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01:02 libsysguy oops
01:02 libsysguy that was for JesseM
01:06 rangi
01:06 rangi :)
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02:10 jenkins_koha Starting build #57 for job Koha_3.6.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
02:55 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.6.x build #57: SUCCESS in 45 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.6.x/57/
02:55 jenkins_koha * f.demians: 3.6.8 Translation Update
02:55 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Add release notes for 3.6.8
02:55 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bump version for 3.6.8
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04:19 rangi cait:
04:20 cait do I want to know?
04:20 wajasu i'm looking at why some overdue_notice messages don't have anything after Fine:  store in the table.
04:20 wajasu i suspect that the Currency table unicode characters for the currecny format cause mysql to throw away the symbol and everything after that.
04:20 wajasu the column is text
04:21 wajasu in message_queue table
04:22 cait hm I don't think that is it
04:22 cait there is an easy test - put some currencies in your text
04:23 wajasu i'' try to cut n paste those inthe currency table and see if things get cut off from that point.
04:24 wajasu the mail i am debugging is a perl string, and it is supplied to the dbh insert command, and maybe the dbh insert statement is the culprit in perl?
04:25 cait unlikely
04:25 cait we do handle unicode in lots and lots of places just fine
04:26 cait I think it's more likely to be something else
04:26 cait hm
04:26 cait could you put in a warn for the string that we try to write in the database?
04:28 cait wajasu: and the currency table isn#t use here. We use a perl module for the formatting, it works with isocodes and is independent from Koha?
04:32 wajasu yes.  this mail is being written to an array, one for each notice.   then the script just dumps it to output, which is what we see with fines intact. later, since there is no patron email address configured, it formats notices as an attachment using MIME::Lite,  I did a print just  before the $dbh->last_insert_id   statement and the data is intact.
04:33 cait hm
04:33 cait sorry, I am not sure how to go from there
04:33 cait maybe the data is not unicode at that point?
04:33 wajasu theat array gets dumped to the stdout and looks correct.  I piped it into od-a  and see two diamon questionmark characters.
04:33 cait od-a?
04:33 wajasu nothing from those characters onward is stored in the db.
04:34 wajasu old unix tool to dump hex, or ascii chars in a file.
04:34 wajasu octal dump. hex dump, etc.  like dump command in old msdos
04:34 wajasu immean debug cm din msdos
04:34 rangi unless you have mangled your mysql install/db
04:35 wajasu no. its fresh.
04:35 rangi it will store unicode .... and all sorts of other char sets just fine
04:35 rangi one of my libraries notices has macrons in it, works just fine
04:36 cait we normally have umlauts - the title I tested with had none
04:36 cait but like rangi said - it onrmally works just fine
04:38 rangi would be odd this just started happening
04:38 wajasu it has to be related to those chars, because why would everything in the message be thrown away after that point.
04:38 rangi run it in the mysql cli
04:39 rangi and see
04:39 cait rangi: he is right that it looks like everything is thrown away. hm.
04:39 wajasu this is the rare case that when no email is configured for the patron, AND the KohaAdminEmailAddress is not configured.  Then the notice is still queued.
04:39 cait wajasu: could you change the template and add something after the <item> line?
04:39 cait the notice template I mean?
04:40 rangi cait: it must be a recent change then, because else id have a zillion complaints
04:40 wajasu yes.  do that now.  but i have something already. its gone.
04:40 cait rangi: are you using he fine syntax? maybe just that little part gets encoded wrong?
04:40 rangi have you run the sql in the mysql cli
04:40 cait rangi: only guessing around here too I fear, like I wrote, we can try some more tests with changing the templates
04:41 rangi because you are chasing your tails otherwsie
04:41 wajasu yes.  its only going to happen with my fix to the fine syntax.
04:41 cait the module we use for putting the fines in
04:41 cait there is a way to tell that to give back unicode if I remember correctly
04:41 rangi dump the entire sql
04:41 rangi cut and paste it into mysql itself, see what it warns
04:42 wajasu is there a method fromthe dbh api to do that?
04:43 rangi DBI you mean?
04:43 wajasu yes
04:43 wajasu like sth->sqldump()
04:43 rangi i thoght you said you dumped it already?
04:44 wajasu i printed $params->{'letter'}->{'content'}  just before the execute
04:44 wajasu its the content column.
04:46 rangi from the man page
04:46 rangi Statement
04:46 rangi $dbh->Statement();
04:46 wajasu ok. let me try that.
04:52 wajasu C4/ around line  788 is what i'm looking at.
04:53 wajasu $sth->execute(@bind_values);    is what is being used.
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05:03 vkm hello koha users
05:04 vkm may i know how to unlock the field 111,110 in marc  format so that i can enter the data here without using the authority
05:11 cait hi vkm, I think the info is in the fac
05:11 cait faq
05:11 cait faq?
05:11 wahanui i guess faq is found at
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05:11 pastebot "wajasu" at pasted "i turned on mysql logging and cu this from the mysql .log on the server" (20 lines) at
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05:13 rangi Yep not unicode
05:21 cait wajasu: maybe look into the way the currency symbol is created? it might be the module changed or we have to pass another flag
05:21 cait or something
05:22 wajasu yup. looking into it.
05:22 rangi Or mime lite
05:22 rangi Is butchering the encoding
05:23 wajasu yup. everything is suspect.
05:23 cait wajasu: if you want, you could add something like äüöß to your notice template
05:23 cait see if that prints right
05:23 cait and you could give the patron an email adress -make it easier to see the output in the table
05:23 wajasu i printed the contect after the mime lite to stdout and things look fine on screen.  but it could have mapped chars.
05:25 wajasu i am querying the mysql table and can see things cut off.  but now we know the statement got to the db.  I'm going to try cut n pasting the log file code and look at the hex value.
05:25 cait hm
05:25 cait I think I woudl do another approach :)
05:26 cait first trying to rule out all the notice is encoded wrong
05:26 cait narrow it down if it's the fine part only or all of it, but putting some character s in the notice template
05:26 wajasu i replaced the fine in with "$2.00" and nothing is cut off.
05:26 cait then I woudl look how the fine formatting is done and at the module doing it
05:27 wajasu $item->{'fine'} = currency_format($currency_format, "$fine", FMT_SYMBOL)
05:28 wajasu of the Locale::Currency::Format package
05:28 wajasu where $currency_format = "USD" or "GBP"
05:29 cait hmm
05:29 cait did you use the old patch from chris_n to restore the feature?
05:29 wajasu that character is binary so[…]at-1.30/
05:29 cait I remember I patched something aobut the encoding at some point later on
05:30 vkm thx cait
05:30 vkm dear friends i did not find any proper document which gives me clear cut idea about how to configure sendmail/postfix to generate auto emails (via gmail account) can any body help me
05:30 cait vkm: this is more a system administration question
05:31 wajasu cait: so there might be another patch floating around for this
05:31 cait yeah
05:32 wajasu saerching
05:32 cait 4904
05:32 vkm but i think somebody might be doing it for emails, so can we have proper document on it email configure and sms
05:36 rangi Vkm: configuring those are sysadmin tasks nit koha specific
05:36 rangi You should look for general guides on configuring an mta
05:37 vkm i have tried a lot but not sucess
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05:43 wajasu the GBP unicode symbol being generated by the currency format routine is  a3c2
05:43 wajasu now i'm going to see what MiMe Lite did to the buffer.
05:43 cait hm
05:49 wajasu my cutnpaste fromthe mysqllog to a file and output with od -x ( hex shows   bfef 00bd
05:49 wajasu so i will try to store without mime lite, and see
05:53 cait good luck :)
05:54 cait and thx for looking into this
05:55 wajasu we're close
05:59 wajasu i tried wihtout mimm lite and the buffer still cut off.  i'm going to have to research mysql text/unicode etc.
