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00:09 mtompset How annoying. A reboot and mysql, apache, and koha-common services didn't start.
00:10 mtompset The reboot was purposefully triggered... The services not starting was annoying.
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00:40 idreambooks hello
00:40 idreambooks anyone here?
00:49 rangi yep
00:50 rangi its usually quiet this time of day, all the europeans asleep most north americans finished their working day
01:02 mtompset Wow that was a quick in and out. :)
01:04 mtompset This favorite icon bug is annoying me.
01:06 mtompset If I am using packages is it okay to replace "/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/includes/favicon.ico"?
01:07 mtompset I have the staff client favorite icon setting filled in, but the login screen isn't using it.
01:36 mtj i think you are probably safe, but take a backup first, please!!!
01:37 mtompset wrong channel?
01:37 mtompset Oh, never mind. I'm a little slow. :)
01:37 mtompset Actually, I prefer the option of patching C4::Template. :)
01:38 mtompset Expressly defined the IntranetFavicon and OpacFavicon values in the gettemplate call.
01:39 mtompset Though, that probably means removing the params() calls with them in other code.
01:40 mtompset I could put in a "is_intranet" checking and only define one or the other, but I said... 2 lines of code, more lines of code... forget the checking!
01:42 mtompset Unless C4::Context->preference calls are considered too intensive to have both. ;)
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01:45 mtompset Oh, so much for that idea.
01:46 mtompset Master has that second of code commented out.
01:50 mtompset oops... section.
01:50 mtj sounds like a bug
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01:51 mtompset There's a comment saying the section wasn't deleted so the people that needed to know would know how we shimmed this.
01:54 chesterbarut hi newbie to koha community, i have an error on my pref, can't save what i have change, kind of a 'lock' , appreciate any help, tnx
01:57 mtompset Sorry, not sure if I can help.
01:57 mtompset I figured out those comments are jcamins_away's doing. ;) bug 8622
01:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8622 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Koha themes broken
02:02 chesterbarut hi hugginn how can i fix those bug (broken themes), tnx
02:06 rangi huginn is a bot and wasn't answering you
02:06 huginn rangi: downloading the Perl source
02:06 rangi you havent explained your problem well enough for us to help
02:06 rangi what version of koha are you using
02:06 rangi and what exactly is happening ... you are trying to save a system preference?
02:10 wajasu looking at AutoAddAuthorities with authority generate on.  AND broader_headings.
02:12 chesterbarut koha 3.8.4, when i change any of the system pref, and save it, this is what prompts "error; your data might not have been saved"
02:13 rangi logout and login again and try again
02:13 rangi you didnt do something like set the timeout really really low or something did you?
02:14 wajasu i have a subhect heading field 630, with a, p, v subfieds.  but after the link, the 630 field has nothing (no a, p, v subfield monikers), so the broadly matched authority record trashed this 630 field,  so i get the indicators issue.
02:15 chesterbarut we just change the default time out (in seconds) to a day
02:15 wajasu maybe a blind "map" is too naive
02:15 rangi thats the problem, that wont work
02:15 chesterbarut so what can we do to fix it
02:15 rangi you will need to edit it back to integer value in the database
02:16 rangi the help there is lies
02:16 rangi it can only take numeric values
02:16 rangi 1d gets evaluated as 1 second
02:16 wajasu i got burned on that once
02:17 rangi update systempreferences set value='1000000' where variable='timeout'
02:17 rangi somethign like that anyway, in the database will fix it
02:18 chesterbarut ok, will try it, a lot of thanks guys, (rangi) for the help, hope it will work
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02:29 mtj so , how to index zebra, using the packages , on 3.6.x
02:30 mtj koha-rebuild-zebra, is for reindexing...
02:31 mtj ah, click… :)  -f
02:52 mtompset mtj, I had some massive headaches with a reindex yesterday.
02:52 mtompset bug 6566
02:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6566 enhancement, P3, ---, christophe.croullebois, Pushed to Master , Checking if DB records are properly indexed
02:52 mtompset This script helped solve problems.
02:53 mtompset I didn't have any bad data, just zebra was totally barfing on me.
02:53 mtompset So if you get a malformed tag or can't read whole MARC record type error.
02:54 mtompset Give that script a whirl.
02:54 mtompset After multiple runs, the ones that keep failing to be reindexed are very likely data problems.
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03:21 halcyonCorsair rangi: trying out a one-hit ec2 koha provision now :)
03:21 rangi sweet
04:09 bag evening
04:09 wahanui somebody said evening was better for me - but not too late
04:09 cait joined #koha
04:09 bag heya cait
04:09 cait hi bag
04:27 mtompset Greetings, halcyonCorsair bag cait.
04:28 bag :)
04:28 halcyonCorsair hello
04:32 bag I had some success with bug 7736 today
04:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7736 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mark.gavillet, Needs Signoff , Edifact QUOTE and ORDER functionality
04:33 bag I've got some feedback - so I'll post that soon.  And I'll work with a few book vendors here to see if the edifact order results - work for them :)
04:44 cait bag:  cool :)
04:45 bag ah cait just hhit submit on my comments
04:45 bag heh
04:45 * cait goes to check her inbox :)
04:46 cait ah cool
04:47 bag cait: it works for all of their examples :)
04:47 cait using the currency configuration in Koha sounds like it would make sense
04:47 bag agreed
04:47 bag :)
04:47 cait people here ask about EDIFACT sometimes
04:48 cait but I think in our other project we had only 1 or 2 libraries actually using it
04:48 bag heh
04:48 bag yeah same here
04:48 bag everyone knows the term - but few hardly use it
04:50 mtompset -- every librarian or person who is versed in the geekdom of librarihood knows the term. ;)
04:53 bag *sigh* I wish I could brainwash every librarian - into believing that charging fines are/is stupid
04:53 cait lol
04:53 bag I was running on the "knows the term"
04:53 cait maybe we should go for fixing the feature instead
04:53 bag remove term - fines - from all librarians heads
04:54 cait they will find another term
04:54 bag I love - love - suspension in days and try to talk every librarian here into using that instead of money fines
04:54 cait and then we wil lhave to rename everything!
04:54 cait not sure it would work here
04:55 bag yeah cait I have not talked one library into using it..  And I've tried on 500+ libraries in the US
04:55 bag I'm ready to move to germany and convince a library there :)
04:56 cait ok, you are welcome :)
04:56 bag heh
04:56 cait I am still missing having eythian around
04:56 bag yeah
04:57 bag hey cait have you seen[…]4G-Q&feature=plcp
04:57 bag that's the dragon :)
04:57 cait I woud love to - but I can't :(
04:57 cait GEMA is blocking it for me
04:57 bag oh man
04:57 cait because of the music
04:57 bag oh
04:57 cait I saw some photos somewhere and she looked super cute
04:57 bag yeah it's got music on it
04:58 bag awwwwhhh thanks cait
04:58 bag well that's a bummer
04:59 cait about the video?
04:59 cait it happens often when rangi shares links with me too... they are quite strict here :(
05:00 bag bummer
05:00 bag are you on facebook?
05:00 cait hm not really
05:01 bag good cause I don't post there :)
05:01 cait heh
05:01 bag well not actively :)
05:01 bag alright that was my joke for the day :)
05:01 bag at least I got one laugh
05:02 cait my day only started, so it's an early joke
05:02 mtompset looks like an angel.
05:02 mtompset Loved the sunglasses and the tongue sticking out a bit. ;)
05:02 bag hey thanks :)
05:02 bag that's our rainbow baby - dragon (it's the year of the dragon)
05:03 cait I don't see fangs or scales, so all good
05:04 mtompset I wish my facial hair looked that good. Mine is so uncontrollable.
05:05 cait you know, she is a girl ..
05:05 mtompset (talking about the few shots of daddy)
05:05 cait lol
05:06 mtompset ha za! I found an even better solution, I think,.
05:06 bag heh
05:06 bag yeah mtompset our first daughter is acutally the only one to have a koha release dedicated to her :)
05:06 * cait starts working on her it law homework - meh
05:06 bag
05:07 bag law homework!
