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01:13 eythian[…]-at-Levin-protest <-- looks like an annoying start for the new HLT library
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05:00 rangi eythian:[…]uralCentreInLevin  <-- looks like the rest of it went well
05:13 jenkins_koha Starting build #858 for job Koha_master (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #856 19 hr ago)
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05:53 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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06:16 harit IS there a way to customize the koha ils webpage.  Is it done via the administration module? or editing is necessary? . I can see a section called important links.
06:19 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #858: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 7 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/858/
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06:48 mtompset Greetings, Oak
06:58 Oak greetings mtompset :)
06:58 Oak magnuse
06:59 mtompset @seen magnuse
06:59 huginn mtompset: magnuse was last seen in #koha 19 hours, 16 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <magnuse> and in the irc logs for that matter :-)
07:00 mtompset I don't he'll be answering. :)
07:00 mtompset don't THINK he'll...
07:00 Oak hmm :)
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07:21 mtompset greetings, drojf
07:22 mtompset Back to working on bug 459
07:22 huginn Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=459 enhancement, P4, ---, mtompset, In Discussion , No uninstall script
07:22 * mtompset grumbles about caring about security.
07:26 mtompset Oh, and I did fix one tiny problem in the Uninstall instructions for[…]ubuntu_-_packages
07:26 mtompset I forgot to mention sudo apt-get remove koha-common. DOH!
07:49 * mtompset sighs, "There are so many stupid things people can do. Writing an uninstall script is hard."
08:13 * magnuse waves
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08:31 magnuse kia ora cait
08:31 cait kia ora magnuse :)
08:36 mtompset Greetings, magnuse and cait
08:36 magnuse hiya mtompset
08:36 * magnuse wanders off in search of food
08:37 cait hope you find some :)
08:37 cait hi mtompset
08:37 * mtompset hands magnuse virtual buko pie. ;)
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08:43 SzosszeNET morning! :)
08:44 cait morning
08:45 SzosszeNET what was last night's deceison? :) Will be a rasbpi cluster? :)
08:49 cait I don't know
08:49 cait was too sleepy to follow the discussions
08:50 SzosszeNET me too, also quite busy with experiencing koha :)
08:52 cait where are you from SzosszeNET?
08:53 SzosszeNET missed yesterday, told to jcamins ;)
08:53 cait yeah, too tired
08:53 cait and busy getting my proposal in place
08:53 SzosszeNET ;)
08:53 cait I am from germany
08:53 SzosszeNET but of course I won't leave you without answer :)
08:54 SzosszeNET I'm from Hungary, but live in Scotland
08:54 cait oh interesting :)
08:54 * cait was in scotland for kohacon this year - it was awesome
08:54 SzosszeNET wow, so are you getting married?
08:55 cait ?
08:55 SzosszeNET Scotland or Kohacon? :D
08:55 cait you got me really confused now
08:55 SzosszeNET :D
08:55 SzosszeNET sorry
08:56 SzosszeNET to propose usually refers to the act when the partner is asked about... :)
08:56 SzosszeNET well could be anything else btw
08:57 cait hm
08:57 cait I didn't say anything about proposing?
08:57 SzosszeNET sometimes English in confusing - don't get how scotish people understand each other sometimes :D
08:57 SzosszeNET "<cait>: and busy getting my proposal in place"
08:57 cait oh right
08:57 cait for qam
08:58 SzosszeNET :D
08:58 SzosszeNET it's too early :)
08:58 SzosszeNET
08:58 cait it is
08:58 SzosszeNET the proposal :)
08:59 SzosszeNET do you know this? :)
08:59 cait not yet
08:59 SzosszeNET good for mornings :) kickstarter :D
09:02 cait heh
09:03 SzosszeNET yup, nice proposal :)
09:03 SzosszeNET almost like marriage :D
09:03 cait it's only supposed to last 6 months
09:03 cait thankfully
09:04 mtompset cait++ # nice proposal
09:04 cait thx
09:08 SzosszeNET and cait, what part of Germany are you from?
