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00:24 eythian jcamins: are you about?
00:36 jcamins eythian: I am.
00:37 eythian jcamins: so, you remember when you built me the 64-bit version of Digest::JHash...can I get you to do that again?
00:37 jcamins Sure.
00:37 jcamins I just have to figure out how I did it.
00:37 jcamins You need a new one?
00:37 eythian yeah, I'll send you the files for it.
00:37 jcamins Thanks.
00:39 eythian <-- jcamins
00:40 eythian it's actually just the -1koha1.* files I care about in this case, I accidentally included the old ones in there
00:42 jcamins Hm.
00:43 jcamins There's no make file so I can't clean it.
00:43 eythian Digest-JHash-0.07/Makefile ?
00:43 * jcamins works out that he can just rm -R blib
00:44 eythian probably just removing the blib dir
00:44 eythian ...
00:44 eythian yeah
00:46 jcamins Okay, how do I make it not try to sign the packages?
00:46 eythian -uc -us
00:46 jcamins It wants to use your key, which won't work as I don't have it.
00:46 jcamins Thanks.
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00:49 eythian tq
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00:56 eythian jcamins: why do those files reference a libdigest-jhash-perl_0.07-1koha1.tar.gz file?
00:56 eythian that shouldn't exist
00:56 jcamins eythian: it was created by the command you gave me.
00:56 eythian (instead it should refer to the orig.tar.gz
00:56 eythian )
00:57 eythian I didn't give you a command...
00:57 jcamins debuild -uc -us
00:57 jcamins Oh, arguments.
00:58 eythian hmm. the -uc -us wouldn't make a difference here...
00:58 jcamins You didn't say debuild.
00:58 eythian no, but had you asked, that's what I would have said :)(
00:58 eythian -(
00:59 jcamins That's not how I usually build packages...
00:59 eythian jcamins: can you md5sum your libdigest-jhash-perl_0.07-1koha1.tar.gz for me?
00:59 jcamins I thought you were telling me the exact arguments you wanted.
00:59 eythian I'm also curious why it didn't pick up the .orig file
01:00 eythian the problem is that I can't install the package because I don't have the tar.gz it's wanting, and I don't think I should need that.
01:00 eythian though, if you have it lying around, it might be the easy way...
01:00 jcamins I'll build packages the way I usually do.
01:00 eythian how's that?
01:01 eythian for perl modules, debuild -us -uc is what I do.
01:01 jcamins -i -b
01:01 jcamins (-us -uc too, in this case)
01:01 jcamins Well, usually I use -i
01:02 jcamins I don't know what it does, but that's what I do.
01:02 eythian -b is binary only, not sure about -i
01:03 eythian ah, it filters source control stuff
01:04 jcamins Okay, try the new version of that tgz.
01:04 eythian k
01:06 eythian looks promising so far...
01:07 eythian squeeze|main|amd64: libdigest-jhash-perl 0.07-1koha1
01:07 eythian excellent, thanks
01:07 jcamins Yay!
01:07 jcamins It's a pity we can't do optional dependencies as optional.
01:08 jcamins Digest::JHash is an optional dependency of an optional dependency.
01:08 eythian yeah, I know
01:08 eythian though, even the optional stuff is required for building.
01:09 eythian I plan to have a bit of a rant on the -devel list about dependencies.
01:09 eythian currently I'm maintaining ~15 extra modules, and it's getting to be a bit of a headache.
01:10 jcamins Digest::JHash is automatically detected by CHI if it's available, but not installed if it's not.
01:10 jcamins (when installed via CPAN)
01:10 jcamins (unless you specifically ask for it to be installed)
01:10 eythian packages, for better or for worse, tend to be stricter about such things.
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01:13 jcamins I guess the idea is that it reduces variables when it comes to supporting the package?
01:13 eythian yeah
01:14 eythian On thing I should do is have a blacklist of modules that aren't going to be depended on.
01:14 eythian so anything that's super-optional and problematic won't be added to the list.
01:14 jcamins One thing I discussed with chris_n was storing packaging information directly in Installer::PerlDependencies.
01:15 jcamins If we did that, we could have a "do not include" flag.
01:15 eythian that's not a bad thought
01:15 jcamins 'Cause I see no reason to install CHI.
01:15 jcamins I mean, CHI is very advantageous.
01:15 jcamins But it's also entirely unnecessary.
01:16 jcamins Especially since we don't really leverage it yet anyway.
01:17 eythian yeah
01:18 jcamins Right now Cache::Memcached::Fast does everything CHI does.
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01:20 rangi lds: looks like the lists are coming back
01:20 rangi got a ton of test emails
01:21 lds rangi: arfffff unix host command is very bad
01:22 rangi i use nslookup, or dig
01:23 lds rangi: postfix <-> unix host command
01:24 lds rangi: virtualisation nat bad resolution
01:24 lds rangi: a lot of problems
01:24 rangi ah yep, nat .. thats nothing but pain
01:24 jcamins melia++
01:25 melia thanks! :)
01:25 eythian I like how there's a "last test", followed by two more tests.
01:29 * lds go to bed, good bye
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01:31 trea
01:32 eythian I see no "UNIX beard" on that list
01:33 ibeardslee is neck beard close enough?
01:35 eythian probably would be, yeah
01:36 rangi or the philosopher
01:37 eythian that one looks far too tidy
01:37 rangi heh
01:37 rangi not really accurate for a philosopher then
01:53 wizzyrea well there's "full beard"
01:53 wizzyrea no, homeless beard
01:53 Space_Librarian dwarvish beard?
01:54 wizzyrea I don't know, which beard would be the most unix admin-like bear
01:54 wizzyrea beard*
01:54 wizzyrea I think is what they are trying to ascertain
01:55 eythian[…]biw=1918&bih=1008
01:55 Space_Librarian Have you ever read David Eddings?
01:56 * eythian cannot read his books.
01:56 * wizzyrea has not
01:56 * Space_Librarian read his books before she discovered Tolkien (so. 12).
01:57 Space_Librarian But he has a viking-like character with a unix-like beard.
01:58 wizzyrea that's a lot of -like
01:58 Space_Librarian yes. Also: compare the unix beard to the linux beard...[…]ux+beard&gs_l=img.3..0i19.14509.17201.4.17538.
01:59 Space_Librarian and dilbert:[…]n9toh/dilbert.png
01:59 Space_Librarian[…]n9toh/dilbert.png
01:59 Space_Librarian gah. That didn't work. Did it?
02:00 eythian nope
02:00 eythian actually, yes
02:00 Space_Librarian whew.
02:01 eythian[…]OvoHIBA&zoom=1&ia
02:01 eythian ct=hc&vpx=827&vpy=167&dur=633&hovh=142&​hovw=224&tx=138&ty=102&sig=105793777089​867823742&page=1&tbnh=142&tbnw=224&star​t=0&ndsp=68&ved=1t:429,r:5,s:0,i:100 <-- these two are both relatively local.
02:01 eythian wow that's a terrible link
02:01 eythian[…]-Environment.aspx <-- the two here
02:02 Space_Librarian hahaha. That's taken at ANU.
02:02 Space_Librarian And those are terrifying beards.
02:03 Space_Librarian But I do like that there is a definite distinction between a UNIX and a Linux beard (if searching google images).
02:03 eythian Space_Librarian: yeah, at there.
02:04 Space_Librarian cool. I think I was still there for that one.
