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03:03 wajasu ok. reading up on everyones effort for bug 8607 and bug 8673
03:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8607 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , overdue_notices is broken
03:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8673 was not found.
03:03 wajasu i mean 8378
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05:59 mtj sorry, very off-topic, but interesting ->[…]man-behavior.html
05:59 mtj … the bacon story is just bizzare?! O_o
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06:05 mveron Good morning #koha
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06:12 * magnuse waves
06:16 * cait waves too
06:17 * magnuse waves at cait
06:24 cait :)
06:27 mtj ooh marcgrep ->
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06:28 * mveron waves to everybody
06:37 * mhk shall not lurk here.
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06:39 cait hi matts
06:39 matts hi !
06:39 cait hi mveron, mbalmer and all
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06:44 julian_m hello
06:44 wahanui hey, julian_m
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06:50 mtompset Greetings, $koha.
06:50 mtompset #koha.
06:50 mtompset Anyone here? :)
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06:52 reiveune hello
06:56 mtompset Greetings, reiveune
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07:02 mtompset AHA!
07:02 mtompset I triggered the error again. YAY!
07:02 mtompset I think I'll ignore it. :)
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07:03 gaetan_B hello #koha
07:03 mtompset Greetings, gaetan_B
07:03 gaetan_B salutations mtompset ;)
07:04 * mtompset feels loved.
07:04 mtompset You remembered. :)
07:10 mtompset Comme ca va, gaetan_B? (sorry if my French is rusty. I don't practice what they taught in highschool.)
07:10 mtompset Greetings, matts
07:15 mbalmer hi cait!
07:15 mbalmer (and all of koha)
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07:16 mtompset mblamer?
07:16 mtompset Hmm... is the bot missing? or are you now undefined, mbalmer?
07:17 gaetan_B ça va bien mtompset ! but don't worry, i don't expect people to master french ;)
07:17 gaetan_B (i do a lot of mistakes myself!)
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07:19 drojf hi #koha
07:20 mtompset Yes, but it is nice to use a person's language if you even know un petite peu.
07:20 mtompset People appreciate it. :)
07:20 mtompset Greetings, drojf.
07:20 drojf hey mtompset
07:20 wahanui i guess mtompset is currently in the Philippines and is coding up a bash script storm in the midst of seasonal typhoons.
07:21 mtompset No... today I'm back at looking at Koha code.
07:21 mtompset wahanui: forget mtompset
07:21 wahanui mtompset: I forgot mtompset
07:21 mtj anyone have any koha + (vufind or blacklight) stories?
07:23 mtompset Sorry. I do not, mtj.
07:24 mtj oooh, and Koha + DAISY? a worthy idea :)  ->[…]ital_Talking_Book
07:25 mtj via a firefox plugin ?
07:26 mtj … FF plugin looks a little non-active recently tho… :(
07:26 mtj "Currently only works in Firefox 3.x and not in Firefox 4+. Further development is under consideration."
07:29 magnuse hehe
07:29 drojf mtj: i'm not familiar with DAISY but maybe it's possible to enhance bug 8377 to support this?
07:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8377 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Signed Off , Show HTML5 video/ audio for media files in OPAC and staff client
07:30 mtj meh, afaict, no current  FOSS software players for DAISY :(
07:31 drojf[…]isy-html5-player/
07:32 mtompset FOSS?
07:33 rangi be better if it was ogg, not mp3, thats an issue for any FOSS player
07:33 mtompset wahanui: FOSS is Free and Open-Source Software.
07:33 wahanui OK, mtompset.
07:33 rangi but afaict its just another thing to catalogue
07:33 mtompset afaict?
07:33 * rangi will continue to resist storing things in Koha .. there are tools for that already, storing metadata is fine
07:34 mtj 'as far a i can tell'
07:34 mtompset wahanui: afaict is As Far As I Can Tell.
07:34 wahanui OK, mtompset.
07:34 mtompset wahanui should know these, for people who don't.
07:34 wahanui mtompset: wish i knew
07:34 mtj woah DASIY uses mp3 ?!
07:35 drojf that's what wikipdia said
07:35 rangi yep
07:37 mtj wow  so it is  -   what a fail ?!
07:38 mtj oh well, its fixable surely?
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07:39 kf good morning #koha
07:39 mtj ie: update the spec to use ogg, send the ogg patch, etc… :)
07:39 rangi its just a standard for audio material, im not sure how/why  we would want to do anything more than catalogue DAISY items
07:40 mtj drojf++ thanks , nice link :) i have found some other  examples too
07:41 mtj i think i mean 'DAISY has no FOSS players, for a browser'
07:41 * rangi is failing to see the link with Koha
07:42 mtj Koha opacs with text-to-speech readers, for disabled people
07:42 rangi surely thats a browser thing
07:42 rangi not a koha thing
07:42 rangi i think making sure koha works well with screen readers is a better goal
07:43 drojf if you want to offer the contents directly from the opac it's a koha thing ;)
07:43 rangi it'd still be a browser thing
07:43 mtj well, text-to-speech has got nothing to do with koha, from a configuration perspective, but….
07:44 rangi mtj: daisy isnt for doing on the fly text to speech
07:44 rangi things like JAWS do that
07:44 mtj yeah.... :)
07:44 rangi making koha work well with that, would be far more useful, most visually impaired people will have a player already
07:44 rangi lupin already did a lot of work on that
07:45 rangi the OPAC is pretty good, and as long as we keep labelling things with good labels, not stupid things like click here :) it will continue to be good
07:45 rangi but the staff client has issues
07:45 mtj ok ok, problem solved already :)
07:46 kf hm not solved - ongoing effort I would say
07:46 rangi afaik (ill check with julius (our accessibility expert) tomorrow) DAISY is dead
07:47 rangi superceded by all the crappy drm ridden audiobook formats
07:47 mtj rangi++ thanks, awesome info
07:49 mtj bah,  JAWS is  non-free
07:49 mtj -> http://www.freedomscientific.c[…]-product-page.asp
07:51 rangi yep, there are some free software readers, but they suck
07:51 mtj rangi, is there better FOSS software.  similar to DAISY ?
07:51 mtj gotcha
07:51 rangi daisy is a file format, not a screen reader
07:51 rangi totally diffferent things
07:51 rangi ill ask julius what the current least sucky one is
07:51 kf I think lupin worked on some too
07:51 rangi it's handy having a blind colleague
07:52 kf for linux
07:54 mtj rangi, oops yeah, i'm getting DAISY mixed up as a webbrowser text-to-speech player, not a file spec :/
07:55 mtj they *are* totally different :p
07:55 rangi :)
07:55 mtj SLAPPPPP
07:55 mtj ok, next...
07:56 rangi nvda i think
07:56 rangi is one ive heard of
07:56 rangi lots here
07:56 rangi[…]of_screen_readers
07:57 mtj theres a weird similar level of software fail in the text-speech market, as library market
07:57 rangi yes
07:58 mtj often project with best intentions… but software built on closed-source software stacks...
07:58 rangi yup
08:04 mtj like, the offical DAISY consortium player - built using windows MFC
08:08 rangi[…]090/tasman-street
08:25 magnuse lol
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08:31 rangi mtj: have you seen the new vodafone ad?
08:32 mtj nope, 1 tic...
08:32 mtj url even?
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08:33 mtj rangi,  girl on swing and little doggy ? :)
08:34 rangi mtj:[…]XsI8&feature=plcp
08:35 mtj my fav.. kimbra live with a sampler  ->
08:35 rangi i like the robot dolphin
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08:37 mtj yay for computers! :)
08:37 rangi hey eythian
08:37 wahanui hmmm... eythian is in NZ. ;) or a good influence
08:38 eythian hello
08:40 kf hello eythian :)
08:41 kf rangi: the dolphin is great :)
08:42 mtompset Love the subtitle: "That dolphin swallowed a man!"
08:44 mtj rangi, cheers, that was great :)
08:58 mtj although, i found the use of the possum to sell a 'product' on television, exploitative and offensive :/
08:59 mtj if it had been a dog, well…. there would have been a public outcry!