06:02 cait wajasu: I think it's not mysql really
06:02 cait we don't give mysql unicode
06:02 cait to store
06:02 cait that's more likely to be the problem
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06:03 cait it's consistent to what happens when I try loading patrons that are not properly encoded - I get name scut off when an umlaut appears
06:04 wajasu the umalut not being a unicode character?  or because mysql is not supporting that specific character in the text column type?
06:05 wajasu[…]unicode-utf8.html
06:05 wajasu[…]ultilingual_Plane
06:05 wajasu BMP only then?
06:06 cait the umlaut not being properly encoded
06:06 cait mysql supports properly encoded data just fine :)
06:07 cait that's what I am trying to tell you - I don't think it's mysql or the data type. The data we want to store is wrong, so it gets cut off
06:07 cait I wouldn't invest in searching a mysql problem here
06:08 wajasu if the ISO code is unicode (which i stillneed to prove), then i just need to encode it correctly?
06:08 * magnuse waves
06:08 cait hi magnuse :)
06:08 cait wajasu: I think it isn't
06:09 cait I am not sure why it isn't
06:10 wajasu i know a quick fix for the notice.   FMT_STANDARD will  do     3.00 USD     3.00 EUR   etc  :)
06:10 magnuse hiya cait
06:13 cait yeah,... but would be nicer to restore functionality
06:13 cait such problems are meh.
06:13 wajasu i'm looking into another route.
06:13 * druthb goes, "meh."
06:14 wajasu i think the code might need to be c2a3 instead of a3c2  (bigendian vs ?)
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06:16 wajasu nope
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06:26 alex_a bonjour tout le monde
06:27 cait hi wajasu
06:27 cait hm hi alex_a :)
06:27 cait was what I meant :)
06:28 cait alex_a: is joubu around or on vacation?
06:29 magnuse rangi++ and jcamins++ for new releases!
06:29 alex_a cait: Joubu is not on vacation
06:30 cait cool :)
06:30 alex_a He should arrive soon
06:30 cait alex_a: was looking at a bug that blocks another series of bugs this morning
06:33 cait ok work time bbl
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06:43 magnuse bonjour sophie_m et julian_m
06:43 julian_m hello magnuse
06:43 sophie_m hi magnuse :-)
06:47 magnuse yay! ;-)
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06:52 reiveune hello
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06:56 Oak Ahoy me hearties!
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06:58 kf good morning #koha
06:58 sophie_m hello kf
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07:00 kf hi sophie_m :)
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07:08 gaetan_B hello :)
07:10 clrh hello too
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07:16 francharb good morning #koha
07:19 kf hi francharb
07:19 kf hi clrh and gaetan_B :)
07:19 gaetan_B guten morgen kf :)
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07:23 Joubu hi #koha
07:23 magnuse Oak
07:23 Oak magnuse
07:24 Oak good morning kf
07:24 Joubu kf: hi ! I rebased the patch for Bug 5357 ;)
07:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5357 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Subscription search and displays
07:28 rangi evening
07:30 kf hi Joubu and hi rangi
07:30 kf Joubu: cool :)
07:31 magnuse kia ora rangi
07:31 kf Joubu: I didn't want to mess it up :)
07:38 Joubu kf: there is no problem :) Thank you for your test
07:41 kf I am really interested to see a workflow for ordering serials
07:41 kf Amit did a patch, but some of the code between the subscription search and his patch is duplicated - maybe we could get a patch on top of the other? not sure what's best here
08:12 clrh Le mot de passe devra être composé de chiffre, lettre, majuscule, et
08:12 clrh oups
08:12 dgl-library Hi #koha
08:13 dgl-library Kia ora, bonjour, hola, namaste, konnichiwa…
08:14 kf hi dgl-library
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08:14 dgl-library Hi kf
08:15 dgl-library I have a question about MARC 650
08:17 eythian hmm, next YAPC::EU is in Kiev. I wonder if I can convince work to send me to that...
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08:21 eythian @later nengard manual huh, that's an unusual idea :)
08:21 huginn eythian: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
08:22 eythian @later tell nengard manual huh, that's an unusual idea :)
08:22 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
08:24 rangi wahanui: ask?
08:24 wahanui no idea, rangi
08:25 * rangi is wondering if dgl-library is going to ask their question
08:26 kf eythian: you might be more successfull asking for yapc:na maybe :)
08:26 eythian Is it in Kiev? I don't think so! :)
08:26 eythian wahanui: ask is <reply>Don't ask to ask, just ask.
08:26 wahanui OK, eythian.
08:27 kf eythian: okok
08:31 kf oh 8665
08:31 kf bug 8665
08:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8665 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , DOM indexing fails to index some bib records
08:36 rangi i guess not
08:45 * eythian discovers, and the perl debugger. Useful talk this one.
08:46 eythian (mostly on how to make the debugger nice and usable as a REPL)
08:46 Oak oh well.
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09:47 eythian dpavlin: good "Intro to Plack" talk on here
09:57 kf :)
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10:04 koyauni hi everyone!
10:15 koyauni hi
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10:49 drojf hi #koha
10:51 eythian hi drojf
10:51 drojf hey eythian
10:54 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
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10:55 drojf eythian: still in frankfurt?
10:56 eythian drojf: yeah, heading back this evening
10:57 drojf where is "back" these days? konstanz?
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11:06 kf drojf: yep :)
11:07 drojf hi kf  :)
11:17 mtompset Greetings, kf.
11:17 mtompset Greetings, drojf
11:18 drojf hey mtompset
11:18 wahanui mtompset is trying to do a variety of projects in less than three months!
11:18 * mtompset grins, "Much more accurate now."
11:18 drojf heh
11:27 jcamins Good morning, #koha.
11:29 drojf hi jcamins
11:31 magnuse kia ora jcamins
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11:36 mtompset Greetings, jcamins.
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12:29 kf morning jcamins
12:30 jcamins Morning.
12:30 wahanui it has been said that morning is a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast.
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12:37 oleonard Hi #koha
12:40 drojf hey oleonard
12:40 wahanui oleonard is still here, if you just wish hard enough. or Koha's master UI designer
12:41 kf hi oleonard
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12:47 * oleonard would attend that convention
12:47 kf lol
12:47 jcamins lol
12:47 * jcamins too
12:47 kf aaw :)
12:48 jcamins oleonard: thoughts on moving the Javascript libraries outside of opac-tmpl as well?
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12:49 jcamins Share one copy of YUI, jQuery, etc.?
12:49 oleonard jcamins: Are there no issues with the ways the various install methods handle paths with regard to the templates?
12:49 jcamins oleonard: good question.
12:50 oleonard jcamins: If it's feasible, I approve.
12:50 jcamins Ah, yes.
12:50 jcamins Doesn't work.
12:55 magnuse oh noes!
12:57 jcamins It would be possible with some changes to koha-httpd, but I think it's better to make the transition gradually.
12:57 jcamins I don't see any way to make the upgrade work.
12:57 jcamins (consistently)
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12:58 druthb o/
12:58 jcamins \o
12:59 oleonard --o--
12:59 druthb ^.^
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13:03 kf huginn is wrong :(
13:03 huginn kf: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
13:03 kf it's much warmer
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13:03 kf hm
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13:04 * kf is melting
13:07 * drojf likes the air conditioning in his library
13:07 kf hmpf
13:07 drojf i think it's not even warm outside today
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13:08 drojf ok seems to be getting warmer again
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13:13 dgl-library Hi #koha … I wanted to ask a question before, but stuff came up. My question is about how Koha handles MARC 650… they become links in the OPAC, but they don't work the way I expected them to.
13:14 jcamins dgl-library: what are you seeing, and what did you expect?
13:15 dgl-library 650 ## - SUBJECT--TOPIC
13:15 dgl-library a Topical term or geographic name as entry element: Psychology
13:15 dgl-library x General subdivision: Books in German (Deutsch)
13:15 dgl-library This shows up as Psychology--Books in German (Deutsch) … but when I click on it, instead of getting only books tagged like that, I’m getting all Psychology books.
