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00:07 rangi !jenkins build koha_master now
00:07 jenkins_koha rangi: job koha_master build scheduled now
00:08 jenkins_koha Starting build #1073 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1066 9 days 5 hr ago)
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01:15 jenkins_koha Yippie, build fixed!
01:15 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1073: FIXED in 1 hr 7 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1073/
01:16 rangi sweet
01:17 wizzyrea yiippee!
01:23 eythian wahanui: the internet is
01:23 wahanui ...but internet is not working here properly... I may disappear...
01:23 eythian wahanui: the internet is also
01:23 wahanui okay, eythian.
01:23 wizzyrea eythian: had you not seen that?
01:23 eythian I had, when I watched the show, but that was ages ago
01:24 wizzyrea hehe
01:24 wizzyrea i laugh every time.
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03:28 * wajasu just setup koha dev in EPIC eclipse.  now i can run the site out of the iDE.
03:29 wizzyrea \o/
03:29 * wajasu with egit in the ide,
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04:10 bag oh I haven't heard of the it crowd before
04:10 bag hmm I will have to watch that
04:10 cjh bag: :o
04:10 dcook :o
04:10 bag tomorrow tomorrow
04:10 dcook To be honest, I hadn't heard of it before I moved to Sydney last year either..
04:10 cjh bag: watch it, hurry!
04:10 bag oh I will
04:10 bag looks great
04:11 bag I'm watching baby TV - my daughter is asleep and that's the most TV I watch…  ( a little monitor from another room :) )
04:12 dcook hehe
04:12 cjh bag: naaaww
04:14 bag ok Sonja and I are going to watch the first episode right now :P
04:15 cjh \o/
04:16 cjh less than 2 days to find an RM :o
04:16 bag two months until release of 3.12 though
04:16 bag so I guess we still have two months
04:17 cjh true :)
04:17 bag finger to nose - not it :P
04:17 bag or wait tag you are it
04:17 cjh heh
04:17 dcook I was wondering if a  ByWater person might take it on :p
04:18 bag khall has been thinking about it
04:18 cjh a 3 headed bywater person?
04:18 bag one of the heads is gone now - so no more 3 header
04:18 dcook Plus I don't think the chimera was too well received
04:18 bag :P
04:18 dcook :p
04:19 dcook Are you doing the 3.8 maintaining, cjh?
04:19 cjh possibly
04:19 dcook How many releases back do we usually maintain?
04:19 cjh about as far as 3.8 :)
04:21 * dcook keeps wondering who will step up for 3.14 RM
04:22 dcook I suppose the paranoid part of my brain wonders sometimes about the future.
04:22 dcook Mind you, I've only been working on Koha for 1 year and it's heaps older than that, so...
04:22 bag we've still got time
04:23 bag I think gmcharlt was also thinking about doing it again
04:23 gmcharlt indeed
04:23 bag there he is :)
04:23 bag hiya gmcharlt
04:23 gmcharlt dcook: don't worry, an RM will appear ;)
04:23 gmcharlt hi bag
04:23 dcook hehe
04:23 cjh gmcharlt: soooooo, that RM position, eh?
04:24 bag like magic they appear :)
04:24 * dcook has an image of an RM with a long white beard and a white staff
04:24 dcook Anyone good with photoshop?
04:24 cjh RM = release mage
04:24 dcook Perhaps we could rig up an image of gmcharlt taking on a balrog
04:25 bag it's more like herding kittens than battling balrogs
04:26 dcook mew?
04:26 gmcharlt we'll have to arrange for a big bunch of QA Numenoreans to stand between the RM and the balrog ;)
04:29 dcook Cannon fodder? :p
04:30 eythian <-- distro is related
04:39 bag it's not even tuesday yet
04:39 dcook Hmm, perhaps living in the future does have perks...:)
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04:54 dcook Hmm get_report_social_data starts with #!/bin/perl rather than #!/usr/bin/perl
04:54 dcook Typo?
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06:15 dcook night #koha
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07:44 reiveune hello
07:44 wahanui hola, reiveune
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08:05 asaurat hi
08:05 wahanui what's up, asaurat
08:09 * magnuse waves
08:11 magnuse @wunder marseille
08:11 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 9.0°C (9:00 AM CET on March 12, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.50 in 999 hPa (Steady).
08:11 magnuse @wunder boo
08:11 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -8.0°C (8:50 AM CET on March 12, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: -13.0°C. Windchill: -16.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Rising).
08:12 * magnuse starts packing :-)
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08:23 gaetan_B hello
08:23 wahanui hello, gaetan_B
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09:17 magnuse rangi++
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09:47 miel euhm hi
09:49 miel is there anybody here who wants to answer a couple of general questions?
09:51 rangi easiest way to find out is to ask them
09:51 rangi ask?
09:51 wahanui Don't ask to ask, just ask.
09:51 rangi (as the bot says)
09:52 miel ah, well it's been 10 years since ive been on irc it feels weird :-)
09:53 miel i am looking for a solution for a comic book library
09:53 rangi do you circulate?
