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00:00 dcook dolphin and deluxe?
00:00 tcohen wizzyrea: it was not my idea, unfortunately
00:00 dcook I think I'm in deluxe..
00:01 wizzyrea is that like saying "my mom thinks I'm cool?"
00:01 tcohen i hold the copyright for the test borrowers
00:01 wizzyrea oh I misread, i thought that said "I think I'm deluxe"
00:01 wizzyrea heh
00:01 tcohen heh
00:01 dcook lol
00:02 dcook Hey, this one looks like you poindexter!
00:02 dcook I don't know if there is ever enough Simpsons..
00:02 * dcook says having not seen the show in nearly a decade
00:02 * tcohen says the same about south park
00:03 tcohen night #koha
00:03 dcook wizzyrea: Now I really want to draw a comic where the character looks downtrodden and says "I think I'm deluxe..."
00:03 * dcook says having very little drawing ability
00:03 dcook night tcohen. Glad you got your flight!
00:03 tcohen :-d
00:05 * dcook realizes that he hasn't seen eythian around in a while
00:05 dcook Did he take a trip recently?
00:05 wizzyrea he's on holiday
00:06 dcook Mmm, so I'm not going insane
00:06 dcook I seem to remember a vague mention of it
00:11 mtompset Greetings, rangi dcook wizzyrea tcohen and anyone else I missed. :)
00:11 dcook hey ya mtompset
00:13 * wizzyrea waves
00:17 mtompset Dumb question... what are facets?
00:18 dcook Mmm, potentially long answer, but short answer...the things on the left sidebar in the search results
00:18 jcamins mtompset: do a search on the OPAC that brings up multiple results.
00:18 jcamins The box on the left has facets.
00:18 jcamins Rather, displays facets.
00:19 * jcamins is designing facets right now.
00:19 mtompset So, facets are things you can group or filter by?
00:19 wizzyrea filter really.
00:19 jcamins Filter, basically.
00:20 dcook I think the Koha word is "limit"
00:20 dcook They act similarly to parts of the Advanced Search, I believe
00:21 mtompset I'm just hunting down where I need to patch so the count for the hidden items is properly accounted for in the results set, and that the "facets" are appropriate adjusted as well.
00:21 dcook Sweet :)
00:22 mtompset dcook: Only half sweet. If there is an OpacSuppression related problem to the count, I'm not fixing it. ;)
00:22 mtompset I only care about OpacHiddenItems at this time. :)
00:22 dcook Sounds good to me :)
00:22 dcook Baby steps!
00:23 * dcook wonders at what point he should post his OAI-PMH work..
00:23 mtompset sooner is better than later, because otherwise you'll have to rebase it? ;)
00:24 dcook Well, that shouldn't be too much of a concern I hope.
00:24 dcook For the most part, it stands alone
00:24 dcook It only relies on MARC::Record and C4::ImportBatch
00:24 dcook And then only for the importing
00:25 dcook Well, HTTP::OAI::Harvester as well...that's pretty central, but I don't that's changing anytime soon
00:25 dcook Ok, and maybe it usees Class::Accessor as well :p
00:40 jcamins Class_Accessor++
00:41 dcook It's pretty awesome
00:41 dcook I might've gotten the idea from those Query_Parser classes :p
00:46 dcook Excellent...I just exported my full dev catalogue in oai_dc, transformed it to MARC21, and now have it staged for import into the catalogue
00:46 dcook If I had "automatic importing on" it would've gone straight in...
00:46 * dcook cackles
00:47 dcook Of course, I need to either set up a matching rule at the import level or do checks further back to make sure I'm not automatically re-importing existing records...
00:48 dcook Because even if the harvest is done selectively using from/until dates...updated records will come in and those need to overlay existing records rather than being added as separate records...
00:56 dcook Oh excellent...
00:57 dcook It does a beautiful job of harvesting MARC21 records :)
00:57 * dcook hopes this could help cait out in the future
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01:07 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha. :)
01:58 dcook magnuse++
02:02 dcook @karma magnuse
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02:02 dcook magnuse++
02:02 dcook @karma magnuse
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02:02 dcook ^_^
02:19 wizzyrea sometimes I wish it would be nice to impersonate another user in Koha
02:19 wizzyrea and then I think again.
02:19 dcook O_o
02:27 dcook @karma wizzyrea
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02:27 dcook \p/
02:27 dcook oh...
02:27 dcook \o/
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04:37 dcook Hmm, maybe the 037 would be an all right field for a OAI identifier...
04:38 dcook Or 024...
04:51 dcook Executive decision
04:51 dcook 024
05:07 dcook should be indexed...yet the matching rule isn't working..
05:12 dcook Hmm, apparently Zebra doesn't like hyphens
05:13 dcook That is...extremely annoying
05:19 dcook Hmm, looks like that's fixable..
05:20 dcook Might not be an issue with DOM indexing anyway
05:25 dcook Hmm, now it looks like I'm crazy and it was working when I search Zebra..
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05:44 * cait waves
05:44 dcook hey cait :)
05:56 dcook Gotta love when the creator of the ZOOM package thinks ZOOM is ridiculous..
05:56 pastebot "dcook" at pasted "Everyone's a critic" (3 lines) at
06:00 dcook Let's see if I can find what query they've hidden in the object...
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06:05 dcook I thought Perl was supposed to have awful encapsulation. Give me your secrets, ZOOM::Query...
06:06 dcook Maybe I'm not trying to access it correctly..
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06:16 cait1 morning dcook :)
06:16 dcook morning cait1 :)
06:17 dcook I think I've nearly got this OAI-PMH to a point where you could possibly use it with a Record matching rule for 001s?
06:17 dcook I'm just having trouble at the moment with record matching rules for the 024..
06:29 cait1 dcook++ :)
06:29 cait1 @marc 024
06:29 huginn` cait1: A standard number or code published on an item which cannot be accommodated in another field (e.g., field 020 (International Standard Book Number), 022 (International Standard Serial Number) , and 027 (Standard Technical Report Number)). The type of standard number or code is identified in the first indicator position or in subfield $2 (Source of number or code). (Repeatable) [a,c,d,z,2,6,8]
06:29 cait1 oh
06:29 cait1 is that even indexed?
