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00:00 jcamins The markup is just staggering. As far as I can tell, every li has its own ul, and they're all nested.
00:01 jcamins Okay...
00:01 jcamins holidays.
00:01 jcamins Where are they configured?
00:01 jcamins Tools->Calendar?
00:03 wizzyrea ummm one sec
00:04 jcamins I think that's right.
00:04 jcamins I'm trying it.
00:04 jcamins If it doesn't work, we'll know that I got it wrong.
00:04 wizzyrea yep, that's it
00:04 wizzyrea nice work in a month by the way, koha looks really nice :)
00:04 jcamins Well...
00:04 jcamins oh dear.'
00:05 wizzyrea that's not a good sign
00:05 jcamins Nooo.
00:05 jcamins I think circ is broken.
00:05 jcamins Check-in.
00:06 wizzyrea OY!\
00:06 wizzyrea let me check 1s
00:06 jcamins I'm getting an "unknown column in field list" error now that I made all SQL errors fatal.
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00:07 jcamins Oh, wait.
00:07 jcamins It's in Stats.
00:07 jcamins Not quite as bad.
00:07 wizzyrea well, I was just able to circ a book
00:07 wizzyrea on master
00:07 wizzyrea are you testing a bug?
00:07 jcamins I was going to test bug 8800.
00:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8800 blocker, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Passed QA , SpecifyDueDate && useDaysMode=Datedue wrong behaviour
00:07 jcamins However, that's not what I was doing at the moment.
00:08 wizzyrea ohh are you on mariadb now?
00:08 jcamins I was just trying to check in a book.
00:08 jcamins Yes I am.
00:09 jcamins But the fact that a field is missing isn't MariaDB-specific.
00:09 jcamins ccode in stats...
00:09 jcamins This rings a bell.
00:09 jcamins A distant bell.
00:10 jcamins I don't think I touched that patch.
00:11 jcamins Nope. Not one I pushed.
00:13 jcamins Oh good lord.
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01:10 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_9039' into 3.12-master <[…]9c6e96ee48c753918> / Bug 9039 - Tests in the basic test suite should only test code based on required... <[…]e1aa2711e73a10e85> / Merge branch 'bug_9050' into 3.12-master <
01:13 jenkins_koha Starting build #941 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
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01:46 druthb Hi, magnuse. :)
01:46 * jcamins pokes jenkins impatiently.
01:47 * druthb pokes jcamins, since jenkins cannot defend itself.
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02:23 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #941: SUCCESS in 1 hr 10 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/941/
02:23 jenkins_koha * cnighswonger: Bug 7119 - tidy t/00-load.t
02:23 jenkins_koha * cnighswonger: Bug 9036 - 00-load.t checks Koha::Cache::Memcached when it should not this patch adds code to skip this module during this test
02:23 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 9054: 00-load should not try to load modules with optional dependencies
02:23 jenkins_koha * Paul Poulain: Bug 8892 fix Plack scoping in acquisition
02:23 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 8945: Add missing acq help file
02:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7119 critical, P5 - low, ---, paul.poulain, Pushed to Master , general code-cleaning, tidy/whitespace omnibus
02:23 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 9050: Use safer adelete when deleting records from Zebra index
02:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9036 critical, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, Pushed to Master , 00-load.t checks Koha::Cache::Memcached when it should not
02:23 jenkins_koha * cnighswonger: Bug 9039 - Tests in the basic test suite should only test code based on required dependencies/modules
02:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9054 critical, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , 00-load should not try to load modules with optional dependencies
02:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8892 major, P1 - high, ---, paul.poulain, Pushed to Master , Plack variable scoping in
02:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8945 major, P5 - low, ---, nengard, Pushed to Master , Koha 3.10 Help Files Update
02:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9050 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Master , rebuild_zebra should use the adelete action so it doesn't fail when deleting a record not in the index
02:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9039 major, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, Pushed to Master , Tests in the basic test suite should only test code based on required dependencies/modules
02:24 jcamins Woohoo!
02:25 wizzyrea \o/
03:12 eythian <-- an IDE for poets
03:22 eythian I think from now, every script that produces something e.g. an SQL file will put the invocation of the command into comments at the top of the file. Getting tired of re-creating command lines I should have documented in the first place, when all I have is the output.
04:03 mtj RT @eythian++ #kohails #niceidea
04:03 eythian mtj: my nickname is not a domain name ... ?
04:05 mtj @ denotes a user, on twitter
04:05 huginn mtj: I suck
04:06 mtj so, i was sorta joking that it was a twitter retweet, with the 'rt' prefix and stuff
04:06 mtj and the #hashtag thingies, and stuff
04:07 eythian but # indicates an IRC channel name...
