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07:51 mib_yxa0cu Hello Everyone
07:51 mib_yxa0cu Its nice to see another sunday
07:51 mib_yxa0cu Pls i have a Koha installation but am having difficulty uploading the marc records
07:52 mib_yxa0cu Its takes a long time before i can upload just a single file of marc record 250MB any suggestions
07:53 cait 250mb is quite huge
07:53 cait how many million did you get in there? :)
07:53 cait 250 mb in a mrc text file is like... too big
07:54 mib_yxa0cu so how can i reduce it and upload it in batches
07:54 cait well not a text file, I am making no sense here, but it's big. Probably too big for the web based importer and it makes me wonder how many records you have in there and if they are really in marc format
07:55 mib_yxa0cu Yes they are
07:56 cait there is also a command line tool you can use
07:56 cait bulkmarcimport
07:56 wahanui well, bulkmarcimport is considered harmful.
07:57 cait wahanui forget bulkmarcimport
07:57 wahanui cait: I forgot bulkmarcimport
07:57 mib_yxa0cu Here is the link to my koha install
07:58 cait that looks pretty good alreadyy
07:58 mib_yxa0cu I am the webmaster so far i have uploaded 240368
07:58 cait hm you have to match the records against records already in the database?
07:58 mib_yxa0cu but the records i have to upload is about 2Million
07:58 cait oh wow
07:58 cait that's going to get big
07:59 cait you can also use the staged marc import from command line
07:59 cait I would look into those tools
07:59 mib_yxa0cu The marc record was bought from World elibrary
07:59 cait I think there might be a limit for uploads from the web client - somewhere in your sysem
08:00 mib_yxa0cu So how do i go about the marc import via command line
08:00 cait check the scripts in the /misc folder
08:00 mib_yxa0cu ok i will do that
08:01 cait and
08:02 cait that uses the mechanisms of the staged marc import you see in the web client
08:02 rebazkoya hello , I want to set circulation rules , which clone is best for university please ?
08:02 cait there is also the bulkmarcimport - I am not sure how matching works there, I would read the pod of the scripts and if you have a test database maybe try there
08:02 cait rebazkoya: which clone?
08:03 mib_yxa0cu oh, thanks
08:03 mib_yxa0cu Also i wanted my koha install to be among Koha Users Worldwide, Pls how do i go about this
08:03 cait mib_yxa0cu: just create yourself an account on the wiki
08:03 cait mib_yxa0cu: and then add yourself, it's ok and expected to do so
08:05 cait rebazkoya: I am not sure what you mean by clone - circulation rules can be set under administration - work yourself from top to bottom, first category code, then item types, then circulation rules
08:05 cait rebazkoya: there are no special koha versions for different library types, you get koha and configure it to your heart's content
08:06 cait make sure you get a 3.x version from tho
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08:47 francharb hello #koha
08:52 cait hi francharb
08:52 francharb hi cait
08:52 francharb :)
11:04 francharb see you #koha
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15:32 francharb back
15:33 * jcamins curses AUTOLOAD with vigour.
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19:15 cait hi trea
19:15 cait hi kathryn
19:15 trea hi cait
19:16 kathryn hell-ooo cait
19:16 kathryn an hi ho all :)
19:16 cait quiet here :)
19:17 kathryn as in channel or you place?
19:17 kathryn *your
19:17 cait hm both
19:18 cait but the channel is about to get a bit less quiet I think :)
19:20 rangi morning
19:21 cait morning rangi
19:21 jcamins Morning.
19:21 wahanui somebody said morning was a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast.
19:23 trea morning rangi jcamins
19:39 * wizzyrea waves
19:42 cait morning wizzyrea :)
19:49 wizzyrea good evening cait :)
19:50 cait :)
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21:44 * jcamins just wrote something cool today in the Koha namespace: a Template::Toolkit filter that allows you to address MARC records in a straightforward way: [% %] = 505$a.
21:45 jcamins Any ideas for what this would be useful for in Koha are welcomed.
21:46 jcamins (I wrote it for another project, and stuck it in the Koha namespace because it was convenient.
21:54 magnuse jcamins: replacing xslt with tt?