05:07 cait part of my distance study, it's only one course
05:07 bag meh is right
05:08 mtompset memoriam?! oh my.
05:09 bag that's my favorite release - I think koha should have stopped :)
05:10 cait it was a good release and a good name for it
05:11 mtompset To ruin a good Bogart line, "You'll always have 3.4.0"
05:11 mtompset Haere. Mōu tai ata; mōku tai ahiahi
05:11 mtompset What does that mean?
05:12 bag it fails me right now
05:12 bag I mean I don't remember
05:12 bag mtj?
05:12 wahanui DeM KraZy NutZ!!
05:12 bag rangi?
05:12 bag they would know
05:12 cait yeah
05:15 cait perhaps it's in the logs somewhere
05:23 bag "Go your way. The morning tide is for you; the evening tide is for me
05:23 bag Death is inevitable and is everyone's destiny"
05:34 halcyonCorsair my brain has gone to mush...the code should be owned by the koha user, yes?
05:36 halcyonCorsair rangi: woot first ec2/chef provisioned koha instance
05:38 mtompset cait, do you use a different favorite icon than the default koha one?
05:41 halcyonCorsair where can i search and download natlib records?
05:43 halcyonCorsair ah got it
05:45 cait mtompset: no
05:58 mtompset I guess icons aren't such a big thing compared to logos. ;)
05:59 cait noone asked for it so far
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06:04 cait morning mbalmer
06:04 mbalmer hello cait, #koha
06:05 mtompset Well, I just fixed a bug related to them. bug 8737
06:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8737 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Incorrect icon at login in staff client
06:06 mtompset I was hoping someone on the channel could confirm they have the same problem. :)
06:06 mtompset Greetings, mbalmer.
06:06 mtompset mbalmer?
06:06 mtompset It's still set. :)
06:07 mbalmer @wahanui forget mbalmer
06:07 huginn mbalmer: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
06:07 mtompset Forget the @
06:07 wahanui mtompset: I forgot @
06:07 mtompset wahanui forget mbalmer
06:07 wahanui mtompset: I forgot mbalmer
06:07 mbalmer hehe, tnx!
06:07 mtompset mbalmer?
06:08 mtompset @quote random
06:08 huginn mtompset: Quote #17: "<wizzyrea> holy flaming bacon batman!" (added by jdavidb at 09:40 PM, July 17, 2009)
06:08 mtompset @quote random
06:08 huginn mtompset: Quote #5: "<jwagner> Why is it every Koha rock I turn over produces a zillion (metaphorical) ants, each with a new question????" (added by kf at 01:13 PM, June 12, 2009)
06:08 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
06:09 mtompset why?
06:09 mtompset @quote random
06:09 huginn mtompset: Quote #101: "<darling> I still need to catch up with current Koha. Is pretty dreamy already." (added by gmcharlt at 02:44 AM, October 29, 2010)
06:13 mtompset matts?
06:13 wahanui matts is his nick
06:13 mtompset matts_away?
06:13 wahanui matts_away is leaving the party :)
06:13 cait heh
06:13 mtompset cait?
06:13 wahanui That's Ms. Cait to you! or in a very good mood today :) or a librarian, you will get wahanui's information or a hero or signing off on wahanui's patch :) or confused, that's why i am asking, and we shout write it down somewhere
06:14 cait mtompset: sorry, getting ready for work and all
06:14 mtompset No, I was just trying to see what wahanui thought.
06:14 cait shout write it down? uhoh
06:14 cait only explaining why not being very communicative this morning
06:15 mtompset Not a problem. It's morning for you. I understand.
06:19 cait ... and time to leave
06:19 cait bbl :)
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06:27 mtompset bonjour, alex_a1
06:27 mtompset Looks like I need to go...
06:27 mtompset Just noticed ants coming out of my external hard drive.
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06:36 reiveune hello
06:36 wahanui hey, reiveune
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06:49 * magnuse waves his hands in the air like a crazy person
06:55 drojf good morning #koha
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07:03 magnuse hm, trying to run mtj's qa tools, but i'm just getting "Can't locate QohA/ in @INC" - anyone got a cure for that?
07:07 paul_p joined #koha
07:09 drojf magnuse: do you have that file? it's in git at least[…]aster/QohA/
07:09 kf joined #koha
07:15 mtj magnuse, its a perl5lib thing....
07:15 mtj mason@xen1:~$ export |grep LIB
07:15 mtj declare -x PERL5LIB="/home/mason/git/he​ad:/home/mason/git/head/C4/SIP:/home/mason/git/public/koha-qa-tools"
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07:16 gaetan_B joined #koha
07:17 gaetan_B hello
07:17 mtj im sure there's a to fix that, i just havent got roundtuit yet..
07:18 mtj hiya gaetan_B  :)
07:20 kf hi mtj :)
07:20 kf good morning #koha
07:23 drojf moin kf :)
07:24 magnuse thanks mtj, will try
07:24 kf hi drojf and magnuse
07:24 magnuse hiya kf
07:27 magnuse hm, this: $ declare -x $PERL5LIB="/home/magnus/scripts/kohade​v:/home/magnus/scripts/koha-qa-tools/"
07:27 magnuse gives me this: bash: declare: `/home/magnus/scripts/kohadev=/home/magnus/scrip​ts/kohadev:/home/magnus/scripts/koha-qa-tools/': not a valid identifier
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07:28 mtompset Greetings, again, #koha. I think the ants in the external harddrive have been dealt with.
07:28 kf hi magnuse - if you got time later - should we organise a bug squashing day before the freeze date? 22nd?
07:28 kf if yes, maybe should be next week, to give enough time for qa?
07:29 mtompset kf++ # great idea, in my opinion. :)
07:29 mtj magnuse, declare was the *output* of my export command
07:29 mtj not a command itself
07:31 mtj so, $ export PERL5LIB=/path/to/your/dir:"${PERL5LIB}"
07:32 magnuse kf: excellent idea! want to send out an email?
07:32 kf ugh
07:32 magnuse hehe
07:32 kf I should have known you would make me :)
07:32 kf o
07:32 kf k
07:32 mtj $ export PERL5LIB=/home/magnus/scripts​/koha-qa-tools:"${PERL5LIB}"
07:32 kf but you pick the date!
07:34 magnuse yeah, that did the trick, thanks a ton mtj
07:34 magnuse hm, start of the week is bad for me personally. friday?
07:35 mtj magnuse, cool - heya cait  :)
07:38 magnuse kf: how about friday?
07:38 wahanui friday is probably It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday
07:38 magnuse friday is pizzaday!
07:38 paul_p good morning #koha
07:38 magnuse friday?
07:38 wahanui friday is It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday
07:38 magnuse hiya paul_p
07:40 laurence joined #koha
07:45 kf magnuse: friday is ok with me
07:45 kf morning paul_p
07:45 kf we were discussing to have another gbsd on friday 14th
07:45 drojf kf: squashing on the train to berlin?
07:46 kf I would send a mail maybe after you explained the deadlines?
07:46 kf oh right
07:46 kf ugh
07:46 kf I mean lots of time, but probably lousy internet connection...
07:46 kf well
07:46 kf and conf on thursday
07:46 kf it might still be a good idea to have it friday
07:49 magnuse you will spend the day on a train?
07:50 kf yep
07:50 kf trapped in an ice for a few hours
07:51 kf but it's ok
07:51 kf I can prepare :)
07:51 kf create branches for stuff I want to test for example, then I only need a little bit of internet connection now and then
07:51 kf drojf and me have a koha even to run on saturday in berlin :)
07:51 mtompset weekend?
07:51 wahanui weekend is near!
07:52 mtompset friday?
07:52 wahanui i think friday is It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday
07:52 mtompset weekend?
07:52 wahanui rumour has it weekend is partyin', partyin', partyin' YAH
07:53 magnuse kf: cool
07:53 * mtompset grins, "Might as well as keep the theme."
07:53 magnuse stand alone event, or part of something bigger?