04:08 mtj ahh yep - i can see how that might have caused confusion for you
04:09 mtj so, imagine that its a tweet… and that its sposed to be a joke :)
04:09 eythian but tweeting is a thing birds do ..?
04:10 mtj ... then smile at teh lam3ness
04:10 rangi eythian isn't good at jokes
04:10 rangi :)
04:10 eythian no wahanui, eythian is great at jokes. That everyone else misses them isn't his problem.
04:10 wahanui okay, eythian.
04:12 mtj c'mon, its not *that* obscure… is it?
04:25 mtj heres a random bugzilla idea… how about a 'needs a test plan' status?
04:26 mtj … like bug 9033, should i flick this back to 'in discussion'?
04:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9033 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Wide character error in
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05:04 * Oak waves
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05:40 TISLibrarian hello everyone
05:41 TISLibrarian plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me, koha 3.4.0 is driven me crazy
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06:04 rangi 3.4.0 is really old, and we will need a lot more information and a lot less z before we could help
06:05 rangi But now I'm going to eat
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06:13 francharb good morning #koha
06:29 rangi hi francharb
06:40 francharb 0/ rangi
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07:21 magnuse kia ora #koha!
07:26 rangi hi magnuse
07:27 magnuse hiya rangi
07:27 magnuse i forget: should "Stage MARC records for import" be able to handle marcxml records, or just iso2709?
07:28 rangi im pretty sure jsut iso2709
07:29 magnuse ah, that would explain it :-/
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07:42 magnuse @arewethereyet
07:42 huginn magnuse: Not yet - wait 9 days
07:42 magnuse :-)
07:42 paul_p good morning everybody
07:43 magnuse kia ora paul_p!
07:46 alex_a bonjour
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08:00 reiveune hello
08:00 wahanui hola, reiveune
08:01 lds hello
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08:18 matts hi !
08:23 kf hi matts :)
08:46 magnuse hm, "Stage MARC for import" seems to be confused by authority records...
08:47 kf magnuse: oh?
08:47 rangi are you supposed to be able to import authority records through it?
08:47 rangi i always use bulkmarcimport -a
08:48 magnuse yeah, after the upload you can choose bibliographic or authority
08:48 magnuse but then it gets confused on the next screen
08:49 rangi that must have come in 3.8 ? or master?
08:49 kf rangi: it's a new feature jared did
08:49 rangi ah right
08:49 kf I didn't test it, only know some screenshots
08:50 kf magnuse: maybe it's something with normarc?
08:50 magnuse
08:50 kf aah
08:50 kf and the pull down is bibliographic frameworks?
08:50 magnuse kf: nope, i'm testing with a marc21 setup
08:50 magnuse kf: yes
08:50 kf maybe needs some refining
08:50 magnuse looks like it
08:50 wahanui somebody said looks like it was a replicate of /usr/share/koha/misc
08:51 kf forget looks like it
08:51 wahanui kf: I forgot looks like it
08:51 kf @wunder Konstanz
08:51 huginn kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 6.0°C (9:50 AM CET on November 13, 2012). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.45 in 1031 hPa (Steady).
08:51 magnuse @wunder boo
08:51 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 2.0°C (9:20 AM CET on November 13, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: -2.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
08:52 kf we had 2 days of grey with rain
08:52 kf today no rain...
08:53 * magnuse had a sprinkling of snow over night
08:54 kf nice, I would like some white in the current color scheme
08:55 magnuse :-)
08:55 magnuse i managed to import a file that jcamins provided as an example on another bug, so the problem might be purely cosmetic
08:56 kf magnuse: I would still file a bug - I think hiding the fields would make it less confusing
08:56 kf and should not be too hard to do
08:56 kf and you already got a pretty screenshot :)
08:56 magnuse hehe
08:56 magnuse will do
08:58 magnuse also, i tried downloading an authority in xml format from viaf, then converting it to iso2709 with yaz-marcdump, but i can't seem to be able to import that
08:58 kf hm any error?
08:59 magnuse not that i have seen, but i'm still investigating
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12:17 libsysguy blargh fines are a pain in the arse
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13:02 kf libsysguy: yep.
13:03 libsysguy heh
13:04 libsysguy kf have you seen any weirdness with fines in 3.8.5?
13:11 kf nope
13:11 kf we don't have that in production
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13:23 oleonard Hi #koha
13:25 tcohen hi libsysguy, d u have a minute?
13:26 libsysguy one sec tcohen
13:35 oleonard mtj awake?
13:36 libsysguy okay tcohen whats up
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13:38 tcohen do u think the Calendar API should should use duration objects for addDate?
13:39 tcohen it bothers me that we create a duration on calcdatedue, to just extract the amount of days to iterate over it
13:39 tcohen when used in addDate
13:40 tcohen we actually convert it into a duration object if we detect it is not a duration object...
