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00:03 eythian[…]1qzib9vo1_500.png
00:04 dcook hehe
00:32 mtompset joined #koha
00:32 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
00:32 mtompset gmcharlt: You around?
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01:14 mtompset Greetings, papa.
01:14 gmcharlt hi mtompset
01:15 mtompset Ah there you are, gmcharlt. I've put up a revision on the patch for 10584, but I'd like some feedback on it, so I could tweak it better if there are still problems.
01:17 gmcharlt mtompset: I won't be testing until tomorrow, but upon looking at it, my eyeball believes that it likely addresses my concern
01:18 mtompset Not a problem. That frees me to work on other stuff until the testing tomorrow. :)
01:18 mtompset Thanks.
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01:38 dcook MARC 008 position 38
01:38 dcook Bibliographic data in the MARC record is completely romanized and any printed cards produced are also in romanized form.
01:38 dcook Record contained characters that could not be converted to machine-readable form (e.g., incidental nonroman characters on predominantly roman alphabet records, mathematical symbols, etc.).
01:38 dcook I'm sure it had its time and its place...
01:40 gmcharlt indeed
02:47 mtompset ARG! You think you've solved a bug, and then another test case comes to mind, and you realize you need to modify another 2 files.
02:56 mtompset Okay, confused... only is failing to hide. Read the logs.
02:59 mtompset Question: what could trigger a &YAML::Load error message for, but not and
03:00 mtompset Is some other "use" statement in the other two triggering the load of YAML::Load?
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03:26 mtompset Greetings, kathryn.
03:27 mtompset Greetings, kathryn_.
03:27 kathryn_ hi mthompset :)
03:27 mtompset common typo. No h. :)
03:27 kathryn_ doh!
03:28 mtompset Which use plak friendlier 'use' or 'require'?
03:29 mtompset Which is plak friendlier: 'use' or 'require'?
03:33 rangi nigeria in the house
03:33 rangi mtompset: they do different things, use is require; import;
03:33 rangi[…]Con2014_Proposals
03:34 mtompset Yes, but both solve the YAML::Load failure problem. So, which is the correct/best?
03:36 mtompset I'm tweaking opac/, opac/, and opac/ -- use C4::Items; and a call to GetHiddenItems() fails for MARCdetail.
03:36 mtompset C4::Items calls YAML::Load without a use or require at the top.
03:36 mtompset in the GetHiddenItems function.
03:37 rangi it should be use
03:37 rangi use qw();
03:37 rangi where you define what you want to use
03:37 kathryn_ can anyone tell me how to change me nick? that underscore follows me like a bad smell  :)
03:37 eythian /nick kathryn
03:38 eythian (as in, you type that)
03:38 kathryn I half expected you to steal my nick...thank eythian :)
03:38 eythian heh
03:38 mtompset Isn't using parethesis for qw being obsoleted?
03:39 eythian I'd be surprised
03:39 dcook qw//; is another option, no?
03:39 eythian there are many options
03:39 eythian ||, [], {}, xx, ##, ...
03:40 eythian actually, maybe not xx, I'm not sure.
03:40 mtompset I personally like the // or {}. :)
03:41 mtj hey kathryn, you should 'register' your nick, so no one else can pinch it
03:42 kathryn weird noone has it huh?
03:42 kathryn and thanks mtj :)
03:42 mtompset And then remember how to identify yourself. ;)
03:42 eythian <-- specifically
03:42 kathryn you are all to kind
03:42 kathryn *too
03:42 mtj ...not many girls on the otfc network, perhaps?
03:43 wizzyrea that seems... unlikely.
03:43 wizzyrea there are probably heaps.
03:43 wizzyrea lots of different spellings for kathryn
03:43 kathryn a ha- ha- ha....mtj
03:44 wizzyrea kat, katherine, kathy, katy, cathryn, catherine
03:44 wizzyrea and that's just the ones I can think of
03:44 mtj i should have said, not many kathryns on OTFC :o)
03:44 dcook ^^
03:44 mtj but, yeah - good point liz
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03:54 mtompset DOH! hit by a rebase problem.
03:56 mtj woah nigeria!  (just read the scrolback)
03:57 eythian nigeria?
03:57 wahanui nigeria is well ahead?