06:29 dcook Yep
06:29 dcook If I query Zebra through yaz, I get results
06:29 dcook Nothing through Koha though O_o
06:29 dcook Maybe the index isn't in though..
06:30 dcook Oh man...that's probably it
06:31 dcook Hmm, even when I add it to the getIndexes in, it still doesn't like it..
06:32 dcook Works fine if I use PQF in Koha..
06:32 dcook Must be something with the CCL2RPN translation..
06:33 dcook Which is rather difficult to debug..
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06:45 dcook I suppose it wouldn't be an issue if one were using the QueryParser, but still..
06:45 dcook Can't count on that
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06:56 dcook Hmm, 037 doesn't seem to work so hot either..
07:00 dcook What the..
07:00 wahanui the is a stop word
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07:04 christophe_c hello #koha
07:04 magnuse bonjour!
07:05 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:05 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 25.0°C (9:00 AM CEST on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
07:05 magnuse @wunder boo
07:05 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 18.0°C (8:50 AM CEST on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
07:05 magnuse wow, 18, not bad
07:05 christophe_c :)
07:06 sophie_m hello magnuse, it's summer in Norway ! ;-)
07:06 magnuse yup, it sure is :-)
07:07 magnuse and in marseille, i think?
07:07 sophie_m for sure
07:09 magnuse it's weird - i think of marseille at quite a comfortable, with occasional warm days, i can't really imagine what +30 must be like... ;-)
07:09 magnuse s/comfortable/comfortable temperature/
07:11 sophie_m you should come in summer once magnuse (bu only once ;-) )
07:12 magnuse yeah, it would be um, interesting ;-)
07:12 magnuse but august is the big holiday month, isn't it?
07:13 rangi awesomesauce
07:13 rangi[…]4/lib/
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07:14 rangi hi paul_p
07:15 paul_p hi rangi & everybody !
07:15 magnuse yeah, i was just drooling over
07:15 magnuse hiya rangi and paul_p
07:18 rangi magnuse: i think koha + librecat could make semantikoha one step closer
07:19 magnuse yeah, the mind boggles
07:20 rangi or add elasticsearch to koha
07:20 rangi lots of possiblities
07:21 magnuse ooh, imagine a workshop with the librecat folks and some koha folks...
07:21 rangi yep, we should invite them to kohacon
07:22 magnuse yeah, that would be super awesome
07:23 rangi hmm this is almost too easy
07:24 rangi export the marc
07:24 rangi use Catmandu::Importer::MARC;
07:24 rangi use Catmandu::Store::ElasticSearch;
07:24 rangi import
07:24 rangi my $store    = Catmandu::Store::ElasticSearch->new(index_name => 'koha');
07:25 rangi $store->bag->add_many($importer);
07:25 rangi $store->commit;
07:25 rangi kapow
07:25 rangi we have our marc records now in elasticsearch
07:25 magnuse w00t!
07:27 magnuse and i think maybe it can get records from oai-pmh too?
07:28 rangi yep
07:28 rangi it can
07:30 magnuse if it could ingest marc, transform to rdf and store in a triplestore it would be great for semantikoha, but there is already marc2rdf which can do that, so that part is not the trickiest part of semantikoha
07:30 rangi emailed patrik
07:30 rangi +c
07:30 magnuse (but of course marc2rdf is written in ruby, and it would be cool to use somthing written in perl)
07:30 rangi true
07:31 magnuse rangi++
07:31 rangi We provide importers for MARC, JSON, YAML, CSV, Excel but also Atom and OAI-PMH
07:31 * dcook heard OAI-PMH
07:31 rangi yep you should totally check it out
07:32 dcook rangi: Who is we?
07:32 rangi Catmandu provides exporters for BibTeX, CSV, JSON, RIS, XLS and YAML. If you need a special exporter for your own format you could use the Template exporter which uses Template Toolkit.
07:32 rangi[…]/Introduction.pod
07:33 dcook Hmm, interesting
07:33 wahanui i guess interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
07:34 magnuse definitely good this time around
07:35 rangi its the fix and the store i like
07:35 rangi[…]roduction.pod#Fix
07:38 dcook Hmm, I don't actually see any Cathmandu importer for OAI-PMH..
07:39 dcook I don't for MARC either for that matter
07:39 magnuse dcook:[…]du::Importer::OAI
07:39 dcook Oh, there it is...
07:39 rangi[…]Catmandu&mode=all
07:39 dcook Doesn't show up here
07:39 rangi theres a lot
07:39 dcook But could find it by searching
07:39 rangi sru
07:40 rangi z3950
07:40 rangi arxiv
07:40 rangi ldap
07:41 magnuse $ catmandu import MARC to ElasticSearch --database_name mydb --bag data < records.mrc
07:42 magnuse from[…]-cheat-sheet.html
07:42 rangi too easy
07:43 dcook Hmm, not sure what I think of  Catmandu::Importer::OAI. Guess I'd have to look at it in action.
07:44 dcook lol
07:44 dcook Looks like it's built on top of HTTP::OAI..
07:44 * cait1 likes the logo :)
07:44 cait1 and i will let you all figure out the technical parts ;)
07:45 dcook Oh...interesting..
07:45 dcook This actually could be pretty good
07:45 magnuse ooh, there is even a tutorial for "Dancer & Catmandu"
07:45 dcook HTTP::OAI is pretty bare bones
07:45 * magnuse is sold
07:45 dcook Actually, if this does what I think it does, I like it a lot :D
07:46 magnuse perl4lib++
07:46 dcook I suppose it might be too user-friendly sometimes but meh. Looks like it could help a lot.
07:47 dcook On an unrelated note, might anyone know why certain indexes don't pull up anything in Koha if you use CCL but they will if you use PQF? :S
07:51 dcook Or any advice on debugging core Perl modules...
07:51 cait1 you guys are fun to watch :)
07:51 dcook (Or at least I assume what are core...)
07:52 rangi dcook: dont waste time
07:52 rangi on C4::Search
07:53 rangi instead use Koha::QueryParser
07:53 rangi and its sub modules
07:53 dcook I'm quite confident that would work
07:53 dcook Since the QueryParser uses PQF
07:53 dcook When did the QueryParser come about?
07:54 dcook It's ZOOM that is annoying me at the moment..