09:53 miel we have about 15000 comic books and are open twice a week
09:54 rangi right
09:54 miel koha looks very interesting and ive setup a testserver and are sinve one hour testing
09:55 miel i will have many questions over the next months and wanted to know how easy it is to get help if i need it
09:55 rangi you installed with the .deb packages eh?
09:55 miel yes
09:55 rangi manual?
09:55 wahanui manual is at
09:55 miel worked out quite well
09:55 rangi thats the best place to go for help
09:55 miel printing it right now
09:56 miel but if i get stuck this would be my next stop?
09:56 rangi probably the mailing list
09:56 rangi if it's to do with using koha
09:57 miel it should be
09:57 rangi and understanding of course that any support someone will be giving up their own time to provide :-)
09:57 rangi here is a good place for asking about development
09:58 miel i understand and am grateful
09:58 rangi the main list is better for usage stuff
09:58 miel ah wel sorry for spamming then
09:58 rangi (i only mention that because we sadly get quite a few 'demanding' answers type questions)
09:58 rangi nope thats fine
09:58 rangi its just most of us on here are devs
09:58 rangi the mailing list has a lot more librarians
09:58 rangi who know using the software better
09:59 rangi you can certainly ask here, but you will probably get a better answer on the mailing list is all
09:59 rangi course if you hit a bug, or want to make a patch etc, then here is the best bet
10:00 miel ok i guess most of my questions will be directed there (unless i get in to real trouble)
10:00 miel I thank you for your time
10:01 rangi no problem
10:01 rangi feel free to add yourself to the wiki if you like
10:02 rangi[…]a_Users_Worldwide
10:03 miel i might do that thanks again for pointing me in the right direction
10:03 rangi (have you found the local covers feature yet? you might like to take photos of covers and attach them to the records)
10:03 rangi unless amazon or google have the covers anyway, covers make catalogue searches so much nicer :)
10:04 miel i have hardly found anything yet this is really all reconnaissance for now,
10:04 rangi cool
10:04 miel really scared of having to scan 15000 books
10:05 rangi if they have an issn or isbn then you should be able to get covers from google or amazon
10:05 rangi or openlibrary
10:05 wahanui rumour has it openlibrary is cool
10:06 miel but i will have to look at all the possibilities but i guess getting to know marc, importing the database and getting the isbn thingy linked is a good start :-)
10:06 miel ill have a look at that too
10:06 rangi yep
10:06 miel have i mentioned they are all dutch :-P
10:07 rangi hmm probably you will have to take photos .. hire a student :-)
10:07 rangi did you know the rijkmuseum run koha?
10:07 rangi hmm rijksmuseum even
10:08 miel well if anyone in our group still needs convincing i might mention that one :-)
10:08 rangi :)
10:08 miel our budget btw is also zero
10:08 rangi Marcel from there is one of the Koha QA team
10:09 rangi and eythian speaks a little dutch
10:10 miel great getting more info then i hoped for
10:10 * rangi has to go to sleep now, its 11pm here in nz
10:12 miel ok and thank you
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10:26 magnuse rangi++ for being helpful
10:26 magnuse rangi: if you ever get a spare moment, bug 9256 could do with a look now ;-)
10:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9256 critical, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Search is broken for 3.10 package-installs when marcflavour != marc21
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11:35 BobB @wunder Sydney NSW
11:37 BobB @wunder Sydney, NSW, Australia
11:37 huginn BobB: Error: No such location could be found.
11:37 BobB hmm, I know where it is  :)
11:38 BobB @wunder Sydney New South Wales
11:38 huginn BobB: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 23.0°C (10:00 PM EST on March 12, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
11:38 BobB 10.30 at night.  Ugghhhh!
11:51 magnuse too hot?
11:51 magnuse @wunder boo
11:51 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -6.0°C (12:20 PM CET on March 12, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: -13.0°C. Windchill: -12.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
11:52 magnuse BobB: we could do the average? :-)
11:54 BobB average ++
12:12 magnuse yay
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12:19 tcohen morning #koha
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12:21 oleonard Hi #koha
12:37 magnuse hiya tcohen and oleonard
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12:49 drojf hi #koha
13:01 oleonard We don't have a way to link to a "view" of an individual fund, but does it make sense to link individual funds to a list of all funds for that budget?
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13:05 edveal morning
13:05 oleonard Hi edveal
13:06 edveal Hi oleonard
13:12 magnuse oleonard: sounds like something cait would have an opinion on :-)
13:12 oleonard I know, and here we are without cait...
13:12 magnuse sigh...
13:12 oleonard We need to expand our pool of people who care about acquisitions ;)
13:13 magnuse sounds like a good idea :-)
13:13 * magnuse does not volunteer yet
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13:35 oleonard Anyone who develops an opinion on linking to funds can test my alternate patch to Bug 9744
13:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9744 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pelletiermaxime, Needs Signoff , Add a column Fund name on the home page of acquisitions
13:46 oleonard jcamins around?