13:45 khall quick question, does koha have any scripts that will update the MARC blob from the database values? That is, we change something in the database, and run a script that updates marcxml with the new value from the db.
13:45 jcamins magnuse: did you get the weird import display with NORMARC or MARC21?
13:46 jcamins khall: I'm pretty sure it does. If you give me a few minutes, I'll try and figure out what that script is.
13:48 jcamins Hm.
13:48 jcamins Maybe not.
13:50 kf jcamins: when I asked he said he was testing with marc21 :)
13:50 jcamins Thanks.
13:50 jcamins I just imported authorities and the controls were hidden appropriately.
13:51 jcamins So there must be two different ways to get there.
13:54 jcamins Wait a minute.
13:57 kf jcamins: I only talked briefly to him in the morning - it's all in the logs
13:57 jcamins Yep.
13:57 jcamins The "Wait a minute" was about bug 9066.
13:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9066 critical, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, NEW , VirtualShelves database access not Plack + MariaDB compatible
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14:04 drojf hi #koha
14:06 kf hi drojf
14:07 drojf hi kf :)
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14:34 magnuse jcamins: it was a marc21 setup
14:34 magnuse jcamins: this one, in fact: login with demo / demo if you feel like testing
14:35 jcamins Thanks.
14:35 jcamins I'll take a look.
14:35 magnuse yay
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14:41 paul_p jcamins / chris_n = 4 more patches pushed to release-tools
14:42 jcamins paul_p: cool!
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14:49 * magnuse waves to wizzyrea
14:49 * oleonard hopes wizzyrea isn't really awake
14:50 * magnuse too, after taking a look at the clock
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14:56 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7500 [Lists follow-up] Use CSS Sprites for faster page loading <[…]b9e3e4cd1aeb9fece> / Merge branch 'bug_6428' into 3.12-master <[…]2200ed6de337a7ed9> / Bug 6428 follow-up: Increment version number <[…]p=koha.git;a=comm
14:57 * kf waves too
14:58 * magnuse waves to kf
14:58 kf ok, someone here an idea about the best way to merge 2 records? each have an order attached to it and that is the complicated part I think
14:58 jenkins_koha Starting build #942 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
14:58 kf so I could move the item... but not sure it will update acq
14:59 kf and I could merge the records... but again not sure about acq
14:59 kf or I could be evil and do it on database level.. I guess
14:59 kf hm, better not.
14:59 jcamins I think if you move the item it will update acquisitions.
14:59 jcamins I'm not sure, though.
14:59 jcamins Try it on your test server first?
15:03 jcamins Okay, master is up-to-date.
15:06 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 8968 "Add to cart" translatable on OPAC result page <[…]568f466e878923b67>
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15:14 * chris_n is pleasently surprised to find zebra reindexing screams on 8 cores as compared to 2
15:14 chris_n paul_p++
15:16 libsysguy guess that means we can set up that mega box on AWS for indexing
15:17 libsysguy then just move the files over via fiber ;)
15:17 chris_n lol
15:17 chris_n I recently picked up a dell precision dual-quad core xeon for <$300 to use for dev projects
15:18 chris_n pretty cheap horse-power
15:18 libsysguy that is cheap, what did you drop it in?
15:18 libsysguy just an old server laying around?
15:19 chris_n actually its a complete precision 490
15:19 chris_n currently has 4GB ram, but will handle 32 iirc
15:20 chris_n now if I could just convince FF not to hog up all the memory....
15:20 * libsysguy thinks you should up it to at least 16GB
15:20 chris_n indeed
15:20 libsysguy chrome ftw
15:20 * jcamins likes the "dual-quad..." part of the description.
15:20 libsysguy heh
15:21 libsysguy I always thought that was an interesting description
15:21 * chris_n tends to run a zillion tabs which plays havoc with chrome as well
15:21 libsysguy heh yeah thats the tradeoff
15:21 jcamins I find I have to restart Chrome every few weeks.
15:21 libsysguy bbiab carpet installers are here
15:21 jcamins Carpet installers...
15:21 chris_n red carpet?
15:22 * jcamins sighs mightily at the reminder that he hates his carpet.
15:22 chris_n ok, fixing
15:22 tcohen WTF does 'isexception' stand for? (holidays/calendar context)
15:22 jcamins Uh-oh. Did something happen to it?
15:22 jcamins tcohen: libsysguy would be able to tell you, but he just left.
15:22 chris_n jcamins: our conversation yesterday :)
15:22 libsysguy tcohen, real quick
15:22 chris_n INSERT IGNORE
15:22 jcamins Right.
15:22 libsysguy isexception is in the db
15:22 libsysguy its an exception to a holiday
15:22 jcamins We decided no INSERT IGNORE.