09:09 cait southern germany - I live in Konstanz
09:09 SzosszeNET hmm, next to Bodensee :)
09:10 cait yep
09:10 cait right at the lake
09:10 SzosszeNET :D
09:10 SzosszeNET must be lovely
09:10 SzosszeNET I live in Edinburgh ;)
09:10 cait ah
09:11 cait you weren't at kohacon, were you?
09:11 SzosszeNET no, I just started with koha
09:11 cait ah
09:11 cait I really liked the city, even if the weather was not very nice to us
09:11 SzosszeNET did not even know that kohacon exists :)
09:12 cait right now it's a yearly thing which is great
09:12 SzosszeNET have heard of comicon tho :)
09:12 cait next one will be in reno
09:12 cait lol
09:13 SzosszeNET why? :) I'm a geek, and? :D
09:14 cait hm?
09:16 SzosszeNET thought the "lol" is for comicon, and you laughed because of the fact I'm interested in it - also it's quite geek/nerd/etc stuff :D
09:17 cait nope
09:17 cait only laughed about the connection between kohacon and comicon
09:17 SzosszeNET my bad :)
09:17 cait we are all geeks here :)
09:18 SzosszeNET apparently that's true...
09:18 SzosszeNET :D
09:18 cait and some of the koha people are my super heros... so it kinda fits
09:18 SzosszeNET lol :D
09:18 cait we should bring some capes to next kohacon
09:18 cait did you find the superlibrarian in koha yet? ;)
09:19 SzosszeNET hm? you mean the permission level?
09:19 cait yep
09:19 SzosszeNET long ago :D
09:20 SzosszeNET kind of funny, but cool :)
09:20 SzosszeNET bit like w40k :)
09:21 SzosszeNET
09:23 cait heh
09:24 SzosszeNET I'll get some breakfast
09:24 cait good idea
09:24 cait I am still working on that
09:27 SzosszeNET go for simple :D roll + cheese + microwave :D
09:27 cait no microwave :)
09:28 SzosszeNET that's also a working idea
09:28 SzosszeNET hmm...maybe you should look for lunch...
09:28 SzosszeNET not breakfast :D
09:28 cait oh right
09:28 cait true
09:30 SzosszeNET hmm, any idea what would be the easiest way to migrate from Koha to Koha
09:31 cait hm
09:31 cait there are different ways
09:31 cait what you can do is get a test system with 3.08 up and running
09:31 cait then dump the old database
09:31 cait and load it into the new installation
09:31 cait oh
09:31 cait and run the remove... something... items script
09:32 cait because that's required for updates from 3.4 and pre 3.4
09:32 cait it's noted in the release notes
09:32 cait after running the script, you run the webinstaller to get your database updated
09:32 cait and all should be ok
09:32 SzosszeNET hmm
09:33 cait well, you can do that on your real installation too fo course, but i would always do a test run on a test installation
09:33 cait and it's a good time to switch to something like packages
09:33 cait well, switch to packages if that makes sense for you
09:33 cait and are we talkeing development environment or production system?
09:33 SzosszeNET :D
09:34 SzosszeNET there is a server currently running multiple roles (wiki,svn,koha,jira, etc)
09:35 SzosszeNET the problem is that most have different dependencies, thus the maintenance is quite hard stuff
09:35 cait hm yes
09:35 SzosszeNET so it was decided to split it
09:35 cait have koha on a separate server?
09:35 SzosszeNET indeed
09:36 SzosszeNET but the multirole server runs koha 3.01, and the dedicated runs 3.08
09:37 cait well the dump the database from old and load into new would work then
09:37 SzosszeNET also as I found has e-books uploaded and videos, but those I assume are stored as attachments or something
09:37 cait important is to not miss running the script I mentioned
09:37 cait and koha will take care of the database updates itsef
09:37 cait hm
09:37 cait this early koha has no option to upload files
09:37 cait that's a feature in the works now, not yet in
09:37 cait either it's a customization or they only put links in the records?
09:37 cait that's the usual way of doing it
09:38 SzosszeNET ie : Item typeLocationCall NumberStatusLast seenBarcodeURL Electronic bookshelf Available2012-07-13/media/isbn/9999900739
09:39 cait hm
09:39 cait unusual
09:39 cait there is an URL field in items
09:39 SzosszeNET so might be better to export marc than import
09:39 cait but I wonder about the relative URL?
