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00:33 rangi so lets say 500grams
00:33 rangi ahh he's gone
00:34 eythian I think his conversion was wrong, 40USD seemed more likely for the 1KG
00:34 rangi yeah
00:36 dcook ...
00:36 * dcook opens and closes his mouth
00:36 rangi heh
00:37 rangi coffee
00:37 rangi[…]opian-yirgacheffe
00:39 dcook Mmm, I'll believe you...this time
00:39 dcook Coffee good in New Zealand?
00:40 rangi it is in wellington
00:41 dcook :D
00:41 dcook To be honest, I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but the coffee back in Canada wasn't really very good
00:41 dcook Although Tim Horton's can get you through anything
00:41 rangi there were a couple of nice places i found in vancouver
00:41 cjh mmmhhmm donuts
00:41 bag cindy our bookkeeper's husband roasts his own - I get some of that from time to time - and that's goog
00:41 dcook 2 hours of sleep? Have a double double and you're wired for the next two days
00:41 bag good
00:41 rangi but yeah on average, it was pretty average
00:42 dcook Where did you find in Vancouver, rangi?
00:43 rangi it was a random one, about 2 blocks from the hotel in the direction of stanley park
00:43 rangi and suprisingly (or not) the place in the university where the hackfest was on was decent too
00:49 dcook Oh yeah?
00:49 dcook I don't even remember a place at the hackfest
00:49 dcook Which hotel were you in?
00:49 rangi the one the conf was in
00:50 bag heya druthb
00:50 druthb heya, bag
00:50 dcook Mmm, right
00:50 bag going to star trek tonight
00:50 rangi[…]php?s=Koha&p=Koha
00:50 rangi lets keep that outflow up :-)
00:50 bag our first date - and the first time ginny has a babysitter :)
00:50 dcook I actually worked in the building next door. West Georgia is a pretty good street
00:50 druthb Yay! :)  Have fun, bag!
00:50 rangi ohh have fun
00:51 bag did you like the movie?
00:51 druthb *loved* it.
00:51 bag great great!
00:52 eythian bag: saw that last night
00:52 bag you like it?
00:53 eythian It's quite good. A few things I wasn't so fussed on, but still well worth the watch.
00:53 eythian Definitely fun.
00:53 bag shit I can't go now
00:53 bag :P
00:53 bag heh
00:54 dcook eythian: Yeah, I've heard some mixed things
00:55 bag oh thanks dcook I am definitely not going now :(
00:55 * druthb pokes bag with her pointy stick.
00:55 bag thanks
00:55 bag heh
00:56 druthb Go watch it, silly.
00:56 dcook I'm totes going to see it sometime as well. Hmm, maybe I'll go tonight...
00:56 dcook My partner has already seen it, so I think I might have to go solo
00:57 * dcook might be more of a Star Wars fan than a Star Trek fan...well if you exclude the 2000s...
00:57 dcook Or was that the last 90s...
00:57 dcook I think I've just blocked out the newer Star Wars movies
00:57 eythian The problem is, star wars is only 3 movies, whereas star trek as a lot more canon to draw from
00:58 cjh I thought there was only 3 star wars movies?
00:58 cjh s/was/were/
00:58 cjh and beaten to the punch line too :)
00:58 dcook :p
00:59 dcook True, although I thought the Star Wars novels added quite a bit to the universe
00:59 * dcook says feeling like such a stereotype
00:59 dcook I said last night that I was proud of my nerdiness though, so I'll stand by it :p
01:01 dcook Wow, 63 people for Kohacon. Not bad
01:02 dcook Wish that I would've been at that talk could have 15 minutes shaved off as well
02:16 mtompset Star Wars is 6 movies, though the pre-quels kind of sucked by comparison.
02:18 eythian mtompset: 3 mocies.
02:18 eythian *movies.
02:19 mtompset You have episodes 1 through 6, though 4-6 came first.
02:19 wizzyrea errrr
02:19 eythian No, they never made 1-3. I remember them talking about it though.
02:19 * wizzyrea wonders where eythian's sarcasm mark is
02:20 eythian pity, they could have been good I reckon
02:20 * mtompset agree with wizzyrea.
02:20 * mtompset agrees with wizzyrea.
02:22 druthb mtompset: you can assume eythian is being sarcastic--or at least mildly ironic--any time he's awake.   :)
02:22 eythian I've been teaching myself to sleep-IRC, if that helps any.
02:23 druthb hehe
02:23 mtompset I think that is what I'm doing now.
02:23 mtompset I just woke up from an early evening nap.
02:23 eythian wahanui: paste
02:23 wahanui I eat paste! It's tasty!
02:24 eythian wahanui: eat paste
02:24 wahanui eythian: sorry...
02:24 eythian wahanui: eat paste is <reply>[…]ibrary_paste_1908
02:24 wahanui OK, eythian.
02:31 mtompset And the new Star Trek movie is interesting. Though, the villan's character doesn't work for me.
02:32 eythian I had trouble not seeing him as Sherlock Holmes.
02:33 * wizzyrea notices you are discussing benedict cumberbatch - swoons.
02:34 dcook hehe
02:37 wizzyrea
02:38 wizzyrea oh LOVE montreal... not OF montreal.
02:39 dcook :p
02:40 wizzyrea it's not such a stretch to pretend you're in antarctica from here :P
02:40 dcook hehe, true as
02:40 dcook It's rather cold in the office today...
02:41 dcook I think my hands are turning purple
02:41 * dcook might be slightly exaggerating
02:41 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
02:41 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 12.0°C (2:00 PM NZST on May 24, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
02:41 wizzyrea hm that's quite nice actually
02:41 wizzyrea nice to see a humidity somewhere below 80%
02:43 dcook @wunder sydney, australia
02:43 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 16.0°C (12:30 PM EST on May 24, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
02:43 dcook Mrow
03:07 * eythian really needs to make a marcgrep that extracts records that only match a pattern.
03:07 eythian I think I've said that before.
03:17 mtompset That would be useful. :)
03:18 mtompset would you do it from the XML field or the koha table fields?
03:18 eythian no, from the MARC records I work on on disk
03:18 eythian To find records that match a problematic pattern for my migration scripts, say.
03:19 mtompset Ah.
03:39 dac joined #koha
04:06 eythian wahanui: is it beer o'clock yet?
04:06 eythian ...
04:06 eythian :<
04:08 trea mayhap so
04:18 mtompset Are you trying to teach wahanui to be a boozer, eythian?
04:22 zebran00b joined #koha
04:23 zebran00b is there a marcedit ninja in the house?