15:22 tcohen yes, but what is it used for?
15:22 jcamins Better to use add_syspref.
15:23 * chris_n will look at it
15:23 tcohen for setting exceptions to repeteable holidays?
15:23 chris_n I seem to be recalling some discussion of this in the past
15:23 * chris_n needs to upgrade to 16G himself
15:24 jcamins chris_n: yeah, we did.
15:24 jcamins chris_n: I was thinking maybe we could make use of the installer utility functions in bug 7167.
15:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7167 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , updatedatabase improvements
15:25 libsysguy tcohen yes
15:27 tcohen so, is_holiday is kind of broken (or _init)
15:27 tcohen i'll dig a bit more
15:27 libsysguy what is it that you are trying to do
15:28 tcohen is_holiday returns 0 where it shouldnt
15:28 libsysguy and yes the way _init works is kind of foobar
15:28 libsysguy oh well yes that is a problem
15:28 tcohen i was doing some testing for bug 8800
15:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8800 blocker, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Failed QA , SpecifyDueDate && useDaysMode=Datedue wrong behaviour
15:29 tcohen and found that setting a single day as holiday was broken
15:29 libsysguy i think the calendar issue is almost comical at this point
15:29 kf not sure the libraries would agree:(
15:29 libsysguy I know they don't
15:30 libsysguy :(
15:30 tcohen we'll figure it out
15:30 libsysguy its like slap happy comical
15:30 tcohen :-D
15:30 libsysguy first we should kill the way that runs the init function
15:30 libsysguy it loads every holiday in the system into the object
15:31 libsysguy which in some cases could cause a crash
15:31 libsysguy for large date ranges
15:40 jcamins Oy. A whole lot has been pushed since I released 3.6.10.
15:40 magnuse hm searching for autorities in "Home › Authorities" works fine but doing the same search in the tag editor for the 650 field (marc21) gives this error: Can't use string ("HASH(0xbc6c{30)") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 363.
15:41 magnuse anyone else seen that?
15:41 jcamins I haven't.
15:41 magnuse the typeahead in the tag edit suggests "common cold", but when i do a search for it i get the error
15:41 jcamins I'll try, though.
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15:42 jcamins Yes.
15:42 jcamins I see it.
15:42 jcamins If you report a bug, I'll fix it.
15:43 magnuse cool
15:43 magnuse will do
15:46 magnuse jcamins: bug 9070
15:46 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9070 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Searching for authority from tag editor for field 650 gives error
15:46 jcamins Thanks.
15:53 magnuse that's the least i could do :-)
15:54 jcamins Okay, I see what the problem is.
15:54 jcamins Sort of.
15:54 magnuse w00t, sort of
15:55 jcamins It turns out it's to do with GetAuthType not actually working anymore.
15:56 jcamins I don't see why, though.
15:59 kf about my earlier question: merging both records will take care of attached orders too :)
16:06 jcamins magnuse: patch attached.
16:06 * magnuse is impressed :-)
16:07 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #942: SUCCESS in 1 hr 8 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/942/
16:07 jenkins_koha * nunyo: Bug 6428 [Follow-up] refered column 'items.coded_location_qualifier' does not exist
16:07 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 6428 follow-up: Increment version number
16:07 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 7500 [Lists follow-up] Use CSS Sprites for faster page loading
16:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6428 blocker, P2, ---, nunyo, Pushed to Master , refered column 'items.coded_location_qualifier' does not exist
16:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7500 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Use CSS Sprites for faster page loading
16:07 magnuse success! \o/
16:08 jenkins_koha Starting build #943 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
16:20 magnuse jcamins: signed off
16:20 wahanui well, signed off is the queue the QA team should watch
16:20 magnuse it sure is :-)
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16:21 jcamins magnuse: thanks!
16:22 magnuse jcamins: my pleasure!
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16:41 reiveune bye
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16:53 * jcamins throws drojf the duct tape.
16:54 drojf :)
16:54 drojf i hope that helps
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17:03 drojf hola cait
17:05 cait hola drojf
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17:07 drojf meh
17:07 jcamins Doesn't look like it did.
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17:16 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #943: SUCCESS in 1 hr 8 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/943/
17:16 jenkins_koha f.demians: Bug 8968 "Add to cart" translatable on OPAC result page
17:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8968 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Pushed to Master , JavaScript String not translatable
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18:32 rangi Morning
18:32 wahanui Morning is a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast.
18:32 jcamins Morning.
18:32 wahanui somebody said morning was a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast.
18:32 cait morning
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18:43 * rangi comments on a bug to try to prevent losing yet another feature
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19:02 rangi Right wellylibfast bbl
19:09 lms1 Hello, when a search for some item my zebra log returns this error:
19:09 lms1 Search biblios ERROR 109 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @attr 1=1016 @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1
19:09 lms1 anyone know this error?