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13:54 maximep good morning #koha
13:54 tcohen hi maximep
13:55 maximep oleonard++ for bug 9744
13:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9744 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pelletiermaxime, Needs Signoff , Add a column Fund name on the home page of acquisitions
13:56 oleonard Thanks maximep I hoped you wouldn't mind
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13:57 maximep why would I mind a better patch =)
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14:06 drojf i think i'm confused. when i install recent (or master) packages, it is DOM by default, not GRS-1, right?
14:09 tcohen right drojf
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14:21 jcamins oleonard: yep.
14:21 jcamins How many times do I have to tell people not to send messages directly to me?
14:21 gmcharlt jcamins: that never ends
14:22 gmcharlt form letters on cheap bond paper ;)
14:22 oleonard Hi jcamins, I could use your help getting un-confused. I may have been wrong to ask you to revert Bug 9446. I did so because Bug 9647 says "pushed" but now I think it hasn't.
14:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9446 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Use DataTables on Z39.50 servers administration page
14:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9647 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Replace YUI buttons on Z39.50 servers administration page with Bootstrap
14:23 oleonard I've been wrong before though.
14:26 jcamins Hmmm.
14:26 jcamins Didn't I revert 9647 because it broke the datatables?
14:27 oleonard Did you? Then I'm creating messes all over the place :(
14:28 jcamins Let me see.
14:28 jcamins No, I never pushed it.
14:28 * drojf likes the idea of not being the only confused person around
14:28 jcamins I don't even see any evidence that I tried to push it.
14:29 jcamins Hmmm...
14:29 jcamins Possibly I wrote the message on the wrong bug?
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14:36 jcamins Hm.
14:36 jcamins So... I can revert the revert, and switch that back to passed QA.
14:41 drojf how would i switch from DOM to GRS?  i thought to do that to test bug 9256, but i fail to see how to do it
14:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9256 critical, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Search is broken for 3.10 package-installs when marcflavour != marc21
14:42 jcamins drojf: just reverse the changes you made to switch to DOM.
14:42 drojf its a fresh installation, i did not do anything
14:42 jcamins In that case just choose GRS-1 instead of DOM.
14:43 jcamins If you're trying to install from packages, the packages don't support DOM yet.
14:43 drojf choose where?
14:43 drojf AH!
14:43 drojf now i am even more confused, but then there is nothing to test :)
14:43 drojf or, there is
14:44 drojf i could switch to dom then and test ^^
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14:44 drojf is[…]g_to_dom_indexing still valid?
14:44 jcamins Yes.
14:45 drojf ok i'll try that. thanks
14:48 maximep anyone knows why you can't place a hold on more than 1 item fo a biblio ? Is it a missing feature or is there a good reason ?
14:49 drojf joined #koha
14:49 jcamins maximep: missing feature.
14:50 maximep ok thanks
14:50 oleonard maximep: It was by design, but based on the not-always-correct assumption that items are all the same (rather than, for instance, volumes)
14:51 maximep oh, I think it's covered by bug 7710
14:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7710 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Needs Signoff , multiple holds per title
14:52 magnuse drojf: as far as i know, the packages use grs1 for bibs and dom for authorities
14:53 drojf omg. i think my head is going to implode
14:53 magnuse hehe¨
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14:54 magnuse blame it on the zebra...
14:55 drojf "After the line <!-- <maximumrecordsize>2000000</maximumrecordsize> -->"
14:55 drojf that line does not exist anymore. so much for "still valid" :P
14:55 jcamins drojf: oh well.
14:56 jcamins I'm kind of surprised none of the people following the instructions recently mentioned that the instructions referred to lines that didn't exist.
14:59 tcohen we don't have people qa'ing the wiki
15:00 jcamins tcohen: no, but one generally expects to hear about instructions not working when they fail to work so spectacularly.
15:00 drojf jcamins: they also did not mention that a file name was wrong and there was another error that i already fixed before i started ;)
15:00 tcohen right, that's just evidence those instructions are not being used
15:01 drojf on the other hand, i have used that at least once and don't remember any problems
15:01 magnuse tcohen: the clue to how the packages do indexing lies in the file debian/templates/
15:02 tcohen I know magnuse!
15:03 magnuse hm, i think i meant that for drojf...
15:03 tcohen :-P
15:03 * magnuse shuts up now :-)
15:03 tcohen magnuse np!
15:04 tcohen magnuse: question about that file, does __ZEBRA_SRU_BIBLIOS_PORT__ mean that we cannot set a SRU server for each instance?
15:05 tcohen (using packages?)
15:05 jcamins tcohen: yes.
15:05 tcohen ouch
15:05 magnuse hope not!
15:05 jcamins Well, you coud by manually editing the file to use different ports.
15:05 magnuse but couldn't we have different ports for different instances?
15:05 tcohen once the instance is created
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15:06 jcamins Right. Using koha-sites.conf you'd end up with the Zebras duking it out for control over the port.
