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00:10 dcook wizzyrea: Bug has been filed :)
00:11 dcook What I realized now is that with YUI, you could still add a record without JS
00:11 dcook With bootstrap, you can't. And THAT is an even bigger problem O_O
00:11 jcamins I'm not sure.
00:11 jcamins The staff client doesn't work without javascript.
00:11 jcamins Period.
00:11 dcook Mmm, now that I think about it, that's true
00:11 jcamins Fallback is nice, but not having it isn't really a _problem_.
00:12 dcook You wouldn't be able to open any closed fields without JS
00:12 dcook Well, I suppose it depends on the user.
00:12 dcook I'm still a bit fuzzy on how accessibility standards handle JS
00:12 dcook Originally, I thought they didn't allow it, but recently it seems like you're allowed to have JS, so long as you still have core functionality intact without it
00:13 jcamins The cataloging interface is unusable on a screen reader anyway.
00:14 jcamins The DOM is out of order.
00:15 dcook Hmm, how so?
00:16 jcamins The connection between indicators and fields is not particularly clear.
00:16 jcamins subfields, rather.
00:17 dcook Yeah, it wouldn't be a picnic, that's for sure
00:18 * pianohacker has a problem
00:18 dcook That's what you get for hacking pianos
00:18 jcamins pianohacker: sadly, we all suffer from the cataloging module.
00:18 pianohacker I just worked 45 min past the end of the day because I was really into this admin screen
00:18 pianohacker why of all things, that?
00:18 dcook Because the admin screen needs work?
00:18 dcook :)
00:19 jcamins Which admin screen?
00:19 pianohacker hahaha well, yeah, this is a new one
00:19 pianohacker for some pazpar2-related work I'm doing
00:19 jcamins Ah.
00:20 pianohacker Another table-bone connected to the form-bone connected to the SQL-bone
00:23 jcamins pianohacker: I like the way you're doing the pazpar2.
00:24 pianohacker oh, you know about it! Cool. After previous experiences with... other Koha companies, I've been hesitant to be too chatty
00:24 pianohacker glad you like it, though
00:24 jcamins pianohacker: I just looked in your github.
00:24 dcook Too chatty?
00:24 jcamins I knew you were working on it, since you mentioned it, but until just now never cared to see what approach you were taking.
00:25 pianohacker oh, heh, cool :)
00:29 * dcook wishes that Tinymce's getNode method was better...
00:31 pianohacker dcook: What are you working with tinymce for?
00:31 dcook Mmm, non-Koha side project
00:31 dcook Trying to get the XPATH of a highlighted section of HTML
00:31 dcook But not of the page I'm working with...
00:31 jcamins I gave up on TinyMCE.
00:31 pianohacker hum, that does sound tricky
00:31 jcamins Oh, I did that.
00:31 dcook Of another page that I'm pulling into the editor
00:31 dcook Oh?
00:31 jcamins Lemme see if I can find how to do it.
00:32 dcook I would be grateful for at least the rest of the day
00:32 dcook Even the weekend although I might not be online enough to praise you ;)
00:32 dcook I've got something working pretty well for getting the top level element and attributes for a group of highlighted elements
00:32 pianohacker just give 'im karma
00:33 pianohacker redeemable at your local karma shop
00:33 dcook That works too
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00:35 jcamins Oh, that won't help.
00:36 jcamins I modified tinymce.
00:36 dcook That's always a thought
00:37 jcamins Then I abandoned tinymce.
00:37 dcook My other thought was possibly using an iframe and then just using jquery
00:38 dcook This seems so close though
00:39 jcamins Okay.
00:39 jcamins First question?
00:39 wahanui "What are you trying to do?" or "What is the goal?"
00:39 jcamins I thought you had a tinymce control from which you happened to need the path.
00:40 dcook Essentially, I'm fetching some HTML, then trying to make some XPATH to point to certain parts of the content
00:40 dcook At a high level, I want an overarching div (easy to get)
00:40 dcook Then, at a lower level, I want the divs that repeat within that div (also pretty easy to get)
00:40 dcook Then, I want to make XPATH expressions for parts of the content within that div
00:41 dcook But since I'm drilling down to individual elements instead of groups of elements, that tinymce method isn't working as the documentation says it's supposed to (if I read it correctly)
00:41 dcook Instead of getting the node, it seems to get the value when you just select one node
00:42 jcamins What are you doing with the xpath?