02:04 jcamins Oh, weird.
02:05 jcamins SearchAuthorities doesn't actually work.
02:05 eythian hmm, it'd be pre-09 I think
02:05 jcamins Well, didn't.
02:06 jcamins Now it does. :)
02:33 eythian
02:41 rangi[…]rime-browser.html
02:41 rangi might be some useful tricks in there
03:09 cjh heh neat trick
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03:30 eythian wahanui: inconceivable is <reply>
03:30 wahanui OK, eythian.
03:48 mtj moar beard humor ->
03:49 mtj[…]rammer-dress-code
03:49 bag YAY
03:49 mtj[…]/06/beard-gallery
03:50 bag you thinking about growing a beard?  or are you already growing one?
03:51 * druthb cannot picture mtj with a beard.
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03:54 mtj they are too itchy for me?!
03:55 druthb If you don't keep them clean, they can itch, yes.  Also, some ladies like 'em, some don't, and it's a line that's rarely crossed.  The ones that don't won't see what a handsome charmer you are; all they'll see is the shredded wheat on your face.
03:55 mtj i like the idea of silly facial hair in general tho
04:01 druthb I like silly, yes--you'd look wicked with a Fu Manchu or a handlebar.  But unkempt, a la Stallman?  No, thanks.
04:04 wajasu the only way i can get authority records generated is to be able to have a search service that has access to the complete set of auth records.
04:06 wajasu meaning: as each auth record is created, the indexer needs to be given the new record and the subsequent search for a matching heading needs to find it if its a match.
04:06 eythian I don't think that makes sense to me
04:06 jcamins wajasu: yes, that's the way authorities work.
04:06 eythian oh
04:06 jcamins You download your authority records from somewhere else.
04:06 eythian yes, that's why they're authorities
04:06 jcamins And the linker is based on Zebra.
04:07 wajasu fine for big outfits.  but all of the small outfits don't.
04:07 jcamins So the entire authority file must be indexed the entire time.
04:07 eythian because they come from an authoritive source
04:07 jcamins As I said.
04:07 jcamins Right, fine, but don't expect a *linker* to do something else.
04:07 eythian I've scripted creating authorities before, it's pretty easy
04:08 jcamins If you want a script to generate authorities, you should write one.
04:08 wajasu linker calls search, but i need search it have the authority i just generated to deliver it on the next search.
04:08 jcamins You could even make it generic enough to include in Koha.
04:08 jcamins Yes, that's what the linekr does.
04:08 jcamins That's the point.
04:08 wajasu unless i create my own lookup table or hash for the batch.
04:09 jcamins Otherwise it would be entirely useless.
04:10 wajasu klinker links what currently exists in the zebra index.  but the lag between auth creation, and insertion into the DB, causes susequent searches in a batch to not find anything, thus dups are created.
04:12 rangi yep, its like jcamins said, its not for creating authorities, the script is for linking your authorities you imported, to your biblios
04:12 wajasu i need to create a hash of new auth recs, and match against it, but guarantee my authids will be ok if i insert them all at the end of the batch.
04:12 rangi so trying to bend it into something its not is a fruitless exercise
04:12 jcamins wajasu: sure, that's easy enough. Just write your own script.
04:12 rangi you are better of creating some authority records, loading them in, then linking them
04:13 wajasu thats what i am realizing now.
04:15 wajasu but even when one has autogenerate and tons of authorities, they gen one, and if they catalog another book by the same authority before the index is rebuilt, a dup will be generated.
04:15 jcamins Yes.
04:16 eythian you can fix that by helping with the index queue work which'll much reduce that index lag :)
04:16 wajasu i see that.
04:17 wajasu i want to take tamil's indexer and recode it without Moose.
04:17 eythian yeah, also in a way that it can go into core Koha would be great.
04:17 jcamins That'd be very nice.
04:17 eythian It makes more work for poor me having to maintain the extra packages for it all :)
04:17 wajasu using the perl bless OO style.
04:18 wajasu I actually though about using the perl DCI, because itw would be more maintainable in the long run.
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04:20 eythian wajasu: poor jcamins is <reply>will he ever win the cataloguing war?
04:20 eythian err
04:20 eythian wahanui: poor jcamins is <reply>will he ever win the cataloguing war?
04:20 wahanui eythian: no idea
04:20 eythian heh
04:20 eythian wahanui: poor jcamins is <reply>will he ever win the cataloguing war#
04:20 wahanui ...but poor jcamins is <reply>will he ever win the cataloguing war?...
04:20 jcamins lol
04:20 eythian oh
04:20 eythian poor jcamins
04:20 wahanui will he ever win the cataloguing war?
04:21 druthb lol
04:22 rangi wajasu: class::accessor is a very lightweight OO base
04:23 wajasu what style would you call the linker code?
04:24 wajasu and and such
04:25 jcamins Traditional Perl OO?
04:28 wajasu it through me for a curve. but then I realized you had a homegrown superclass etc.
04:31 rangi ?
04:32 wajasu return $self->SUPER::_handle_auth_limit($authid), $fuzzy;
04:32 rangi C4::Linker is based on Class::Accessor , C4::Linker::Default is based on C4::Linker
04:32 wajasu oh
04:33 rangi use base qw(C4::Linker);
04:33 wajasu ah
04:33 rangi so that is
04:34 rangi C4::Linker::_handle_auth_limit ...
04:35 wajasu i guess i could hava linker   that generates an authrec, and inserts it realtime into the zebra index.
04:35 jcamins No.
04:35 wajasu just kidding.
04:35 wajasu :)
04:35 jcamins Well, you could, but it would not go into Koha.
04:36 wajasu is the linker search provider agnodtic (solr/zebra)
04:37 jcamins It would be if Solr supported authorities.
04:37 jcamins As Solr doesn't, though, it's a moot point.
04:38 jcamins The *only* search engine in Koha that has ever supported authorities -- to the best of my knowledge -- is Zebra.
04:38 wajasu because of all the match-heading etc?
04:38 jcamins No.
04:38 jcamins Because there is no support whatsoever for authorities in Koha::SearchEngine::Solr.
04:39 jcamins And NoZebra predates authorities, and using it would be profoundly stupid anyway.
04:39 wajasu no that info cleared up a lot
04:39 wajasu now that info cleared up a lot
04:40 wajasu by the way, the zerba search logic is a work of art.
04:40 jcamins There is no technical reason that Solr shouldn't support authorities. It just doesn't in Koha.
04:40 jcamins Yeah, that's why I'm rewriting it.
04:40 jcamins search rewrite?
04:40 wahanui search rewrite is[…]earch_Rewrite_RFC
04:41 wajasu that what i thought you were doing.
04:41 wajasu i saw some thesaurus stuff commented out in the code.
04:41 jcamins Actually, that's been commented out for years.
04:42 wajasu well the comment about some method being a "shim" until...
04:42 jcamins That's new.
04:43 jcamins ish.
04:44 wajasu so is 2013 the year you are doing the rewrite?
04:44 jcamins Some of it, I expect.
04:44 wajasu and you will use Class::Accessor?
04:45 * jcamins will cross that bridge when he comes to it.
04:47 wajasu i might just try modifying the current code to add the authority, and export it to zebra like tamil's indexer did and see if autogenerate works better.
04:48 jcamins Seriously, you're way better off writing your own authority generator to generate authorities.