15:06 tcohen yes magnuse, we should have a switch for setting that on instance creation
15:06 magnuse see also bug 9749
15:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9749 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Placeholders in koha-conf.xml generated by the Debian packages
15:06 magnuse tcohen: yup!
15:07 * jcamins thinks it would be a good idea to set up one Zebra with multiple databases.
15:08 magnuse yeah, that setting would not be a good candidate for koha-sites.conf, but just for a command line option to koha-create
15:08 magnuse jcamins: that would be cool!
15:08 magnuse (i think)
15:16 celery1 does zebra typically produce increasing verbosity. i.e., will -vvv produce more info generally w/ zebra than just -v   ?
15:17 rambutan how did I get to be celery?
15:17 oleonard Crazy night last night rambutan?
15:18 rambutan well, I'm using thunderbird chat now vs xchat, and some of the minor details pinch me occasionallly
15:19 jcamins Yes, -v -v -v provides debug information whereas -v does not.
15:21 rambutan well, it should be simply a matter of increasing verbosity. I just didn't know if zebra actually, typically, produced additional worthwhile info
15:21 jcamins -v -v does nothing, as I recall.
15:22 jcamins (or is equivalent to -v, anyway)
15:37 drojf zebraidx(2643) [warn] extract error: generic
15:37 drojf quite a generic message :D
15:37 drojf i doubt anyone ever used that wiki page
15:54 rambutan If I log into my library's base opac page (which for us is "", and I have items checked out, and I select one of those...
15:55 drojf magnuse: have you tried 9256 with dom (and did it work)? for me it seems not to. but then i am not 100% sure that dom is working now
15:56 rambutan it takes me to that particular item. However, there doesn't appear a way, other than using the back arrow on the browser, to return to my home/login page (http://.../, where I have all the "my" stuff (my summary, my fines, my et al).
15:57 oleonard rambutan: Isn't that what the back button is for?
15:57 rambutan is this standard behavior across all the typical koha opac implementations/customizaatins?
15:57 jcamins rambutan: click on your user name in the top right.
15:57 jcamins Or name name, if it's the name name and not the user name.
15:57 rambutan jcamins: ah, yes indeed. that does it. Not terribly intuitive methinks
15:58 jcamins rambutan: that's the standard behavior for websites these days, isn't it?
15:58 jcamins That's the way Google/Yahoo/etc. do it.
15:58 rambutan I propose a button, centrally located, that says "return to home account page"
15:58 oleonard Linking the logged-in user's name to account information is widespread practice
15:59 rambutan hummm, OK
15:59 oleonard What would be nice is a link somewhere on that says "checked out to you"
16:00 jcamins USPS does it too.
16:00 jcamins Their website is not very responsive.
16:01 magnuse drojf: no, i just tried it with the package setup that comes "out of the box", i did not change indexing modes
16:01 drojf magnuse: ok then i sign off like it is and mention that somewhere as a possible follow up?
16:02 magnuse drojf: works for me ;-)
16:02 drojf the out of the box installation works, that is much more than we have now
16:02 jcamins Wow. The USPS's "mobile" website is shockingly bad.
16:05 jcamins rambutan: so would I be correct in thinking that you do not like the use of the little person silhouette up in the right corner as the user menu/profile link:
16:05 jcamins ?
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16:12 rambutan jcamins: for larger screens the upper right is in the proverbial "back 40". I've been looking at yahoo and google, and don't think those web sites are similar enough to be comparable to the koha opac.
16:13 rambutan what I do think is more similar is a site like
16:13 rambutan The govconnection logo in the upper left is always there, and will always take you to the home page
16:15 rambutan Another, maybe better example, is amazon...
16:16 rambutan if you login, in the upper right you always see your name, and always "your account", "cart" and "wish list"
16:17 rambutan however, I'm willing to throw in the towel. It's a minor point probably not worth any further CPU cycles
16:20 jcamins rambutan: what might make sense is to add a link on opac-main on the right side bar.
16:21 jcamins Because there's the link to the home page at the top left, so the user can always get back to there.
16:24 drojf If your KOHA setup is not where your koha source code is, you must copy
16:24 drojf what is that supposed to mean?
16:25 jcamins drojf: "if you moved all the files away from where they were installed, put them back"?
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16:28 reiveune1 bye
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16:53 * drojf heads home
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17:06 maximep is there any way to delete or mark as invalid an attachment in bz ?
17:07 maximep sent the wrong patch for bug 9549
17:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9549 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pelletiermaxime, ASSIGNED , Local Cover are not displayed in the Shelf Browser.
17:07 oleonard maximep: Click the "details" link next to the patch
17:07 jcamins Just mark as obsolete.
17:07 oleonard maximep: Then click "edit details"
17:08 oleonard maximep: Check "obsolete"
17:08 maximep ok thanks
17:15 oleonard gmcharlt++
17:16 jcamins Woohoo!
17:16 jcamins gmcharlt++
17:17 * oleonard calls the bounty hunters away from jcamins' door
17:18 rambutan so what's up with the cheering and bounty hunters?