00:42 jcamins (this influences my advice)
00:42 dcook Storing it in a database, so that I can then retrieve content from that page in the future
00:43 dcook When you write it out manually, it works great, but...the UI needs to be for someone less experienced with XPATH queries
00:43 dcook Ideally
00:43 jcamins Got it.
00:43 jcamins So is there any reason to have a tinymce control there?
00:44 dcook Not especially no
00:44 dcook It's just what I have to hand at the moment
00:44 jcamins If it's not actually supposed to be editable, I'd just use rangy.
00:45 * dcook quickly Googles
00:45 dcook I think I like the sound of this
00:45 dcook ?
00:45 jcamins Yup.
00:45 dcook I'll definitely check it out
00:46 jcamins[…]ordEditor.js#L144 <-- easy, once you get the hang of it
00:48 dcook Hmm, thanks for the info :)
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01:20 dcook Hmm, seems like rangy works the same way...
01:21 dcook I think it might just be how browsers select things
01:21 dcook In my mind, I'm selecting an element and its text node
01:21 dcook But I think what actually happens is that I'm just selecting the text node
01:22 jcamins That's why you use $(...commonAncestorContainer).
01:23 dcook What does getRangeAt(0) do?
01:23 dcook Or rather, what is a range object?
01:24 dcook Mmm, nevermind. I think I get that..
01:25 pianohacker good night
01:25 wahanui If you feel like someone is looking through your window, it's OK, it's just me.
01:25 pianohacker wow
01:25 pianohacker creeperbot
01:25 dcook hehe
01:25 dcook night, pianohacker
01:25 pianohacker night :)
01:26 cjh hahahhaa wahanui is fantastic.
01:27 dcook Hmm, jcamins, I don't think that's working
01:27 dcook I'm still just getting the text object
01:27 dcook probably fine
01:27 dcook I just need to remember to grab the parent too
01:28 dcook Excellent
01:28 jcamins Right, from the commonAncestorContainer you can get the parent easily.
01:29 dcook Seems like it
01:29 dcook So when I use getRangeAt(0)...I'm grabbing the first node in my range?
01:29 dcook Which, because I'm just highlighting the text is the text node
01:30 dcook Then, I get the ancestor container...
01:30 dcook Which in this case should be the text node still
01:30 jcamins The commonAncestorContainer should be the text node.
01:30 dcook Yeah
01:31 jcamins And from there you can get a list of all the parents and generate the xpath from that.
01:31 dcook Except that I want it to be generalizable
01:31 dcook So I want to make fairly relative XPATHs
01:32 jcamins Relative to... ?
01:32 dcook Relative to either a large group of nodes or a repeating node within that group (or both)
01:32 dcook Getting the group of nodes or the repeating node is fairly easy..
01:33 dcook Is there a way to recurse back through the parents and stop once they've reached my contextnode?
01:33 jcamins If you know it's going to be a direct ancestor, just check whether a given node is the context node, and if it is, stop?
01:33 dcook Exactly
01:35 dcook I might have a div[@id=group] then div[@id=sub-group] then be selecting elements like h4/text() which have a direct ancestor of div[@id=sub-group]
01:37 dcook Ooh, rangy is supposed to have some save/storage methods..
01:39 dcook Actually, I might not even need to do that..
01:39 eythian rangi is going to be so confused when he gets back
01:39 dcook hehe
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02:31 jcamins A quick question about TT. If I had an object that used Class::Accessor, could I pass that object directly to a T::T template and have it automagically work?
02:32 jcamins The Variables POD says yes.
02:32 jcamins Cool!
02:32 mtompset Oooo... interesting question.
02:33 eythian keeping in mind it compiles to perl, a lot of stuff should magically work like that
02:33 jcamins template_toolkit++
02:33 jcamins class_accessor++
02:34 jcamins Now... why is new not working?
02:34 jcamins Oh.
02:34 jcamins Missing the package declaration.
02:37 jcamins Bah. I can't create a method ->get() without some disturbing weirdness.
02:39 cjh why would you create your own get method when class::accessor handles that?
02:39 jcamins Because elsewhere in Koha we use ->get() to mean "retrieve this object from the database."
02:40 jcamins We also use fetch, apparently.
02:40 jcamins I'll use fetch instead of retrieve, which we use nowhere.
02:49 dcook jcamins++
02:49 dcook Thanks for mentioning that rangy library
02:49 dcook You, sir, are a legend.
02:49 dcook I just need to reverse my backtracking and there's my relative XPATH :D
02:52 jcamins Yay!