13:15 jcamins Ah.
13:15 jcamins Yeah, it does a keyword search on the subject.
13:15 jcamins ($a only)
13:15 dgl-library Hmm. I really love Koha, big fan, but that's counterintuitive.
13:16 jcamins You can change it by setting TraceAllSubfields.
13:16 dgl-library How?
13:16 jcamins That doesn't sound right.
13:16 jcamins It's called...
13:16 * jcamins checks
13:16 jcamins TraceSubjectSubdivisions.
13:16 jcamins It's a syspref.
13:17 dgl-library By setting that to True, I'll get the expected behavior?
13:17 jcamins You'll get something much closer.
13:17 dgl-library ¿?
13:17 dgl-library Will do it. Thanks.
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13:18 tcohen hmm, latest patch for bug 8520 didn't make it into 3.8.4
13:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8520 critical, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , Authorities display incorrectly in staff results
13:19 jcamins tcohen: nope, it passed QA too late. It'll go into 3.8.5.
13:19 dgl-library jcamins: by the way, how does search work? will a search in quotation marks search for a specific phrase instead of using AND logic?
13:19 dgl-library sorry, OR logic
13:20 dgl-library (in OPAC)
13:20 jcamins No.
13:20 jcamins A search in quotes will search for something vaguely more phrase-like than a search without quotes.
13:20 jcamins However, the only way search is going to work well is if it's rewritten.
13:20 jcamins And, in fact, I have proposed rewriting search, and am currently looking for sponsors.
13:20 dgl-library the thing is that I'm finding that our search results are sometimes overly broad
13:21 dgl-library aha.
13:21 * jcamins hints that dgl-library could be a sponsor. :)
13:21 dgl-library how much would it cost to sponsor that?
13:22 jcamins dgl-library:[…]earch_Rewrite_RFC
13:22 dgl-library *reading*
13:23 jcamins The *total* cost for a complete do-over of the search is $57k. I'll be able to get started at $9k, and starting at that point and every $6k or so thereafter we'll see a major jump in search functionality.
13:24 dgl-library Hmm, I'm afraid we're not a good candidate organization for the sponsorship you need… :-$ We chose Koha in part based on budgetary considerations. We're a small non-profit funded primarily by small donations from individuals. Wish we could help with that, though.
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13:26 * slef mutters something about again
13:26 jcamins So far I have numbers for $6500, and a bunch of "we'll get back to you with a number"s.
13:26 jcamins There's a thread on the mailing list, "Let's fix it together" that gives more information.
13:27 * jcamins mutters something about slef not mentioning pledgebank to him before.
13:28 * slef mutters something about jcamins should have read nengard's excellent write-up of his kohacon12 talk
13:28 slef I'll go look at that mainling list thread in a bit though
13:28 slef mailing
13:28 eythian mainlining
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13:31 mtompset I like the thermometer on the C&P website. :)
13:32 jcamins mtompset: thanks.
13:33 mtompset Particularly the relating the sections to covered/partially covered/not covered.
13:33 mtompset It's a good graphic for clarity.
13:34 jcamins mtompset: it's ridiculously simple.
13:35 jcamins mtompset: of course, the simplicity didn't make it easy to figure out.
13:36 mtompset People should use their brains a little when looking at a graphic. ;)
13:37 mtompset I saw "58%" (or whatever the number was), and then realized that 58% for that tiny piece.
13:37 jcamins Yep.
13:37 mtompset was for...
13:37 jcamins The legend has the overall percentage.
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13:39 gmcharlt @quote random
13:39 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #7: "Snow_Fox: a rift opens in space the information is shuffled to dev_hyperspace rift then closes" (added by wizzyrea at 03:28 PM, June 18, 2009)
13:42 mtompset So would a Fire Weasel be a dev_hyperspace rift opening an spewing vast amounts of unformatted data at you?
13:42 mtompset ^an^and^
13:43 druthb @quote random
13:43 huginn druthb: Quote #7: "Snow_Fox: a rift opens in space the information is shuffled to dev_hyperspace rift then closes" (added by wizzyrea at 03:28 PM, June 18, 2009)
13:43 druthb puh.
13:43 druthb @quote random
13:43 huginn druthb: Quote #6: "gmcharlt: kf: hold requests are a plot to sell more aspirin ;)" (added by wizzyrea at 04:13 PM, June 16, 2009)
13:44 mtompset @quote random
13:44 huginn mtompset: Quote #100: "chris: well, one of them is overhauling the whole templating system jcamins: Koha's other swiss army chainsaw" (added by wizzyrea at 07:41 PM, October 11, 2010)
13:44 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
13:44 gmcharlt @quote add mtompset> So would a Fire Weasel be a dev_hyperspace rift opening and spewing vast amounts of unformatted data at you?
13:44 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #215 added.
13:44 mtompset one of them?
13:44 wahanui it has been said that one of them is bound to have a good idea ;)
13:45 druthb wahanui: gmcharlt?
13:45 wahanui i think gmcharlt is an expert in all things library technology.
13:45 * druthb nods.
13:45 mtompset druthb?
13:45 wahanui druthb is probably a migration specialist and great friend or crazy as a loon.
13:46 * tcohen deploying 3.8.4+ right now
13:46 gmcharlt the first implies the third, at times ;)
13:46 druthb definitely that last part.
13:46 * druthb hasn't always been a migration specialist, but has always been crazy as a loon.
13:47 mtompset Why are loons considered crazy? And is crazy such a bad thing?
13:47 * druthb had to get certified as crazy, to reach an important goal, about two years ago.  She's got all the letters n stuff to prove she's nuts.
13:47 mtompset tcohen: 32 or 64 bit?
13:50 libsysguy @later tell oleonard I think the trick to the ajax problem was to set the dataType to JSON
13:50 huginn libsysguy: The operation succeeded.
13:50 tcohen mtompset: we've always been 64bits (2008 to date)
13:50 mtompset let me know how it goes... I have yet to do a 64-bit install. I'm assuming you are using Ubuntu?
13:51 tcohen yes, we use Ubuntu in our infrastructure
13:51 tcohen mtompset, about the i386 thing
13:51 tcohen we've talked about that
13:51 tcohen it had to do with libyaz3 in ubuntu.packages
13:52 mtompset Ah yes... it should be libyaz4.
13:52 mtompset I was going to follow up.
13:52 tcohen with your fixed packages files (lucid / precise) it works as expected
13:52 tcohen i've set two PVM (10.04 and 12.04 each) to test your files
13:52 mtompset Unfortunately, they aren't in 3.8.4
13:53 mtompset I noticed that today.
13:55 talljoy joined #koha
14:02 kf yeah, marc
14:02 jcamins kf: having fun with GND?
14:03 kf yeah
14:03 kf that and writing presentations in english for next week
14:03 kf ...
14:24 dgl-library Bye for now #koha
14:27 mtompset Greetings, oleonard
14:33 mib_mqazkz joined #koha
14:34 mib_7vh7ub joined #koha
14:34 mib_7vh7ub hello
14:35 JohnCrockett joined #koha
14:36 WilliamCarlin joined #koha
14:36 WilliamCarlin Hello again
14:36 mib_g1w6qj joined #koha
14:48 gaetan_B bye !
14:53 Brooke joined #koha
14:53 Brooke o/
14:54 * kf waves
14:54 koyauni joined #koha
14:54 koyauni Hi everyone
14:55 Brooke howdy
14:55 wahanui hi, Brooke
14:56 koyauni sorry anyone here familiar with Debian and Plesk Panel
14:58 margo joined #koha
14:59 kf hi margo
14:59 margo hey
15:00 margo joined #koha
15:00 slef koyauni: I've seen Plesk. Generally a bad idea IMO. Could you get a nicer panel?
15:01 kf be careful closing tabs :)
15:01 mib_nwejto joined #koha
15:01 slef kohacon13 meeting in a mo?