17:18 jcamins rambutan:[…]_RM_3_14_gmcharlt
17:18 oleonard rambutan: Which means we don't have to forcibly detain jcamins and require that he serve another term
17:19 * jcamins has been fortifying his apartment against that possibility.
17:19 jcamins Guess I can reduce the 24/7 anti-kidnapping guards.
17:20 gmcharlt oleonard: hey, don't call off the bounty hunters just yet... I need module maintainers!
17:20 * jcamins calls the security company to cancel the cancellation.
17:23 * jcamins goes to eat some lunch.
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17:33 chris_n gmcharlt++
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18:26 drojf gmcharlt++
18:28 * jcamins is cataloging a book called "L'année du vin" which has a picture of a man spitting out a glass of wine on the front cover.
18:30 * oleonard hopes it's a charming vintage illustration at least, rather than a photo
18:31 jcamins oleonard: nope. Photo.
18:31 drojf lol
18:32 jcamins Jeez.
18:33 jcamins We're getting 8lbs of carrots.
18:33 jcamins And 8lbs of potatoes.
18:33 jcamins And 3.25lbs of rutabaga.
18:33 jcamins And 3.5lbs watermelon radishes.
18:33 jcamins And 3.5lbs beets.
18:33 oleonard There's gonna be stew all up in that place
18:33 jcamins And two pieces of Belgian endive and 0.4lbs of collards.
18:35 jcamins That's rather a lot of veggies.
18:36 jcamins And we still have beets and rutabaga left from last time.
18:36 datadoctor Watermelon radishes...yum!
18:36 jcamins datadoctor: you've had them?
18:37 drojf i just wanted to ask what that is
18:37 jcamins It's a massive radish that is green on the outside and red on the inside like a watermelon.
18:37 drojf how can you eat stuff that not even wikipedia knows? :P
18:37 magnuse drojf: i think you maybe forgot to change the status on Bug 9256?
18:37 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9256 critical, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Search is broken for 3.10 package-installs when marcflavour != marc21
18:38 jcamins drojf: is Wuppertal a place?
18:38 drojf magnuse: oh, you are right! will do
18:38 drojf jcamins: yes
18:38 jcamins Thanks.
18:38 drojf it sounds great when i think it in english :D
18:38 magnuse drojf++ bigtime
18:39 oleonard Have you cooked with a watermelon radish before jcamins?
18:39 jcamins oleonard: usually I just make them into salads.
18:40 jcamins I stuck a bit of watermelon radish in a gratin once, though.
18:40 drojf what does it taste like? regular radish?
18:40 jcamins Milder.
18:40 jcamins Much milder.
18:40 drojf it looks really nice
18:53 drojf1 joined #koha
18:53 eythian joined #koha
18:55 rambutan joined #koha
19:05 maximep if you don't have defined any circulation rules and you don't enter a due date, how is the due date calculated ?
19:05 jcamins maximep: it isn't.
19:05 jcamins If you do not have a default circ rule, Koha won't circ.
19:06 jcamins It's supposed to circ for 21 days, but that doesn't work.
19:06 maximep huh
19:06 maximep I just truncated the issuingrules table and still was able
19:07 maximep somehow it put "11/04/2013 23:59" as my due date
19:07 maximep anyway, ill look at the code soon
19:08 jcamins Sounds like a month.
19:08 maximep it even looks like a month
19:08 maximep =)
19:19 rangi Yay a release manager
19:20 oleonard Assuming he can get the votes ;)
19:22 rangi I'll vote for anyone who isn't me :)
19:24 jcamins Ditto.
19:25 * rangi takes the kids to school
19:29 gmcharlt /nick notrangiandnotjcamins
19:29 gmcharlt oops!
19:29 gmcharlt ;)
19:30 jcamins Hehe.
19:34 kathryn joined #koha
19:45 trea joined #koha
20:00 tcohen joined #koha
20:10 drojf joined #koha
20:14 rambutan joined #koha
20:19 oleonard Later #koha
20:28 sophie_m joined #koha
20:38 sophie_m joined #koha
20:45 tcohen joined #koha
20:58 bag afternoon peeps
21:00 rambutan afternoon
21:03 bag heya rambutan
21:04 rangi hi bag and rambutan
21:04 bag yo rangi
21:08 rambutan hi rangi
21:09 wizzyrea hi :)
21:11 rambutan hi wizzyrea
21:20 rangi anyone know danish?
21:20 rangi
21:22 jcamins rangi: it says "Biblioteker hos Reindex."
21:22 wizzyrea oo there's a norwegian language option
21:22 wizzyrea still don't speak that but i do know someone who does :P
21:22 rangi it looks like some kinda ILS .. but i dont think its free software?
21:23 rambutan the google translation looks pretty good
21:23 * Dyrcona was going to suggest google translate.
21:23 cait joined #koha
21:23 Dyrcona rangi: Looks like they are affiliated with Index Data somehow.
21:24 rangi maybe just the catalogue part ...
21:24 jcamins Under system it does say "open source."