02:53 dcook Huzzah!
02:53 * dcook sways in his chair and calls it dancing
02:54 * cjh waits for dcook to fall off
02:54 dcook There are armrests ^_^
02:54 * cjh waits for the chair to topple
02:54 dcook Its base is considerably wider than mine ;)
02:55 * cjh will be there in 3 hours to make this happen
02:55 dcook Eeeeep!
02:55 dcook I suppose that gives me 3 hours to mount my defenses...
02:55 cjh unrealted: <3 cheap trans-tasman flights
02:56 cjh unrelated*
02:56 cjh heh
02:57 dcook hehe
02:57 * rangi heads back towards catalyst
02:57 * dcook wonders where rangi was before
02:57 rangi Should make it for beer oclock
02:57 rangi At meetings
02:58 dcook Sounds like your day is improving then
02:58 ibeardslee quick everyone leave the building .. leaving L7 empty
02:58 rangi Hehe
02:58 mtompset Well, I'm off for the night.
02:58 cjh heh
02:58 cjh night mtompset :)
02:58 mtompset Everyone have a great day (24 hour period).
03:07 * jcamins calls it a night as well.
03:07 dcook night, jcamins
03:07 dcook Thanks again :)
03:07 jcamins You are quite welcome.
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04:17 dcook Mmm beer o'clock would be good about now
04:18 rangi started 18 mins ago
04:18 cjh it started 18 minutes ago, if you leave now you may be able to make it before we all go home.
04:19 dcook Once I sort out this Javascript/XPATH stuff, I should really work on teleportation...
04:19 cjh and beaten by rangi.
04:19 dcook I hope I make it there before you all go home and get beaten by rangi O_O
04:20 cjh heh
04:20 mtj im with the chriseses
04:21 dcook I haven't even had lunch yet :(
04:23 mtj a random cpan Q… whats the best way to compile a list of needed perl packages, for an app
04:23 mtj ?
04:24 mtj the best ive got so far is ->
04:25 mtj cd ./qa-tools
04:25 mtj scan_prereqs --combine | sed 's/=.*$//'  > perl-deps
04:25 mtj cat perl-deps > cpanm
04:27 mtj hmmm, i bet paul-fenwick would have a good answer to that one :D
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04:30 * dcook waves to cait
05:37 * cait waves back belatedly
05:46 dcook I just got back from lunch anyway :)
06:17 dcook Now I'm getting sleeeepy...
06:21 cait right after lunch? :)
06:21 cait @wunder Konstnaz
06:21 huginn` cait: Error: No such location could be found.
06:21 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:21 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 15.0°C (8:00 AM CEST on June 07, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
06:22 dcook Almost the end of the day :)
06:22 dcook Lots achieved so that's good. And a long weekend!
06:23 cait oh
06:23 cait holiday?
06:23 dcook Queen's birthday on Monday
06:23 dcook (apparently)
06:23 dcook I think we're going hiking in the mountains :)
06:23 dcook My partner and I
06:23 dcook Not the queen and I
06:23 dcook ...
06:24 cait heh have fun :)
06:25 cait bbl
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06:32 bag hey matts
06:32 matts hello !
06:33 bag so I brewed a french saison - in honor of being in france for the hackfest :P
06:33 bag it was good!  you would have liked it
06:34 matts I wish I could have tasted it :)
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06:40 reiveune hello
06:50 dcook hey reiveune, paul_p
06:50 paul_p good morning #koha
06:50 reiveune hi dcook :)
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06:51 dcook How go things in France?
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07:03 asaurat hi
07:03 wahanui kai ora, asaurat
07:03 * dcook waves to francharb, asaurat, and lds
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07:13 gaetan_B hello
07:13 dcook hey ya gaetan_B
07:15 gaetan_B hey dcook :)
07:15 dcook It goes well?
07:15 gaetan_B it does :)
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07:17 alex_a hello !
07:17 bigbrovar Hi everyone
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07:19 christophe_c hello #koha
07:19 bigbrovar I am trying to get email notification to work but cant seem to figure out how. am running koha 3.10.02 on ubuntu 10.04 . I already have postfix mta configured and working
07:20 bigbrovar at first I tot the script does the trick.. but notification never works still.
07:21 bigbrovar I found something online about the koha-email-enable script but I have no idea how to enable that
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07:35 mveron Hi #koha
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08:01 mtj bigbrovar, use the deb packages to install koha
08:01 mtj # koha-email-enable  your-koha
08:02 mtj done...
