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00:01 tcohen i want to discard issues with the setup actually
00:02 tcohen yay!
00:02 tcohen 8579d07f1474a2393e518b66e9aa6c3464ab2e81 is the first bad commit
00:02 tcohen Merge branch 'bug_9068' into 3.12-master
00:02 tcohen bug 9068
00:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9068 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Babelthèque: New podcasts area
00:02 bgkriegel why?
00:03 tcohen that's what bissect says
00:03 bgkriegel I signed that
00:03 tcohen it doesn't make sense
00:03 bgkriegel it's on opac
00:04 tcohen exactly
00:04 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "test script" (30 lines) at
00:05 tcohen maybe that patch isn't old enough
00:05 bgkriegel I see
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00:06 dcook Sometimes git bisect messes up as well
00:07 dcook I've come up with the wrong patch using it before
00:07 tcohen I think my mistake is i'm not deleting the es-ES trnaslation on each iteration
00:07 eythian yeah, you've got to be careful to make sure it's as clean as possible
00:07 mtompset wizzyrea, you still here?
00:08 bgkriegel git clean -f -d?
00:08 tcohen dammmmmmmn, i'm grep-ing 'en' instead :-D
00:08 bgkriegel oops
00:08 mtompset Don't grep for such a small thing like 'en', that's going to scroll like mad!
00:09 eythian bgkriegel: not so much that, but anything that might not change properly with git needs to be kept in mind. Like translations.
00:09 bgkriegel yeah, right
00:12 mtompset I think the wording on the Ubuntu line is really the only remaining problem with Right, tcohen?
00:14 wizzyrea there are no ubuntu  packages - you use the debian ones on ubuntu.
00:14 wizzyrea unless that has changed?
00:15 tcohen mtompset: right
00:15 eythian that hasn't changed
00:15 mtompset Yes, they are the debian ones, but to a non-technical person, the reference to Debian on the Ubuntu line might be confusing.
00:15 tcohen does the end user need to know that wizzyrea?
00:15 wizzyrea yes, I think so.
00:15 tcohen that packages where not built specifically for Ubuntu?
00:16 dcook You could always call them "Deb" packages
00:17 tcohen i will always try to make it less obscure for the non-tech user, I like Debian anyway, but that's my motivation
00:17 mtompset The links, however, are a vast improvement. Thank you, wizzyrea. :)
00:17 eythian then don't mention it at all just "how to install on Ubuntu"
00:17 eythian +,
00:17 dcook "Ubuntu users can find instructions on our wiki for how to use the Debian packages on Ubuntu."
00:17 dcook That sounds reasonable as it is
00:18 mtompset wizzyrea++ # for updating the links. :)
00:19 bgkriegel tcohen, git clean -f -d; git reset --hard HEAD~35; (cd misc/translator/; perl translate install es-ES) and all is good, on HEAD~34 is a Warning: Can't determine original templates' charset, defaulting to UTF-8 and ñ dies
00:19 wizzyrea mtompset: no worries :)
00:20 tcohen so, u found it
00:20 bgkriegel trial and error
00:20 * mtompset high fives bgkriegel.
00:20 bgkriegel :)
00:21 * dcook really should try out installing Koha on Debian/Ubuntu
00:23 dcook It would be interesting to look into making RPMs as well
00:23 dcook While I've only seen a few mentions of RedHat, I seem to remember rangi mentioning that OpenSuse was pretty popular in India
00:24 * dcook goes back to authority wrangling
00:25 mtompset I was tinkering with that a couple weeks back, but then I pulled the plug on it, as I'd really like a non-CPAN solution for CentOS 6.x. Other projects needed more focus.
00:27 dcook I know the feeling ;)
00:27 tcohen night #koha, gotta cook
00:27 tcohen :-D
00:29 dcook authorities?
00:29 wahanui authorities are records that describe particular entities.
00:29 dcook authorities?
00:29 wahanui authorities are records that describe particular entities.
00:30 dcook wahanui: authorities is also
00:30 wahanui OK, dcook.
00:30 dcook authorities?
00:30 wahanui hmmm... authorities is
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01:23 eythian wahanui: computers are
01:23 wahanui ...but computers is necessary for making libraries part of the rest of the computerised culture....
01:23 wahanui ...but computers are necessary for making libraries part of the rest of the computerised culture....
01:23 eythian wahanui: computers are also
01:23 wahanui okay, eythian.
01:23 wahanui OK, eythian.
01:36 dcook So...I just ran touch_all_biblios, and for some reason my changes to the 003 of one record have been reversed, and the script said it "Touched item"...
01:37 dcook Even though I don't see anywhere in the script where it would print "Touched item" O_o
01:40 dcook change never actually happened
01:40 dcook That makes sense
01:40 dcook I guess..
01:40 dcook Still not sure about the "Touched item" printing out though
01:48 wizzyrea oleonard++
01:51 dcook Helps if you run touch_all_biblios and not touch_all_items...
01:51 * dcook facepalm
01:51 dcook Is it Friday yet?
01:51 eythian not long now
01:52 dcook
01:52 dcook Yay! Everything working as it should!
01:55 dcook Oooh
01:55 wizzyrea squirrels?
01:55 wahanui I think you mean "sqrats"
01:55 dcook O_o
01:55 * wizzyrea giggles
02:10 dcook Whoa...touch_all_biblios really does it all
02:13 dcook @karma Bywater_Solutions
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02:13 dcook @karma BywaterSolutions
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02:13 dcook @karma Bywater Solutions
02:13 huginn dcook: Bywater Solutions has neutral karma.
02:13 dcook @karma ByWater Solutions
02:13 huginn dcook: ByWater Solutions has neutral karma.
02:13 dcook @karma ByWaterSolutions
02:13 huginn dcook: ByWaterSolutions has neutral karma.
02:13 dcook @karma ByWater_Solutions
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02:13 dcook ByWater_Solutions++
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02:36 BobB @later tell Kathryn Please buzz BobB
02:36 huginn BobB: The operation succeeded.
02:40 bag evening all :)
02:41 dac hey ya bag
02:41 bag hey dac
02:41 bag @karma bywater
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02:41 bag there you go dcook
02:42 dcook Ahh
02:42 dcook Now I know for next time ;)
02:42 bag it should be better than mine
02:42 bag @karma bag
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02:42 bag :D
02:42 bag that i like
02:42 bag @karma brendan
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02:42 bag again :D
02:44 kathryn hi BobB :)
02:45 bag heya kathryn
02:45 wahanui kathryn is on the left of https://lh4.googleusercontent.[…]s720/ROSS9901.JPG
02:45 eythian wahanui++
02:45 kathryn hi bag :)  eythian can you please tell wahanui something else!?!
02:46 eythian kathryn: well, you'll have to supply another embarrassing picture
02:46 kathryn hmmph
02:46 dcook @karma dcook
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02:46 dcook whoa
02:46 dcook When did that happen
02:47 * dcook was expecting 2
02:47 BobB dcook is close to buddha hood!
02:47 dcook :p
02:47 dcook @karma rangi
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02:48 dcook I think that's our buddha ;)
02:48 BobB :)
02:50 bag too bad we can't see who negative karma'd rangi
02:51 eythian you can't? I can.
02:51 eythian e.g.
02:51 eythian jan 13 06:07:07 <rangi>rangi--
02:52 bag can't self demote can you?
02:52 eythian no :)
02:52 bag so I guess you can't either :P
02:52 bag heh
02:53 gmcharlt @quote random
02:53 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #196: "oleonard: maybe if I didn't have all this Bugzilla stuff stored in my head I would be able to walk and chew gum at the same time." (added by wizzyrea at 04:41 PM, April 02, 2012)
02:57 dcook gmcharlt: Any change of a sort_control_fields (like this one: http://libmail.georgialibrarie[…]mber/007787.html) method ending up in MARC::Record?
02:58 dcook change = chance*
02:58 wahanui dcook: that doesn't look right
02:58 wahanui joined #koha
02:59 dcook Actually, that's not control's all 0xx...
02:59 gmcharlt dcook: indeed
03:00 dcook Indeed to the question or the statement?
03:00 gmcharlt the statement :)
03:00 dcook Thought that might be the case
03:00 gmcharlt as far as the question -- seems appropriate for a MARC::Record::Utils, perhaps
03:02 dcook Hmm, cool beans
03:02 dcook I suppose sorting really should matter that much
03:03 dcook Except perhaps in terms of datafields as the cataloguer on that site mentions
03:03 dcook shouldn't*
03:05 dcook Of course, the whole MARC dying thing would really help with the not bothering...:p
03:06 gmcharlt dcook: eh, it ain't dead yet, alas
03:06 mtj hey peeps, how does koha deal with upgrading language files, with a pkg upgrade?
03:06 mtj ...anyone know, off their heads?
03:07 dcook gmcharlt: True enough. Is it a goal for 3.14 to start trying to use other XML metadata formats?
03:07 bag kill MARC!!!!
03:07 dcook Seems like a huge project :/
03:07 bag heh
03:07 eythian mtj: which language files?
03:08 mtj is a 'translate create/update/install' needed after an upgrade? nor not?
03:08 eythian yes
03:08 eythian the packages don't know about htem
03:08 mtj korean
03:08 mtj ok, thanks eythian
03:09 gmcharlt dcook: to add support for additional ones, yes
03:09 dcook :D
03:13 gmcharlt but at beast 3.14 merely lays the execution block, it won't be the executioner :)
03:13 gmcharlt *best
03:14 dcook :)
03:14 dcook Thankfully
03:14 dcook I imagine that MARC will be around for a long time...
03:14 dcook In some way shape or form
03:15 dcook way, shape, or form*
03:15 * dcook thinks it's time to eat and recharge the (grammar) brain
03:15 dcook On a side note, Zebra can index other library XML metadata formats?[…]leases-zebra-2-0/
03:18 gmcharlt dcook: it can index XML of any schema, in fact
03:19 dcook Right
03:19 dcook Actually, while I have you on the line...
03:20 dcook Why do we still use the marc blob?
03:20 dcook Or rather store the raw marc in a blob
03:20 eythian it's fast to process
03:20 eythian (there may be other reasons)
03:20 bag export?
03:20 wahanui i think export is export.
03:21 dcook eythian: true that
03:21 bag heh thanks wahanui
03:21 bag good to have limits :P
03:21 bag heh
03:23 jcamins No, mostly just speed.
03:23 gmcharlt dcook: eh, history?
03:24 gmcharlt I don't think we really gain anything by storing both MARC and MARCXML in biblioitems
03:25 dcook With the exception of speed, that's what I've been thinking as well
03:25 jcamins I don't think it gives enough speed benefit to make a difference anyway.
03:26 bag but we do write to two/three spots at the same time - so there has to be a speed win
03:26 dcook I'm trying to remember what Edmund (the boss man) was saying about the speed benefit
03:26 eythian it's substantially faster when doing large batch operations
03:26 bag maybe not majorly noticeable - but in batch that should be noticeable
03:26 dcook For a library of 800,000+ records, I seem to remember him saying that it was quite a noticeable speed gain
03:26 dcook I want to say he said 30%
03:27 eythian much less significant on regular browsing I'd expect
03:27 eythian and really, a better solution would be to serialise the MARC::Record objects into memcache
03:29 gmcharlt dcook: well, the recent release of MARC::File::XML significantly speeds up its XML parsing
03:30 eythian ah, good to know
03:31 dcook Yay!