21:24 rambutan the two main paragraphs are kinda vague, however. "...modern, flexible system that effectively supports information workers exposure of information and services in an organization."
21:24 wizzyrea operational performance is $ 10,000 plus $ 5,000 per. employed in the library.
21:24 cait hi #koha, hi jcamins, rangi, Dyrcona and rambutan :)
21:24 wizzyrea yikes per employee!
21:24 Dyrcona The whole thing looks vague to me.
21:24 rangi *nod*
21:24 rambutan hi cait!
21:24 rangi hiya cait
21:24 * Dyrcona bows.
21:24 cait :)
21:25 * cait survived her presentation - no more slides!
21:25 rangi yay!
21:25 * jcamins starts charging for Koha at that rate.
21:25 * cait hands out lots of cookies
21:25 jcamins Bwahahaha!!!!!!!!
21:25 cait what are you looking at?
21:25 wizzyrea yay cait!
21:25 jcamins A closed source ILS.
21:26 jcamins Wow. That's really ugly.
21:26 Viktor joined #koha
21:26 wizzyrea ew, it is
21:27 cait a closed source list with an open price list?
21:27 cait hi Viktor :)
21:28 jcamins I know, weird, right?
21:28 Viktor Hi cait !
21:28 rangi does Viktor read danish? :-)
21:29 Viktor Might read ok rangi I'm not so good with spoken danish though
21:29 rangi
21:29 jcamins I think it might be saying that XML is open source.
21:29 rangi heard of this before?
21:29 jcamins Hard to say, as I don't know Danish.
21:31 * magnuse waves
21:31 rangi oh magnuse is here :)
21:31 magnuse in da house!
21:32 rangi heh
21:32 Dyrcona Call me crazy, but this: gives me the page in English!
21:32 wizzyrea chrome?
21:32 wahanui rumour has it chrome is not free software
21:32 wizzyrea chrome autotranslates
21:32 jcamins That looks very Danish to me.
21:32 jcamins Though they have an English option.
21:32 Dyrcona Time to go....
21:33 jcamins Which is also in Danish...
21:33 wahanui okay, jcamins.
21:33 magnuse that is an ils, yes and it's not free software
21:33 wizzyrea oh no, their links are confused
21:33 jcamins which?
21:33 wahanui it has been said that which is in Danish...
21:33 wizzyrea lang=dan gives english
21:33 Dyrcona Chromium must be messing with me...
21:33 wizzyrea lang=eng gives danish
21:33 jcamins lang=dan gives Danish for me.
21:33 Viktor It's danish alright
21:33 jcamins Ooh, there we go!
21:33 wizzyrea hehe well something has gone funny then :)
21:34 * wizzyrea sees english with lang=dan
21:34 eythian lang=nor gives me english, the others are danish
21:34 eythian also, hello
21:34 wizzyrea hahaha so - it's random language ^.^
21:34 * wizzyrea waits for farsi
21:34 eythian I think so, yeah
21:34 Viktor But it does'nt say XML is open source. It says that their product uses standard parts :)
21:34 jcamins wizzyrea: ooh, that'd be nice!
21:35 wizzyrea pretty too
21:35 jcamins One I know.
21:35 magnuse i think there are ~2 libraries in norway using reindex
21:37 eythian the opac looks like a mobile site when viewed on a desktop browser
21:37 eythian very sparse and not showing much
21:37 Viktor So: it seems like the average proprietary product. But they do mention open source on their site. But show no sign of licensing their own product with an open license.
21:38 magnuse they have connections to indexdata, but i'm not sure how
21:38 Viktor Can I ask a quick one one another topic?
21:38 magnuse ask?
21:38 wahanui Don't ask to ask, just ask.
21:38 magnuse ;-)
21:39 Viktor Where in the manual do I look for how to transfer books for something like six months to another branch?
21:40 Viktor During which the books "live" at the new branch.
21:40 bag there you go dcook[…]_RM_3_14_gmcharlt
21:40 magnuse ah, that would be rotating collections, i think?
21:40 rangi yep thats it
21:40 bag I may have missed the announcement earlier :P  but late is better than never :D
21:40 Viktor Aha! Did'nt know what to search for! Thanks!
21:40 jcamins I thought rotating collections was disabled due to security concerns?
21:40 magnuse Viktor: see bug 8836
21:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8836 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Resurrect Rotating Collections
21:41 rangi viktor to do it without that feature
21:41 edveal left #koha
21:41 rangi what you would do is batch update
21:41 rangi so do a report to get the items you want to move
21:42 bag oh I like this "Broadening Koha's appeal and making it ready for a post-MARC world. "
21:42 rangi then batch update them, changing their home branch, (and holding/current) and put a non-public note in, so you can search for them again (transferred 2013-03-13 or somethign)
21:43 rangi thats the way you can do it now maybe put in the branch they should go back to into the note too
21:43 rangi until rotating collections is fixed
21:43 * rangi hopes that was helpful not confusing
21:43 Viktor Aha - so there might be a feature back up to do it but there is also a functioning workaround.
21:43 Viktor Sounds fully ok! Thanks!