19:11 jcamins lms1: what is the rest of the message?
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] rpn_search_APT
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [request] Search biblios ERROR 109 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @attr 1=1016 @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 vida
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug]   result immediately available
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] ir_session (output)
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] Wrote PDU, 42 bytes
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] ir_session (input)
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [session] Connection closed by client
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] ir_session (input)
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] zebra_close zh=0xc3e070
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] zebra_register_close p=0xc36ab0
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] mf_close(dict)
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] isamb_close returned 0 values, skipped 0
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] mf_close(isambA)
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] mf_close(isambB)
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] mf_close(isambC)
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] mf_close(isambD)
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] mf_close(reci)
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] mf_close(recdA)
19:12 lms1 19:04:07-13/11 zebrasrv(10) [debug] mf_close(recdB)
19:12 jcamins You can use in the future.
19:12 * chris_n wonders if zebra really does reverse-polish-notation or if that some sort of query language
19:12 lms1 ok
19:13 jcamins However, thanks, that's what I needed.
19:13 jcamins chris_n: RPN = Zebra's internal representation of PQF.
19:14 jcamins lms1: did you reindex?
19:14 jcamins Error 109 means "no such database."
19:15 lms1 I used this command: ./ -b -v
19:15 jcamins You need to use -r
19:15 jcamins -b -v -r
19:16 lms1 Exporting biblio returns 1 but REINDEXING zebra is empty
19:16 pastebot "lms1" at pasted "" (28 lines) at
19:17 jcamins That all looks correct to me.
19:17 jcamins You're using UNIMARC, right?
19:17 lms1 yes
19:18 lms1 I'm Portuguese, I have to use UNIMARC
19:18 jcamins Just wanted to check.
19:19 jcamins After rebuilding Zebra and trying the search again, do you still get error 109?
19:21 lms1 Yes, the same error
19:21 jcamins What version of Koha is this?
19:22 lms1 koha:
19:22 fredy joined #koha
19:24 jcamins Error code 109 is definitely database unavailable.
19:24 jcamins Did you change something before it stopped working?
19:25 jcamins And most importantly, how are you searching?
19:26 lms1 It's a new instalation
19:27 jcamins On Fedora?
19:27 lms1 I just insert one record, and when I search for this record I got this error
19:27 lms1 CentOS
19:27 jcamins I was close.
19:27 lms1 yes :)
19:27 jcamins How do you search for the record?
19:27 jcamins CentOS 6?
19:28 lms1 in the intranet, I use the Cataloging search bar
19:28 jcamins Okay.
19:28 lms1 yes, CentOS 6
19:28 jcamins Did you change the paths in all the Zebra configuration files?
19:32 lms1 Well, it's a very good question... let me see
19:32 lms1 All my configuration files: /srv/koha/etc
19:32 jcamins The path to Zebra is hardcoded in all the config files too.
19:33 lms1 and I have this directory: /srv/koha/etc/zebradb
19:33 jcamins You'll need to look at the files in /srv/koha/etc/zebradb, and make sure that wherever they say Zebra is is, in fact, where Zebra is.
19:33 jcamins (it'll be something like /usr/share/zebra, I think)
19:35 lms1 Ok,  thanks, I'm gonna check
19:38 Manderson joined #koha
19:41 Manderson Hi all
19:41 jcamins Manderson: we're just troubleshooting a Zebra problem on CentOS. Do you recall which Zebra configuration files you had to edit?
19:42 Manderson On Redhat, couldn't find zebraidx as a cron job - /usr/local/bin isn't in the default PATH
19:42 Manderson I edited to give a full path and it works like a charm
19:43 Manderson jcamins: the configuration files were untouched for zebra on my end.
19:43 Manderson Just used what the koha installer put together.
19:43 jcamins Ohhh, you installed Zebra in the standard location, didn't you?
19:43 Manderson Yes
19:44 Manderson No
19:44 jcamins (hence the need to change rebuild_zebra)
19:44 Manderson sorry, Koha in the standard location
19:44 Manderson I compiled Yaz and Zebra and installed them to /data0/koha/support/
19:44 jcamins Oh.
19:44 jcamins Hm.
19:44 Manderson the symlinked everything to /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib respectively
19:44 jcamins The plot thickens!
19:45 lms1 The configuration files are correct in my case
19:45 Manderson What's CentOS doing/not doing?
19:45 jcamins Manderson: indexing isn't happening.