04:48 jcamins You're generating stub authorities, so it's not like you're going to miss out on valuable information.
04:48 wajasu and keep it separate as a tool.
04:48 jcamins Right.
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04:48 jcamins Use a hammer for nails and a screwdriver for screws.
04:49 sandeepbhavsar hi all Good Morning
04:50 wajasu its really a one time migration thing.
04:50 wajasu ok,
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06:35 mib_jhbzun Hi. I just wanted to ask if 3.10 in packages is ok now. I successfully went from 3.8.6 to 3.8.7 but from reviewing yesterdays IRC logs it seems that 3.10 had a whole bunch of dependency issues... which is the case when trying to update. I can only image that was a headache for someone!
06:36 rangi they should be ok now
06:36 rangi eythian was working on them, but id try on a test machine first
06:40 mib_jhbzun Yeah, i've set up a virtual machine for testing. But when i try to update 3.8.7  to 3.10  i get that koha-common was held back and trying sudo apt-get install-koha common or a dist-upgrade just lets me know that it needs libchi-yadda yadda packages that it can't install.
06:40 rangi even now?
06:41 mib_jhbzun yes. i just tested now again.
06:41 rangi hmm works for me
06:41 mib_jhbzun the 3.8.7 i did about 30 mins ago.. but the 3.10 seems stuck.
06:42 rangi libanyevent-http-perl libdigest-jhash-perl libhash-moreutils-perl libchi-perl koha-common
06:42 rangi pulled in those
06:42 pastebot "rangi" at pasted "The following NEW packages wil" (8 lines) at
06:43 rangi you did a fresh apt-get update eh?
06:44 mib_jhbzun what do you mean sorry?
06:44 rangi you did an apt-get update, before trying apt-get install koha-common ?
06:44 mib_jhbzun yes.
06:45 rangi weird, it just worked fine for me
06:46 rangi running debian squeeze?
06:46 mib_jhbzun I will try in a minuate.
06:46 mib_jhbzun Ubuntu 12.04
06:48 rangi should be ok, libchi-perl is packaged at
06:48 mib_jhbzun well i just removed koha-common and will try from scratch to see if it gets me 3.10 instead of trying to update or install over from 3.8
06:50 mib_jhbzun no i still get that it has unmet dependencies: libchi-driver-mecached-perl and that its not going to be installed & also libchi-perl but its not going to be installed.
06:52 mib_jhbzun it says i have held broken packages.. but when i check for any it says there aren't.. it only does this for 3.10
06:57 mib_jhbzun so I've removed koha-common and tried to install directly 3.10 but this still didn't work. I then changed back to oldstable and installed 3.8.7  succesfully with no hickups.
06:57 rangi how odd, since both of those packages are on
06:57 rangi the same place as koha-common
06:58 rangi http://debian.koha-community.o[…]a/pool/main/libc/
06:58 mib_jhbzun when i try 3.10  there is some dependency issues that it just can't overlook.. and when i manually try to install the missing packages it keeps sending me down the line to this package that seems to be THE problem:
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06:59 rangi must be something to do with ubuntu's setup, as it works fine on debian, maybe email koha-devel
06:59 mib_jhbzun hmm just a sec..
07:01 mib_jhbzun it changed now.. it seems to be installing it fine now..
07:01 mib_jhbzun weird.
07:01 mib_jhbzun oh well.. i won't look a gift horse in the mouth.
07:01 rangi heh
07:02 mib_jhbzun but it seems that when I uninstalled koha then tried to install libchi and its dependancies it was ok.. then when I updated to koha 3.10 it seems to successfully update the libchi dependancies.
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07:29 * magnuse waves
07:30 * cait waves back
07:33 magnuse kia ora cait and #koha!
07:34 rangi hi magnuse
07:34 alex_a bonjour
07:35 magnuse ata marie rangi and alex_a
07:36 * magnuse has had trouble installing libchi-perl on ubuntu too
07:36 alex_a ata marie magnuse :)
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07:43 reiveune hello
07:43 rangi hi alex_a and reiveune
07:43 reiveune :)
07:43 alex_a bonjour rangi
07:47 cait hi all :) and bbl
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08:17 paul_p good morning #koha
08:20 rangi hi paul_p
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09:05 drojf good morning #koha
09:06 kf hi drojf
09:06 drojf hi kf :)
09:08 drojf uh, a backdoor in piwik?!
09:08 rangi what?
09:08 drojf,97666,97674
09:09 drojf only have a german article about it
09:11 rangi ahh .. thats why we sign our tarballs and md5 them .. not that people bother to check, but this might be a good reminder to do that :)
09:11 drojf :)
09:12 drojf off to the shower
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09:18 magnuse ouch
09:19 rangi looks like someone compromised the server it was on, and created their own zip file .. it happens every so often, which is why signing is so important
09:21 kf poor piwik
09:21 rangi the good news
09:21 wahanui the good news is, like, it looks like it's running properly
09:21 rangi it was discovered very fast
09:21 rangi and fixed fast
09:22 kf :)
09:22 rangi if it was proprietary, it could have been there for years no one could tell
09:24 magnuse a bit more information would have been good, something on their blog and something about what versions are affected...
09:24 rangi yep
09:25 magnuse is latest = 1.9.2 and are all 1.9.2 installations affected? i have 1.9.2 but it does not seem to be affected..
09:27 rangi did you install from the zip, or upgrade?
09:27 rangi afaict it was only new installs from the zip .. but its light on details
09:38 magnuse i upgraded
09:39 magnuse with the wonderful (= easy) "click here to upgrade" function in the web ui
09:39 magnuse which leaves me with very little control over what i install, of course
09:48 drojf the german article is here if that helps anyone[…]iwik-1757145.html
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10:42 vfernandes good morning koha community :)
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11:45 vfernandes is there anyway in koha 3.8.7 to have different circulation/overdue/predue notices for organization patrons?
11:48 kf vfernandes: overdue notices can be different by categorytype
11:49 kf circulation, predue are the same for all patrons in a library
11:51 vfernandes yes, I know that we can have different overdue notices by categorytype
11:51 vfernandes which solves my problem for that case
11:52 vfernandes but would be nice to have that difference in the other notices...
11:52 vfernandes normally the organization notices are more elaborate than the other notices
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12:32 tcohen mornin' #koha
12:46 tcohen quick question: is the cssr theme targeted to mobile devices? or is a general use one?
12:46 jcamins_away tcohen: general use.
12:46 jcamins_away ccsr.
12:46 tcohen (BTW, crongrats for the great job on that)
12:47 tcohen been too focused on libs and tests and didn't take a look at what was going on with the UI, great job!
12:51 jcamins Yeah, it's pretty awesome.
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12:52 drojf hi #koha
13:00 kf hi drojf - are you ignoring me?
13:00 nengard joined #koha
13:00 drojf kf: huh??
13:01 drojf kf: how do you come to that idea?
13:02 kf because you did ignore me :)
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13:11 drojf no you are ignoring me :P
13:11 samuel joined #koha
13:11 samuel hi everybody
13:12 kf drojf: patt?
13:13 kf hi samuel
13:13 samuel i 've installed latest koha and i think i've forgotten something. When i do an update of po files, i 've this "Symbolic links are not supported at the moment", seems something i've missed when i've installed debian packages
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13:27 oleonard Hi #koha
13:27 drojf hi oleonard
13:29 tcohen do we have some kkind of integration between bz and our git repo?