07:53 Joubu joined #koha
07:54 Joubu hello
07:57 kf magnuse: smaller part of a bigger thing
07:57 drojf magnuse: local "day of the libraries" for berlin/brandenburg. i think we are the only ones talking about a certain piece of software
07:57 paul_p GBSD on 14th is a good idea
07:58 * paul_p writting RM newsletter with deadlines now
07:58 * kf growls at her outlook for forgetting the settings for the 10th time
07:58 magnuse kf and drojf: cool!
07:59 kf drojf: I started a mindmap for the presentation yesterday
07:59 kf will show you what I have as soon as there is something
07:59 drojf kf: do i assume proposals/ applications for 3.12 roles on the wiki are up to date or should i read the logs of the last meeting to see if somebody volunteered for something and is not in the list?
08:00 drojf kf: cool :)
08:00 kf hm I think it's up to date
08:00 kf i haven#t seen proposals only on the list
08:00 magnuse drojf: the wiki page should be authoritative
08:00 drojf ok great, less work :)
08:01 mtompset I didn't make it to the meeting. I was thinking a documentation heirarchy might be useful. ;)
08:09 magnuse documentation heirarchy?
08:10 drojf mtompset: for the roles (documentation manager…) or the documentation itself?
08:10 mtompset Not sure. whether logical or physical.
08:10 mtompset I see we have Installation documentation.
08:11 mtompset We have DB documentation.
08:11 mtompset And we have Use documentation.
08:12 mtompset The discussions about having the INSTALL.{OS} files convertable from the Wiki pages.
08:12 drojf we have managers for documentation of use and db. do you propose the role of an nstallation documentation manager?
08:12 mtompset I suppose which manager (doesn't really matter, because some are the same)
08:13 mtompset is responsible for installation documents?
08:13 mtompset Perhaps it doesn't need to be a new role, but under the manager overall?
08:14 mtompset That's the sort of idea(s) I wanted to bounce around.
08:14 mtompset Though nengard for docs is a good choice. :)
08:15 mtompset I just know, for example, that I (and perhaps tcohen), would like to keep the INSTALL.ubuntu documentation clean.
08:15 rangi id like to rewrite that to be 1 line
08:15 rangi Use the packagages
08:15 rangi but spelt correctly
08:15 drojf lol rangi
08:15 mtompset No, it needs to have ALL three methods.
08:15 mtompset Packages first.
08:16 mtompset Git second.
08:16 mtompset tarball last.
08:16 rangi yeah a wall of text is awesome
08:17 mtompset Well, here's the problem.
08:17 mtompset Yes, packages is best.
08:17 mtompset But where will the tarball instructions go?
08:18 mtompset We don't want to lose them.
08:18 mtompset They have minor usefulness to those not using debian based systems.
08:18 rangi yes
08:18 rangi but not in the INSTALL.ubuntu file
08:19 magnuse nah, keep the typos, i say!
08:19 rangi there really is no reason to do a tarball install on ubuntu or debian, packages or git .. tarball instruction for the distributions that cant use packages
08:20 rangi or at least strongly discourage people from installing from tarball
08:20 mtompset I have on the wiki.
08:21 mtompset "There are three ways to install Koha: packages, tarball, and git. These instructions focus on the tarball installation, however the use of packages is the recommended method. Packages effectively have done most of the difficult work listed below. You can read the Debian package instructions for information on how to do that. If you are able to assist with the development and improvement of...
08:21 mtompset ...Koha and this isn't for a production environment, consider installing a git version. Git is a version control system. Try to learn version control using git!"
08:21 mveron joined #koha
08:21 mveron Good morning #koha :-)
08:21 mtompset Right at the top. With nice links.
08:37 drojf good morning mveron
08:39 mveron Hi drojf  :-)
08:40 * mveron fetches coffee
08:53 julian_m joined #koha
09:02 kf drojf++
09:02 kf and morning mveron
09:03 kf drojf:  it was an excellent idea to volunteer you to write that mail ;)
09:05 drojf how could i disobey the will of the mighty chair? ;)
09:05 magnuse yeah drojf++
09:12 kf you wouldn't date to :P
09:13 kf hm dare to...
09:15 mtompset What Koha version introduced packages? 3.4?
09:16 mveron hi kf
09:18 magnuse mtompset: see this from may 2010:[…]al-koha-packages/
09:20 mtompset That would mean as early as 3.0
09:22 magnuse it was experimental at that stage, not sure when it "got serious"
09:23 rangi weve been using them in production since 3.4
09:24 magnuse that's probably the best answer you will get, mtompset :-)
09:24 mtompset experimental 3.0, testing 3.2, production 3.4
09:26 mtompset So, what were the repos called before oldstable and squeeze?
09:27 rangi nothing, squeeze has been around a while
09:28 kf mtompset: people shouldn't be installing older versions, is it really important?
09:29 mtompset Understanding history is important so that improvements, not fallbacks are made.
09:30 mtompset And yes, I know 3.4.x is not supported, but if I was wild and crazy, and wanted to run something on CentOS 5.8 (which is supported), it would have to be 3.4.x
09:30 rangi why?
09:31 mtompset Perl 5.8.8 is the default
09:31 rangi yes, but you can just use homebrew to install 5.10
09:31 rangi theres no reason to ever install a version with known security issues
09:32 rangi no matter how crazy you are, that is just a bad idea
09:34 rangi[…]b/App/
09:35 eythian joined #koha
09:35 mtompset Well, installing 5.8 when there is a 6.3 is a bad idea. ;)
09:35 mtompset 6.3 does have a default of 5.10 for perl.
09:35 drojf part of understanding history is to understand that it is history, not the present
09:35 kf good one drojf
09:36 drojf which oddly reminds me that my present should be writing a paper about history. damn. see you later
09:36 mtompset See you in he future. ;)
09:36 drojf :)
09:36 mtompset ^he^the^
09:38 * mtompset sees a DeLorean drive up and whisk drojf off. ;)
10:20 mtompset I just thought of a reason why the Wiki and INSTALL.{OS} file would be different.
10:20 mtompset packages.
10:20 wahanui i think packages is at
10:21 mtompset installing koha-common tells the person to read README.Debian in /usr/share/doc/koha-common
10:21 mtompset there is no INSTALL.{OS} file.
10:22 koyauni joined #koha
10:22 mtompset The INSTALL.{OS} file only exists in the tarball or git.
10:22 koyauni hi #KOHA,
10:22 wahanui hi #KOHA, is there an entry on the wiki for holdings data in post-3.2 versions of koha?
10:22 koyauni any idea if I have to set up SMTP in new installed Koha please
10:24 kf wahanui forget hi #KOHA
10:24 wahanui kf, I didn't have anything matching hi #koha
10:24 kf hm
10:24 kf forget #KOHA
10:24 wahanui kf: I forgot #koha
10:25 kf koyauni: you don't set it up in Koha - it's on the server
10:25 kf koyauni: if the server can send email, Koha can
10:25 drojf wahanui forget hi #KOHA,
10:25 wahanui drojf: I forgot hi #koha,
10:25 koyauni we have our mailing system on google apps, do I do this steeing for our koha in Debian please[…]_up_a_SMTP_server
10:26 koyauni well the google apps is setup for our server
10:26 koyauni and we have our apps attached to the main domain that koha uses
10:30 eythian koyauni: those instructions are for git, not for koha
10:30 eythian you need to tell your server how to send email
10:31 mtompset If someone can point me to a nice set of instructions for setting up email under Ubuntu that would be nice.
10:31 koyauni ok, the googe apps for my server is set up and it is working,
10:31 mtompset At this point in time, we aren't using mail.
10:31 eythian mtompset: sudo apt-get install postfix && sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix
10:31 mtompset Yes, and then I don't know how to answer any of the questions.
10:31 eythian actually, if you're doing a fresh install, you don't need the reconfigure
10:32 eythian mtompset: there is not really one answer to the questions, that's why it asks them
10:32 eythian it totally depends on how your server is to be set up.