08:59 rangi thats cos dog cheese is gross
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09:06 * magnuse wonders at the "ethnicity" field in the borrowers table, again
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09:07 kf magnuse: yeah - it's hard to explain that - I had to for the privacy documents
09:08 kf not sure if we could delete it? I think you can't put something in there since 3.0
09:08 kf at least
09:09 magnuse you can probably give it a default value when you import borrowers? and set it in a spreadsheet that you import?
09:09 magnuse but i don't think it's displayed anywhere?
09:10 kf hm no, don't think it is
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09:12 mag hi
09:13 kf hi mag
09:14 mag can anybody guide how to import opensource and other purchased resources like Springer and Taylor and francais in koha
09:15 kf mag: it depends on the format you get the data in
09:15 kf mag: to import into koha you need marc21 records
09:16 mag fine, would it be only biblio data
09:16 mag or ebooks and journal articles
09:16 kf bibiographic data can describe anything
09:16 kf you can describe any media in marc21 - but koha is not a digital library
09:17 kf currently it doesn't support uploading pdf for example - you normally have the links in your records and then that's how you access the information on another server
09:17 mag thats it
09:17 kf mag: where are you from?
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09:18 mag but if i want to get data on any subject with links on say springer
09:18 kf wb eythian
09:18 magnuse kia ora eythian
09:18 eythian hi
09:18 eythian waiting for the talk on MARC::MIR to start
09:18 kf ah :)
09:18 eythian I hope it acknowledges that MARC is terrible :)
09:19 kf it probably will
09:19 kf mag: sorry, Iam not sure what you want to do
09:19 mag i want to import biblio info on marc from other source
09:21 kf if you have marc data from the vendors or sources you use the normal staged marc import
09:21 kf manual?
09:21 wahanui manual is at
09:21 kf you can find the information in the manual in the tools section - staged marc import
09:22 magnuse eythian: how could it not? ;-)
09:22 eythian magnuse: an excellent point
09:24 mag i m trying to do it directly from internet
09:25 magnuse eythian: this is a general perl conference, right? not a library specific thing?
09:26 eythian yeah
09:27 drojf mag: what kind of source?
09:28 drojf is the koha wiki down?
09:28 magnuse eythian: and there is a talk on marc? wow!
09:28 eythian yeah, ex biblibre person it turns out.
09:29 asaurat Marc Chantreux ? =)
09:29 magnuse and he is called MARC Chantreux, i think ;-)
09:29 kf eiro
09:29 eythian that's the one
09:32 mtompset MARC ... nice play on words.
09:32 asaurat hehe
09:35 rangi drojf: looks like it
09:35 wahanui looks like it is probably a replicate of /usr/share/koha/misc
09:38 eythian OK, so far a lot about how marc is bad :)
09:39 eythian and how marc::record, marc::moose etc are bad. I can agree so far :)
09:43 mtj hmm, why is marc::record bad?
09:44 eythian It's just not very nice to use, although I think a lot of that is being close to MARC
09:46 mtj ah yep, still … its at least improvable
09:46 eythian hmm, this doesn't look too bad really. it has iterators, grep, map etc.
09:46 mtj regexs even, too?
09:47 eythian any_field { tag eq '010' and say value } $record
09:48 magnuse there is a marc::moose?
09:48 eythian apparently
09:48 eythian I've never seen it
09:48 magnuse wow
09:48 eythian oh, this makes a DSL to operate on MARC
09:48 magnuse by none other then fredericd, even
09:48 mtj is their a turbomarc 'converter' anywhere?
09:49 mtj ie: a marc2turbomarc tool
09:49 magnuse dsl?
09:49 mbalmer domain specific language
09:49 magnuse ah, thanks mbalmer
09:49 eythian with_fields { @$_ = grep {(tag) !~ /^9/} @$_ } $record;
09:50 mbalmer fwiw ;)
09:50 magnuse DSL is[…]specific_language
09:51 kf DSL?
09:51 wahanui it has been said that DSL is[…]specific_language
09:51 eythian also yaml to MARC conversion as part of the module, with names (e.g. 'author') for fields.
09:51 eythian and translator plugins to make this work
09:52 kf hm isn't gmcharlt maintainer of marc::record
09:52 kf ?
09:52 magnuse kf: yup, think so
09:56 mtj fredericd++ marc::moose == impressive!
09:57 mtompset But it is copyright 2012, so MARC::Moose is very new, it would seem.
09:57 magnuse i get a failing test when i try to cpan it
10:00 mtompset Okay, I know we aren't suppose to have indentation wars, but have we a standard that is preferred? I hate reading code, and having to change the tab-sizes multiple times in the same function.
10:01 mtompset (i.e. one section is written with one size, and another part with another, and another with spaces)
10:03 magnuse coding guidelines?
10:03 wahanui coding guidelines are[…]Coding_Guidelines
10:04 mtompset Seems the wiki is down.
10:05 kf mtompset: I rmember telling you it's 4 spaces
10:05 kf and that you are only supposed to reindent your new code and where you change code - to keep history ;)
10:06 mtompset kf, I blame my medications for my poor memory. :P
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10:06 eythian it's 4 spaces, but there is Old Code in there
10:08 eythian this marc::mir thing looks good
10:08 kf hm, does someone remember who hosts the wiki?
10:08 magnuse kf: it's on the wiki ;-)
10:09 kf yeah, that's the problem :)
10:09 rangi equinox
10:09 magnuse moahaha
10:09 kf gmcharlt: ping?
10:09 rangi unlike he is awake
10:09 kf true
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10:19 eythian Was briefly talking to a guy from the Berlin state library. He has the idea that Koha won't work with their size (12mil records)
10:19 drojf why would it not?
10:20 eythian I think he has the idea that it's for small libraries.
10:20 rangi state libraries dont circulate much
10:20 rangi it will work just fine
10:20 drojf i think that has been long ago
10:20 drojf with the small ibraries
10:20 eythian yes, I said that.
10:20 eythian We're going to be chatting over beers this evening.
10:20 rangi a 500k library that does circ would be much more demanding
10:20 drojf rangi: i think they curculate a lot
10:21 eythian along with the marc::mir guy
10:21 magnuse i think the idea that koha is only suitable for small libraries is widespread
10:21 rangi drojf: probably not like delhi public
10:21 magnuse i think it's related to the "if it's free it can't be any good" idea
10:21 kf eythian: do you remember who it was? I saw a familiar name on the list of attendees
10:21 drojf rangi: no idea. we get quite some books from them for the non-koha project i work at
10:21 mtompset What was that article link you posted a while back, rangi?
10:22 eythian kf: I didn't get his name, though he knows you :)
10:22 mtompset It addresses this.
10:22 rangi number of records is meaningless
10:22 rangi all you need for that is diskspace
10:22 eythian _I_ know that, he didn't :)
10:22 rangi yep
10:22 kf eythian: scary :)
10:22 rangi its a widespread library thing
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10:22 kf well, say hi from me then, just in case :)
10:22 * eythian makes a note to add that to my presentation, actually
10:22 rangi because proprietary vendors use numbers of biblios to rort libraries
10:24 rangi maybe i should do that presentation at kohacon13
10:25 slef rort?
10:25 rangi lies proprietary vendors will tell you
10:25 * slef runs patches2bugs
10:25 rangi
10:25 eythian slef: don't run that, run patches2fixes
10:25 kf I think they do a lot of ILL
10:25 kf and circ in house
10:25 mtompset Ah... sounds like FUD, rangi. ;)
10:26 rangi mtompset: its not really fud, its lies about their own stuff
10:26 slef Nameserver not responding :-/  Who broke
10:27 slef "The term is also used as a verb to mean the act of defrauding, as in "He rorted the system". "
10:27 slef live+learn
10:27 mtompset Ah... okay. They aren't using FUD to get people to buy theirs. They are rorting people about the lack of awesomeness of their own product.
10:27 drojf rort'n'roll
10:29 rangi mtompset: they use artificial metrics to charge more, oh you have 2 million records, it will cost more
10:29 rangi this perpetuates the myth that numbers of biblio records is a useful thing to measure
10:30 mtompset it is only useful for determining disk space and RAM you need. :)
10:30 slef I prefer user accesses and circulation activity, but no-one seems to have that ready :-/
10:30 rangi yep
10:31 rangi thats a useful metric
10:31 slef let's be generous and hope they have rules of thumb for biblios:activity
10:31 slef bbl
10:32 mtompset for a minute there, I thought the wiki was back... not quite.