13:30 jcamins tcohen: yes, the RM downloads patches off of bugzilla.
13:30 jcamins ;)
13:30 tcohen heh, os the answer is no
13:31 jcamins If I understand your question, that is correct.
13:31 jcamins We have git-bz which simplifies the process, but there's no integration.
13:33 tcohen i was approached by a couple of students that are doing some research on git and buzilla for their engeneering degree
13:33 jcamins They should look at...
13:34 jcamins the program that Mahara uses.
13:34 jcamins It's called...
13:34 jcamins gerrit.
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13:42 tcohen gerrit
13:42 tcohen i'll check it out
13:42 jcamins It's very cool.
13:59 * oleonard would have expected a non-English speaker to have discovered Bug 9152 :P
13:59 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9152 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Datepicker doesn't load localized strings
14:00 drojf haven't picked a date in a while ;)
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14:03 samuel i've a bug but with languages....."symbolic links are note supported at the moment"
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14:13 oleonard How is the information at generated?
14:13 kf oleonard: I think there is a program that does it - somene said rangi could update it
14:14 oleonard Hm, so he probably runs the program against an updated copy of a Koha database
14:14 kf maybe, we will have to ask him I think
14:15 oleonard It would be great if preferences like  BorrowerUnwantedField  could use AJAX to load borrower columns for autocomplete
14:16 kf huh?
14:16 kf oleonard: not sure what you mean :)
14:16 oleonard For system preferences which require the user to enter mysql table column names, it would be nice if there was an autocomplete for the names
14:17 kf ah
14:34 magnuse oleonard: that would definitely be nice, yes
14:34 drojf is there a reason to encode language in 008/35-37 when we do it in 041 anyway? or can i safely assume using ### there is alright? from a zebra point of view i don't see a problem, any librarian reasons maybe?
14:37 drojf i take this as a 'no' ;)
14:37 jcamins drojf: yes.
14:37 jcamins Because 008 is the canonical place for language.
14:41 vfernandes git question: i've submit a patch to the bug 9151, but now I need to submit a patch update. I've done the code modifications and now I can submit?
14:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9151 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, vfernandes, ASSIGNED , Renewal notice according to patron alert preferences
14:42 drojf jcamins:  ok, that would be a reason. but as i understand 008 expects marc language codes which we do not use
14:42 jcamins drojf: yes, it does.
14:42 jcamins drojf: should I ask why you felt the need to make up your own language codes?
14:43 drojf jcamins: we did not make them up. but we use iso639-3 because marc and the related iso639-2 is not enough to specify the languages we provide learning material for
14:44 jcamins Ah...
14:44 jcamins you'll need to disable the language limiter, I think.
14:44 francharb joined #koha
14:45 oleonard If I put in a full URL to an external XSLT stylesheet into the  XSLTDetailsDisplay  preference I get this error: I/O warning : failed to load external entity "MARC21slimUtils.xsl" I tried copying MARC21slimUtils.xsl to the same location but it still fails
14:45 francharb hi
14:45 vfernandes anyone can help me?
14:45 drojf jcamins: where would i do that?
14:45 jcamins drojf: CSS?
14:45 wahanui somebody said CSS was probably easier
14:45 drojf jcamins: i heard css would probably be easier :)
14:46 jcamins lol
14:46 jcamins vfernandes: sure, go ahead and attach your follow-up to the bug.
14:46 jcamins You don't need permission.
14:47 vfernandes can I have two patch for one bug, where the second it a complement of the first?
14:47 drojf vfernandes: sure
14:48 jcamins vfernandes: there are dozens of patches on some bugs.
14:48 vfernandes ok thanks... another question: kristan on the bug said to add the notice template to the translations
14:48 vfernandes which is the best way to do that?
14:48 jcamins Katrin?
14:49 vfernandes yes Katrin sorry... yesterday I added a system preference in another bug but I haven't added any translation
14:49 jcamins (I don't recall the comment, so that's an actual question)
14:49 jcamins Okay.
14:49 jcamins kf? :)
14:49 * jcamins always likes to make kf answer that sort of question.
14:49 vfernandes ohhh Katrin is kf :)
14:50 drojf small world ;)
14:50 sekjal joined #koha
14:50 jcamins sekjal!
14:50 jcamins Greetings!
14:50 sekjal hi, jcamins
14:51 vfernandes i'm still learning the Koha development and git workflow, so it's natural to have so many questions
14:51 jcamins vfernandes: of course.
14:52 jcamins vfernandes: I don't know the best way, that's why I always make kf answer questions like that.
14:53 sekjal for those of you who are interested in Chicago in February, Code4Lib registration opens in about 2 hours.  it always sells out within the day
14:54 oleonard Chicago in February? Geeks don't like to go outside anyway right?
14:54 jcamins lol
14:54 magnuse kia ora sekjal!
14:54 sekjal only to go between the hotel and the bars
14:54 sekjal howdy, magnuse
14:55 jcamins I'll be in CA, so not this year.
14:55 * magnuse would love to go to code4lib...
14:55 magnuse but hey, marseille in marc aint too bad either!
14:55 magnuse gah s/marc/march/
14:55 kf jcamins: you make me do what?
14:56 jcamins kf: answer translation questions.
14:56 jcamins Ooh, druthb is around too.
14:56 jcamins druthb: I'm delegating!
14:56 druthb Clearly, you mistake me for someone that knows what is going on.
14:57 kf lol
14:58 sekjal hi, druthb
14:59 magnuse oleonard++ for closing bugs
15:00 druthb hi, sekjal. :)
15:00 kf oleonard++ :)
15:00 * druthb would love to go to code4lib, but doesn't see it happening.
15:01 kf vfernandes: either is fine - but because your patch has not been tested yet, maybe you could sqash them into one (your commits)
15:01 * druthb would rather go to YAPC::NA in Austin in June. :)
15:01 * magnuse would rather go to kohacon in reno :-)
15:01 jcamins kf: the question is where the notice templates go for translation. :)
15:01 kf vfernandes: and also - look in installer/... mysql/data something, there are different folders for different translated installers - and there should be a notices.sql file in each or similar named
15:01 kf vfernandes: sorry, no time to look up the complete paths for you
15:02 kf magnuse: reno!
15:02 magnuse this is the official repo for the qa tools now, right?[…]ols.git;a=summary
15:03 jcamins Yes.
15:03 kf druthb++/fredericd++
15:03 vfernandes kf but only for "en" or for every languages?
15:04 druthb druthb--
15:04 huginn druthb: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
15:04 druthb :P
15:04 kf vfernandes: I think an english sample will still be helpful - because people get the notice code to use and can edit the text
15:04 magnuse jcamins: there's a problem with it - it says to copy perlcriticrc to ~/ but that does not get picked up. ~/.perlcriticrc with the dot on the other hand does get picked up
15:04 kf vfernandes: that's my opinion at least - easier to find something is english, than finding out why renewal notices work for everyone else but not you
15:05 jcamins magnuse: hm, someone should fix that.
15:05 maximep joined #koha
15:06 vfernandes ok kf... I will add to sample_notices.sql for "en" the renewal notice. That's fine?
15:06 kf vfernandes: what I was trying to say is, that it would be good if you amended all of them
15:06 kf vfernandes: for example I ran into some weird problems with missing circ slips in a gemran installation recently
15:06 magnuse jcamins: i can file a bug for it, as a start
15:07 jcamins magnuse: sounds good, thanks.