04:00 mtj eythian:[…]Con2014_Proposals
04:00 eythian oh ah
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04:19 mtompset Hmmm... question... Does opac/ even use items at all? That loop looks no-op to me.
04:20 mtompset Oops... silly no semi-colon.
04:29 mtompset ARG! Is OPACHiddenItems even implemented in MARCdetail or ISBDdetail? Did I mention I hate finding larger scope problems when testing.
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04:58 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
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05:10 cait good morning #koha
05:11 dcook morning cait
05:12 cait hi dcook
05:17 eythian hello cait
05:17 wahanui hello cait are you here?
05:17 cait hi eythian :)
05:17 cait how is being back?
05:18 eythian it's alright. I did prefer holiday though :)
05:18 cait :)
05:18 * cait checks if bgkriegel hs brought her queue over 70 again
05:19 cait hm nope, not yet
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06:00 eythian[…]1r6gwmko1_500.jpg
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06:44 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:44 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 12.2°C (8:40 AM CEST on September 09, 2013). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 91%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
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07:20 christophe_c hello #koha
07:21 rangi hi christophe_c
07:27 christophe_c hello rangi ;-)
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08:19 kf Joubu: around?
08:25 Joubu kf: yep!
08:26 kf hi :)
08:26 kf thx for the patches
08:26 kf I saw your follow up for checking wthdrawn - could you maybe add a check for the deprecated plugins later too?
08:26 kf bug 10626
08:26 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10626 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , Remove doubled up TT plugins
08:27 kf i already pushed it back once because there were new ones going in and now did a follow up myself - I think we might see some problems until the old patches are all in
08:27 kf just an idea and a nicely asked question :)
08:30 kf i will try to get started on your 2 bugs tonight
08:39 Joubu kf: ok, I will do it
08:40 kf Joubu: it's not in yet so probably it can wait - I just thought it could be useful. hope it's not too hard
08:40 Joubu no, quite easy
08:41 kf cool :)
08:41 Joubu added to the cc list, I will provide the patch when it will be pushed.
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09:31 reiveune hello
09:35 Viktor Hi!
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10:32 kf hi Viktor :)
10:32 kf hi reiveune
10:41 Viktor Hi kf! (sorry was on lunch)
10:42 Viktor We're live on Koha now since two hours and 42 minutes :)
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11:59 vfernandes hi guys
11:59 vfernandes today I'm facing problems with koha 3.12 and callnumber and barcodes searches
11:59 vfernandes on an UNIMARC installation
12:01 vfernandes I'm trying to use yaz-client to see the zebra indexes but I'm getting error "[109] Database unavailable -- v2 addinfo ''"
12:01 vfernandes i'm using the command: yaz-client unix:/..../var/run/bibliosocket
12:02 vfernandes then "base biblios", "format xml" and "f @attr 1=1016 "prejudice""
12:03 vfernandes why the error? I've tested in another server the same commands and it worked
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12:26 oleonard Hi #koha
12:26 tcohen morning oleonard#koh
12:26 tcohen a
12:28 nengard morning
12:28 kf hi all
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13:05 tcohen perl gurus around: this doesn't seem to work "all { ref($_) eq 'CGI::Cookie' } @$cookies"
13:06 tcohen but if I loop on the cookies array and test ref eq CGI::Cookie it does work...
13:06 kf that'stoo high for me sorry
13:09 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "please help #koha gurus" (45 lines) at
13:14 kf tcohen++ for helping me write unit tests :)
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13:20 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
13:21 druthb hi, mtompset! :)
13:22 mtompset Greetings, druthb.
13:23 tcohen hi mtompset
13:23 mtompset Greetings, tcohen.
13:26 oleonard Hey who wants to put a signoff on Bug 10309? Everyone? Awesome.
13:26 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10309 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , New OPAC theme based on Bootstrap
13:29 mtompset druthb: Ready the skittles?
13:30 * druthb gets some handy, in case someone earns a peltin'.
13:31 oleonard Sassyness? That's a peltin'.
13:31 druthb naah.
13:31 druthb oleonard is too chirpy too early this morning, but he does that often enough for it to not be a crime.
13:33 druthb He does other nice things, too, which gives him a pass.
13:33 druthb mtompset, you get no such pass.  Yet.