07:54 dcook C4::Search actually seems to be doing fine
07:54 rangi CCL is non deterministic
07:54 rangi its a bad idea
07:54 magnuse bug 9239
07:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9239 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, RESOLVED FIXED, Koha should share Evergreen's QueryParser module for parsing queries
07:54 dcook It's ZOOM::Query::CCL2RPN is evil..
07:56 dcook Hmm
07:56 dcook I don't see any version numbers on the bug
07:56 dcook I'll assume just 3.12 then
07:56 dcook I've never actually gotten the QueryParser working
07:56 dcook Mind you, it's been a while since I've tried
07:57 dcook Or maybe I did get it working...just not for the other feature I was working on...
07:57 dcook rangi: How do you mean non-deterministic?
07:57 rangi its ambigious
07:57 dcook Mmm, I think I follow now
07:58 dcook Actually..
07:58 dcook I'm not sure that I do
07:58 dcook Each "CCL" property should be mapped to Bib-1 attributes
07:59 dcook I suppose the operative word is "should"
07:59 dcook Wait a minute...
07:59 dcook I wonder if ZOOM even takes our into account
07:59 dcook Surely it must be used somewhere
08:01 dcook Hmm, koha-conf.xml looks like it should map that..
08:02 cait1 dcook: in 3.12 all you have to do is switch the pref on
08:02 cait1 dcook: the query parser will work then
08:02 cait1 i am only aware of one bug so far - that is about opacsuppression
08:02 dcook cait1: I must've been thinking of when jcamins suggested I use it elsewhere
08:03 cait1 and not all of the spec was funded... sadly. so there are missing bits and pieces, but jared would know more of course
08:03 dcook I looked over it with him quite a bit a while ago and it does look rather fantastic
08:03 cait1 i tried it with our new llibrary, because i wanted to see how well it works - but the opacsuppression bug blocks me right now
08:03 dcook Mmm
08:03 cait1 yeah, we should really finish that work it would be awesome
08:04 dcook I suppose when 3.12 starts becoming more prevalent that might start?
08:04 dcook Well, if I ignore this record matching rule idea, I suppose I could do some database level matching...
08:05 cait1 i a not sure that sounds good
08:05 cait1 what's the problem you are running into?
08:05 dcook I can't set up a rule to match on 024 or 037 :S
08:06 dcook In the union catalogue scenario, you could use the 001 or 999$c for matching (both of which work, I think)
08:06 dcook But in the scenario where you have a digital repo coming into'll want to match on something else
08:06 cait1 we use 001 - don't worry about hat
08:06 cait1 does 024 work for regular matching?
08:07 dcook You're a rare one, I think, cait1 ;)
08:07 cait1 yeah... i know
08:07 dcook What do you mean regular matching?
08:07 cait1 you say 001 and 999 work, so matching in general seems to work, wonder what the problem about 024 is
08:07 dcook too
08:07 cait1 doesn#t it use the matching stuff already in koha so that would be a problem for staged marc import too?
08:08 dcook That's the point where I'm running into the problem
08:08 cait1 hm so not an oai problem, but a matching problem
08:08 dcook I load it into the "staged marc" area, and then wait for manual input (although there is an automatic update mode as well)
08:08 dcook Right
08:08 dcook The oai stuff is going wonderfully
08:08 cait1 maybe something wrong about the matching rule then?
08:09 cait1 does the zebra index work?
08:09 cait1 for 024?
08:09 dcook Well, that's where things get interesting
08:09 dcook If I do a search in Koha for "Identifier-standard:KOHA-OAI-IDENTIFIER:90"
08:09 dcook I get nothing
08:10 dcook But if I use the bib-1 attributes in Yaz (@attr 1=1007 @attr 4=6 "KOHA-OAI-IDENTIFIER:90"), I get results
08:11 dcook Same for "Stock-number" and @attr 1=1028
08:12 cait1 right
08:12 cait1 there is a bug about the stock-number index
08:13 cait1 i think you can't use indexes in simple search that are not listed in
08:13 dcook I've added them there too :/
08:13 cait1 hm
08:13 cait1 why does it have such a complicated name?
08:13 cait1 maybe it's the :  ?
08:13 cait1 or the -
08:14 dcook That's part of the OAI identifier
08:14 dcook In this case, KOHA-OAI-IDENTIFIER is just the Koha default
08:14 dcook And 90 is the bib number I think
08:14 dcook Typical OAI identifiers are usually more like urls
08:15 dcook Like: "oai:arXiv:cs/0112017"
08:15 cait1 dcook: i think it might be getting confused. - have you tried with the queryparser on to compare?
08:15 cait1 or just search the identifier without the index?
08:15 dcook Hmm, identifier without the index doesn't work
08:15 dcook But I'll try the queryparser now
08:16 cait1 hm i will stop guessing around
08:16 cait1 i think jcamins might know
08:16 dcook He'll probably say what rangi said ;)
08:17 paul_p_ joined #koha
08:17 cait1 possibly
08:17 dcook Hmm, no luck with the QueryParser anyway
08:17 dcook But I can look at that one more..
08:17 cait1 i think the syntax would be a bit different when using it maybe
08:20 dcook Hmm, maybe there are issues with my dev install as well..
08:21 dcook As it doesn't look like it's actually using the QueryParser..
08:21 magnuse there's a syspref, i think?
08:22 dcook It's turned on :/
08:22 magnuse ah
08:22 cait1 dcook: is ther esomething in your logs?
08:23 cait1 if your index definitions and koha-conf.xml are outdated there might be a problem with those - if you have run recently it should just work
08:23 dcook Mmm, that could do it, cait1
08:23 dcook It's been a little while since I did a
08:24 cait1 i think it shows on the logs if it actually can't use the query parser... but not sure, it's been a whlie since i tested that
08:26 dcook Hmm, doesn't seem to :/
08:30 dcook I think I might have an idea...
08:30 dcook Hmm, nope, nevermind
08:33 dcook Missing too many modules to upgrade my git install...
08:33 dcook Too late to do it on the VM..
08:34 dcook I've tried editing ZOOM::Query::CCL2RPN in the VM but that doesn't seem to really do anything which is odd..
08:35 pug joined #koha
08:39 cait1 dcook: no idea then
08:39 dcook Me either :/
08:40 dcook Hmm, my dev VM might have the query parser working though..
08:42 dcook Maybe I'm mixing up my numbers..