10:34 kf yeah circ stats are hard to get by
10:34 kf and you still have to find some kind of metric for non circulating libraries
10:35 mtompset non-circulating libraries?
10:36 kf libraries that don't borrow books?
10:36 slef mtompset: research and archive collections, mainly
10:36 mtompset[…]ncirculating.html seems to be a good explanation for that.
10:36 slef the most entertaining ones I've met are company libraries where no books leave the building - they just change location between offices
10:37 mtompset slef: that's not really an organized library, but I know exactly what you mean.
10:37 slef mtompset: I think their librarians would object to that ;)
10:38 mtompset well, considering the companies that I experienced that in didn't have a librarian, no one would object. ;)
10:38 slef They've "branches" in each building and then some get located in staff offices if the librarians think it would be helpful for a case that they are working on.
10:39 slef at least at one firm I remember
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11:23 kf gmcharlt: ping?
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12:02 clrh koha-community wiki is down ?
12:06 kf clrh: yes
12:06 kf clrh: I think equinox is hosting it
12:07 clrh snif
12:11 kf hm maybe we shoudl mail gmcharlt?
12:11 jcamins_away kf: there hasn't been any activity on the EG channel yet, so I think Equinox hasn't opened for business today yet.
12:11 kf ah
12:11 kf thx jcamins_away
12:12 jcamins Good morning, #koha.
12:12 kf and good morning :)
12:16 magnuse kia ora jcamins
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12:42 kf wb eythian
12:43 eythian hiya
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12:59 wajasu kf: i guess the overdue_notice has a lot more things wrong with it.  i'll work on it some more (triggerring).
13:00 kf wajasu: did you see my second comment?
13:01 kf my test case got a bit confused with midnight :)
13:01 kf the triggering seems alright in master
13:01 kf the problem is after your patch the listing does not work - only one item appears
13:01 kf and the fine still not :(
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13:09 wajasu puzzling. but i'll try it with your use case.  i had actually seen multiple itmes handled, so i never got into that code.
13:09 kf wajasu: my items were on the same record - maybe that's another edge case to look into
13:09 * kf gets out a net to catch eythian next time he arrives
13:13 tcohen morning #koha
13:13 wajasu yeah, another path in the code. i know there are lots of rules. i i'll find the other path.
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13:17 jcamins tcohen: good morning. You were missed over the weekend.
13:17 tcohen hi jcamins
13:17 koyauni hi
13:17 tcohen what was going on this weekend?
13:18 jcamins We had a Spanish speaker in need of some help.
13:18 tcohen oh
13:18 koyauni do you know what is wrong with
13:18 koyauni it does not resolve
13:18 jcamins He used Google translate to translate what he wanted to say into English, and I used Google translate to translate what I wanted to say into Spanish.
13:18 jcamins It's probably on the same server the wiki is on.
13:18 tcohen next time mail me, i will get it in my phone
13:19 jcamins We managed to get things working, but it probably would've taken you all of five minutes. ;)
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13:20 tcohen hehehe
13:21 koyauni I am new to koha what will the best pack to install, I have a dedicated server running Debian 6+ , but I have many domains on this server, I want koha to run under one of my subdomain,
13:21 jcamins It reminded me why I need to learn Spanish. :)
13:22 jcamins koyauni: you should use packages. At the moment the wiki is down, but there are instructions on the wiki you should follow.
13:22 druthb joined #koha
13:25 koyauni will be any config to point koha to a subdoamin in a package installation?
13:25 jcamins koyauni: yes, you can do that.
13:26 drojf joined #koha
13:29 koyauni what is the nam of the package please
13:29 jcamins koha-common
13:29 wahanui somebody said koha-common was the one you want, the main koha one needs a bit more work (its for setting up a single instance)
13:34 koyauni ok, thanks, I guess I have to wait for wiki to come up, I think it is better to use google CODE and Group for your documenation so you skip server issues like this
13:34 jcamins koyauni: other than the fact that if you use Google code you're relying on Google.
13:34 jcamins And are limited to the small subset of functionality that they think you should be allowed.
13:37 jcamins wiki's back.
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13:38 * tcohen has become a Koha translator this weekend
13:38 jcamins gmcharlt: berick got the wiki restarted.
13:38 koyauni cool thanks!
13:38 jcamins packages?
13:38 wahanui somebody said packages was at
13:38 jcamins ^^ follow those instructions.
13:39 koyauni so I use stable version then
13:40 jcamins Yes.
13:42 koyauni do I need to do this first
13:42 koyauni[…]tep:_Install_Koha
13:42 koyauni or that is only for development
13:42 jcamins No, you need to follow the instructions.
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13:43 jcamins Are you setting up a development environment?
13:43 gmcharlt the wiki VM ran out of memory at 07:00 EDT today -- we'll keep an eye on it
13:43 tater joined #koha
13:43 jcamins gmcharlt: thanks.
13:44 kf yay :)
13:44 kf gmcharlt: thx :)
13:44 kf equinox++ :)
13:46 koyauni I add this file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/koha.list and add this line deb squeeze main to it please?
13:46 jcamins Is that what it says in the instructions?
13:46 koyauni it says, To get the stable 3.8 release, add this to a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/koha.list file:
13:46 jcamins There you go.
13:47 kf ooh news about the search rewrite on the mailng list
13:47 kf and cool news too
13:48 jcamins koyauni: You should work your way through the instructions, and ask questions only if you run into problems. Since you have decided not to pay for support, you're going to be on your own.
13:49 drojf sponsors++
13:49 koyauni :) thank you, there is reason no seek pay support, we are in Iraq with no banking system,
13:49 koyauni and it is hard to get old men to pay attention to new tech
13:50 koyauni but man have to do what have to do
13:53 wajasu i was trying to apply a patch.  anyone ever see this  => fatal: cannot convert from UTF-8utf-8 to UTF-8
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13:54 koyauni when I run this    wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -
13:54 koyauni it says sudo: command not found
13:56 koyauni I think your wiki, should say, if you miss sudo, run apt-get install sudo
13:56 jcamins wajasu: I have. If you manually delete the second encoding line it will work.
13:56 jcamins koyauni: you'll need to install sudo.
13:56 jcamins koyauni: if you're new to Linux, I have a list of readings at[…]koha-learn-linux/
13:57 jcamins You could edit it.
13:57 jcamins However, the wiki assumes (quite reasonably) that you know how to use Linux.
13:58 gmcharlt chris_n: by the by, where is your mariadb branch nowadays?
13:58 kf wajasu: yes, look at the patch file, there is a doubled up encoding declaration
13:58 kf wajasu: remove one of those and the patch will apply
13:59 kf well... if there is no other conflict :)
14:04 kf @wunder Konstanz
14:04 huginn kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 28.4°C (4:00 PM CEST on August 21, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 21.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
14:04 jcamins @wunder 11375
14:04 huginn jcamins: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Jackson Heights NY US, Corona, New York is 21.7°C (9:32 AM EDT on August 21, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
14:04 druthb @wunder 66046
14:04 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Near Lawrence High School, Lawrence, Kansas is 20.0°C (9:02 AM CDT on August 21, 2012). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 23%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Rising).
14:05 talljoy @wunder 76109
14:05 huginn talljoy: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Benbrook TX US, Fort Worth, Texas is 20.6°C (8:24 AM CDT on August 21, 2012). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 19.0°C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016 hPa (Rising).
14:05 talljoy druthb: we have similar weather....although we have some of this wet stuff floating around
14:06 koyauni when this run : wget -o- | sudo apt-key add -
14:06 druthb none o' that here.
14:06 koyauni it says no vaild gpg.asc pack found
14:06 jcamins You need a capital O.
14:08 jcamins (wget -O-)
14:12 kf oh, a one eyed smiley
14:13 edveal left #koha
14:13 koyauni thanks that did it , and loads of commands are running now
14:13 druthb kf:  O-)
14:14 magnuse a cyclop!
14:14 * kf hides
14:14 druthb Hi, magnus! :)
14:14 druthb O-)
14:14 jcamins koyauni: excellent!