03:32 dcook Although that won't have an impact on indexing
03:33 eythian indexing is done as XML by default with the packages
03:34 gmcharlt dcook: well, indexing (particularly updates) is going to be slow anyway with either Zebra or Solr, relative to search speed
03:35 dcook Yeah, I think we tend to do most of our indexing as XML as well, eythian. Just one or two instances where a particularly large library benefits from the raw marc
03:35 dcook gmcharlt: Yeah, I've heard that they have pretty comparable indexing speeds
04:43 eythian <-- east-vs.-west Berlin by different types of street-lighting
05:00 dcook Neato!
05:09 cait joined #koha
05:12 eythian hi cait
05:12 cait hi eythian :)
05:16 dcook hey cait :)
05:19 dcook Hmm, so there's no way to automate the merging of authorities is there?
05:19 dcook works nice when using -f -t flags, but the batch mode is...confusing
05:20 eythian I don't think I've ever had cause to use it
05:24 dcook I have the feeling it doesn't do what I think it's supposed to do :p
05:24 cait talking about the automerge thing?
05:25 dcook Possibly?
05:26 cait i thought there was a cronjob and the immediate thing
05:26 cait using the switch in the pref
05:26 dcook Yeah, that's what the syspref says
05:26 cait but... we don't use it
05:26 dcook Which setting do you have?
05:27 cait the standard one
05:27 cait I haven't touched it
05:27 cait we are in a different situation
05:27 cait if something changes, we get the new data from the union catalog and import that
05:27 cait libraries are not working with authorities locally, ony on union catalog level
05:27 dcook I want to say it's normally set to "Don't automatically update attached biblios when changing an authority record. If this is off, please ask your administrator to enable the cronjob."
05:28 cait ah yes
05:28 cait I think because it could take long if you have lots of records attached to an authority
05:29 cait i think the bug this was introduced with had a good description
05:29 cait maybe look for that?
05:29 cait brb
05:29 dcook So if it's set to "Don't" puts the authid in the "need_merge_authorities" table for the cronjob to pick up separately
05:29 drojf joined #koha
05:30 dcook Mmmm, I understand now
05:31 dcook -b just "merges" the info from the authority record into the bib record (hence why it's reflexive in the script...)
05:31 dcook Whereas -f -t actually merges two separate authorities
05:31 dcook So no automated merging of different authorities
05:32 dcook Ideally, you shouldn't have to merge authorities, but if you're importing from a different system with poor authority would be good to have in migration_tools
05:32 dcook Unless takes that into account..
05:32 dcook Wait, that's deprecated
05:33 bag oh hey there cait
05:35 dcook Hmm, nope. No de-duplication that I can see..
05:37 * druthb finished updating pootle, and wanders off to bed.  0600 comes toooooo early.
05:42 bag later druthb_away
05:42 bag <dcook> Did anything ever come of
05:42 bag no nothing
05:42 dcook I thought that might be the case
05:42 dcook *shrug*
05:45 bag I think that code originally was from 2.2
05:45 bag I never saw the reason to bring it back once we had zebra and fuzzy logic (sadly)
05:47 * magnuse waves
05:47 bag heya magnuse
05:47 wahanui somebody said magnuse was a Norwegian giant.
05:47 magnuse kia ora bag!
05:47 bag sweet giant
05:47 magnuse pf
05:48 bag getting any warmer there magnuse
05:48 eythian should be, it's getting colder here. We held on to summer as long as we could.
05:48 magnuse @wunder boo
05:48 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 4.0°C (7:20 AM CEST on April 18, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.39 in 995 hPa (Steady).
05:49 eythian @wunder nzwn
05:49 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 14.0°C (5:00 PM NZST on April 18, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
05:49 bag @wunder sba
05:49 huginn bag: The current temperature in Santa Barbara, California is 14.0°C (9:53 PM PDT on April 17, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 26%. Dew Point: -5.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Rising).
05:49 * magnuse is happy as long as it's >0 and the snow is melting
05:49 bag :D
05:49 cait @wunder Konstanz
05:49 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 10.5°C (7:45 AM CEST on April 18, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
05:49 magnuse eythian: sounds like wizzyrea & co got quite a start to their nz life :-)
05:50 cait still early here :)
05:50 eythian yeah, they had the best run of good weather we've had since nearly 100 years or so.
05:50 eythian (unless you're a farmer, we also had drought over most of the country)
05:50 bag :)  so funny - in my house it's trea & co (other way around) :P
05:50 magnuse sad thing is it will probably never get that good again...
05:51 eythian that's OK, you just go to Australia in summer for a week or two if you need to :)
05:51 magnuse bag: hehe
05:51 magnuse eythian: ah, good plan! or somewhere like fiji, perhaps? ooh...
05:51 eythian yeah, that's an option too
05:54 * magnuse remembers seeing commercials on buses etc for that
05:54 magnuse oh well, breakfast time!
05:58 shiva joined #koha
06:00 shiva hi
06:01 shiva this is shiva
06:01 shiva working as a
06:01 shiva librarian
06:01 wahanui hmmm... librarian is trying to create a label batch
06:01 cait wahanui forget librarian
06:01 wahanui cait: I forgot librarian
06:02 shiva ok
06:03 eythian shiva: Bangalore, huh?
06:03 shiva yes
06:03 eythian cool.
06:03 shiva you from?
06:03 eythian Wellington, New Zealand
06:03 shiva nice
06:04 shiva I working on koha
06:05 bag awesome
06:05 eythian excellent :)
06:05 shiva newly installed
06:05 shiva 3.8 version
06:05 bag eythian: ever have a mint julep ?
06:05 shiva i have clarification
06:05 eythian bag: I don't think so, no
06:05 shiva regarding search index
06:06 bag ahhh they are big for the Kentucky Derby - I made some a few weeks ago they are "priming" in the fridge until Derby time
06:06 bag @google mint julep
06:06 huginn bag: Mint julep - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Mint Julep: <>; Mint Julep recipe - <>; The Perfect Mint Julep Recipe : : Recipes : Food Network: <[…]int-julep-recipe/>; Bourbon Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails - (2 more messages)
06:07 eythian shiva: ask away, someone may be able to help.
06:07 eythian bag: nice. I've never been to Kentucky either :)
06:09 bag they say about kentucky - getting lucky in kentucky
06:09 shiva i cataloged few items, which are not search-able in webopac or librarian interface
06:09 bag I've been to kentucky twice
06:09 bag searching?
06:09 wahanui searching is not working
06:09 bag indexing?
06:09 wahanui indexing is done by Zebra.
06:09 eythian wahanui: search faq
06:09 wahanui search faq is
06:09 bag thanks eythian
06:09 bag shiva ^^
06:10 shiva thans
06:10 eythian shiva: there should be a process that updates the index every 5 or so minutes. If it's not set up correctly, this will happen. There are other things that may break it too.
06:10 shiva i will let u know
06:10 eythian that page will cover the common causes.
06:14 * dcook praises MySQL, Perl, and bash then goes and makes a sandwich
06:16 shiva how to find the PERL5LIB=/path/to/your/koha
06:16 shiva in Ubuntu
06:17 bag how did you install?
06:17 bag packages?
06:17 wahanui rumour has it packages is at
06:17 bag or git?
06:17 wahanui git is[…]Control_Using_Git
06:18 shiva i am new to this koha
06:18 shiva one of my friend installed by live DVD
06:20 shiva i found path for koha.conf.xml    .....file:///opt/kohaclone/etc/koha-conf.xml
06:27 sophie_m joined #koha
06:29 bag hmmm...
06:29 mtj you know what koha could use….?
06:29 mtj a way for a super-user to stop/start zebra (or solr) from the koha gui
06:29 bag agreed mtj
06:29 bag heya mtj
06:29 shiva ok
06:30 mtj well, and configure the index rebuilding stuff, too
06:30 bag and configure zebra indexes :)
06:30 mtj oooh, bonus points there
06:31 bag they are just regular files there so it could be possible
06:31 mtj its the one thing that noobs always have problems with
06:31 shiva ok
06:33 mtj i guess a good start, would be some diag/debug info from the koha gui, about zebra indexing
06:33 mtj whats the frequency, when then last index happened, when the next one will happen...
06:34 mtj how many outstanding bibs are waiting to be indexed, etc...
06:34 mtj ohh…. hey bagz, shiva
06:35 bag mtj we could add that info to the about page?
06:36 mtj sure
06:36 reiveune joined #koha
06:36 shiva how
06:36 reiveune hello
06:37 mtj see, with a package install, getting that info is well do-able....
06:37 mtj without a package install - pulling that info from cron, is tricky
06:38 shiva i get into the koha about page
06:39 mtj perhaps we could query fredericdem's zebradaemon too, for that info
06:40 mtj just thinking outloud here...
06:40 mtj sorry, shiva  - we are talking about a feature that does not exist in koha
06:41 shiva ok
06:42 mtj shiva, the person that builds the offical Koha live-CD is not on IRC much...
06:43 mtj i dont know how the zebra indexing is set up on the live-cd , so i cant really help you
06:44 mtj shiva, if you want help with Koha on #irc, you should consider installing Koha using the debian packages
06:45 mtj … thats what most developers are using
06:45 mtj packages?
06:45 wahanui well, packages is at
06:45 shiva KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/koha-conf.xml PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ -b -a -r -v
06:45 mtj shiva, read that ^^
06:45 drojf i thought the »official« livedvd uses packages
06:45 drojf shiva: where did you get the koha dvd?
06:46 drojf and good morning #koha
06:46 shiva OSSlab
06:46 shiva person
06:47 mtj drojf, i would be very happy, if you were right :)
06:48 shiva how to install zebra
06:48 mtj from what shiva has pasted…. it does not look like a pkg install (to me)
06:49 christophe_c joined #koha
06:49 magnuse /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml is not packages, no
06:49 christophe_c hello koha
06:49 magnuse bonjour christophe_c
06:49 christophe_c salut magnuse ;-)
06:50 shiva that is command given by friend
06:50 shiva to start zebra
06:50 drojf it is another livedvd. and it apparently uses git, since the path is /opt/kohaclone. sorry, i don't know the dvd, maybe osslabs can help you better with that
06:50 magnuse shiva: that command you gave above will do a full reindexing of your records
06:51 shiva ok
06:52 shiva how do i know whether zebra has installed or not
06:52 magnuse and search does not work after you have executed that command?
06:52 magnuse try "ps aux | grep zebra"
06:53 shiva 1000     27124  0.0  0.0   4368   836 pts/0    R+   12:19   0:00 grep --color=auto zebra
06:53 shiva this is I got
06:53 mtj drojf, looks like the first 'offical' koha dvd, has not been released yet
06:53 mtj[…]ive_DVD_Blueprint
06:54 magnuse shiva: that was the only output of "ps aux | grep zebra"?