19:46 jcamins lms1: run -b -r -v -v -v
19:46 jcamins (notice the three -v arguments)
19:46 lms1 ok
19:46 Manderson Even when is run from teh command line (not cron)
19:47 pastebot "lms1" at pasted "./ -b -r -v -v -v" (21 lines) at
19:48 jcamins Ummm...
19:48 Manderson It sounds like the same problem I had
19:48 Manderson can't find zebraidx
19:48 jcamins Yeah, I think so.
19:48 jcamins lms1: try editing the rebuild_zebra script to have the full path to zebraidx.
19:49 Manderson Perhaps, if zebraidx is installed at /usr/local/bin, run it as so:
19:49 Manderson PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/bin; ./ -b -r -v -v -v
19:50 chobbs joined #koha
19:50 lms1 Ok,  thanks, I'm gonna try
19:51 chobbs Hi all. I restarted my koha server today, and am now getting "Bad arg length for Socket::pack_sockaddr_in" for, it seems, any page that involves patrons. Straight cataloging and searching doesn't seem to be affected. any ideas?
19:52 chobbs running ubuntu packaged koha on up-to-date 12.04, if that helps.
19:53 jcamins chobbs: ouch. I have no idea what that could be.
19:53 jcamins I have two thoughts.
19:53 lms1 Problem solve
19:53 lms1 :)
19:53 jcamins 1) a sessions problem.
19:53 jcamins If that's the issue, truncate the sessions table.
19:53 Manderson lms1: Hooray!
19:54 jcamins 2) you have half your data coming off the IPv6 interface, the other half coming off IPv4?
19:54 jcamins If that's the issue, I have no clue what to do.
19:54 lms1 Thanks to all
19:54 chobbs well, it wasn't sessions (too bad, that was the easy one) :)
19:55 Manderson chobbs: what changed on your system?
19:55 kathryn joined #koha
19:56 chobbs Manderson:  shouldn't have been any changes. we shut down for a planned power outage in our data canter. fired it back up this morning.
19:57 Manderson Upgrades? Other perl development happening on the system?
19:58 chobbs I did an upgrade after the problem appeared, just to  make sure it wasn't anything out of date. The system is a fresh build that I brought up 4 weeks ago, using a copy of our database from an older version. It's been working brilliantly since we stood it up.
19:59 jcamins chobbs: DNS.
20:00 jcamins chobbs: I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but Google suggests that it's probably DNS-related.
20:01 chobbs jcamins:  checking now, looks like I had the temp name still in /etc/hosts - rebooting now to see if it goes away
20:01 BigRig_ joined #koha
20:03 chobbs ugh, no joy. I'll do some more snooping aorund name resolution
20:04 bshum_ joined #koha
20:04 Jurgens joined #koha
20:06 rebazkoya joined #koha
20:07 Jurgens hi. I moved from the tarball 3.8 to packages 3.8. Worked fantastic. However, i had a LAN network, followed the packages installation to recreate a LAN but now seem only able to access the OPAC through firefox on the other PC but not the staff client. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.
20:07 Manderson jcamins: for chobbs' issue, calls to Socket::pack_sockaddr_in require two parameters, $port and $ip_address. Could it be that it's binding to the wrong IP address ( and cannot open that port on that IP address? Might not be running with the required privilieges to get IP address information.
20:07 jcamins Jurgens: you'll need to set up DNS.
20:08 jcamins Manderson: possibly. I'm not really a networking expert.
20:11 jcamins Jurgens: if you want to use different ports, you just have to tell Apache to listen on the other port.
20:11 Jurgens so during installation i did set up the DNS stuff through edit /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf
20:12 rebazkoya hi , I want to place hold a book in koha but i have a trouble that it say " Too Many Holds: User has too many holds. No copies are available to be placed on hold ... please how to solve ?
20:12 jcamins Jurgens: in that case you'll need to set it up so that both DNS entries resolve to the same server.
20:12 Jurgens and I have ports set to listen to both 80 and 8080
20:12 oleonard rebazkoya: have you set up a default circulation rule for all patrons and all branches?
20:13 rebazkoya where can I do it , please?
20:14 oleonard Koha administration -> Circulation and fine rules
20:14 jcamins Jurgens: you might need to edit /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/[libraryname]
20:14 oleonard manual?
20:14 wahanui somebody said manual was at
20:14 oleonard rebazkoya: Follow that link to the manual if you need to
20:14 Jurgens i found that if i use the address on the koha machine, it works fine for OPAC and is fine for Staff Client on koha machine.
20:15 jcamins Jurgens: still sounds like DNS to me.
20:16 Jurgens these addresses do no work on the other pc. I've got a local IP set up however i see that it uses the domain name of koha:80 for staff client, this is fine on the other pc, but koha:8080 doesnt give me staff client.. so am a little confused I thought it should just use for staff and for opac.