15:01 Brooke here's hoping
15:01 kf yeah I think so
15:01 NancyK joined #koha
15:01 Brooke ta da
15:01 kf there she is :)
15:01 John joined #koha
15:01 kf hi, brb, only running to the printer
15:01 maximep good catch oleonard on the jquery version for my patch. It seems since 1.6.1 attr checked returns "checked" instead of "true".  I will change it to .is(":checked") that should work in all version and is easier to read
15:01 maximep oleonard++
15:01 NancyK Hi everyone.
15:01 Brooke howdy
15:01 wahanui hey, Brooke
15:02 Bruce joined #koha
15:02 koyauni well it is a dedicated server and it comes with that. I have installed Koha but have problem to get connect the actual domain to find virtual domain in Appache
15:02 Brooke lemme rev this up then
15:02 Brooke #startmeeting
15:02 wahanui if there is a meeting then Brooke must want me
15:02 huginn Meeting started Wed Aug 22 15:00:12 2012 UTC.  The chair is Brooke. Information about MeetBot at
15:02 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
15:02 Brooke #info your introductions so they go in whatever minutes are produced :)
15:02 NancyK We have our KohaCon planning this morning
15:03 goatman joined #koha
15:03 druthb #info D Ruth Bavousett, ByWater Solutions
15:03 kf #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
15:03 NancyK Nancy Keener Washoe county Library System
15:03 slef #info MJ Ray,, Eastern England (kohacon12 hosts)
15:03 Bruce #info Bruce Metcalf, Augustan Society Library, Orlando, Florida.
15:03 margo #Margo Duncan, UT Tyler Library, Texas
15:03 kf NancyK: if you use #info it will show up in the meeting logs - it's a little tool to create minutes for us
15:03 LBA joined #koha
15:03 margo ack, 10am here, not quite typing right
15:04 margo #info Margo Duncan UT Tyler Library, Texas
15:04 goatman joined #koha
15:04 John John Crockett, Washoe County Library System, Reno, Nevada
15:05 Brooke if there's an agenda for this someplace, Nancy, feel free to #link to it
15:05 NancyK How do I use #info?
15:05 NancyK Oh #info i see
15:06 kf you just start the line with it #info something something
15:06 slef NancyK: just type it at the start of the line that you want to appear in the minutes
15:06 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Koha hobbyist, lurking
15:06 slef kf: snap
15:06 Joubu good bye all !
15:06 LBA #info Lori Ayre, The Galecia Group is here for the meeting!
15:06 Todd joined #koha
15:07 NancyK #info No agenda, I just want to get a consensus on number of days for the conference to get us started
15:07 kf :)
15:07 Brooke #topic How Many Days Do We Want Conference
15:07 Topic for #koha is now How Many Days Do We Want Conference
15:07 kf I thought 3 days were pretty nice in Edinburgh
15:08 NancyK #info It was suggested we do 3 days conference, 1 day for a trip, and 3 days hackfest.
15:08 Bruce I thought Edinburgh was 3-1-3?
15:08 kf personally I think the hackfest was over too soon... but probably not really a problem of days :)
15:08 kf Bruce: 3 days conf - 1 day break - 3 days hackfest
15:09 kf conference with presentations, more official
15:09 NancyK #info Anyone have a different idea?
15:09 kf hackfest more developer oriented, some technical presentations, lots of hacking and testing
15:09 Bruce 3-1-3 sounds like a good approach, especially if there's room for add-ons at either end.
15:09 slef kf: oh sure, we could just work like that forever, but room hire budget and customers will get empty and upset - or the other way round!
15:09 kf on the day between we went to see the city... it was bad weather, but we can't blame slef for that :)
15:09 drojf i do
15:09 kf blame slef?
15:10 drojf sure :P
15:10 kf there were some activities suggested for the day in between, like going fishing, but that didn't work out sadly
15:10 Brooke we can blame slef for anything at all. I do it all the time. ;)
15:10 kf not enough participants
15:10 Bruce Perhaps we can try to organize smaller events for the break day.
15:10 NancyK #info I plan on getting bids from local hotels, so I probably need a definite number of days.
15:11 Todd joined #koha
15:11 Brooke did anyone disagree with 3-1-3 or have another approach?
15:11 Bruce One thing that may have a major impact on hotel cost is whether we span a weekend or not.
15:11 kf I think people didn't mind to stay for the hackfest on the weekend
15:11 drojf hard to have no weekend with 3-1-3
15:11 kf not sure how that is in US
15:11 Bruce That higher weekend cost may itself argue against a 7-day span.
15:11 slef hey, slef was up the volcano, in a gale, in the clouds... I wanted good weather too!
15:11 kf maybe have the main conf in the week?
15:12 margo i like the idea of main conf during the week
15:12 NancyK #info I am planning on having the hotel of our choice whip something up.  We can also put up a lot of links for people to explore on their own
15:12 Bruce But weekend costs differ by city, and I don't know Reno.
15:12 Brooke I'd advise a Tuesday or Wednesday start since it's usually not terrible on travel costs
15:12 Todd Reno is always running specials at casinos.
15:12 kf lots of people will only want to attend the main part I guess
15:12 slef 7-day stays also trigger special rates in some cities... I leave it to local knowledge
15:13 Bruce Specials yes, but not often 7-night specials.
15:13 kf while people travelling from far away and people intersted in developing might stay for the hackfest
15:13 Todd Remember that LAke Tahoe is just minutes away so staying the weekewnd wou.,d be nice for many of you who can
15:13 kf I wouldn't plan for a shorter thing I think
15:13 NancyK #info What if weh start on a Wednesday -Fri for the conference, and the day off on a Saturday, and then hackfest Sun thru Tuesday?
15:13 Brooke it's entirely possible to split locations so that hackfest is near to conference but not in the same building in case folks never went to conference
15:14 kf NancyK: I think that could work
15:14 Bruce We may be able to find a university space with good connectivity for the hackfest.
15:14 kf Bruce: sounds nice :)
15:14 Brooke sounds good nancy and bruce
15:14 slef NancyK: you know your town best and have to live with any constraints, so your call IMO, but sounds OK to me.
15:14 kf I think internet, tables, chairs... not much more needed :)
15:14 Todd We have goods connectivity at LIbraries with public wireless
15:14 Bruce Saturday may not be the best day for the day off--more crowded at many venues.
15:15 kf maybe friday?
15:15 LBA I agree with Bruce.  Too busy on Saturday to make that your one day off.
15:15 kf slef: was it friday in edinburgh?
15:15 Bruce Library wireless is unlikely to be able to handle the hammering the network would get from a major hackfest.
15:15 slef kf: yes.
15:15 NancyK #info UNR is just up the street a few blocks from the main downtown hotels.  We also have a Junior college, my sister works there.;)
15:15 Todd Bruce are you from around Reno / Lake Tahoe?
15:15 slef kf: Thursday in Wellington IIRC
15:16 Bruce Jr. colleges are often easier to work with on such matters, but talk to the head librarians at both for an in.
15:16 slef kf: It would have been Thursday in edinburgh but it was a holiday week.
15:16 Bruce I am presently from Orlando, but have spent a lot of time in Portola.
15:16 * slef looks up Portola
15:16 Bruce I've also run conventions all over the US & Canada.
15:16 slef Portola, a 1998 album by Rose Melberg
15:16 Bruce Portola's just over the hill in California, an easy drive from Reno.
15:16 NancyK #info About how many can we expect for hackfest?
15:16 LBA Besides, gambling, there's lots of wonderful trails for hiking and mountain biking. Much nicer when fewer people around.
15:17 kf hm
15:17 kf slef?
15:17 wahanui i guess slef is probably busy so please use if you need him for work
15:17 Bruce I was planning on organizing a trip to the Portola Railway Museum. Anybody want to drive a locomotive?
15:17 Brooke some of us are most definitely not big gambling fans ;)
15:18 slef NancyK: I'd guess 65-70% of conference, or 55 people, depending on conference numbers.