04:25 mtompset Not I, but you could ask your question anyways. :)
04:28 zebran00b joined #koha
04:31 zebran00b When I swap 090$a$b to 952$o in MarcEdit for books with multiple copies/volumes, it only gets added to the first item
04:38 mtompset Okay, I have a counter question, because I'm not a marcedit ninja.
04:39 mtompset Assuming that your swap leaves 090$a$b intact, does doing the swap again update the second one?
04:42 zebran00b doing a second swap adds a second $o to the first 952
04:42 mtompset Oh. Yuck. That would be bad.
04:43 zebran00b yup
04:43 zebran00b I guess another possibility is to modify the MARC framework in Koha somehow, but I wouldn't know where to begin
04:47 mtompset And sadly, neither would I.
04:49 mtompset And unfortunately, my library colleague who I would ask is probably on lunch right now.
04:55 zebran00b I'm thinking there's a regular expression for this
04:56 wizzyrea @quote add <zebran00b> I'm thinking there's a regular expression for this
04:56 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #251 added.
04:56 cjh heh
04:56 wizzyrea @quote random
04:56 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #51: "jwagner thinks true joy is not wanting to do a telecon, and finding out the other person has forgotten about it & left for the day :-)" (added by a user that is no longer registered at 07:35 PM, January 20, 2010)
04:56 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
04:56 wizzyrea @quote random
04:57 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #114: "chris_n: maybe you mean black magic with reference to zebra? ;-) ; wizzyrea: correction: black magic of zebra :D ; sekjal: correction: black and white striped magic of zebra .... ; rhcl: zebra sounds like a skunk ; chris_n thinks is may smell occasionally too, like a pole cat." (added by wizzyrea at 04:49 PM, January 18, 2011)
04:57 * wizzyrea giggles
04:57 wizzyrea that's a good one.
04:57 wizzyrea @quote random
04:57 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #219: "You can't hit a perl module in the face. You can only hit it in its package!" (added by wizzyrea at 03:03 PM, October 10, 2012)
04:57 wizzyrea *snicker*
04:57 wizzyrea @quote random
04:57 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
04:57 wizzyrea true.
04:57 wizzyrea @quote random
04:57 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #52: "<wizzyrea> Ahh, it's like putting on your slippers" (added by gmcharlt at 08:50 PM, January 28, 2010)
04:57 wizzyrea @quote random
04:57 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #47: "pianohacker bah, go collision attack the front of a moving car" (added by brendan at 10:15 PM, November 16, 2009)
04:58 wizzyrea *snicker*
04:58 wizzyrea @quote random
04:58 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #208: "<mtompset> Tonight... I tango with git." (added by jcamins at 03:01 PM, June 28, 2012)
04:58 wizzyrea <3
04:58 wizzyrea @quote random
04:58 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #120: "<sekjal> I think time is less like a continuum, and more like a series of git commits" (added by gmcharlt at 05:57 PM, January 27, 2011)
04:58 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
04:58 wizzyrea @quote random
04:58 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #34: "<chris> oh except that time .. when katipo decided to write an ils just for fun, then forced HLT to use it" (added by gmcharlt at 06:23 PM, September 16, 2009)
04:58 mtompset And frequently, I step on git's toes. :P
04:58 wizzyrea @quote random
04:58 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #152: "gmcharlt: Koha: unifying the world one library at a time" (added by wizzyrea at 02:19 PM, September 13, 2011)
04:58 wizzyrea @quote random
04:58 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #177: "oleonard: If Buck Rogers used IRC he'd put bip on Twiki and tell Twiki to never sleep." (added by wizzyrea at 04:43 PM, January 10, 2012)
04:58 wizzyrea I'll stop soon... aomost hometime
04:59 wizzyrea @quote random
04:59 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #221: "I used to be sane like you, until I took a MARC data to the knee" (added by chrisc at 09:28 PM, October 23, 2012)
04:59 wizzyrea kekekekekeke
04:59 wizzyrea @quote random
04:59 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #227: "wizzyrea: lol, you should have searched for paroxysms" (added by druthb at 12:40 AM, December 28, 2012)
04:59 wizzyrea @quote random
04:59 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #225: "eythian: The koha community is a major force in preventing the extinction of zebras with the amount we're rebuilding." (added by wizzyrea at 09:44 PM, December 19, 2012)
04:59 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
04:59 wizzyrea @quote random
04:59 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #166: "jcamins: this is IRC. There's a several decade long tradition of lurking." (added by wizzyrea at 03:06 PM, November 17, 2011)
04:59 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
04:59 wizzyrea gosh we are super witty
04:59 wizzyrea @quote random
04:59 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #62: "<fallor> is this a known thingy?" (added by gmcharlt at 01:18 PM, February 26, 2010)
04:59 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
04:59 cjh maybe we need a "@quote all" command
04:59 wizzyrea oh god.
05:00 wizzyrea there are like 270something
05:00 wizzyrea @quote get 270
05:00 huginn wizzyrea: Error: There is no Quote with id #270 in my database for #koha.
05:00 wizzyrea @quote get 250
05:00 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #250: "<cjh> This code smells of wine." (added by wizzyrea at 04:52 AM, May 24, 2013)
05:00 wizzyrea aaaand I'm apent.
05:00 wizzyrea spent
05:00 wizzyrea or repenting
05:00 wizzyrea or someting
05:00 wizzyrea can't type, clearly
05:00 cjh > apent. third-person plural future active indicative of apō
05:01 mtompset grandchild?
05:01 mtompset Oh wait... There's a diacritic marking.
05:02 mtompset wizzyrea: your quote flooding smells of wine. :P
05:03 cait joined #koha
05:03 mtompset Greetings, cait.
05:04 mtompset @quote get 260
05:04 huginn mtompset: Error: There is no Quote with id #260 in my database for #koha.
05:04 mtompset @quote get 255
05:04 huginn mtompset: Error: There is no Quote with id #255 in my database for #koha.
05:04 mtompset @quote get 252
05:04 huginn mtompset: Error: There is no Quote with id #252 in my database for #koha.
05:04 mtompset @quote get 251
05:04 huginn mtompset: Quote #251: "<zebran00b> I'm thinking there's a regular expression for this" (added by wizzyrea at 04:56 AM, May 24, 2013)
05:05 mtompset I would say there are 251 quotes, but that will become more and more inaccurate, much like the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. ;)
05:05 mtompset I would say there are 251 quotes, but that will become more and more inaccurate, much like the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. ;)
05:06 Irma joined #koha
05:08 cait hi #koha
05:09 cjh evening cait :)
05:09 cait hi cjh :)
05:10 mtompset Wait a second... if #251 is the last, but @quote stats says there are only 239... which ones are missing? I hate being curious about useless things.