08:44 dcook Ahhh
08:44 dcook I think I might have something...
08:44 dcook And that might point me back to..
08:45 dcook Damn it...
08:46 dcook Oh wait...
08:46 dcook I'm using DOM indexing not GRS-1 so records.abs is useless...
08:46 dcook rangi: If I figure this out, I'll feel both like a complete idiot and a genius ;)
08:46 * dcook loves that tweet
08:47 dcook Grrr..
08:52 dcook And somehow the fields are still indexed even when I remove them from the XSLT filter...
08:56 dcook Maybe the tokenization is the problem..
08:59 cait1 have to run
08:59 cait1 bye all
08:59 cait1 left #koha
09:09 rangi we dont just sponsor free software
09:09 rangi
09:09 rangi
09:21 magnuse swimming from nz to oz would be even more impressive ;-)
09:22 dcook <z:index name="Identifier-standard:w Stock-number:w">KOHAOAITEST:98</z:index>
09:22 dcook It indexed it it has to be the query...
09:23 dcook At looks like it might be proper :p
09:23 rangi swimming at 5kmph .. for 6+ hours .. thats pretty impressive :)
09:23 rangi thats walking speed
09:23 dcook Damned impressive
09:24 rangi cold too
09:25 rangi last time i swum laps, i managed about 300m hehe
09:28 dcook hehe
09:29 dcook Hmm, what's the average swimming pool length?
09:29 dcook 25m or 50m?
09:29 rangi 50 is what the olympic pools are
09:29 dcook 25 I think..
09:29 dcook Hmm
09:30 rangi 50 by 25
09:30 rangi but most school pools etc are 25
09:30 dcook Apparently I was going to a 50m pool
09:30 dcook Did a lot of swimming last year :)
09:30 dcook Every thursday night with the wife :)
09:30 dcook Alas, we moved and our old pool isn't so convenient
09:30 rangi :)
09:30 dcook I work down from the Ian Thorpe swimming pool, but our suburb pool is a bit of a jaunt
09:30 dcook Maybe this summer..
09:32 dcook Now did I just break indexing in my dev VM...
09:33 dcook Ah, might help if I import the records.
09:33 dcook That could be why..
09:35 dcook Well, that's...special
09:41 rangi heh
09:42 * magnuse hands dcook the dcookies
09:42 dcook hehe
09:42 dcook Thanks, magnuse :)
09:42 magnuse my pleasure
09:42 dcook Somehow, doing a search of "stock-number=kohaoaitest:90" will work in my dev VM
09:42 dcook Although the rule matching won't
09:42 dcook :S
09:43 dcook I bet the dev VM uses ICU indexing..
09:43 dcook Although that shouldn't matter..
09:44 dcook Because the indexing is fine..
09:45 dcook Hmm QueryParser doesn't do it either..
09:48 dcook QueryParser is working on the VM though :D
09:52 dcook Ugh, what is the queryparser doing..
09:54 * magnuse guesses it parses queries
09:54 dcook If you put in ccl without prefixing it, it has a bit of a meltdown
09:54 dcook I'm not sure prefixing it even helps
09:54 * dcook checks
09:55 * magnuse would hassle jcamins about when he wakes up
09:55 dcook Hmm
09:55 dcook Now it's not reproducing that issue
09:56 dcook I...but..
09:56 dcook Hmm, nevermind
09:57 dcook I see why the record matching isn't working though
09:57 dcook the QueryParser is stripping out the colon..
09:58 dcook I don't think there will be any way of making this record matching work with OAI-PMH identifiers
09:58 dcook At least not in their actual forms
10:01 dcook That's ok...suboptimal...but it could still work
10:02 dcook According to some repos I've seen out there, owners of metadata want the end records to still have the original OAI-PMH identifier in them
10:02 dcook So we put the identifier in the 037 field or whatever and leave it there mostly for whatever licensing issues there might be...and for whatever reason we might need it
10:02 dcook But maybe use a strictly alphanumeric local identifier for matching...
10:13 dcook Which won't work either because that would be added too late...
10:14 dcook Unless the record had multiple transformations
10:16 dcook Oh could work. If a person gets the local identifier (which could even be the bib number), then passes it to the record object before transforming...
10:18 dcook Actually, that's probably the best way to do it...
10:19 dcook If the bib already exists in the database, add the 999$c and 999$d (or their koha unimarc equivalents) to the incoming record...and that can be matched on
10:19 * dcook thanks everyone for putting up with his talking to himself :p
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10:47 drojf hi #koha
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11:09 drojf zebra-related fun question: if i delete a few thousand biblios (truncated tables in sql) and rebuild with zero biblios, does zebra not delete the stuff in the register folder for some reason? i saw that it does not write anything inside if i rebuild with an empty register folder and zero biblios
11:11 drojf …and i still had thousands of search results that did not have existing biblios
11:11 drojf (after the first part. nothing after the second)
11:15 jcamins @later tell dcook You need to do stock-number:"kohaoaitest:90" with QueryParser (the quotes because I presume you want an exact match, and the colon because the equal sign turns off QueryParser). And you have to make sure that your search prefix is defined.
11:15 huginn` jcamins: The operation succeeded.
11:16 magnuse jcamins to the rescue, as predicted :-)
11:32 vfernandes joined #koha
11:32 vfernandes hi guys!
11:32 vfernandes i'm having a problem with koha authorities encondings
11:33 vfernandes in MARC21 which is the field to set the enconding?
11:34 jcamins vfernandes: there isn't really one.
11:34 jcamins You set a leader position to mark whether the record has MARC8 or UTF-8, but there's nothing like the UNIMARC 100.
11:36 vfernandes the problem is that the autority appears fine in koha search but after being linked to the records there are many diacritics
11:37 jcamins What do you mean?
11:37 vfernandes accent characters doesn't appear right
11:38 jcamins It doesn't appear where, though?
11:38 vfernandes when cataloging a record
11:39 jcamins A bibliographic record or an authority record?
11:40 vfernandes in the two catalogings
11:40 vfernandes for example authority "salvação" get's all mess up
11:41 vfernandes after saving
11:41 oleonard joined #koha
11:42 oleonard Hello human IRC participants
11:44 vfernandes any idea jcamins?
11:44 jcamins vfernandes: nope. I've never seen that.
