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00:13 tcohen hehe
00:14 tcohen another one?
00:15 rangi that was more like it, if they keep playing like that, it will be competitive
00:18 rangi so far thats 4 tries from wellington players
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05:52 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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06:05 mtompset Greetingd, cait.
06:05 cait hi mtompset
06:05 mtompset Greetings even. :)
06:07 mtompset Is Barcodes_ValueBuilder.t a required test?
06:07 cait ?
06:08 mtompset The only use of Test::MockModule is in that test, and a db_dependent test.
06:08 cait we just inroduced mock I think
06:11 mtompset Yes, but 3.8.5 tarball (and hence git) would fail a 'make test', because Test::MockModule and DBD::Mock aren't in the file.
06:11 mtompset I see a patch for it under bug 8806
06:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8806 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Debian packaging updates
06:12 mtompset and because they weren't in, I didn't make sure they were in the ubuntu .packages files. :)
06:13 mtompset Thankfully, the packages are right. :)
06:14 eythian_ mtompset: yeah, that bit me too (hence my patch)
06:16 cait hi eythian
06:17 eythian_ hello
06:24 mtompset eythian_: That's why I also have bug 8784 -- not that I think anyone expressly uses debian.packages now, but I know my script does when I decide to check if the file is missing anything based on
06:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8784 minor, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Missing files in debian.packages list
06:25 mtompset My script is similar to debian/list-deps
06:25 mtompset But it generates 3 files. .fix, .all, and .missing
06:25 mtompset .fix needs to be added into the debian.packages (or ubuntu.packages) files.
06:25 mtompset .all is everything.
06:26 mtompset and .missing is what has no libraries which are apt-get'able.
06:26 mtompset I do need to tweak the script though, because I chose the xpm over the non-xpm version of GD.
06:26 mtompset I should have choosen the non-xpm version.
06:30 mtompset I was noticing that the debian/control file doesn't list everything.
06:33 eythian_ what doesn't it list?
06:33 mtompset I did a grep for lib...
06:33 mtompset there are 82 lines.
06:33 mtompset comapre that against the debian.packages file in install_misc
06:34 mtompset or the ubuntu.packages file
06:35 mtompset I'm wondering if perhaps there are things which could be axed from those files.
06:36 mtompset because it seems to me that the number of lines for the libs... should be the same as the number of items in
06:37 mtompset (seeing as should be canonical, correct?)
06:38 mtompset well grep "^ lib" and ": lib"
06:38 mtompset for 82 lines.
06:38 eythian_ diff -w  <(grep lib debian/control| sort|sed -e 's/,//') <(grep lib install_misc/debian.packages|sort |sed -e 's/install//')
06:38 eythian_ that might give some clue
06:39 eythian_ it's not perfect, but maybe for eyeballing it
06:40 eythian_ (I'm not actually doing Koha stuff right at the moment, because it's Sunday, so aren't going to look too closely)
06:40 mtompset calling up a putty, which I can cut and paste to. :)
06:41 eythian_ bbs, it's too loud right here, going somewhere quieter.
06:42 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "Differences based on sorting and manual pruning." (85 lines) at
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06:46 eythian_ there we go, no yelling at the league in outside voices.
06:49 mtompset
06:49 mtompset just in case you missed it.
06:49 mtompset How is debian/control generated?
06:50 eythian_ debian/
06:50 eythian_ or similar
06:51 * cait pokes eythian for ignoring her pm and runs off
06:51 eythian_ cait: I didn't get it
06:51 eythian_ I bet you sent it to me logged in from work, which isn't me at the moment
06:51 cait oh, you have an underscoretoday :)
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06:51 cait that is a little confusing :)
06:51 mtompset Yes, he's trying to avoid work. It is Sunday.
06:52 eythian_ it's not common, just that my laptop was still thinking it was in Yurp, and so auto-logged in.
06:52 mtompset Ah, better explanation. :)
07:15 * magnuse waves
07:16 eythian_ So does the sea, magnuse. So does the sea.
07:17 magnuse lol
07:19 * cait waves at magnuse trying to make eythian sea sick
07:20 cait :P
07:22 * magnuse waves back
07:22 magnuse ...and forth
07:24 * mtompset waves his arms like kermit the frog introducing a guest start. ;)
07:24 cait we are mean people
07:25 mtompset eythian_: So, how does whatever processes the control file handle the lines with pipes?