06:55 paul_p joined #koha
06:56 drojf mtj: i thought there was one before that. maybe it was not "official" ^^
06:56 drojf livedcds--
06:56 drojf oops
06:56 drojf livedvds--
06:56 shiva ok
06:57 marcelr joined #koha
06:57 marcelr hi #koha
06:57 magnuse shiva: if that was the only output, then zebra is not running
06:57 drojf hi marcelr
06:58 marcelr hi drojf magnuse
06:58 * cait waves
06:58 shiva what should i do
06:58 marcelr and cait :)
06:58 magnuse shiva: try "ls /etc/init.d/koha*"
06:58 mtj drojf, yeah…. many many Koha livecd/livedvds, none official,  (and none using Koha packages?)
06:59 mtj first offical koha livedvd to be released on 22 may, running 3.12 ->[…]March/035654.html
07:00 shiva ls: cannot access /etc/init.d/koha: No such file or directory
07:01 shiva for this command  "ls /etc/init.d/koha"
07:01 drojf i know it is not very friendly, but if people hand out their selfbuilt dvds i'd like them to do the support too
07:01 drojf in the end it is "koha sucks" if it does not work
07:02 shiva yes selfbuilt dvds
07:02 magnuse shiva: you missed a * at the end: "ls /etc/init.d/koha*"
07:02 shiva ok
07:03 shiva uaslibrary@uaslibrary:~$ ls /etc/init.d/koha* /etc/init.d/koha-sip-daemon  /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
07:04 shiva i got like this......./etc/init.d/koha-sip-daemon  /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
07:04 shiva for the command "ls /etc/init.d/koha*"
07:05 asaurat joined #koha
07:05 Joubu salut
07:05 wahanui hey, Joubu
07:07 magnuse shiva: cool. could you do a "ls -l /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon" too?
07:07 mtj shiva, you need to tell us where you downloaded your livedvd from
07:09 shiva its selfbuilt livedvd
07:09 lds joined #koha
07:10 shiva i got result something like this...........
07:10 shiva lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 35 Mar  4 10:27 /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon -> /etc/koha-dev/bin/
07:11 drojf i assume it is
07:12 magnuse hm, root eh?
07:12 magnuse i'm thinking "sudo /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon start" is worth a try then - anyone got a better idea?
07:13 mtj yes, i have...
07:14 mtj dont use that livecd, install koha using the debian packages
07:15 mtj or - use that livecd… but ask osslabs to help you, if you have problems with it
07:15 shiva no ubuntu
07:15 shiva 12.4 version
07:16 shiva i got result something like this...........
07:16 shiva Starting Zebra Server Invalid --user argument: 'koha.koha' (unknown user koha) usage: daemon [options] [--] [cmd arg...] options:        -h, --help              - Print a help message then exit       -V, --version           - Print a version message then exit       -v, --verbose[=level]   - Set the verbosity level       -d, --debug[=level]     - Set the debug
07:16 shiva ...............................
07:17 shiva -C, --config=path       - Specify the configuration file       -N, --noconfig          - Bypass the system configuration file       -n, --name=name         - Guarantee a single named instance       -X, --command=cmd       - Specify the client command as an option       -P, --pidfiles=/dir     - Override standard pidfile location       -F, --pidfile=/path
07:17 shiva -u, --user=user[:group] - Run the client as user[:group]       -R, --chroot=path       - Run the client with path as root       -D, --chdir=path        - Run the client in directory path       -m, --umask=umask       - Run the client with the given umask       -e, --env="var=val"     - Set a client environment variable       -i, --inherit           - Inherit
07:17 magnuse yeah, that does not look good
07:17 drojf that unknown user thing does not look too great ^^
07:18 magnuse nope
07:18 drojf my guess is the dvd is not properly configured
07:18 magnuse sounds like it
07:21 shiva what could be the problem
07:23 panitaliemom joined #koha
07:24 panitaliemom left #koha
07:26 drojf shiva: all we could do is guess. you are using a custom livedvd not available to the public. you have to explain your problems to the person that made the dvd and ask for help there. we can't assist with an installation we know nothing about. at least i can't.
07:27 mtj shiva, if you really must use a live dvd/cd, look here ->
07:28 mtj and here ->
07:28 mtj that is probably the best livedvd available, currently , for koha
07:29 mtj koha 3.10.00, installed via packages
07:29 shiva thanks
07:29 magnuse rangi: could you perhaps remove what <panitaliemom> just "said" from the logs?
07:30 mtj shiva, if you download/install that - we can help you...
07:30 drojf »Live CDs and DVDs should not be used to run a library. These are not  officially supported by Koha, and any difficulties should be taken up  with the creator of them. «
07:30 drojf ^^
07:33 shiva ok
07:33 mtj vimal++ those 2 livedvds look pretty good
07:34 mtj 'Koha installation based on Ubuntu packages, it means easy to upgrade Koha using two commands.'
07:34 shiva yes
07:43 dcook Oh well
07:43 dcook Disaster averted!
07:44 magnuse yay
07:48 samuel joined #koha
07:49 paul_p joined #koha
07:49 gaetan_B joined #koha
07:49 samuel joined #koha
07:51 magnuse slides?
07:51 wahanui kf should be writing slides
07:51 samuel joined #koha
08:06 gerundio joined #koha
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08:59 vfernandes joined #koha
09:00 vfernandes hello :)
09:00 magnuse hiya vfernandes
09:01 magnuse @later tell rangi: could you perhaps remove what <panitaliemom> "said" from the logs?
09:01 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
09:01 rangi already have
09:01 magnuse ah, thanks
09:01 * magnuse could have checked
09:03 rangi :)
09:05 magnuse i must confess it is tempting to click on one of those links to see what it is, but i will... not... do... it...
09:21 rangi heh
09:42 trea-away left #koha
09:43 cait joined #koha
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09:44 alohabot Hi mib_hfuuxh, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
09:50 wizzyrea joined #koha
09:52 * cait waves
09:55 shiva joined #koha
09:57 cait @wunder Konstanz
09:57 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 22.7°C (11:45 AM CEST on April 18, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
09:57 cait crazy warm
09:58 wizzyrea hiyas
09:58 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
09:58 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 14.0°C (9:00 PM NZST on April 18, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
09:58 wizzyrea that's actually decent
09:59 wizzyrea i approve of this fall weather.
10:02 cait :)
10:03 cait @quote random
10:03 huginn cait: Quote #235: "libsysguy: I feel like working on koha is like cooking at the fire station. First one to complain is the next one to cook." (added by wizzyrea at 07:55 PM, March 07, 2013)
10:04 vfernandes how to correct install zh-Hans-CN language in Koha 3.10?
10:04 vfernandes it gives so many errors in OPAC
10:05 cait vfernandes: best would be to fix the errors in pootle, then download the po files from there
10:06 vfernandes cait i don't know chinese :D but it's a demand from the client
10:06 cait i guess it's syntax errors
10:07 cait when you can't figure out the missing %s or the like, you could blank the line or mark it fuzzy
10:07 rangi vfernandes: does the client know chinese? make them do it
10:07 vfernandes besides of that 3.10 has 90000 words in pt-PT but in zh-Hans-CN there is only 9000
10:07 gerundio hi, has anyone ever experienced apache seg faults when a given perl module is active?
10:07 rangi its a bit unrealistic to expect someone who doesnt know chinese to fix it
10:07 vfernandes I already told them to do it :P
10:08 vfernandes but isn't strange to be only 9000 words?
10:08 cait vfernandes: maybe it's not counting it right - becasue you don't have spaces between words in chinese i think
10:08 cait or you might, I don't speak chinese, but I think it could be a language thing
10:09 vfernandes but the words count aren't from the original (en) language?
10:10 cait not sure
10:10 cait the counting in pootle is werid
10:10 cait maybe open files in poedit and check there
10:10 cait i think poedit counts entries, or check how many msg things in the po files between normal and chinese
10:11 vfernandes ok thanks cait
10:11 vfernandes let's see what the client says
10:12 shiva k
10:14 gaetan_B joined #koha
10:26 bshum joined #koha
10:44 cait wonder what that tweet translates to
11:01 magnuse cait: "It seems that my knowledge of the Cohesion Fund will come in handy." according to google translate
11:02 magnuse not sure that makes a lot of sense...
11:07 cait1 joined #koha
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11:27 jwagner joined #koha
11:42 jcamins gmcharlt: when you're around, please ping me.
12:07 paul_p joined #koha
12:12 Dyrcona joined #koha
12:36 edveal joined #koha
12:38 tcohen joined #koha
12:39 tcohen morning #koha
12:40 marcelr hi tcohen
12:40 tcohen hi marcelr
12:40 marcelr saw your patch on utf8
12:40 marcelr interesting:)
12:40 jenkins_koha Starting build #4 for job Koha_3.12.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
12:40 tcohen yes, wanted to talk about it
12:41 marcelr ?
12:42 tcohen I'd like to document the different data flows that happen inside Koha, so its clearer where do we need to decode/encode
12:42 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_9997' into 3.14-master <[…]b815ee78a5002f1ea> / Bug 9997 - Suspected typo in patron self registration code <[…]c1d8690645c5397f2> / Merge branch 'bug_9737' into 3.14-master <[…]=commitdiff;h=c19
12:42 tcohen from the templates, to the browser, from the database, etc
12:42 marcelr tcohen: we should get rid of the deeper decodes in modules and so..
12:43 marcelr one point is using CGI with -utf8
12:43 tcohen exactly, I wrapped (as gmcharlt suggested) CGI inside Koha::CGI
12:43 marcelr our approach is now hybrid
12:43 tcohen and added param_decode_utf8 method
12:44 tcohen that could tackle the CGI front
12:44 tcohen but others remain
12:44 marcelr can you use -utf8 inside your module
12:44 tcohen they suggest not to do it
12:44 marcelr why not (binary argument)?
12:44 marcelr is there any binary upload in koha?
12:45 marcelr this discussion is also on the bug 6554 and its dependents
12:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6554 critical, P3, ---, dpavlin, Passed QA , Resolve encoding problems with corrected UTF8 handling in templates
12:45 jcamins I'm thinking of reverting 6554 for 3.12.
12:46 marcelr why so?
12:47 jcamins marcelr: I hadn't realized quite how high risk that patch was.
12:48 marcelr i think we covered it quite
12:48 cait joined #koha
12:49 * cait waves from a train... :)
12:50 * jcamins waves back
12:50 marcelr jcamins: it is a difficult choice: reverting it means getting back the old problems
12:50 jcamins marcelr: yeah, but string freeze is 2 weeks away, and we had the old set of problems for months.
12:51 jcamins If not years.
12:51 marcelr true
12:51 marcelr a solution should go in one day
12:51 * libsysguy heard jcamins was going to push everyones patches regardless of stability
12:51 jcamins The code would remain in master, so that would be another six months to get it actually working.
12:52 jcamins libsysguy: that was the other strategy I considered. :P
12:52 marcelr well, i would understand it but do not prefer to revert..