08:05 bigbrovar mtj: I already have a working instance of koha which I built from source.. is there no way to enable email notification using that? or i would have to reinstall to get this functionality?
08:06 mtj koha-email-enable only works with a pkg install
08:06 bigbrovar mtj: we have been running this koha instance for close to 2 years now. Just never got to fix the problem. I setup MTA uses postfix which works on the local server
08:07 bigbrovar mtj: is it possible to enable email notification for a koha instance installed from source?
08:11 mtj yeah, it is
08:12 bigbrovar mtj: any idea how? I have already configured and setup postfix, and also added to a cronjob.
08:13 bigbrovar running doesn't give any error message. But knewly created patrons don't get email notification.
08:14 mtj you need some notifications in the table 1st, before that script will send them…
08:15 mtj so, have you check that there are any rows in that table, 1st?
08:15 mtj ie; is there anything to send
08:17 bigbrovar mtj: let me check the mysql db
08:21 mtj heres a good idea for testing...
08:22 mtj flick the 'ExtendedPatronAttributes' syspref to on
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08:22 mtj go to a test patron, and set 'Item checkout'='email' , for Patron messaging preferences
08:23 mtj then issue an item for that patron...
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08:24 mtj you should see a new row in the message_queue tables
08:24 mtj ...with a status of 'pending'
08:25 mtj running will process that record, and change its status to 'sent'
08:28 mtj ...and you should get an email
08:30 mtj check your postfix logs to confirm it got an email from koha
08:31 mtj before running ./  - check your message_queue table for rows with a 'pending' status
08:32 mtj that ./ has actual pending rows stuff to process
08:33 bigbrovar mtj: please I have been search the staff client but I cant find Item checkout=email .. I cant even find the patron messaging preference :(
08:33 mtj did you enable the syspref?
08:34 mtj flick the 'ExtendedPatronAttributes' syspref to on
08:34 bigbrovar mtj: I didn't just did now. Thanks
08:34 bigbrovar I most have missed it during install
08:35 mtj Patron messaging preferences, is on patrons 'details' screen...
08:38 bigbrovar mtj: I am there now, I can see it. "Patron messaging preferences" but when I click "edit"  I cant make any input change
08:39 mtj pass… it works for me
08:41 mtj … clicking edit, takes me to screen
08:41 mtj and you?
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08:44 drojf good morning #koha
08:47 kf good morning all
08:49 bigbrovar mtj: it does take me to the same page.. but all I see a save button.. .. non of the entry on that page can be modified
08:51 cjh morning kf
08:52 kf evening cjh
08:52 cjh :)
08:52 * mtj waves to all
08:53 bigbrovar mtj: this is what I get
08:55 mtj bigbrovar, my hunch - you are missing rows message_attributes table;
08:55 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "moof" (11 lines) at
08:55 mtj bigbrovar ^^
08:57 bigbrovar mtj: can it be created manually? or would u suggest a reinstall?
08:57 mtj hmm, or your user does not have enuff perms?
08:57 mtj its easy to add maunally, no need for a reinstall
08:58 mtj my hunch may be wrong too
08:58 mtj but, i cant see why you cant edit those values
08:59 mtj aah, i just see yr pic
08:59 mtj yeah, you have some rows missing from your messages_* tables;
09:01 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "moof1" (23 lines) at
09:01 bigbrovar let me try and create that
09:02 mtj just make a new db,
09:02 mtj then load the koha.sql into that db
09:02 mtj then dump what tables you need from that pristine db
09:03 mtj ...into your glitchy db
09:03 mtj (thats wot i'd do)
09:03 bigbrovar mtj: thanks alot, I will do that. What do u think could have caused this to happen?
09:04 bigbrovar mtj: bad upgrade? cus I upgraded from 3.0* to 3.4 and then to 3.10
09:04 bigbrovar or could the mysql table have been corrupted
09:05 mtj koha.sql == ./installer/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql
09:05 mtj hm, not too sure what happened
09:05 kf some of the messaging stuff was not mandatory in the past
09:06 kf so if you didn't check it during installation time in the web installer
09:06 kf you might have missed it
09:06 mtj yeah, ive been caught out too with the messaging tables
09:06 kf we moved it a while ago to mandatory
09:06 mtj ...actually, in the last few weeks even :)
09:06 kf so it shoudl be good now, maybeonly a problem for really old installations
09:07 mtj bigbrovar, i speak with some experience here... i just fixed mine :D
09:08 mtj prolly from 3.0 to 3.4 you missed getting those table rows, i think
09:27 bigbrovar mtj: i did recreate the database from the kohastructure.sql, checked the table it exists
09:27 bigbrovar mtj:but its empty
09:29 mtj ahh, ok..