09:40 cait if you export the marc out it will still be the same
09:41 SzosszeNET indeed, but we are talking approx 500 records I not a huge manual work to re-upload the e-content
09:42 cait I am still sticking to the plan I recommended and then you will see how it turns out :)
09:42 cait does the library do circ? has patrons?
09:44 SzosszeNET circ - no idea...noob on koha remember? :) Have patrons, but I'll get rid all of them and restart with ad intregrated user managment
09:45 cait if you have patrons they probably circulate items :)
09:47 SzosszeNET well, under overdue there is some entry - probably we should improve on koha usage
10:02 SzosszeNET hmm, seems the marc import is not 100% good, the manifests are missing (where the book is available, number of copies, item type...)
10:04 cait you imported into 3.8?
10:04 cait did you check the check for items checkbox?
10:06 SzosszeNET yes, I did import to 3.8  from 3.1, where is that checkbox? :)
10:08 cait I think when you stage the import
10:08 cait at the bottom
10:08 cait and I think when you export, you need to check something too maybe
10:09 SzosszeNET ah, it's set to "always add items"
10:10 cait hm
10:10 cait and your data had items data?
10:13 SzosszeNET think so, tho I can imagine that the current Koha instance is not used/filled properly that that causes import issues
10:13 SzosszeNET #File nameCommentsStatusStaged# Bibs# ItemsAction 3koha.mrcimported2012-09-29 12:06:34381428 (Create label batch)
10:13 cait do you have your branchcodes and itemtypes configured?
10:13 SzosszeNET I do
10:15 SzosszeNET seems ok...
11:10 SzosszeNET hmm koha 3.1 does not allow opac borrow?
11:12 mtompset 3.8 from 3.1?
11:12 mtompset Did you remember to run the scripts?
11:12 SzosszeNET just did a marc import :)
11:13 mtompset Oh, okay.
11:13 mtompset No scripts necessary then. :)
11:13 cait SzosszeNET: what do you mean by opac borrow?
11:13 cait and it does allow everything the earlier version did andmore
11:13 cait it's probably just not configured
11:15 SzosszeNET so in 3.1 I put the title to cart, open cart tick the title, hit on "place hold"  Result : Koha error  The following fatal error has occurred:  Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /opt/koha/harley/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 96.
11:15 SzosszeNET in 3.8, same title, same steps  Result : Sorry, none of these items can be placed on hold. Title Paul Wilmott on quantitative finance. , by Wilmott, Paul. No available items.
11:16 cait yeah
11:16 cait probably missing configuraton
11:16 cait or I hope that's it
11:16 cait the item
11:16 wahanui rumour has it the item is supposed to be overdued over two days already
11:16 cait does it look right?
11:17 cait descriptions for the itemtype show?
11:17 cait have you set up your circulation rules?
11:17 SzosszeNET cait, i don't know how should it like :D
11:17 cait you said you set up your itemtypes :)
11:17 SzosszeNET I'm getting to the conclusion that I would make use a koha expert for a few days :D
11:18 cait well
11:18 cait there are experts you could hire
11:18 cait I think
11:19 SzosszeNET :D I'm also an external consultant at the company :)
11:20 SzosszeNET and probably the current db is a mess, that's the reason it works like as I see...
11:20 SzosszeNET the expert would leave with gray hair :D At least I don't see the actual mess :D
11:20 cait maybe
11:20 cait I still think it's fixable
11:20 cait so have you set up circulation rules?
11:21 cait under administration
11:21 cait make sure you enter at least a rule for all librareies all itemtypes and all patron categories
11:21 cait also
11:21 cait are you working with the root user or a real staff account?