15:18 LBA I'll bet some are....:)
15:18 * slef rethinks
15:18 NancyK #info  We can also go to Virginia City (wild west)
15:18 slef 4 tables of 8, plus some floaters... maybe more like 40-50
15:18 Todd POrtaola is a very easy drive about 45 minutes
15:19 slef that's my memory of kohacon12... there might be better notes somewhere but I'm mid-relocation
15:19 kf I think in US maybe more supported libraries attending the main conf
15:19 Brooke so backtracking a bit, can we get a proper vote on 3-1-3? +1?
15:19 kf so the % might be a big off
15:19 kf a bit off
15:19 druthb +1
15:19 Bruce Yes, "+1?"
15:19 slef Bruce: not bothered about driving, but happy to visit + ride on old trains.  LBA's mountain-biking idea would also be good.
15:19 Todd +1 for an extra day off?
15:19 slef +1 to 3-1-3
15:19 wahanui -3
15:20 slef wahanui: you stay out of this!
15:20 wahanui slef: what?
15:20 kf +1 for 3-1-3
15:20 margo brooke, can you remind us how to vote, for those that don't hang out here
15:20 kf :) if our hosts are ok with it
15:20 Brooke +1 is a vote for
15:20 drojf +1 (3-1-3)
15:20 Bruce +1 for 3-1-3
15:20 margo +1 (3-1-3)
15:20 slef wahanui: apache voting?
15:20 wahanui slef: i haven't a clue
15:20 slef wahanui: voting?
15:20 wahanui i think voting is broken[…]#v40_feat_vot_ext
15:21 Bruce But I'm willing to reconsider my vote once we get pricing back from the hotels.
15:21 kf makes sense
15:21 Brooke #agreed 3 Day Conference, 1 Day off, 3 Day Hackfest
15:21 slef apache voting is described at if you've not seen it before (many haven't)
15:21 Brooke I think everyone is willing to do so if there's a wide gap
15:21 talljoy #info Joy Nelson ByWater Solutions
15:22 Brooke #topic Roadtrip Locations
15:22 Topic for #koha is now Roadtrip Locations
15:22 slef oh sure... practicalities can override everything, as kohacon12 showed ;)
15:22 Bruce One feature of Reno hotels I learned last time I booked a conference there -- the price of rooms facing the RR tracks is markedly lower than the price of rooms facing away.
15:23 Bruce Check that any bids specify the side of the hotel for the rooms.
15:23 Todd You go Bruce
15:23 Brooke while we're checking bids, ensure that whatever the hotel bids is less than and expedia, plox
15:23 Todd THe rail runs under the city now
15:23 Bruce I was booking a railroad conference, so we *wanted* the noisy rooms by the tracks; us, maybe not.
15:23 Todd hahahaha
15:23 NancyK #info the train goes underground on Virginia Street
15:23 Bruce Okay, been a few years.
15:24 kf NancyK: wifi would be nice for the conf - not sure if that can be included in a deal
15:24 Todd noisy...maybe not.
15:24 kf and not sure how it works in the US in hotels
15:24 Brooke kf: most american hotels have free wifi
15:24 Brooke even the crappy ones like Red Roof
15:24 Bruce I think many of us will require Internet access in our rooms. I'm a solo librarian, and have to stay in touch.
15:24 slef Brooke: like to tell Marriott that? :-/
15:24 NancyK #info We are going to insist on wifi, and whatever else we can get.  theyare looking for business.
15:25 slef $14.95/day :-/
15:25 LBA I vote we avoid Marriotts...for numerous reasons.
15:25 NancyK #info maybe not quite that good
15:25 Bruce Don't look just at raw room cost, or even room+wifi. You also need to consider the cost of meeting space. Often, with enough room nights, the space can be free.
15:26 Brooke meh, toss all of the venues into a cage and let em duke it out. It is Vegas Jr.
15:26 slef let them bid... Marriotts and Hyatts have problems IMO, though.
15:26 reiveune1 left #koha
15:26 bag #info Brendan Gallagher, ByWater Solutions
15:26 Todd Grand Sierra Resort is always willing to deal
15:26 NancyK #info  We might have a library branch with good wireless for hackfest
15:26 kf NancyK++ :)
15:26 Bruce Note: Good wireless <> big Internet pipeline.
15:27 Brooke we like visiting Libraries.
15:27 Todd Also we have Harrahs in the middle of downtown among others
15:27 talljoy libraries good.
15:27 * Brooke is going back to eNZed for the Te Takere opening. :)
15:27 talljoy casino libraries?
15:27 * talljoy gets her nerd on
15:27 Todd casinos and libraries...cats and dogs
15:28 NancyK #info we may end up as casino libraries if we keep losing budget.
15:28 Bruce It may be prudent for us to bring our own server to the Hackfest. Low latency, and low impact on our host's Internet service.
15:28 trea joined #koha
15:28 libsysguy #info Elliott Davis, ByWater Solutions
15:28 JoeLib001 joined #koha
15:28 JoeLib001 Hello. :-)
15:28 Brooke howdy
15:28 wahanui hola, Brooke
15:28 Todd our public library pipe is 75 down and 10 up
15:29 JoeLib001 Is the 3.8.4 debian package patch out yet?
15:29 JoeLib001 I seem to be having issues finding it at the link provided.
15:29 Todd squirrel
15:30 libsysguy hey JoeLib001 there is  a meeting going on atm
15:30 JesseM joined #koha
15:30 libsysguy you may want to come back in a bit
15:30 JoeLib001 Oh, sorry. :-)
15:30 Brooke it's no problem mate
15:30 Brooke okay, so the basic skeleton is sorted
15:30 NancyK #info So did we vote for 3-1-3?
15:30 Brooke and we had a small roadtrip discussion
15:31 kf JoeLib001: it was only released yesterday - I think eythian will do it as soon as he can (packages)
15:31 Brooke yep, that's why I #agreed it
15:31 NancyK #info Any other discussion for now on Koha con 13?
15:31 Bruce I assume program discussions will be taken up later?
15:32 NancyK #info Yes
15:32 kf we can't wait for next kohacon :)
15:32 Bruce What are the range of dates we'll consider? The whole month of October, with no overlap?
15:32 kf it's always too long between seeing all the koha people
15:32 Brooke kf++
15:32 talljoy kohacon++
15:32 libsysguy I think i can go to this one!!
15:33 NancyK to work then on the hotel proposals.  I am using the first week in Oct.
15:33 Bruce Offering more weeks will give us more flexibility, especially given the short notice (for convention space).
15:34 NancyK ok
15:34 koyauni anyone can help with getting Plesk to find the installed Koha application, please
15:34 Bruce I suggest we let them bid on all four weeks in October, and see what we get.
15:34 NancyK will do
15:34 Todd good idea bruce
15:34 Brooke it's more than a year of notice Bruce
15:34 asaurat left #koha
15:34 Bruce Yes. Most conventions book five years out.
15:34 * druthb makes a note to pack her poking stick^W^Wcane, since libsysguy will be at KohaCon13.
15:35 * talljoy will bring the trout
15:35 libsysguy old lady cane druthb :p
15:35 kf shouldn't you be nicer to your youngest coworker?
15:35 talljoy just trying to train him up right!  ;-)
15:35 * Bruce supposes he should bring a hankie to put on his head.
15:35 * druthb cackles, and yells "get off my lawn!"
15:36 slef druthb:
15:36 kf NancyK: now they got all distracted :)
15:36 kf maybe end the meeting?
15:36 druthb self++
15:36 NancyK yes, how do I do that?
15:36 koyauni it sounds that I need a vhosts.conf file but what should be written in there,
15:36 kf say it and Brooke will do it - or type #endmeeting I think
15:36 Brooke we all done? How about setting a time and date for the next meeting?
15:37 Bruce Or should we just let Nancy call one once she hears back from some hotels?
15:37 kf sounds good
15:37 talljoy either way
15:37 wahanui either way is workable though imho
15:37 druthb shut up, wahanui.
