ICU configuration that comes with Koha.
15:18 tcohen so i should perform a standard install and mimick what it does, in the packages
15:19 jcamins It works fine for me, though Martin can demonstrate search not working without the patch that adds icu-phrases.xml.
15:19 bag I have been fighting with FedEx the last two days trying to get a package delivered - I wish they had apt-get deliver
15:19 gmcharlt right, putting in phrase config appears to be required
15:19 tcohen heh
15:19 gmcharlt I'm not personally sure about the rest that folks have been grabbing from what ships with Zebra
15:24 tcohen ok, once i get to cordoba i'll take a look, now i'll try to get something to eat :-D
15:24 tcohen byeeee
15:25 oleonard Safe travels tcohen
15:28 bag wow tcohen still in route home?
15:28 bag long trip
15:46 tcohen joined #koha
15:48 jenkins_koha Starting build #384 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:48 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #384: SUCCESS in 10 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/384/
15:48 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: add new offline circ
16:09 kivilahtio oleonard: now I have something to show[…]lterIssues=Submit
16:10 meliss joined #koha
16:10 kivilahtio I need to recolor the button but otherwise this is what i meant
16:10 oleonard I wouldn't style the link in any special way. I think a plain link would be most consistent
16:10 kivilahtio my jQuery is a bit rusty :)
16:11 kivilahtio but I remember the times I was a real jQuery Ninja ;)
16:11 kivilahtio oleonard: you think users realize they can click the link?
16:11 kivilahtio if it it just white-gray?
16:11 kivilahtio but I agree it stands out and looks lonely
16:11 oleonard I think they'll know they can click it if it looks like a link :)
16:12 oleonard Why would it be white-gray?
16:12 kivilahtio blue stands out oo much, it is really disturbing regarding hte contrast
16:12 jcamins kivilahtio: interesting. I'm not sure I like the way it covers the item table.
16:12 kivilahtio jcamins: good point, it actually covers it for non-javascript users :)
16:12 kivilahtio jcamins: better suggestions where to put it?
16:13 kivilahtio jcamins: it is strictly related to the Holdings-tab
16:13 oleonard kivilahtio: Why not simply have it push the table down when it appears?
16:13 kivilahtio I could js it on the right side
16:13 kivilahtio oleonard: well...
16:13 oleonard Don't do any positioning
16:13 kivilahtio oleonard: good point
16:14 kivilahtio maybe i just like to make extra complex stuff with jQuery
16:14 kivilahtio so justa plain link?
16:15 oleonard That's what I would do.
16:15 kivilahtio oleonard: I think you are right
16:15 kivilahtio I think I need to get back to gimp and see what might be the best solutino
16:16 jcamins I'd prefer pushing it down.
16:16 kivilahtio jcamins: ok
16:17 oleonard kivilahtio: Should that form work? Or is it just a test of the markup?
16:18 kivilahtio oleonard: not yet, the parameters are caught and validated but nothing happens on the server side yet
16:18 jcamins kivilahtio: how exactly will that work? Does it require enumchron to be entered in a special way?
16:19 kivilahtio jcamins: I will make a loose regexp to catch the first and second digits
16:19 kivilahtio jcamins: I will make a loose regexp to catch the first and second integers
16:20 kivilahtio so basically it should work with things like Vol 2013, No 11 || 2013 :11 || Volume 2013 : Number 6
16:20 kivilahtio not Number 6 volume 2013
16:21 kivilahtio I am not sure if anybody uses other notations, but suggestions are welcome
16:21 kivilahtio but i was planning to make a system preference where you can define in which order these integers appear
16:22 kivilahtio quite frankly not sure how to deal with Volume, Number, Issue as we only use Volume : Number
16:22 kivilahtio strictly only 2013 : 11
16:22 kivilahtio it would be nice to hear what kind of use cases you suspect for enumchron?
16:22 kivilahtio they cant be too crazy
16:23 jcamins kivilahtio: we have a saying here on #koha.