11:22 SzosszeNET could work with any (actually using the root)
11:22 cait yeah don#t do that
11:22 cait ever
11:22 SzosszeNET :D
11:22 SzosszeNET ok
11:22 cait well
11:22 cait only if it prompts you for a database update
11:23 SzosszeNET so I have item types, but cannot see hear circ rules
11:23 cait the roo user is no borrower in the borrowers table
11:23 cait it has no borrowernumber
11:23 cait so the system gets really confused
11:23 SzosszeNET oh, the borrow was attempted by a real patron
11:23 cait always work and configure using a staff patron
11:23 cait ok
11:23 cait but still :)
11:23 SzosszeNET just the admin interface is used with root
11:24 cait you will see weird things happening with the root user
11:24 cait also in staff
11:24 SzosszeNET okay
11:24 cait create yourself a staff account with all permissions
11:24 SzosszeNET done ;)
11:24 SzosszeNET I mean superlibrarian :)
11:25 SzosszeNET should be sufficient :)
11:25 SzosszeNET so I'm at Home › Administration › Item types administration
11:25 cait one step back
11:25 cait thre are the circulation rules
11:25 cait and oyu should have entries for patron categories, branches and itemtypes first of course
11:26 SzosszeNET oh yes
11:27 SzosszeNET hmm
11:27 SzosszeNET there were no circ rules
11:28 SzosszeNET than all borrow was done I think via the staff interface in 3.1
11:38 cait with no circ rules it will never work
11:39 SzosszeNET made circ rules in the 3.8, but still tells that "Sorry, none of these items can be placed on hold."
11:42 SzosszeNET and with a real (staff) parton, Borrowernumber : 22, however the card number is "mag" (ad login name...)
11:42 cait did you allow holds in the circ rules?
11:42 cait is the itemtype marked as not for loan maybe?
11:42 cait there are lots of reasons why the system would prevent a hold
11:43 cait legitimate reasons
11:43 SzosszeNET it's a book type, not marked not for load
11:43 cait and you set the maxreservesallowed higher than 0?
11:44 SzosszeNET for staff/admin it's 100
11:44 cait it's a bit hard to diagnose
11:44 cait can you set a ahold in staff client?
11:45 cait is the staff patron from the same branch as the item?
11:47 SzosszeNET no "Cannot place hold" + "Too Many Holds: Gabor Majoros has too many holds." + "No copies are available to be placed on hold"
11:47 cait ok
11:47 cait check your maxreserves system preference
11:48 SzosszeNET Home › Administration › System preferences ? which tab?
11:49 SzosszeNET got it
11:49 SzosszeNET 50
11:49 cait hm
11:49 cait running out of ideas a bit
11:49 SzosszeNET maybe the title is not properly recorded...
11:50 SzosszeNET can't it be?
11:50 cait hm
11:50 cait I think th title is not so likely to be the problem
12:45 SzosszeNET great :)
12:45 SzosszeNET so I'll convince the company I work for to hire a koha expert for this :D
12:47 cait heh
12:48 SzosszeNET No chance that I could familiarize myself in few months with Koha to build a working system :)
12:48 cait hm
12:48 cait it depends
12:48 cait it's not impossible
12:49 SzosszeNET sure, but this was meant as a side task :) the main task is now to build a debian powered, zfs based NAS :)
12:50 SzosszeNET on the other hand I'm not sure where to start the learing of koha
12:51 SzosszeNET I mean I need to understand it on sysadmin level
12:51 cait I think you ar enot doing bad so far
12:51 cait ok, but I have to run, buy food
12:51 SzosszeNET have luck :)
13:00 mtompset ping?
13:01 mtompset The Ubuntu instructions create an /etc/cron.d/koha cronjob using sudo. Should all git and tarball installs use user crontab files and not /etc/cron.d /etc/cron.hourly or /etc/cron.daily? Feedback needed.
13:01 jcamins_away mtompset: that is correct. Use the user's crontab.
13:01 * jcamins_away leaves again
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13:16 Waylon greetings all. Is there a sub somewhere, that, given a code, retrieves all data in borrower_attributes where code=given code for a borrowernumber?
13:19 Waylon ahh
13:19 Waylon C4::Patroncards::Libs::get_borrower_attributes
13:19 Waylon yeah, ill use that.
13:20 cait Waylon: perldoc?