21:43 rangi bag: yeah we should take the stuff magnus has done, the semantikoha work as a good start
21:44 bag totally agree
21:44 cait :)
21:44 cait 3.14 will be exciting
21:44 bag I'm looking forward to next week - when I've got time to dig into those things :D
21:44 cait like every koha release :)
21:44 cait bag: yepme too!!
21:44 cait and into the bug pile
21:44 bag and not have to do hiring or taxes, or HR or other time sucks :P
21:45 * cait nods similar here -- well different things, but doing actually only one thing most of the time will be nice :)
21:45 bag oh cait khall and I arrive to Marseille sunday night around 18:30 I believe
21:45 cait oh nice
21:45 cait ant to have dinner? :)
21:45 jcamins Just a reminder that if you want your work to go into 3.12 and not require massive amounts of rebasing, the hackfest is a good time to focus on bugs and almost-ready features.
21:45 bag Yes
21:45 bag and yes to jcamins
21:46 magnuse bag: more than happy to talk semantikoha with you or anyeone else ;-)
21:46 bag that's my thought too…  daytime bugs :)  nighttime digging :)
21:46 bag awesome I will take you up on that magnuse
21:47 cait so one yes was about dinner? :)
21:47 cait bag: do you have access to the google docs?
21:47 bag yes one was about dinner
21:47 magnuse bag: yay!
21:47 cait i think you have - I can leave the room number there, so you can just knock when you arrive?
21:48 bag hmm.. cait I believe so
21:48 cait or check #koha
21:48 cait :)
21:48 bag awesome…
21:48 cait my train arrives about 2 hours earlier
21:48 cait so I will probably be at the hotel I think at the time you arrive
21:49 cait so you and kyle now?
21:49 bag sweet - so Kyle and I arrive in paris the day before - and we are going to try and pack in some touristing
21:49 bag so we maybe a bit tired and just do dinner and crash :)
21:49 cait I think maybe dpavlin too
21:50 rangi creme brulee
21:50 bag yup just kyle and I from here :)
21:50 cait you can sleep on the train! :)
21:50 cait sleep is totally overrated
21:50 jcamins I went to a very interesting seder in Paris.
21:50 bag I've never been on a super fast train - I don't think I will sleep
21:50 rangi you guys should totally try to go see ecole de mines
21:50 jcamins And an absolutely lovely one in Lille.
21:50 rangi in paris
21:50 bag I want to check everything out!
21:50 rangi the site of the first kohacon ever
21:50 cait eiffel tower? :)
21:50 cait I have never been there but it might be a bit much for one day :)
21:50 rangi and a beautiful library
21:51 jcamins I visited the Eiffel Tower.
21:51 bag I think we are going to hit up Versailles and maybe the louve if the lines aren't crazy long
21:51 bag yeah I've been up the Eliffel tower before
21:52 tcohen joined #koha
21:52 rangi hi tcohen
21:52 tcohen hi rango
21:52 tcohen rangi
21:52 * wizzyrea wonders if tcohen has kids
21:52 tcohen i don't
21:53 tcohen (yet)
21:53 wizzyrea then you haven't probably had the pleasure of seeing the movie Rango.
21:53 wizzyrea :)
21:53 bag anybody up for testing and signing off (well if passes) bug 7736 ?
21:53 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7736 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mark.gavillet, Needs Signoff , Edifact QUOTE and ORDER functionality
21:53 tcohen heh, you're right
21:53 magnuse ah gmcharlt++
21:53 bag I think it would take a little bit of time - not a quick or easy one
21:54 bag yeah gmcharlt++  I'm enjoying what I've been reading so far
21:55 tcohen bag, I can only offer testing and signing if you do the same with bug 9735 and/or bug 9659
21:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9735 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Choose language using URL parameters in any page
21:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9659 minor, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Undefined authorised value category yields empty dropdown menu on SQL reports
21:55 tcohen :-P
21:55 gmcharlt bag: do you know of any materials vendors that have done EDI interchange using that patch series?
21:56 bag I will start looking tcohen
21:56 bag gmcharlt: there are some in England that has worked for (ptfs europe)
21:56 wizzyrea bug 9659 is signed off :)
21:56 * jcamins heads out.
21:57 bag and I've tested with baker and taylor here - and they said it would be passable…
21:57 bag besides that gmcharlt no
21:58 gmcharlt bag: ah, now I see where you said so in the bug
21:58 * cait waves to gmcharlt
21:58 cait gmcharlt++
21:58 bag tcohen: 9735 looks easy enough - will test soon :)
21:58 tcohen gmcharlt++
21:58 tcohen thanks bag
21:59 magnuse meeting in ~20 hours, right?