20:16 jcamins Jurgens: of course not. You can't mix and match DNS and ports differently on different computers.
20:16 Jurgens so why is it effectivley using for opac on the other machine?
20:16 jcamins Jurgens: because you have it configured to use DNS.
20:16 jcamins *host names
20:17 jcamins Since you are using host names and not ports, you must configure your local DNS to resolve and to your Koha server.
20:17 Jurgens how do i do that?
20:18 jcamins If you want to just use ports, you can edit /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/library and change the port the staff client is listening on to 8080
20:18 jcamins Talk to your network administrator.
20:18 jcamins That's how I do it.
20:18 jcamins If you say exactly what I said "you must configure your local DNS..." s/he should be able to take care of it for you.
20:53 trea joined #koha
20:54 cait left #koha
20:57 Jurgens so i just reinstalled koha from packages and what i did differently was during the DNS configuration the wiki page used port 80 for both intraport and opac port. now i changed this to 8080 and 80 respectivley. I did try and change this post installation, but did not seem to take effect even with restart. But setting this right during installation seemed fine.
20:57 Jurgens now off to watch the rest of the eclipse :)
20:57 jcamins Jurgens: in order to change it post-installation you must edit the file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/library
20:58 Jurgens i did try that too...
20:58 jcamins Well, as long as it works.
20:58 jcamins :)
21:00 Jurgens I really expected the sites-enabled/library to work.. i suspect the reason could be that I mistakenly did not save.. i am just guessing here.. regardless thanks for the help jcamins. hi 5
21:16 oleonard Later #koha
21:19 chobbs Manderson:  When you said "Could it be that it's binding to the wrong IP address", which 'it' did you mean? What is potentially binding to the loopback?
21:30 chobbs jcamins:  any idea where pack_sockaddr_in is getting called in Koha's code? It didn't turn up in a grep, so I assume it's actually being called by another function from the Socket module that Koha is actually using.
21:30 jcamins chobbs: not a clue.
21:30 chobbs bummer :0
21:30 chobbs :)
21:30 jcamins Koha doesn't use Socket directly either, most likely.
21:31 chobbs nested dependencies/libraries are so much fun :)
21:31 jcamins pack_sockaddr_in is used to translate IP addresses for use by stdc.
21:31 jcamins Almost certainly if you are having problems with it you have a much bigger problem than Koha.
21:32 chobbs strange that other parts of Koha are working just fine.
21:33 mib_zom5b5 joined #koha
21:34 jcamins Very.
21:35 mib_zom5b5 Hi, just a quick question with the koha packages install - i am used to the tarbal.. will overdues be run automatically. I checked under cron.d cron.daily etc. it seems its set to run automatically. is this correct?
21:35 jcamins Yes.
21:35 jcamins I believe you have to enable e-mail with koha-enable-email instance
21:35 mib_zom5b5 Thanks.
21:36 mib_zom5b5 I have never used koha email - could never get it to work with nullmailer .. but will look into it now.
21:36 jcamins Oh, if you aren't using e-mail then you don't need to do that.
21:36 jcamins I recommend postfix.
21:36 jcamins (but I don't support it)
21:37 mib_zom5b5 I do wish to use email actually.. so postfix you say.
21:39 chobbs Bizarre. This problem seems isolated to anything involving patrons look-ups. Cataloging, SQL reports, everything else works just fine. But if I try to find a patron, or pull one up for circulation, it fails.
21:39 jcamins That is weird.
21:40 chobbs I would assume parton lookups would e just dealing with mysql and apache; zebra doesn't even come into the mix here, right?
21:41 jcamins That is correct.
21:42 chobbs hello, memcached :/
21:42 chobbs just shut down memcached and my search works.
21:44 chobbs Started it back up and it still works. I love technology...
21:45 jcamins chobbs: you must've had an IP address cached.
21:46 jcamins latex--
21:46 jcamins texlive--
21:47 chobbs bizarre. It's working now, and I'm keeping an eye on memcached now? it's magic, as far as I'm concerened. black magic.
21:49 ericar joined #koha
21:49 francharb see ya all
21:49 rangi
21:49 rangi this just happened
21:49 rangi 15 mins ago
21:50 jcamins Cool!
21:50 * jcamins hurls imprecations at LaTeX.
21:55 jcamins It's a good thing I don't have a sword.
21:55 jcamins If I had a sword, I would've stabbed my laptop by now.
21:57 magnuse woo, cool eclipse!
21:58 nengard left #koha
21:58 * magnuse knows a library that lends swords
22:04 jcamins Freaking LaTeX. That is the only package I know which is centered around language which doesn't support UTF-8 or fonts in any usable way.
22:07 mib_zom5b5 Hi, can anyone help me set up postfix for koha? I've not succesfully done email capabilities before.