05:11 cjh he responds in private chat /msg huginn @quote random #koha
05:11 cjh so you could write a bot to bug him :)
05:11 cjh for science!
05:14 cait no bugging the bot!
05:14 cait huginn botsnack cookie
05:14 huginn cait: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
05:14 cait !huginn botsnack cookie
05:15 cait ah yeah... he never liked my cookies, bug him
05:22 mtompset @quote get 6
05:22 huginn mtompset: Quote #6: "gmcharlt: kf: hold requests are a plot to sell more aspirin ;)" (added by wizzyrea at 04:13 PM, June 16, 2009)
05:36 cait @quote random
05:36 huginn cait: Quote #94: "<chris> the more i explain, the more ppl know, and the less i have to do in the future ... its purely selfish hehe" (added by kf at 08:45 AM, September 13, 2010)
05:39 cait good side on my bread going green? warm croissant :)
05:52 aj_ joined #koha
05:53 aj_
05:53 aj_ SMS is pending
05:53 aj_ what am i suppose to send sms?
05:54 aj_ What script am i suppose to run in order to send SMS?
05:54 mtompset Sorry, I don't know.
05:54 mtompset Just learned about INSERT IGNORE... nice option.
06:00 mtompset I should get some sleep.
06:00 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period).
06:05 drojf joined #koha
06:20 drojf good morning #koha
06:21 jajm hello
06:22 * magnuse waves
06:24 cait hi all
06:31 santy_ joined #koha
06:42 reiveune joined #koha
06:42 reiveune hello
06:46 * magnuse loses patience with firefox
06:46 drojf whats wrong with firefox?
06:47 magnuse it's a bit of a memory hog
06:49 magnuse and my poor old mac mini is not too well endowed in the memory department these days
06:50 alex_a_ bonjour !
06:50 drojf i wonder how that works with the firefox os phones. only 512mb ram, i never see my desktop firefox browser use that "little", but it seems to work for a whole os based on it :D
06:51 drojf hi alex_a_
06:51 drojf oh, i lied. 350mb atm for my firefox.
06:51 drojf looks like something got better. which version are you using magnuse?
06:52 cait left #koha
06:52 dcook magnuse: I lost patience with Firefox a while ago for that reason
06:53 * dcook goes back to frantic coding
06:53 magnuse drojf: 21
06:53 magnuse dcook++
06:54 drojf magnuse: well, you can always use lynx
06:54 drojf :P
06:55 magnuse hehe, yeah
06:57 magnuse heh, looks like it's part of the default ubuntu setup :-)
06:58 drojf :)
06:59 drojf i wonder how well it works with koha
07:00 drojf maybe oleonard can optimize koha for lynx :D
07:00 drojf (i bet he already did)
07:00 samueld joined #koha
07:00 samueld hi everybody
07:05 lds joined #koha
07:05 magnuse drojf: actually the opac worked better than i expected :-)
07:08 dcook hey ya samueld
07:09 samueld hey dcook
07:14 sophie_m joined #koha
07:15 christophe_c joined #koha
07:15 christophe_c hello #koha
07:36 kf joined #koha
07:36 huginn GERMS!!!!
07:36 wahanui Germs originated in Germany, before rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the world.
07:36 kf hi #koha, hi wahanui
07:43 sophie_m joined #koha
07:45 drojf joined #koha
07:47 * dcook waves to drojf
07:47 dcook Night #koha. Perhaps I'll see some of you over the next few days...
07:48 drojf seems like oftc has some issues with ssl certificates?! i could not reconnect for a while
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09:14 magnuse @wunder boo
09:14 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 16.0°C (10:50 AM CEST on May 24, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 39%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
09:14 magnuse @wunder chania
09:14 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece is 21.8°C (11:40 AM EEST on May 24, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
09:21 lds joined #koha
09:25 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
09:25 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany is 14.2°C (11:13 AM CEST on May 24, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
09:29 kf @wunder Berlin
09:29 huginn kf: Error: No such location could be found.
09:29 kf @wunder Konstanz
09:29 huginn kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 6.7°C (11:25 AM CEST on May 24, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
09:34 magnuse wow kf, that's positively cold!
09:35 rangi @wunder nzwn
09:35 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0°C (9:00 PM NZST on May 24, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
09:35 kf it is
09:35 kf we turned the heatng on again in the office
09:35 magnuse ouch
10:08 vfernandes joined #koha
10:08 vfernandes hello :)
10:08 vfernandes there are any bugs associated to IndependentBranches?
10:10 vfernandes the problem that i'm having in 3.8 is that the librarians can change items from other libraries
10:17 drojf vfernandes:[…]C&query_based_on=
10:20 magnuse vfernandes: i think superlibrarians can change items from any branch - could that be it?
10:20 vfernandes the bug that i've said isn't in that list... should I open a new one?
10:20 vfernandes they aren't superlibrarian...
10:20 vfernandes they are users with editcatalogue permissions
10:21 drojf hm there are even more with different spelling. independent branches. independantbranches
10:21 drojf are they superlibrarians? i think those are supposed to be able to change from all branches
10:21 drojf i think there was a bug like that, but i don't have time to search for it
10:22 * magnuse foresees a lot of fun with independentbranches/independantbranches in the future ;-)
10:22 drojf heh
10:22 vfernandes they aren't superlibrarians
10:24 drojf i think there was some talk here about that… because i remember learning that on superlibrarians while reading about it
10:25 drojf maybe i am confusing it with something else though
10:27 vfernandes bug 10322 filled
10:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10322 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , IndependentBranches - can edit items from other branches
10:31 kf vfernandes: thee was one bug fixed witht he context menu
10:31 kf sorr,y now i was too slow
10:31 kf if it's that they can uese the edit item link from the context menu (cickingin a field) that has been fixed
10:32 kf bug 10225
10:32 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10225 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Stable , If an item isn't editable, don't show the onclick Edit/Delete menu
10:36 alex_a_ joined #koha
10:40 vfernandes sorry kf... so is a bug of javascript
11:10 wilfrid joined #koha
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11:19 Viktor joined #koha
11:19 kf vfernandes: no need to be sorry - i just happened to test that fix
11:20 Viktor Greetings!
11:20 kf hi Viktor
11:21 Viktor Hi kf!
11:22 Viktor Does Koha support "Opac holdings" in the Z39.50 server?
11:23 Viktor (And no I'm not yet a Koha hacker - but I'm learning Github and having a look at the code once in a while)
11:23 Viktor (Good looking code btw)
11:26 kf Viktor: sorry, not sure
11:31 jcamins Viktor: no, the only record type Koha supports is MARC.
11:31 jcamins Woohoo! Frozen spinach is on sale!