15:07 kf vfernandes: but you don't have to translate them - if it's all in english that should be fine
15:07 vfernandes ok... I will add to all of them
15:07 druthb fredericd:  ping?
15:08 kf vfernandes: thank you :)
15:12 libsysguy joined #koha
15:21 * jcamins hums the "I hate bib-1" song.
15:22 SJeffery joined #koha
15:23 * magnuse joins in with jcamins
15:23 vfernandes kf done :)
15:29 * druthb hides
15:30 paul_p druthb = hello. Is it me or is much slower than it used to be ?
15:32 druthb paul_p:  you're not the first to spot that.  (Since I don't translate, it's not something I can see well.)  I'll be adding more memory to that box this weekend, and look into other things I can do, as well.
15:32 paul_p druthb thx !!!
15:32 kf druthb: it used to be really fast when I tested it the first time you showed me
15:32 kf druthb: maybe that's good to know
15:33 druthb Same box--it just seems to be once we got real translators working more, things have bogged down some.
15:34 kf hm but shouldn't be that many at the same time?
15:35 kf I mean.. there are not so many translators
15:35 kf maybe something in the background eating up memory? (I am no sysadmin and it shows...)
15:36 SJeffery druthb - Nice writeup. I like to also think about what does *not* influence relevance (ex: afaik item type is not used).
15:36 jcamins Actually, I just learned that we've been using relevance searching wrong all along anyway.
15:37 druthb kf:  There are a number of kind-of-grunty apache processes dangling out there.  lemme restart apache, see if it helps.
15:37 druthb check now?
15:39 SJeffery jcamins: How so?
15:39 druthb SJeffery: you know, that's interesting.  It seems to me that if someone entered the item type code (since it's stored in the 952) then that'd get points, maybe, unless someone somewhere told it not to.
15:39 * druthb must experiment with that.
15:40 kf vfernandes++ :)
15:40 jcamins SJeffery: we're putting the request for relevance sorting in the wrong place in the query, so far as I can tell.
15:40 vfernandes how many time takes one patch to be tested and push?
15:40 kf druthb: works nicely for me now
15:41 jcamins It's kind of hard to be sure, since the code is mostly incomprehensible.
15:41 SJeffery druthb: I was thinking more along the lines of how Worldcat does their ranking. They seem to consistently rank different item types higher (books, av, and journals are higher than analytics).
15:41 jcamins vfernandes: it varies.
15:41 druthb okay..  looks like maybe apache isn't managing resources well.  I can work with that.
15:41 SJeffery jcamins: That describes every large programming project...ever
15:41 jcamins SJeffery: lol
15:41 jcamins True.
15:41 jcamins But the search code is worse than most.
15:42 druthb SJeffery: yeah.  In Koha, if you *don't* specify something, then it really wouldn't care, and would list the records more-or-less arbitrarily, all else being equal.
15:42 kf vfernandes: there is no time I can tell you - it depends on the testers and what they pick up
15:43 kf vfernandes: for qa team I am trying to give bugs a higher priority than enhancements, but trying to mix it a bit
15:43 vfernandes it would be nice at least one of my patch to be accepted :P
15:43 kf vfernandes: sometimes it can help to test other peoples patches and talk to them, asking nicely if they would take a look
15:43 vfernandes and pushed to the next release
15:44 kf vfernandes: that should be possible :) we got almost 6 months now .)
15:45 vfernandes the patches submit to master aren't pushed for koha 3.10?
15:45 kf not enh
15:45 kf bug fixes yes
15:45 kf 3.10 is released now, so we are in maintenance for it, new patches go into master for 3.12
15:45 kf hm new features
15:46 kf jcamins: correct me if I am talking nonsense ;)
15:46 jcamins kf: no, you're correct. :)
15:47 vfernandes bug 9151 I put it as enhancement but I think it would be nice to push it to 3.10
15:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9151 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, vfernandes, Needs Signoff , Renewal notice according to patron alert preferences
15:47 jcamins It's rangi's decision whether he'll backport enhancements.
15:47 kf vfernandes: the release maintainers decide about that, but it is a new feature - if you are strict
15:48 paul_p vfernandes = is it an enhancement or a new feature ? (ie: have you seen that, now, you've 2 options)
15:50 vfernandes there is circulation notices, but not renewal notice... I think it's not a new feature but a enhancement
15:52 kf vfernandes: I think of it more than a new feature - it's something that I have not heard about before even - although I like the idea
15:55 vfernandes it was one request of one client... i've done the modification on 3.2.X... I will try to submit anothers changes to the master like: only let reserve if all available items are checkout, don't allow to reserve books in the possession of the patron, remove some note fields from the "title notes" tab, etc...
15:58 drojf "only let reserve if all available items are checkout" <- isn't that in koha?
15:58 jcamins vfernandes: yes.
15:58 drojf i think there is a syspref for that
15:59 jcamins Sorry.
15:59 jcamins drojf: yes.
15:59 jcamins AllowOnshelfHolds or something like that.
16:00 JesseM joined #koha
16:01 vfernandes I don't think so... the idea it's to block holds until every items are checkout, then it allows to hold
16:01 jcamins vfernandes: yes, that's what AllowOnshelfHolds does.
16:02 jcamins If it's disabled, you can't place a hold on books that are available.
16:02 vfernandes AllowOnshelfHolds - hold requests to be placed on items that are not checked out.
16:02 vfernandes the request is that all of them needs to be checkout
16:03 vfernandes it's different...
16:03 jcamins I don't see any distinction.
16:04 vfernandes AllowOnshelfHolds allow you to put on hold one item even if the others are available
16:04 drojf vfernandes: i think there is something else for "reserve specific item" vs "reserve next available item" too
16:04 drojf so you might need to change that
16:04 vfernandes the modification that I done only allows to put on hold one item when every item is checkout
16:05 drojf OPACItemHolds
16:05 vfernandes this prevent the patrons to put on hold some item when there are items available
16:05 drojf you might want to check different combinations of the two sysprefs
16:06 jcamins vfernandes: I am almost positive that if you disable both OPACItemHolds and AllowOnShelfHolds you'll get the result you want.
16:07 drojf i concur
16:07 reiveune bye
16:07 reiveune left #koha
16:07 jcamins And by "almost positive," I mean based on your description you will get exactly what you want.
16:08 drojf what is the way of doing zebra changes nowadays? do it in grs-1 and generate dom files? do it in grs-1 and dom seperately? ignore grs-1?
16:09 jcamins drojf: GRS-1 and DOM separately, or just DOM.
16:09 jcamins *Never* regenerate the DOM files from GRS-1.
16:09 vfernandes I've the two preferences turned off I doesn't work... for example if there are 3 items in on record, and 1 is checkout I can put a hold
16:09 drojf good to know :)
16:09 jcamins vfernandes: that means there's a bug in one of the preferences.
16:10 drojf jcamins: but is doing only DOM acceptable in case i would want to put it on bz?
16:10 jcamins You should report the bug along with detailed instructions for how to recreate the problem.
16:11 vfernandes AllowOnShelfHolds if off, so what happens is fine because 1 item is checkout so I can put a hold
16:11 jcamins vfernandes: if you have OPACItemHolds disabled as well, that's a bug.