15:37 talljoy thanks wahanui
15:37 wahanui druthb: i'm not following you...
15:37 NancyK I liike Bruce's suggestion
15:38 * druthb gets out her sharpened pool cue, and goes after wahanui.
15:38 NancyK #end meeting
15:38 Brooke #endmeeting
15:38 Topic for #koha is now  Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software The Next General Meeting is 5 September 18 UTC
15:38 huginn Meeting ended Wed Aug 22 15:36:23 2012 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
15:38 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-08-22-15.00.html
15:38 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]2-08-22-15.00.txt
15:38 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]22-15.00.log.html
15:38 Todd I wanna party with you guys
15:38 talljoy w00t!
15:38 Brooke Todd: be careful what you wish for buddy
15:39 Brooke <---- Waters down Whiskey with Gin.
15:39 kf we are quite crazy people :)
15:39 trea joined #koha
15:39 Bruce I suppose I had best go put my name on the wiki.
15:39 kf NancyK: let us know if we can help with something
15:39 Bruce Do I need a password for that?
15:39 slef koyauni: try copying what is in koha-httpd.conf and putting it into the vhost.conf but I don't remember getting koha working with Plesk. They fight I think.
15:39 Todd You know my wish now...:D
15:39 slef Bruce: if, registration required sadly, yes
15:40 Bruce Will do.
15:40 slef Bruce: spammers--
15:40 libsysguy JoeLib001: you're free to ask away now :D
15:40 Todd What?? Waters down Whiskey w Gin...bring it on!!
15:40 slef Bruce: ask around here if you hit any problems
15:40 Bruce Will do, slef, thanks.
15:42 Bruce Cheers!
15:42 gib77 joined #koha
15:43 koyauni self: where do I find the koha-httpd.conf on Debian
15:44 Brooke halfhourish meeting isn't so bad
15:44 Brooke to DuPont nahahahahaha
15:46 slef koyauni: if you installed from packages, /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ or if you installed from tar.gz, /etc/koha
15:57 koyauni was package, and did find only my instantname file library, I do not see any library-httpd.conf
15:57 koyauni still does not work
15:59 kf left #koha
16:03 melia joined #koha
16:08 slef koyauni: basically, Plesk interferes with the usual debian management of the webserver; and the packages interface with usual debian management. You probably need to ask Plesk support how to configure web apps to work with it.
16:08 slef koyauni: someone sold you Plesk, so now they can pay to support it, instead of me ;-)
16:09 koyauni <self> someone has asked this questiopn and answer #8 mention that but does not tell you what to put in there :([…]read.php?t=111215
16:10 koyauni does koha has a forum so people can answer each other
16:11 koyauni I also asked  the tread is old and I am not sure if that person will come back and answer
16:11 drojf koyauni: there is a mailing list for koha. although it looks like you rather need a plesk list than a koha list
16:13 drojf do i have to restart apache or something if i want to put my own xslt stylesheet in XSLTDetailsDisplay ? it does not seem to make any difference what i enter there
16:14 drojf in koha 3.8.3 that is
16:20 francharb have a good day #koha
16:50 slef @query suggestion basket number
16:50 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7593 normal, P5 - low, ---, henridamien, NEW , merging bib records loses connection to order line
16:50 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5725 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, laurence.lefaucheur, Needs Signoff , Batch modifications for Biblios
16:50 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8044 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Localization for Perl scripts and modules
16:50 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5680 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, christophe.croullebois, Pushed to Master , When deleting an order, delete attached items, and if applicable biblio
16:50 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5473 normal, P2, ---, srdjan, Pushed to Stable , 952 fields should be filled in by Acquisitions
16:50 slef huginn: no good
16:50 huginn slef: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
16:50 slef @query basket number
16:50 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7627 major, P1 - high, ---, henridamien, NEW , Editing of saved invoice
16:50 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6730 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, henridamien, NEW , basket number should show the number entered by the library
16:50 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7573 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, henridamien, NEW , Show basket number linked on fund search
16:50 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7593 normal, P5 - low, ---, henridamien, NEW , merging bib records loses connection to order line
16:50 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7659 normal, P5 - low, ---, adrien.saurat, ASSIGNED , "Import all" for a staged file doesn't check for duplicates
16:52 mtompset self: @query basket case (having to sort through these results)?
16:53 slef mtompset: threw it back on list instead
16:54 mtompset What is RDA?
16:54 wahanui i think RDA is a room in a twisty maze of standards
16:55 mtompset Now remembers asking that before. DOH!
16:55 slef Resource Description and Access, the title of the third revision of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, a library cataloguing standard used to support the discovery, identification and employment of information resources
16:55 wajasu xyzzy
16:56 mtompset Now the description wahanui makes sense. :)
16:56 slef sygyzy?
16:56 slef Caledonian Antisyzygy?
16:58 wajasu i'm playing with making message_queue's content oclumn  varbinary instead of test, so we can store unicode/utf8 without it chopping off the rest of the text for overdue notices.
16:59 wajasu test/text
16:59 mtompset I frequently make that typo. test/html. ;)
17:02 wajasu now to set up an MTA in my debian to test email.
17:02 drojf could you setup mine too?
17:04 wajasu i've only done postfix (mail out)
17:05 drojf i can live with that ;)
17:05 wajasu are you on debian?
17:05 drojf yes
17:05 mtompset no, but I'm listening in anyways. ;)
17:07 wajasu what i will do is work on mine.  then i'll keep the parts that need customizing, and paste it for you later for your own reference. i have to get lunch now, but will work on it when i get back.
17:07 drojf cool!
17:08 drojf and i think i found my xsl problem too
17:10 slef drojf: ooh wht was?
17:10 mtompset xsl problem?
17:11 maximep joined #koha
17:12 drojf severe case of d'oh and tired brain. i kept changing the staff client xsl settings and looked at the opac for changes in the layout
17:12 cait joined #koha
17:12 slef mtompset: see drojf at 17:11
17:12 slef or an hour ago basically
17:12 slef drojf: oh yeah, we have days like that
17:12 mtompset And hour ago... Okay... scrolling back.
17:12 drojf but once you find it and know you are not crazy… i like that feeling ;)
17:12 maximep is it me or 3.8.4 has "our $VERSION = '';" in ?
17:13 slef maximep: check on gitweb?
17:13 mtompset gitweb?
17:13 wahanui gitweb is up
17:13 mtompset where is gitweb?
17:13 wahanui well, gitweb is up
17:13 maximep[…]94efda23777f26424
17:13 maximep right ?
17:14 * cait waves
17:14 mtj maximep, yeah, its a typo, i think
17:15 cait @wunder Konstanz
17:15 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 28.0°C (7:00 PM CEST on August 22, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 17.0°C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
17:18 slef mtj: that's polite ;)
17:20 JoeLib001 I take it the meeting is over?
17:21 JoeLib001 Ah, yeah. hehe. :-)
17:26 rangi maximep:[…]65acb0fd21ee91699
17:26 rangi its right in the tarball
17:27 adnc_ joined #koha
17:28 mtompset Greetings, cait.
17:29 mtompset Greetings, rangi
17:29 cait hi rangi hi mtompset
17:30 mtompset Yes, JoeLib001. You missed the meeting regarding the KohaCon13 (I think that was the meeting, right?)
17:31 JoeLib001 Ah, no I interrupted it with a quetion. ;-) 'cause I didn't know it was going on.
17:31 JoeLib001 Someone messaged me though. :-)
17:32 maximep rangi: hmmm. coult it be it was done after the creation of the git tag ?
17:33 rangi yep
17:34 maximep ah ok. Well I will just point directly to the commit instead of the tag. No problems =)
17:35 drojf hi rangi
17:39 slef list admins?
17:40 slef there's a subscriber bouncing messily - I think they might be
17:40 slef can someone nomail them, please?
17:42 slef emailed
17:47 drojf left #koha
18:15 LBA joined #koha
18:31 oleonard The needs signoff list is back up to 66? It was down to 57 yesterday!