09:29 mtj ./en/mandatory/message_transport_types.sql
09:29 mtj ./en/mandatory/sample_notices_message_transports.sql
09:30 mtj ./en/mandatory/sample_notices_message_attributes.sql
09:31 mtj those 3 files will fill your empty tables with the needed rows
09:48 bigbrovar mtj: Its looking like I might have to do a reinstall. an oppotunity to have a fresh start, and get the installation on better hardware.
09:49 bigbrovar what is the recommended installation procedure .. I am more comfortable installing from source .. but it seems using the debian packages is more recommended way
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09:53 AmitG heya bag
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10:29 kf bigbrovar_: packages if you are using debian or ubuntu
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10:52 slef any else getting "Error establishing a database connection" on[…]ponsor-kohacon13/ ?
10:53 slef ah that link is on mjr@bletchley:~$ gnome-p
10:53 slef gnome-panel              gnome-power-manager      gnome-power-statistics
10:53 slef gnome-panel-screenshot   gnome-power-preferences  gnome-ppp
10:53 slef mjr@bletchley:~$ gnome-ppp
10:53 slef (gnome-ppp:3859): Gtk-WARNING **: GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with non-zero page size is deprecated
10:53 slef (gnome-ppp:3859): Gtk-WARNING **: GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with non-zero page size is deprecated
10:54 slef WVCONF: /home/mjr/.wvdial.conf
10:54 slef GNOME PPP: Connecting...
10:54 slef GNOME PPP: STDERR: --> Ignoring malformed input line: ";Do NOT edit this file by hand!"
10:54 slef WRONG
10:54 slef sorry
10:54 slef that link is on but it's missing a kohacon13
10:54 slef trying to login to fix...
10:55 slef also gives me a database error.
10:55 slef help!
10:55 slef wahanui: administrators?
10:55 wahanui i haven't a clue, slef
10:55 slef wahanui: webmasters?
10:55 wahanui slef: no idea
10:55 slef wahanui: wiki?
10:55 wahanui wiki is
10:56 slef @seen rangi
10:56 huginn` slef: rangi was last seen in #koha 6 hours, 38 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <rangi> started 18 mins ago
10:56 slef @seen wizzyrea
10:56 huginn` slef: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 11 hours, 21 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> that's important file a bug
10:56 slef @seen gmcharlt
10:56 huginn` slef: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 13 hours, 15 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> and it's copied all over the place
10:56 slef @later tell gmcharlt can you look at the database connection error on please?
10:56 huginn` slef: The operation succeeded.
10:57 slef @later tell gmcharlt and by "look at" I mean "fix if possible" not just reply telling me "yes, that's a database connection error" ;-)
10:57 huginn` slef: The operation succeeded.
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11:33 AmitG hello slef
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12:01 kf slef: i think you might want to contact wizzyrea about that
12:01 kf slef: the website recently moved to a new linode server
12:01 AmitG joined #koha
12:03 kf administrators is[…]te_Administration
12:03 kf administrators?
12:03 wahanui i heard administrators was[…]te_Administration
12:04 kf slef: or maybe drive by? I see the linode is in london ;)
12:04 jcamins Hehe.
12:05 kf outlook is misbehaving.
12:13 jwagner Speaking of administrators, has the IRC log site moved? hasn't responded for a few days
12:13 jcamins logs?
12:13 wahanui logs is
12:14 jwagner Thanks, must have missed that move
12:15 jwagner @later tell wizzyrea Just got your later, I emailed your catalyst address
12:15 huginn` jwagner: The operation succeeded.
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12:46 kf Joubu: bug number confusion? :) bug 10354
12:46 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10354 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Passed QA , Don't show optgroup Libraries when no search groups are defined
12:50 Joubu kf: yep, fixed :)
12:55 kf :)
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13:14 samueld hi everybody
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14:06 libsysguy o/
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14:11 kf friday?
14:11 wahanui somebody said friday was pizzaday!
14:20 gmcharlt slef: yes, that's a database connection error :P
14:20 gmcharlt and now, it's not
14:21 kf gmcharlt++ :)
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15:21 maximep huh, so weird that my patches for 9549 and 8600 were sent with the email of my coworker. Bah, all good, i'm happy they are merged to master :D
15:22 kf maximep: ... as you are here...