11:33 magnuse jcamins: can you get some for me too?
11:34 jcamins Hehe.
11:34 magnuse and hiya Viktor
11:34 jcamins magnuse: I'll get as much as I can fit in the freezer, and when you're in NYC you can use some too. :)
11:34 kf :)
11:34 kf and me?
11:34 wahanui i think kf is cait or really, really sweet. or <reply>she gives me memory loss or a holds expert.
11:34 magnuse jcamins: yay! :-)
11:36 Viktor Thanks kf and jcamins
11:36 Viktor And hi magnuse!
11:37 Viktor We will want to show availability in the large national catalogue and it can either be done with Z39.50 or complying with a custom API.
11:38 Viktor I guess magnuse and I will have a chat about it later :) I
11:38 jcamins Viktor: item records are included in the Z39.50 results, but I suspect the custom API will make more sense.
11:39 Viktor jcamins Ok. I guess we'll go with a the API and make it a part of "activate settings for sweden"
11:42 kf Viktor: i think sru has the items too - but maybe a custom api using ils-di as base would be nicer (and maybe faster)
11:44 drojf joined #koha
11:44 Viktor Thanks for the tip kf It's a really small API. Really just id-number as input and returning some XML with a few fields.
11:46 magnuse we have the items in z30.50 and sru, as far as i know, but the problem is that the national service would need to know how to interpret our item info
11:46 jcamins That would be my interpretation as well.
11:46 Viktor The national service has a custom script to translate from Z39.50 to their API
11:47 koha joined #koha
11:47 Viktor (looking for more info)
11:48 koha hello from inside a koha livedvd ...
11:48 NateC joined #koha
11:48 jcamins drojf: since you're testing the live dvd, I am referring all live dvd questions to you from now on.
11:49 koha jcamins it comes with sudoku and mindesweeper
11:49 koha minesweeper
11:50 magnuse mindsweeper sounds like a fun game, though
11:52 Viktor magnuse Great if it still works. The only requirements are "opac holdings" in Z39.50 and that the Libris-id (we'll get that when we have the new records) is searchable.
11:59 magnuse Viktor: sounds like we got some figuring out to do :-)
12:02 Viktor magnuse - Yep. I'll email you the documentation so you can have a look.
12:02 magnuse yay
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12:03 edveal joined #koha
12:12 oleonard joined #koha
12:12 oleonard Hi #koha
12:19 talljoy joined #koha
12:21 * magnuse gets to test the new koha-*-sip scripts
12:23 tcohen joined #koha
12:25 tcohen morning #koha
12:25 magnuse hiya tcohen
12:27 tcohen druthb_away: power supply problem, looks like the generator didn't wake up
12:31 Dyrcona joined #koha
12:45 alex_a joined #koha
12:47 alex_a joined #koha
12:48 Viktor left #koha
13:00 * oleonard proposes renaming opaccolorstylesheet but doesn't have a good suggestion for what to rename it to
13:02 jcamins OpacAdditionalStylesheet
13:03 oleonard jcamins: That seems logical
13:40 pastebot "magnuse" at pasted "any sip2 experts able to see what is going wrong here?" (345 lines) at
13:42 Dani joined #koha
13:58 * drojf leaves
14:04 kf magnuse: still around?
14:06 magnuse a littlebit
14:06 magnuse ah, i might miss the user with permissions, perhaps
14:06 maximep joined #koha
14:08 magnuse yes, that fixed it!
14:08 magnuse kf++
14:12 druthb kf++
14:24 gmcharlt @quote random
14:24 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #174: "paul_p I answer to SLEF" (added by Brooke at 10:16 AM, January 04, 2012)
14:26 kf joined #koha
14:26 huginn GERMS!!!!
14:26 wahanui Germs originated in Germany, before rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the world.
14:27 * druthb wields pointy stick, to defend herself from the bots.
14:28 kf they are only warning you from me I guess :)
14:28 druthb puh.  I don't need a warning!
14:35 oleonard puh.
14:36 kf hi oleonard
14:39 jcamins Right next to me on the desk is a book entitled "Les <<Poulains>> de Corinthe."
14:41 druthb hi, oleonard!  Puh.
14:44 rambutan joined #koha
14:45 rambutan can a sysop kick rambutan1 plz?
14:45 alex_a rambutan: ghost command
14:45 rambutan ?
14:46 oleonard "Rambutan: Ghost Command" sounds like an awesome action flick.
14:46 alex_a /msg nickserv ghost username password
14:46 rambutan does have a certain ring to it, doesn't it?
14:46 alex_a not nickserv
14:47 jcamins Bwahaha!
14:47 rambutan tried command, didn't do anything. rambutan1 is not a registered nick
14:47 jcamins There is no rambutan1.
14:47 rambutan well, I see rambutan1, lemme log off/on
14:47 rambutan left #koha
14:49 rhcl joined #koha
14:50 rambutan I haven't met a chat client yet I really truly liked.
14:50 talljoy joined #koha
14:52 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10206 - Add Koha TT Plugin - Koha.Preference <[…]a3791ac35082237ac>
14:55 jenkins_koha Starting build #1199 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
14:58 rambutan1 joined #koha
15:02 jcamins You know, using 3.10.x is a real let-down.
15:02 jcamins 3.12 is so much prettier.
15:03 lds1 joined #koha
15:08 mcooper joined #koha
15:09 mcooper joined #koha
15:10 pianohacker joined #koha
15:15 rambutan Koha v4.12 is going to have little dancing blue cows in the lower right hand corner, I hear.
15:22 gmcharlt rambutan: you hear wrong
15:22 gmcharlt it's actually going to be dancing kitties
15:22 rambutan ah, nobody advised me of the change order
15:27 christophe_c left #koha
15:30 drojf joined #koha
15:44 reiveune1 left #koha
15:53 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10120: DBRev <[…]ba7f1a80f42eda21c> / Bug 10120: Adding a syspref to control if overdue charges are updated on return <[…]e0a14f9d2733cd5db>
15:58 melia joined #koha
16:12 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1199: SUCCESS in 1 hr 16 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1199/
16:12 jenkins_koha Kyle M Hall: Bug 10206 - Add Koha TT Plugin - Koha.Preference
16:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10206 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Master , Add Koha TT Plugin
16:12 kf gmcharlt++ :)
16:13 jenkins_koha Starting build #1200 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
16:14 tcohen joined #koha
16:23 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9161: Followup: the -f param does not work correctly <[…]954df2aa34d606633> / Bug 9161: Translate only specific files <[…]01207f18ccc10936e>
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17:05 kf bye all
17:05 kf left #koha
17:17 msaby joined #koha
17:18 msaby hello #koha
17:22 drojf hi msaby
17:23 msaby happy to see sbdy posted UNIMARC related patch in Bugzilla
17:23 msaby do you know him? From his name, he seems to be a Pole
17:24 jcamins Janusz isn't around #koha much, I don't think.