11:48 vfernandes how can I show here a XML?
11:49 jcamins Paste would be fine.
11:49 vfernandes <record     xmlns:xsi=""     xsi:schemaLocation="[…]ma/MARC21slim.xsd"     xmlns="">    <leader>00212    a2200109   4500</leader>   <controlfield tag="001">96379</controlfield>   <controlfield tag="003">0</controlfield>   <controlfield tag="005">20130806124533.0</controlfield>   <controlfield tag="008">130806|| aca||aa
11:50 jcamins Please use the site for pastes.
11:51 vfernandes i'm trying
11:51 pastebot "vfernandes" at pasted "XML record" (21 lines) at
11:52 vfernandes look at it
11:52 vfernandes should have "Catalogação" but the enconding it's wrong
11:52 oleonard Uh oh, wizzyrea's demo of my Bootstrap OPAC is down :(
11:52 jcamins Your leader is wrong.
11:53 jcamins LDR/09 should be a.
11:53 vfernandes but leader is added automatically
11:53 oleonard jcamins just summed up all of politics in one line.
11:54 jcamins vfernandes: in that case I have no idea what's going on.
12:16 bigbrovar joined #koha
12:20 Dyrcona joined #koha
12:53 jcamins rijksmuseum++ #[…]tube_gdata_player <-- THAT is how you announce a reopening
12:56 collum joined #koha
12:58 oleonard Not possible in America because a dozen conceal-carry guys would unload their guns into the thief.
13:00 jcamins oleonard: alas, yes.
13:04 bigbrovar_ joined #koha
13:12 oleonard I'm thinking that on many pages in the mobile view it would be desirable to automatically scroll to the main content since the search form fills up much of the screen otherwise
13:12 oleonard Seems like I've seen that behavior on other sites but I can't think of any examples at the moment
13:13 jenkins_koha Starting build #347 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:13 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #347: SUCCESS in 9.8 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/347/
13:13 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: Change system pref IndependantBranches to IndependentBranches
13:13 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: fix links to IndependentBranches
13:13 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: add OpacHoldNotes pref
13:14 oleonard What do you think about that jenkins_koha?
13:15 vfernandes jcamins: problem with cataloguing authorities solved. field 000 should appear in the authority framework
13:16 vfernandes another problem: when cataloguing a bibliographic record, the authority search works fine but after saving there are encoding problems in the fields copied from the authorities
13:28 jenkins_koha Starting build #348 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:28 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #348: SUCCESS in 12 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/348/
13:28 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: add info on hold notes to the opac
13:28 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update intranet stylesheet descriptions
13:28 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: add CalculateFinesOnReturn preference
13:28 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update fines cron
13:31 tcohen joined #koha
13:32 tcohen morning
13:32 oleonard Hi tcohen
13:32 bigbrovar_ joined #koha
13:38 jcamins Folks: if you have a trailing slash in your OPACBaseURL or staffClientBaseURL, REMOVE IT!
13:39 jcamins I've been trying to troubleshoot weird firewall issues with 3.12 for one of my clients ever since the upgrade, and it turns out that the firewall was going nuts because of URLs like
13:40 jcamins Almost certainly a firewall misconfiguration, of course, but it's easy enough to work around on the server.
13:41 jenkins_koha Starting build #5 for job Koha_Docs_3.12.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:41 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.12.x build #5: SUCCESS in 11 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_Docs_3.12.x/5/
13:41 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update fines cron
13:43 jenkins_koha Starting build #349 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:43 jenkins_koha Starting build #51 for job Koha_Docs_3.10.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:43 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #349: SUCCESS in 9.1 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/349/
13:43 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update images in cataloging & add new save option
13:43 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.10.x build #51: SUCCESS in 9.1 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]a_Docs_3.10.x/51/
13:43 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update fines cron
13:45 magnuse jcamins: i have sometimes thought the description of those sysprefs should be explicit about whether to include the trailing slash or not...
13:45 jcamins magnuse: yes, clearly it should.
13:46 jcamins I never realized that it shouldn't before.
13:46 magnuse i can do a patch. something like "Do not include a trailing slash."?
13:47 jcamins That sounds perfect.
13:48 mcooper joined #koha
13:48 vfernandes jcamins: MARC21 records encoding is set in which field?
13:49 vfernandes bibliographic records?
13:49 jcamins vfernandes: it's the same as with authorities. There's no encoding.
13:49 jcamins Just the leader.
13:50 maximep joined #koha
13:50 magnuse jcamins: mind if i quote your little warning above in the bug report?
13:51 jcamins magnuse: not at all.
13:51 jcamins It's the weirdest problem ever.
13:51 magnuse bug 10690
13:51 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10690 trivial, P5 - low, ---, magnus, NEW , Warn about trailing slashes in description of OPACBaseURL and staffClientBaseURL
13:53 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Confidentiality notice attached to all of jcamins' speech" (1 line) at
13:54 oleonard ^^ No you can't quote him!
13:54 jcamins lol
13:55 magnuse oh noes, i already did
13:55 tcohen heh
14:01 talljoy joined #koha
14:06 magnuse bug 10690 is ready for signoff :-)
14:06 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10690 trivial, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Warn about trailing slashes in description of OPACBaseURL and staffClientBaseURL
14:19 drojf joined #koha
14:24 tcohen gmcharlt: have you pushed patches that change the patron-home templates?