13:34 mtompset Okay, okay. Just making sure the standard is applied somehow. :P
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14:09 tcohen gmcharlt: i've just attached unit tests for the problem you found with my patch for bug 9735
14:09 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9735 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Choose language using URL parameters in any page
14:15 kf :)
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14:16 tcohen FTR: always wrap the ListMore::Utils any/none/all commands inside parenthesis
14:16 tcohen (that was the problem with my code)
14:22 nengard hi all - i have a documentation question.  Can someone tell me which notes fields show in the title notes tab in the opac? I want to put the list in the documentation for the NotesBlacklist preference
14:28 jcamins nengard: all 5xx by default.
14:28 nengard okey dokey
14:28 nengard for some reason i thought that there were some that didn't show
14:28 jcamins Not that I've noticed.
14:34 jcamins bug 9093
14:34 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9093 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , 008 forgetting what material type was chosen
14:37 vfernandes in XSLT is possible to present the description of one authorised value instead of the code?
14:38 kf vfernandes: currently it is not
14:38 kf vfernandes: the xslt processes the marcxmkl
14:38 vfernandes so it has to be hard coded
14:38 vfernandes in xsl files
14:38 kf marcxml - and there you have the codes I think, depending on your use
14:39 kf it dependson the field i think
14:39 kf we are using authorised values for subjects - but in that case koha puts in the description into the xml directly
14:39 vfernandes 7xx $4 author function code
14:39 kf aah
14:39 kf yea, that's coded in the standard
14:43 vfernandes ok thanks
15:06 oleonard CSS floats. Are they magic? Or haunted?
15:13 christophe_c joined #koha
15:22 mtompset supernatural? CSS floats are super-natural, oleonard. It has to do with "cascading". ;)
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15:23 oleonard Yes that explains everything.
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15:59 ryanlee Hello all!
15:59 oleonard Hi ryanlee
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16:13 reiveune bye
16:13 reiveune left #koha
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16:29 mtompset Is the ISBD view from the opac details screen intended to display holding information?
16:36 cait joined #koha
16:39 druthb hi, cait. :)
16:48 ryanlee I've got a fun one for everyone today.  We have some libraries in our system with Receipt printers.  Currently, we have them using the OPAC in Portable Firefox with silent printing turned on and the Receipt Printer selected as the default printer.  So when they print it just automatically prints to the receipt printer.  The problem is Portable Firefox keeps updating and breaking anything.  Is there a simpler solution to this that doesn't involve our librarians
16:48 ryanlee selecting the receipt printer every time they want to print to it?
16:48 cait hi druthb
16:48 ryanlee breaking everything*
16:49 cait hm i think the best we can currently do is the thing with the firefox plugin and js
16:49 cait which i think you meant by silent printingß
16:49 cait ?
16:49 ryanlee By silent printing I mean it doesn't prompt them to do anything, it just prints.
16:50 ryanlee What is the Firefox plugin/JS solution you are referring to?
16:50 jcamins ryanlee: why don't you disable automatic updates?
16:50 cait brb
16:51 jcamins If the problem is just that every time FF updates it erases the settings, the easy solution is to disable updates, and do them once a year when you are at that particular library.
16:51 jcamins The librarians aren't using that version of FF for anything other than Koha, right?
16:51 ryanlee jcamins: That is the solution we currently have in place.  Which is working (obviously), but while they are just suppose to use that version of Firefox for Koha, we have no guarantee of that.
16:52 ryanlee But yes, that is where we are at now, and if that is the best solution we will stick with it.
16:52 ryanlee Just curious to see what others were doing.
16:53 jcamins Easy solution: configure FF to use a non-existent proxy server for everything other than nexpress.
16:53 ryanlee jcamins: HA!
16:53 jcamins There may be a better way to do it, but I can't think of an easier one.
16:54 ryanlee jcamins: That is a very clever idea
16:54 cait ryanlee: i think you are already using that solution -[…]to_print_silently
16:55 jcamins Create new Portable Firefox installation that is preconfigured with all that, add autorun that replaces the existing, and mail the disk to all the libraries. Done.
16:55 jcamins Added benefit: you never need to visit any of the libraries.
16:55 ryanlee cait: I think this is different, we're looking over it now.