16:12 vfernandes OPACItemHolds is off, so what happens is fine because there is items available
16:12 jcamins drojf: if you are adding functionality, it would be better to add the indexes to GRS-1, but if you're just adding new optional indexes, I will not require it.
16:12 drojf ok, thanks
16:13 jcamins drojf: if it's quick, of course, I'd just as soon you add the GRS-1 definitions, 'cause, why not?
16:13 jcamins vfernandes: right, file a bug with a very detailed description of how to reproduce it.
16:13 jcamins If you have a fix for it, that's even better.
16:15 vfernandes I have a fix but doesn't use any of these preferences... I think we are still talking about different things... The client request could not be solved with those preferences :/
16:16 jcamins vfernandes: in that case provide a *very* detailed description of what you want, because from what you have told me so far, I would not accept a patch adding your new syspref to Koha.
16:16 jcamins The functionality you described is identical to functionality I have already been using.
16:16 jcamins So there must be more to what you want.
16:18 vfernandes are you sure that I can block the holds until all record items being checkout using those syspref?
16:19 jcamins I am sure that's how it used to work, yes.
16:19 jcamins If it does not presently work, that's a bug.
16:19 drojf vfernandes: did you try it?
16:19 jcamins I can't test it right now.
16:19 vfernandes in 3.2.X doesn't work, I'll try in my 3.8.7 test installation
16:20 drojf please don't test things in 3.2 :)
16:21 jcamins Right- you can't assume that any problems you encounter in 3.2 exist in modern versions of Koha.
16:21 vfernandes I said 3.2.X because it was when I solve it
16:21 vfernandes I know jcamins... I'll test it right now
16:23 * druthb dances happily.
16:24 vfernandes OPACItemHolds and AllowOnShelfHolds off... 1 record with 2 items (1 checkout and 1 available)... I still can put on hold
16:24 jcamins vfernandes: okay, you should report a bug for that, because it wasn't possible to place a hold in 3.6.something.
16:25 jcamins So that's just a regression fix, not an enhancement.
16:25 vfernandes wait...
16:25 vfernandes I was testing with database user...
16:26 jcamins Are you testing in the OPAC or staff client?
16:27 vfernandes OPAC
16:27 jcamins Okay.
16:27 asaurat left #koha
16:27 jcamins There was one more syspref needed for the staff client.
16:27 vfernandes this is strange... with all items checkout I can't put on hold
16:28 jcamins But you can when some are available?
16:28 drojf is the patron allowed to put holds at all?
16:30 vfernandes after upgrading to 3.8 yes
16:30 vfernandes now no :/
16:31 drojf you may be missing a default rule for your patrons. i tried it and had the same problems. works ok after i made a rule for everybody allowing 10 holds
16:33 vfernandes ok... holds policy rules are broken after upgrading
16:37 vfernandes but it still don't allow
16:50 vfernandes something is not working :/
16:50 talljoy1 joined #koha
16:54 vfernandes it says that the patron have too many holds and there is no items available
16:54 jcamins faq?
16:54 wahanui i guess faq is found at
16:54 jcamins ^^ sounds like you might be missing a default rule.
16:55 rambutan joined #koha
16:58 vfernandes which one? lol
16:58 vfernandes :P
16:59 tcohen joined #koha
16:59 jcamins The default one.
16:59 wahanui i heard the default one was the only one checked when you don't specify one of the sources.list
16:59 jcamins forget the default one
16:59 wahanui jcamins: I forgot default one
16:59 jcamins I'm pretty sure that's in the FAQ.
17:02 melia joined #koha
17:02 vfernandes default circ rule added... still says that the patron has too many holds
17:04 jcamins And just to confirm, the patron doesn't have too many holds, right?
17:04 vfernandes 0 holds
17:06 jcamins Hm.
17:06 jcamins Not sure what the problem is.
17:07 vfernandes ok thanks anyway
17:07 thd-away` joined #koha
17:07 jatara joined #koha
17:08 jatara Hello.
17:09 oleonard Hi jatara
17:09 thd-away` joined #koha
17:09 drojf vfernandes: how many holds does the default circ rule allow?
17:09 vfernandes 6
17:10 sophie_m left #koha
17:10 vfernandes max reserves also set to 6
17:10 drojf it worked for me after i had that rule
17:10 drojf i tried on master though
17:12 vfernandes tomorrow it's another day to see the problem :D
17:12 vfernandes koha translate is damn slow....
17:13 nengard joined #koha
17:14 kf left #koha
17:15 lms joined #koha
17:30 laurence left #koha
17:31 tcohen jcamins, what do u think of db-dependent tests like those in bug 9074
17:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9074 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , DB dependent tests for is_holiday
17:31 tcohen should I close and abandon that one?
17:31 jcamins No, I'm all for them!
17:33 tcohen ok, did anyone receive my email regarding db-dependent tests and data set?
17:34 jcamins Not to my recollection, though it's possible I forgot.
17:40 melia left #koha
17:44 cait joined #koha
17:50 melia joined #koha
18:06 gaetan_B joined #koha
18:07 gaetan_B hello
18:11 cait hi gaetan_B
18:11 cait :)
18:11 gaetan_B :)
18:12 gaetan_B cait: i'm trying to query some marc21 z39.50 servers on the isbn and not getting any answer, any idea what it would be ?
18:12 gaetan_B bug 8550 ?
18:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8550 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Stable , Z39.50 searches for ISBN/ISSN problematic
18:12 cait m
18:13 cait yeah it could be that
18:13 gaetan_B ok i'll try it out :)
18:13 gaetan_B also
18:13 gaetan_B i have another marc21 question
18:13 cait I have a library reporting that it does not work with a special soruce, and have never figured out why - i hope 8550 fixes it
18:13 jcamins Also, a lot of MARC21 servers just don't provide ISBN.
18:13 cait ah
18:13 gaetan_B do analytics work with marc21 and if yes how ?
18:13 cait did you try without hyphens?
18:13 gaetan_B yes i tried a lot of combinations
18:13 cait gaetan_B: there are different answers to that :) analytics I mean
18:14 cait I propose watching jared's video from kohacon in edinburgh for a start :)
18:14 cait and then... you can dig in deeper
18:14 gaetan_B also when looking up on the title, the result list was showing some isbn, but when querying for those isbn that had obviously arrived through z39.50 , i had no answer, would that also depend on the server ?
18:14 cait there is a way to do it completely without items (which is what we do because of the union catalog)
18:14 cait and a feature that is a bit tied to items but can do nice things
18:14 gaetan_B cait: ok i probably need to get a good look at this then
18:15 gaetan_B where is the video ?
18:15 wahanui the video is probably on
18:15 gaetan_B thanks wahanui :)
18:15 cait gaetan_B: I thint it's linked from the wiki page
18:15 gaetan_B ok i should be able to find it then
18:15 cait what we do is use 773 with $w = 001 of the parent record
18:15 cait the other thing is a syspref and I think nengard documented it - EasyAnalytics
18:16 cait if you are not in a union catalog that is a nice thing
18:16 gaetan_B yes i switched it on and tried to use it as i do with unimarc but it didn't work out
18:17 nengard cait yes it's in the manual
18:48 drojf joined #koha
18:54 melia joined #koha
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19:06 kathryn joined #koha
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19:16 melia joined #koha
19:20 tcohen joined #koha
19:41 oleonard rangi up yet?
19:41 rangi kinda, got a toddler on me, whats up?
