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00:37 * Oak waves
00:38 Oak so the first two developers/coders of Koha were Chris Cormack (rangi) and Olwen Williams?
00:38 Oak rangi?
00:41 rangi yep
00:42 Oak :) cool
00:42 Oak[…]-04/msg00112.html
00:44 rangi[…]ster/authors.html#
00:44 rangi click on the first commit column to sort
00:44 Oak on my MLIS viva, the viva guy asked me who Koha, I said you mean who started work on it? he said yes, I said Chris Cormack. he said no it was a lady, I said no I believe Chris was the very first...
00:45 Oak ah cool
00:46 Oak so i just remembered his question after 2-3 weeks at 5:30AM and just checked... :)
00:49 Oak now i go back to sleep
00:51 Oak but yes, the next time someone asks me, i'll take two names :) yours and hers.
00:51 Oak now I sleep.
00:51 * Oak waves
00:53 ibeardslee I understand that Katipo (original company commissioned to do the work) was run by a woman, and the Horowhenua Library who paid for the original was run by a woman at the time.
00:53 ibeardslee rangi: is that correct?
00:55 rangi that's right
00:55 wahanui I know.
00:56 rangi
00:56 ibeardslee Oak: ^^ maybe that's what they meant.
00:57 eythian wahanui: I know is also <reply>no it's not.
00:57 wahanui OK, eythian.
00:57 eythian err
00:57 eythian wahanui: forget I know
00:57 wahanui eythian: I forgot i know
00:57 eythian wahanui: that's right is also <reply>no it's not.
00:57 wahanui okay, eythian.
00:57 ibeardslee heh .. trouble maker
00:58 eythian wahanui: ibeardslee is a trouble maker.
00:58 wahanui ...but ibeardslee is closer to the merengues at BOC...
00:58 eythian wahanui: ibeardslee is also a trouble maker.
00:58 wahanui okay, eythian.
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07:13 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software The next general meeting is 7 November 2012 2:00 UTC
07:14 cait-m @quote random
07:14 huginn cait-m: Quote #35: "<sekjal> it seemed like a good idea at the time...." (added by jwagner at 06:58 PM, September 17, 2009)
07:16 drojfx hi cait-m
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07:23 mveron Good daytime #koha
07:25 drojfx @wunder berlin, germany
07:25 huginn drojfx: The current temperature in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany is 6.2°C (9:13 AM CEST on October 16, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
07:25 drojfx hi mveron
07:25 magnuse @wunder boo
07:25 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -1.0°C (8:50 AM CEST on October 16, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: -4.0°C. Windchill: -7.0°C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Steady).
07:25 mveron @wunder Allschwil
07:25 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Basel, Switzerland is 3.8°C (9:02 AM CEST on October 16, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
07:26 mveron hi drojfx  :-)
07:27 * mveron waves to cait-m :-)
07:28 cait-m :-)
07:28 cait-m afk now
07:30 * mveron is cts now, close to screen, should put the glasses
07:41 * drojfx has a cold, puts on a mask and sits in the quarantine corner
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08:03 jcamins_away rangi: eythian: either of you around?
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08:28 paul_p good morning #koha
08:32 jcamins_away Good morning, paul_p.
08:33 paul_p hello jcamins_away good (very early) morning !
08:35 jcamins_away Too early, I'd say.
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08:39 Viktor Is magnuse by the keyboard? Server/s seems down :/
08:39 magnuse ouch!
08:39 Viktor Just went offline at a demo
08:39 drojf frozen :P
08:43 magnuse Viktor: i'm on it!
08:44 Viktor (great magnuse - we hade just logged into and typed "viktor" into checkhout-box. Got a software error which is very unusual)
08:45 * jcamins_away offers up a counter patch for bug 8990.
08:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8990 was not found.
08:45 jcamins_away Bug 8890
08:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8890 blocker, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Packages can't be built on master, db dependent test
08:45 jcamins_away That one.
08:45 Viktor Sorry people for the public discussion of this - it was just the quickest way.
08:47 jcamins_away paul_p: is joubu around?
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08:48 rangi jcamins_away: am now
08:50 Viktor magnuse - up and running now. Thanks :) Lets switch to email with reports on what happened :)
08:50 magnuse Viktor: sure :-)
09:04 Viktor slowed down and then died again :( magnuse
09:04 magnuse Viktor: yup, i see it
09:04 Viktor Exciting to see the first fallthrough we've had with the server :)
09:09 rangi OOMing?
09:22 Viktor rangi Seems to be some kind of overload of the server. Just wonder if it's a targetet attack or just some botnet playing around.