12:54 cait are we talking about the refernce bug?
12:54 jcamins No.
12:54 cait well... are you talking and I am just showing up from a train... :)
12:54 jcamins That's not on the table.
12:55 jcamins Bug 6554
12:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6554 critical, P3, ---, dpavlin, Passed QA , Resolve encoding problems with corrected UTF8 handling in templates
12:55 cait ah
12:55 cait it's causing problems?
12:55 marcelr no
12:55 jcamins It has had some side-effects, and I'm concerned that we might not catch them all prior to 3.12.
12:55 marcelr it is more about the possibility of..
12:55 tcohen give us a couple of days jcamins
12:56 marcelr jcamins: there is a lot of code more in Koha already with side-effects etc. not completely caught..
12:56 jcamins marcelr: of course.
12:56 jcamins But that doesn't mean I should make it worse.
12:56 cait the side effects are worse tha bad display?
12:56 marcelr this is better code than is in now
12:56 cait I mean, does it break functionality?
12:57 jcamins cait: well, we end up with translated text not showing up in random places.
12:57 cait ew
12:57 cait that's quite a step back... but at least it owuld make it easy to spot the places... in theory that is
12:58 jcamins Yeah, perfect for master.
12:58 marcelr these places are easy to spot
12:58 marcelr most have been covered..
12:58 cait I thik it all started with a bug
12:58 marcelr :)
12:59 cait in patron search
12:59 cait where dobrica had problems to make the ames show up
12:59 cait jcamins: would you be able to give them ... a deadline before you pull out?
12:59 cait and given we see some progress it could remain
12:59 jcamins Sure...
12:59 cait i don't know how much time you will have for a thing like that
12:59 jcamins next Friday sound good?
12:59 cait I will be testing master a lot next wek
12:59 cait week
13:00 cait once I am donw with this presentation and we will be testing in german
13:00 marcelr cait: currently we have no problems pending for this area
13:00 cait so when I work with updated po files that shoudl be complete... I should be able to help spotting, that right?
13:00 marcelr it is just the risk of forgetting one
13:00 cait so everything that was found is now in master?
13:00 marcelr or in the queue
13:00 jcamins No, there are several follow-ups that I've been considering pushing.
13:00 jcamins Which is why I said something.
13:00 marcelr signed or passed qa
13:01 cait oly 373 out of 2100 are academic libraries... interesting (referring to lib-web-cats and koha)
13:01 cait marcelr: the referece bug is a bit monstrous now too :)
13:02 marcelr monstrous?
13:02 cait marcelr: I think it was by design to only display one callnumber for each
13:02 marcelr sounds odd to me
13:02 cait marcelr: because we for example have individual callnumbers for each item around here
13:02 cait think serials
13:02 cait with 120 items with unique callnumbers
13:02 marcelr fun
13:02 cait it's always been like that
13:02 cait the result list would be exploding
13:02 jcamins The idea was that any call number is better than none.
13:03 cait sorry that I can't test right now - I know commeting from the sideline is a bit weird
13:03 marcelr we could revert everything :)
13:03 jcamins marcelr: that'd be the safest.
13:03 cait just really have to put the last touches on those slides and survive tomorrow :)
13:03 cait we revert back to 3.10? :P
13:03 marcelr 3.8
13:04 marcelr safe version
13:04 jcamins 3.6 was more stable. :P
13:04 cait that would go a bit far, don't you think?
13:04 jcamins 3.8 was a bit messy.
13:04 marcelr cait: maybe we need more prefs for these call numbers :)
13:04 Dani joined #koha
13:05 cait marcelr: i like prefs ;)
13:05 * jcamins won't be reverting it, because being RM should have _some_ perqs (and I've been running clients with a similar patch for years).
13:05 cait but I would really like a way to restore the behaviour that we got now (in stable 3.6) for the libraires somehow
13:06 cait because I don't want them to complain at me :)
13:06 marcelr i will move my followups somewhere else from bug 9995
13:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9995 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Signed Off , For reference items no longer listed in XSLT result lists
13:06 jcamins No, that's a good place for them.
13:07 cait marcelr: i love that you took the time to clean that code up - I really appreaciate that
13:07 cait only the little thing with the callnumbers is worrying me
13:07 marcelr cait: well i think now that i wasted my time
13:08 cait :(
13:08 marcelr on 6554 and 9995 :)
13:08 cait I am not sure how we can continue
13:08 cait maybe I really need to find time to take a look at all that and we could get a switch for the callnumbers?
13:09 marcelr starting with patch of kyle only
13:09 marcelr i will let it pass qa
13:09 cait hm
13:09 cait are you ok with that?
13:09 marcelr np
13:09 jcamins marcelr: 6554 is going to be in 3.14 regardless.
13:10 marcelr 3.14 is far away
13:10 jcamins And I like the idea of 9995 with a syspref.
13:10 marcelr :)
13:10 cait marcelr: I am really sorry for being so difficult
13:10 cait I think you have valid points about that code
13:10 marcelr i move my stuff somehwere else and come back later on it..
13:10 marcelr in 3.22
13:10 jcamins marcelr: if it makes you feel any better, that's how I feel about Koha development as well.
13:11 marcelr too bad
13:11 marcelr you end up with so many reports finished half..
13:11 jcamins Also, what I was saying wasn't on the table was reverting bug 5079, not bug 9995.
13:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5079 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, elliott, Pushed to Master , Make display of shelving location and call number in XSLT results controlled by sysprefs
13:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9995 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Signed Off , For reference items no longer listed in XSLT result lists
13:12 jcamins In case that wasn't clear.
13:12 tcohen_ joined #koha
13:12 marcelr 9995 just tries to fix 5079
13:12 cait marcelr: let's talk once this release is out about your enhancemens
13:12 cait I am amean tester - jared can confirm that :)
13:12 jcamins That's why I'm interested in including 9995.
13:12 cait I woudl like to get your things moving along
13:12 marcelr mean=good
13:12 marcelr in testing
13:13 cait I have noticed that you have a lot sitting in bugzilla right now
13:13 marcelr the circulation stuff is now quite important for us
13:13 marcelr but that is 3.14 or later
13:13 cait yes, talking abou tthat
13:13 cait :)
13:14 cait maybe we can try and get it in early 3.14
13:18 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.12.x build #4: SUCCESS in 37 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.12.x/4/
13:18 jenkins_koha * Robin Sheat: Bug 10061 - Fix tinymce path references broken by bug 9172
13:18 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 9894 - (3.12) de-serialize the 'hidden' value for subfields in frameworks
13:18 jenkins_koha * Liz Rea: Bug 9894 - Followup: Add support for "flagged" values
13:18 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 9894 - (3.12) Small followup
13:18 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 9894: Add labels for checkboxes
13:18 jenkins_koha * David Cook: Bug 9737 - Local Covers sometimes appear then disappear on OPAC Search Results/Lists
13:18 jenkins_koha * Kyle M Hall: Bug 9997 - Suspected typo in patron self registration code
13:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10061 critical, P2, ---, robin, Pushed to Master , Fix the tiny_mce error when building packages
13:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9172 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Move TinyMCE library outside of language-specific directory
13:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9894 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , 'hidden' value is hard to understand in frameworks
13:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9737 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Pushed to Master , Local Covers sometimes appear then disappear on OPAC Search Results/Lists
13:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9997 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Master , Suspected typo in patron self registration code
13:18 * marcelr thinks of never writing qa followups anymore :)
13:18 jenkins_koha Starting build #1141 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:18 jcamins marcelr: I pushed most of them!
13:19 marcelr it is good that we do not have a dashboard on obsoleted patches..;)
13:20 jcamins marcelr: hehe.
13:20 cait1 joined #koha
13:21 cait1 now I fell off the internets...
13:22 tcohen_ morning cait
13:26 cait joined #koha
13:28 * druthb wishes the extra caits would stick around.  We could always use more cait.
13:30 cait hmpf
13:34 * magnuse agrees with druthb
13:34 druthb thank you, magnuse.  I was hoping we could get to some sort of community consensus on that.
13:35 magnuse add it to the agenda for the next meeting?
13:35 cait you 2 are impossible .P
13:35 druthb I'm not impossible, merely improbable.
13:38 magnuse hehe
13:40 libsysguy holy cow[…]waco-texas/64337/
13:41 cait oh tcohen
13:41 cait I got a question for you
13:42 tcohen tell me
13:42 cait you work at an academic library, right? a university? I am looking for big university libraries using koha right now and need some numbers :)
13:42 tcohen we don't have a central library, but 38 independent libraries
13:43 tcohen this uinversity has 120K students
13:43 cait i love it already :)
13:43 cait are all independent libraries using koha?
13:43 cait or only some?
13:44 cait and one central installation or each individual?
13:44 tcohen individual installs, on the same server, centrally managed
13:44 tcohen there are two libraries that have their own IT staff and their own install
13:45 tcohen but pulling from our SVN deployment scripts
13:45 cait ah
13:45 cait so students have an account in each of the libraries?
13:46 tcohen for now, they do
13:46 talljoy joined #koha
13:46 cait :) how big are the libraries?
13:46 tcohen we've recently set a big LDAP service as backend for an Identity Provider
13:47 tcohen (OpenID, SAML/Shibboleth) which we plan to use soon with Koha too
13:48 tcohen measured how?
13:48 cait oh nice :)
13:48 cait hm, volumes maybe?
13:48 cait but yah, measuring libraries is hard
13:48 tcohen the biggest has 80K bibliographic records
13:48 cait I am trying to compose a slide for the people that say koah is only for small instutions/libraries
13:48 tcohen not that big
13:49 cait still a nice size
13:49 cait ours are between 30-80.0000 too i think
13:50 tcohen i've set a demo site for a 1.5M records library (spain) which scaled well
13:50 tcohen but cannot disclose more info :-P
13:51 cait yeah I think volumes are not the problem
13:51 cait that needs disk space
13:51 cait more interesting how much circulation, staff etc.
13:51 cait so if anyone has good ideas... :)
13:51 cait right now I am tryding to find numbes on some french university websites... but that's not so easy
13:52 cait tcohen: what is your official name? I could still say 38 libraries and 120.000 sstudents total, right?
13:52 tcohen yes
13:52 tcohen Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
13:53 francharb joined #koha
13:53 cait thank you :)
13:53 cait also an exciting project!
13:54 tcohen good luck cait
13:54 cait thx :)
14:01 jcamins It's a wonder anyone ever manages to do anything with the serials module.
14:02 cait tsk
14:02 cait it's not so bad
14:02 jcamins Really?
14:02 druthb Really.  *way* simpler than Symphony.
14:02 jcamins I just wanted to mark some missing issues as arrived.
14:03 druthb and it *works better* than Symphony, as scary as that may sound to you.
14:03 jcamins It turns out you do that on a page which is not linked to by the main serials page.
14:03 tcohen found it jcamins, marcelr
14:04 tcohen C4/
14:04 jcamins If you're viewing a subscription, it would seem you can't edit previously received issues without going through an extraneous, only nominally related page.