16:23 jcamins @quote 123
16:23 wahanui @quote get 123
16:23 huginn jcamins: downloading the Perl source
16:23 huginn wahanui: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
16:23 wahanui ...but quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is <reply>...
16:23 kivilahtio bt then again if I use a system preference as a regexp then each library can define it their way
16:24 kivilahtio jcamins: you think this is mad?
16:24 kivilahtio jcamins: I think it is doable
16:24 jcamins I think that there will be even crazier ways of formatting enumchron.
16:24 jcamins But I don't know what they are.
16:24 jcamins ... which is really what makes them crazy.
16:24 kivilahtio jcamins: I understand. I think i will put a regexp to the system preferences so each library can define their own standard of defining the enumchron
16:25 jcamins :)
16:25 kivilahtio jcamins: It's not a biggie
16:27 jcamins Yeah, it seems like a reasonable idea. But "they can't be too crazy" is a very dangerous thing to say, when you're talking about libraries.
16:27 kivilahtio jcamins: I will note that
16:27 gaetan_B bye !
16:33 gmcharlt question for the world: preferences on '-" vs. '!' for the negation operator for QueryParser queries?
16:33 bag no preference here
16:34 jcamins gmcharlt: I believe EG uses both.
16:34 bag oh +1 for both
16:34 druthb +1 for both!
16:35 druthb intuitive-ness++
16:35 kivilahtio jcamins: oleonard: well here are the options, I think you are right, but I think the link needs something more to hint the user to clikc it
16:35 oleonard If something looks like a link, kivilahtio, users will know they can click it.
16:41 * druthb doesn't click oleonard, becuase he doesn't much look like Link:
16:42 bag wait oleonard does look like that druthb
16:43 oleonard If you haven't been to KohaCon you have no idea which is true.
16:43 kivilahtio I havent but now I wish  had ;)
16:43 druthb naah.  oleonard doesn't have a sword in his hand, and an angry yell.  He smiles a lot.  Also darker hair.
16:43 jcamins kivilahtio: oleonard has feet, so I have to agree with druthb.
16:44 druthb jcamins++
16:44 jcamins Or, at least, if he doesn't have feet, he hides it well.
16:44 * oleonard is glad jcamins noticed
16:45 kivilahtio Arent you afraid that your SQL is so exposed? like with C4::Items::GetItemsInfo() ?
16:45 jcamins kivilahtio: nah, oleonard wasn't carrying a sword so it's nothing to worry about. :)
16:45 kivilahtio I thought I had to push my filters through multiple functions, but it is nice to have the SQL just one function call away from the UI
16:45 laurence left #koha
16:46 jcamins kivilahtio: you still need to sanitize user input.
16:46 kivilahtio jcamins: You think if I put mangeld SQL dates to DB it breaks?
16:46 kivilahtio doesn't prepare statements sanitize it for me?
16:47 kivilahtio jcamins: I think I skipped my SQL lessons regarding sanitation but is it total idiocy to suggest that one could just put unsanitized variables to a SQL prepared statement?
16:47 kivilahtio isn't that what the preapred statement is for?
16:47 jcamins kivilahtio: to some extent, but if you want to make sure that you'll get results if the input is invalid, you need to handle that case.
16:48 kivilahtio jcamins: ok, phew, validating date is a pain :(
16:49 jcamins Like if you want to translate non-numeric input to always be equal to one, so that SELECT * FROM table WHERE field < 'fish'; works, you'll need to coerce fish into an integer equal to one.
16:50 oleonard Only one with divine powers can coerce 'fish' to be equal to more than one.
16:50 kivilahtio jcamins: is this because you don't want errors in your MySQL log?
16:50 kivilahtio oleonard++
16:50 jcamins kivilahtio: no, because you want to have results if you don't get any data.
16:51 kivilahtio jcamins: how about just cancelling the search if parameters are incorrect. If you try to mimic correct behaviour with incorrect parameters... that sounds like a ticket to hard-to-debug -problems
16:51 kivilahtio but now I just said I should validat ALL input :)
16:51 kivilahtio are there any validators in OPAC?
16:52 oleonard No built-in client side JS validator, no.
