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00:00 drojf good night #koha
00:08 dcook After much poking around in Zebra, could anyone just tell me if it's possible to write a query that retrieves everything from a certain acquisition date to the present?
00:09 dcook I see that Zebra can sort by acqdate, but I don't know what it's actually using...
00:10 dcook As attribute 32 seems to refer to Date-of-acquisition which is MARC 541$d?
00:11 dcook It looks like it uses publication date :S
00:11 dcook At least when you query Zebra
00:11 jcamins dcook: acquisition date and publication date are different.
00:12 dcook I would hope so, but I don't see where the acquisition date is stored in the marc
00:12 jcamins Acquisition date is 952$d.
00:12 dcook Hmm
00:12 jcamins Publication date is...
00:12 jcamins 008.
00:13 dcook Intriguing...
00:13 dcook So publication actually uses 008 and not 260$c?
00:13 dcook That's probably a good thing
00:13 jcamins And, yes, you can search by acquisition date newer than a certain value.
00:13 jcamins pubdate,gt:1234
00:13 jcamins Maybe.
00:13 dcook O_o
00:13 dcook You  mean acqdate?
00:14 jcamins Yes, that's what I meant.
00:14 jcamins I'm not sure that actually works.
00:14 jcamins I usually use PQF.
00:14 jcamins PQF works.
00:14 dcook Hmm, I've  tried, but I'm getting nothing
00:14 dcook PQF...that uses the Bib1 attributes?
00:15 jcamins @attr 1=Date-of-acquisition @attr 2=4 @attr 4=4 "1234"
00:15 huginn jcamins: downloading the Perl source
00:15 jcamins I believe that will work.
00:15 dcook In the OPAC or just in Yaz?
00:15 jcamins (prefix pqf=
00:16 jcamins In the OPAC you can use pqf=...
00:16 dcook Oooh. :D
00:16 dcook Hmm, get a failure in yaz
00:16 dcook Unsupported Use attribute -- v2 addinfo 'Date-of-acquisition'
00:17 jcamins Hm.
00:17 jcamins Not sure why, and I'm not working on Koha things at the moment.
00:17 dcook No worries
00:18 jcamins You can try @attr 1=32
00:18 dcook Thanks a lot for the pqf prefix insight and that Zebra uses 952$d
00:18 dcook Mmm, good call
00:18 dcook I imagine that'll work, since it works for the sort
00:18 dcook Hmm, maybe not
00:19 dcook Interesting..
00:19 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
00:20 dcook When I try f @attr 1=32 "2008", it isn't looking at 952$d, it's definitely looking at 008 or 260$c
00:20 dcook But yes, thanks again, jcamins. I really do appreciate the help :)
00:21 jcamins It's probably a different attribute, then.
00:21 jcamins It's the one identified as Date-of-acquisition in bib1.att.
00:22 dcook That's 32 :/
00:22 dcook Hmmm
00:22 dcook There is also one for 8014, which is an Items Index
00:22 dcook But it's commented out
00:23 dcook It claims that it's handled by 1=32
00:24 jcamins Hm.
00:24 dcook There is an entry for Date-of-acquisition in record.abs next to melm 952$d though
00:26 dcook Hmm..
00:26 dcook Now I try it using 2012 instead of 2008, and it looks all right...
00:26 jcamins Sounds like you have some bad data in 541$d
00:26 dcook Ahh
00:26 dcook Nope. Just me being an idiot.
00:26 dcook Multiple 952s
00:26 dcook In the 2008 example, most of them said 2012
00:27 dcook But one said 2008 (as did the 008 and 260$c)
00:28 dcook I should put up a post-it that says "check twice, then press enter"
00:29 dcook One last question...
00:29 wahanui it has been said that One last question... is it possible to get a log going all the way back to a specific commit?
00:29 dcook ...
00:29 dcook @attr 1=Date-of-acquisition @attr 2=4 @attr 4=4 "1234"\
00:29 huginn dcook: I suck
00:30 dcook 4=4 is...year, greater than or equal
00:30 dcook what's the 2=4 for?
00:31 jcamins Greater than or equal
00:31 jcamins 4=4 is year
00:31 dcook O_o
00:59 dcook Ahh...I see now
01:00 dcook How the Bib-1 attributes work that is
01:00 dcook Not sure why 1=32 works when it is used on its own but is an unsupported use attribute when used with other attributes :S
01:00 bag bag?
01:00 wahanui I LIKE BASEBALL
01:00 bag nice!
01:00 dcook lol
01:01 bag only 6 days until pitchers and catchers report for sprint training!
01:01 dcook Is that in California or does everyone head south?
01:02 dcook My sister is a baseball fan in Florida :p
01:02 bag the two spots are Florida and Arizona for spring training
01:02 dcook Mmm, that's what I was thinking
01:02 dcook Who's your team?
01:02 bag The New York Mets
01:03 bag the mets - is supposed to stand for Metropolitans - but if you are a true fan - it really stands for My Entire Team Sucks :P
01:04 dcook Hahaha. I don't follow much myself, but I imagine the Yankees cast a pretty big shadow
01:04 bag yup they do
01:04 dcook Although was there a big upset sometime in the past few years when the Mets beat the Yankees?
01:05 hankbank joined #koha
01:05 bag yo hankbank
01:05 hankbank yo bg
01:05 bag hankbank: is another one in California
01:06 dcook Ahh, hey hankbank
01:07 dcook Lots of west coast folk
01:07 dcook Well, I suppose I qualify as mid-west. I only lived on the coast for 2 years or so
01:08 * hankbank 'hank bank thinks of himself as a new englander'
01:09 bag yeah I'm a new englander at heart
01:09 edveal joined #koha
01:10 bag welcome back edveal
01:10 edveal Hello
01:12 dcook jcamins: the issue was that 4=4 attribute. I'm thinking possibly because the 952$d is yyyy-mm-dd, but...not sure. Anyway, @attr 1=32 (or Date-of-acquisition) @attr 2=4 seems to work like a charm
01:12 dcook jcamins++
01:12 jcamins Oh, I guess it isn't a year.
01:13 dcook *shrug* I guess not
01:16 edveal left #koha
01:20 dcook As for the, I don't think it actually references the Bib-1 attributes for acqdate or pubdate
01:20 jcamins I don't think so, no. Just Date-of-acquisition and pubdate.
01:21 dcook ?
01:21 jcamins The numeric attributes are unnecessary.
01:21 dcook What I mean is...for title, it says : "Title 1=4 ti Title"
01:21 dcook I figure that means "ti" or "Title" will be sent as 1=4
01:21 bag jcamins are you not RM for 3.14?
01:22 jcamins bag: I devoutly hope not.
01:22 dcook But for Date of acquisition, it says: "Date-of-acquisition 1=Date-of-acquisition / acqdate Date-of-acquisition"
01:22 dcook hehe
01:22 jcamins dcook: that sounds right.
01:23 dcook But shouldn't it say...
01:23 dcook "Date-of-acquisition 1=32 / acqdate Date-of-acquisition"
01:23 bag ahh I thought RM was a 2 release cycle these days
01:23 dcook That would match the pattern of the others.
01:23 jcamins bag: only if the RM runs for two terms.
01:23 bag hmm anyone offer up for 3.14 yet?