09:24 magnuse apache was doing a lot of work
09:24 magnuse but rebuild_zebra seemed to be using a lot of cpu too
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11:20 Herwig Hey Koha people
11:22 slef hey Herwig
11:26 Herwig Is there a user who can help me ... i just imported a group of marc files in my koha now it is imported but how do i get all these files an item location ... for the Batch item modification i need a item number file ... i did try putting the numbers in a txt file but that did not work ... anny tips :oP
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11:36 slef Herwig: you view each record in the admin and add items to them on their item tabs.
11:36 slef Herwig: I think I might have put the item records (952 tags) into the marc files before importing them.
11:37 Herwig i wanna do them in group cause i have 50000 items
11:38 Herwig i look at the 952 just a sec
11:38 slef @marc 952
11:38 wahanui The 952 field is used by Koha to store item data in MARC21 and is described at[…]_fields_%289xx%29
11:38 huginn slef: unknown tag 952
11:40 Herwig gonna try that thx for the tip
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12:02 Herwig Hmz i did put my items.homebranch and items.holdingbranch in 952$a en p52$b but afther importing the marc file no items there hmz
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12:15 oleonard Hey #koha
12:22 Herwig ;)
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13:08 oleonard Sometimes people emailing the mailing list just need a good reference interview.
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13:12 cait-m hi koha
13:14 trea hi cait-m
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13:28 * magnuse waves
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13:42 cait-m :-)
13:44 oleonard Did something change in git resulting in "git am --abort" leaving unstaged changes?
13:44 oleonard I don't remember it working this way before
13:44 jcamins_away oleonard: that's the way it's always been, if there's a conflict.
13:45 oleonard Really? I thought abort really meant abort. "To restore the original branch and stop patching run "git am --abort""
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13:46 jcamins_away Yeah, it trips me up every time.
13:50 cait-m me too
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13:50 cait-m matts around?
13:51 matts hello cait-m
13:51 matts i'm around
13:51 cait-m my train connection is via strasbourg today - made me think if you
13:51 cait-m :-)
13:52 matts héhé... Where are you headed to ?
13:52 cait-m going home from saarbrücken
13:53 matts And it's through Strasbourg ? Not an direct Germany trip ?
13:53 cait-m people next table are talking french  :-)
13:53 cait-m yep not direct
13:53 cait-m faster this way
13:54 matts Not direct is faster... seems strange, but ok :)
13:54 cait-m ok time to head to my platform
13:54 cait-m bbl
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14:04 cait-m matts - sarreguemines
14:05 cait-m the french name for saarbrücken i think
14:06 matts cait-m, nope, saarbrücken is Sarrebruck :)
14:06 cait-m hmm ok
14:06 matts Sarreguemines is a different (isolated) town
14:07 cait-m it said tjat on the sifn above
14:08 cait-m sign
14:08 cait-m i was guessing  :-)
14:20 cait-m on twitter?
14:25 drojfx support via twitter sounds like a great idea
14:27 oleonard yes, we're always looking for ways to draw out the "is zebra running" conversation over the course of hours via Twitter
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14:28 drojfx lol
14:28 cait-m x?
14:29 cait-m are you one of the xmen now?
14:29 oleonard drojf version X?
14:29 drojfx cait-m: on the tablet while notebook running too
14:30 cait-m scary
14:30 cait-m ah
14:30 drojfx heh
14:30 cait-m thats not very exciting
14:31 drojfx i know :( i may have some fever, is that cool?
14:32 drojfx i hope drojf39°C is not taken ;)
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15:21 Morthland Is there a way to import my own fonts into the patron card creator?
15:21 jcamins No.
15:22 Morthland Would it be worth taking a look at the code?
15:22 jcamins (long answer: yes, but I think it would require a fair amount of coding, and the only person who knows that section of the code isn't going to be around until the end of December at the earliest)
15:23 Morthland Could I replace one of the TTFS or OTFS for one of the fonts available by default on the koha server?
15:24 jcamins I don't know.
15:24 rambutan joined #koha
15:24 Morthland I will try that then.
15:24 jcamins I suspect you'll find that won't work, though.
15:25 Morthland I don't know where else the font could be pulled from. I can't find any in the Koha package.
15:25 Morthland I think I will look at the code first, though.
15:25 jcamins Of course not.
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15:25 jcamins They're PS fonts.
15:25 NateC_ left #koha
15:25 Morthland PS?
15:25 Morthland Right.
15:25 jcamins Postscript.
15:25 jcamins Koha uses PDF for patron cards.
15:27 jcamins Morthland: out of curiosity, why is changing the font so important?
15:27 libsysguy jcamins he wants to use ComicSans
15:28 libsysguy :p jk Morthland
15:28 Morthland ha.
15:28 Morthland Our institution has an official font.
15:28 Morthland Admin wants it on the IDs
15:28 * jcamins would create the cards with something other than Koha.
15:28 libsysguy ^^
15:28 jcamins LibreOffice, perhaps.
15:28 jcamins Nice mail merge.
15:29 Morthland I don't know how to import from excel.