17:27 msaby well, I'm going to test his patchs
17:27 jcamins msaby++
17:27 drojf yay. unimarc people unite!
17:28 jcamins You have nothing to lose but your wacky varying fixed field lengths!
17:28 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1200: SUCCESS in 1 hr 15 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1200/
17:28 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 10120: Adding a syspref to control if overdue charges are updated on return
17:28 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 10120: DBRev
17:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10120 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Master , Fine recalculation on return needs to be a system preference
17:28 msaby sometimes, as a unimarc user, I feel like a black sheep :(
17:28 jcamins msaby: it's a shame, because UNIMARC is better than MARC21, mostly.
17:29 * oleonard quits early
17:29 jcamins Except, of course, for the fact that the 100 field is different lengths depending on whether you have an authority or a bib record, which is silly.
17:29 oleonard Have a nice weekend #koha
17:29 * msaby ♥ @jcamins
17:29 drojf jcamins and unimarc sittin' in a tree…
17:29 jenkins_koha Starting build #1201 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
17:29 pianohacker my goodness, that's an old xulrunner
17:29 msaby never realized that for 100 field
17:29 jcamins drojf: the only thing that I will do with MARC in a tree is string it up for the birds to peck at.
17:30 drojf lol
17:30 msaby for me the main advantage of unimarc is linking bibs to auth using identifiers, and not string
17:30 jcamins pianohacker: I believe after 1.9.2 they changed the way xulrunner worked, but Dyrcona can confirm.
17:31 pianohacker probably; back in the day xulrunner changed directions about every other week
17:31 jcamins msaby: UNIMARC authority records are just generally better... regular MARC21 authorities don't contain any biographical information, really.
17:32 Dyrcona Xulrunner 3.6.x is basically the same as xulrunner 1.9.x. After that it tracks more closely to firefox versions.
17:33 msaby jcamins : we are not happy with RDA here. We hoped it could take profit of some UNIMARC features. So, not sure we will have RDA one day
17:33 Dyrcona Evergreen is basically stuck at Xulrunner 14 because after that, features we use disappear.
17:33 jcamins msaby: we're not happy with RDA here either, don't worry.
17:33 * Dyrcona is not happy with RDA either.
17:33 msaby and Bibframe, pfffffftttt.
17:35 jcamins Hehe.
17:35 jcamins Agreed.
17:36 gmcharlt the discussiones on the bibframe list have certainly been ... energetic
17:36 jcamins gmcharlt: I don't follow the bibframe list.
17:36 jcamins Nor the RDA list.
17:36 jcamins Too painful to even consider.
17:37 pianohacker The closest I've ever wanted to get was a FRBR discussion back in 2010 in colorado; didn't go, but my cataloger friend said they spent much time on productive questions like "what exactly is an author, really?"
17:38 * druthb dislikes RDA; in my (admittedly uneducated) opinion, it misses the mark completely on what make the FRBR concept valuable, and is just preserving the status quo.
17:38 * jcamins is anti-FRBR.
17:39 jcamins The reasoning behind needing it was sound, but the categories they selected...
17:39 * jcamins shakes his head dolefully.
17:39 msaby druthb that's exactly the opinion of french national library and university lib network
17:40 pianohacker categories?
17:40 wahanui categories are only coming up with special types
17:40 pianohacker thanks wahanui
17:40 drojf i had to learn some marc21 so i want to keep it forever :P
17:40 druthb The conceptual model provides all sorts of value, in the possibility of deep, non-trivial linking of things, as the size of the data store grows.  "I like Anne Rice; show me other authors who have lived in New Orleans," for instance.
17:40 pianohacker drojf: that's pretty much exactly my view :)
17:41 bag druthb: we enjoyed the movie
17:41 msaby and for bibframe, this sentence is silly "Each BIBFRAME Instance is an instance of one and only one BIBFRAME Work." Means all the work made on FRBR is lost. Like, if we were in 1997
17:41 druthb As a mechanism for *discovery*, it's a vast improvement over MARC of any flavor, IMO.  As a tool for *inventory*, it's more-complicated than MARC, and that seems to be what makes some catalogers nervous.  But it's no better or worse at the job.
17:42 druthb The other hickey is "as the size of the data store grows".  As long as each library has its' very own silo of data, the true value of the FRBR conceptual model just won't get realized.
17:42 jcamins druthb: it's an improvement over MARC, sure, but FRBR is hardly a theoretically sound basis.
17:43 jcamins If you want to do true bibliographic analysis, use the empirically proven categories of bibliographic analysis.
17:43 jcamins If you aren't interested in bibliographic analysis, don't obfuscate your goals and try to redefine existing terms just to sound important.
17:44 pianohacker woah, empirically proven? Those are quite strong words to use in a cataloging setting. What specifically do you mean?
17:44 druthb jcamins: it's as sound as any other voodoo; it's cram full of arbitrariness, like *every other* system.  But a lot here rides on how you define "bibliographic analysis."  To me, FRBR doesn't help what I think of when I hear that—or not much.
17:44 druthb …what it *does* help, if fully and well-implemented, is broader, more-useful discovery.
17:45 jcamins pianohacker: in the past hundred or so years, we have learned how to describe the publication patterns of books (i.e. bibliographical analysis) in a meaningful way.
17:45 jcamins That jargon, though arcane, is equally applicable to ebooks.
17:45 jcamins Note I am _not_ talking about cataloing.
17:45 jcamins *cataloging
17:46 jcamins I am talking about bibliographic analysis.
17:46 pianohacker [citation needed] :)
17:46 druthb (To borrow from Roy Tennant, it may still be lipstick on a pig, but it's a new shade…and one that empowers *finders*, at the cost of some suffering for catalogers, particularly if everyone keeps their own copy, like so many do now.)
17:47 jcamins pianohacker: Gaskell, Bowers, Belanger's article, etc., etc.
17:47 pianohacker druthb: I don't know if we should make catalogers suffer more than they already do, we don't need that many detail-oriented people revolting
17:47 jcamins David Vandermeulen's "Where angels fear to tread."
17:47 pianohacker jcamins: okay, thanks. was curious, as I hadn't heard much of this before
17:47 jcamins pianohacker: you wouldn't. It's not a library thing.
17:48 gmcharlt and it's not just the catalogers ... I'm sure more than a few library administrators would like some assurance that the the potentially very high cost of a swithc would be worth it
17:48 jcamins pianohacker: are you in Boulder?