07:25 eythian_ they're an 'or'
07:25 eythian_ beyond that, I'm not sure how apt picks.
07:25 mtompset libcgi-pm-perl | perl-modules,
07:25 mtompset libdigest-sha-perl | perl,
07:25 mtompset libgd-gd2-noxpm-perl | libgd-gd2-perl,
07:25 mtompset libtest-simple-perl | perl-modules,
07:26 eythian_ possibly those with the least dependencies if not already installed
07:31 mtompset ${shlib:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}
07:31 mtompset where are those defined?
07:32 mtompset Sorry... I should let you relax.
07:41 eythian_ they're not, they're apt/dpkg things I think
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07:54 cait hi libsysguy :)
07:58 mtompset Hmmm... so they are, it seems.
07:58 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period).
08:07 magnuse eythian_: Bug 8568 is an easy signoff, when you feel like it :-)
08:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8568 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Fix some errors in docs for scripts provided by the Debian packages
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13:22 * cait-m waves
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13:55 gmcharlt the wiki is back up
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14:10 drojf good day #koha
14:20 magnuse gmcharlt++
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14:27 * cait waves
14:27 drojf hi cait and magnuse
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14:30 drojf oh, found another koha library in berlin, cool
14:36 cait drojf: hm? which one?
14:36 cait and hi magnuse
14:36 cait if you are still here - hotel is booked too, I am all ready for the adventure of norway :)
14:37 drojf what are you doing in norway? i'm jealous
14:40 drojf well, archive really
14:41 cait cool
14:41 cait make them add themselves to the wiki page?
14:41 cait helping magnuse with a koha event :)
14:42 cait and visiting
14:42 drojf cool, where? in bodø?
14:43 cait oslo
14:43 drojf nice :)
14:45 cait I hope it will be :)
15:05 cait @wunder OSL
15:05 huginn cait: The current temperature in Holter S, Nannestad, Norway is 11.1°C (4:56 PM CEST on September 30, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Rising).
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17:42 SJeffery Who is in charge of updating the website itself?
17:42 SJeffery Would that be Nicole?
17:50 jcamins_1way SJeffery: a lot of people have access. Liz Rea is the administrator, though.
17:51 jcamins_1way Is there an error you noted?
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18:30 rangi Morning
18:30 wahanui Morning is a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast.
18:31 rangi Hehe I guess we will never know what's wrong with the website
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19:26 mtj morning #koha
19:27 cait good morning mtj :)
19:29 rangi hi mtj and cait
19:30 cait hi rangi
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19:38 rangi hey lamiette
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19:42 cait hi kathryn
19:42 cait :)
19:43 kathryn hi cait :)
19:43 cait :)
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20:17 rangi jcamins_1way: you about?
20:18 rangi getting this error on master
20:18 rangi Can't locate object method "new" via package "C4::Linker::Default" (perhaps you forgot to load "C4::Linker::Default"?) at /home/chrisc/git/catalyst-koha/C4/ line 503.
20:18 cait hm
20:18 cait not sure, but there was a patch for the linkers I think
20:19 cait hm
20:19 cait but doesn't seem related
20:20 wajasu my db version is at 3.0900057   but my , which has showing a ccode being added, is not showing in mysql describe statistics table.
20:22 wajasu can someone with a recent master look to see if they have ccode on thier statistics table?   i wonder why i don't.
20:26 wajasu i was writing a a test to show if the DBIx schema is in sync with the Koha::Schema, and that was something it flagged.
20:26 cait this test will be awesome
20:26 cait I wanted that for a long time :)
20:33 wajasu we are going to need it because is going to be the source of record for the schema for a long time and until there is a switch, the DBIx Koha::Schema with its ~140 tables, easily diverges. So now a signer/QA would be able to run the test to see.
20:59 wajasu just started with fresh DB.  lets see.
21:05 eythian hello
21:05 wahanui hi, eythian
21:05 cait hi eythian
21:07 eythian[…]ees-sitting-down/ <-- cait
21:10 cait ah the comment is right
21:10 eythian yeah, I figured
21:11 wajasu ok. my DBIx   Koha::Schema test for being synchronized with the DB is working.