14:14 magnuse hiya druthb
14:19 talljoy i want a cyclops.  lol
14:19 talljoy -O)
14:19 talljoy no that wasn't it.
14:20 kf -O
14:20 talljoy -O
14:20 druthb O-)
14:20 talljoy lol
14:20 kf O-)
14:20 talljoy 0-)
14:20 talljoy o-)
14:20 kf O - )
14:20 talljoy phew
14:21 druthb I wonder....
14:21 druthb O-(
14:21 druthb Nope.  Can't give someone the Cyclops Evil Eye.
14:21 jcamins druthb: a street sign on a hill? :)
14:22 libsysguy here is a cyclops poked in the eye *-(
14:22 libsysguy maybe this one {0-)
14:23 talljoy keep tyring
14:23 talljoy s/tyring/trying/
14:24 talljoy altho you are tiring me out already today
14:24 * druthb wields trout, and waves it menacingly at libsysguy.
14:24 * libsysguy puts on his crash helmet D)
14:24 talljoy lol
14:25 koyauni I am using a subdomain as for users and  for admins, how do I put this in /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf
14:25 asaurat >-(
14:25 magnuse Ø-)
14:26 libsysguy |-(
14:26 talljoy }-/
14:26 druthb :-/
14:26 druthb O:-)
14:26 asaurat haha i like the |-(
14:26 asaurat the disappointed cyclop
14:26 libsysguy hehe
14:27 libsysguy here is a better helmet (|:-)
14:27 gmcharlt =|-)
14:27 druthb I liked D) better. looked like a full-face with a visor.
14:27 gmcharlt (cyclops wearing a hat that's too large)
14:28 jcamins koyauni: INTRASUFFIX=admin
14:32 koyauni should it be sufix or prefix of the main domain
14:32 jcamins What do you mean?
14:32 jcamins INTRASUFFIX=admin
14:32 jcamins INTRAPREFIX=""
14:32 koyauni I use libraryadmin should I write libraryadmin
14:32 jcamins OPACSUFFIX=""
14:32 jcamins OPACPREFIX=""
14:32 jcamins No, juset set INTRASUFFIX=admin
14:32 koyauni ok
14:32 jcamins And you set the domain to
14:33 koyauni with the dot before
14:34 jcamins Yes.
14:35 jcamins If you weren't using packages, you would have to edit the Apache configuration files manually.
14:36 eythian joined #koha
14:37 koyauni so this is working now, how does it know that it is the domain is access point for the application
14:38 jcamins When you do the koha-create command, it configures Apache with the subdomains we've discussed.
14:42 koyauni I use a dedicated server with mysql already on it,
14:42 koyauni so I do not need to run this sudo apt-get install mysql-server
14:42 koyauni am I right?
14:42 jcamins Right.
14:43 jcamins Provided you are certain that the MySQL server is on it.
14:45 koyauni yes, I run many websites and all of them using my sql DB,
14:46 eythian_ joined #koha
14:46 koyauni where does this koha put the DB? can I create that in my plesk panel for auto backup purposes
14:47 jcamins No, as we discussed, you need to let koha-create take care of the database.
14:47 jcamins It will be called koha_library.
14:47 jcamins Are you the same person who used the koyauni nick before?
14:48 * jcamins just realized that you might be someone else, in which case I'll find the logs of my conversation with your predecessor for you.
14:50 koyauni yes, I did, we installed this but the server was messed up and we lost all data in re installation so I am doing this for second time,
14:51 jcamins Okay. Since you're not real familiar with Linux, you'll need to follow the instructions, and then set up Plesk to backup the database.
14:53 koyauni I created but the does not work :(
14:54 jcamins Did you set up DNS?
14:54 koyauni joined #koha
14:55 koyauni sorry I was logged out, and lost the conversation,
14:55 jcamins koyauni: if you want to take a look at the previous times we've gone through this process, you can see the logs at the following locations:
14:55 jcamins[…]2-08-08#i_1046896
14:56 jcamins[…]2-08-09#i_1047381
14:56 jcamins Before you refreshed, I asked if you had set up DNS.
14:58 koyauni yes I did, I have that here
14:58 koyauni
14:58 koyauni hope it is correct
14:58 jcamins That's not DNS.
14:58 jcamins That's correct, but it has nothing to do with DNS. That's koha-sites.conf.
14:59 jcamins DNS is something your network administrator has to configure, so everyone knows what server hosts
14:59 jcamins I think we encountered this problem the second time we walked you through this as well, so you might want to check the logs.
15:00 koyauni ohh, that is fine since the site is working, you can access the domain now
15:00 koyauni but I do not see koha
15:00 jcamins Did you look at the logs I linked you to?
15:04 koyauni the access to the domain is solved now, we havecorrect DNS now, so all , and are working
15:04 jcamins Are you sure?
15:05 koyauni see what command returns when I run create
15:05 koyauni
15:05 jcamins That all looks fine.
15:05 koyauni do I need to zebra thing as well
15:06 jcamins It started Zebra.
15:07 koyauni ok, does DNS need to do more that opening the site at
15:07 reiveune1 bye
15:07 reiveune1 left #koha
15:07 jcamins You need to make sure that the DNS entry for is pointing to the correct server.
15:08 jcamins Just call up your sysadmin and tell him/her that you need it, and in a few hours it'll be working. :)
15:08 jcamins (there's a delay when setting up DNS)
15:12 wajasu kf: i think i have you test case set up (2 items)  1 day delay and 2 daya delay for overdue notice trigger.  circ rule charge interval 1 day. w/ fine 1.50. how did you force the overdue fine? by editing the db table date_due for the items to be relative to your current day? and running
15:12 kf by running
15:13 kf editing db tables is dangerous - easy to miss something that happens in RL
15:13 koyauni yes it does, as our sites are live
15:13 kf wajasu: you know that you can check out with a duedate in the past?
15:13 wajasu no i didn't
15:13 oleonard joined #koha
15:14 kf makes testing such things a lot easier :)
15:14 jcamins koyauni: please humor me and check that the DNS for is pointing to the exact same server that you just installed Koha on.
15:14 kf wajasu: use the date field and it will ask you for confirmation, but checks out fine and you have items immediately overdue
15:14 jcamins I get a Parallels page when I go to, which suggests that it is not.
15:15 oleonard Hi all
15:15 wajasu i'll do that.  i also noticed, paul p added bug 7447, but i tried to use it, but i can't get --date=2012-08-21  to work.  so i'll use your method.
15:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7447 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, paul.poulain, Pushed to Master , Allow to specify a date in
15:17 koyauni if it would not point to the same dedicated server would it still open the websites we have?
15:17 * oleonard tips his hat to huginn and slips him a shilling for the message delivery
15:17 kf wajasu: I am suspecting it doesn<#t work together with notice triggers :(
15:17 kf wajasu: I couldn't get the date option working with -t yesterday
15:17 kf oleonard: hope he had good news :)
15:17 jcamins koyauni: I don't know how you have your servers and DNS set up.
15:19 jcamins All I know is that I am getting a Parallels page.
15:19 jcamins I suspect the problem is you have a problem with your Plesk configuration.
15:19 jcamins Since you have to pay for Plesk, probably you could call their tech support and ask them what needs to be configured to add a new subdomain.
15:19 wajasu if a patron has $10.00 in fines, although i checked in the books, forgiving the fines, when i sign in as the patron, my items are checkd in, but i see the fines.  do i have to run fine.spl to reconcile? is that how it works?
15:20 jcamins At this point the problem is not with Koha. It's with the server configuration outside of Koha.
15:20 jcamins At least, that's my analysis.
15:20 koyauni I have already created my subdomain and I access to it
15:21 koyauni is in working order
15:21 koyauni but it does not show Koha
15:21 koyauni I have full control on my dedicated server
15:21 koyauni and Plesk is part of the server
15:22 jcamins You can take a look at the Apache virtual host configuration file, /etc/apache2/sites-available/library
15:22 koyauni so the subdomain resolves well,
15:22 koyauni ok
15:22 jcamins It could be you had a typo in the koha-sites.conf, in which case you could adjust the ServerName to match what you want.
15:23 koyauni I think we need some shortcuts to be created
15:23 jcamins You can configure your server however you would like.
15:23 koyauni I fixed the typo but reinstalling whole server that is why we lost data and started all over again
15:24 jcamins Then don't reinstall everything.