14:07 tcohen jcamins, what's the status of bug 6554 patches? are all of them pushed?
14:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6554 critical, P3, ---, dpavlin, Pushed to Master , Resolve encoding problems with corrected UTF8 handling in templates
14:07 jcamins Yes.
14:08 tcohen that line is the one that messes with encodings
14:08 jcamins And I just updated the branches on
14:09 cait jcamins: I think you want to use the serial collection link on the left from the subscription details
14:09 cait someone speaking french?
14:09 * cait would really like to find out some numbes about aix marseille and rennes...
14:09 chris_n joined #koha
14:09 tcohen we need to document where encoding and decoding should happen
14:10 tcohen because now I know what line messes with encodings, I cannot be sure removing it won't have other side effects!
14:10 jcamins cait: that link is on the receive page.
14:12 jcamins Hm.
14:12 jcamins 8896 does not appear to work.
14:12 cait bug 8896
14:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8896 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha, Passed QA , Delete serials no more missing from missinglist
14:13 maximep joined #koha
14:15 cait hm
14:15 cait delete shouldn't show up
14:15 cait only missing
14:15 cait but... arg. no idea right now.
14:15 jcamins The title is misleading.
14:15 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_7368' into 3.14-master <[…]30d9b51fd120ef6a4> / 7368 Typo in warning <[…]1c02fdc8fc045024c> / Bug 7368: Typo in kohastructure.sql documentation line <[…]h=c134a3c5c325a26
14:16 jcamins But I'll troubleshoot it some other time.
14:20 tcohen jcamins, can i obsolete all attachments on 6554?
14:21 jcamins Yes, but any further work on that issue should be done on a new bug.
14:22 tcohen ok
14:25 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1141: SUCCESS in 1 hr 7 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1141/
14:25 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 9894 - (3.12) de-serialize the 'hidden' value for subfields in frameworks
14:25 jenkins_koha * Liz Rea: Bug 9894 - Followup: Add support for "flagged" values
14:25 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 9894 - (3.12) Small followup
14:25 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 9894: Add labels for checkboxes
14:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9894 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , 'hidden' value is hard to understand in frameworks
14:25 jenkins_koha * David Cook: Bug 9737 - Local Covers sometimes appear then disappear on OPAC Search Results/Lists
14:25 jenkins_koha * Kyle M Hall: Bug 9997 - Suspected typo in patron self registration code
14:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9737 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Pushed to Master , Local Covers sometimes appear then disappear on OPAC Search Results/Lists
14:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9997 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Master , Suspected typo in patron self registration code
14:25 bgkriegel joined #koha
14:25 jenkins_koha Starting build #5 for job Koha_3.12.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
14:26 tcohen bgkriegel: bug 10074
14:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10074 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Encoding problems in templates
14:26 magnuse success! \o/
14:29 bgkriegel tcohen, good! You asked marcel?
14:29 tcohen he's gone right now
14:29 tcohen i asked him if we could document the whole data flow inside koha
14:30 tcohen to spot the places there encoding/decoding should occur
14:30 cait hpe you didn't expect anything else?
14:30 tcohen and make it rock solid
14:30 bgkriegel very well
14:30 tcohen but had no answer
14:30 bgkriegel :(
14:31 tcohen we'll do it anyway
14:31 tcohen no worries :-D
14:33 tcohen if i manage to get a 3-faced coin i'll use it to choose between Mojo, Catalyst and Dancer :-P
14:33 jcamins tcohen: 1d6/2? :P
14:34 tcohen i'm still amazed such an organized project has a source tree that doesn't look like an organized software project at all :-P
14:35 magnuse tcohen: i vote for dancer ;-)
14:35 jcamins tcohen: hehe.
14:35 magnuse we live in a world of @quote get 123
14:35 magnuse @quote get 123
14:35 wahanui
14:35 huginn magnuse: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
14:36 magnuse tcohen: what will you use a framework for? koha?
14:36 bgkriegel tcohen: 10074 fixes ñ but warning about templates charset persist, HEAD~35 (from yesterday!) has no wornings
14:36 tcohen of course, koha is the only project i'm intrested in magnuse
14:37 magnuse w00t! so rewrite koha into a web publishing system?
14:38 magnuse that is a gargantuan task, for sure...
14:38 druthb jcamins could do it real, real fast.  He's like that.
14:39 jcamins lol
14:39 jcamins Thanks.
14:39 druthb :P
14:40 oleonard joined #koha
14:41 magnuse s/web publishing system/web framework"
14:42 tcohen yes magnuse
14:42 wahanui rumour has it magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza
14:42 tcohen tcohen
14:42 tcohen hehe, i'm safe from wahanui
14:43 tcohen u don't know me wahanui
14:43 magnuse tcohen?
14:43 wahanui rumour has it tcohen is 120
14:43 tcohen oh
14:43 magnuse hah!
14:43 tcohen dingit
14:43 magnuse :-)
14:43 oleonard tcohen: You don't look a day over 95
14:44 tcohen heh
14:46 cait cait?
14:46 wahanui i guess cait is qam, not your secretary
14:46 cait kf?
14:46 cait hm
14:46 cait slides?
14:46 wahanui i think kf is cait or really, really sweet. or <reply>she gives me memory loss or a holds expert.
14:46 wahanui kf should be writing slides
14:47 cait ah, i lag.
14:48 jcamins Actually, that was wahanui lagging.
14:48 cait oh
14:48 cait i hate tunnels.
14:50 oleonard ??
14:51 cait friends
14:51 jcamins According to wikipedia, that's probably a reference to Friends.
14:51 cait and I am on a train
14:51 cait jcamins: you don#t know friends?
14:51 tcohen And he pretends to be president...
14:51 jcamins However, I lost interest in finding out what that meant before I got through the "Rachel -- Relationship with Ross" section.
14:51 cait heh
14:51 cait it's difficult
14:52 oleonard I understand the reference but I don't understand how Koha wronged @zackosborne
14:52 oleonard Koha thought it and @zackosborne was on a break and installed itself on someone else's server?
14:53 magnuse hehe
14:53 jcamins oleonard: my takeaway from what I read of that section was that probably @zackosborne never told Koha how much it meant to him, so Koha went and provided a superior to ILS to many other libraries instead.
14:53 tcohen bgkriegel: i get no warnings in my box...
14:54 bgkriegel ok, recheck
14:55 tcohen i think druthb is messing with you :-P
14:56 oleonard *sigh* Someone who has nothing better to do please fact-check this?[…]ject-lessons-koha
14:57 jcamins oleonard: yeah, it was an interesting article.
14:58 tcohen interesting article
14:59 cait train arriving soon bbl :)
14:59 tcohen bye cait, good luck
14:59 cait thx tcohen :)
15:00 cait and lol at oleonard++ and jcamins++ :)
15:00 bgkriegel tcohen, thats my output, clean new clone,
15:02 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "cd misc/translator/po rm es-ES" (9 lines) at
15:03 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.12.x build #5: SUCCESS in 37 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.12.x/5/
15:03 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 10042 - Minor typo ("Communnity") in packages docs
15:03 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 10008 - Serials search results 'Opened' tab should be 'Open'
15:03 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 10002 - Don't include line breaks in strings that are translated
15:03 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 10000 - Little typo in intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modu​les/help/tools/ sliip
15:03 jenkins_koha * Colin Campbell: Bug 6554 Fix error caused by modifying $_ in a map
15:03 jenkins_koha * Marcel de Rooy: Bug 7368: Typo in kohastructure.sql documentation line
15:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10042 trivial, P5 - low, ---, nengard, Pushed to Master , Minor typo ("Communnity") in packages docs
15:03 jenkins_koha * Marcel de Rooy: 7368 Typo in warning
15:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10008 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Serials search results 'Opened' tab should be 'Open'
15:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10002 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Don't include line breaks in strings that are translated
15:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10000 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Little typo in intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modu​les/help/tools/ sliip
15:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6554 critical, P3, ---, dpavlin, Pushed to Master , Resolve encoding problems with corrected UTF8 handling in templates
15:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7368 trivial, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , General staff client typo omnibus
15:03 jenkins_koha Starting build #1142 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:07 tcohen bgkriegel: could you upload the po files you're using to
15:09 * druthb grumbles.  'swhat I get for messing with the Pootle box at midnight.
15:09 reiveune bye
15:09 reiveune left #koha
15:10 oleonard "The Pootle box at midnight" sounds like a mystery novel
15:11 druthb @quote add oleonard: "The Pootle box at midnight" sounds like a mystery novel
15:11 huginn druthb: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
15:11 druthb @quote add oleonard: "The Pootle box at midnight" sounds like a mystery novel
15:11 huginn druthb: The operation succeeded.  Quote #241 added.
15:14 asaurat left #koha
15:19 bgkriegel tcohen: never
15:20 bgkriegel i'm using po from git
15:20 bgkriegel to really translate I use pootle ones
15:21 mcooper joined #koha
15:25 cait-m_ joined #koha
15:25 cait-m_ wave
15:25 cait-m_ waiting for the  bus
15:26 cait-m_ @wunder cologne
15:27 huginn cait-m_: Error: timed out
15:27 cait-m_ @wunder köln
15:27 huginn cait-m_: Error: No such location could be found.
15:27 * oleonard requests that everyone update their demos[…]ha_Demo_Databases
15:29 cait-m_ i support that request  :-)
15:35 druthb yes.  I tried to show someone something on *several* of the demos yesterday, and could not.
15:36 * druthb gives the ebil eyeball to her ex-employer.  She then gives a less-ebil eyeball to magnuse, whose demo has almost no data in it.
15:36 cait-m_ we also have a demo list on the website
15:37 oleonard demos?
15:37 cait-m_ maybe consolidate?
15:37 * oleonard hoped wahanui had something to say about it
15:38 oleonard wahanui: demos are or[…]ha_Demo_Databases
15:38 wahanui OK, oleonard.
15:38 druthb oleonard++
15:42 cait-m_ allergies--
16:01 bgkriegel tcohen: done!
16:10 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1142: SUCCESS in 1 hr 7 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1142/
16:10 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 10042 - Minor typo ("Communnity") in packages docs
16:10 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 10008 - Serials search results 'Opened' tab should be 'Open'
16:10 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 10002 - Don't include line breaks in strings that are translated
16:10 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 10000 - Little typo in intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modu​les/help/tools/ sliip
16:10 jenkins_koha * Colin Campbell: Bug 6554 Fix error caused by modifying $_ in a map
16:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10042 trivial, P5 - low, ---, nengard, Pushed to Master , Minor typo ("Communnity") in packages docs
16:10 jenkins_koha * Marcel de Rooy: Bug 7368: Typo in kohastructure.sql documentation line
16:10 jenkins_koha * Marcel de Rooy: 7368 Typo in warning
16:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10008 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Serials search results 'Opened' tab should be 'Open'
16:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10002 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Don't include line breaks in strings that are translated
16:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10000 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Little typo in intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modu​les/help/tools/ sliip
16:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6554 critical, P3, ---, dpavlin, Pushed to Master , Resolve encoding problems with corrected UTF8 handling in templates
16:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7368 trivial, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , General staff client typo omnibus
16:11 oleonard Did we really intend for the patron to be able to submit a change to their home library from the OPAC?