21:59 magnuse[…]ng,_13_March_2013
21:59 gmcharlt magnuse: 19 hours and four minutes
22:00 gmcharlt no, make tha t20
22:00 * gmcharlt apparently can't do basic arithmetic today
22:00 magnuse[…]General%20Meeting :-)
22:01 magnuse basic arithmetic - who needs it? ;-)
22:01 gmcharlt magnuse++
22:01 magnuse yay
22:02 cait i got meetings so may miss it
22:02 tcohen I'll be migrating the last ISIS-based library we have, will try to be there
22:02 * magnuse will be home alone with the kiddo and will probably miss most too
22:04 Dyrcona joined #koha
22:07 magnuse wizzyrea++ for working on bug 9784
22:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9784 minor, P5 - low, ---, liz, ASSIGNED , koha-shell missing from koha-common man page
22:07 * magnuse needs some sleep
22:07 magnuse have fun, #koha!
22:09 rangi cya magnuse
22:09 eythian bye magnuse
22:09 magnuse o/
22:12 eythian "Broadening Koha's appeal and making it ready for a post-MARC world." <-- "post-MARC world" sounds like "post apocalyptic world", except it's MARC, so it's more like "post-post-apocalyptic world"
22:12 wizzyrea @quote add eythian: "Broadening Koha's appeal and making it ready for a post-MARC world." <-- "post-MARC world" sounds like "post apocalyptic world", except it's MARC, so it's more like "post-post-apocalyptic world"
22:12 huginn wizzyrea: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
22:13 wizzyrea @quote add eythian: "Broadening Koha's appeal and making it ready for a post-MARC world." <-- "post-MARC world" sounds like "post apocalyptic world", except it's MARC, so it's more like "post-post-apocalyptic world"
22:13 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #236 added.
22:13 wizzyrea mua hahahahahaha
22:21 gmcharlt eythian++
22:26 bag :D
22:26 * bag loves it
22:34 eythian gmcharlt: I like your linux-kernel model of module owners.
22:37 maximep left #koha
22:41 gmcharlt rangi++ # splinter review
22:44 * cait goes to bed
22:44 cait last day of conf tomorrow
22:44 cait bye all :)
22:45 eythian later caiter
22:46 cait lol :)
22:46 cait later!
22:46 cait left #koha
22:46 gmcharlt eythian: good, I'm hope that folks will volunteer
22:51 rangi figured we could try it out
23:05 eythian gmcharlt: I was using my executive authority for package related things to put bug 9784 straight into passed qa :)
23:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9784 minor, P5 - low, ---, liz, Signed Off , koha-shell missing from koha-common man page
23:05 gmcharlt eythian: fair enough, I think it was still showing as needs sign-off when I grab it
23:05 eythian (otherwise we risk getting important but simple packaging patches stuck as fewer people know how to test them)
23:05 eythian ah right, cool
23:06 wizzyrea did you like my thorough but altogether not particularly necessary test plan? >.>
23:06 gmcharlt eythian: it's part of my teaching myself more about Debian packaging, but that certainly need not hold up packaging patches
23:06 eythian ah cool, no problem
23:06 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I found it lacking...
23:07 eythian more people knowing about packaging would not hold anything up :)
23:07 gmcharlt step -2: attend elementary school
23:07 wizzyrea lol.
23:07 gmcharlt step -1: learn to read ... ;)
23:07 eythian though it does make me think I should write a test case that ensures that all the man page XML files pass validation.
23:08 gmcharlt indeed
23:10 rangi whack it in xt
23:11 eythian what's the difference between t/ and xt/?
23:11 eythian is it just "code" vs. "extra things"?
23:12 rangi t is for unit tests like functionality stuffs
23:12 rangi xt is for prerelease type tests
23:12 gmcharlt xt = author tests
23:12 eythian ah right
23:12 rangi like checking validity of xml man files, or checking copyright headers etc
23:12 eythian does it run on a standard make?
23:12 rangi nope
23:13 rangi make test just runs t.
23:13 rangi t/ even
23:13 eythian hmm. Should probably make it run on a package build then perhaps.
23:13 rangi but jenkins runs xt and my release scripts do too
23:13 rangi ooh good idea
23:13 eythian ah right
23:13 rangi making it run on package build wouldnt hurt at all
23:13 rangi it checks for things that make templates untranslatable and stuff too
23:13 rangi so is handy to run
23:14 eythian yeah
23:17 papa joined #koha
23:25 rambutan left #koha
23:32 trea question about in 3.8.5 - is it possible to get it to timeout a patron session, without timing out the staff session that enables it? we're getting feedback saying that the staff session also times out, which is a problem for some of our libraries.
23:33 rangi short answer no
23:33 rangi there is only one session timeout variable
23:33 trea i personally don't think it's wise to leave sessions open in perpetuity, but 123 and all that
23:33 rangi so both those users will timeout the same time due to inactivity
23:34 rangi you could trick it
23:36 rangi with a piece of js that called the logout after some inactivity
23:46 dcook joined #koha
23:47 bag hey welcome back dcook
23:47 dcook hey bag! thanks :)
23:48 dcook Watch the IT crowd, yet?
23:49 bag Sonja and I watched the first episode last night
23:50 dcook Good, bad, somewhere in between?
23:52 bag oh we enjoyed it - we'll watch more
23:56 dcook :D

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