14:27 tcohen
14:28 tcohen that was the wrong one,
14:34 oleonard Is that master tcohen? That doesn't look right
14:38 bgkriegel oleanard,tcohen: think I found the problem, some funtion on intranetuserjs
14:39 oleonard That would explain it
14:43 jenkins_koha Starting build #350 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
14:43 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #350: SUCCESS in 10 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/350/
14:43 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: add AcqWarnOnDuplicateInvoice preference
14:43 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update serial tab preference
14:56 jenkins_koha Starting build #6 for job Koha_Docs_3.12.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
14:56 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.12.x build #6: SUCCESS in 10 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_Docs_3.12.x/6/
14:56 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update serial tab preference
14:56 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5652: (follow-up) include subtitle in hyperlink <[…]abc39735923a564f5> / Bug 5652: display subtitles on patron checkout and holds summary <[…]66bc88606ab6f87b1>
14:56 jenkins_koha Starting build #26 for job master_maria (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE)
14:58 jenkins_koha Starting build #52 for job Koha_Docs_3.10.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
14:58 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.10.x build #52: SUCCESS in 11 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]a_Docs_3.10.x/52/
14:58 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update serial tab preference
14:58 jenkins_koha Starting build #42 for job Koha_Docs_3.8.x (previous build: FIXED)
14:58 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.8.x build #42: SUCCESS in 12 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_Docs_3.8.x/42/
14:58 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update serial tab preference
15:00 jenkins_koha Starting build #1346 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1338 12 days ago)
15:04 juan-sieira joined #koha
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15:10 drojf @quote random
15:10 huginn` drojf: Quote #69: "<schuster> Now if I could only figure out how to control those daemons... or at least the ones in my head..." (added by jwagner at 02:02 PM, March 17, 2010)
15:10 drojf @quote random
15:10 huginn` drojf: Quote #137: "sekjal: the data's in there... it's just MARC" (added by cait at 06:40 PM, May 26, 2011)
15:10 drojf @wunder berlin, gerany
15:10 huginn` drojf: Error: No such location could be found.
15:10 drojf d'oh
15:10 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
15:10 huginn` drojf: The current temperature in Alter Schlachthof, Berlin, Germany is 30.3°C (5:10 PM CEST on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
15:11 oleonard Hi drojf
15:11 drojf hi oleonard
15:12 drojf what up with the nothingupness in here?
15:13 jcamins drojf: our resident jelly donut is not facilitating conversation vigorously enough.
15:13 jcamins Wait... translation error.
15:14 drojf mmmh, donut
15:17 pianohacker joined #koha
15:28 jenkins_koha Starting build #351 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:28 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #351: SUCCESS in 11 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/351/
15:28 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: upate add link to button in acq
15:28 jenkins_koha Starting build #53 for job Koha_Docs_3.10.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:28 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.10.x build #53: SUCCESS in 11 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]a_Docs_3.10.x/53/
15:28 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: upate add link to button in acq
15:37 jenkins_koha Project master_maria build #26: STILL UNSTABLE in 40 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/master_maria/26/
15:37 jenkins_koha * Marc Veron: Bug 5652: display subtitles on patron checkout and holds summary
15:37 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 5652: (follow-up) include subtitle in hyperlink
15:37 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5652 normal, P5 - low, ---, veron, Pushed to Master , Patron checkout and holds summary should show subtitles
15:41 jenkins_koha Starting build #7 for job Koha_Docs_3.12.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:41 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.12.x build #7: SUCCESS in 14 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_Docs_3.12.x/7/
15:41 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: upate add link to button in acq
15:44 pianohacker oleonard: Now that I'm adding a button to the current MARC editor's toolbar, I'm noticing that the framework selection box has a tendency to wrap. My button would make that even more likely; how much of a problem do you think that is?
15:44 oleonard I think we could be looking at the end of life on Earth as we know it.
15:45 * jcamins gets cookies. Might as well enjoy my last few minutes on earth.
15:45 * oleonard rushes home to be with his family
15:46 oleonard pianohacker: I think I experimented at one point with converting that selection box to a Bootstrap menu button, but I can't remember why I didn't go with that option.
15:47 pianohacker <sappy>No, the world can't end until my girlfriend gets back from Washington next Tuesday!</sappy>
15:47 oleonard If it wasn't a technical problem, perhaps it was that we lost the contextual information that the visible selection gives?
15:48 jcamins pianohacker: don't worry. If you mean DC, Washington will be around for a few weeks more due to inefficiency.
15:48 pianohacker Yeah, that is one issue.
15:48 pianohacker jcamins: Haha, West Coast; the apocalypse will have to break through the clouds first
15:48 oleonard Maybe we should group the "show documentation links" and "change framework" controls on one line, above or below the button toolbar
15:49 jcamins oleonard: you could do a bootstrap menu dropdown that displayed the current value on the button.
15:49 pianohacker oleonard: I think moving the framework box up there is a good idea. How should it be visually separated from "show documentation links"?
15:49 pianohacker jcamins: Would look better, but you'll still have the same problems with wrapping if they select a long framework
15:50 oleonard Yeah that's what I was thinking too
15:50 jcamins pianohacker: I know, but depending on which frameworks they use most often, it might significantly reduce the amount of wrapping.
15:51 oleonard Most common framework name: "This is the framework you should use don't use the other ones."
15:54 druthb If the apocalypse involves heat, no one in Houston will notice it.
15:54 oleonard pianohacker: Re: visual separation, I don't know.
15:55 oleonard Will people not like that the "change framework" option doesn't float along with the other toolbar buttons? I would think not, but...
15:55 jcamins @wunder houston, tx
15:55 huginn` jcamins: The current temperature in SE-Svc-Cntr, Houston, Texas is 31.4°C (10:55 AM CDT on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1016 hPa (Rising). Heat advisory in effect until 9 PM CDT this evening...
15:55 jcamins @wunder 11375
15:55 huginn` jcamins: The current temperature in Glendale, Glendale, New York is 26.2°C (11:46 AM EDT on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 39%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
15:55 pianohacker wunder party!
15:56 pianohacker @wunder 80401
15:56 huginn` pianohacker: The current temperature in Lookout Pointe, Golden, Colorado is 25.4°C (9:55 AM MDT on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
15:56 oleonard @wunder 45701
15:56 huginn` oleonard: The current temperature in OHDOT 31-Athens County Garage, Athens, Ohio is 25.0°C (11:21 AM EDT on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016 hPa (Falling).
15:56 druthb we're expecting humidity indexes to make it feel like 43 or so, this afternoon.
15:57 pianohacker jcamins: You live 2 miles from the ocean. How on earth is your humidity higher than mine?
15:57 pianohacker *lower
15:57 oleonard druthb: Heat advisory til 9PM sound awful
15:57 druthb yup.
15:57 druthb ...and to add to my fun, my AC is out.
15:57 pianohacker oleonard: I'm gonna punt this problem for now, until we think of a good solution :)
15:58 druthb so I'm working^Wsweating from home, waiting for the repairperson.
15:58 pianohacker I wish I had a shorter button label than "Switch to advanced editor" though...