16:11 oleonard We never allowed this before the patron self-registration feature
16:13 jcamins oleonard: probably not?
16:14 oleonard that's my guess
16:16 gmcharlt unless the original patch was thinking in terms of home library == just the preferred pickup library?
16:16 gmcharlt agreed that we don't want to let patrons change their home library willy-nilly, but preferred pickup library is a different matter
16:17 oleonard It makes sense for the new patron to be able to set a home library, but I'm not sure libraries would like that to be able to be changed after the fact?
16:17 oleonard I don't know.
16:17 oleonard I'm thinking we should simply exclude it from being able to be hidden by  PatronSelfRegistrationBorrowerUnwantedField in the case of new registrations
16:18 oleonard That way the library can hide it from updates if they want to without it disappearing from the new registration form
16:20 gmcharlt oleonard: maybe morph it into two sysprefs -- uwanted (or better, wanted?) fields for new registrations vs. updates?
16:22 oleonard That makes a lot of sense (and would make the template rather complicated :P )
16:24 oleonard ...not that it isn't already...
16:25 gmcharlt spitballing -- move some of the complexity into the script, then have the template just run a loop to display the form elements specified by the script
16:26 oleonard Hard to manage labels that way, but doable
16:28 gmcharlt more extreme spitballing -- move labels to a template does nothing but set template variables with the label text; easy enough to generate predictable names for the variables based on the database column names
16:28 gmcharlt bonus: make it easier to have fields be labelled consistently
16:30 jcamins gmcharlt: and then we'll be already to use Catalyst's form generator?
16:31 jcamins *all ready
16:31 gmcharlt presumably -- I like form generators (as long as one recognizes that sometimes one has to write a form manually in order to have better usability)
16:32 jcamins I actually do not like form generators, generally.
16:32 oleonard jcamins: Catalyst's form generator?
16:32 tcohen gmcharlt: how does it sound "Extend CGI to provide a param_utf8_decode method"?
16:32 jcamins oleonard: let me find an example.
16:32 jcamins oleonard:[…]in/
16:32 gmcharlt tcohen: sounds reasonable
16:33 oleonard Oh, I thought you meant Catalyst as in CatalystIT
16:33 jcamins Nope.
16:34 gmcharlt oleonard: "New Zealanders lovingly supplying hand-crafted web forms"? ;)
16:34 jcamins I just thought that gmcharlt's suggestion sounded like a move in that direction.
16:34 jcamins gmcharlt++ # I always import my web forms from NZ
16:35 gmcharlt jcamins: it is indeed; certainly at least as a way to helping to promote more consistency
16:35 oleonard "Sorry the web site is delayed because a storm hit our steam ship in the Pacific"
16:35 * gmcharlt realizes that if Koha were to adopt Catalyst, that would mean I'd have to juggle three different Catalysts in my mind
16:36 oleonard What's the other one?
16:36 wahanui the other one is that the passwords would be created on each individual machine.
16:36 jcamins The CatalystIT that does EG work.
16:37 jcamins tcohen: wouldn't it make more sense to just override ->param altogether?
16:37 gmcharlt wahanui: forget the other one
16:37 wahanui gmcharlt: I forgot other one
16:38 tcohen i'm not sure we are decoding everything we read from params jcamins
16:39 jcamins tcohen: it seems to me that anywhere that we are depending on _not_ getting valid UTF-8, there is a problem.
16:39 tcohen i'll change the method name and see if everything breaks
16:40 gmcharlt jcamins: MARC file uploads and patron imagess, you mean?
16:40 jcamins gmcharlt: if we use ->param() for those, I think we have bigger problems.
16:40 jcamins As I understand it, HTTP parameters are limited to fairly small strings.
16:41 gmcharlt jcamins: indeed, but just noting things to be checked during testing
16:41 jcamins Of course.
16:41 gmcharlt but note that params can come in via POST, and don't have to be small </pedantic>
16:41 jatara joined #koha
16:42 jcamins And, of course, changing every single "use CGI" to "use Koha::CGI" at once would seem to be a recipe for disaster.
16:43 jcamins Even if the change causes no breakage.
16:43 * jcamins heads into the city
16:44 jcamins BTW, gmcharlt, I said that folks had until next Friday to test the encoding stuff, after which point I would revert bug 6554 from 3.12.x.
16:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6554 critical, P3, ---, dpavlin, Pushed to Master , Resolve encoding problems with corrected UTF8 handling in templates
16:44 tcohen jcamins: bug 10072
16:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10072 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Signed Off , "my suggestions" always says "There are no pending purchase suggestions."
16:44 tcohen nope
16:44 gmcharlt jcamins: gotcha -- I hope to have some concentrated cycles to look at it this weekend
16:44 tcohen bug 10074
16:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10074 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Encoding problems in templates
16:45 tcohen that patch fixes it
16:46 tcohen one of the patches removed the BOM from the template output
16:48 tcohen i revert it with the patch
16:54 tcohen hmm, its a lag or just silence?
16:58 * tcohen is scared, runs away just in case
16:58 tcohen left #koha
16:58 chris_n @seen rangi
16:58 huginn chris_n: rangi was last seen in #koha 6 hours, 51 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <rangi> its a bit unrealistic to expect someone who doesnt know chinese to fix it
17:00 tcohen joined #koha
17:12 bgkriegel joined #koha
17:13 tcohen bgkriegel: it wasn't so simple to fix that encoding issues
17:14 tcohen there's a lot of other code that depends on that
17:17 bgkriegel ouch
17:17 bgkriegel can I help?
17:26 magnuse bgkriegel++ for volunteering
17:32 cait joined #koha
17:46 sekjal joined #koha
17:47 sekjal left #koha
17:50 sophie_m left #koha
17:57 rambutan joined #koha
17:58 jcamins ie--
18:03 gerundio joined #koha
18:03 rambutan >find / -name kf -print
18:04 jcamins She's on a bus, I think.
18:04 rambutan ah
18:04 rambutan find /bus -name kf -print
18:34 jatara did i hear someone was rewriting account management?
18:35 jcamins Kyle has threatened to try, yes.
18:35 tcohen jcamins, I understood the problem with 6554
18:36 jatara i would love to help if i can...i'm having a hard time with getting fine reports to run correctly
18:37 tcohen problems arise on libs/scripts that output templates using 'print' instead of setting the headers using output_with_http_headers
18:37 jcamins You can ask khall if there's anything you can do.
18:37 jcamins tcohen: ooh, that would explain it.
18:37 matts_away joined #koha
18:37 khall ?
18:37 jcamins We shouldn't be doing that anyway.
18:37 tcohen provided a patch for
18:37 jcamins khall: if there's anything jatara can do to help.
18:37 tcohen yes, I noted that on the patch
18:38 khall it's not a threat, it's a promise ; )
18:38 jcamins khall: you say that now... ;)
18:39 khall heh! The only thing I'm suspicious of is the almost total absence of feedback for the RFC
18:39 oleonard khall: That's par for the course
18:39 jatara there's an rfc for the fix?
18:39 tcohen jcamins, have u seen 9735?
18:39 jcamins khall: feedback on RFCs is the exception for the rule.
18:39 jcamins bug 9735
18:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9735 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Choose language using URL parameters in any page
18:39 jcamins I have, yes.
18:40 khall I *really* don't want to complete the  patch and get pounded with stuff. However, it's going to be feature complete, and a bit more even.
18:40 khall The big thing to me is we can have fines directly attached it issues, and payments directly attached to fines
18:41 khall none of this 'looking it up based on the description' business. That's how we got the fines doubling bug
18:42 maximep khall++ for the courage to do it =)
18:42 jatara and credits, too (please)
18:42 khall : )
18:43 khall jatara, indeed!
18:43 mattsz joined #koha
18:50 jatara is there a way to currently run a report in Koha that returns that a list of borrowers who owe money? i'm not too sure the sample sql query in the reports library works well since it seems to pull from the amount in the "amount outstanding"column and not "total due"
18:54 jcamins jatara: amountoutstanding = amount currently owed
18:54 jcamins total due = amount billed
18:54 jcamins I think.
18:58 maximep hmmm I have a page called "cash register stats" that shows all fines/payments/etc. Pretty sure i'm going to share it soon
18:58 maximep but I have said that about budget stuff months ago
18:59 maximep on another note, would bug 10076 be a good idea in your opinions ?
18:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10076 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Add Bcc syspref for claimacquisition and clamissues
19:07 mcooper joined #koha
19:12 jatara jcamins: should they be one and the same?
19:12 tcohen jcamins, is there a reason doesn't include
19:12 jcamins jatara: it depends if a fine has been paid.
19:12 tcohen (besides the fact that it shouldnt, of course :-P)
19:13 jcamins tcohen: there is. Since C4::Output depends on C4::Auth, you need to use require.
19:13 tcohen the docs make me think it was in the past, and has been removed
19:14 tcohen maybe for removing circular dependencies
19:14 jcamins Yup.
19:14 jatara people look at the "total due" field to determine if someone owes money...why wouldn't it reflect what's currently owed?
19:14 tcohen so, for 3.12, and the 6554 thing
19:15 tcohen do u prefer I patch it so it works, including C4::Output or not?
19:16 jcamins If you use "require" at the smallest possible context, I'm fine with judiciously re-cycling C4.
19:16 tcohen basically i have to patch every script that prints to STDOUT without using output_html_with_http_headers
19:16 jcamins The alternative is broken encodings.
19:16 tcohen the alternative is leaving the code as-is (print $query.... ) but encoding data first
19:17 tcohen take a look at bug 10074
19:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10074 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , Encoding problems in templates
19:17 tcohen that patch implements the approach
19:17 tcohen otherwise, I use output_html_with_http_headers
19:17 jcamins Hm.
19:18 tcohen on i can, because it is included right now
19:18 jcamins Right.
19:18 tcohen ( would have been easier to test with the language thing :-P)
19:19 tcohen so, which u prefer?
19:19 jcamins I think I would favor require C4::Output right where you are doing the encode + output_html_with_http_headers.
19:20 tcohen ok, I'll require C4::Output then
19:20 jcamins Really the actual printing should be moved to Koha::Output or something and not depend on anything other than CGI.
19:20 jcamins But that's not a short-term fix.
19:21 jcamins ie--
19:21 tcohen ie?
19:21 wahanui it has been said that ie is down 28...keep 'em coming.
19:22 jcamins I'm using IE instead of a usable browser right now.
19:22 jcamins Even on IE9, :before and :after are just broken.
19:23 tcohen hmm, Output doesn't use Auth
19:23 jcamins Really?
19:23 jcamins Then I got confused.
19:24 jcamins Probably still a good idea to use require, since that makes the source of that function explicit.
19:25 amir joined #koha
19:25 amir hi
19:26 oleonard Hi amir
19:26 jatara hi amir
19:26 amir Can anyone guide me on how to customize the search results?
19:27 amir Would like the edition statement to appear to appear on the resuits
19:28 jcamins second question?
