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00:24 slef bah, I've gigs of space but build-git-snapshot is crashing out with "No space left on device"... brb
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00:57 mib_p1rm7k Hello everyone!
00:57 mib_p1rm7k Can somebody help me here with my Zebra problem
00:58 mib_p1rm7k I am running Koha 3.08 on CentOS 6.2
00:58 mib_p1rm7k My zebra server is running and I can connect to it using yaz-client
00:58 mib_p1rm7k The marc21 and xml records I get back look fine.
00:59 mib_p1rm7k But koha does not return any results on the same queries.
00:59 mib_p1rm7k What should I do to check what's the problem?
00:59 wahanui the problem is its human beings doing it
00:59 mib_p1rm7k So... what should humans do here? :)
01:01 slef mib_p1rm7k: wahanui is a robot :)
01:02 mib_p1rm7k haha
01:02 mib_p1rm7k for a moment there, i got confused. :)
01:02 slef mib_p1rm7k: second question?
01:02 wahanui rumour has it second question is "What is the exact error message?"
01:02 mib_p1rm7k There is no error message. Nothing in the logs either.
01:02 mib_p1rm7k I just don't get any results from koha
01:03 slef you're connecting with yaz-client with the user/pass from koha-conf.xml?
01:03 mib_p1rm7k no. without user/pass
01:05 jcamins There's your problem. You need to have it set up with the same user/pass that is in koha-conf.xml.
01:05 slef retry with the details from koha-conf.xml?  you'll need to say "auth user pass" to yaz-client before saying "open unix:/path/to/bibliosocket"
01:05 mib_p1rm7k Oh OK
01:05 slef jcamins: I like the way you clutch at those straws ;)
01:06 jcamins slef: I'm helping!!!!!
01:06 jcamins :P
01:06 slef jcamins: yeah, but "there's your problem" seems a bit early ;)
01:06 mib_p1rm7k Let me try this. yaz-client works without authentication, let me try it with the same username and password
01:06 slef jcamins: zebra might be broken in some new and entertaining manner...
01:07 jcamins slef: Zebra was run with the wrong config.
01:08 mib_p1rm7k yaz-client still works. with the username and password from koha-conf
01:08 mib_p1rm7k what should i check next?
01:08 jcamins mib_p1rm7k: the command line that started the Zebra daemon.
01:09 jcamins I think you'll find it's pointing to the wrong file.
01:09 mib_p1rm7k I run zebrasrv as zebrasrv -v all -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
01:09 jcamins Did you restart Zebra?
01:09 mib_p1rm7k No. I am on CentOS so I have to manually start it.
01:09 mib_p1rm7k There is no daemon program here.
01:09 jcamins Right. Stop it and start it again manually.
01:10 mib_p1rm7k Just did.
01:10 jcamins Of course, my troubleshooting is all based on my experiences with Debian.
01:10 jcamins Which is well known to work a lot better than CentOS with Zebra. :P
01:11 slef meh... it should work... I've just not had to touch it for a looong time
01:11 mib_p1rm7k hmm... I know koha is much more happy with debian
01:11 jcamins I will tell you how I reached the conclusion about the problem that I did.
01:11 mib_p1rm7k but my IT dept would not give me anything other than centos
01:11 mib_p1rm7k which is stupid
01:11 slef IT dept error: replace IT dept
01:11 mib_p1rm7k haha
01:12 mib_p1rm7k agreed.
01:12 slef and try again
01:12 mib_p1rm7k :)
01:12 jcamins When I had problems with Zebra (a while ago), I was able to log in with any password only when I was using the wrong Zebra configuration file.
01:12 mib_p1rm7k The configuration file I am using is /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
01:12 mib_p1rm7k That is the only one in CentOS.
01:12 slef ps $(pgrep zebra) |cat # should show you what zebra thinks it is using
01:13 mib_p1rm7k No separate instances here.
01:14 slef aha
01:14 slef what query are you doing from yaz-client?
01:14 mib_p1rm7k i do:
01:14 mib_p1rm7k base biblios
01:14 mib_p1rm7k f data
01:14 mib_p1rm7k s
01:14 jcamins Is that where the file that you installed is?
01:14 mib_p1rm7k yes
01:15 slef and that's literally "f data"?
01:15 mib_p1rm7k i have checked the location and the contents of the file.
01:15 mib_p1rm7k yes, that's literally "f data"
01:15 jcamins Hm.
01:15 jcamins And you went through this:
01:15 jcamins search faq?
01:15 wahanui search faq is at[…]on/faq/searching/
01:15 slef I'm pretty sure Koha puts something more complex there... looking it up now...
01:15 mib_p1rm7k 404 on that link
01:16 slef :(
01:16 mib_p1rm7k it puts things like kw,wrdl: Data
01:16 slef no, not to zebra
01:16 slef it translates that I think
01:16 jcamins wahanui: forget search faq
01:16 wahanui jcamins: I forgot search faq
01:16 jcamins search faq is
01:16 jcamins mib_p1rm7k: ^^ that
01:16 mib_p1rm7k zebra is reading the file right because it only accepts that password for the username.
01:17 jcamins Okay, that's progress.
01:17 jcamins And you have problems in the staff client and the OPAC?
01:18 mib_p1rm7k I have looked at all the points in the FAQ
01:18 jcamins Okay.
01:18 mib_p1rm7k They are basically verifying that the zebra index is built and the zebra server is running
01:19 slef try "f @attr 1=4 data"... I think
01:19 mib_p1rm7k What should I do next? My koha logs do not say anything... should I try and output some debugging information there?
01:20 mib_p1rm7k This works too..