17:48 jcamins pianohacker: I just realized you're somewhere in that area.
17:48 druthb pianohacker: Fair 'nuf.  That's why eliminating the "everyone owns a silo" model is a *huge* part of making FRBR ever *really* work.  Spread the load.
17:48 pianohacker jcamins: Golden, actually, but only about 30 minutes south of there
17:49 jcamins druthb: ... making FRBR ever work *as well as it is going to* ... <-- FTFY
17:49 jcamins pianohacker: a friend of mine at CU Boulder does a great "why FRBR is broken" speech.
17:49 pianohacker I don't know... the thing is, when you say "Just use those records from that cataloger over there! He catalogs _slightly_ different than you, but that won't bother you, right?"
17:49 jcamins James Ascher. He's a rare books cataloger there.
17:50 pianohacker I see the look on my friend's face, just clear as day
17:50 pianohacker jcamins: I might have to look him up, sounds cool
17:50 druthb Oh, sure, pianohacker.  The mentality of *my data, dammit* is one of the problems that the industry faces.
17:51 jcamins ^^ and that's why FRBR doesn't work. With a reasonable ontology, your friend would be smiling broadly and enhancing the copy- and domain-specific features of that record.
17:51 jcamins And everyone could benefit.
17:51 jcamins Slice up the world in a way that has no bearing on reality, and, damn it, your slice doesn't coincide with my slice, so now we need two slices.
17:51 jcamins And three.
17:51 jcamins And four.
17:51 jcamins And...
17:51 jcamins how many libraries are there in the world?
17:52 gmcharlt my preference would be a FRBR that is more about expressing relationships and less about trying to fit things into a hierarchy
17:53 pianohacker I will implement a beautiful ontology if you give me something that has absolutely nothing to do with RDF, in any way, shape, influence or ancestry
17:53 pianohacker that horrible, inelegant mess causes more problems than it solves
18:10 cait joined #koha
18:24 * magnuse will not pick a fight about rdf ;-)
18:24 * druthb blames magnuse.
18:25 druthb Hi cait!  we're blaming magnuse this afternoon.
18:25 cait hm not sure we can do that
18:25 magnuse oh noes
18:25 cait maybe we should blame druthb
18:25 jcamins Speak for yourself.
18:25 druthb !
18:25 jcamins I am blaming FRBR.
18:26 drojf all that blaming makes you forget who the real enemy is
18:26 * Dyrcona wonders if he is the only one who thinks FRBR looks like someone trying to write down what a wet fart sounds like.
18:26 druthb caitsnack cookie
18:26 jcamins Dyrcona: not anymore.
18:27 magnuse rda is fair game, isn't it?
18:27 druthb totally.
18:28 * pianohacker should be taken with a grain of salt, as he hates XML-based formats in general
18:28 * druthb renders FRBR in JSON, so pianohacker will love it.
18:29 pianohacker ahh, much better
18:29 * jcamins rejects FRBR totally, and uses JSON.
18:29 pianohacker curly braces! so curly
18:29 pianohacker now I want arby's. curses
18:29 rambutan joined #koha
18:29 druthb Tater cakes, please, and a beef and cheddar.  Thanx, pianohacker.
18:29 rhcl joined #koha
18:30 * Dyrcona offers a mix of tree nuts and legumes.
18:30 pianohacker hehehe
18:30 * cait is confused now
18:30 pianohacker about the arby's, or the cataloging? :)
18:31 cait everything.
18:31 wahanui i guess everything is grilled
18:31 cait it's friday :)
18:31 pianohacker arby's is a fast food place with unnaturally good roast beef and curly fries
18:32 bshum And mozzarella cheese sticks!
18:32 cait oh yum
18:32 cait :)
18:32 druthb and potato cakes!
18:32 Dyrcona Arby's used to be Burger Chef, didn't it? Or, was that Hardee's?
18:32 * Dyrcona show his age.
18:32 druthb (kartoffelkrokette?  close)
18:32 Dyrcona Hardee's.
18:33 pianohacker druthb: I don't know if those are the same, but man they sound good
18:33 druthb kartoffelkroketten, the plural, cait?
18:33 cait that's the plural :)
18:34 drojf kartoffelkrokettenkrokodile
18:35 Dyrcona kartofflekrokettensfabriklandsgearbeiter?
18:35 * magnuse wonders if there will be arby's in reno
18:36 Dyrcona magnuse: yes.
18:36 druthb There is one, yes.
18:37 cait ooh
18:37 jcamins Dyrcona: Potato cake manufacturer empoyee?
18:37 cait arbeiter :)
18:37 Dyrcona grounds keeper of the potato cake factory.
18:37 jcamins lol
18:38 Dyrcona Geman is fun. You just jam nouns together and new words!
18:39 jcamins In charge of protecting the Kartoffelkrokettenesseren from the Kartoffelkrokettenkrokodile?
18:40 * druthb rules that jcamins has used up his quota of k keystrokes for the week.
18:42 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1201: SUCCESS in 1 hr 14 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1201/
18:42 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 9161: Translate only specific files
18:42 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 9161: Followup: the -f param does not work correctly
18:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9161 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Translate only specific files
18:43 hankbank joined #koha
18:43 jenkins_koha Starting build #1202 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:31 mtompset joined #koha
19:31 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
19:33 pianohacker hi mtompset
19:33 mtompset YAY! The channel is alive, sort of. :)
19:36 mtompset So, anyone know how to get Koha to think a user is authenticated if you know their name (first, last, full) and email address?
19:51 magnuse first question?
19:51 wahanui "What are you trying to do?" or "What is the goal?"
19:51 mtompset back channel authentication. :P
19:52 mtompset click link on OPAC login screen.
19:52 mtompset redirect to SimpleSAMLPHP
19:52 mtompset redirect to OpenIDP
19:52 mtompset redirect back to SimpleSAMLPHP after authenticating.
19:52 mtompset redirect back to Koha in a what that Koha considers the user logged in. :)
19:53 mtompset ^what^way^
19:56 mtompset the redirect back to Koha would be a two part step. The first part would call a script that fakes the log in (back channel), and the second part would be the redirect to the apparent OPAC main screen (front channel).
19:56 magnuse ooh, way above my head, but maybe look at how persona was implemented?
19:57 mtompset I'll probably end up doing that over the weekend. I suspect it is using a backchannel method, because I can't get it to work through my proxy and local VMs.