19:28 wahanui hmmm... second question is "What is the exact error message?"
19:28 jcamins No, that's not the one I wanted.
19:28 jcamins third question?
19:28 wahanui third question is "What version of Koha are you using?"[…]ion-koha-running/
19:28 jcamins That's my question. ^^ :)
19:29 amir sorry, running
19:30 jcamins Are you using MARC21 or UNIMARC?
19:30 amir marc21
19:30 jcamins Okay.
19:31 jcamins Unfortunately, there is no easy way -- that I know of -- to do it.
19:31 amir ok...
19:31 jcamins Wait, just kidding.
19:31 jcamins There's a very easy way to do it.
19:31 jcamins :)
19:31 jcamins Turn on the OPACResultsXSLT system preference.
19:31 amir doing that now
19:32 amir ok, not finding it in the system preferences search
19:33 jcamins I may have the name wrong.
19:33 jcamins It's something to do with OPAC, Results, and XSLT.
19:33 jcamins It's in the OPAC tab.
19:33 oleonard OPACXSLTResultsDisplay
19:33 jcamins That's the one.
19:33 jcamins We should simplify that.
19:34 amir found it
19:34 cait joined #koha
19:34 jcamins OPACResultsXSLT is much easier to remember.
19:34 tcohen grep -R "print \$query" * | grep -v -e redirect -e xml
19:36 amir wonderful, thanks a lot...
19:41 cait packages?
19:41 wahanui i guess packages is at
19:46 rambutan cait: I do hope you appreciate the reference in the comments.[…]oha#comment-11985
19:46 cait oh?
19:47 rambutan cookies?
19:47 wahanui Cookies are delicious delicacies
19:47 cait cookies? :)
19:48 cait where is wizzyrea when you need her?
19:48 cait wizzyrea wizzyrea wizzyrea
19:48 tcohen jcamins, do u remember places where "random encoding problems" were seen?
19:49 tcohen (you mentioned it in the morning)
19:49 jcamins tcohen: you found a problem in the installer and Karam reported problems with user names in titles.
19:49 tcohen i've found a pattern, which I saw only on installer/ and C4/
19:50 jcamins I use English almost exclusively, so I haven't particularly noticed problems.
19:50 tcohen there are to battle fronts:
19:50 tcohen - what comes from CGI parameters
19:50 tcohen - what we output
19:50 oleonard rambutan++ # I still can't bring myself to read the article though
19:50 tcohen the second one, is the one i've been tackling the las hour
19:51 cait me niether, no time right now
19:51 tcohen found that output_html_with_http_headers was working fine, and places where translations seemed broken
19:51 tcohen were those that did print directly
19:51 tcohen ; those are patched
19:52 tcohen what is not covered is UTF-8 input decoding
19:52 tcohen which is done on each place we find it is needed (hence the CGI->param overriding idea)
20:01 gp5st1 joined #koha
20:04 * tcohen turns verbose mode=off
20:05 gp5st joined #koha
20:05 * druthb takes a poll…anyone think cait is gonna do a crummy preso tomorrow?
20:05 * jcamins does not.
20:05 oleonard Not me
20:05 rambutan what's a preso
20:05 rambutan ?
20:05 oleonard ...especially if she uses my LOLcats idea.
20:05 druthb presentation.
20:05 rambutan ah, got it
20:06 druthb Hearing no yays, the motion is quashed.
20:07 gp5st where does this system preferences table get generated?
20:07 jcamins oleonard: Myshkin was a vital part of druthb's presentation on something Koha-related at some point.
20:07 jcamins gp5st: what do you mean?
20:07 druthb I'm thinking if cait goes to KohaCon, I'd better not.  She's gonna kick my butt.
20:07 cait ?
20:07 tcohen why such violence cait?
20:08 gp5st jcamins: hello. I'm having trouble setting up a koha instance using an old database.  I had a 3.0 db. I imported it into mysql, then ran koha-update-to-3.4 and it said it updated it to 3.8.11 but when I navigate to the website I get a maintence page and a lot of logs complaining about a missing system_preferences table(I uses koha-upgrade-schema, koha-create and koha-enable after i had the db upgraded)
20:08 druthb I'm mean to her.
20:08 jcamins gp5st: you need to run koha-upgrade-schema
20:08 gp5st sorry, the inet here is so crappy i don't even know if that got through before
20:08 jcamins Both of them.
20:08 gp5st jcamins: i had done that
20:08 jcamins (i.e. koha-update-to-3.4 and koha-upgrade-schema)
20:08 gp5st i did that
20:09 gp5st see the end of the post
20:09 jcamins Hm.
20:09 jcamins So koha-upgrade-schema you ran *after* loading the database?
20:09 jcamins And the database was workking on your 3.0 installation?
20:09 * tcohen runs for his thursday tennis match
20:09 gp5st fwiw it gives a metric ton of warmings, most of which are: Use of uninitialized value in numeric lt (<) at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ins​taller/data/mysql/ line 5282, <FILE> chunk 69.
20:09 gp5st Upgrade to (3.8.6 release) done
20:10 gp5st jcamins: yes, the 3.0 system was all working
20:10 druthb oleonard, jcamins:[…]ng-KUDOSCon11.pdf
20:10 jcamins Okay.
20:10 jcamins I think your 3.0 data was loaded into the wrong database.
20:10 gp5st i rand upgrade-to-3.4 then upgrade-scheme, then created and enabled the library
20:10 jcamins When you ran koha-create you probably wiped your data.
20:10 gp5st jcamins: no, it's the same one identified in the site config for this koha install
20:11 gp5st hmm
20:11 jcamins The first step is koha-create, then you load the data, then you run the upgrade scripts.
20:11 jcamins Because those errors are what you'd get if you had an empty database.
20:11 gp5st ah. well let me try this again
20:11 jcamins Or, I suppose, an incomplete backup.
20:11 gp5st if it wiped my db though, why didn't it put in the tables it needs?
20:12 jcamins Because koha-create does not install any data.
20:12 jcamins You have to go through the web installer.
20:12 jcamins By design.
20:12 gp5st when i did create, i used the --use-db param, though
20:12 jcamins You have to make more choices than could reasonably be stuck on a command line.
20:12 jcamins koha-upgrade-schema only works with an existing instance.
20:13 gp5st yes, you're right, i have the order backwards
20:13 gp5st i trued to upgrade, but it required an instance
20:13 * jcamins will have to leave this for someone else to troubleshoot, as he's leaving shortly, though.
20:13 gp5st maybe i should just leave and come back and do this when the day doesn't suck so much and i don't have terrible sinus pressure
20:13 gp5st thanks jcamins
20:15 gp5st oh, hmm, the sqldump specifies the db name inside it, that's no good and probably the root of a lot of this
20:15 oleonard Bye #koha
20:17 bag afternoon all :)
20:17 druthb hi, bag!
20:17 gp5st1 joined #koha
20:17 bag heya druthb
20:18 mcooper joined #koha
20:26 cait packages?
20:26 wahanui i heard packages was at
20:31 gp5st1 ok well, it's taking much longer to do the schema update this time. lots of "Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2966." warnings as well
20:36 gp5st joined #koha
20:37 gp5st ok well, it's taking much longer to do the schema update this time. lots of "Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2966." warnings as well
20:38 gp5st how long should the upgrade process take?
20:38 gp5st koha-upgrade-to-3.4 i mean
20:39 cait depends on yourcollection size I would think
20:40 kathryn joined #koha
20:41 gp5st1 joined #koha
20:42 wizzyrea joined #koha
20:42 gp5st1 left #koha
20:42 dani left #koha
20:43 Guest2684 hi, sorry the beetlegeuse trick didn't work
20:44 wizzyrea1 let's try that again
20:46 Guest2744 left #koha
20:50 wizzyrea so hi, cait, did you need something?
20:51 cait um
20:51 wizzyrea you invoked me 3x earlier :)
20:51 cait yeah, I wanted to ask you to help me find some numbers about the size of your former employer
20:51 tcohen joined #koha
20:52 cait *hide*
20:52 tcohen ?
20:52 wizzyrea oh - when I left, there were ~800k items, ~25k borrowers, ~500k bibs
20:52 wizzyrea and 42 libraries
20:52 wizzyrea they just added on a school system though
20:52 wizzyrea which was a good 5 or 6 more.
20:53 cait <3
20:53 cait so ca. 50? :P
20:53 wizzyrea (possibly more than that actually)
20:53 cait but 40 sounds nice already
20:53 bag nope wizzyrea you're correct
20:53 bag less than 50 more than 40 :D
20:54 cait oh hi bag :)
20:54 bag they were just added last weekend
20:54 wizzyrea haha, on nexpresslibrary.or
20:54 bag hi cait
20:54 wizzyrea org, they say "850k items"
20:54 cait can I ask you - what's your bywaters biggest library? :)
20:54 cait wizzyrea: where? I searched the internets all over
20:54 bag define "biggest"
20:55 wizzyrea in the first post, the training one, it says "Welcome and enjoy access to 850,000 items, including books, movies, videogames, audiobooks and cake pans."
20:55 cait where do you point if someone tells you koha only works for small libraries :)
20:55 trea-laptop joined #koha
20:55 cait i should not forget to mention the cake pans
20:56 bag oh..  cait well NEKLS, Masscat, Renoe(washoe county) is high circ, Trillium is the most unique - it's like 48 or so school libraries all on the same server but different databases,
20:56 wizzyrea they used to put it on the home page when they added new libraries
20:56 cait and exra points for big academic
20:56 bag there are more…
20:57 wizzyrea oh well rangi has a slide for that
20:57 cait yep I know - just really hard to find numbers
20:57 bag oh big academic…  yeah rangi has a great slide for that
20:57 wizzyrea i'll find it for you one sec
20:57 wizzyrea[…]/intro_pres/#pops
20:57 cait wizzyrea: I got it I think - the one with the green and red
20:57 wizzyrea yep
20:57 NateC joined #koha
21:00 cait bag: the oclc thing koha can do - that was oclc connexion client? :)
21:00 bag yes
21:00 cait thx
21:00 rangi cait you want the numbers?
21:00 * cait sends cookies to everyone
21:00 bag you can use the desktop client or the webclient to export to batches in koha or directly into koha
21:01 kathryn oh this is a handy convo to eavesdrop on :) morning all :)
21:02 rangi cait: aix marseille 71,000, San Andres 65000, Paris 8 57190, Adis Ababa 43000
21:04 cait hi kathryn :)
21:04 cait bag: do the web client and desktop client have specific namesor something?
21:04 cait i just want to name it right if that is possible
21:05 wizzyrea Connexion Client
21:05 wizzyrea I think
21:05 wizzyrea or OCLC Connexion
21:05 cait and how does it work? do I have to click somehting to start it?
21:05 bag I know them as connexion (web or desktop) client
21:05 cait or does it do it when i save a record or something?