01:23 jcamins dcook: it doesn't matter whether the configuration uses the numeric attribute values or Zebra's native attributes.
01:24 jcamins *native labels
01:24 jcamins bag: nope.
01:24 dcook Hmm, touché
01:24 bag whoops
01:24 dcook Well, in theory
01:24 bag hmmm..  has that been brought up?
01:25 jcamins The lack of any other candidates for RM?
01:25 jcamins Nope.
01:27 jcamins I was thinking of sending an e-mail.
01:28 jcamins Unfortunately, I don't see much chance of anyone volunteering.
01:30 dcook Personally, I don't know where you find the time, jcamins
01:30 dcook Even if I had the ability, I wouldn't have the time
01:30 dcook And surely you must be busier than I am
01:33 jcamins dcook: neither do I!
01:40 dcook On the plus side, I've figured out the ccl
01:40 jcamins Yay!
01:41 dcook It looks like "acqdate,ge:" will work
01:41 dcook Although, if I'm not mistaken, the file looks like it might have the BIB1 relations slightly wrong
01:41 dcook At least the one I have misses "gt" and then it screws up the mappings after that
01:42 * dcook checks master
01:42 wajasu joined #koha
01:42 jcamins I'd believe it.
01:42 jcamins Our CCL configuration is not very usable.
01:42 dcook Agreed. I'm tempted to write up a doco about it now that I have it all up in my head...
01:43 dcook There is no way to search acqdate with the OPAC web form that I saw
01:43 dcook The only way is using ccl, pqf, or whatever else we have through the search bar
01:44 dcook P.S. Thanks again for that pqf prefix tip!
01:44 dcook Yep, incorrect in master too
01:45 * dcook goes off to work and be silent for a bit
01:47 dcook Actually...while I many versions of Koha 3 will there be before it becomes Koha 4?
01:49 jcamins It'll work better once the search rewrite has gotten in.
01:49 jcamins An indefinite number.
01:49 jcamins When an RM says "I want to call the next version 4.0," it will be 4.0.
01:49 jcamins Or when there is an consensus that that we have reached 4.0.
01:50 dcook Looking forward to the re-write :). What's the progress like on it?
01:50 wajasu i suppose 9325 is resolved and on master.  is it in 10.2 or will it be in the next release?
01:50 jcamins Waiting on QA for the first patch.
01:50 dcook Mmm, fair enough. Thanks for the info.
01:50 jcamins bug 9325
01:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9325 critical, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, RESOLVED FIXED, overdue notices sent same messages for all users.
01:51 jcamins wajasu: yes, we reverted bug 8378.
01:51 clrh joined #koha
01:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8378 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , <fine> syntax not working on overdues anymore
01:51 mib_tm joined #koha
01:51 alohabot Hi mib_tm, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
01:52 mib_tm Howdy y'al. I got a question.
01:53 mib_tm How do I set Advance Notice to work in Koha 3.8?
01:53 wajasu was teh 9352 part of the reverting, throwing out the fines syntax broken fix?  and do we still need to fix the fines syntax?
01:54 jcamins Bug 9352 was caused by the patch for 8378.
01:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9352 minor, P5 - low, ---, mathieu.saby, Needs Signoff , Zebra indexes useless subfields in UNIMARC 7XX
01:54 jcamins 9325, sorry.
01:54 jcamins mib_tm: turn on EnhancedMessaging.
01:55 wajasu so i guess fines syntax is still broken then.
01:56 liw joined #koha
01:58 jcamins Then enable I guess.
01:58 jcamins Whoops.
01:58 jcamins I guess.
01:58 jcamins mib_tm: then enable the advanced notices message.
02:03 mtj peeps, do i need to turn on some syspref - to get patron images showing ?
02:04 mtj i have sucessfully uploaded an image - and its sitting in the patron_image table, ready to go....
02:04 jcamins mtj: you have to enable patron images.
02:04 jcamins I think it's PatronImages or PatronCards.
02:05 mtj perfect - thanks jcamins++
02:09 bag heya mtj
02:09 bag yup system pref
02:13 mtj hey bags - man, i love it when its a pebcak error :p
02:13 dcook Huh...apparently Zebra actually doesn't support all the Bib-1 attributes...
02:14 dcook[…]model-bib1-nonuse
02:15 dcook "not equal", "phonetic", or "stem" relations. That's cool...:@
02:16 jcamins Uh.
02:16 jcamins I didn't realize there was no not-equal.
02:16 jcamins stem and phonetic I knew.
02:17 dcook Is part of the re-write about that as well?
02:17 jcamins No.
02:18 dcook O_o
02:18 jcamins I'm not rewriting Zebra, just the way Koha interfaces with it.
02:19 dcook Right. I was wondering if you were going to try to handle stemming before the query got to Zebra somehow
02:19 jcamins Not unless someone pays for it.
02:19 dcook Like the "Multi-lingual stemming" part of your RFC
02:19 dcook Mmm
02:19 jcamins Right, but that's not funded.
02:20 dcook Mmm
02:20 jcamins And an optional additional feature.
02:21 clrh joined #koha
02:22 jcamins Unless that's a feature which you're interested in funding, in which case we can move it up to "part of the search rewrite" status, of course. ;)
02:23 dcook Hehe
02:24 dcook How I wish I had the money to sponsor Koha re-writes
02:25 * jcamins too!
02:26 mib_tm thanks jcamins for the tips. I think I got it now.
02:27 jcamins mib_tm: good!
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03:10 mtj another random off-topic Q for the group…
03:10 mtj anyone have any opinions about upgrading either lappys or servers to SSD drives?
03:11 jcamins mtj: I do not, no.
03:11 wajasu looking at the template toolkit templates.
03:11 wajasu those Reerences at the bottom.  i guess they get substituted above.
03:12 jcamins wajasu: what?
03:12 bag I've got a SSD lappy
03:12 bag it's been fine so far - althought it's a bit small
03:12 wajasu ./koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/​en/modules/catalogue/
03:13 mtj ok, thanks jared - i think i might buy an SSD drive, as they are pretty cheap, for a smaller one
03:13 bag we did some testing on putting mysql on a SSD attached to a server - but didn't notice any better I/O
03:14 jcamins bag: aren't you supposed to not put databases on an SSD because there are too many rewrites?
03:14 bag *testing*
03:14 jcamins Ah.
03:14 jcamins :)
03:14 bag we were trying just to see
03:14 mtj … i might google-about to see which ones to select/avoid
03:15 bag hoping we could find some better I/O  - the VM's we are currently using just don't have enough
03:15 wajasu when i look at the bottom of the template, i see enumerated references.  i guess those get substituted for the  [numbers] up above.
03:16 jcamins wajasu: huh?
03:16 mtj bag - yeah, i was thinking about running my dev xen.vm file from an SSD...
03:16 * wajasu just learning how the template toolkit works.
03:16 jcamins What's "[numbers]" mean?
03:17 wajasu [9]    is and example
03:17 bag yeah that should be fine mtj
03:17 jcamins And you see that in the template file?
03:18 bag we were looking for something to handle 2+ million circs
03:18 wajasu i suppose th [9] gets replaced with the References enumeration at the bottom.