19:57 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1202: SUCCESS in 1 hr 14 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1202/
19:57 mtompset Are you familiar with sessions, magnuse? ;)
19:58 mtompset Because on a related note, the question I have is how much information needs to be in the a_session field for the user to get logged in. :)
19:59 magnuse bug 9587
19:59 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9587 new feature, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED FIXED, Allow login via mozilla persona -
19:59 magnuse short answer: not very (at least not in koha)
20:01 mtompset I notice that the persona needs a matching email address in the borrowers table though. :(
20:01 mtompset I'd like something WITHOUT a borrowers record.
20:02 mtompset anyways... thanks for the attempt, magnuse.
20:02 mtompset magnuse++
20:03 magnuse :-)
20:04 rambutan joined #koha
20:05 rhcl joined #koha
20:12 mtompset Shoot! 4:12pm on a Friday. Better run. Have a great day (24 hour period), everyone.
20:14 drojf 10:14pm on a friday. so what? :P
20:14 cait pizza?
20:14 wahanui hmmm... pizza is in the oven.
20:14 drojf heh
20:15 drojf oh no. drawing the path i walked into my map app might actually work now. that means i have to leave the house to test it. life is hard :P
20:16 cait heh
20:16 cait update?
20:16 rangi morning
20:17 magnuse kia ora rangi!
20:17 pianohacker hi rangi
20:17 drojf hi rangi
20:18 cait hi rangi
20:18 cait @wunder wellington
20:18 huginn cait: Error: No such location could be found.
20:18 cait @wunder konstanz
20:18 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 5.0°C (10:00 PM CEST on May 24, 2013). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Rising).
20:18 cait brr
20:18 magnuse @wunder boo
20:18 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 8.0°C (9:50 PM CEST on May 24, 2013). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
20:18 rangi[…]php?s=Koha&p=Koha
20:18 drojf cait: it's my own, i update all the time ;)
20:18 rangi we need some signoffs
20:18 magnuse heh, not much better now
20:18 rangi @wunder nzwn
20:18 drojf i hope nobody has that actually installed from the marketplace
20:18 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (8:00 AM NZST on May 25, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
20:18 rangi i did bwahah
20:18 drojf :D
20:18 rangi i keep crashign into everything
20:18 rangi it doesnt work so well in wellington
20:19 rangi :)
20:19 drojf i will download wellington for you ;)
20:19 rangi yay!
20:19 drojf i think it actually works a little now
20:19 drojf like, with the real gps and without rebooting the phone ^^
20:19 drojf (no idea how it did that)
20:19 rangi nice
20:20 drojf that BAM thing is pretty cool!
20:21 rangi yeah, the only thing i havent bent it into doing yet is sowing the signed off one
20:27 cait sowing?
20:27 cait oh showing
20:27 drojf i wonder who came up with the idea that a smartphone should drop the wifi connection in standby… but use the data connection that needs more power and might cost extra money
20:27 gmcharlt rangi: STOP SOWING BUGS!!!!
20:27 gmcharlt ;)
20:28 drojf hehe
20:28 rangi heh
20:36 * magnuse upgrades to 3.10.6
20:40 magnuse rangi: bz says bug 10041 is pushed to stable - "Pushed to 3.10.x will be in 3.10.6" even - but i get "koha-translate: command not found"
20:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10041 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Stable , Provide a koha-translate script to aid package users on installing translations
20:42 magnuse hm, something is not right with that upgrade
20:42 magnuse about says "" after the upgrade
20:43 rangi hmm i might have missed the version hup
20:43 rangi ill check
20:45 magnuse[…]eads/3.10.x#l6249
20:45 magnuse last version there is
20:45 rangi yeah, it should be
20:46 rangi but thats the not the source of your problem, thats just cosmetic
20:46 magnuse when i look at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ins​taller/data/mysql/ the last version is
20:46 rangi it looks like the 3.10.6 is actually still 3.10.6 ?
20:46 rangi sorry 3.10.5
20:46 magnuse yeah, mu has no updates after
20:47 rangi right hmm we'll have to check with eythian
20:50 tater joined #koha
20:52 magnuse s/mu/my/
20:53 magnuse hm, that means my code and db are not in sync... how to downgrade? "sudo apt-get install koha-common=3.10.05-1"?
20:53 aquaman joined #koha
20:55 dani left #koha
20:56 magnuse nope "E: Version '3.10.05-1' for 'koha-common' was not found"
20:57 rangi magnuse: unlikely your code is out of sync
20:57 rangi if the db changes arent there probably none of it is there
20:57 rangi ie its just 3.10.5
20:57 magnuse ah yeah, guess that makes sense
20:57 rangi itd be pretty impossible to build a package with only some of the commits since 3.10.5
21:01 magnuse a quick look for the changes made on bug 7054 confirms that
21:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7054 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, Pushed to Stable , NORMARC: wrong default for 000 position 17
21:01 rangi yeah
21:01 magnuse ok, i'll just wait for 3.10.06-2 then :-)
21:02 rangi @later tell eythian it looks like the 3.10.6 package is really still just 3.10.5
21:02 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
21:05 magnuse phew, good thing nothing exploed
21:05 magnuse *exploded
21:05 magnuse thanks for being around at just the right time, rangi :-)
21:06 rangi :)
21:06 magnuse maybe send a mail to the lists about it?
21:06 * magnuse needs some sleep
21:06 * magnuse goes to crete tomorrow
21:06 magnuse @wunder chania
21:06 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece is 17.5°C (12:01 AM EEST on May 25, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
21:06 rangi ohh cool
21:06 magnuse yay!
21:06 magnuse @wunder boo
21:06 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 8.0°C (10:50 PM CEST on May 24, 2013). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Rising).
21:07 rangi my great uncle was a pow on crete for 3 years
21:07 magnuse yup, good decision :-)
21:07 cait have a good time magnuse
21:07 magnuse rangi: that was probably not so fun...
21:07 magnuse thanks cait
21:07 rangi he escaped 3 times
21:07 rangi but hard to get off an island
21:07 magnuse heh, yeah
21:07 rangi he still loved the place tho, and the people who helped him
21:07 magnuse aww, nice
21:07 rangi HATED olives the rest of his life though
21:08 magnuse heh
21:09 magnuse oh well, i'm off - have fun #koha!
21:09 rangi cya magnuse
21:09 rangi enjoy your trip
21:10 rangi yay lots of new unit tests
21:10 rhcl must be nice to live in a European country where Greece is just, like, a few states away.
21:11 rhcl Must be nice to live in NZ, where Thailand and Vietname are, like, just a few states away
21:11 rangi heh
21:11 rangi nowhere is close to nz
21:11 rhcl Me? I can visit Kansas, Iowa and Oklahoma with relative ease.
21:11 rangi well australia is 4 hour flight
21:12 rangi its still around 12 hours to thailand
21:13 rhcl well, that's NZ's own fault for breaking away from Australia....