16:56 ryanlee jcamins: Yeah, we currently have something set up like that, and it works, to an extent.  Our biggest problem with Portable Firefox is they keep removing features we like.
16:56 ryanlee jcamins: But I guess we could just start complaining on their mailing list.
16:57 oleonard Like what ryanlee? I haven't used Portable Firefox in ages.
16:57 jcamins ryanlee: right, that's why I'm suggesting you not upgrade.
16:57 jcamins If no site other than your catalog is accessible, it becomes less of an issue if it's out of date.
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16:59 ryanlee oleonard: Some changes with personas and private browsing.  Font changes as well.  I'm not the lead on this so this is just what I've heard.  But I figured you guys might have some ideas.
17:00 ryanlee jcamins: I may push for the non-existent proxy
17:00 ryanlee Or I may recommend trying Chrome/Chromium for the browser to use with the OPAC/Silent Printing
17:02 ryanlee Also try out this Firefox Plugin/JS
17:02 jcamins Does silent printing work for you with your receipt printers under Chrome?
17:04 ryanlee One of the techs here has played with it, I think, I haven't personally.
17:04 ryanlee But I think they used a plugin maybe?
17:06 ryanlee Someone looked at Kiosk mode in Chrome as an option, which apparently has silent printing options available
17:11 ryanlee Anyway, thanks for the feedback!  I'll give some of this stuff a try!
17:52 cait nancyk++
17:58 tcohen bye #koha
17:59 mtompset bye, tcohen.
18:58 cait oleonard++ :)
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19:26 cait magnus_away: ping
19:30 oleonard Bye #koha
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20:21 mtompset Have a great day, #koha
20:25 pianohacker gmcharlt++
20:25 pianohacker Thanks for the cleanup on bug 10320, and pushing it
20:25 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10320 enhancement, P4, ---, jweaver, Pushed to Master , Show results from library's OverDrive collection in OPAC search
20:45 cait @wunder Konstanz
20:45 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 12.2°C (10:45 PM CEST on September 09, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
20:45 cait pianohacker: could you take a look at my notes on your patch for closing and opening dates?
20:45 cait I think some documentation would be good
20:47 pianohacker cait: documentation, yes. As far as testing goes, however, the extensions to Koha::Calendar, the interface used by and, are extensively vetted in the unit tests
20:47 pianohacker cait: What form of documentation, though?
20:48 cait pianohacker: a description of what the patch does and changes
20:48 pianohacker cait: Just as a comment on the bug? I can draw that up
20:48 cait like what will change when you enter closing and opening times?
20:48 cait and also for fine calculation - not sure the changes in were covered? I'd have to check again
20:52 pianohacker cait: Only changes to were removing unused functions that used C4::Calendar
20:52 cait pianohacker: i just get suspicious when a patch that big is so small on comments and documentation
20:52 cait and removing can be as dangerous as adding :)
20:54 pianohacker cait: fair enough. The removals were fairly-well vetted, just trying to expunge every usage of C4::Calendar
20:54 cait being annoying wa smy promise when I ran for QAM ;)
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21:43 eythian hi
21:48 jcamins Here's a puzzler for you.
21:48 jcamins That's the general "you."
21:49 jcamins FRBR is this post-modern technology-based standard, right?
21:50 jcamins So where is the machine readable list of attributes?
21:53 jcamins Answer: humans are sort of like sophisticated machines.
21:53 jcamins Or, in the case of FRBR and RDA, *unsophisticated*.
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23:30 tcohen morning/evening #koha
23:31 dcook hey ya tcohen
23:31 tcohen how r u doin dcook?
23:32 * dcook shrugs
23:32 dcook Doin
23:32 dcook How about you?
23:32 tcohen watching the us open finals
23:32 * tcohen likes tennis
23:37 dcook I like the idea of tennis :)
23:37 dcook There are a few tennis courts by my house but I've never played
23:38 tcohen its a bit frustrating when you do your first step
23:38 tcohen s
23:39 tcohen but is really fun to play
23:39 wizzyrea tennis is great fun.
23:40 tcohen hi wizzyrea
23:49 dcook Maybe one of these days I'll have to give it a whirl
23:49 dcook I'm still working on getting back to the gym after sickness/injury
23:56 tcohen oh

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