18:36 adnc_ joined #koha
18:47 chris_n joined #koha
19:05 mtompset Hey, 9 more isn't so bad. Glad to hear it dropped to 57.
19:15 oleonard congratulations to cait for knocking kados into the #3 spot:
19:23 cait lol
19:23 cait my pleasure
19:24 maximep i'm almost in the top 50! :D
19:24 * oleonard should start using more and bigger words, gotta keep up with the competition. Purple monkey dishwasher.
19:24 cait lol
19:24 druthb antidisestablishmentarianism.
19:27 rangi Morning again
19:28 cait morning
19:28 NateC joined #koha
19:29 drojf joined #koha
19:30 rangi Oleonard: they are pretty much all from failed qa back to needs signoff
19:30 * cait mutters something about the dashboard being mean because if you fail something you get no points
19:31 rangi Hmm should I read the 3.8.4 thread? Or am I being blamed for releasing versions again?
19:31 drojf cait: been there ;)
19:32 rangi Cait: send a patch :-P
19:33 cait no, because that gives no point on the dashboard!
19:33 cait :P
19:34 rangi I'm gonna write a patch -1 for every complaint !
19:35 cait hmpf
19:35 drojf lol
19:35 * cait sends apologizing cookies
19:36 drojf wow, there are cookies for everything
19:36 rangi Hehe
19:36 cait of course there are
19:37 cait haven't you learned that important lesson of life yet?
19:37 drojf i begin to understand. when is this KohaCait taking place i heard of?
19:38 druthb !
19:38 rangi Hmm how did the meeting go?
19:38 cait it went well I think
19:39 cait only suggestion was 3+1+3
19:39 cait and we voted for that :)
19:39 rangi Yay
19:39 cait NancyK wanted to get offers from the hotels next
19:39 cait and maybe hackfest in a library :)
19:39 rangi It's served us well the last 3 years
19:39 rangi Cool
19:40 rangi We should set up local mirrors for git
19:40 cait drojf: the workshop is next week ;)
19:40 rangi In the library that way upstream bandwidth is not an issue
19:40 drojf i might go there last minute just for fun :P
19:41 drojf i could be a surprise speaker or something ;)
19:41 cait we have one space left right now
19:42 rangi Hmm eythian is on his way back to konstanz now?
19:42 cait I think so
19:42 cait haven't heard much from him today
19:42 rangi drojf: take ur raspberry pi
19:43 drojf ha! great idea :)
19:43 drojf my battery is in the mail. i think i have most parts for self sustaining koha in a box then
19:44 drojf well, the sun is probably not enough here but i can't change that
19:45 cait drojf: wind energy?
19:46 drojf too expensive to catch/ too crazy to build
19:47 cait ooh
19:47 cait rangi: can I get some homework? :)
19:48 rangi Any of the ones that just changed back to needs signoff are good to test again
19:48 cait k
19:49 rangi Hmm and 5327 does that have any?
19:49 cait oleonard: oh, you still want me to test the inactive funds?
19:49 cait bug 5327
19:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5327 major, P3, ---,, Passed QA , Unit tests required for all C4 modules
19:49 oleonard No we got it figured out cait
19:49 cait ok
19:49 oleonard Thanks
19:50 NateC joined #koha
19:50 rangi Any @catalyst ones I can't signoff so those are good too
19:52 rangi Thanks signofferers
19:53 rangi Ok my stop bbiab
19:58 drojf wow we are still down to 65 "needs signoff"? that's cool!
20:02 rangi it was 56 when i went to sleep :)
20:02 drojf i wish i had more koha playtime
20:04 kathryn joined #koha
20:09 rangi can anyone remember the name of the guy from zambia at kohacon12?
20:11 cait hm
20:11 cait isn't it on the list of participants?
20:11 rangi maybe?
20:11 cait hi kathryn
20:11 rangi wheres that?
20:11 wahanui well, that is pulled from the fields
20:11 cait rangi: I have the printed one at work - but you need it now I guess?
20:11 * cait tries to summon slef
20:11 rangi :)
20:14 koyauni hi
20:14 wahanui hello, koyauni
20:16 kathryn hiya cait :)
20:17 koyauni anyone in mode to help me solve an issue with Koha on Debian 6+ running Plesk 11, please
20:17 koyauni I have post to Plesk but no one seams to asnwer
20:19 rangi koyauni: unfortunately no one here has ever used plesk
20:23 koyauni I think Plesk does not do anything here, I just need to get the virtual domain created in koha to join with domain created in Plesk, this guys mentiond some and I have collected here working on it but not sure if I do it right please see
20:24 koyauni
20:25 rangi i have no idea, ive never used plesk, with standard debian, you don't need to do any of that stuff
20:26 rangi koyauni: what is the ip of your server that koha is running on?
20:26 rangi and what is the url
20:26 wahanui the url is probably horrid :)
20:27 * oleonard hushes wahanui
20:30 koyauni here it is, but this is shared IP and my main domain is koha is should point to
20:31 rangi on the command line of server
20:31 rangi can you type
20:31 rangi dig
20:31 cait interesting, our z3950servers table in the database has a column for an icon
20:31 rangi and also go to
20:32 rangi and paste in the entirity of the file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/library
20:32 rangi please
20:32 oleonard Bye #koha, see you tomorrow
20:32 drojf cait: icon for the z39.50 server?
20:33 drojf bye oleonard
20:34 rangi libsysguy:[…]let-me-down-remix
20:35 cait drojf: seems so :) I doubt there is code backing that column
20:35 koyauni I did what sort of info need from the out put
20:35 libsysguy taking it back rangi?
20:35 koyauni yes
20:35 drojf cait: we should have some :)
20:35 rangi koyauni: what is the ip number it gives you with that command?
20:36 koyauni rangi, please see it at the bottom here
20:38 rangi that doesnt look like the output of the dig command to me
20:39 rangi nor is it the entirity of the file  /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/library
20:39 rangi i am trying to help, but I can't really without your help
20:39 koyauni I have just added the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/library at
20:40 rangi cool
20:40 koyauni that was the dig I ran
20:40 rangi hmm you typoed
20:40 koyauni many thanks for the help
20:40 rangi dig
20:40 rangi you need
20:40 koyauni ok lets try agin
20:40 rangi dig
20:41 koyauni replaced it please look now
20:41 rangi and then please try replacing
20:42 rangi <VirtualHost *:80>
20:42 rangi with
20:42 rangi <VirtualHost>
20:42 rangi then
20:42 rangi apache2ctl restart
20:42 koyauni ok, let me do that please
20:43 rangi if that doesnt work, then its definitely something to do with plesk and im out of ideas
20:50 koyauni It did not, still showing default page
20:51 koyauni I think somehow it should be some sort of shortcut of  /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/library  in the subdomain directory that pointing to koha
20:51 rangi yep then its a plesk thing, you have to do something in plesk, it doesnt work the way normal apache2 on debian works, sorry I have no more ideas
20:51 drojf Please login to to receive instructions on setting  up your website
20:52 koyauni I am logged in to the panel
20:53 drojf that's what it says on your website. sorry if i was stating the obvious, i don't know plesk
20:55 koyauni thanks you for trying to help guys!
21:00 rangi bug 6945 .. for an easy signoff
21:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6945 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pelletiermaxime, Needs Signoff , Add a link to show a MARC preview in the normal view
21:03 koyauni I put this on Plesk forum let see if anyone can help[…]636848#post636848
21:03 drojf koyauni: wild guess regarding the htaccess file: did you enable mod_rewrite?
21:04 koyauni I did put a .htaccess but I got error 500
21:04 koyauni how do I check mod_rewrite is enabled
21:04 drojf koyauni: yes, i think it need the apache module rewrite. did you enable this module?