19:42 jcamins oleonard was hoping you'd take his toddler too. :P
19:42 gaetan_B joined #koha
19:42 oleonard Heh, I'd happily take rangi's toddler for a while
19:42 oleonard rangi: How is the information at generated?
19:43 oleonard Is there a direct connection between it and something in git?
19:43 rangi i generate it, now 3.10 is released ill regen it
19:43 rangi only tangentially
19:44 rangi i have a script that converts the comments in the kohastruture.sql
19:44 rangi to mysql comments
19:44 rangi then i load up a db with it
19:44 rangi then run shemaspy against it
19:45 oleonard Okay, thanks, that makes sense.
19:47 oleonard I was pondering how one might pull a list of table columns for use in the Koha interface
19:47 rangi show tables
19:47 rangi then describe each one
19:47 rangi and/or
19:47 rangi use DBI
19:47 * oleonard would like to be able to use some kind of autocomplete for system prefs in which we specify table columns
19:48 rangi
19:51 oleonard maximep around?
19:55 maximep yes
19:55 maximep oleonard I am
19:56 oleonard I was looking at Bug 6943 to see if it could be marked as fixed and noticed you had proposed an alternate patch which included more functionality
19:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6943 enhancement, P3, ---, chrish, Pushed to Master , Create new budget from a copy of a previous budget
19:56 oleonard Is there any chance you might follow up with the feature allowing for transfer of orders?
19:57 * wizzyrea waves
20:00 trea joined #koha
20:02 * cait waves :)
20:03 * cait seconds oleonard's question
20:03 trea o/
20:21 maximep well, looks like I forgot that I said I was here
20:21 maximep -_-
20:21 * maximep reads
20:22 maximep hmmm didn't I send a new patch
20:23 maximep because I did it for the ccsr. Looking at my redmine logs
20:24 maximep Add new features and tests to the budget duplication :
20:24 maximep
20:24 maximep * Allow to enter a new name for the duplicate
20:24 maximep * Add option to transfer the not received orders in the budget copy
20:24 maximep * Transfer the duplication code in to allow easier testing. In doing this I removed the code block " # deal with any children" because
20:24 maximep I just don't understand it and it had a typo in the table name ('aqcudgets'), so I figured it was useless code
20:24 maximep * Update Budgets.t with the right field names, test the data more and tests the duplication code. Sadly I didn't write tests for the order transfers because it just depends on too much stuff :/
20:24 maximep is that what you're looking for ? =)
20:25 oleonard maximep: Is there a patch pending somewhere, on a different bug? I didn't look for it in another bug report.
20:27 maximep looking at my bug list
20:27 maximep no trace of ever sending it to you...
20:27 maximep but if I wrote the commit in english, it's because it was meant to be sent
20:27 oleonard :)
20:36 rangi oh rock on!
20:39 oleonard rangi: ?
20:39 rangi samuel merrit escaped
20:40 rangi and actually spoke honestly
20:40 rangi you dont get thta from libraries often unfortunately
20:40 wizzyrea oh link?
20:40 wahanui hmmm... link is right, but the website is gone, apparently
20:40 wizzyrea forget link
20:40 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot link
20:41 rangi[…]ywater-solutions/
20:41 rangi it'll be on libwebcats soon im sure
20:41 rangi too slow tweetbot
20:42 bag_afk heh
20:42 bag_afk :)
20:42 cait :)
20:42 cait reading now
20:43 wizzyrea ah that's nice
20:43 wizzyrea nice is perhaps not as enthusiastic of a word as I meant
20:43 rangi <-- ive fallen and i cant get up
20:43 wizzyrea hehehehe
20:44 cait :)
20:46 jcamins Wow, nice quote!
20:47 cait hey jcamins
20:50 maximep oleonard: I will try to find some time to send the patch. The problem is that it was done for 3.8.5 and it includes more features than what was asked in 7498
20:51 oleonard maximep: 7498 doesn't matter if you're able to submit something new. Just create a new bug
20:51 cait :)
20:51 cait maximep: I think it would be a real good feature to have.
20:53 laurence joined #koha
21:05 maximep ok
21:13 rambutan Imma gonna buy one of these for our new tech center:
21:13 rambutan[…]28043.html?page=3
21:13 rangi nice
21:16 rambutan We are getting 1-3 3D printers, and I still see a need to database the designs (ILS-like) for 3D printing. To my knowledge there isn't a good database available where you can lookup items based on standard criteria.
21:16 rangi[…]s/courtenay-place  probably doesnt work for most of you?
21:17 rambutan I can get to the basepage, but not the stream. (Because I'm on Linux?)
21:18 rambutan or because I don't peer at WIX?
21:18 rangi yeah
21:18 trea ^^
21:18 rangi thats the wellington internet exchange
21:18 rangi telstraclear are tardmonkeys and don't peer
21:18 wizzyrea welp now I don't have to go to the parade.
21:18 jcamins Worked for me.
21:18 rangi so trea and I cant see the stream either
21:19 rangi but wizzyrea will be able to
21:19 trea boo i say!
21:19 * wizzyrea shrugs
21:19 jcamins Oh, wait, it's the stream that doesn't work.
21:19 oleonard Time to go. See you later #koha
21:19 rangi cya oleonard
21:19 jcamins Doesn't work for me either.
21:20 rangi the image should refresh tho
21:20 wizzyrea i like the guy pushing the giant barrel
21:23 rangi oh this is cool too
21:23 rangi[…]ch-sparar-pa-koha
21:24 rangi yay viktor
21:24 trea huzzah
21:24 drojf1 joined #koha
21:30 rangi[…]D&datasets=CLOSED
21:30 rangi that work for people?
21:30 cait checking
21:30 cait yep
21:31 cait busy oleonard :)
21:35 gaetan_B yeah, i managed to make my analytics work :)
21:35 gaetan_B it's easy actually
21:52 jcamins Woohoo! I got negation working.
21:52 jcamins Also, fun fact: I don't think there is any way to make negation work with CCL.
21:52 cait oh
21:52 cait as long as it#s a documented fun fact?
21:52 jcamins cait: awww.
21:53 jcamins It hasn't been documented in the past. Why should it be now?
21:53 cait hm?
21:53 cait lol
21:53 cait because documenting is part of the amazing fun you get to have when being an amazing developer? :)
21:53 jcamins But the entire point is that I am eliminating our dependence on Zebra's CCL interpretation.
21:54 cait well
21:54 cait if you rip it out you don't have to document it I guess
21:54 jcamins \o/
22:03 laurence left #koha
22:07 gaetan_B bye !
22:09 eythian hi
22:10 magnuse kia ora eythian
22:11 trea kia ora magnuse eythian
22:11 magnuse hiya trea
22:13 magnuse ooh, big hobbit-day in wellington now?!?
22:13 * cjh should probably find out what is happening
22:13 * cait waves
22:14 wizzyrea yep hobbit-day
22:15 eythian yeah, town is currently full of many cars and bad drivers.
22:15 eythian at least, the not-central bits of town
22:16 trea yea apparently so. i haven't ventured outside yet
22:16 wizzyrea "movie stars"
22:16 wizzyrea or something.
22:16 wahanui it has been said that something is up with the koha-devel one maybe
22:16 wizzyrea forget something
22:16 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot something
22:16 magnuse <-- largest online newspaper in norway
22:17 eythian Does "trollmann" mean something other than "troll man", because if not it doesn't make sense.