15:24 jcamins I don't see why you would want to.
15:24 koyauni the library file is in /etc/apache2/sites-available
15:25 jcamins Yes.
15:25 * oleonard cheers all those who are doing signoffs and QA'ing
15:25 jcamins If ServerName is wrong in either place, you can adjust it to whatever you want it to be.
15:25 oleonard Poor paul_p is going to have a big backlog of work when he comes back!
15:25 koyauni see what is says
15:26 jcamins There is nothing wrong with that. Your problem is with something other than Koha.
15:28 koyauni I think we need to create shortcuts to koha in vhosts
15:28 jcamins That may be. I don't know anything about Plesk.
15:33 koyauni please look at POINT #4 here[…]er/INSTALL.debian
15:34 jcamins The packages already took care of that for you.
15:34 jcamins If you followed the instructions.
15:34 jcamins If you look in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled, you will see the same library file.
15:36 koyauni no there is no library in there
15:37 koyauni /etc/apache2/sites-enabled there is no library but bunch of shortcut files,
15:37 jcamins Okay, I suspect Plesk had some way to prevent the packages from modifying the Apache configuration.
15:38 koyauni can I redo that step see if will make any difference
15:38 jcamins If that's true, you'll need to do the following:
15:39 jcamins Nah, better to just do the following:
15:39 jcamins Run: sudo a2enmod rewrite
15:39 jcamins Then run: sudo apache2ctl restart
15:40 jcamins Then run: sudo koha-enable library
15:41 koyauni please see
15:43 eythian joined #koha
15:45 jcamins And does it work now?
15:46 jcamins koyauni: why are you following different instructions?
15:46 jcamins Believe it or not, I actually know how to use the system. There's a reason I told you to follow the instructions I pointed you at.
15:46 koyauni no just found it, now I did those command you asked me
15:46 jcamins Okay.
15:47 jcamins Did you get any error messages?
15:48 koyauni I see a library short cut in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
15:48 koyauni no just went through
15:48 koyauni root@koyauniversity ~ # sudo apache2ctl restart root@koyauniversity ~ # sudo koha-enable library Restarting web server: apache2 ... waiting .
15:48 jcamins Okay, that all looks good.
15:49 jcamins If you still have a problem, it's definitely something to do with Plesk, I think.
15:49 koyauni shall I restart the server and see that will help
15:50 oleonard tcohen: Are you working on handling multiple book cover images gracefully?
15:50 koyauni I go get my child from nurery and be back in 2 hrs
15:51 koyauni if you come up with anything please add it to I will read it when I get back
15:52 tcohen oleonard, i'm currently working on making calendar work on our setup
15:52 jcamins koyauni: it's unlikely restarting the server will help. However, I don't know anything about Plesk.
15:52 oleonard tcohen: Was that something you had said you were going to work on, or did I misremember who was working on that?
15:53 koyauni I place a note on plesk forum see what will happen
15:53 tcohen you are right
15:53 tcohen i said I was willing to work on that
15:54 oleonard tcohen: When you start on it I'm interested to hear what your plan is
15:54 eythian_ joined #koha
15:54 tcohen ok, i'll let you know
15:54 tcohen (that was my plan anyway :-P)
15:55 eythian_ joined #koha
15:58 * oleonard feels that the current system is too clunky to allow enabling of both Amazon (for instance) and local images
16:00 wajasu kf: i applied 8519 koha-index-daemon, 8607 date not replaced, 8378 <fine> syntax not working, and after setting up your use case, and ran with calculate and charge in sysprefs, i got two overdue notices, one for each item overdue in the past two days, when i ran ./misc/cronjobs/ -n -t
16:00 gaetan_B bye !
16:03 wajasu kf: With templates filled in and one item in each notice:
16:03 wajasu Notice1 1 day overdue:
16:03 wajasu "The Tolkien collector" by , 828/.91209, Barcode: 888 Fine: £1.50
16:03 wajasu Notice2 2 days overdue:
16:03 wajasu "The Call of the wild " by , , Barcode: 999 Fine: £3.00
16:03 wajasu kf: do i need to run using email?
16:04 kf why did you apply the patch for the koha-index?
16:04 melia joined #koha
16:05 kf wajasu: what I did was running with -t and checking the contents of the message_queue table
16:05 kf it didn't work for me with EUR and GBP
16:05 wajasu i created a fresh empty db.  did webinstaller.  so when i add bibs and items via z3950, the indexer fineds them quickly and didn't need
16:06 kf it shouldn't matter here
16:06 kf but normally I woudl use master - so you can besure it all works
16:06 kf I think
16:06 kf wonder where the differenc eis
16:06 kf for me it should have been 2 items in the second notice
16:06 kf does this work for you? if you have more than one item overdue?
16:06 wajasu i didn't configure a default currency.
16:06 kf on the same date?
16:07 wajasu i agree.
16:08 wajasu when i originally tested it, i had two items due on the same date, and multiple showed in the notice.
16:08 kf it didn't work for me.
16:08 wajasu but the logic must not consolidate across days.
16:08 kf I am not sure where the difference is, but I reran the tests after I found out that it was past midnight
16:09 kf so I did it twice and it never worked :(
16:09 kf I can check the logs tonight, maybe they will show something
16:09 kf did overdues output warnings for you?
16:09 JesseM joined #koha
16:09 kf I had a pattern match warning
16:10 wajasu my patch took care of all those warnings.  undefined, etc.  unless you follwed a different code path.
16:11 kf I started from current master
16:11 kf applied the date patch, then yours
16:11 kf not much room to go wrong
16:12 wajasu i also am doing a standard install.  make install...  after applying the patch, the calls changes i made int, so as long as PERL5LIB is correct.
16:12 kf I am working with a dev installation
16:12 kf it wouldn't work at all if the path was not correct
16:12 wajasu true
16:13 kf no idea right now - will think about it and run some mor tests
16:14 wajasu ok. grabbing lunch.
16:14 kf I am leaving for today - bbl from home
16:14 wajasu ok. no problem.
16:15 kf test installation for this is htere too :)
16:16 kf left #koha
16:28 oleonard What are some reasons why an item wouldn't appear on The item in question is not lost
16:42 talljoy1 joined #koha
16:43 adnc_ joined #koha
16:51 oleonard Answer:  OpacHiddenItems
16:52 nengard left #koha
17:25 asaurat left #koha
17:33 libsysguy I think i want to start writing perl modules
17:34 libsysguy so I can make the user give me perfect input and deal with imperfect output
17:37 oleonard Is that what perl modules do?
17:40 jcamins lol
17:40 jcamins oleonard: that's so diplomatic of you. :)
17:43 cait joined #koha
17:44 cait hi all :)
17:44 druthb Hi, cait.  :)
17:45 cait hi druthb :)
17:50 wajasu jcamins: it was suggested somehwhere to add [format] headers = "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=\"utf-8\""  to avaoid mangling non-ACII chars in commit messages.  It seems my environment(git version or locale settings) puts that in already, so to avoid having double Content-Tpye lins in my SIGNOF patches, I'm just removing the [format] section from my .gitconfig
17:51 jcamins wajasu: when you remove the [format] section it fixes it?
17:51 wajasu yes.  thats what causes the duplicat Content-Type.
17:52 wajasu i tested with and without while soing a simple format-patch
17:52 jcamins Awesome!
17:53 wajasu it might be or might have been useful for folks with an older git version.  i din't test on my debian squeeze VM. let me see.
17:57 mtompset joined #koha
17:58 mbalmer joined #koha
17:58 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
18:00 mtompset How is the minimum version required number determined?
18:01 jcamins mtompset: the developer looks to see what version they have, and enters that.
18:01 jcamins Often.
18:01 mtompset Ah.
18:01 mtompset I decided to re-look at Ubuntu 8.04 for laughs.
18:02 mtompset 3.6 and 3.8 fail mostly because of Modern::Perl requirement.
18:02 mtompset However, even 3.4 had 31 dependencies that were missing or needed upgrading.
18:03 mtompset As does 3.2
18:09 mtompset If I install something from external repo X, and then the default repos come along with a newer version of that something, will it upgrade from the default repos?
18:10 jcamins Yes.