16:52 kivilahtio oleonard: but in the C4-modules?
16:52 kivilahtio oleonard: you said in staff client there are validators. IN the business layer?
16:53 * oleonard doesn't know about that
16:53 kivilahtio but there generally don't seem to be many validators in the OPAC's .pl scripts. Should I call it the Controller layer?
16:54 kivilahtio like just accepts anything and asks no questions. And there are a lot of parameters
16:55 jcamins kivilahtio: right, exactly. I was trying to provide an example of where not having any results for invalid data is the opposite of the expected behavior.
16:55 kivilahtio jcamins: okey dokey
16:57 kivilahtio so there are no validator functions in C4?
16:57 kivilahtio just making sure before I go and program some
17:01 mtompset C4::Accounts is gone now?
17:01 mtompset Okay.
17:01 jenkins_koha Starting build #182 for job master_maria (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #174 2 days 10 hr ago)
17:03 kivilahtio I asked what is the deal with C4:: and Koha:: I understood C4 is legacy and Koha is the new OO way to go
17:04 kivilahtio I presume someone is in process of rewriting C4 to Koha?
17:04 jcamins kivilahtio: not in any organized way.
17:04 kivilahtio So my modifications to C4 will become obsolete in some time?
17:04 jcamins Only if someone implements the same thing in Koha::.
17:05 kivilahtio jcamins: ok. So basically totally new functionality should go to Koha::
17:05 jenkins_koha Starting build #1476 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
17:05 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11123: remove two unused routines from C4::Accounts <[…]1bc77db4e3c229eb0>
17:06 jcamins Yup.
17:48 jenkins_koha Project master_maria build #182: STILL UNSTABLE in 47 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]master_maria/182/
17:48 jenkins_koha Jonathan Druart: Bug 11123: remove two unused routines from C4::Accounts
17:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11123 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , 2 routines are unused in C4::Account
18:06 reiveune bye
18:06 reiveune left #koha
18:14 khall MyISAM vs InnoDB for action_logs? If you've got an opinion, please let me know![…]_bug.cgi?id=11136
18:14 huginn Bug 11136: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , action_logs should be a MyISAM table, not InnoDB
18:52 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1476: SUCCESS in 1 hr 47 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1476/
18:52 jenkins_koha Jonathan Druart: Bug 11123: remove two unused routines from C4::Accounts
18:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11123 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , 2 routines are unused in C4::Account
19:03 jenkins_koha Starting build #385 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:03 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #385: SUCCESS in 12 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/385/
19:03 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update csv profiles
19:09 maximep left #koha
19:22 jcamins khall: aria.
19:23 jcamins Supposed to be way less corruption-prone.
19:25 jcamins Having never had a catastrophic failure while using aria I can't confirm that from first-hand experience, though.
19:31 oleonard Bye #koha. If you need me I'll be waiting by the elevator wondering what to have for dinner.
19:48 jenkins_koha Starting build #386 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:48 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #386: SUCCESS in 10 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/386/
19:48 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: add item type check in alerts
19:51 fredy joined #koha
19:54 fredy joined #koha
20:03 rambutan left #koha
20:16 nengard is the Koha site down?
20:17 nengard My internet is so wonky here I can't ever tell what's me and what's really down
20:18 jenkins_koha Starting build #387 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:18 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #387: SUCCESS in 11 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/387/
20:18 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: add WhenLostForgiveFine
20:18 maximep joined #koha
20:29 rambutan is down down down
20:37 meliss left #koha
20:41 cait-m joined #koha
20:41 gmcharlt it's back, now
20:43 cait-m_ joined #koha
20:47 * cait-m_ waves
20:55 rambutan waves
20:57 cait-m_ in slc now
20:57 cait-m_ wsiting for flight to paris
20:59 rambutan hoping you fly friendly skies
20:59 cait-m_ thx
20:59 cait-m_ sad to leave
21:00 cait-m_ i had a nice first visit to the US
21:00 rambutan good
21:07 rambutan Profound statement of the week: I think there should be a (scholarly) Open-Source ILS Journal
21:08 rambutan I'm reading "Computers in Libraries" and it's all proprietary-ILS centric
21:08 jcamins Not to be crass (okay, maybe), but don't you think such a journal would just turn into navel-gazing?