15:23 asaurat left #koha
15:23 kf coudl you take a look at 7498 maybe
15:23 kf ?
15:24 christophe_c left #koha
15:24 jcamins bug 7498
15:24 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7498 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pelletiermaxime, Failed QA , Cloning a budget, enable change of description
15:25 bigbrovar__ Hi guys .. does koha use the default system's MTA for sending emails?
15:25 jcamins Yes.
15:27 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10414 - "Course Reserves" should be "Course reserves" in global "More" menu <[…]e826d63818371699f>
15:32 phred joined #koha
15:37 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10420 - Standardize spelling of "authorized" <[…]bbda1133ac9c2c075>
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15:47 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10354 - Don't show optgroup Libraries when no search groups are defined <[…]4963b7bdcf75038fc> / Bug 9300 - filtering Export (MARC) data by accession date does not work <[…]494c6997cbe82899b>
15:53 maximep kf: sure, will try to take an hour to look at it
15:53 kf maximep: thank you :)
15:57 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10221 - hold expiration doesn't show on patron's list of holds <[…]41c6a3494224c1af8>
16:06 melia joined #koha
16:07 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10370: Add item barcode to circulation print summary page <[…]ece7020665100387d> / Bug 10368: (followup) tweak label <[…]d99add957acc7bcfd> / Bug 10368 - Added price to overdue report <[…]ommitdiff;h=f6f7a
16:12 laurence left #koha
16:19 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 2774 - Path to theme is hard-coded in many places <[…]c2abddaefc38b9579>
16:23 gaetan_B bye !
16:25 khall_away joined #koha
16:33 rambutan joined #koha
16:33 rhcl joined #koha
16:33 bigbrovar__ joined #koha
16:52 reiveune1 bye
16:52 reiveune1 left #koha
17:01 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10321: QA Followup on report 9722 <[…]bff15ef2652e418a9> / Bug 10321: Followup for hold notes <[…]74572725da0d4403a>
17:06 cait joined #koha
17:07 pianohacker hey cait
17:07 cait hi pianohacker
17:12 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10343: DBRev <[…]d63b717c056360808> / Bug 10343: dbrev for rename OpacShowHoldNotes to OpacHoldNotes <[…]0c9d962e2cdc9db1d> / Bug 10343: Rename OpacShowHoldNotes to OpacHoldNotes <[…]git;a=commitdiff;
17:12 pianohacker ooh, this is new:
17:25 bigbrovar__ joined #koha
17:38 clrh joined #koha
17:44 edveal joined #koha
18:04 bigbrovar__ joined #koha
18:07 bigbrovar__ Hi guys, anyone knows we I can find the ldap documentation for the improved ldap support in koha 3.12
18:09 jcamins I don't believe there is any. What I wrote in the release notes is the extent of what I or anyone I asked knew about it.
18:12 bigbrovar joined #koha
18:31 cait maybe you will find some more hints on the bug report
18:52 cait @wunder Konstanz
18:53 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 21.6°C (8:50 PM CEST on June 07, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Falling).
19:19 jatara joined #koha
19:28 paul_p joined #koha
19:45 pianohacker @seen oleonard
19:45 huginn` pianohacker: oleonard was last seen in #koha 1 day, 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: * oleonard hops in his time machine and sets it for the future
19:45 pianohacker crap, he hasn't gotten back yet
19:45 pianohacker does anyone know what our html/xhtml/html5 policy is?
19:47 pianohacker nvm, wiki has it:[…]es#HTML_Templates
20:09 cait pianohacker: i think we have a html5 doctype now
20:09 cait i don't know about the use of individual tags
20:10 cait ah
20:10 cait i should ready back all the way :)
20:12 cait bye khall_away :)
20:13 cait ;)
20:13 tcohen joined #koha
20:26 dani joined #koha
20:27 tcohen hi rangi
20:35 jwagner /quit
20:35 cait hi tcohen
20:35 cait :)
20:36 tcohen hi cait
20:36 tcohen i read your message
20:36 cait oh which one?
20:36 wahanui which one is that?