18:11 mtompset It would seem then that I need to take my linux skills up a notch and learn packaging.
18:12 jcamins It's easy.
18:12 jcamins See the reading list on the wiki.
18:12 jcamins That's what I used to learn how to package everything and its kid brother.
18:19 libsysguy anybody around here have any ajax experience?
18:20 * oleonard has a little
18:21 libsysguy I am working with the calendar.  I have perl returning a well formed JSON string and giving it to this function
18:21 libsysguy I am using this function[…]events_json_feed/
18:22 libsysguy but I get no data and the object shows up as empty in js
18:22 libsysguy put the dump in perl shows it as good
18:22 libsysguy my mind is boggled
18:22 libsysguy and I think the interwebz are stealing my data
18:22 oleonard FullCalendar is a new js dependency?
18:22 libsysguy yes
18:22 libsysguy err will be
18:23 libsysguy if my patch gets passed
18:25 oleonard libsysguy: Firebug shows nothing coming back from
18:25 wajasu libsysguy: you might try using wireshark to listen between client/server hosts and see if you can find your json being transported to the browser.
18:25 wajasu unless firebug suffices.
18:26 libsysguy let me check oleonard wajasu
18:26 * mtompset waves, "I'm off."
18:26 mtompset Bye.
18:27 libsysguy oleonard: it is getting what it should
18:27 libsysguy or at least that is what chrome is saying
18:27 libsysguy so maybe I am missing something with fullcalendar
18:27 libsysguy i didn't think I had to run the render again
18:35 nengard joined #koha
18:38 jcamins fredericd++
18:40 oleonard Gah, why is bash tab-completion in my VM so /slow!/
18:40 wahanui Hmm.  No matches for that, oleonard.
18:42 oleonard 12 seconds to tab-complete the name of a file in the current directory. My VM simply under-powered?
18:45 JoeLib001 joined #koha
18:47 JoeLib001 Hello. :-)
18:47 JoeLib001 Is the koha 3.8.4 release postponed?
18:47 jcamins oleonard: I can't use tab complete with git.
18:48 jcamins JoeLib001: nope, still expected out tomorrow.
18:48 jcamins As is 3.6.8.
18:48 JoeLib001 Ah, ok. 22nd.
18:48 JoeLib001 For some reason I was thinking the 21st. hehe. :-)
18:49 wajasu oleonard: are you searching over a mounted directory?
18:49 oleonard No
18:50 jcamins oleonard: to finish that thought, tab complete with git takes so long that I always just kill it.
18:50 oleonard jcamins: Oh, so it's in combination with git that it slows down?
18:51 jcamins oleonard: yeah. If you use ls for your tab completion, then change it to git whatever, it's fast.
18:51 * oleonard did not understand what you just said
18:52 jcamins oleonard: like so.
18:53 jcamins Type: ls koha-{tab}int{tab}-{tab}pr{tab}{tab}m​o{tab}acq{tab}whatever{tab}^a^d^dgit add
18:55 oleonard What is ^a^d^d ?
18:56 jcamins Ctrl-a Ctrl-d Ctrl-d.
18:56 jcamins You can replace Ctrl-d with delete.
18:56 jcamins Laptops don't have delete keys, and regular keyboards are too large to reach them.
18:56 oleonard I get it
18:58 wajasu i have /etc/bash_completion.d/git  on my archlinux and its fast.  Also, you can refer to some advanced stuff that may relate to your distribution.[…]n#Auto-completion
19:00 oleonard Looking at Bug 8624 and wondering why we include so many icons which aren't used
19:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8624 minor, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , famfamfam should be outside theme directory
19:00 jcamins oleonard: I have absolutely no idea.
19:00 jcamins I think it's the entire distribution.
19:01 druthb left #koha
19:02 Callender joined #koha
19:03 wajasu jcamins: i'm wondering if i should atempt to add tests to t/Overdues.t while I'm familiar with the code.
19:03 jcamins wajasu: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:04 oleonard wajasu: jcamins sounds ambivalent. Maybe ask someone else.
19:05 cait lol
19:05 cait I agree wholeheartedly with jcamins
19:06 wajasu ok.  thats my new pet project.  can i try to employ template toolkit to generate what notices should match to?  then it would be dual purpose.  maybe if/when its overhauled, we can cut down on lines of code with TT. (right now its a 28000 byte perl script)
19:06 jcamins That is to say, pip pip, sounds like a jolly fine idea.
19:06 jcamins Makes sense to me.
19:07 oleonard We include 1,156 famfamfam icons in the OPAC ?!!
19:08 cait huh?
19:08 oleonard /opac-tmpl/prog/famfamfam
19:08 cait please don't delete the little keyboard - because i use that :)
19:08 oleonard cait: In custom CSS?
19:09 cait
19:09 cait top left corner
19:09 cait and there is a howto on the wiki!
19:10 gmcharlt oleonard: nothing like covering *all* of the bases
19:10 jcamins Don't delete the magnifying glass either.
19:10 oleonard Alright, everyone vote for their favorites!
19:10 gmcharlt individually!
19:10 wajasu do we have any pages that currently do a master detail  view   with TT. for an example?  say
19:10 jcamins Bulldozer!
19:11 cait tree?
19:11 cait oleonard: are they big altogether?
19:11 cait I mean would probably not hurt having them and include the official ones into a sprite?
19:12 oleonard 4.5MB
19:12 cait hmm
19:13 koyauni joined #koha
19:13 oleonard[…]port_football.png
19:14 oleonard[…]/silk/rainbow.png
19:14 cait but... we need that
19:14 koyauni hi everyone
19:15 cait if a library wanted to borrow rainbows?
19:15 cait or footballs?
19:15 cait or to illustrate a opac news about the library football team that won the rainbow cup
19:15 oleonard Or if someone wanted to delete a lorry:[…]/lorry_delete.png
19:16 nengard jcamins, i went back to your original notes and you didn't say anything about it being experimental - so do you want me to make the manual say that you shouldn't use that preference in production?
19:16 cait oleonard: ok... maybe we have some that we don't need :)
19:17 koyauni anyone got experience with Koha on Debian with Plesk
19:18 koyauni I have installed Koha but it does not shown the subdoamin
19:18 koyauni very similar to this issue
19:18 koyauni[…]636717#post636717
19:19 nengard @later tell eythian - i already documented that in the manual: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]ml#serialtablefaq
19:19 huginn nengard: The operation succeeded.
19:19 cait nengard: I think he meant the database documentation :)
19:20 nengard yeah i figured that
19:21 wajasu i do a "git log" in my kohaclone.  i search forward for 7447, which was pushed to master. fine.  but when i look at misc/cronjobs/  i don't see the added --date option code it added? Hmm
19:22 jcamins nengard: yeah. It's a future expansion thing.
19:22 nengard okay
19:23 oleonard jcamins: What is the magnifying glass icon you mentioned?
19:23 jcamins oleonard: used in bug 5888.
19:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5888 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , opac-detail subject/author links improvements
19:23 jcamins And friends.
19:25 koyauni jcamins: I fond some similar issues to mine on Plesk but there is no answer to tread, please see[…]636717#post636717
19:26 oleonard[…]am/silk/drink.png
19:27 jcamins koyauni: probably you need to do something special to make an Apache virtual host show up if you're using Plesk. If you read the Plesk documentation I imagine it will explain somewhere, but I wouldn't know what to look for.
19:28 cait wajasu: hm not sure, if it's pushed it should show up
19:28 cait maybe you ar enot on the right branch?
19:29 wajasu i'm on master.  git log shows it in its history.
19:31 oleonard jcamins: Your magnifying glass icon isn't famfamfam, so you're safe.
19:31 jcamins oleonard: phew. I was worried.
19:31 oleonard :)
19:36 rangi Morning
19:36 cait morning rangi
19:36 wajasu hi
19:36 jcamins Morning.
19:36 wahanui well, morning is a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast.
19:36 cait oleonard is threatening to delete our icons for deleting lorries and having drinks...
19:37 koyauni this is better :[…]read.php?t=111215
19:37 rangi We have drink icons?
19:37 oleonard[…]am/silk/drink.png
19:37 rangi Do it
19:37 oleonard One of 1,156 famfamfam icons in the OPAC
19:38 * jcamins adds a "give me a drink" button to the staff interface.