21:05 wizzyrea ping trea
21:05 trea go ahead
21:05 wizzyrea there's a server side bit
21:05 wizzyrea for connexion
21:05 trea correct. Ruth wrote a script that daemonizes a gateway on the server
21:05 bag yeah trea is the deafulted connexion guy here :P  poor trea
21:05 bag trea++
21:06 wizzyrea you give it your credentials and it talks straight to oclc or somesuch
21:06 wizzyrea i've never seen the interface for it
21:06 trea http://manual.koha-community.o[…]oclcappendix.html
21:06 wizzyrea oooo trea++
21:07 trea you'll have to specify a default user to have the gateway use, if they don't specify their own credentials
21:07 trea i just use this for installs. it seems to work well enough
21:08 bag trea++  thanks man :)
21:09 trea you'll also need to be aware that there was a bug introduced here depending on what version of koha you're using -[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9908
21:09 huginn Bug 9908: major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , OCLC Connexion Desktop Client Doesn't Work
21:09 trea it's a one line typo, but it still breaks it
21:10 wizzyrea but it's fixed in master :)
21:10 rambutan joined #koha
21:12 cait trea++ wizzyrea++ bag++ kathryn++ rangi++ and jcamins++
21:12 cait phew
21:12 wizzyrea hehe
21:12 trea :D
21:13 cait who do we tell about typos in the manual? *hides
21:13 rangi cait: you send patches of course :)
21:13 cait lol should have known :)
21:13 wizzyrea I think you can file a documentation bug
21:13 wizzyrea and attach patches there
21:14 wizzyrea I think that works.
21:14 wizzyrea at least, it should work.
21:16 cait i just read the instructions :) does someone know what you have to do in the connexion client?
21:16 cait it says "with one click"
21:16 trea sure. there are setup instructions. one second
21:17 pastebot "trea" at pasted "OCLC Connextion Client Setup Instructions" (20 lines) at
21:17 trea i'm surprised this isn't in the docs.
21:18 trea it should be.
21:19 wizzyrea be rangi
21:19 wahanui There's a bug for that
21:19 wizzyrea be rangi
21:19 wahanui Send a patch!
21:19 wizzyrea there we go
21:27 cait lol :)
21:28 rangi left #koha
21:28 cait learning lots tonight, thank you all :)
21:28 rangi joined #koha
21:28 huginn Oh no, not this fool again
21:28 trea lol!
21:28 bag ha
21:29 wizzyrea omg.
21:29 bag that's pretty brilliant
21:29 tcohen heh
21:29 cait left #koha
21:30 cait joined #koha
21:30 huginn GERMS!!!!
21:30 wahanui Germs originated in Germany, before rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the world.
21:30 * cait giggles
21:30 cait can we talk about ldap next? :P
21:30 trea you know you wanna go, where all the bots know your name.
21:30 bag sure
21:30 * wizzyrea giggles
21:30 trea anyways, go ahead
21:30 bag :D
21:35 cait so that ldap thing... :)
21:35 cait there seems to be different ways to use it
21:35 cait I think you can tell it to replicate data on login into koha or not do that?
21:36 rangi yes
21:37 cait and there are different ways how you can connect it to your ldap it seems
21:37 cait like 3 different?
21:37 rangi http://perldoc.koha-community.[…]and_field_mapping
21:38 cait rangi++ < hero
21:38 wizzyrea rangi++ (because I agree with cait)
21:39 bag wait ranig is less than a hero?
21:39 bag sorry rangi is less than a hero?  Or am I reading that wrong?
21:39 wizzyrea I think it's more of an arrow
21:40 wizzyrea rangi <--- hero
21:40 bag ahhh
21:40 bag heh :P
21:40 cait arrow!
21:50 cait brb :)
21:51 sammy joined #koha
21:51 cait left #koha
21:51 sammy Hello, good day to you all
21:51 sammy Please I need help with my KOHA installation
21:52 wizzyrea we can try to help
21:52 wizzyrea go ahead :)
21:52 Guest2748 thanks
21:52 Guest2748 The problem is with the zebra server
21:52 Guest2748 I cannot get it to work
21:53 wizzyrea searching faq?
21:53 wahanui searching faq is at
21:53 wizzyrea you'll have to scroll down to the bottom
21:53 Guest2748 Yes, I have searched and eaven google so many records but yet I have not succeeded in making it work
21:54 Guest2748 I have tried that but yet no success
21:54 Guest2748 the zebra server is not running
21:55 cait joined #koha
21:55 rangi what version of koha, how did you install it, and what OS ?
21:55 Guest2748 3.10, I installed using the debian package
21:56 Guest2748 debian squeeze
21:56 wahanui rumour has it debian squeeze is recommended for koha
21:56 rangi so apt-get install koha-common ?
21:57 trea joined #koha
21:57 rangi debian?
21:57 wahanui somebody said debian was what most people use and there are good manuals and even packages for that
21:57 rangi packages
21:57 wahanui it has been said that packages is at
21:57 rangi following those instructions exactly ?
21:57 Guest2748 yes,
21:58 rangi cos then zebra will just work, you shouldnt have to do anything and that faq, plus most googles are to do with tarball or git installs so are not right
21:58 rangi so what is the exact error you are getting when you start zebra?
21:58 rangi sudo /etc/init.d/koha-common restart
21:58 Guest2748 that's why I dont know what the problem is
21:58 Guest2748 ok, let me try the command, thanks
21:58 rangi we wont know either unless you can paste in the exact error :-)
21:59 tsbere joined #koha
21:59 Guest2748 I ran the command, I got thismessage: Restarting Koha ILS: daemonexecutablenameStopping Zebra server for koha  daemon: fatal: failed to stop the koha-koha-zebra daemon: No such process  Starting Zebra server for koha
22:00 rangi ps axf | grep "zebrasrv"
22:00 rangi what output does that give you
22:01 Guest2748 this is the result:  7732 pts/0    S+     0:00          \_ grep zebrasrv
22:02 rangi right so its not running still, are you sure nothing went wrong when you installed the packages?
22:03 Guest2748 Everything was fine, though I am not an expert,
22:03 rangi and everything else is working, its just zebra not?
22:04 Guest2748 yes, everything else is working
22:06 rangi is there anything in /var/log/koha/instancename/zebra-error.log ?
22:06 rangi (swap instancename for the name you picked when doing koha-create)
22:06 NateC joined #koha
22:07 NateC crashed
22:07 Guest2748 root@sam2:~# cat /var/log/koha/instancename/zebra-error.log  cat: /var/log/koha/instancename/zebra-error.log: No such file or directory
22:07 Guest2748 sorry
22:08 Guest2748 root@sam2:~# cat /var/log/koha/koha/zebra-error.log  cat: /var/log/koha/koha/zebra-error.log: No such file or directory
22:09 rangi what is in /var/log/koha/koha  ?
22:11 Guest2748 root@sam2:~# ls -l /var/log/koha/koha  ls: cannot access /var/log/koha/koha: No such file or directory
22:11 rangi are you sure you called your instance koha ?
22:12 Guest2748 yes
22:13 wizzyrea what is in /var/log/koha?
22:13 Guest2748 root@sam2:~# ls -l /var/log/koha  total 22588  -rw-r--r-- 1 koha root   903884 Apr 18 23:14 koha-error_log  -rw-r--r-- 1 koha root 22186500 Apr 18 16:27 koha-opac-error_log  -rw-r--r-- 1 koha koha       17 Jan 22 16:11 README
22:16 cait @wunder cologne, germany
22:16 huginn cait: The current temperature in Koeln / Bonn, Germany is 10.0°C (12:00 AM CEST on April 19, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1020 hPa (Rising).
22:18 rangi i suspect that is the problem
22:18 rangi try making an instance called something else
22:18 Guest2748 ok, so you suggest a re-installation?
22:19 rangi no
22:19 rangi just do a
22:19 rangi sudo koha-create somethingelse
22:20 Guest2748 ok please let me continue to follow you as you guide, I will do this now
22:20 rangi but i suspect it being called koha has meant the directories didn't get made properly
22:20 rangi sudo koha-create --create-db somethingbutnotkoha
22:20 Guest2748 I will use efcclib, is this oksy
22:20 rangi yep
22:20 Guest2748 ok, let me start now
22:20 rangi then just work through the web isntaller etc
22:22 Guest2748 root@sam2:~# sudo koha-create efcclib  Usage: /usr/sbin/koha-create [--create-db|--request-db|--populate-db|--use-db] [--marcflavor marc21|normarc|unimarc] [--zebralang en|nb|fr] [--defaultsql /path/to/some.sql] [--configfile /path/to/config] [--passwdfile /path/to/passwd] [--database database] [--adminuser n] instancename
22:22 rangi sudo koha-create --create-db efcclib
22:22 Guest2748 ok, thanks
22:23 Guest2748 root@sam2:~# sudo koha-create --create-db efcclib  User efcclib-koha already exists.
22:24 rangi sudo koha-remove efcclib
22:24 rangi then try again
22:24 Guest2748 ok, thanks
22:25 Guest2748 root@sam2:~# sudo koha-remove efcclib  Koha configuration directory for instance "efcclib" does not exist, please specify a valid Koha instance
22:26 rangi hmm at this point it might be better to start again clean, do exactly what you did last time
22:26 rangi and but do not call the instance koha :)
22:26 Guest2748 That is to re-install or create another instance, like efccacad
22:27 rangi lets try just another instance first to check that it works ok, if it does, you might wnat to start over so you have a nice clean one
22:28 Guest2748 ok, let me try another instance efccacad
22:28 rangi ok
22:28 Guest2748 root@sam2:~# sudo koha-create --create-db efccacad  ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'debian-sys-maint'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
22:29 rangi weird, i dont know how you managed to create the first instance then?
22:31 cait1 joined #koha
22:31 eythian hi
22:31 wahanui hola, eythian
22:31 Guest2748 OK, do I start everything all over again, so I can install once again following the steps in the url you gave earlier?
22:32 rangi that might be the best idea
22:32 Guest2748
22:32 Guest2748 so how do I uninstall the current installation?
22:35 rangi do you have anything else on that server?
22:35 Guest2748 yes
22:36 rangi sudo apt-get purge koha-common
22:36 Guest2748 I installed DSPACE too which is working perfectly
22:36 Guest2748 Please I will need you to guide me as I do this... do I start now?
22:37 rangi im sorry I have to get back to my job now
22:37 Guest2748 ok, thanks for your help
22:37 Guest2748 I hope someone else will continue from where you stop
22:41 fredy joined #koha
22:41 cait joined #koha
22:44 rambutan left #koha
23:00 grimgables joined #koha
23:07 Irma joined #koha
23:07 grimgables greetings and salutations!  two weeks ago i started working a small library that uses KOHA so i'm just checking out the chat :)
23:08 Irma welcome grimgables
23:08 grimgables thanks Irma
23:11 Irma chat with you grimgables another time ... I have an appointment to go to. Have a good day!
23:11 Irma left #koha
23:37 papa joined #koha
23:39 sammy joined #koha
23:41 sammy2 joined #koha
23:42 maximep left #koha
23:52 tcohen joined #koha
23:58 wizzyrea oh drats I always like talking with new users
23:59 bag hi there
23:59 bag I can pretend :P

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