03:18 mtj bag, hopefully an SSD will speed-up some git stuff, on big repos
03:19 bag I think it will
03:19 jcamins wajasu:[…]manual/index.html
03:19 bag plus they are so much less noisy
03:19 wajasu i'm looking at   koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/e​n/modules/catalogue/
03:19 libsysguy first they came for my dial up sounds and I said nothing
03:19 jcamins libsysguy: hehe.
03:20 libsysguy then they came for my HDD noise, and I said nothing
03:20 jcamins wajasu: I just looked at the file, and I see nothing like [9]
03:20 bag heh
03:20 jcamins Nor anything that says "References".
03:20 bag heya libsysguy
03:20 wahanui libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck or koha's youngest developer
03:20 libsysguy hey bag
03:22 wajasu wierd looks different depending on if I use vi vs less.
03:23 wajasu i was using less
03:23 wajasu maybe my less is interpreting tt stuff.
03:24 wajasu or the pager in my system
03:27 wajasu i am looking at the author  By  link and its hardcoded with: /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/[% author |url %]    so i think we need something here to change that link in case UseAuthsWithTracings syspref is enabled.
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03:30 jcamins dcook: are there any instances you can think of where you would want to use greater than/less than for something other than dates?
03:31 dcook Not off the top of my head
03:31 jcamins I couldn't think of any, either.
03:31 dcook Maybe call numbers, although I wonder how well that works
03:32 dcook Maybe local codes of some kind
03:32 dcook Mmm, price
03:32 dcook Although that's unlikely, I would think
03:33 dcook barcode
03:33 dcook I'll stop there, lol. I figure date is the most useful.
03:33 dcook Hmm..
03:33 dcook Possibly typo in bib1.att...
03:33 jcamins What typo?
03:33 dcook line 263
03:33 dcook llength
03:33 dcook att 9905
03:33 jcamins No, that's right.
03:34 dcook Sweet. I just noticed it out of the corner of my eye
03:34 dcook I've tried some of the examples from http://manual.koha-community.o[…]/searchguide.html
03:34 dcook But I can't get > or < to work, although maybe I'm mis-reading the examples
03:37 jcamins I'm not sure it works.
03:37 jcamins I never tried it.
03:37 dcook Makes me wonder how many frustrated librarians they've been or if it's just not that common
03:38 * jcamins doesn't know why that would be in the manual.
03:38 jcamins Seems pretty wrong.
03:38 dcook My thoughts exactly
03:39 dcook It not working precipitated all my earlier questions/investigations
03:40 dcook How does one edit the manual?
03:40 jcamins You can submit a patch to the kohadocs git repo.
03:40 dcook Mmm, there it is
03:41 dcook It's so seldom that I look at the git from the top level
03:42 dcook So much documentation, so little time
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07:02 * magnuse waves
07:10 * cait waves
07:10 magnuse \o/
07:15 magnuse shame on me for no signoffs in december
07:20 cait december?
07:20 wahanui i heard december was ok .. some years
07:23 magnuse heh
07:23 magnuse cait: just saw some stats from rangi
07:23 cait aah
07:24 cait there is always another month :)
07:25 magnuse yeah
07:26 magnuse well, i'll probably not be able to contribute much this spring, except for during the hackfest
07:26 magnuse i have high hopes of better times ahead, though :-)
07:27 cait )
07:27 cait :)
07:27 cait I hope that once I have finished my current distance study course I will have more time too
07:27 magnuse yay
07:27 cait there was not a lot of time between the first 2 exam dates this year
07:27 cait so it's quite stressful
07:28 cait but it should be a bit better after that
07:30 magnuse nice
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07:31 magnuse bonjour sophie_m
07:31 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:31 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 3.0°C (8:00 AM CET on February 06, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
07:32 magnuse ooh chilly!
07:32 sophie_m bonjour magnuse :-)
07:32 magnuse @wunder boo
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07:32 magnuse pft
07:32 sophie_m magnuse : it will become warmer, the sun is here :-)
07:32 magnuse yay
07:32 magnuse it is here too, finally! :-)
07:33 sophie_m great !
07:33 magnuse i'm hoping for some nice spring weather in marseille at the end of march :-)
07:34 cait me too :)
07:34 cait bbl!
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07:45 reiveune hello
07:45 wahanui hola, reiveune
07:56 magnuse hiya Irma and reiveune
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08:19 magnuse hiya lds and kf
08:19 lds hi magnuse
08:24 * kf waves again
08:30 magnuse \o/
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08:35 skk Need a help in excel to marc conversion. If the excel file has same titles with additional copies hw to attach those multiple items to single record. is it possible while importing that mrc file in koha or in marcedit it can be first done.
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09:10 drojf good morning #koha
09:11 magnuse kia ora drojf
09:11 drojf hei magnuse
09:13 skk i am converting data from excel to marc using marcedit. need to know how to import multiple items with single bibliographic records is there a way in MARCEDIT or koha marc import while importing records match bibliographic record and then only attach item to it
09:13 skk i have 30777 excel data which is imported into marc but wanted to know how can i attach multiple copies to single record while importing data into koha
09:14 drojf add multiple 952 fields
09:14 drojf if i understand you correctly
09:14 skk means
09:14 skk i have a excel sheet where i mapped each column and converted a marc file
09:15 skk i would like to now check whether while importing records into koha is there any way by which i can attach multiple items to single biblio
09:15 drojf are the multiple items part of your data?
09:15 skk yes
09:16 drojf then you need to create a 952 field for each of the items. i don't know how that works in marcedit. 952 is the field koha uses for item data at import level, with info like barcode and call number. what do you do with the itenm data so far?
09:17 skk right i added item details in 952 tag only but wondering how i can attach these single records to a common biblio
09:18 drojf i don't know how marcedit works. in general, the 952 fields for each item need to be added to the record data of the respective record
09:19 drojf if they are seperate in your data, how are they connected? in excel i mean
09:20 skk my excel has title, author, accnumber, call number, branchname, itemtype while converiting excel to marc i mapped each field with marctag
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09:22 kf mornign paul_p and drojf++ :)
09:23 paul_p mornign kf ;-)
09:24 drojf morning kf an paul_p
09:34 kf meh
09:34 kf 3.6.10 stopped logging fines
09:34 drojf are you still not on 3.8?
09:34 kf while 3.6.3 still did
09:35 kf no, on 3.6.10, preparing update to 3.10
09:35 drojf oh. i thought you upgraded to 3.8 not too long ago
09:38 kf ah no
09:39 kf i wastoo worried about hourly loans
09:39 kf and the problems we had around that
09:40 drojf ah i see
10:17 drojf @later tell rangi they have rebuilt koha with indexeddb ;)[…]e?revision=342953
10:17 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
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12:52 H Hey koha
12:52 nengard joined #koha
12:53 H Are there anny search parameters u can use in koha a % or something if you dont know the total word
12:54 jcamins_away H: ?
12:54 jcamins_away H: that is, use a question mark. :)
12:54 H ah
12:54 jcamins_away Or turn on QueryAutoTruncate.
12:55 H what was that last tip ?
12:55 jcamins It's a syspref.
12:56 jcamins QueryAutoTruncate tells Zebra to automatically treat every word as left-anchored.
12:56 H f?sh did not work for fish
12:56 kf aah
12:57 kf wildcards?