19:39 oleonard I'd submit a patch, but we're down to 56 needs signoff and I wouldn't dare raise it.
19:39 rangi Hehe
19:39 * oleonard even did the homework rangi assigned yesterday
19:39 * jcamins is writing POD today.
19:39 cait I ddi my homework too!
19:40 cait well... half of it and wajasu claims it works for him...
19:40 cait jcamins: you could add a: want this search to work better? Buy me a drink button ;)
19:40 jcamins lol
19:40 cait getting donations for oyur search rewrite
19:40 rangi Chocolate fishes all round
19:40 oleonard Want to see page 2 of these search results? Buy me a drink
19:41 wajasu i reapplied my overdue_notice patch with kf's scenario and it worked for me.  she left for home earlier and said she was going to look thorugh her logs and analyze it some more.
19:41 oleonard Want to see page 2 of these search results? Buy me a drink!
19:41 * oleonard excuses himself for the hiccup
19:41 jcamins lol
19:41 rangi It was showing all overdues? Not just one?
19:42 * cait nibbles on her chocolate fish
19:42 rangi @wunder nzwn
19:42 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0°C (7:00 AM NZST on August 22, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Rising).
19:45 cait @wunder Konstanz
19:45 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 22.4°C (9:40 PM CEST on August 21, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 21.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
19:45 wajasu i didn't touch overdue generation logic.  just presentation.  i added 2 checkouts 1 2 daya prior and one 1 day prior.  with -t trigger two notices showed up, because there was a 1day trigger, and a 2 day trigger, but for different items.
19:46 wajasu it seems only books due the same day are consolidated into one notice.
19:46 cait wajasu: you need 3
19:46 cait 3 on the smae day
19:47 rangi Yes that
19:47 wizzyrea i wish huginn's weather bot would tell you what the wind speed is
19:47 cait hm meant 2 on the same day, but more than 1 :) 3 total, 2 different dates was what I did
19:47 rangi It should list all items
19:47 cait rangi: should only with --list-all option
19:47 cait else it should list in each notice the overdues for that trigger
19:48 rangi Yep
19:48 cait with -t --list-all all overdue items hsould be shown, without only those which due date matches the trigger
19:48 cait and -t should be documented in the help that shows with -h by the way...
19:49 rangi But it should never only show one when 2 match the trigger
19:49 cait hm interesting
19:49 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
19:49 cait wajasu: -t -n looks alright to me - have you tried without -n?
19:51 cait wajasu: yep, that seems to be it - -n shows the correct notices. if you create them and write them into the message_queue table, they are wrong. weird.
19:51 cait how nice... our test mode differs from waht really happens :(
19:53 cait wajasu: did I scare you away?
19:58 wajasu no. mom clled. she wins.
19:58 wajasu callled
19:59 cait ah
19:59 cait I updated the bug
19:59 cait and kf=cait... but tell noone...
19:59 cait rangi: would I get another chocolate fish for bug 8663?
19:59 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8663 normal, P3, ---, pelletiermaxime, Needs Signoff , Circulation rules hard due date calendar wrong format
20:00 rangi Yep
20:00 cait hm have to create a 3.8 instance...
20:01 rangi My stop bbiab
20:01 wizzyrea oleonard: that guy on the list, manos, that bug is the one we were working on yesterday right?
20:01 wizzyrea with the call number sort
20:02 oleonard yes
20:02 wizzyrea he probably just needs to set his asc to dsc and flip it back
20:02 wizzyrea so the value gets set
20:02 oleonard But he also wants the callnumber sort to work by default
20:03 wizzyrea your patch fixes that? or he wants relevance *then* call number
20:03 wizzyrea which kind of makes no sense but whatever.
20:03 wizzyrea @quote get 123
20:03 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
20:03 oleonard My patch enables sorting by call number by default which I think is what he wants
20:03 cait and if not - you still fixed a bug :)
20:03 wizzyrea ok, I was just wondering - should we tell him that lol
20:03 wizzyrea I will, if no one else wants to :P
20:04 oleonard That'd be great,thanks
20:04 wizzyrea okies
20:04 cait wizzyrea++ :)
20:04 cait and oleonard++
20:11 rangi back
20:18 oleonard Thanks for the follow-up email wizzyrea. I'm glad some of his bugs could be reproduced--I couldn't with the cover image bugs.
20:19 rangi me either
20:25 jenkins_koha Starting build #141 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:32 oleonard Bye #koha
20:33 rangi cya oleonard
20:33 cait bye oleonard
20:36 rangi
20:36 rangi someone have a minute to check the 3.8.4 tarball (looks ok to me)
20:36 rangi before i send out the release notes
20:36 rangi ahh forget that
20:36 rangi 2 secs im rolling a new one
20:36 mib_4qu37l joined #koha
20:37 cait updat ethe database? :)
20:37 rangi yep
20:37 cait :)
20:38 nancyk joined #koha
20:39 nancyk Hi, just testing for tomorrow morning.
20:39 rangi hi nancyk
20:40 rangi i wont be able to make it, its 3am nz time .. but i hope the meeting goes well
20:40 cait hi nancyk :)
20:40 nancyk see you tomorrow i hope.
20:40 wizzyrea anyone have thoughts on how to find the record that causes "utf8 xc3 does not map to unicode"
20:40 wizzyrea I was talking to someone about this a week or so ago
20:40 rangi ok, proper tarball now
20:40 wizzyrea now I have one of these pets to call my own.
20:41 wizzyrea http://catalog.nexpresslibrary[…]pl?q=deari&limit=
20:41 cait hm not sure
20:42 wizzyrea my thought is that it has to be something in a record that is wrong
20:42 rangi yep
20:42 wizzyrea i mean, duh.
20:42 wizzyrea but how do I find which one?
20:42 wizzyrea I've looked through biblio, and biblioitems, marc, and marcxml
20:42 rangi switch off xslt
20:42 wizzyrea oo
20:42 wizzyrea rangi++
20:42 rangi and see if you can then see the results
20:43 wizzyrea it'll then be one of those right?
20:43 rangi yup
20:43 rangi assuming that doesnt asplode too
20:43 wizzyrea hehe
20:44 wizzyrea hm no it's still asplodey even without xslt
20:44 wizzyrea same message
20:45 jcamins Yeah, that's an error in MARC::Record.
20:45 magnuse looks like the error happens in - that is in perl code, not xslt?
20:45 rangi yeah but i was hoping it was being called by the xslt rendering
20:46 magnuse ah
20:46 rangi you'll have to start throwing in warns to dump the biblionumber then
20:46 magnuse no more info in the logs?
20:46 wizzyrea don't have access to them :(
20:46 magnuse gah :-)
20:47 jcamins wizzyrea: do you have public Z39.50?
20:47 magnuse same error in the intranet?
20:47 wizzyrea yes, in both
20:47 wizzyrea and yes, I believe we do have public z39.50
20:48 wizzyrea suppose I could query it that way eh.
20:48 jcamins wizzyrea: connect via yaz, get a list of records, and try accessing them one at a time?
20:49 wizzyrea good idea
20:49 magnuse this works: http://catalog.nexpresslibrary[…]e_dsc&format=rss2
20:49 wizzyrea right which makes me think that it's an oldish record
20:49 wizzyrea one that is on the first page of results for deari
20:49 wizzyrea dearie also dies
20:49 wizzyrea same error
20:49 wahanui it has been said that same error is face earlier also
20:51 jcamins It's the eighth result for "deari".
20:51 jcamins (tested by lowing count until it worked.
20:51 jcamins *)
20:51 jcamins lowering
20:51 wizzyrea lol
20:51 wizzyrea wow. nice work there.
20:52 wizzyrea but… what is it! lol.
20:52 jcamins Now you connect with yaz, find out what the eighth record is, and know which record needs to be recreated.
20:53 wizzyrea well yea - except I"m not sure that it's been set up with public z39.50, now that I'm actually trying to connect to it
20:53 jcamins That would make it difficult.
20:53 jcamins However! Your test server should have a record that old.
20:53 magnuse or use the rss - easier
20:54 wizzyrea derrr
20:54 jcamins magnuse: ooh, good call.