21:56 jcamins magnuse: that would certainly be an option... but is anyone actually interested in doing it? :P
21:56 magnuse dunno :-)
21:56 magnuse well, me, i guess
21:57 jcamins It could be used for customizable record displays.
21:57 magnuse yup
21:57 magnuse i'm actually doing that for the digital signs
21:58 jcamins Oh, you had already written a MARC plugin?
21:58 * jcamins didn't realize that.
21:59 magnuse no, lemme find it
22:00 magnuse i just do <p>Publisher: [% record.field('260').subfield('b') %]</p>
22:00 magnuse access the marc object
22:00 jcamins Ouch.
22:00 jcamins That'd be one very dense page for my use case. :)
22:00 magnuse hehe
22:00 magnuse yeah, yours looks more elegant
22:00 magnuse i'd be happy to switch
22:01 * jcamins is working on producing a catalog in LibreOffice's flat XML format.
22:01 jcamins (why LibreOffice? Cause I HATE LATEX!!!!!)
22:01 magnuse hehe, i think you have mentioned that before, yes :-)
22:02 cait jcamins: do I want to ask why?
22:02 jcamins cait: why I hate LaTeX?
22:02 jcamins Lots of reasons, most of them revolving around the lack of a functioning installer for LaTeX packages.
22:02 jcamins And Unicode.
22:03 jcamins Those are the two main focal points for my wrath.
22:03 jcamins magnuse: if you'd like to use the plugin I came up with I'll clean it up and submit it to Koha. :)
22:04 magnuse jcamins: that would be much appreciated!
22:06 magnuse g'night #koha - have fun!
22:08 cait jcamins: ah, wasn't aware of unicode problems
22:13 * wizzyrea facepalms
22:13 wizzyrea you have to *enable* git auto completion.
22:13 wizzyrea derp.
22:13 cait hm?
22:14 wizzyrea i've been wondering for months why I can't seem to get my git auto completion to work
22:14 wizzyrea it's because you have to *enable* it
22:14 wizzyrea apparently I did it on one box ages ago, then forgot that I did.
22:14 cait wonder if I should facepalm because i don't know what it is :)
22:14 jcamins Woohoo! I managed to reduce this: [% FOREACH subf IN record.f1xxs.0.subfields %][% UNLESS subf.code == '9' %] [% subf.value %][% END %][% END %]
22:14 jcamins into this: [% record.f1xxs.0.filter('code' = 'abcd') %]
22:15 wizzyrea jcamins++
22:15 wizzyrea nice job :)
22:17 * jcamins thinks so too. :)
22:20 jcamins Cool!
22:20 jcamins I just learned something useful about T::T!
22:21 jcamins This will work: [% this.title or parent.title %]
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22:35 eythian jcamins: oh neat
22:38 * cait waves
22:40 cait left #koha
23:39 eythian jcamins: what's your GPG public key ID?
23:40 jcamins eythian: uhhh....
23:40 eythian uhhh?
23:40 jcamins I guess I need to figure out how to upload my key to a keyserver, huh?
23:40 eythian that doesn't look like hex at all
23:41 eythian gpg --send-key KEYID
23:41 eythian easy as pie :)
23:42 jcamins You're right. That was easy. EE155EAD
23:42 eythian ta, what keyserver did you use? It takes a while for them all to sync
23:42 jcamins
23:43 eythian perfect, ta.
23:43 eythian I want to change the way package signing works by hacing a key specially for that, but to do that safely requires a safe way of getting secret keys to all the current RMs.
23:44 jcamins Ah.
23:44 eythian (basically to allow someone other than me to be able to upload signed packages should that be needed.)
23:44 jcamins Not a problem for the two RMaints during the 3.12 cycle. :)
23:45 eythian well, this was prompted by wizzyrea talking about doing the packages for 3.6 :)
23:45 wizzyrea i'm sure that eythian has better things to do ;)
23:45 eythian tbh, 45 minutes once a month per version isn't a big deal really :)
23:45 jcamins Yeah... packages for 3.12! :P
23:46 wizzyrea :) I suppose.
23:46 eythian 3.12 can wait ;)
23:46 * wizzyrea runs around flailing "I'm helping!"
23:46 eythian heh
23:59 jenkins_koha Starting build #67 for job Koha_3.6.x (previous build: FIXED)

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