10:32 eythian and integrated into the rest of the network
10:32 eythian[…]013-goes-electric <-- drojf, mtompset
10:32 mtompset That's my problem. I don't know the answers in my context.
10:33 drojf eythian: i just saw that :D
10:35 drojf i think i'll wait for the hover board
10:35 laurence left #koha
10:36 eythian mtompset: ask your network administrator
10:37 mtompset hosting company?
10:37 eythian possibly
10:37 drojf mtompset: maybe this is of interest
10:38 eythian drojf: that's really just cargo culting though
10:38 eythian if you know how your email server is to be set up, then you spend two seconds answering questions and it works. If you don't know how it's set up, no amount of config files are going to help.
10:40 mtompset Thing is... I hacked a perl script to mail things.
10:40 eythian that's a terrible idea
10:40 mtompset I just don't know how to configure nullmailer to do the same.
10:40 eythian if you can write a perl script to do it, you can configure a real MTA to do it.
10:41 mtompset not if I don't understand any MTA.
10:41 mtompset I know a machine, a port... and ugly mail formating through perl calls.
10:42 eythian ...and that's most of what you need to set up an MTA.
10:43 mtompset except the attempts I have made have ended up spamming the administrator account of our host.
10:43 drojf i only tried it once and the university postmaster said i'm ddos-ing his servers.
10:43 mtompset Exactly my problem.
10:44 eythian then you modify /etc/aliases to point to you
10:44 mtompset is there a "postfix for dummies: click through to get told what do to guide"?
10:46 eythian dpkg-reconfigure postfix gives fairly detailed descriptions of the options
10:47 mtompset in geek speak.
10:47 eythian no, in correct speak
10:48 eythian there's no description for the layman, because setting up a mail server requires some degree of specialist knowledge.
10:49 drojf let's have a livecd for that!
10:49 drojf *hides*
10:49 eythian heh
10:51 Barrc1 joined #koha
10:52 * slef adds his boot to those on UTK
10:53 slef yeah I was trying to find the link to the live images... where are they?
10:53 eythian slef: I've not seen one that wasn't wildly out of date
10:54 eythian because it takes about two months for that to happen
10:55 eythian slef: that UTK thing is annoying. Clearly well meaning, but not understanding (which is sorta not unexpected: it's a complex thing, that's why you should get someone to proof-read it before release)
10:56 eythian And I'd certainly consider Catalyst a major vendor, especially in NZ :)
10:56 Barrc1 Can anyone suggest how I would go about picking up a git branch (that was initially started on older code). So, I started something back in 3.4 (it was signed off but failed qa) but I'd like to finish it now, but current is 3.8x?
10:58 eythian Barrc1: start with master and apply the patch onto that. Fix conflicts, and do some testing, and it should be about right
10:58 Barrc1 eythian: Thanks - still struggling with git, to be honest!
10:59 eythian it's a bit of a learning curve, but it makes a lot of sense once you realise it's all just graph theory ;)
11:01 slef Barrc1: "git gr" on the wiki may help you visualise it
11:02 eythian what does '"git gr" on the wiki' mean?
11:02 slef wahanui: git gr?
11:02 wahanui i don't know, slef
11:02 slef wahanui: git?
11:02 wahanui git is[…]Control_Using_Git
11:03 Barrc1 slef: thanks. Is that a hook?
11:03 slef eythian: Barrc1:[…]ify_command_tasks
11:03 slef Barrc1: it's an alias
11:04 slef "draws a character-mode graph showing the branch structure and displays it through your pager"
11:04 slef there's a gui one I think but it requires tk and X which sometimes aren't installed on servers
11:05 Barrc1 Yes, I see. Cool - I will fire it up and feel more of my brain melt out through me ears!  ----runs from git.....
11:05 eythian gitk
11:05 Barrc1 gitg
11:06 eythian gitg looks nicer
11:07 kf paul_p: around?
11:08 kf paul_p: have a question about the rm newsletter :)
11:08 kf oh never mind
11:08 slef eythian: no,  Catalyst are "others" less important than the co-op and just above OpenLX, clearly ;)
11:08 kf slef: thx for thinking about us - and for writing the mail
11:08 kf at least I guess you meant us :)
11:09 eythian slef: thanks for the correction, now I know! :)
11:09 slef kf: I did but I don't remember if you are a ministry department, a trading fund or a state agency or what so I put it vaguely to avoid being wrong :)
11:10 kf hm not sure how to translate that really
11:10 slef kf: I'm sure there is an EU dictionary of official public body types somewhere... but I don't really want to find it ;)
11:11 kf our homepage states: The BSZ is a facility in the business area of the Ministry of Science, Research and Art  (Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst) of Baden-Württemberg in the legal form of a  dependent public agency, headquartered in Constance.
11:11 slef ah, state agency
11:11 slef I think
11:11 kf maybe :)
11:12 slef do you have to break even and can the ministry instruct anyone other than the managing director/CEO/chef/whatever?
11:13 slef I think if the answers are yes and no, then it's a trading fund, else it's a state agency.
11:13 slef That's probably UK-specific jargon though.
11:13 slef But we're the biggest English-speaking country in the EU, so you will respect mah authoritah!
11:14 slef ;)
11:15 slef I also like the way opensourceils wants to set cookies from
11:15 slef but that's a whole 'nother argument
11:16 kf slef: I like how you can't copy the url of a page
11:17 kf hm
11:17 slef kf: hmm? I can, but I don't allow random sites to run javascripts ;)
11:18 kf ah, for me the url stays the same on each site
11:18 kf that irritates me :)
11:18 slef oh yeah - it's a framed bounce to
11:18 slef err without the content
11:19 eythian wahanui: postfix is
11:19 wahanui ...but postfix is found at
11:19 paul_p kf = i'm back from lunch
11:19 kf I was misreading something
11:19 slef wahanui: postfix is also at
11:19 wahanui okay, slef.
11:19 kf all ok :)
11:20 eythian wahanui: postifx
11:20 wahanui eythian: huh?
11:20 eythian wahanui: postfix
11:20 wahanui postfix is, like, found at or at
11:20 eythian good enough :)
11:23 mtompset slef++ # eric cartman reference
11:23 mtompset slef++ # getting wahanui to play nicer over postfix URLs
11:24 slef slides?
11:24 wahanui slides is probably kf has written her slides.
11:24 slef wahanui: traitor!
11:24 wahanui slef: excuse me?
11:24 kf lol
11:24 slef wahanui: you are excused
11:24 wahanui ...but wahanui is a bot|a repository of important and useful and accurate information or at least partially slow....
11:24 kf that was for the workshop
11:24 kf next event now
11:25 kf forget slides
11:25 wahanui kf: I forgot slides
11:25 slef wahanui: no, slides are what kf should be writing
11:25 wahanui i haven't a clue, slef
11:25 mtompset drojf++ # humor regarding a livecd
11:25 slef wahanui: slides are what kf should be writing
11:25 wahanui i don't know, slef
11:25 kf :)
11:25 kf wahanui botsnack cookies
11:25 wahanui thanks kf :)
11:25 slef wahanui: slides are <reply> kf should be writing slides
11:25 wahanui OK, slef.
11:25 slef slides?
11:25 wahanui kf should be writing slides
11:25 eythian left #koha
11:25 slef wahanui: share and enjoy!
11:26 wahanui slef: i'm not following you...
11:26 eythian joined #koha
11:26 slef wahanui: figrues
11:26 wahanui slef: i'm not following you...
11:26 slef wahanui: figures
11:26 wahanui I like *your* figure
11:26 slef wahanui: pervert
11:26 wahanui slef: sorry...
11:26 eythian wahanui: literal postfix
11:26 wahanui eythian: postfix =is= found at or at
11:26 eythian no wahanui, postfix is found at (but you probably can skip the SASL stuff) or at
11:26 wahanui okay, eythian.
11:27 slef summer?
11:27 wahanui it has been said that summer is here now
11:27 mtompset I'm off.
11:27 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period). :)
11:27 slef the pdf?
11:27 wahanui the pdf is only $49.00USD![…]roduct_id=1612225
11:28 slef Oak's internet?