21:05 drojf you can enable it usingf
21:05 drojf oops
21:05 drojf using sudo a2enmod rewrite
21:07 koyauni root@koyauniversity ~ # a2enmod rewrite Module rewrite already enabled
21:07 rangi maximep: fixed the tag
21:07 rangi[…]=refs/heads/3.8.x
21:08 drojf koyauni: ok, was worth a try
21:09 koyauni rangi, that is already been enabled
21:09 koyauni :)
21:10 koyauni is this correct to be added to .htaccess file
21:10 koyauni <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine on RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^$ opac/htdocs/ [L] RewriteRule (.*) opac/htdocs/$1 [L] </IfModule>
21:10 koyauni it is in mid page here
21:10 rangi no you dont need a .htaccess file with koha
21:11 maximep rangi++
21:11 maximep thanks
21:11 koyauni no that goes in the subdomain folder to point it to the koha site I guess
21:11 rangi i cant really help, because this is all to do with how this server is set up with plesk
21:11 koyauni well I wrote to them lte see if I get any response
21:11 rangi koyauni: no, not for normal koha, you dont need a .htaccess file at all with that
21:13 rangi any more suggestions we give you are just random, because plesk is doing something, to show that site is unconfigured page, and we know nothing about plesk
21:20 rangi @wunder nzwn
21:20 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 9.0°C (9:00 AM NZST on August 23, 2012). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Steady).
21:21 rangi not even ow
21:23 rangi[…]ot%20even%20ow%21
21:24 maximep left #koha
21:32 cait gnah.
21:32 rangi cait++ #good testing
21:32 rangi gnah?
21:32 cait I found 7 annoying bugs testing one litte problem.
21:32 cait that was a sound of unhappiness and frustration.
21:32 cait I mean... 7!
21:33 rangi heh
21:34 rangi hey trea
21:34 trea rangi, hi
21:35 wajasu meh
21:35 rangi wajasu: for the record, i think you are on the wrong track converting columns to varbinary, we store unicode just fine everywhere else :)
21:36 * rangi hopes you moved on from that theory
21:36 rangi trea: how's things?
21:37 trea moving along - fun with SIP
21:37 rangi ah yep
21:37 rangi another standard that isnt
21:37 trea ikr
21:43 Jesse left #koha
21:43 koyauni rangi: read what Plesk says here[…]sted=1#post636853
21:44 koyauni very classic :)
21:44 koyauni that is the answer to my post
21:46 rangi :)
21:46 rangi good answer
21:46 rangi (your answer)
21:51 rangi libsysguy:
21:53 cait left #koha
21:54 libsysguy I already like this one much better :p
21:54 rangi how can you not like the beatles? sheesh
21:54 libsysguy im a hater, what can I say
21:55 rangi[…]y-harder-than-you
21:56 libsysguy haha now this is more my style
22:12 ala_3vo joined #koha
22:13 ala_3vo joined #koha
22:14 ala_3vo Hello #koha
22:15 rangi hi ala_3vo
22:16 ala_3vo Hi rangi: I'm trying to  set up the z39.50 server.  Can you help?
22:17 rangi hmm set up in what way, to listen on a public ip and port?
22:18 ala_3vo Our cataloging section tried to do cataloging with z39.50 search but it has no link.
22:18 rangi oh, so not the server
22:19 rangi you want to set up some targets to do a z3950 search of ?
22:19 ala_3vo I'm not sure, this is new for me.
22:19 rangi from what you said, it sounds like that
22:19 rangi what version of koha?
22:19 ala_3vo 3.8
22:20 rangi http://manual.koha-community.o[…]n.html#z3950admin
22:22 NateC joined #koha
22:23 ala_3vo I read something on editing the koha-conf.xml. Will this work?
22:23 rangi no
22:23 rangi thats for the server
22:23 rangi thats so other people can search your catalogue
22:24 ala_3vo okay, its clear
22:24 rangi cool
22:25 ala_3vo I'll try looking into the link you gave.
22:39 mtj opac carousel, with book-covers from a flickr group ->
22:39 rangi fancy pants!
22:41 mtj im still not sure how useful it is… with flickr intergration
22:42 rangi my worry would be its kinda hackable no?
22:42 rangi if you know the tag, you can get an opac displaying some dodgy stuff?
22:42 mtj afaik, nope...
22:42 mtj its not searching on a 'tag', but a 'group'
22:42 rangi ahh
22:42 rangi and you can control membership?
22:42 wajasu ok. i got my postfix set up.  and generated an overdue notice.  the  email text contains  this:  Fine: £1.50    so sure, the varbinary helped us from eating the unicode/utf8, but its still not right with  there.
22:43 mtj yep, thats the plan
22:43 rangi varbinary is the wrong way to go, getring rid of the  Ã‚
22:43 rangi is the way
22:43 wajasu yup
22:43 rangi a varbinary change will not be accepted into koha (just fyi)
22:44 wajasu the  was 1st, and probably cause mysql to cut the rest.
22:44 rangi yep
22:44 wajasu i know.
22:44 wajasu but its knowledge worth having.
22:44 mtj but, librarian needs to add 'bibnumber' to every uploaded flickr record, somehow...
22:44 rangi mtj: cool, now your next challenge
22:45 rangi using the facility that lets you pull json reports out of koha
22:45 mtj thats the catch to the flickr situ,  that step is somewhat manual :/
22:45 rangi do it straight out of koha, and grab covers from either local covers, amazona etc what ever the syspref is
22:45 rangi ie, in master you can mark a report public, then you can fetch that in the opac
22:46 rangi using opac/svc/report
22:46 rangi and it hands out json
22:46 mtj ooooh, ok
22:46 rangi so you could write a report that is just
22:46 rangi select 12,343,535,34334
22:46 rangi etc
22:46 rangi to get the biblionumbers
22:47 rangi then the librarians could just edit the report
22:47 * rangi hopes he is making sense
22:47 mtj yep, tho im still catching up a little, i think...
22:48 rangi bug 8256
22:48 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8256 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Reports webservice should allow selection by name
22:48 mtj hmm, theres a few good ways to spin this thing
22:49 rangi using the saved reports would allow it to be done within koha
22:49 rangi you could even then use the rand function in sql
22:49 rangi so it got different ones
22:50 rangi or order by accession date
22:50 rangi etc
22:50 rangi all sorts of things
22:53 mtj yep, im thinking of a way for a librarian to 'select' a bib to 'show on carousel', etc....
22:55 mtj tho, some sql to generate that json output would also suffice…
22:56 mtj fyi, flickr has a book-cover group, with 45k images, not bad ->
22:57 mtj could be worth using flickr data for koha, i reckon
22:58 rangi whats the license on it?
22:58 Ccorrales joined #koha
22:58 Ccorrales 33518003074681
22:58 rangi 34389423842374823
22:58 mtj rangi, pass on that… :P
22:58 rangi mtj: kinda important huh? :)
22:59 mtj i hadnt really considered it yet :/
23:00 rangi yeah annoyingly we have to
23:01 mtj hmm, i guess theres a whole list of stuff you can't do with flickr data…?
23:02 mtj (which is usually all the fun stuff you wanna do with data)
23:04 rangi depends if its licensed or not
23:04 rangi lots is cc-sa or cc-by-sa those you can use
23:06 JoeLib001 Have a good day everyone. :-)
23:06 mtj i assume its possible to tell flickr to *not* return tricky-licensed photos
23:06 mtj (could be a quickfix)
23:07 rangi yep, you can do that in the advanced search
23:10 mtj ah yep, i got it….
23:11 bag heya mtj and rangi
23:12 mtj wordup, big.B
23:15 rangi hey bag
23:18 rangi[…]t-destroys-fresco  <-- oops
23:23 bag @wunder wellington nz
23:23 huginn bag: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0°C (11:00 AM NZST on August 23, 2012). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Steady).
23:23 bag @wunder Santa Barbara, CA
23:23 huginn bag: The current temperature in K6LCM-Westside/Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 22.1°C (4:17 PM PDT on August 22, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 17.0°C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1012 hPa (Falling).
23:33 papa joined #koha

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