21:13 rhcl[…]a_%28continent%29
21:14 pianohacker rhcl: hi there
21:14 rhcl hey pianohacker
21:14 wahanui pianohacker is younger, I think.
21:29 cait good night all
21:29 cait left #koha
21:29 jcamins Horror! We are out of semolina flour!
21:31 pianohacker jcamins: what do you use semolina for, out of curiosity?
21:31 jcamins pianohacker: pizza dough!
21:31 pianohacker ooh that sounds good
21:31 jcamins And regular semolina bread, when I'm not making pizza.
21:34 pianohacker what's the taste of that like, vs wheat bread?
21:35 jcamins It tastes like semolina. :P
21:35 jcamins Ooh... ever had cream of wheat?
21:35 drojf which is basically wheat?
21:36 jcamins drojf: it's the protein part. Basically just gluten. :P
21:36 pianohacker ahh, okay, makes sense
21:36 drojf jcamins: yay :/
21:37 drojf :D
21:37 jcamins Wait, got it backwards.
21:37 jcamins Semolina is the starch.
21:37 drojf rangi: accoding to the tile downloader, wellington is very small and only water. i suppose you are some sort of fish
21:38 drojf or that thing does not work
21:38 rangi heh
21:39 * jcamins met rangi in person.
21:39 jcamins He asked me not to tell anyone who didn't already know that he was a fish, but I guess the secret is out.
21:40 drojf i met him too and he did a very good job hiding his fishicity
21:59 jcamins @karma
21:59 huginn jcamins: Highest karma: "rangi" (812), "oleonard" (711), and "jcamins" (586).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-116), "failed" (-103), and "ie" (-86).  You (jcamins) are ranked 3 out of 2514.
22:00 drojf <!++
22:01 drojf that poor thing
22:11 anotherPeter joined #koha
22:13 anotherPeter hi, a couple of novices will be joining soon, i'm helping them get started, so there will be lots of excruciating newbie chitchat
22:14 anotherPeter (channel/project, both)
22:14 jcamins anotherPeter = new contributer Peter? If so, welcome to #koha!
22:14 jcamins If not, welcome to #koha anyway, of course. :)
22:14 anotherPeter on rang1s suggestion i have one of them starting with a typo in history.txt
22:15 jcamins anotherPeter: sorry, to clarify, I was wondering if you were the Peter I just added to the history a few weeks ago. :)
22:15 anotherPeter jcamins: yep
22:16 anotherPeter jcamins: in real life i am trapped in a mire of contract negotiation, so i must hack in my own time :-/
22:18 jsangalli joined #koha
22:36 jsangalli hey guys, do any of you know of some trivial problems to be solved by noobs? cheers
22:36 jcamins I want to help?
22:36 jcamins How to help?
22:36 jcamins Getting started?
22:37 jcamins Projects?
22:37 jcamins jsangalli: one moment, there's a page with a list.
22:37 rangi[…]ki/I_want_to_help
22:37 jcamins I want to help is[…]ki/I_want_to_help
22:37 wahanui i already had it that way, jcamins.
22:37 jcamins I want to help?
22:37 jcamins wahanui: I want to help?
22:37 wahanui jcamins: no idea
22:38 jsangalli thanks, ill read the page :)
22:38 jcamins wahanui: \I want to help is[…]ki/I_want_to_help
22:38 wahanui i already had it that way, jcamins.
22:38 drojf i want to help
22:38 pianohacker joined #koha
22:38 drojf i want to help?
22:38 drojf no cookies for you, wahanui
22:38 wahanui drojf: excuse me?
22:38 jcamins what is I want to help?
22:38 jcamins what?
22:39 rangi we should use more marc
22:39 wahanui http://02varvara.files.wordpre[…]no-bear.jpg?w=800
22:39 rangi hmm weird
22:39 jcamins I think it's the "I"
22:39 rangi yeah
22:39 rangi want to help is[…]ki/I_want_to_help
22:39 rangi want to help?
22:39 wahanui hmmm... want to help is[…]ki/I_want_to_help
22:47 rangi anotherPeter: really easy one
22:47 rangi line 21 of docs/history.txt
22:47 rangi its saying award, it should be a release
22:47 jcamins rangi: I think anotherPeter already assigned that patch. :)
22:47 rangi theres another typo between line one and line 21 too
22:48 rangi ill see if someone can find that one :)
22:48 jcamins I see several problems with the early entries.
22:49 rhcl left #koha
22:51 jcamins Presumably you had in mind the typo on line 7 rather than 6.
22:52 jcamins Or the typo on 20.
22:52 jcamins And I can't tell if there's an error on line 18.
22:52 rangi :)
22:53 rangi no that's the name of a real award, crazy eh
22:54 anotherPeter rangi: thanks, the change we had so far was sleepness
22:54 anotherPeter that was the one I'd assumed you meant
22:54 anotherPeter so a newbie question from me this time
22:54 rangi theres a bunch there
22:54 rangi line 14 has one too
22:54 rangi :)
22:55 anotherPeter i am trying to update my git, and have done git fetch, tried git merge origin/master, and git reset --hard
22:55 rangi anotherPeter: the reason we are fixing these now is there is a patch floating around for showing the history on the about page in Koha, so more eyes :)
22:55 anotherPeter but still, i cannot get it to stomp all over my local files
22:55 pianohacker ... is there any open-source project that has a docs directory that's much besides a text junk drawer?
22:56 rangi im not sure of any others that maintain their own history file pianohacker
22:56 rangi anotherPeter: hmm what does git status tell you?
22:57 jcamins pianohacker: bibionarrator? :P It's a nice empty directory.
22:57 jcamins (actually, it's not empty, but still)
22:58 pianohacker hah! that qualifies
22:59 pianohacker I'm a fan of the history file, I just like how little... documentation ends up in the docs folders
23:01 anotherPeter rangi: thanks, i had failed to specify the branch name after git reset --hard, now fixed
23:01 jcamins Oh, rangi, did I show you what I did with the docs? <-- the three buttons on the controlbar are loading the three files in /docs
23:03 * jcamins stole the idea from your description of how history.txt could be displayed in the About page.
23:04 rangi cool
23:04 pianohacker ...? "there are only two first-order entities: records, and records and record collections"
23:05 drojf meh, it's not even a word processor
23:06 jcamins pianohacker: I'm hoping Shari will agree to rewrite the text. :)
23:08 pianohacker jcamins: this is interesting. do you have a demo login/password?
23:09 jcamins pianohacker: yeah, one moment and I'll give you one.
23:09 pianohacker cool, thanks!
23:13 jcamins pianohacker: PMed
23:14 pianohacker worked well, thanks
23:35 maximep left #koha

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