12:57 H :)
12:57 H ye
12:57 H ye my english sometimes i know
12:57 * kf looks at jcamins and waits for 'search rewrite' :P
12:57 jcamins kf: no, I'm not fixing that.
12:57 kf oooh
12:57 jcamins Wildcards in the middle of the word do not work.
12:57 H lol oeps i did bring up the wrong subject
12:58 kf H no, not at all :)
12:58 jcamins I'm rewriting search.
12:58 jcamins However, adding wildcard searching is something which would be incredibly expensive with very little benefit.
12:58 kf H: I was not aware that we can do that now and thougth jcamins will know and if it does not work currently, he might know how to make it work :)
12:59 H ok but the ? at the end would work then ill test it sec
13:00 H ah it does not
13:00 jcamins In that case you probably have AutoTruncate turned on already.
13:02 H well i'm happy with the result but its a question we probably gonna aget as we will do a demo for our institution so i asked here
13:04 Oak joined #koha
13:12 Oak_ joined #koha
13:12 Oak_ joined #koha
13:13 * Oak_ waves
13:13 kf hi Oak
13:17 oleonard joined #koha
13:19 oleonard Hi #koha
13:21 kf hi oleonard
13:21 kf :)
13:22 libsysguy oleonard!
13:22 wahanui i think oleonard is not really here.  He said so.  He did!
13:22 libsysguy how is the bootstrap working coming?
13:22 oleonard Going very well. The YUI menu to Bootstrap conversion is a piece of cake
13:22 libsysguy excellent
13:23 libsysguy is the next order of business the underlying element structure?
13:23 libsysguy :p
13:23 oleonard ?
13:24 libsysguy actually I am probably wrong on what I am thinking, but when I first started I was frustrated by the page layout (not that it can't be changed with css etc)
13:24 oleonard What page layout? The Bootstrap grid?
13:25 libsysguy probably YUI
13:25 oleonard Oh I see. Well converting all staff client templates to Bootstrap grids (or even some other grid) is certainly possible, but not a priority for me.
13:26 libsysguy that seems like quit a bit of work for very little return
13:27 jcamins You know what I'd like from Bootstrap?
13:27 oleonard A pony?
13:27 wahanui
13:27 jcamins I'd like a keyboard-only cataloging module.
13:27 oleonard I'm sure they're working on that jcamins
13:27 libsysguy they?
13:27 jcamins oleonard: where "they" is libsysguy. :P
13:28 kf jcamins: deleteditems has a timestamp!
13:28 jcamins Yay!
13:28 libsysguy jcamins you're not supposed to tell people that I have secretly been bitching about the cataloging framwork
13:28 jcamins It's not that secret once you share a patch.
13:28 kf jcamins: I think deletedborrowers might have been the one without...
13:28 * kf has to do research
13:35 jenkins_koha Starting build #16 for job Koha_Docs_3.10.x (previous build: STILL FAILING)
13:35 jenkins_koha Starting build #278 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #60 9 mo 14 days ago)
13:35 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.10.x build #16: STILL FAILING in 18 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]a_Docs_3.10.x/16/
13:35 jenkins_koha nengard: update transport cost matrix info
13:35 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #278: STILL FAILING in 18 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/278/
13:35 jenkins_koha nengard: update transport cost matrix info
13:36 Oak joined #koha
13:37 oleonard Any UNIMARC people around? I'd love for someone to look at Bug 8278
13:37 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8278 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Replace YUI autocomplete in UNIMARC 210c plugin
13:38 oleonard (speaking of YUI)
13:39 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:41 libsysguy can jenkins do deb builds?
13:41 jcamins Jenkins does build the packages, yes.
13:41 jcamins !jenkins start Master_Packages now
13:41 jenkins_koha jcamins did you mean me? Unknown command 'start'
13:41 jenkins_koha Use '!jenkins help' to get help!
13:41 jcamins !jenkins help
13:41 jenkins_koha Available commands:
13:41 jenkins_koha abort <job> - specify which job to abort
13:41 jenkins_koha alias [<alias> [<command>]] - defines a new alias, deletes one or lists all existing aliases
13:41 jenkins_koha botsnack [<snack>] - om nom nom
13:41 jenkins_koha build <job> [now|<delay>[s|m|h]] [<parameterkey>=<value>]* - schedule a job build, with standard, custom or no quiet period
13:41 jenkins_koha cb - list jobs which are currently in progress
13:41 jenkins_koha comment <job> <build-#> <comment> - adds a description to a build
13:41 jenkins_koha currentlyBuilding - list jobs which are currently in progress
13:41 jenkins_koha h [<job>|-v <view>] - show the health of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
13:42 jenkins_koha health [<job>|-v <view>] - show the health of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
13:42 jenkins_koha jobs [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
13:42 jenkins_koha q - show the state of the build queue
13:42 jenkins_koha queue - show the state of the build queue
13:42 jenkins_koha s [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
13:42 jenkins_koha schedule <job> [now|<delay>[s|m|h]] [<parameterkey>=<value>]* - schedule a job build, with standard, custom or no quiet period
13:42 jenkins_koha status [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
13:42 jenkins_koha testresult [<job>|-v <view>] - show the test results of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
13:42 jenkins_koha userstat <username> - prints information about a Jenkins user
13:42 jcamins !jenkins build Master_Packages now
13:42 jenkins_koha jcamins: job Master_Packages build scheduled now
13:42 libsysguy would there be a way to keep he old packages?
13:42 libsysguy the**
13:42 jcamins It would require another jenkins slave with more disk space, I think.
13:43 jcamins And I'm not sure why you would want to.
13:43 libsysguy don't we just release the most stable package?
13:44 jcamins We release signed packages based on release versions.
13:44 edveal joined #koha
13:45 libsysguy oh so there are packages for 3.8.2 3.8.3 etc etc
13:46 jcamins I think right now we have the apt repo set up to remove unreferenced packages.
13:56 talljoy joined #koha
14:02 Callender joined #koha
14:22 oleonard gmcharlt++ # for testing patches
14:23 kf gmcharlt++
14:41 * oleonard almost ruins his day by forgetting he turned off AllowOnShelfHolds for testing
14:59 maximep joined #koha
15:08 drojf left #koha
15:11 oleonard Bug 9529 is a dumb typo bug I introduced, so I would be grateful for a signoff
15:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9529 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Adding a patron shows javascript on screen under login section
15:17 tcohen joined #koha
15:26 Rob_synd_dev joined #koha
15:27 Rob_synd_dev Hello
15:28 oleonard Hi Rob_synd_dev
15:28 Rob_synd_dev I'm a consultant working on the Syndetics project for Bowker.  One of our clients is using Koha and not getting some Syndetics images because the EAN field (024 field with ind1=3) in MARC records is not being used when ISBN is present.  The EAN can be used in place of the ISBN in a Syndetics image request (such as isbn=9999999999999/lc.jpg).
15:28 Rob_synd_dev What would be involved in getting Koha changed to support using EANs in image request?
15:29 Rob_synd_dev Should be "when NO ISBN is present"
15:29 oleonard Rob_synd_dev: Our bug tracker is here:
15:29 oleonard The first step would be to file a bug with a detailed description of the problem.
15:30 oleonard Rob_synd_dev: Are you guys willing and able to submit a patch, or are you looking for someone else to make the change?