11:28 slef Oak_'s internet?
11:28 wahanui it has been said that Oak_'s internet is too slow... 4-5 KB/s. can't check myself.
11:28 slef magnuse's standard typo?
11:28 wahanui i guess magnuse's standard typo is got, i think
11:29 slef wjasu's user?
11:29 slef wajasu's user?
11:29 wahanui wajasu's user is running 3.0, and won't upgrade until it works.
11:29 slef this works better if I can type
11:29 slef bbl
11:30 eythian no wahanui, the  pdf is only $49.00USD![…]roduct_id=1612225 | is only CHF58.00![…]tm?csnumber=41319
11:30 wahanui okay, eythian.
11:30 eythian the pdf?
11:30 wahanui the pdf is only $49.00USD![…]roduct_id=1612225
11:30 eythian the pdf?
11:30 wahanui the pdf is is only CHF58.00![…]tm?csnumber=41319
11:30 * slef goes looking for Form C173 - "Application for CEO to shag combine harvester in photo opportunity"
11:31 eythian <-- slef
11:33 slef eythian: still on mobile internet, a bit jerky BIKWYM. See also Black Mirror - The National Anthem
11:33 eythian ah yes, that's the one with the pig?
11:33 slef yep
11:33 eythian certainly an interesting show
11:34 slef Charlie Brooker is very good. Seen any 10 O'Clock Live?
11:34 slef Laverne, Brooker, Mitchell and Carr - together at last!
11:35 slef now really bbl
11:35 eythian I ahven't
12:00 jcamins_away paul_p: around?
12:01 paul_p jcamins yep
12:02 jcamins paul_p: I'm looking at bug 8304 at the moment, and wanted to check that I understood the testing plan.
12:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8304 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Needs Signoff , composed authorities Rameau management
12:03 paul_p jcamins OK, throw your question(s)
12:04 jcamins I create a bib record with a composed heading, set dontmerge so that Koha will try to update bib records, and change one of the authority records?
12:04 jcamins Is that right?
12:05 paul_p jcamins (I suspect the most important thing to do is that it break nothing for MARC21 !)
12:06 jcamins Yeah, I'm also checking MARC21.
12:06 jcamins Actually, I'm a lot more concerned about MARC21 than UNIMARC.
12:06 jcamins I figure it *probably* is working correctly in UNIMARC, since you have so many libraries using the code.
12:06 paul_p jcamins = other than this, yes, you're right = have a biblio with a composed heading, change an authority used as a "partial" heading in the biblio, and check the merge work well
12:08 jcamins Okay... would someone like to tell me how to create a composed heading in UNIMARC?
12:08 * jcamins thought it would be more obvious than it is.
12:13 ago43 joined #koha
12:15 oleonard joined #koha
12:15 oleonard Hi #koha
12:40 eythian <-- song of the day
12:41 oleonard Reminds me of Toy Story 3 eythian
12:42 eythian heh
12:44 nengard joined #koha
12:45 tcohen joined #koha
12:49 tcohen morning #koha
12:51 kf left #koha
12:56 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5327: Testing c4 Images <[…]92e80344bacf490bf> / Bug 5327: Unit tests for C4 socialdata <[…]d37598231c944526e> / Bug 5327 : Fixing a typo in the test that was causing a false fail <[…]diff;h=2b73673176
12:56 jenkins_koha Starting build #818 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #773 2 mo 4 days ago)
12:59 edveal joined #koha
13:00 jcamins Authority merge is broken in master.
13:02 trea joined #koha
13:03 JesseM joined #koha
13:03 trea joined #koha
13:04 reiveune joined #koha
13:08 jcamins paul_p: have you (or anyone else at BibLibre) tested bug 8304 recently?
13:08 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8304 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Needs Signoff , composed authorities Rameau management
13:08 jcamins I am finding that the merge function is broken.
13:08 alex_a left #koha
13:08 jcamins In current master, as well as after applying the patch.
13:08 alex_a joined #koha
13:08 paul_p jcamins = I don't think so.
13:08 libsysguy joined #koha
13:08 paul_p jcamins = but we should ask matts_away (that is in a plane atm)
13:09 sophie_m joined #koha
13:10 jcamins I'm trying a git bisect, but I don't think I'll be able to finish looking for the problem today.
13:10 jcamins The last time I know it worked properly was the beginning of 2011.
13:10 jcamins (well, I know it was working in December, but I don't know *exactly* when it worked)
13:14 NateC joined #koha
13:17 paul_p_ joined #koha
13:17 Callender_ joined #koha
13:17 paul_p_ BibLibre SDSL => epic fail today !
13:18 eythian SDSL?
13:19 jcamins Symmetric DSL, I think.
13:19 reiveune joined #koha
13:20 slef paul_p_: welcome to my world! Still on mifi until British Telecon get their fingers out next week...
13:20 trea joined #koha
13:21 slef I wouldn't mind, but I'm not even a Telecon customer. They just have a monopoly on the exchanges, inherited from when the Government Post Office ran the phones.
13:21 slef paul_p_: got fallback access route?
13:22 paul_p_ slef = in fact, we're not sure if it is our SDSL, our router (that has fallback), or our VPN...
13:22 paul_p_ we loose connexion for a few seconds, then it's back.
13:22 tcohen close all those torrent clients paul_p :-P
13:23 wajasu joined #koha
13:23 slef paul_p_: I can see if the co-op's network engineers (we've two, both at other sites today AFAIK) have time to help, if you like.
13:23 paul_p_ eythian = yep, Symetric. In our office, we have symetric 10MB connexion + a 10/1 ADSL as fallback
13:24 jcamins I HATE C4::SEARCH!!!!!
13:24 jcamins C4::Search--
13:24 jcamins C4::Search--
13:24 jcamins C4::Search--
13:24 jcamins C4::Search--
13:24 jcamins C4::Search--
13:24 paul_p_ slef = thx, our main problem is that our sysop is in holiday (for 2 more weeks). That will wait until he's back I think (unless hdl can take time to investigate)
13:24 wajasu No results.
13:24 slef paul_p_: hire a PFY to understudy the sysop ;)
13:24 paul_p_ jcamins = well, remember it's friday. Don't ruin your week end by thinking to C4::Search on friday !!!! ;-)
13:25 slef (heh PFY is listed on[…]perator_From_Hell )
13:25 sophie_m joined #koha
13:27 eythian @karma C4::Search
13:27 huginn eythian: Karma for "C4::Search" has been increased 0 times and decreased 31 times for a total karma of -31.
13:27 jcamins paul_p_: I'm heading into the city shortly for non-Koha-related work.
13:27 wajasu jcamins: think about the linker.  i was trying to understand that autolink code and see if one has broader_headings and the code picks some  authority records, when it blindly maps it replaces my 630 subfields.  with no subfield monikers.
13:27 jcamins @karma <!
13:27 huginn jcamins: Karma for "<!" has been increased 8 times and decreased 119 times for a total karma of -111.
13:28 eythian @karma C
13:28 huginn eythian: Karma for "C" has been increased 16 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 16.
13:28 eythian @karma -
13:28 huginn eythian: Karma for "-" has been increased 3 times and decreased 62 times for a total karma of -59.
13:29 jcamins wajasu: I have no idea what that means.
13:29 jcamins (what you just said to me)
13:31 wajasu i was looking at bug 8447
13:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8447 critical, P1 - high, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , can't save new records / indicator error
13:31 jcamins Right.
13:31 jcamins That much I got.
13:31 jcamins But I don't know what you're saying the code is doing.
13:33 wajasu when i got into the code that auto adds the authorites, it finds/chooses one, and there is a line that does a "map" and before that my 630 field has subtags a, v and such. after the map, the subfield has no subtags at all and no data.  just the indicators 00.  so we get the error.
13:34 jcamins Ah.
13:35 wajasu i printed the marc record as_formatted() before and after.
13:35 jcamins There should be a check to make sure that it doesn't remove the last subfield, then.
13:36 jcamins paul_p_: checking bug 3462.
13:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3462 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , Link see alsos in authorities
13:42 alex_a joined #koha
13:44 jcamins paul_p_: incidentally, the UNIMARC data from the sandboxes does not appear to be right- the authorities are all invalid.
13:46 maximep joined #koha
13:56 julian_m joined #koha
13:57 jcamins paul_p_: any chance you could post a screenshot of what you see on bug 3462?
13:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3462 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , Link see alsos in authorities
13:58 gmcharlt @quote random
13:58 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #62: "<fallor> is this a known thingy?" (added by gmcharlt at 01:18 PM, February 26, 2010)
13:58 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
14:01 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #818: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 5 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/818/
14:01 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 5327 follow-up: add DBD::Mock dependency
14:01 jenkins_koha * Bug 5327 : Added a few more lines of code to the ItemType.t unit test
14:01 jenkins_koha * Bug 5327 Tests for C4::Matcher
14:01 jenkins_koha * Added and tested a mock-db tested a couple of features
14:01 jenkins_koha * Added a mock-db table and tested a line
14:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5327 major, P3, ---,, ASSIGNED , Unit tests required for all C4 modules
14:01 jenkins_koha * Added tests to installer_perlmodules
14:01 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 5327 : Fixing a typo in the test that was causing a false fail
14:01 jenkins_koha * Bug 5327: Unit tests for C4 socialdata
14:01 jenkins_koha * Bug 5327: Testing c4 Images
14:11 talljoy joined #koha
14:12 slef @query DateTime
14:12 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7899 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, elliott, NEW , Remove C4::Dates from C4::Circulation
14:12 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8530 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, elliott, NEW , New Data Types for Holidays
14:12 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6891 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , LDIF interoperability - a proposal
14:12 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8127 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Most Circulated Items not working right
14:12 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8582 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , NULL issuedates with offline circ
14:13 * slef finds "I should report this" in his notes
14:13 * slef swears and reports it
14:17 slef Bug 8738
14:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8738 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, ASSIGNED , DateTime object being compared to a date string in circulation
14:17 drojf joined #koha
14:21 drojf slef: but they bought all these nice "OSS" domains, how can you demand freedom? :P
14:21 trea joined #koha
14:21 trea left #koha
14:21 oleonard Can someone please remind me, given [% FOREACH i IN items %] [% i %] [% END %] how can I check that "items" has anything in it?
14:21 slef drojf: have they replied?
14:21 drojf slef: nope, just read your mail
14:22 drojf i doubt they will reply at all. but i'd be happy to get proven wrong
14:22 slef oleonard: does [% IF items %] not work?
14:22 oleonard No, at least not consistently. I'm confused about how it works with Template::Toolkit
14:25 eythian oleonard: IF (items.length != 0) I think
14:26 eythian I take that back
14:26 eythian items.size
14:34 oleonard Thanks eythian. There must be something weird about this code because the collection is being counted as 1 even when it's empty.
14:34 eythian that does seem odd
14:35 oleonard That is to say, it is empty content-wise but it iterates once.
14:36 eythian ah right
14:36 eythian that is not what I'd expect
14:36 jcamins It's what I'd expect.
14:36 jcamins I mean, not because that makes sense, but because I've had that problem in a lot of places.
14:36 oleonard That makes sense jcamins, it's your code :)
14:37 * oleonard is looking at why the images tab shows up even when there are no local images
14:37 jcamins The workaround I came up with is to have two variables.
14:37 jcamins showImageTab and images[]
14:38 jcamins (note: that was just an example based on what you're working on, I didn't do that, because I didn't know about the problem yet)
14:42 slef what does AddIssue return for analytics these days?
14:42 jcamins Doesn't AddIssue take an item?
14:42 slef AddIssue($borrower, $barcode, [$datedue], [$cancelreserve], [$issuedate])
14:43 jcamins Right.
14:43 jcamins Item.
14:43 slef used to return 0 the actual $datedue
14:43 slef used to return 0 or the actual $datedue
14:43 slef now returns a DateTime
14:43 jcamins I think I don't understand the question.
14:43 jcamins I don't see how this has to do with analytics at all.
14:43 slef ah it still returns a 0 for an analytic
14:44 slef sorry this is my analytic item tyeps
14:44 slef a problematic interaction with development work
14:44 slef so no point me asking here :)
14:44 jcamins Ah.
14:44 slef moral: check git annotate first :)
14:44 * wizzyrea waves
14:44 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
14:44 * slef sawtooths
14:46 pastebot "wajasu" at pasted "LinkBibHeadingsToAuthorities behavior for subject headings being auto linked Linker/" (45 lines) at
14:46 wajasu jcamins: opinion on this paste
14:47 jcamins wajasu: looks like a problem with the map.
14:54 jcamins wajasu: I can't duplicate this problem even with broader_headings.
14:54 jcamins If I write a patch, based on that, will you test it for me?
14:58 eythian slef: git annotate is too pansy. git blame is where it really is.
14:59 oleonard Oh, is "annotate" just a nice way of putting it?
14:59 slef eythian: I've quite enough to blame myself for, thank you!
14:59 eythian oleonard: yeah, it's like svn had 'blame' and 'praise' as synonyms
15:00 slef uh, annotate and blame are different commands, with different output formats... also I can't get blame to work over tramp
15:01 oleonard If we plug the git parser into perltidy we have have git tell us which lines are blames and which are praises
15:01 slef which I really should debug, but in another life maybe
15:02 eythian slef: $ git annotate
15:02 eythian usage: git blame [options] [rev-opts] [rev] [--] file
15:05 slef eythian: well that changed
15:06 jcamins wajasu: I posted a patch for bug 8447.
15:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8447 critical, P1 - high, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , can't save new records / indicator error
15:06 jcamins Please test it, as I cannot.
15:07 jcamins Also, good job on providing the correct debugging information. :)
15:09 reiveune bye
15:09 reiveune left #koha
15:09 trea joined #koha
15:10 trea greetings #koha
15:10 slef Changes submitted for bug 8738
15:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8738 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , DateTime object being compared to a date string in circulation
15:10 trea when configuring a koha catalog as a public z39.50 target, is the username/password required if specified in the config?
15:12 slef trea: I think so, if it's in the config for the public target, but the only way to be sure is to test it. Can you suck it and see?
15:12 slef been a while since I tried
15:12 trea well, that's the trouble. i'm having difficulty connecting, so i'm trying to verify i have all the settings i need
15:12 jcamins trea: I think it's configurable, but I can't remember how.
15:12 slef trea: define "difficulty connecting"?
15:13 trea such as specifying a database name in the config. is this referring to the name of the sql database?
15:13 trea difficulty = unable to query/retrieve records from a client search
15:13 gmcharlt trea: no, the Z39.50 database name
15:13 slef trea: any error messages?
15:14 gmcharlt trea: if it's accessible on the general net, I can try pointing yaz-client at it and get more diagnostics
15:14 slef trea: the Z39.50 database name is usually biblios I think
15:14 gmcharlt correct
15:14 trea gmcharlt: what parameter is the z39.50 db name in the $KOHA_CONF ?
15:15 slef err, "database"
15:16 slef I think
15:16 trea nm, of course it is
15:17 trea :D
15:17 slef oh wait that's for something else
15:17 slef yazgfs/config/biblioserver is probably definitive
15:17 slef but database probably should have the same value
15:17 trea yea i was going to say there is no <database> tag for publicserver defined that i can see
15:18 slef oh the config is a bit interconnected
15:19 tcohen khall++
15:22 gaetan_B bye !
15:22 alex_a left #koha
15:23 trea got it working. thx all
15:23 trea koha++
15:26 kf joined #koha
15:26 slef oh this is fun
15:27 slef same report, different servers, similar test data... one produces the correct output, the other does not
15:28 slef if I put the report in the wiki library, could others try it for me, please?