15:29 jcamins Huh?
15:30 Morthland I don't want to do them individually.
15:30 jcamins That's why you do a mail merge.
15:30 jcamins Out of curiosity, how many patrons?
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15:30 Morthland I don't know what a Mail Merge is.
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15:30 Morthland Should be about 50
15:31 * jcamins would learn about mail merge or do it individually.
15:31 mustard left #koha
15:32 Morthland Googling mail merge
15:32 jcamins I'd say you're looking at several orders of magnitude more work to hack the server, and a good chance of breaking your production system.
15:32 jcamins Note: I haven't tried, but that's my gut instinct.
15:32 libsysguy Morthland: what is your timeframe?
15:33 jcamins That I could do fifty cards by hand faster than I could change the code.
15:33 libsysguy also what jcamins just said
15:33 jcamins Actually, I _did_ do fifty cards by hand, now that I think about it.
15:34 jcamins It was faster than using the patron card creator.
15:34 jcamins 45 cards to be precise... it was 3 pages of 15.
15:38 drojf uh, why do i get to translate norwegian terms in pootle for 3.6?
15:38 rambutan joined #koha
15:38 jcamins drojf: NORMARC.
15:38 wahanui i guess normarc is at[…]ering/dnk/normarc or mostly a subset of marc21
15:39 jcamins magnuse fixed some bugs and now the strings are fuzzy again.
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15:43 drojf okay then :)
15:55 magnuse just ignore (copy) them :-)
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16:01 magnuse drojf: if i had the time i would fix Bug 7939...
16:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7939 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, frederic, NEW , Separate po files for different MARC dialects
16:10 drojf magnuse: i have actually translated them so far. i bet there are a lot of people cataloguing normarc in german ;)
16:10 drojf just saw that they were just copied before
16:13 drojf hm funny. some were translated, others just copied. i guess it won't be much fun to use that now
16:19 jcamins drojf: let's consider this.
16:20 jcamins Ready?
16:20 jcamins MARC = not fun
16:20 jcamins MARC21 = somewhat less fun
16:20 jcamins NORMARC = like MARC21, only worse
16:20 oleonard Do UNIMARC now!
16:20 jcamins Ergo, NORMARC = -fun
16:20 drojf lol
16:21 jcamins oleonard: I think UNIMARC is probably around the MARC21 levels of fun.
16:27 oleonard This is what happens at international library conferences: "My MARC is worse!" "No, my MARC is worse!"
16:28 nengard LOL
16:40 jenkins_koha Starting build #908 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
16:41 francharb` joined #koha
16:46 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7143 follow-up replace tabs by 4 spaces <[…]4ce4deb6dc738d3ae> / Bug 7143 : New committer to history <[…]c15c9bd0e36e5b709> / Bug 7143: Adding new developers to the history file <[…]ff;h=971c872419f9
16:46 laurence left #koha
17:50 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #908: SUCCESS in 1 hr 9 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/908/
17:50 jenkins_koha * nengard: :x
17:50 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 7143: Adding new developers to the history file
17:50 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 7143 : New committer to history
17:50 jenkins_koha * Paul Poulain: Bug 7143 follow-up replace tabs by 4 spaces
17:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7143 trivial, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, ASSIGNED , Bug for tracking changes to the about page
17:52 jcamins :x?
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18:19 trea hey #koha
18:26 rangi Gah
18:26 rangi Morning
18:26 jcamins Gah mornin' to you too.
18:27 oleonard My suggestion to @shumailakhan08 on Twitter resulted only in @shumailakhan08 asking *me* for help :|
18:27 jcamins oleonard: I'm shocked.
18:28 oleonard Like I suggested asking a robot.
18:29 jcamins I suggest "if you send an e-mail to the mailing list or ask on IRC you might get help" is a good response.
18:29 oleonard As I did. We'll see.
18:30 drojf lol oleonard who would have expected that. you said wanted to do the "is zebra running" via twitter :P
18:32 drojf if we had a google group on the other hand…
18:32 jcamins lol
18:33 rangi Starter for 5 points
18:34 rangi What is wrong with this commit message
18:34 rangi[…]5fa01fac403c045a7
18:34 jcamins :x?
18:34 jcamins Yeah, I wondered about that.
18:35 rangi Yep no bug number
18:35 cait-m joined #koha
18:36 rangi Release notes will miss it,  ill amend if I pick it
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18:43 nengard hmmmm how did i do that?
18:43 nengard or was it the sign off person who did that?
18:43 rangi I think so
18:44 rangi Unless you have started using vim
18:44 nengard I use vi for writing commit messages
18:44 nengard :q
18:44 nengard not :x
18:46 oleonard :x wasn't a smiley of you sealing it with a kiss?