15:32 Rob_synd_dev I'm not familiar with the project.  What programming language is it in?  I could ask for approval but I was wondering if someone else could make the change.
15:34 oleonard Perl
15:34 oleonard It might be something one of the support companies would be interested in picking up if they have customers who use Syndetics
15:35 oleonard Or of course they could be convinced to do it for hire
15:35 * jcamins doesn't have any clients using Syndetics at the moment. ByWater or Equinox might.
15:35 nengard We do
15:36 nengard but we have plenty of devs in the oven right now ;) so I
15:36 nengard am not volunteering :)
15:36 nengard expecially since I'm not a dev :)
15:36 jcamins nengard: this could be your breakaway opportunity!
15:36 nengard HA
15:36 nengard pleny on my plate thank you
15:38 Rob_synd_dev1 joined #koha
15:40 Rob_synd_dev1 Just got kicked off.  So I'll log the lack of Syndetics EAN support as a bug.
15:40 jcamins Rob_synd_dev1: so, to make a long answer short: it sounds like no one will be implementing the changed Syndetics covers retrieval gratis.
15:40 kf logs?
15:40 wahanui logs is
15:41 jcamins (okay, that wasn't actually very long, but I wasn't sure if you had missed the responses)
15:41 Rob_synd_dev1 I see, good to know.  Thanks.
15:42 jcamins I/my company -- and a number of other companies/individuals -- will do developments for hire, of course, if you prefer to go that route.
15:42 kf Rob_synd_dev1: it needs someone interested enough to pay for it or do it themselves, you could hire someone or provide a patch
15:42 jcamins And we're always happy to help new developers through the process.
15:42 kf ah right, jcamins can phraseit better :)
15:42 nengard new developers++ :)
15:42 kf but I think having the information on bugzilla on how your api works would be cool - so it would be known that it can be improved
15:42 jcamins We prefer the last option, of course, but recognize that some people don't want to write patches for Koha.
15:43 jcamins (even if we find it inexplicable!:)
15:43 Rob_synd_dev1 OK I'll add it to bugzilla
15:43 laurence left #koha
16:01 devap joined #koha
16:04 reiveune left #koha
16:12 gmcharlt oleonard: while testing and signing off on your patch for bug 9529, I came across bug 9556; care to trade testing?
16:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9529 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Adding a patron shows javascript on screen under login section
16:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9556 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Changing patron category does not fully update patron messaging preferences
16:12 oleonard Sure gmcharlt
16:13 gmcharlt thanks
16:13 drojf joined #koha
16:22 rambutan joined #koha
16:24 drojf good evening #koha
16:26 rambutan greetings
16:26 drojf hi rambutan
16:31 devap I need some help -- having trouble with a data migration (and upgrade)…
16:31 devap koha vers:
16:31 devap[…]
16:31 devap koha vers:
16:31 devap[…]
16:32 jcamins What is the problem, and what have you tried so far?
16:32 jcamins (the first site does not load)
16:32 drojf devap: it is helpful to form a question
16:32 devap I managed to get the new version (3.10.02) running with nginx/uwsgi
16:32 drojf jcamins is always faster
16:32 devap The link to the first site returns results
16:32 devap the second does not
16:33 drojf the link to the first does not do anything
16:33 devap database migrated, ran update script, no errors
16:33 jcamins Did you reindex?
16:33 devap hmmm -- thought so. lemme confirm...
16:33 jcamins And is Zebra running?
16:34 jcamins Most likely the problem is permissions on the Zebra files, if the answer to both those questions is "yes."
16:34 jcamins faq?
16:34 wahanui i think faq is found at
16:34 jcamins ^^ last question
16:36 devap zebra running = yes
16:36 devap reindexed = ues
16:36 devap I'll check perms
16:36 jcamins What's uwsgi, BTW?
16:36 oleonard Would the logs show permissions errors?
16:37 jcamins oleonard: nope.
16:37 libsysguy jcamins
16:37 jcamins libsysguy: yeah, I just skimmed that.
16:37 jcamins And having skimmed it, I still haven't the faintest idea why I'd want it.
16:37 libsysguy for distributed systems?
16:38 jcamins Sure, I see that in the first sentence.
16:38 libsysguy not really sure why you'd want it for Koha
16:38 kf bye all have a nice evening :)
16:38 kf left #koha
16:38 jcamins But I also use a database for distributed systems, so I am none the wiser.
16:39 libsysguy perhaps when devap gets back he can enlighten us
16:39 * jcamins hopes so. :)
16:40 devap mainly because I'm already using it for django/python apps, and it is much faster than my previous apache/mod_perl setup
16:40 libsysguy perhaps uWSGI is a fcgi server and devap has elected to use in in place of something like starman?
16:40 devap Since I already had uwsgi running, and had trouble getting starman running...
16:41 libsysguy ah
16:41 jcamins Okay, so uWSGI ~~ Starman.
16:41 jcamins Thanks.
16:41 libsysguy yeah
16:41 libsysguy okay
16:41 devap yes
16:41 libsysguy so what was the root problem again?
16:42 jcamins Okay, in that case we can almost certainly narrow the problem down to Zebra.
16:42 devap But the same (no results) occurs behind apache/mod_perl :
16:42 jcamins I'm surprised it worked with mod_perl.
16:42 devap (port 80 = nginx/uwsgi, port 81 = apache2/mod_perl)
16:42 jcamins I mean, I'm surprised that Koha worked at all with mod_perl.
16:42 libsysguy ^^
16:43 devap problem is no results returned
16:44 libsysguy okay so it definitely sounds like a zebra issue, like jcamins said
16:44 libsysguy and you said you see zebra running in a ps aux?
16:44 jcamins You worked through the final faq?
16:44 libsysguy that too
16:45 drojf that warm, fuzzy feeling when patches that i signed off on yesterday already got qa'ed
16:45 jcamins :)
16:45 jcamins Guess that means I have things to push.
16:45 devap yes - ps -aux shows zebra running
16:46 jcamins Nice! Two Plack patches, ...
16:46 jcamins wait.
16:46 jcamins I haven't received any e-mail from koha-bugs.
16:46 jcamins Or any other list.
16:46 jcamins Has anyone else?
16:46 drojf that's odd
16:46 drojf i have
16:46 * oleonard too
16:46 libsysguy plack patches you say?
16:46 jcamins Passed QA.
16:46 wahanui passed qa is, like, the queue paul should watch
16:47 libsysguy Passed QA?
16:47 wahanui Passed QA is the queue paul should watch
16:47 libsysguy i guess punctuation doesn't matter much
16:47 gmcharlt wahanui: forget Passed QA
16:47 wahanui gmcharlt: I forgot passed qa
16:47 gmcharlt Passed QA is the queue jcamins should watch
16:48 libsysguy wahanui Passed QA is the queue jcamins should watch
16:48 wahanui i already had it that way, libsysguy.
16:48 libsysguy fine then
16:48 libsysguy passed QA?
16:48 wahanui passed QA is the queue jcamins should watch
16:48 devap jcamins -- will go through FAQ to make sure I didn't miss something.
17:03 * jcamins fixes his e-mail problem.
17:03 jcamins My registrar wasn't sending NS records with its responses.
17:04 jcamins I haven't a clue why, but re-entering the MX records fixed it.