15:28 oleonard Sure slef
15:28 mtompset joined #koha
15:28 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
15:29 tcohen inded
15:29 * slef does the wiki login shuffle
15:33 slef oleonard:[…]Library#Patrons_w.2F_Items_Issued_Today
15:33 slef and anyone else who'd like to help
15:33 slef it produces no output on one of the two servers I've tested
15:34 slef and the correct output on the other
15:34 slef I'm going to run a few queries on the statistics table of that server.
15:36 slef ok, the statistics table isn't being updated on the no-output server.
15:36 slef Have I forgotten to switch something on?
15:37 oleonard The statistics table should just work
15:40 mtompset bug 8519
15:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8519 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Make koha-index-daemon run on startup
15:41 slef ok, found the problem
15:41 slef someone has put a trigger into the mysql which is failing
15:41 kf that sounds like something customized?
15:41 Joubu bye ++
15:42 kf bye Joubu
15:42 slef kf: yes and not by us!
15:47 mtompset khall++ # thanks for the sign off.
15:48 khall glad to be of service!
15:49 kf bye all, have a nice weekend!
15:49 kf left #koha
16:01 melia joined #koha
16:02 wajasu jcamins: your patch looks like it should work.  going to apply it and test.
16:02 jcamins wajasu: thanks.
16:03 jcamins As I said, although your example of the output made sense to me, I wasn't able to reproduce the problem, even though I could reach the same code.
16:06 bag good morning
16:08 jcamins paul_p_: that's a weird one!
16:09 slef Bug[…]how_bug.cgi?id=-1 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bag, ASSIGNED, Move bag to a better timezone like CET or something
16:09 paul_p_ jcamins (you're talking of my mail about caching ?)
16:09 jcamins paul_p_: yup.
16:10 bag heh thanks slef
16:10 bag with coffee I can make any timezone ;)
16:10 jcamins paul_p_: try: perl -e "use Koha::Cache::Memcached; print 'hi';"
16:10 paul_p_ jcamins = I think it is. Even if I've found a very usefull command to be sure the cache is accessed: perl -MCache::Memcached -MData::Dumper=Dumper -le 'print Dumper(Cache::Memcached->new(servers => ["localhost:11211"])->stats);'
16:11 paul_p_ Can't locate Cache/Memcached/
16:11 slef do cardnumbers auto-generate on "Duplicate" for anyone else?
16:11 paul_p_ Can't locate Cache/Memcached/ in @INC
16:11 jcamins paul_p_: ooh, CHI didn't install properly.
16:11 * paul_p_ checking synaptic...
16:11 jcamins There's a patch adding that dependency.
16:11 jcamins I think you pushed it.
16:12 paul_p_ libcache-memcached-fast-perl not installed !!!
16:12 jcamins In Lenny, that used to be part of libcache-memcached-perl.
16:12 paul_p_ now it is, and the result is "hi" !!!
16:13 jcamins Okay, caching should be working for you now.
16:16 paul_p_ wonderfull = NEW with Koha::Cache::Memcached and $VAR1 = {
16:16 paul_p_ 'have_chi' => 1
16:16 paul_p_ };
16:18 jcamins paul_p_: note that you may get different performance results because you have Moose.
16:18 paul_p_ jcamins ???
16:18 wahanui jcamins is, like, A-Grade developper on Koha willing to rewrite it from top to bottom. Good Luck jcamins or a very naughty wahanui teacher
16:19 jcamins paul_p_: CHI uses Moose only if it is installed.
16:19 jcamins At least, that's what it seemed to me.
16:19 jcamins I didn't have Moose installed when I first wrote the CHI stuff, and it worked great.
16:19 jcamins Then I tried to set up Solr, and it started using Moose.
16:20 * paul_p_ has Moose IIRC
16:20 jcamins Exactly.
16:20 jcamins So people without Moose may see faster caching.
16:20 paul_p_ but caching works though = added a trace in get_in_cache, and saw = RETRIEVING getAllLanguages = ARRAY(0xcd23ddc)
16:21 paul_p_ ARRAY() means it's cached now !
16:21 jcamins Right. Caching will work either way.
16:23 trea anyone know what's required to store session log information in /tmp? I thought changing the sessionstorage syspref would do it, but no dice.
16:23 trea i'd like to start tracking messages regarding changing ip addresses
16:24 bag trea it couldn't be read/write access could it?  /me playing dumb
16:24 trea nope, there's other stuff in /tmp
16:25 mtompset trea, /tmp goes away on a reboot in Ubuntu.
16:26 trea not on ubuntu, but good info
16:26 gmcharlt trea: sthe sessionstorage syspref controls were the actual session state gets stored
16:26 slef ok it's bug 7068
16:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7068 major, P5 - low, ---, mjr, ASSIGNED , autobarcode not working when duplicating patrons
16:26 gmcharlt the session logging to /tmp would be turned on by uncommenting the calls to _session_log in C4/
16:29 trea thx gmcharlt. i'll give that a go
16:30 trea gmcharlt++
16:32 * wizzyrea wonders why her dev install does that and she never uncommented anything of the sort
16:32 trea mmm
16:35 Barrc1 left #koha
16:36 gmcharlt wizzyrea: well, the commit commenting that out was made last December ... are you running an ancient version or missing commit 00290e86197?
16:36 wizzyrea shouldn't be
16:36 gmcharlt because otherwise the alternative is that you have just discovered how to patch running code telepathically ;)
16:36 wizzyrea lol.
16:37 * wizzyrea didn't even know she wanted a sessionlog!
16:37 wizzyrea so not only telepathically
16:37 trea i'm geting booted as well from their catalog
16:37 trea but again, not consistently
16:37 * trea gets out a stopwatch
16:39 trea thx again #koha
16:39 trea excelsior!
16:39 trea left #koha
16:42 * wizzyrea is dumb, they are in fact commented out.
16:42 * wizzyrea goes and hides in a hole
16:43 mtompset you're not dumb wizzyrea, you're just delusional. :)
16:44 mtompset Don't worry... it happens to the best of us.
16:45 jcamins paul_p_: updated patches for bug 8597.
16:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8597 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fcapovilla, Passed QA , New theme for the OPAC with a mobile view
16:45 wizzyrea yay for being delusional.
16:45 * mtompset high fives wizzyrea. ;)
16:49 slef bug 7068 needs signoff
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7068 major, P5 - low, ---, mjr, Needs Signoff , autobarcode not working when duplicating patrons
16:50 slef ok, next problem, why have I no "All" in http://intranet:8080/cgi-bin/k[…]serials/
16:52 paul_p_ OK, guys, it's time to leave for me. the "passed QA" queue is almost empty ! Some are waiting for feedback, a few are still requiring my testing.
16:52 oleonard Thanks for all your hard work paul_p_
16:52 wajasu jcamins: that 8447 patch worked.  it saved by bib.  now it linked in subtag 9.    my pre-existing subtags ( p p and  v ) from the original biblio are empty.  is that the desired behavior?
16:52 paul_p_ on monday & tuesday, I doubt to have time to push patch, but maybe. on wed-fri, should be here
16:53 paul_p_ (only 2 weeks before Feature freeze ...)
16:54 slef oh my! bug 5342 is big
16:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5342 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Serial claiming improvements
16:54 cait joined #koha
16:55 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_8408' <[…]b85d4c70dd1cfc131> / Bug 8408 - Followup 2 - Add reference to renewing items. <[…]aa6c2dd76f5548a9f> / Bug 8408 - Followup - Fix broken messages. <[…]koha.git;a=commit
16:56 jenkins_koha Starting build #819 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #773 2 mo 5 days ago)
16:56 jcamins wajasu: probably not, but I think I'd need an example of what you're talking about.
17:00 slef git/rebase-apply/patch:296: tab in indent
17:00 * slef kicks stuff
17:00 mtompset :set ts=4? :)
17:01 slef mtompset: 1. not my patch; 2. wrong editor
17:02 mtompset tr? :)
17:02 mtompset (if you're frustrated enough)
17:02 slef error: koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/e​n/modules/acqui/ patch does not apply
17:02 slef Patch failed at 0001 Bug 7298 Export late orders as csv
17:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7298 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , export late orders, with # of claims and claim dates
17:02 slef if anyone else would like a go
17:03 mtompset Nope... it's the weekend.