13:20 wahanui perldoc is at for the C4 modules and more
13:20 cait :)
13:21 Waylon hm.. theres basically no commenting, for it... but its easily readable code. yay.
13:22 cait oh
13:22 cait maybe consider documenting it :)
13:23 Waylon eh? its fairly selfdocumented, for a developer.
13:24 cait yeah, but if there is no pod it should have some
13:24 Waylon though... what the, asking for branchcode, gives you branchname instead?!
13:24 drojf think of noobs like me, document everything
13:24 cait Waylon: maybe it was designed to pass the data somewhere for display
13:24 mtompset drojf: You're a noob? What does that make me?
13:24 cait drojf: you outgrew noob status :)
13:25 Waylon but what if i actually want the branchcode?
13:25 cait what are you trying to do?
13:25 Waylon get the branchcode
13:25 cait from what for what?
13:25 drojf mtompset: all the little perl i know i learned from my import. a programmer would kill me if i showed it to them
13:25 cait I heard they refer to it as baby perl
13:25 mtompset Oh, okay... that's what you mean.
13:25 Waylon or codes, that a user has in borrower_attributes and in their homebranch field.
13:26 cait hm
13:26 cait not usre, but i would keep looking
13:26 cait I think there sure is one for getting the branchcode for a borrower
13:26 Waylon well.. i did a search for borrower_attributes, and this is the only sub that actually got attributes.
13:27 Waylon but yea, rather stupid serious bug.
13:27 Waylon with no override.
13:29 Waylon hmmm.
13:29 cait well probably not a bu
13:29 cait g
13:29 cait just designed for something else
13:29 Waylon $b->{'a'} can still have data even when $b->{'a'}->{'a'} exists with different data?
13:30 cait you lostme
13:30 Waylon okay....
13:30 Waylon $borrower_attributes->{'branchcode'} = $sth->fetchrow_hashref()->{'branchname'};
13:30 Waylon
13:30 Waylon C4::Patroncards::Libs::get_borrower_attributes says that
13:31 Waylon so overwriting the data i actually want with the name...
13:31 jcamins_away Waylon: that has nothing to do with extended attributes.
13:32 Waylon oo.... your right...
13:32 Waylon okay, name was misleading.
13:32 * Waylon just now read the SELECT statement.
13:34 jcamins_away Not very. It _is_ in C4::Patroncards.
13:34 * jcamins_away leaves again.
13:34 Waylon ah... found C4::Members::Attributes::GetAttributes
13:35 Waylon oh.. not the one
13:35 Waylon C4::Members::Attributes::GetBorrowerAttributeValue
13:35 Waylon rightyo!
13:36 mtompset That's why that perldocs link is so useful.
13:37 Waylon if im calling a sub by its full path, do i need to 'use' it at the top of the perl file?
13:38 mtompset It's probably a good idea? That's my gut feeling, but I could be wrong.
13:38 Waylon will do.
13:39 mtompset Declare, define, state, initialize before use -- All generally good things. :)
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15:03 mtompset Greetings, tcohen.
15:03 tcohen hi mtompset
15:03 mtompset Sorry for being slow yesterday.
15:03 tcohen ?
15:04 mtompset You left at 11 after the hour, and I didn't get a patch and plan posted until 30 minutes or so later.
15:04 tcohen its ok for me
15:05 mtompset Take a look at the patch, make sure it is working for you.
15:05 tcohen i preferred the patch wasnt marked as done by you
15:05 tcohen the patch works perfectlyk
15:06 mtompset Redo the same patch on your machine.
15:06 mtompset obsolete mine.
15:06 mtompset As long as it works. :)
15:07 tcohen i just hope it gets accepted
15:07 mtompset Why wouldn't it?
15:07 mtompset No sudo calls.
15:08 mtompset Mimics and corrects old behaviour.
15:08 mtompset Frankly, it's much easier to say: run script X, and cut and paste the command it gives you.
15:09 mtompset than have to install dselect.
15:14 * jcamins_away isn't here, but:
15:14 jcamins_away tcohen: you can change the author of the patch by doing `git commit --amend --author=<>`
15:15 mtompset And I have no problem with that, because frankly, you found the problem... I merely helped with a couple pieces.