17:06 drojf jcamins: windows xp server with kaspersky somewhere on your registrar's side? ;)
17:07 jcamins drojf: lol
17:07 jcamins Actually, that's probably a good explanation.
17:08 jcamins I know my pleasantly interruption-free day had to be a fluke.
17:08 drojf :)
17:20 tcohen joined #koha
17:25 skk joined #koha
17:26 skk need help on excel to marc data conversion. if excel sheet has multiple same titles while importing data into marc how to attach same items to single biblio
17:27 cait joined #koha
17:28 jcamins skk: you'll need to put each of the items into a 952.
17:28 jcamins migration toolbox?
17:28 wahanui i heard migration toolbox was
17:28 jcamins ^^ the by_others/ script may help with that.
17:32 skk i dont see csvtomarc on abv site and hw to use it
17:32 jcamins skk: it doesn't really come with documentation.
17:33 skk is there any link which will give clue hw to get this done
17:34 drojf have you ditched marcedit?
17:34 jcamins Nothing that I know of.
17:34 jcamins It may be possible with marcedit, too.
17:34 jcamins But I have no idea.
17:34 jcamins I don't use Marcedit.
17:34 jcamins devap: do searches work in the staff client?
17:34 skk i tried marcedit but dont knw hw to join multiple items with one bib record
17:35 drojf how do you get the other fields in there?
17:35 nengard joined #koha
17:39 devap jcamins: no
17:39 jcamins devap: did I ask you what version of Koha?
17:39 jcamins Oh, 3.10.2.
17:40 devap yep -
17:41 jcamins devap: let's try a search with yaz.
17:42 jcamins devap:[…]s_a_Z39.50_server
17:42 jcamins We're going to log in using the yaz-client command from the second page.
17:43 devap k
17:43 jcamins Actually, you can use the exact commands on the second page.
17:44 jcamins Oh, and, obviously, change the paths to match where your bibliosocket is. :)
17:45 drojf aaaw, patches pushed to master. they grow up so fast
17:46 jcamins Hehe.
17:52 nengard left #koha
17:54 drojf1 joined #koha
17:55 francharb joined #koha
17:59 skk joined #koha
18:00 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_9421' into 3.12-master <[…]36a41b4626f4badb3> / Bug 9421: tools/ not Plack-compatible <[…]343856d745aa998d2> / Merge branch 'bug_9432' into 3.12-master <[…]mitdiff;h=fe14e6a
18:05 jenkins_koha Starting build #1037 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
18:12 * drojf yawns
18:23 devap jcamins: Connecting...error = System (lower-layer) error: Connection refused
18:23 jcamins devap: okay, Zebra isn't running for real then.
18:23 jcamins Kill it and try restarting it.
18:24 devap 1009     32752 32751  1 13:21 ?        00:00:00 zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/sites/ochs/koha-conf.xml
18:24 jcamins You used packages?
18:24 devap apt-get install koha-common
18:24 jcamins Excellent.
18:24 devap was that a bad thing to do?
18:24 jcamins Nope.
18:25 jcamins Packages are best.
18:25 devap whew
18:25 devap that's what I thot
18:25 jcamins `sudo service koha-common restart`
18:25 devap % (as root) service koha-common restart
18:25 devap * Restarting Koha ILS koha-common
18:25 devap Stopping Zebra server for ochs
18:25 devap Starting Zebra server for ochs
18:25 devap ...done.
18:25 jcamins Looks good. Try again with yaz-client.
18:26 devap Connecting...error = System (lower-layer) error: Connection refused
18:26 jcamins If you still get an error, try sudo -u ochs-koha yaz-client...
18:27 devap % sudo -u ochs-koha yaz-client -c /etc/koha/zebradb/ localhost:9999/biblios
18:27 devap Connecting...error = System (lower-layer) error: Connection refused
18:28 jcamins Oh, I see. Instead of the localhost:9999 use unix:/var/run/koha/ochs/zebradb/bibliosocket (check that path)
18:28 devap ps -ef | grep zebra:
18:28 devap 1009       315     1  0 13:22 ?        00:00:00 daemon --name=ochs-koha-zebra --errlog=/var/log/koha/ochs/zebra-error.log --stdout=/var/log/koha/ochs/zebra.log --output=/var/log/koha/ochs/zebra-output.log --verbose=1 --respawn --delay=30 --user=ochs-koha.ochs-koha -- zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/sites/ochs/koha-conf.xml
18:28 devap 1009       316   315  0 13:22 ?        00:00:00 zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/sites/ochs/koha-conf.xml
18:28 devap ah
18:28 devap socket, not port - got it.
18:30 devap ochs-koha@www1:/etc/koha/sites/ochs$ yaz-client -c /etc/koha/zebradb/ unix:/var/run/koha/ochs/bibliosocket
18:30 devap Connecting...OK.
18:30 devap Sent initrequest.
18:30 devap Connection accepted by v3 target.
18:30 devap ID     : 81
18:30 devap Name   : Zebra Information Server/GFS/YAZ
18:30 devap Version: 2.0.54/4.2.50 1d3113509304fb324a0a48a1731a4d88e14fb2d2
18:30 devap Options: search present delSet triggerResourceCtrl scan sort extendedServices namedResultSets
18:30 jcamins You can use
18:30 devap Elapsed: 0.004546
18:30 devap Z>
18:30 jcamins Now try "base biblios"
18:31 jcamins Then "f smith" (or replace "smith" with a term that will have results)
18:31 devap will use paste -- sorry :-(
18:32 pastebot "devap" at pasted "search results" (8 lines) at
18:32 jcamins Okay, it's a Zebra-side issue.
18:33 jcamins `sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v -v ochs`
18:42 devap done
18:42 devap do I need to restart/reconnect the yaz-client?
18:43 devap or restart koha-common ?
18:43 jcamins I'd do both to be on the safe side.
18:43 devap sorry -- I'm a koha-less sysadmin...
18:47 pastebot "devap" at pasted "search results" (8 lines) at
18:48 pastebot "devap" at pasted "search results" (8 lines) at
18:48 devap on old system I get:
18:48 devap (above)
18:48 devap 17 hits
18:49 jcamins Hrm.
18:50 jcamins Did you get any output from the koha-rebuild-zebra command?
18:50 devap no
18:50 devap wait -- yes I did
18:51 devap one sec...
18:51 jcamins Could you paste that in?
18:51 jcamins (to
18:53 NateC joined #koha
19:08 kathryn joined #koha
19:10 drojf jcamins: could bug 9451 only show up with starman? i think we had something like that before (and i should probably try to use starman some day)
19:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9451 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , gives off warnings and is not Plack-compatible
19:11 jcamins That's possible.
19:13 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1037: SUCCESS in 1 hr 7 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1037/
19:13 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 9432: Plack changes for acqui/
19:13 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 9421: tools/ not Plack-compatible
19:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9432 major, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , acqui/ is not Plack-friendly
19:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9421 major, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , tools/ not Plack-compatible
19:23 jcamins I found a bug in my release-tool script.
19:23 jcamins This is good, because it explains why I haven't been able to build a package in my regular repo.
19:24 drojf yay
19:24 sivoais joined #koha
19:25 devap jcamins: Here's the output from the rebuild_zebra:
19:25 pastebot "devap" at pasted "search results" (168 lines) at
19:26 jcamins Odd. That looks right.