17:03 mtompset weekend?
17:03 wahanui hmmm... weekend is partyin', partyin', partyin' YAH!
17:03 mtompset Because saturday comes after friday. ;)
17:03 mtompset friday?
17:03 wahanui hmmm... friday is It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday
17:04 slef weekend is cancelled
17:04 slef feature freeze approaches
17:04 slef is export late orders working for anyone at the moment?
17:05 cait there is a patch waiting
17:05 cait or was that late serials?
17:05 cait i got confused
17:05 cait what does not work for you slef?
17:05 * mtompset laughs.
17:05 slef late serials I think
17:05 mtompset Sorry.
17:05 cait do you have a claim counter already?
17:06 slef nope... was looking at that patch too, but it looks like a mess
17:06 slef bug 5342
17:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5342 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Serial claiming improvements
17:06 cait I wanted to get back to that foever :(
17:06 cait it will actually be nice I think
17:06 cait and similar to how late orders work now, which is good
17:06 slef well my problem is that I see no checkboxes on the Serials: Claims listings
17:06 cait consistency is good
17:06 cait aah
17:07 cait do you have a claim notice defined?
17:07 cait I ran into this during the workshop presentation
17:07 slef Ah, no.
17:07 slef I was leaving that to the librarians.
17:07 cait i was highly irriated, maybe that's your problem :)
17:07 cait just create one with whatever in the right module
17:07 slef If we need that before the display is non-broken, we should provide a default.
17:08 cait yes
17:08 cait there is a bug for that even i think
17:08 cait the problem is I didn't want to write an english claim notice :)
17:08 mtompset sounds like a failed qa or a depends situation. :)
17:08 cait well the interface gives you a warning on top that you have no notice
17:11 slef bah, that fixed it. Thanks cait.
17:11 cait you are welcome
17:12 cait it least there weren't almost 30 people staring at you while fixing it :)
17:12 slef any thoughts on how to get "All vendors" in the list for vendors?
17:12 mtompset cait++
17:12 cait only vnedors with late serial issues show
17:12 cait which makes sense
17:12 slef yeah but you have to step through them one at a time?
17:12 cait hmm
17:12 cait at the moment, that might be so
17:13 cait the acq thing works nicer
17:13 cait but I think there was a problem with converting the table and filters
17:13 cait so we thought it should be done in a second step
17:13 cait kaizen... not too many things at once
17:14 slef should still note the second step in a bug somewhere
17:14 cait yeah
17:14 cait but it is how it currently works
17:14 cait so no regressoin
17:14 * slef makes a new bug
17:18 slef Bug 8740 has been added to the database
17:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8740 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Serials Claims should be exportable all at once
17:21 cait you are testing the new feature, right?
17:24 slef how do you mean? I have a test server for this, yes.
17:25 cait was wondering if you looked at master or master + patch
17:25 slef patch for which?
17:26 cait for the serial claim improvements
17:28 slef bug 5342 I was leaving until others figure it out, while Patch failed at 0001 Bug 7298 Export late orders as csv
17:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5342 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Serial claiming improvements
17:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7298 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , export late orders, with # of claims and claim dates
17:30 cait oh
17:32 libsysguy joined #koha
17:35 mtompset Good day (24 hour period) everyone.
17:42 slef Changes submitted for bug 8740
17:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8740 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mjr, Needs Signoff , Serials Claims should be exportable all at once
18:00 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #819: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 4 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/819/
18:00 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8206: Specify index in OPAC authority search
18:00 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8206 follow-up: Add Match index to MARC21 record.abs
18:00 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8206: make authority search indexes consistent
18:00 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8089: Use Koha::Cache for all caching
18:00 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8089: Cache sysprefs using Koha::Cache
18:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8206 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Add additional search options to authority browser in OPAC
18:00 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8089: Correct cache timeout to 1000
18:00 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8204 follow-up: don't display OpacNav on auth details
18:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8089 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Master , Use Koha::Cache everywhere
18:00 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8678: XSLT stylesheets output XML, but HTML is needed
18:00 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 8408 - Followup - Fix broken messages.
18:00 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 8408 - Followup 2 - Add reference to renewing items.
18:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8204 major, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Authority viewer in OPAC ugly, unfriendly, and mostly useless
18:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8678 major, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , XSLT stylesheets output XML, but HTML is needed
18:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8408 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Odd OPAC message when OPAC Renewals are disabled and OPACFineNoRenewals is set to blank
18:29 bag @seen sekjal
18:29 huginn bag: sekjal was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 6 days, 23 hours, 53 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <sekjal> gtg.  see ya, #koha!
18:55 rangi hmm +8 fails
19:00 Brooke joined #koha
19:00 oleonard Feeling better Brooke?
19:00 Brooke much :D
19:00 Brooke I must have slept as much as a koala yesterday
19:01 Brooke cait++
19:05 chris_n` joined #koha
19:08 rangi hmm members and budgets tests failing
19:09 cait eew
19:09 cait htat doesn't sound good at all
19:10 rangi http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/819/
19:12 rangi[…]44139209064075264
19:18 rangi ah well, i don't have time to look at that today, and its only been unstable for 46 builds now, whats another few
19:18 cait :(
19:23 oleonard Now let's see it in church sign form
19:23 rangi heh
19:24 cait heh
19:24 wizzyrea LOL!
19:25 wizzyrea hmm that moment when you ctrl-q instead of ctrl-w
19:26 rangi that reminds me of
19:26 rangi
19:26 rangi brb
19:26 wizzyrea[…]two-thumbs-up.jpg
20:14 tcohen joined #koha
21:11 nengard joined #koha
21:11 cait left #koha
21:12 nengard left #koha
21:20 JesseM joined #koha
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23:42 wajasu jcamins: i just got back. it looks like brendan (bag) signed off on your 8447 patch. so I am leaving that alone. BUT, both your patch and his are in attachments, maybe he forgot to obsolete the 1st one, and prefix with SIGNED-OFF
23:43 bag yup I did
23:43 bag :)
23:43 bag you can fix that if you want :)  I'm actually running out the door
23:43 wajasu ok,
23:43 bag thanks wajasu++
23:43 wajasu thanks bag.  i had a meeting.
23:44 jcamins wajasu: can you explain exactly what you meant when you described what the patch did, though? I'm curious.
23:44 wajasu i'm add  a test so QA has something to work with.
23:44 wajasu adding use case to bug now.
23:47 jcamins wajasu: based on the description you just posted on the bug, the patch does not fix it.
23:47 jcamins (where "it" = the problem)
23:48 wajasu it at least allows biblios to be saved. i think we need to work on how to merge authorites which is complex.  but we can continue to work it in this bug if you like.
23:48 jcamins No, the current patch makes it MUCH WORSE.
23:48 jcamins We go from an error to the system deleting data.
23:49 wajasu ok. lets continue working it.
23:49 wajasu how do you want it to behave?
23:49 jcamins I want it to not delete data.
23:49 wajasu merge, interleaving new data?
23:49 jcamins There's no merging happening here.
23:49 jcamins Or shouldn't be.
23:51 wajasu iin the map, are you cloning/copying the @subfields into the "new" field?
23:52 jcamins I wish I knew why I can't get the indicator error with the exact same configuration.
23:52 jcamins Oh, I see.
23:52 wajasu is the order wrong?   0 => 1   should be 1 => 0?
23:53 jcamins And by "I see" I mean "I have a working theory that you will test for me."
23:53 jcamins No, at this point the map is fine.
23:55 jcamins There were two issues. A potential issue with a map, and a potential issue with $field.
23:55 jcamins New patch for you to test.
23:55 jcamins Out of curiosity, are you using Plack?
23:56 wajasu i read up in it, and started to. but was holding back for koha until i see you are ready for it.
23:56 wajasu i will test it. but i have a dinner i need to leave for. but will test whatever you leave and can work it later tonight.
23:57 jcamins It's ready to go.
23:57 jcamins Thanks.
23:57 wajasu see it. later.

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