22:07 jcamins postfix?
22:07 wahanui postfix is, like, found at (but you probably can skip the SASL stuff) or at
22:08 Manderson chobbs: Is your machine multihimed?
22:08 Manderson *multi-homed*
22:08 * jcamins curses
22:09 jcamins mib_zom5b5: in case you didn't realize, those links were for you.
22:09 jcamins Pretty easy to set up.
22:09 jcamins There's no Koha-specific configuration.
22:13 jenkins_koha Starting build #227 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:20 stefan-l left #koha
22:23 mib_zom5b5 joined #koha
22:27 jcamins pdflatex--
22:27 jcamins xelatex--
22:27 jcamins @query enhanced
22:27 huginn jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4800 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, chris, NEW , Disable book cover image in the title view if the feature is on in the OPAC.
22:27 huginn jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4171 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, NEW , needs an overhaul
22:27 huginn jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4960 normal, P5 - low, ---, henridamien, NEW , No way to enter custom purchase order number
22:27 huginn jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5539 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, henridamien, NEW , Options for Suggestion Emails
22:27 huginn jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7602 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW , Spent and Ordered pages require full acquisition permissions
22:29 rambutan joined #koha
22:34 chobbs Manderson:  Negative. localhost and eth0 is all.
22:35 jcamins chobbs: if it's working now it was just memcached and there's no point in trying to troubleshoot it.
22:36 * chobbs wishes X-Chat Aqua put timestamps on chats...
22:36 chobbs jcamins:  Yeah, I agree. I'll have it in my mind the next time I reboot the box, if it goes wonky again.
22:37 * jcamins wishes that LaTeX weren't a disaster.
22:44 Irma joined #koha
22:44 Manderson chobbes - is there any output in your koha-error_log or koha-opac-error_log files relating to the issue?
22:44 Manderson aside from what you mentioned before?
22:45 chobbs Manderson:  Nope, there wasn't anything useful in any of hte logs. The error logs mirrored what was reported in the browser.
22:46 Manderson Any use of SIP services?
22:52 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #227: SUCCESS in 39 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/227/
22:52 jenkins_koha f.demians: Bug 8968 "Add to cart" translatable on OPAC result page
22:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8968 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Pushed to Master , JavaScript String not translatable
23:09 jcamins latex--
23:09 jcamins @karma latex
23:09 huginn jcamins: Karma for "latex" has been increased 0 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of -2.
23:09 jcamins @karma C4::Search
23:09 huginn jcamins: Karma for "C4::Search" has been increased 0 times and decreased 31 times for a total karma of -31.
23:09 jcamins Hm.
23:16 jcamins openoffice++
23:17 gaetan_B joined #koha
23:17 maximep pfffff
23:17 maximep libreoffice++
23:17 druthb libreoffice++
23:20 jcamins Actually, I'm using libreoffice.
23:20 jcamins Good point.
23:20 jcamins libreoffice++
23:20 jcamins I actually don't know if OpenOffice would even meet my needs.
23:24 maximep left #koha
23:25 rambutan left #koha
23:26 edveal left #koha
23:34 mtj hi folks, a random Q… has anyone experimented with using databases running fom SSD cards?
23:37 mtj … are they any good? much faster that disks?  or not really worth the effort/cost?
23:38 trea not sure. i would guess your write endurance on flash wouldn't tolerate any long term db fitness
23:39 mtj at this stage, i just want a cheap/small one for koha testing
23:40 trea well in that case
23:40 mtj to speed up the tedium of database loads when testing, etc….
23:42 mtj but yeah, ive heard they dont last too long
23:47 mtj and ive heard there are some SSDs to avoid completely
23:50 jcamins mtj: my understanding is that it's generally a bad idea because it writes so much data to disk.
23:50 jcamins mtj: if you want faster performance, add more RAM, and use an in-memory file system.
23:50 mtj running DBs on SSDs is a bad thing, coz they are too write-heavy?
23:51 jcamins mtj: depending on your application, obviously.
23:53 jcamins mtj: know what I'd do, if you're running ephemeral tests?
23:54 jcamins Initialize MySQL with the users and databases that you want (but not the data).
23:54 jcamins Stop MySQL.
23:54 jcamins Rename /var/lib/mysql to /var/lib/mysql.perm
23:54 jcamins Mount a tmpfs on /var/lib/mysql.
23:54 jcamins Copy the files from /var/lib/mysql.perm onto said tmpfs.
23:54 jcamins Start up MySQL.
23:55 jcamins Bonus points for an init script that takes care of that copying whenever your system starts up.
23:55 mtj hmm, that would work fine
23:56 jcamins Oh, and tune your MySQL cache way down.
23:56 mtj yeah, its a better solution for me that an ssd card

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