22:18 drojf and by newspaper, you mean "newspaper" ;)
22:19 magnuse trollmann = wizard
22:19 eythian how confusing.
22:19 magnuse drojf: yes, of course :-)
22:20 magnuse eythian: yeah, guess it is
22:20 drojf don't feed the trollmann
22:20 * magnuse would feed gandalf
22:21 eythian to trolls?
22:22 magnuse nooooo!
22:22 magnuse enough sillyness - have a good night or other time of the day #koha!
22:23 drojf good night magnuse
22:23 jatara joined #koha
22:23 eythian later
22:23 jatara Hi, all
22:23 jatara Wondering if anyone knows of a publicly accessible demo of koha 3.8.X?
22:24 jcamins demos?
22:24 drojf jatara: there should be links on
22:24 jcamins demo?
22:24 wahanui i heard demo was at or[…]ha_Demo_Databases
22:24 jcamins ^^ that might help
22:25 jatara Found it! Thanks so much for your help!
22:25 francharb see ya
22:25 drojf 3.8.0 might not be the most fortunate pick of the 3.8 series ;)
22:26 jatara Yeah, but one needs to start somewhere.
22:26 jatara <--- Koha newbie
22:27 drojf jatara: i meant that the only 3.8.x demo i see there is 3.8.0 which had some problems
22:29 jatara That's not a 3.8.0 demo..that's a 3.11 demo..seems bywater updated the software but not the wiki
22:30 jatara drojf...thanks for the heads org is upgrading to 3.8.5 but just needed to see the differences between 3.6 and 3.8 for myself
22:30 drojf yeah i just saw that :) the numbers are off
22:31 drojf the biblibre demo is in fact 3.4
22:31 jatara joined #koha
22:32 jatara oh well
22:32 jatara one has to start somewhere :)
22:33 jatara joined #koha
22:39 Irma joined #koha
22:41 papa joined #koha
22:55 edveal-away left #koha
22:59 cait left #koha
23:08 jcamins I need a regular expression that says "not this string at the beginning of the string, but this other one somewhere in the middle."
23:08 jcamins I always get confused by this.
23:08 thd-away joined #koha
23:09 trea left #koha
23:09 jcamins How do I do that?
23:09 eythian so don't match "foobar" but do match "abcbar" and "xyzbar"?
23:09 eythian and abcdefbar
23:09 jcamins Right.
23:10 eythian you want a look-around assertion
23:10 eythian the docs for that even use my very example, amusingly
23:11 pastebot "eythian" at pasted "hopefully relevant bit of the docs" (13 lines) at
23:11 jcamins Ah-ha!
23:11 jcamins Thanks.
23:12 eythian the "if" example at the bottom may be the best route though
23:12 eythian if that suits your case.
23:12 rangi[…]9d&id=78709352302
23:12 Brooke joined #koha
23:12 rangi dunno if ppl can see that
23:12 Brooke o/
23:13 jcamins rangi: wow.
23:13 jcamins That's some pretty serious makeup.
23:13 wizzyrea 1.5 million the wellington council put into the premiere?
23:13 wizzyrea seems mad.
23:13 rangi they'll get that back in a night
23:13 wizzyrea taxes I suppose
23:14 eythian and tourists
23:14 rangi yep
23:14 rangi id rather they spend it on this
23:14 rangi than the stupid flyover over the basin and other mad schemes they waste it on
23:15 wizzyrea hm suppose that's true
23:15 rangi i bet there are hundreds of german tourists who have been here for a week or 2 already
23:15 rangi spending up in wellington businesses
23:15 JesseM_away left #koha
23:16 wizzyrea true enough
23:16 rangi and walking up behind your house
23:16 rangi :)
23:16 Brooke as long as you're welcome walking behind wizzyrea's house ;)
23:16 wizzyrea hehe there have been some folks up there.
23:16 * Brooke is full of sexual harassment angst now.
23:16 rangi and if they shut courtenay place to cars all the time
23:17 rangi i could get behind that
23:17 wizzyrea oh man, me too.
23:17 wizzyrea that would be awesome.
23:17 eythian I walk up behind wizzyrea's house all the time
23:17 wizzyrea it's true.
23:17 rangi thats because eythian is a hobbit
23:18 wizzyrea hm, I thought hobbits *liked* home and hearth.
23:18 wizzyrea I guess they also like ale and pubs.
23:18 rangi and tobacco
23:18 wizzyrea ah yea longbottom leaf
23:18 rangi see, i just proved it
23:18 eythian heh
23:18 wizzyrea hehehe
23:18 wizzyrea rangi wins :)
23:18 Brooke "tobacco"
23:20 ibeardslee rangi: I'd be with you for cutting traffic in Courtnay Place .. in fact I'd go so far as to say, a sizeable chunk of the CBD to private transport
23:20 cjh on a marc record field 440a (series) is repeatable, if I have many they come out of the xslt as "first ; second ; third ." I am wondering about the spacing around the punctuation, does anyone have an idea about this?
23:20 rangi yeah, you could do bus and bike only, from railway station to the embassy
23:21 cjh jcamins: it was mentioned that you might know about the display of marc 440a
23:21 ibeardslee would also need taxis and couriers
23:21 rangi true
23:21 rangi speed limit of 30 the whole way
23:21 jcamins cjh: yeah, it's been replaced by 490/830 combinations.
23:21 rangi and fine the crap out of the couriers
23:21 rangi those dudes break every road rule there is
23:22 ibeardslee I'd go with the overpass if they did that
23:22 rangi *nod*
23:22 rangi that would be an acceptable trade off
23:23 cjh jcamins: did you see my question above regarding spacing on display of 440a? this also affects 490 display
23:23 rangi he man not be around cjh
23:23 rangi man=may
23:23 jcamins cjh: I did not, no.
23:23 jcamins What was the question?
23:23 jcamins Oh, there it is.
23:23 cjh jcaims: on a marc record field 440a (series) is repeatable, if I have many they come out of the xslt as "first ; second ; third ." I am wondering about the spacing around the punctuation, does anyone have an idea about this?
23:23 wahanui i already had it that way, cjh.
23:23 ibeardslee a couple of parking buildings at the major bus hubs for those that need to get a vehicle closer into town
23:23 jcamins I thought ibeardslee said that entire block.
23:23 cjh jcamins: ^^ sorry
23:23 cjh haha I snuck in htere.
23:24 rangi ibeardslee: good idea
23:24 jcamins The spacing is correct.
23:24 jcamins Well, "correct."
23:24 cjh jcamins: should there be a leading space before the final fullstop?
23:25 jcamins Oh, no.
23:25 jcamins Missed that.
23:25 jcamins I thought you were talking about the semicolons.
23:25 cjh awesome, looking at concise aarc2 now I *think* it says " ; " for separating and ". " for ending (before subsereis)
23:26 cjh jcamins: I was talking about all the spacing, sorry for my poor explanation.
23:26 cjh s/subsereis/subseries/
23:27 cjh jcamins: thanks.
23:43 eythian wahanui: XY problem is <reply>You're trying to do X, and you thought of solution Y. So you're asking about solution Y, without even mentioning X. The problem is, there might be a better solution, but we can't know that unless you describe what X is. see also:
23:43 wahanui eythian: no idea
23:44 rangi good old perlmonks
23:51 enenalan joined #koha

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