20:36 cait ssh wahanui
20:36 gmcharlt wahanui: forget which one
20:36 wahanui gmcharlt: I forgot which one
20:36 tcohen 10249
20:37 cait hi gmcharlt
20:37 tcohen make javascript translatable
20:37 gmcharlt hi cait
20:41 Dyrcona About every 3rd time I pay attention in here, someone is having an Abbott & Costello routing with wahanui. :)
20:41 Dyrcona s/routing/routine/
20:42 gmcharlt Dyrcona: heh.  I'd be happier if wahanui only learned statements it was explicitly told to remember
20:42 cait huh? :)
20:43 cait gmcharlt: that would kill half of the fun!
20:43 cait well... more like 2 thirds of the fun...
20:43 cait lots of it. :)
20:43 gmcharlt cait: in case you were asking about Abbott & Costello -
20:45 cait i was thx :)
20:59 jcamins pianohacker: HTML5++
21:00 jcamins gmcharlt: that would entirely ruin the wahanui experience.
21:01 gmcharlt jcamins: cait: sure, I get that
21:01 gmcharlt wahanui is just something that happens to rub gmcharlt the wrong way, sometimes
21:01 jcamins Ah.
21:01 gmcharlt wahanui?
21:01 wahanui yes, gmcharlt?
21:01 gmcharlt heh
21:01 gmcharlt clever
21:01 gmcharlt wahanui: what is wahanui?
21:01 wahanui hmmm... i am a repository of important and useful and accurate information or at least partially slow.
21:02 cait see - he is helping!
21:02 cait wahanui botsnack cookies
21:02 wahanui :)
21:02 cait gmcharlt rmsnack cookies ? :)
21:02 gmcharlt yum!
21:03 cait phew
21:03 cait i was worried it wouldn't work :)
21:03 gmcharlt cait++
21:03 cait jcamins?
21:03 wahanui jcamins is brilliant
21:03 drnoe_away left #koha
21:03 cait maybe you are right about wahanui... after all
21:03 cait jcamins?
21:03 wahanui well, jcamins is RM for 3.12, and just about the only one crazy enough to work on major projects in both authorities and search.
21:04 cait just trying to tease jcamins, but guess he is already gone again
21:06 jcamins banks--
21:06 jcamins I moved over a year ago, and have changed my address at least twice with this bank.
21:06 jcamins So why is it that they sent mail to the wrong address?
21:06 rhcl gmcharlt/cait <- too funny
21:07 jcamins gmcharlt: your cats use their cat bed(s)?
21:07 gmcharlt jcamins: I know, right?
21:08 gmcharlt the cat bed in question in fact had been studiously ignored for *years* ... until I moved it into my office
21:08 jcamins We finally got rid of Myshkin's beds because he *never* used them.
21:09 gmcharlt (though it may have helped that I sprinkled it with a large dose of catnip when I moved it)
21:09 jcamins Then when I bought a ream of paper and put the top right where the bed had been, he jumped into the box top, and he cries if we try to take it away.
21:09 jcamins Well, 10 reams of paper, actually, I guess... a ream is just the 500-sheet package, isn't it?
21:11 bag hey gmcharlt jcamins and rhcl
21:11 gmcharlt hi bag
21:11 rhcl hey bag
21:11 * cait waves
21:11 bag oh hey cait
21:11 cait :)
21:11 bag so cait I ate the bunny the other day
21:12 bag I wanted some chocolate and couldn't resist
21:12 bag but Ginny had fun with the little bell :D
21:12 cait it's way after easter, it had a long life
21:12 jcamins Noooooooooo how could you do that?!? It was a hare not a coney!
21:12 cait i hope you liked it
21:12 bag it was still yummy and good timing
21:13 gmcharlt jcamins: so you're saying you bought a bale of paper?
21:13 bag welcome back from lunch melia
21:13 melia thanks
21:13 cait bag: it's made for eating, i will hve to think about things i can bring to Reno :)
21:13 jcamins gmcharlt: is that the unit? I guess so.
21:14 jcamins Anyway, the point is, he likes that box way more than he ever liked the bed.
21:14 cait jcamins: he likes to choose his own bed
21:14 gmcharlt jcamins: yeah, just teasting -- random factoid I picked up just now from wikipedia
21:14 jcamins gmcharlt: actually, that's useful to know. I can sound very knowledgeable.
21:14 cait jcamins: myshkin is a cat - what did you expect? :)
21:14 jcamins "Pip pip good sir, could you please tell me where you keep your bales of paper?"
21:15 gmcharlt heh
21:15 pianohacker "But sir we have our _finest_ mattresses over here, made from tip-top chinese polyester"
21:16 pianohacker "oh no that simply will not do"
21:17 jcamins Actually, he's been shedding his winter coat these past few weeks, so he's spent most of his sleeping time in the office stretched out on the floor in the hopes that I'll curry him.