20:55 wizzyrea ohh - it doesn't work with rss
20:55 magnuse hm, the sorting seems to be um, interesting though...
20:55 jcamins Wait...
20:55 jcamins Yeah, I just noticed that too.
20:55 jcamins Yeah.
20:55 wizzyrea good idea though
20:55 jcamins So you use your database access to your test server to try and locate this record.
20:55 jcamins Or you do a report.
20:56 jcamins SELECT biblionumber FROM biblioitems WHERE marcxml LIKE '%dearie%' ORDER BY biblionumber;
20:56 jcamins ^^ do this on your test server.
20:57 magnuse the titles in the rss are different for limit=7 and limit=8 :-(
20:57 jcamins magnuse: you want count=7 and count=8
20:57 wizzyrea I did that
20:57 wizzyrea nothing looked untoward, and we did searches on all of hose biblios
20:57 wizzyrea and those searches all succeeded.
20:58 wizzyrea in fact, my query was exactly that :)
20:58 wizzyrea hose biblios!
20:58 jcamins Hrm.
20:58 * wizzyrea imagines a fire hose spewing marc data
20:58 wizzyrea pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
20:58 magnuse jcamins: gah!
20:59 adnc_ joined #koha
20:59 rangi have you done one for that char?
20:59 wizzyrea OH
20:59 wizzyrea hmm no
20:59 * wizzyrea looks up which one it is
21:00 rangi its not a valid one, thats the problem :)
21:00 * magnuse realises he is too tired for this and wanders off to sleep a little
21:00 wizzyrea well but I don't know how it's invalid
21:00 wizzyrea so how can I look for it?
21:01 wizzyrea sorry, not making the leap
21:01 wizzyrea lol.
21:01 rangi try like "%\xC2%" it might work
21:01 * wizzyrea will try it, is dubious
21:01 jcamins According to the documentation, MySQL doesn't allow escapes like that.
21:01 wizzyrea :)
21:02 wizzyrea well I did not in fact look for xC2
21:02 wizzyrea so I will :)
21:02 jcamins "\x is not X"
21:02 rangi try without the \ then
21:02 jcamins Let me try that again.
21:02 jcamins "\x is x"
21:03 wizzyrea it's chomping on that
21:03 wizzyrea nom nom
21:03 wizzyrea ty for the suggestions btw
21:03 wizzyrea oo 11 of them!
21:04 wizzyrea oh oh pokemon… let's try that one
21:10 Irma joined #koha
21:11 mtj wizzyrea eythain showed me a way to regex thru a marc file to locate a glitchy record
21:11 * wizzyrea perks up
21:11 wizzyrea do tell.
21:11 wizzyrea now, question
21:11 wizzyrea would it be in marcxml
21:11 wizzyrea or in marc
21:12 mtj .. but it requires the marc data to be dumped to a file
21:12 wizzyrea what if it's in the title?
21:12 mtj so no awesome sql regex foo , from me :/
21:12 jcamins wizzyrea: MARCXML.
21:12 wahanui well, marcxml is a representation of the usmarc in xml
21:12 wajasu cait: the info about -n -t vs -t  is what i needed. thx.
21:12 jcamins Possibly also marc.
21:13 mtj yeah, prolly both fields, yeah?
21:13 wizzyrea and the xslt comes from marcxml- but it does it in both so
21:13 wizzyrea hmm
21:13 * wizzyrea ponders
21:13 cait wajasu: ideally the preview should match the real thing... in the end
21:13 cait wajasu: it's bad it doesn#t right now :(
21:13 jcamins wizzyrea: both use MARCXML, I think, because rebuild_zebra does.
21:14 jcamins Yeah, marcxml.
21:15 wizzyrea I suppose
21:15 wizzyrea the problem could be in the index
21:15 wajasu i'm going to attempt to write a Overdues.t  and add tests to validate and document whats supposed to be happening.
21:15 wizzyrea but you would think that there would be something funky in the record that would cause it
21:15 wizzyrea … but it could be a spontaneous bit-flip I guess?
21:17 jcamins No, not likely to be the index.
21:17 jcamins \xC2 is definitely MARC-8.
21:17 wajasu cait: you might be able to explain why i can do "git log" and see 7447 (adding --date) in in master, but no such option exists in my
21:17 cait I am not sure I can
21:18 cait in mine it did exist
21:18 mtj jcamins, how do you know that?
21:18 cait or des
21:18 cait does
21:18 mtj thats its marc-8?
21:18 jcamins mtj: 'cause I've seen it.
21:19 mtj wizzyrea, id REALLY like to see a good way to fix your problem
21:19 wizzyrea indeed :)
21:19 mtj .. either some sql foo, or a command-line tool
21:19 jcamins mtj:[…]aster/
21:20 jcamins Ignore the headers, which are inaccurate.
21:20 mtj jcamins++ nice :)
21:20 cait wajasu:[…]4dc7a2ab7fd739978
21:22 wajasu cait:  i  git clone git:// kohaclone  and "vi misc/cronjobs/" and don't see any of that new stuff. but git clone shows it inthe history.  is it in some special branch?
21:23 cait no it's master
21:23 cait are you stil running a standard installaton?
21:23 wajasu yes.
21:23 cait that will not work
21:24 mtj ->
21:24 cait you will need a dev installl
21:24 cait where all the files are in git
21:24 cait with standard they are scattered in different directories not git controlled
21:24 mtj oops, not .pl  , but java
21:25 mtj
21:26 wajasu i am doing the whole perl Makefile.PL, make,make install when i test with standard.
21:30 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #141: SUCCESS in 1 hr 5 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/141/
21:30 jenkins_koha * f.demians: 3.8.4 Translation Update
21:30 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: 3.8.4 Release notes
21:30 jenkins_koha Starting build #142 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:30 cait wajasu: you will have to do that every time you pull
21:31 cait it's really easier with a dev install
21:31 cait harder to go wrong
21:31 Brooke joined #koha
21:31 cait and every time you change a file
21:31 Topic for #koha is now druthb :)
21:31 cait and here is always the chance you forget to copy something and it takes forever to run all the scripts
21:32 Brooke razzin frazzin /t shortcut
21:32 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to the Koha Community
21:32 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to irc:// this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
21:32 cait maybe put the date of the next meeting?
21:32 Brooke lemme go look it up :)
21:34 Brooke pfft arrows don't work right
21:34 Topic for #koha is now  Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software The Next General Meeting is 5 September 18 UTC
21:35 rangi wtf .. that guy is so random
21:39 wajasu cait:  but I still think i should see the 7447 changes.  if you do just after a git clone git://...   something must not be right. i just did a fresh clone and no --date option.
21:40 cait and you are looking at the git controlled file?
21:40 wajasu yes
21:40 cait and git pull says you are up to date?
21:40 wajasu master branch.  nothing changed.
21:41 wajasu Already up-to-date.
21:41 cait maybe you are tracking the wrong branch?
21:41 wajasu is there a git hash i can report to you to see if we are in sync?
21:42 cait just do a git log
21:42 cait and look at the latest commit
21:43 wajasu git log => 322a9c7fbbcf456084d1937f48345b3cdec058ce   its the Bug 5600
21:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5600 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, RESOLVED FIXED, Bulk MARC biblio export script
21:43 wajasu very tiny followup
21:43 cait that's right
21:43 wahanui I know.
21:44 cait maybe scroll down - i see it not in the options on top of the overdues file, but in the pod below
21:45 wajasu you are right. my bad.
21:46 wajasu i think i tried using it and got an error.  maybe the date needed to be just right.
21:46 wizzyrea jcamins++
21:46 wizzyrea yaz client ftw
21:47 wizzyrea deep, strange magic
21:48 wajasu so i'll work on getting zebra_messages in sync.   if i write a test, and its got lots of SQL should i put it in t/db_dependent?
21:51 rangi if it depends on having a db, then yes, if you did it with DBD::Mock then no
21:52 wajasu ok
22:03 cait left #koha
22:32 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #142: SUCCESS in 1 hr 2 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/142/
22:32 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bump version number
22:48 maximep left #koha
23:01 papa joined #koha
23:08 jcamins_away mtj++
23:37 libsysguy joined #koha
23:44 mib_qfcd4f joined #koha
23:59 melia left #koha

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