15:58 pianohacker druthb: I'm so sorry, I start whining when I lose my AC in colorado
15:59 druthb Eh, I'm managing.  it went out on Sunday.  I called yesterday from the office, but nothing happened, so I stayed home today, so I can make a hairy nuisance of myself.
16:01 drojf druthb!
16:01 gmcharlt @quote random
16:01 huginn` gmcharlt: Quote #35: "<sekjal> it seemed like a good idea at the time...." (added by jwagner at 06:58 PM, September 17, 2009)
16:01 druthb drojf!
16:01 drojf :)
16:03 pianohacker @quote random
16:03 huginn` pianohacker: Quote #166: "jcamins: this is IRC. There's a several decade long tradition of lurking." (added by wizzyrea at 03:06 PM, November 17, 2011)
16:03 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn`.
16:04 pianohacker this?
16:04 wahanui this is, like, the dawning of the age of Aquarius
16:04 jcamins aquarius?
16:04 wahanui No more falsehoods or derisions
16:04 oleonard Lurking for several decades would be quite a feat
16:06 * drojf heads home
16:09 melia joined #koha
16:10 nengard cait around?
16:12 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1346: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 12 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1346/
16:12 jenkins_koha * Marc Veron: Bug 5652: display subtitles on patron checkout and holds summary
16:12 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 5652: (follow-up) include subtitle in hyperlink
16:12 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5652 normal, P5 - low, ---, veron, Pushed to Master , Patron checkout and holds summary should show subtitles
16:13 ebegin joined #koha
16:16 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "i'm trying to write a report of patrons at a branch that owe money and get an error - ideas?" (12 lines) at
16:18 nengard oops
16:18 nengard got it
16:18 nengard :)
16:19 gmcharlt ♪ Rubber Duckie, you're the one... ♪
16:32 laurence left #koha
16:55 talljoy1 joined #koha
17:05 halcyonCorsair joined #koha
17:16 drojf joined #koha
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17:58 druthb joined #koha
18:02 drojf1 joined #koha
18:18 * druthb watches the ever-shifting drojfs carefully
18:18 druthb never know when one of them might try something tricky
18:25 bgkriegel joined #koha
18:40 * drojf makes faces behind druthb_away's back
18:42 drojf jcamins: "If you select an index in the search dropdown and then enter in a QP query starting with the field, Koha will prepend the index you do not want" … why do you select an index that you do not want?
18:43 jcamins drojf: do I _look_ like I understand weird behavior?
18:43 jcamins Some libraries preselect indexes.
18:43 * jcamins disapproves of this practce.
18:44 * jcamins is not the ruler of the universe. Yet.
18:45 drojf why not?
18:45 drojf preselect indexes… yes, that is something a librarian would think of
18:45 drojf i've heard of those people
19:00 tcohen joined #koha
19:17 * druthb arms herself with Skittles.
19:21 pianohacker some days, browsers...
19:21 pianohacker why would you trigger a keydown event 6 times? Why?
19:23 oleonard keycomingdown, keyalmostallthewaydown, keydown, keycomingup, keyalmostallthewayup, and keyup
19:23 pianohacker every time I hit ctrl-s, the event handler I've bound to that is triggered exactly 6 times. No more, no less
19:23 pianohacker wtf
19:24 pianohacker oleonard: pressure sensitive typing! It's actually ahead of the game, how could I not have known
19:24 oleonard Isn't ctrl-s a dangerous shortcut to choose since it is a default browser shortcut?
19:24 pianohacker Yes, but can be bound in Firefox and Chrome anyway
19:26 pianohacker Trying not to pull any toooo-fancy tricks, but in a MARC editor, ctrl-s saving the record and not the web page seems reasonable
19:29 pianohacker okay, hahaha, I must be doing something insane
19:30 pianohacker looking at the event object, it's triggering the handler for ctrl-s one time for every keydown handler that's been bound
19:36 pianohacker oleonard: Uhh, I think I'll be replacing what we have in place :P[…]n-in-jquery-1-4-2
19:36 pianohacker turns out this has probably been a problem for a while, we just never noticed it due to the specific way we use hotkeys
19:37 oleonard Please do. The plugin we have now isn't compatible with the latest version of jQuery
19:37 pianohacker pretty hilarious failure mode, though
19:41 gml joined #koha
19:44 cait1 joined #koha
19:47 druthb oooo
19:47 * druthb waves to cait1
19:47 * cait1 waves back
19:48 tcohen hi cait1
19:48 cait1 hi tcohen :)
19:49 oleonard Bye everyone
19:49 * druthb watches Zombie cait closely, just in case.
19:49 tcohen bye oleonard
19:50 gml hello people, I'm lazy to get in to bugzilla, file C4/ line 1703 (Master version from git up to today)
19:50 gml table "borrowers_to_borrowers" does not exist, not even referenced in
19:50 gml function C4::Members::add_member_orgs is currently used in (maybe related with organizational patrons)
19:51 cait1 gml?
19:51 cait1 druthb: probably the tablet :)
19:52 cait1 i will shut it down later
19:52 tcohen cait1, have good news about reserves
19:52 cait1 tcohen: cool!
19:53 tcohen will of course need your opinion heh
19:53 cait1 what did gml expect us to do?
19:53 * druthb still watches the zombie version of cait closely.  If she starts shambling around the room mumbling about brains...
19:53 cait1 tcohen: heh
19:53 cait1 tcohen: i guess you would probably be fine without - thx a lot for taking care of this!
19:53 cait1 druthb: you wouldn't let zombie cait eat your brain? what kind of friend are you?
19:54 druthb I have little enough to spare.
19:54 druthb I don't have to run faster than zombie cait, though...I just have to run faster than gmcharlt or talljoy or someone else who has more brains than I do.
19:54 tcohen can i refactor stuff cait?
19:54 tcohen :-P
19:55 gmcharlt is anybody else seeing oddoties with printing receipts using the latest version of Chrome?
19:55 cait1 tcohen: don't ask me about refactoring - i am still grumpy about that topic
19:55 * talljoy is slow today
19:55 * cait1 points to the RM and hides
19:56 nengard left #koha
19:57 gmcharlt tcohen: sure, you can refactor stuff -- just so long as Ever Last Line you refactor is backed by tests that you write prior to beginning refactoring!
19:57 cait1 gmcharlt++
19:57 druthb gmcharlt++
19:57 * druthb won't feed gmcharlt to zombie cait today.