21:17 pianohacker gmcharlt++
21:17 pianohacker For posting who's on first
21:17 cait pianohacker: what did i miss? :)
21:18 pianohacker no, what's on second
21:19 jcamins I don't know! (third base!)
21:19 * cait starts to feel left out
21:19 cait :)
21:19 bag who plays left field
21:20 jcamins No, who's on first.
21:22 gaetan_B joined #koha
21:23 bag one of the best comedy routines of all time
21:25 gmcharlt
21:29 cait oh
21:33 pianohacker what am I even watching?
21:33 cait guess it's time to sleep
21:33 cait good night all :)
21:33 cait left #koha
21:33 gmcharlt pianohacker: something rather, rather old
22:07 mtj gmcharlt, about?
22:08 * mtj was just gonna reply to your email
22:10 bag yo mtj HI
22:10 mtj yo yo baby b
22:11 gmcharlt mtj: well, feel free to reply to my email :)
22:12 mtj gmcharlt, i was - (if i didnt catch you here 1st)
22:14 mtj gmcharlt, ah, i'll just email you, its already half written
22:21 mtj bag, are you still about for a quick Q?
22:22 bag yup
22:24 mtj heya bag, has bywater done any xslt mods for RDA?
22:24 bag mtj we do
22:24 bag edveal has been working on them
22:24 bag when you see him in channel ping him :)
22:25 rambutan joined #koha
22:25 bag he's gone for the weekend
22:25 rhcl joined #koha
22:25 mtj cool, thats awesome news
22:26 mtj whats his #irc name…?  edveal
22:27 bag yup edveal
22:28 mtj sweet, i'll see if i can catch him on #irc mon/tues
23:02 pianohacker bye #koha, have a good wekend
23:02 pianohacker weeeeeekend
23:07 maximep left #koha
23:09 bigbrovar joined #koha
23:10 jcamins mtj: have you found out what RDA fields your users want displayed?
23:10 * jcamins is very curious about this.
23:12 mtj almost, but not yet
23:13 melia left #koha
23:14 mtj the bigger task is RDA fields….  and newly added fields between marc21-8 and marc21-16
23:18 mtj hmm, i think i mean - the bigger task is newly added fields between marc21-8 and marc21-16
23:18 mtj …of which the RDA fields are a subset
23:19 jcamins Fortunately that's easy to deal with.
23:19 jcamins Kind of painful, but easy enough that you can farm the QA out to an LIS student.
23:20 jcamins (though of course LIS students are people too!)
23:20 mtj yeah, its boring tedious work - but pretty straight-forward
23:23 mtj … which is why i've been asking on the lists about it :)
23:23 mtj i'm really hoping to avoid duplicating this work, if other have already done bits of it
23:23 bag mtj != LIS student
23:24 mtj ha, thats insulting to LIS students
23:25 mtj i was bitching on the dev-list last week about marc fields being in UPPERCASE with '--' seperators
23:26 mtj …saying i thought it was a bug.
23:27 mtj Irma told me its actually part of the MARC21 spec :D
23:27 jcamins bag: if mtj were an LIS student, there wouldn't be much point in my suggesting to him that he delegate the task to one.
23:27 jcamins Unless, I suppose, I were trying to say "do it yourself already."
23:27 jcamins But I tend to be a bit more blunt when that's what I'm trying to communicate.
23:28 mtj i think bag was joking back there :)
23:29 * jcamins too. :P
23:31 mtj all good :)
23:33 bag sorry I was off making pulled pork sandwiches!!! yummy
23:33 jcamins A bit of a late lunch, isn't it?
23:33 jcamins 3:30?
23:33 bag yeah mtj I think edveal has been working on parts of the XSLT RDA stuff
23:33 bag jcamins: I've got a 20 hour smoking of a pork butt going
23:34 bigbrovar joined #koha
23:34 bag just checking on the last stages of that
23:34 jcamins bag: gotcha.
23:34 jcamins This is in your tandoor-bbq grill?
23:35 bag yeah kamado grill
23:36 bag best thing that I've ever cooked on it though - was pork chops - injected with peach juice :)
23:36 bag I'm going to make that for BobB and irma when they are here on monday
23:37 * jcamins hopes they're not vegetarian!
23:37 bag I checked first :P
23:50 mcooper joined #koha
23:59 mcooper joined #koha

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