21:11 cait eythian: eichhörnchenschweif? :)
21:11 cait you probably already forgot :)
21:12 eythian I don't even remember seeing that one :)
21:13 cait we made you say it I think
21:13 cait it's the tail of a squirrel
21:14 eythian ah right :) this rings a bell actually.
21:14 eythian But I don't think I saw it written.
21:14 eythian that was part of your "make fun of the foreigner" day, right? ;)
21:17 cait hm
21:17 cait did we have a special day for that?
21:18 cait I thought we spreat it out quite evenlty
21:18 cait ignore the typos
21:20 eythian you are probably right.
21:20 cait but be fair :)
21:21 cait you made fun of our attempts to pronouce english and maori words :)
21:21 eythian that's true :) it was a small price to pay then ;)
21:21 cait heh
21:22 cait the last office is very empty now
21:22 cait b. is gone, only m. now
21:24 eythian I should come back to help you keep up numbers.
21:25 cait agreed :)
21:25 eythian kathryn may complain though
21:26 cait would she accept chocolate?
21:26 kathryn hmmmmnnnn
21:26 cait swiss chocolate
21:26 wahanui i heard swiss chocolate was good - how close are you? :) cait is in Konstanz
21:26 eythian haha
21:27 kathryn stroopwafels maybe
21:27 kathryn however that's spelt
21:27 eythian that's not german
21:28 kathryn I know!
21:28 kathryn see, you can't go
21:28 eythian rats, sorry cait.
21:28 kathryn no stroopwafels in germany, no eythian
21:28 cait lol
21:29 cait if google is right
21:29 cait you can buy hem here
21:29 cait honey or caramel
21:29 cait ?
21:29 eythian can't bring honey here.
21:29 cait oh right
21:29 cait so caramel then
21:29 eythian I have 2 caramel ones left. I should have brought more.
21:29 cait I love those
21:30 kathryn bags!
21:30 eythian they're like a Dutch food group it turns out.
21:30 cait hot cup of tee, waffle on top... wait a bit and hmmm
21:30 cait s/tee/tea
21:30 kathryn ergh in tea? gross
21:30 cait s/hmm/mmmh
21:30 cait not in tea
21:30 cait only let it warm up a bit by putting it on top of the cup :)
21:31 kathryn oh! :)
21:37 cait try it :) eythian still has some ;)
21:37 cait and then send him back to get more :)
21:42 jcamins_1way rangi: there's a patch for that somewhere, but can't find it right now.
21:42 jcamins_1way nengard reported the bug, I think.
21:42 jcamins_1way It was a PBP fix.
21:42 rangi cool as long as its known
21:43 rangi ahh fix for that should be revert then
21:43 rangi we can't have style fixes breaking actual functionality
21:44 * rangi votes for more use of revert and/or shaming of people who break functionality doing style fixes :-)
21:45 rangi also skipping of qa ...
21:47 drojf nice to come here because of a bug and people are already talking about it :)
21:49 drojf so back to bed
21:49 rangi heh
21:51 cait good plan
21:52 cait good nigh all
21:52 rangi night cait
21:52 eythian bye cait
22:21 mtj jcamins_1way, rangi  bug 8818 is nicole's PHP bug report
22:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8818 critical, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , Authority linker error on Z cataloging
22:24 mtj i'm still curious about why my change is a no-op, and what a perlcritic happy fix is
22:26 rangi that patch is perlcritic happy fix
22:27 rangi the other fix, a better one
22:28 rangi than changing it
22:28 rangi is to get the perlcriticrc from koha
22:29 rangi[…]b1f45e75a5fcf426f
22:29 rangi see lines 4 and 5
22:29 rangi that allows us to do eval { require $variable }
22:30 rangi while still failing any other stringy ones
22:31 tcohen joined #koha
22:31 rangi[…].pm#CONFIGURATION
22:33 rangi so you see why its a no op eh?
22:33 rangi The string form of eval is recompiled every time it is executed, whereas the block form is only compiled once.
22:34 rangi when its compiled, the value of $linker_module is default
22:34 rangi my $linker_module = "C4::Linker::" . ( C4::Context->preference("LinkerModule") || 'Default' );
22:35 rangi when its run, it looks up the value in the db
22:35 rangi but we just use the old one
22:36 wajasu looked at the perlcriticrc.  that explains why when i put Modern::Perl  instead of the use strict;use warnings;  i got unhappy perlcritic
22:36 rangi thats why "require $linker_module" is different to { require $linker_module }
22:36 wajasu isn't that syspref empty/blank which means default?