21:08 cait-m_ yesh and when writing about koha they dony get it right :(
21:09 rambutan suppose there's enough potential material out there covering EG, Koha, DSpace, etc, to support a quarterly publication
21:09 rambutan jcamins: question has merit and requires serious thought. Will give it consideration
21:10 jcamins I am not opposed to the idea, but I feel like academic publishing tends to be kind of navel-gazing-y anyway, and a special interest journal would tend to make that more rather than less true.
21:10 jcamins At least, that's my take.
21:11 busla hey all! Just finished the Debian install on a RasPi .. anyone have a clue what the URL is for the web-installation?
21:11 busla can´t find it in any docs
21:12 busla and sites-enabled doesn´t point to any root_dir
21:12 jcamins
21:12 jcamins (or rPi external IP)
21:12 busla right..
21:12 rambutan Still reflecting, but such a journal would need to be weighted towards how OS ILSs actually promote world peace, and not focus in the latest patch to
21:12 busla should delete the default index.html in the apache root
21:12 busla ?
21:13 jcamins busla: no, but if you're not using DNS you may want to disable the default site and change the intranet port to 8080.
21:14 busla ahh
21:14 busla ok
21:14 busla :)
21:14 busla thanks
21:14 jcamins Personally, I recommend avahi.
21:14 busla avahi ?
21:14 wahanui i think avahi is kind of amazing.
21:14 jcamins It really is.
21:14 jcamins It does the local DNS thing that I've forgotten the name of.
21:14 busla found it
21:14 jcamins So http://raspberrypi.local./ works.
21:15 jcamins If you set it up to do so.
21:15 bgkriegel joined #koha
21:15 busla ?
21:16 jcamins That's it.
21:16 jcamins It's useful because you can use it for making name based virtual hosts work.
21:18 busla trying it out
21:18 busla :)
21:18 jenkins_koha Starting build #388 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:18 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #388: SUCCESS in 11 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/388/
21:18 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: add image to overdrive prefs
21:20 jcamins Wait, I just remembered something.
21:20 jcamins Never mind. The instructions are on port 80.
21:26 busla woops.. avahi giving me alot of erros
21:26 busla *error
21:26 busla s
21:26 busla going for the other option
21:27 busla damn.. would be great to package Koha as a RasPi distribution :-)
21:41 peggy joined #koha
21:47 busla weird ... default user and pass not working in the web installer
21:47 busla well, the values in the xml file
21:47 jcamins Are you sure it's not just slow?
21:48 busla well, it´s not loading and the form was cleared by the browser
21:48 jcamins The values in the XML file work are the only ones that will work for the webinstaller.
21:48 busla no error message though
21:48 busla right
21:48 jcamins If it actually didn't work, you would've gotten a web browser.
21:48 jcamins Some weird redirect?
21:49 busla I´m doing this over lan
21:49 busla added Listen 8080 in ports.conf
21:49 busla and my library name in /etc/hosts
21:49 busla pretty basic
21:49 busla on the remote computer ofcourse
21:51 busla I have login credentials for "authorityserver" and "publicserver"
21:52 jcamins Wrong credentials.
21:52 jcamins At the bottom are the user name and password for Koha.
21:53 busla ohh .. thought it was the mysql credentials
21:53 jcamins It is, but the authorityserver and publicserver bits are for Zebra.
21:54 jcamins You want the koha_mylibrary user name and its related password.
21:54 busla ahh
21:54 busla :)
21:54 busla thanks
21:54 busla working
21:55 busla I´ll look at this Wiki tomorrow... it´s time for an update:[…]on_a_Raspberry_Pi
22:01 peggy Hi.  I've installed Debian and apache2 and mysql and koha-common.  But when I go to http://kohaadmin it can't find the server.  Any suggestions?
22:02 cait-m joined #koha
22:04 busla what´s your setup?