19:26 devap lemme restart again...
19:29 devap nope -- still 0 hits...
19:29 devap :-(
19:30 jcamins Okay, this is a weird one.
19:35 sophie_m left #koha
19:36 jenkins_koha Starting build #59 for job Koha_3.10.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:36 jcamins Morning, rangi.
19:37 rangi morning
19:37 drojf morning rangi
19:38 drojf don't read the mozilla mail
19:38 rangi hmm?
19:38 jcamins Huh?
19:38 rangi the later you left?
19:38 drojf the one saying dev phones in march :D
19:39 rangi ahhh
19:39 drojf or maybe that is just for berlin
19:40 rangi i dont think i got a mail
19:40 chris_n joined #koha
19:41 drojf that may be a good thing
19:41 jcamins Right. This is why you don't build packages from a repo with non-git-controlled detritus.
19:42 rangi ah yeah
19:42 rangi git clean -d -f
19:42 jcamins You end up with a bunch of tests failing because they're unit tests for files that don't exist.
19:42 rangi *nod*
19:46 * jcamins gives it another go.
19:48 kohdog joined #koha
19:50 rambutan joined #koha
19:51 kohdog Hello, I am looking for help with a simple setting that causes patrons to incur a $5 charge upon each checkout--koha 3.8 on ubuntu 12.04
19:51 cait kohdog: check administration > itemtypes
19:51 jcamins kohdog: if you go to Adminstration->Item types, you should change the fee on each item type to 0.
19:52 cait this time I was faster :)
19:53 kohdog sweet, thanks
19:56 jcamins rangi: any idea how to add a file to the packages?
19:57 jcamins I created etc/searchengine/queryparser.yaml, and the build is exploding.
19:57 rangi koha-common.dirs i think
19:57 rangi cos its not a new file, its a whole new dir
19:58 tcohen joined #koha
19:58 jcamins Cool, thanks.
19:58 rangi maybe rules too
20:12 jcamins Definitely something in addition to koha-common.dirs, but I can't figure out what to put in rules.
20:12 rangi eythian will know when he is about
20:12 cait fighting with my qa comments?
20:13 jcamins cait: yeah.
20:13 jcamins Actually, I got the tarball all fixed up.
20:13 jcamins rangi: will he be in today?
20:14 sivoais joined #koha
20:16 rangi yep
20:16 jcamins Yay!
20:16 * jcamins will wait and stop making random changes.
20:17 chris_n random changes? ouch!
20:17 jcamins Not quite random.
20:19 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.10.x build #59: SUCCESS in 43 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.10.x/59/
20:19 jenkins_koha * colin.campbell: Bug 9503 Correct name of parameter passed to
20:19 jenkins_koha * jonathan.druart: Bug 9503: Followup remove unused parameters passed to
20:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9503 major, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Stable , Link from histsearch via invoicenumber results in error
20:19 jenkins_koha Starting build #267 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:21 jcamins Wait... I see. In my attempts to find koha-common.dirs I broke something else.
20:26 jcamins drojf: oh official meeting reminder-er! Apparently we have a meeting tonight?
20:26 rangi yep
20:28 jcamins drojf: good news, someone else took care of it.
20:32 cait in how many hours?
20:32 jcamins Many.
20:32 jcamins 5.5.
20:32 jcamins Too late for you.
20:32 cait or too early.... depends
20:34 drojf i only remind for meetings i remember :)
20:35 drojf and i tend to forget those at that uneuropean time
20:36 jcamins I wouldn't have remembered except bag asked me about adding "Roles for 3.14" to the agenda.
20:36 jcamins I think he has done so.
20:37 rangi that was me
20:37 jcamins Oh, you did.
20:37 jcamins Well, as long as someone did.
20:37 jcamins :)
20:37 rambutan huggin: meeting?
20:37 Irma joined #koha
20:37 wahanui well, meeting is at 6, so I need to leave in about two and a half hours.
20:38 jcamins lol
20:38 rambutan well, ok then
20:38 jcamins rambutan: 9pm EST.
20:38 jcamins 8pm your time, maybe?
20:38 rambutan yep
20:39 cait wow early
20:39 cait for the roles
20:39 jcamins cait: not really. We're half-way through the cycle already.
20:39 cait oh right
20:40 bag maybe discuss and then vote next meeting?
20:40 cait time runs so fast
20:40 eythian hi
20:40 jcamins bag: yeah, definitely no vote this meeting.
20:40 bag or sometimes soo soo slow :P
20:40 cait can't remember it being slow... in a loooong looong time
20:40 jcamins We'd need to have had proposals that were publicly discussed.
20:40 cait maybe I can't remember being it slow at all *scratches her head*
20:40 jcamins Okay, now I have a problem... queryparser.yaml isn't getting installed by the tarball either.
20:40 cait maybe even give it 2 meetings?
20:40 jcamins What happened to it?
20:41 eythian jcamins: koha-common.dirs should sort it out for you
20:41 jcamins eythian: except that I broke it and now it's not installed by the tarball either.
20:41 eythian jcamins: oh, actually, koha-common.install
20:41 eythian yeah, that won't help any :)
20:43 jcamins Wait...
20:43 jcamins I'm just building a package from the master branch over and over and over and...
20:44 jcamins Let's try this again.
20:50 * cait crosses fingers
20:50 * chris_n successfully concludes a multi-hour bad syntax hunt by adding a missing hyphen... :-P
20:51 jcamins chris_n: ditto, actually.
20:52 jcamins Okay... this doesn't quite work.
20:53 * jcamins will have to think about it a bit.
20:56 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #267: SUCCESS in 37 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/267/
20:56 jenkins_koha * mirko: Bug 9201 OAI-PMH mapping value cannot be 0
20:56 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 9509 - does not ensure each barcode is unique
20:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9201 normal, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Pushed to Stable , OAI-PMH mapping value cannot be 0
20:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9509 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Stable , does not ensure each barcode is unique
20:56 jenkins_koha Starting build #60 for job Koha_3.10.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:15 barriers joined #koha
21:26 drojf you know you are doing weird things when every search result you get is from stackoverflow
21:31 tcohen joined #koha
21:31 cait heh
21:32 * wizzyrea desperately tries to remember what it was she was working on two days ago
21:33 * wizzyrea worries she killed that brain cell
21:33 cait it will be fine
21:34 cait :)
21:34 cait you got more than enough left
21:36 wizzyrea hehe
21:37 * cait is not so sure about herself :)
21:37 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.10.x build #60: SUCCESS in 40 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.10.x/60/
21:37 jenkins_koha * mirko: Bug 9201 OAI-PMH mapping value cannot be 0
21:37 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 9509 - does not ensure each barcode is unique
21:37 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9201 normal, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Pushed to Stable , OAI-PMH mapping value cannot be 0
21:37 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9509 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Stable , does not ensure each barcode is unique
21:45 * magnuse wishes #koha a good meeting and wanders off to bed
21:53 cjh magnuse: thanks for the reminder :)
22:26 devap joined #koha
22:28 datadoctor joined #koha
22:29 datadoctor just stumbled upon a weird bug after updating from v3.5 to v3.10 related to the insecure system preference
22:29 datadoctor[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9562
22:29 huginn Bug 9562: major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , System preference 'insecure' shows wrong value after update to v3.10
22:29 datadoctor I
22:29 jcamins Yeah, I'm just reading that.