22:36 mtj aaaaa, got it! :)
22:37 rangi wajasu: doesn't matter if its blank or not, it will always be default now
22:37 wajasu ok
22:37 rangi thats why the perlcritic fix was wrong
22:37 mtj yeah, my other mistake when doing those perlcritic patches - was to not use koha's ./t/perlcritic.rc file, too :/
22:38 mtj my ~/perlcritic.rc file was missing the [Perl::Critic::Policy::BuiltinF​unctions::ProhibitStringyEval] line :/
22:39 wajasu i wrote a DBIx Koha::Schema test which checks if all the Koha::Schema has existinging columns and relations (about 4000 tests).  :)
22:39 mtj so… a bit of a cock-up, but a learning experience none the less… :)
22:41 wajasu so now i see some new tables  (borrower_files, closure, etc) that are part of bug 8798 patch that libsysguy has worked on.
22:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8798 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, elliott, Signed Off , Add the use of DBIx::Class
22:42 wajasu already gst is now gstrate.
22:43 wajasu also, in  i am going to add folowup so that the mysql connect connects the same as the current one (i.e. with utf8 enabled, and the SET NAMES, and timezone).
22:43 wajasu but for the Koha::Schema.
22:49 wajasu mtj: revisting the  initially there is   -m missing, -u update required, so to get the functionality you suggested for generating a cpanfile, i believe you would want  -n needed  (those from the -m and -u sets)  so that you can generate a cpanfile for just what is needed, right?
22:51 eythian @wunder wellington
22:51 huginn eythian: Error: No such location could be found.
22:51 eythian @wunder wellington, nz
22:51 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 16.0°C (11:00 AM NZDT on October 01, 2012). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1003 hPa (Steady).
22:51 eythian oh, doesn't say the wind :(
22:53 mtj wajasu, yes but….. carton already does this task too
22:53 wajasu right.  thats why i really only needed -a -g
22:54 mtj well, carton already builds a cpanfile, from the file
22:56 wajasu how does it do that?
22:56 wajasu from C4/Installer/
22:57 mtj yep, calling it , via Make.PL
22:57 mtj wajasu, the script i really want shows all installed perl module versions, after a 'apt-get -i koha-common'
22:58 wajasu doesn't -i do that?
22:58 wajasu -i  ?
22:59 mtj aah yep :) all good :p
23:00 wajasu where is Make.PL?
23:01 mtj makefile.PL
23:01 wajasu vi Makefile.PL
23:02 wajasu what target writes the cpanfile?
23:03 mtj sorry?
23:04 wajasu did you say that after one runs    perl Makefile.PL  that there is a cpanfile generated?
23:05 mtj no
23:05 wajasu so i just wanted to know if its still worth me adding a the option (-g) so that we can get a cpanfile that carton can use.
23:06 mtj 'carton install' generates a cpanfile/carton.lock file , after executing Makefile.PL
23:07 mtj … tells carton what perl modules and versions are needed
23:07 mtj … by calling
23:08 wajasu oh.  i thought we would have to add Module::Install at the top.  But i guess its smart enough.
23:08 mtj wajasu, theres some info in bug 8807
23:08 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8807 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , add Carton support to Koha
23:09 mtj its got a 1.2 meg carton.lock file attachment , built using 'carton install'
23:09 wajasu now i understand why the carton check  fails without the carton.lock now
23:10 mtj so, i think a worthy test here is… install a fresh koha-common, on a fresh debian
23:11 mtj … then run - the 'installed' and 'required' cols should be identical
23:12 mtj if there is a mismatch between the 'installed' and 'req' ver numbers - its a bug, somewhere...
23:13 mtj does that make some sense to anyone ?
23:16 wajasu fresh-debian + latest koha-common   I'll give that a try next time i build one.
23:17 mtj yep, me too :)
23:19 wajasu did you add what needs to be added to .gitignore?
23:20 mtj yep
23:22 mtj i must confess 'carton install' currently barfs on the non-cpan graphicsmagick stuff :/
23:22 wajasu yea. for me as well.
23:22 mtj … but thats another patch, for another issue
23:23 wajasu so is that patch "needing signoff" ?