15:15 * jcamins_away uses that frequently when rebasing complicated patches. Sometimes it's easier to repeat the changes in another patch than it is to merge them.
15:16 mtompset Before you aren't here again, jcamins_away. Why do you keep coming in and out?
15:16 jcamins_away (note: I have no idea what we're talking about, and I'm leaving again posthaste)
15:16 jcamins_away Hehe.
15:16 jcamins_away I occasionally walk by and glance at IRC.
15:16 mtompset bug 8840
15:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8840 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , fix and extend functionality
15:16 jcamins_away I'm heading out to the World Maker Faire ([…]edule/index.html) in just a few minutes, though.
15:16 mtompset was broken for non-english setups.
15:17 mtompset because it greped for "Install"
15:17 * jcamins_away really leaves.
15:17 mtompset Enjoy.
15:19 tcohen mtompset, jcamins: attending to an 'asado', gotta leave!
15:19 mtompset Bye.
15:20 tcohen have a nice weekend
15:28 tcohen joined #koha
15:28 mtompset So fast... Did you bring some BBQ back for us? ;) -- too slow. :)
15:36 mtompset joined #koha
15:36 mtompset Nice power blip on my end.
15:48 mtompset mysql -u root -p\
15:48 mtompset Oops.. wrong window.
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16:45 * mtompset frowns.
16:45 mtompset Mock modules didn't make it into Ubuntu lists.
16:45 mtompset Guess I'll bug report that later. Time to sleep.
16:46 mtompset Test::MockModule, DBD::Mock, unzip.
16:46 mtompset First two 'make test' failures. Last one, runtime failures.
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17:58 libsysguy I stumbled across this today:[…]-development.html
17:58 libsysguy looks like koha is on the right track
17:58 libsysguy plack, mod_perl, DBIx::Class
17:58 libsysguy we just need a framework :p
18:00 cait1 joined #koha
18:00 libsysguy hey cait
18:00 libsysguy I heard the good news
18:00 libsysguy !!
18:00 libsysguy :D
18:00 libsysguy cait1 ^^ oops
18:01 cait1 sorry
18:01 cait1 I killed my network :)
18:01 cait1 good news?
18:01 wahanui good news is it looks like it's running properly.
18:01 libsysguy yeah you're running for QAM right?
18:01 cait1 you mean that I went totally crazy ?
18:01 cait1 oh right, that :)
18:02 libsysguy i'm digging the what would I do section
18:02 libsysguy "Be Annoying" :p
18:03 cait1 lol
18:03 cait1 that be annoying seems to really stick with people
18:03 libsysguy well somebody needs to do it
18:03 libsysguy I was afraid I was going to have to do it :p
18:03 cait1 I will do my best :)
18:03 cait1 heh
18:03 libsysguy now I can be lazy and you can be annoying :p
18:03 cait1 you can still level up your proposal
18:03 cait1 I really liked it too :)
18:03 libsysguy level it up?
18:04 cait1 from qaa to qam
18:04 libsysguy heh
18:04 libsysguy umm
18:04 cait1 or you can hlep me be annoying :)
18:13 drojf i wonder how long we will be happy about our annoying cait1
18:14 cait1 well
18:14 cait1 how muc more annoying can I get? :)
18:14 drojf and when it starts to be _really_ annoying :P
18:14 drojf it's all fun until you actually fail my patches ;)
18:15 cait I am sorry
18:15 cait I have quite a bad fail rate
18:17 * drojf gets scared
18:18 cait hehe
18:18 libsysguy you should be scared drojf, she always fails my patches :p
18:18 cait but I am trying to be nice about it and constructive!
18:18 libsysguy actually paul_p fails more of them than cait does.  I always forget to remove the tabs and replace them with spaces
18:19 drojf that reminds me, i should bribe him somehow to re-qa mine that he failed
18:24 cait :)
18:45 SzosszeNET bye, have a nice weekend!
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23:53 tcohen rangi, tell your guys to give us a break!
23:58 rangi heh
23:59 rangi we gave you a try to start! :)

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