22:29 dcook joined #koha
22:30 jcamins I'm not sure how the value "no" could have gotten in there.
22:30 datadoctor Wow - that must be some legacy data.
22:30 jcamins Oh, darn.
22:31 dcook Morning/evening #koha
22:31 datadoctor Probably most folks won't encounter that. We always get weird stuff because we were early adopters.
22:31 jcamins My gpg-agent appears to have committed sepuku.
22:31 jcamins Apologies for the spelling.
22:32 datadoctor How's your day going jcamins?
22:32 datadoctor I'm about ready to call it quits.
22:32 jcamins datadoctor: actually, my morning was great.
22:32 jcamins My e-mail was down and I didn't notice.
22:33 jcamins So I got five good hours of work in before I noticed and got the problem resolved.
22:33 datadoctor That's funny! Seems quiet when no one is sending you messages.
22:33 datadoctor very productive!
22:33 jcamins Yeah, I liked it!
22:33 jcamins Then I fixed it and had a backlog of stuff to deal with a mile wide.
22:34 datadoctor We started patron self-checkout today. It's a big hit!
22:35 wizzyrea cool, with koha or a special machine?
22:35 datadoctor With Koha. I'll try to post a screen shot.
22:36 gaetan_B joined #koha
22:36 dcook hey gaetan_B
22:36 wahanui gaetan_B is working at Biblibre and did the nice new start page together with asaurat or a fan of icons
22:36 gaetan_B hi dcook :)
22:37 wizzyrea hi gaetan :)
22:37 * wizzyrea appreciates gaetan_B's work every time she logs into koha now.
22:37 gaetan_B :)
22:37 jcamins Okay... I'm making progress, but why is the file called .dpkg-new?
22:38 dcook New start page as in the new intranet one?
22:38 rangi yep
22:39 dcook gaetan_B++
22:39 dcook I was so happy to switch to that new page :D
22:40 dcook I think everyone I encounter who has upgraded has celebrated it!
22:40 jcamins I only know of one person who disliked it.
22:41 jcamins Well, one institution.
22:41 datadoctor
22:41 jcamins datadoctor: nice!
22:43 datadoctor And page 2:
22:44 wizzyrea pretty :)
22:44 rangi i think we should change it slightly each major version
22:44 rangi colours maybe
22:44 jcamins rangi: smart!
22:44 rangi :)
22:45 wizzyrea "oh, you're using koha BLOOD RED. That one's broken."
22:45 jcamins lol
22:45 drojf lol
22:45 rangi heh
22:45 dcook hehe
22:45 rangi drojf: <-- totally html5
22:45 dcook Looks great, datadoctor
22:46 datadoctor Sorry to cross-talk. I'm heading out the door. Good luck with your work jcamins, dcook, rangi, wizzyrea and gaetan_B !
22:46 jcamins Bye.
22:46 rangi datadoctor: it does look good!
22:46 wizzyrea later :)
22:46 dcook Cheers
22:47 rangi thats committer 201
22:47 rangi for anyone who didnt know
22:47 wizzyrea :D
22:47 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software http
22:47 maximep left #koha
22:47 rangi doh
22:48 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
22:48 drojf rangi: does not work for me
22:50 dcook Works just fine over here, rangi, drojf. I'll have to play later...
22:50 drojf rangi: i've been playing a little with canvas. not sure yet if that is going to be the next ingress or a koha map feature or nothing :D
22:50 jcamins eythian: help! I just broke the packages.
22:51 rangi drojf:
22:51 rangi :)
22:51 rangi hmm im hitting return a lot by accident today
22:51 jcamins All the configuration files have ".dpkg-new" appended to them.
22:52 drojf i think my browser is too secure for this web. the mozilla marketplace did not work because of the adblock popup blocker btw. i did not know that thing is still on when you deactivate adblock :/
22:52 eythian jcamins: how did you do that?
22:52 eythian also, all of them?
22:52 eythian like, everything under /etc/koha?
22:53 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "like this" (20 lines) at
22:53 jcamins Yup.
22:53 jcamins All of them.
22:53 jcamins Maybe because I still have the line in koha-common.dirs?
22:54 eythian I don't think you need the one in .dirs if you're going to be putting files there anyway
22:54 jcamins Okay.
22:54 jcamins We'll try that.
22:54 eythian it's just to define directories that are OK to be empty I think.
22:54 jcamins Ohhh.
22:54 jcamins That makes sense. :)
22:54 drojf dcook: it just loads for me, even in safe mode
22:55 eythian also, you don't need the etc/koha after the ...koha/searchengine line
22:55 jcamins Okay.
22:55 * jcamins waits for this build to fail spectacularly.
23:01 dcook Do you use Ghostery, drojf?
23:02 drojf dcook: no. i use requestpolicy, but all was ok. it's a security error in the code that firefox does not like
23:02 drojf [23:59:16.869] SecurityError: The operation is insecure. @
23:03 drojf dcook: what browser did you try?
23:03 dcook drojf: I used Chrome, but I just tried with Firefox 14.0.1 and it worked fine
23:03 dcook Took longer to load though
23:03 drojf i tried ff nightly and 20
23:04 drojf i'll try iceweasel 10 or what debian ships with
23:05 dcook Always a bit worrisome when something doesn't work in a specific browser though :/
23:05 papa joined #koha
23:06 drojf i get the same error in iceweasel
23:08 dcook Is this useful?[…]bug.cgi?id=781447
23:08 huginn Bug 781447: was not found.
23:08 dcook Hmm, by comparison, 9000-some bugs doesn't seem so bad...
23:08 talljoy joined #koha
23:08 jcamins Hehe.
23:10 jcamins Oh, I think I might know what the problem is.
23:12 jcamins debian/rules
23:12 wahanui debian/rules is failing. It's not a test. That's the actual build process.
23:12 drojf dcook: it was indeed that very problem
23:12 jcamins I will keep you updated.
23:17 drojf wow that is annoying. and weird. i have used localstorage with that setting and did not have any problems
23:18 dcook Still having problems, drojf?
23:19 drojf dcook: i'd like to keep my setting tobe asked about cookies if enabled. i can play the game if i turn that off
23:19 dcook Mmm, I thought that was the situation. No way to add any exceptions in FF?
23:21 drojf it does not want to set a cookie. i dont think i can do anything about localstorage, besides disable it in about:config
23:21 drojf anyway, i'll go to bed. have a nice meeting everyone
23:23 drojf dcook: it actually works with a cookie exception for that makes even less sense since localstorage is no cookies, but ok ;)
23:23 drojf g'night
23:28 dcook Mmm, I forgot about the meeting. That's in 2.5 hours?
23:29 cjh dcook: yes :)
23:29 cjh (unless my time conversion was off)
23:30 dcook That's what my conversion said as well, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks, cjh!
23:30 jcamins Yes.
23:34 gaetan_B good night #koha
23:44 jcamins No, I can't figure it out.
23:53 jcamins The Debian maintainer's guide may have all the information a person needs to deal with a package, but it sure doesn't troubleshooting easy.
23:59 jcamins eythian: why did we decide to just delete the solr configuration files rather than installing them?

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