22:05 peggy I'm on an old dell laptop - wiped clean.  Fresh install of everything
22:06 peggy What else do you want to know?
22:06 jcamins peggy: you need to replace kohaadmin with the URL for your staff client.
22:07 peggy As far as I know that IS the URL for my staff client.
22:07 peggy ?
22:07 busla .. and edit /etc/hosts I assume ?
22:08 busla or
22:08 jcamins busla: right, the URL has to be set up.
22:08 peggy Ah.  I seem to remember something about adding the name...
22:08 busla peggy: have you reached the webinstaller?
22:09 peggy Currently has "localhost at and at
22:09 peggy No, no web installer yet.
22:09 busla ahh ok
22:09 peggy So I need kohaadmin at 127.0.0.?  can I use 1 again?
22:10 busla just try it
22:10 peggy Magic!
22:10 busla but I suggest adding "Listen 8080" in /etc/apache2/ports.conf
22:11 busla ok
22:11 busla to get to the admin interface
22:11 busla since it´s listening on that port
22:11 peggy Now I'm at the web installer.
22:11 busla ahh ok
22:12 peggy I need to add an entry for the OPAC, too.  same IP?
22:12 busla well... if you were online 15 minutes ago, I suggest you take a look at the conversation I had with jcamins
22:12 jcamins logs?
22:12 busla I just went through this process
22:12 wahanui logs is
22:12 jcamins peggy: yep, same deal.
22:12 peggy I shall do that!  Great.  Thanks so much.
22:12 maximep left #koha
22:14 busla it´s pretty slow on the RasPI
22:14 busla logging in takes around 20 seks
22:17 jcamins busla: yeah, you really need Plack to make it usable.
22:17 jcamins plack?
22:17 wahanui Plack is a FastCGI thingy that works with Koha. See for more information.
22:18 eythian hi
22:18 busla right.. thanks, will have a look
22:18 busla so excited about this
22:18 busla :)
22:36 nengard left #koha
22:47 papa joined #koha
22:52 NateC joined #koha
22:52 peggy joined #koha
22:55 jcamins eythian: how do you take pictures of things on your phone?
22:56 wizzyrea like screenshots?
22:56 jcamins Yeah.
22:57 eythian jcamins: power+vol down
22:57 wizzyrea volume down and power button at the same time
22:57 jcamins Cool.
22:57 jcamins I had no idea.
22:57 wizzyrea jinx. ;)
23:01 gmcharlt but the real talent is this ... choosing /what/ to take a screenshot of ;)
23:02 eythian :D
23:04 wizzyrea :D
23:06 peggy Question:  I have a git directory that contains my source, and I just installed a new instance of Koha.  How can I tell the new Koha instance to use the source in my git directory?
23:06 eythian peggy: you have a package installation?
23:06 eythian if so:
23:06 eythian wahanui: gitify
23:06 wahanui rumour has it gitify is at
23:07 peggy I used gitify with rangi at the hackfest.  But I had to reinstall and need to point to that source?
23:08 wizzyrea koha-gitify new-instance-name
23:08 wizzyrea from your gitify directory
23:08 cjh wizzyrea: you will also need to specify the path
23:08 wizzyrea oh right and the path to your git clone
23:09 cjh drats I thought I had a readme, need to add one.
23:09 wizzyrea running it without any arguments should give help
23:12 peggy Command not found for koha-gitify.  Maybe because I created the gitify directory with my previous debian installation.
23:12 cjh you will probably have to run it as ./koha-gitify
23:13 peggy Yup.
23:14 wizzyrea if all else fails just re-clone it
23:17 peggy Yes!! it works.
23:17 peggy Thanks so much.
23:19 wizzyrea :) yw
23:20 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "gitify instructions" (120 lines) at
23:21 wizzyrea because I had already started and stuff.
23:27 peggy Thanks for the info.  I'm off to fix my first bug!
23:29 wizzyrea sweeet
23:29 gmcharlt peggy++
23:33 wizzyrea peggy++
23:41 kathryn joined #koha
23:45 kathryn joined #koha

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