23:24 libsysguy joined #koha
23:24 libsysguy afternoon everyone
23:25 mtj wajasu, pass - but there are yet-to-be logged BLOCKER bugs, stopping it from being commited
23:25 wajasu hello
23:25 wajasu ok
23:25 mtj … like the GM failing issue
23:27 mtj yeah, no hury on that one - its just the start of a long discussion about how to do CPAN stuff better
23:27 wajasu ahh.  i was having success with   PERL5LIB=./local/lib/perl5:/home/koha/kohaclone   in my dev install.
23:29 wajasu i like being able to add  Perl::Critic, Devel::Cover,  Devel::TraceUse  Regexp::Debugger  etc to my environment just by adding to my cpanfile. then carton install
23:30 wajasu i want a t/cpanfile   for dev/test related things.
23:31 wajasu but i can keep my own.
23:32 wajasu libsysguy:  i wrote a test to compare the Koha:Schema with the mysql DB schema.  it complained about  borrower_files, and closure and closure_rrule
23:33 wajasu is that stuff you are working on?
23:33 libsysguy I'm not working on borrower files
23:33 libsysguy but I am working on closure and closure_rrule
23:34 libsysguy so it makes sense that it would have complained with those
23:34 wajasu after a fresh mysql and updatedatabase, i don't have borrower_files in my DB, and the Koha::Schema must have borrower_files.
23:35 libsysguy im sure its something that slipped in from my db
23:35 libsysguy I was on master
23:35 libsysguy but perhaps an update failed to remove it
23:36 wajasu its going to be a pain to keep up with what was different in the patch and what changes daily.  even gst is now gstrate in one table.
23:36 libsysguy I think its probably an issue we should address when we want to use deployment handler
23:37 libsysguy it will be up to the RM to keep those files up to date with the regen script until we decide it save to load it from kohastructure.sql
23:37 libsysguy or start managing it with versioning
23:37 wajasu i might just add this koha schema sync test as a patch to help.
23:38 libsysguy just add it as a dependency on the first one
23:38 wajasu ok.
23:38 libsysguy mtj aren't you the one that failed it the first time for tabs
23:39 mtj yep, prolly
23:39 libsysguy heh
23:40 libsysguy sorry
23:40 libsysguy feel free to check it again ;)
23:40 mtj libsysguy,  i failed some patch from you recently….
23:40 libsysguy that was it
23:40 libsysguy emacs likes the tabs
23:40 wajasu libsysguy: i also was working on a followup patch to  do the same connect behavior as we do for the dbh.    mysql_enable_utf8=>1, SET NAMES, and SET TIMEZONE etc.  at connect time.
23:41 libsysguy im not sure we should be setting the timezone
23:41 wajasu libsysguy: i signedoff on the tabs.  ran perlcritic on it.
23:41 libsysguy tabs?
23:41 wahanui tabs are different
23:41 libsysguy I have some updates for that bug when it gets pushed
23:41 wajasu the tabs patch that someone failed.
23:41 libsysguy hmm
23:42 wajasu i still wonder if we should be loading the DateTime component across the board for the whole schema.  if it make coding durations and such easier.
23:43 libsysguy that is what I did
23:43 wajasu cool.
23:43 libsysguy later
23:43 libsysguy I haven't pushed it yet
23:43 libsysguy I've been wrapped up with other stuff
23:43 libsysguy I really just need to PM paul or wait on jcamins to get their thoughts
23:47 mtj yeah, DBIx  a big deal, that prolly needs to be discussed on koha-devel first...
23:48 mtj afaik, most of the long-time devs are keen for DBIx
23:50 eythian I think so yeah, ideally it would go in to master just after a release to have plenty of time to shake out.
23:51 mtj yeah, thats the one eythian :)
23:51 wajasu i'm trying to see if i can use the DBIx in writing tests, to shake it out and get tests written to ensure test coverage.
23:52 mtj and im personally unsure why DBIx might be  a better ORM for Koha, than Rose:DB
23:53 mtj … so i wont comment :)
23:54 wajasu i wish you could just create a new Koha API that the controllers code against, so that if later you could migrate the persistence layer to other ones.  as long as tests exists it would be doable.
23:55 eythian every problem can be solved by adding another layer of abstraction :)
23:56 wajasu :)
23:58 wajasu well if someone wants to code to the api, and put a "remoting" (via plack or such), the persistence tier could be a  long running process, with reusable db connections.

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