18:48 nengard not on purpose :)
18:48 cait-m_ joined #koha
18:49 rangi[…]ment.cgi?id=12802
18:49 rangi No x
18:49 rangi But still no bug number
18:50 jcamins There's a bug number in the subject.
18:50 rangi Ah Yep
18:51 rangi So yeah was when being pushed
18:51 rangi My stop brb
19:03 rangi back
19:05 rambutan If we may, a small tribute to "Ada Lovelace Day"  today, October 16th.   Ada was, of course, the progenatory of one of the greatest programming languages in the world.
19:07 oleonard You missed the 45 minutes of silence in her honor rambutan. It was between 10:30 and 11:15 this morning!
19:09 rangi ie all of them
19:10 rangi writer of the first algorithm and all that :)
19:14 rambutan Ah, well, I was working between 10:30 and 11:15.
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19:20 cait-m_ @wunder konstanz
19:20 huginn cait-m_: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 9.0°C (9:00 PM CEST on October 16, 2012). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Rising).
19:56 oleonard Violating coding guidelines and making strings untranslatable should fail a patch!
19:56 oleonard We should have this down by now.
19:57 jcamins oleonard: doesn't it?
19:58 oleonard Not for the transport cost matrix feature
19:59 jcamins Yuck.
19:59 rangi hmm the tests should catch that
19:59 rangi has it been pushed oleonard ?
19:59 oleonard do the tests catch it if it's in JavaScript?
20:00 rangi ah perhaps not
20:00 kathryn joined #koha
20:00 rangi is it in a .js
20:00 rangi ?
20:00 oleonard No, in the template.
20:00 oleonard And yes it has been pushed.
20:00 rangi ahh then yes, yes it should
20:01 rangi lemme look
20:01 oleonard admin/ line 12
20:02 reiveune1 bye
20:02 reiveune1 left #koha
20:03 rangi hmm test is missing it,
20:03 rangi but yeah, that is untranslatable
20:04 oleonard I'm glad that the test is at least *supposed* to catch it :)
20:04 rangi yup
20:05 magnuse testing++
20:11 oleonard Bye #koha
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20:58 eythian hi
20:58 cait hi
21:00 rangi hi
21:02 drojf hi
21:02 * drojf jumps on the bandwagon
21:06 wizzyrea1 joined #koha
21:08 * cait takes apart her keyboard
21:09 * wizzyrea waves
21:09 eythian hi wizzyrea.
21:09 eythian so, you want to be here so much you're willing to move in right next to me huh? That's dedication ;)
21:09 wizzyrea LOL
21:10 wizzyrea well, we do like beer
21:10 wizzyrea it could be nice
21:10 eythian heh
21:10 wizzyrea lol.
21:11 jcamins_away cait: what did it ever do to you?
21:12 cait the s had stopped working
21:12 cait now it's ok :)
21:14 eythian the  has topped working eh?
21:14 eythian damn, ruined my own lame joke
21:19 cait heh
21:20 magnuse cait: home at last?
21:20 cait yep :)
21:20 magnuse woohoo :-)
21:22 * magnuse wishes #koha a good night or other time of the day
21:22 rangi cya magnuse
21:22 trea bye magnuse!
21:23 eythian bye
21:24 cait th
21:24 srikanth joined #koha
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21:50 drojf "Please solve the issue. " is a sentence i'd like to see stitched onto a pillow case more often.
22:03 edveal left #koha
22:03 eythian drojf: what do you use your pillows for?
22:05 drojf eythian: in that case, to remind me of the humbleness within the koha community ;)
22:05 eythian haha
22:07 drojf when modifying a marc framework field there is "(if you select a value here, the indicators will be limited to the authorized value list)". does that actually work? i was slightly thrilled when i saw it and anticipated pull down menus for indicators, but they did not really turn up
22:07 cait hm
22:07 cait was that pushed?
22:08 cait ah, I was looking at a 3.6 today, probably not there
22:08 cait ignore me
22:08 drojf i just found it in 3.8.5
22:08 cait should sleep :)
22:08 cait good night all :)
22:08 drojf good night cait
22:08 eythian bye cait
22:08 jcamins_away drojf: that'd be a cool feature.
22:09 santy_ joined #koha
22:09 * jcamins_away dashes off to pick up lots of veggies.
22:09 drojf jcamins_away: yes, i would love it
22:09 drojf i wonder what the text is supposed to mean then
22:11 cait jcamins_away: don't forget the photo!!
22:12 drojf veggie pr0n?
22:14 cait on fb even :P
22:14 cait now I am really gone :)
22:14 cait left #koha
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22:49 rambutan joined #koha
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23:27 ibeardslee rangi: WR #200160
23:28 ibeardslee awesome
23:28 eythian ibeardslee: wormy doesn't live here.
23:29 ibeardslee yeah .. mutter windows channels brain fade .. hey lunch time
23:30 * eythian is waiting for the curry announcment

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