19:58 gmcharlt such a relief! ;)
19:59 cait1 you all will let poor zombie cait starve...
20:01 rangi hmm
20:02 rangi i feel like people have totally misunderstood the problem with bug 9811
20:02 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9811 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Patrons search improvements
20:02 * cait1 agrees
20:02 * rangi tries to make it clearer
20:03 rangi tcohen++
20:03 rangi bug 10633
20:03 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10633 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Table suggestions needs some work
20:03 rangi bug 10663
20:03 wahanui bug 10663 is still puzzling me
20:03 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10663 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Holds never block renewals
20:04 * rangi switches to needs signoff
20:05 tcohen wait :-D
20:10 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
20:10 huginn` drojf: The current temperature in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany is 27.3°C (9:43 PM CEST on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
20:10 drojf huge thunderstorm actually :)
20:13 drojf oh look, weather is turning purple ;)[…]denburgindex.html
20:13 druthb @wunder 77063
20:13 huginn` druthb: The current temperature in Briargrove Park, Houston, Texas is 37.9°C (3:12 PM CDT on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 34%. Dew Point: 19.0°C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012 hPa (Falling). Heat advisory in effect until 9 PM CDT this evening...
20:14 druthb ...and the humidity makes it feel like 42.  Glad we got the AC workin'.
20:14 tcohen now u can see the actual patch cait
20:14 cait1 tcohen: i will take a look in a little bit
20:14 tcohen np, just noting
20:15 cait1 not home long - need to take car of something things first
20:16 cait1 tcohen: why did you change your approach?
20:17 cait1 i am still worried this might not work actually - it still does not all that it do before it got rewritten
20:18 rangi hmm yeah i prefered the revert
20:18 cait1 tcohen: i liked last night's patch
20:18 rangi then unit tests
20:18 rangi then try refactoring again
20:18 rangi approach
20:18 cait1 this will force you to give back a not for loan book
20:18 cait1 to fill a hold it can't fill
20:18 cait1 if I see it right
20:18 rangi regressions are the worst bugs ever
20:18 cait1 i know you put a lot of work into it - just trying to understand?
20:20 tcohen i'm still trying to fully understand all the use cases
20:20 bgkriegel after patch: (it was renewable before patch)
20:20 cait1 bgkriegel: i think it will fix some or most cases - but CheckReserves would work like the checkin does
20:21 cait1 so actually it would only stop you from renewing things that can actually fill the hold :)
20:21 tcohen and considered that fixing GetReserveStatus (which is used in several places) was worth the trouble
20:21 cait1 which makes sense
20:21 cait1 tcohen: but it#s not a complete fix :(
20:21 cait1 it's only used in a lot of places because someone refactored... and it should only ever be used to check for waiting in my opinion
20:22 tcohen cait1: have no problem working on this until we fix it
20:22 cait1 everything else should use CheckReserves
20:22 cait1 and i don't want to sound so negative, i am sorry
20:22 cait1 i will be right back
20:29 cait1 tcohen: needed to shower to get a clear head - really hot day here
20:29 cait1 can we start over and i try to explain what i mean?
20:29 tcohen no problem cait1, with enough info i can work on it
20:29 cait1 let me go back to your patches first :)
20:29 tcohen i'm not confident about the different reserve statuses and such
20:30 druthb @wunder konstanz
20:30 huginn` druthb: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 17.4°C (10:25 PM CEST on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Falling).
20:30 druthb @wunder 77063
20:30 huginn` druthb: The current temperature in Briargrove Park, Houston, Texas is 38.2°C (3:29 PM CDT on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 35%. Dew Point: 20.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Falling). Heat advisory in effect until 9 PM CDT this evening...
20:30 cait1 tcohen: think like that
20:30 tcohen haven't fully understood the holds workflow
20:30 cait1 reserve = the item in question can fill a hold
20:30 druthb puh.
20:30 cait1 and we should determine that exactly the same way on checkin, as we do it when the item in question is renewed
20:30 cait1 so that only those items that actually are needed for something, are blocked from holds
20:30 cait1 um
20:30 cait1 renewals
20:30 pug left #koha
20:31 cait1 and we have CheckReserves doing that
20:31 druthb We won't see 17, even at night, until October, more than likely.
20:31 cait1 so we should use it
20:31 cait1 further more
20:32 cait1 so if getReseveStatus is supposed to give back 'reserved' (which was only added by the rewrite) - it should call CheckReserves (imo)
20:32 cait1 no sense to build the same logic differerently in 2 places
20:32 cait1 but
20:32 cait1 for renewals, the other things Getreserves gives us are not interesting
20:32 cait1 an item being checked out
20:32 cait1 can never be waiting
20:33 cait1 and further more F= Filled, will never happen etiher - because that only happens in old_reserves and that table is not even part of the sql query
20:33 cait1 so GetReserveStatus does not the right thing ever.
20:33 cait1 there is no fixing it without using CheckReserves... and putting in more work to make it look up old_reserves.. although there then still might be the questionwhere you are actually interested in Filled (Finished is wrong too)
20:34 cait1 and i hope that all made sense because i got sunburnt... and today i am going to blame every nonsense i say on that
20:34 cait1 tcohen: and reserves is giving every normal person evil headaches.
20:40 pianohacker We have a preferred JS minifier when things like jQuery plugins don't come pre-minified?
20:40 cait1 pianohacker: hm maybe best ask oleonard about that i think
20:41 pianohacker Yeah, thought as much, just curious if anyone else knew since he skedaddled
20:43 magnuse @wunder boo
20:43 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 16.0°C (10:20 PM CEST on August 06, 2013). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
21:25 kathryn joined #koha
22:13 tcohen does anyone know an ope source tool to easily draw statecharts?
22:16 rangi dia ?
22:18 papa joined #koha
22:25 tcohen thanks rangi
22:31 tcohen do we have a graphviz extension for th e wiki?
22:31 rangi pass
23:04 maximep left #koha
23:06 pianohacker pass = no? Why? :)
23:08 rangi means i have no idea
23:11 cait1 left #koha
23:30 tcohen i'm trying calligra-flow (FTR)
23:55 dcook joined #koha
23:56 dcook morning #koha
23:59 davidnind joined #koha
23:59 davidnind left #koha

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