01:20 mib_p1rm7k Same results as 'f data'
01:20 slef yeah, I think you're at the adding debugging statements bit... sorry, you've found a less famous way to break it
01:21 mib_p1rm7k hmm
01:22 jcamins Yeah, I've never encountered that.
01:22 jcamins Usually it's Zebra being broken.
01:22 mib_p1rm7k Yes. But this is CentOS and koha 3.08 is not well tested here.
01:22 jcamins Very true.
01:22 wahanui I know. That's why I said it.
01:22 mib_p1rm7k Zebra does not even register a connection from koha
01:22 jcamins I think you're the first one to have successfully installed it, in fact.
01:23 mib_p1rm7k it works fine.
01:23 mib_p1rm7k And the search works with nozebra
01:23 mib_p1rm7k Only that nozebra does not show me items... which is strange
01:23 jcamins Don't use nozebra. It's disastrous.
01:23 mib_p1rm7k ok. point taken.
01:23 jcamins It will be deleted shortly.
01:23 mib_p1rm7k hence, the efforts for zebra
01:23 slef errr which it shouldn't AFAIK because nozebra is deprecated
01:24 slef yeah good move
01:24 slef if zebra doesn't register a connection from koha... did you install koha with nozebra and then switch it over?
01:25 mib_p1rm7k no. i installed with zebra. all default options in Makefile.PL. I even checked with the install log.
01:25 mib_p1rm7k but i will have to check what koha is doing... maybe it is not using zebra somehow.
01:25 jcamins mib_p1rm7k: are you sure that KOHA_CONF is set correctly?
01:25 mib_p1rm7k i will have to take some time to add debugging statements and see what's happening.
01:25 slef rerun zebrasrv with the maximum logging options?
01:25 jcamins Yeah, that sounds like your next step, sorry. :(
01:25 mib_p1rm7k zebrasrv is running with -v all
01:26 mib_p1rm7k that's the max i know
01:26 mib_p1rm7k it does register a connection from yaz-client
01:26 mib_p1rm7k as in it shows in the logs
01:27 slef I think -a - does something. Not sure if it's relevant
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01:28 slef oooh bouncy bouncy
01:28 jcamins Sure is.
01:29 mib_cuhjfx sorry..
01:29 mib_cuhjfx the last thing i was saying was that i will update the wiki page on centos installation with my notes.
01:29 jcamins Yes, please do!
01:30 mib_cuhjfx signing off now... pleasure chatting with you. this was my second time on irc... and i was always leave here happy and relieved.
01:30 mib_cuhjfx :)
01:30 jcamins Good luck.
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02:46 rangi chris_n++
02:49 rangi colinc++
03:16 jcamins Bother.
03:17 jcamins My release-tools repo is screwed up.
03:18 jcamins Well, not that screwed up.
03:22 jcamins Fixed it.
03:42 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #111: SUCCESS in 1 hr 4 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/111/
03:42 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Fixing a cut and paste error in the file
03:42 jenkins_koha Starting build #112 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
04:45 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #112: SUCCESS in 1 hr 3 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/112/
04:45 jenkins_koha colin.campbell: Bug 8486 Correct calculation of days_between`
04:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8486 blocker, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Stable , Critical error in Koha::Calendar::days_between calculation
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09:27 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #113: SUCCESS in 1 hr 4 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/113/
09:27 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bug 8486 - Follow up making the tests db independent
09:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8486 blocker, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Needs Signoff , Critical error in Koha::Calendar::days_between calculation
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10:58 mtompset Greetings, #koha
11:26 jcamins mtompset:[…]0ed2c0aec;hb=HEAD
11:26 jcamins mtompset: I added a --noupdate parameter.
11:29 mtompset --noupdate?
11:30 mtompset There's no updating in the first place.
11:30 mtompset No, apt-get installs done.
11:30 mtompset Oh, you mean for the refreshing the updates?
11:31 jcamins Right.
11:31 jcamins I'll be running it four times in a row.
11:32 mtompset Okay, that makes sense...
11:32 mtompset You forgot to modify the change log. :P
11:33 mtompset And the usage function.
11:33 mtompset tsk. tsk.
11:33 * jcamins will fix that.
11:34 mtompset I have the beginnings of a similar script under CentOS 6.3
11:34 mtompset The problem is there are several holes in the repository contents/
11:35 jcamins Fixed and pushed.
11:37 mtompset missed a bit...
11:37 mtompset the initial usage line.
11:37 jcamins Bah.
11:37 jcamins Okay.
11:37 jcamins :)
11:40 mtompset You just rammed that through... shouldn't there have been a third pair of eye on it?
11:41 mtompset ...eyes...
11:44 mtompset Any ideas on how to provide the missing perl dependencies to an RPM-based OS?
11:44 jcamins What other pair of eyes?
11:45 jcamins I'm the only one who is going to use the script. :P
11:45 * mtompset smirks.
11:45 mtompset You aren't going to tell other people about it?
11:45 jcamins No idea at all. That's why my response when someone says "we're using CentOS" is "you should switch to Debian."
11:46 jcamins Sure I will.
11:46 mtompset If there was a way to provide RPM's of missing CPAN libraries, we could provide repository information and yum update would grab them.
11:47 mtompset But that would require someone familiar with packaging under RPM-based OS's.
11:47 jcamins And there's a slight chance that rangi and/or paul_p will use it, but I tend to be the more paranoid.
11:48 jcamins (want proof? I wrote in that same repository)
11:48 mtompset what's to be paranoid about? I would call it obsessive-compulsive. :)
11:50 jcamins "Oh no, one of the dependencies might not be available. That would be terrible. Awful. Unacceptable. If it isn't, we can't release Koha! Oh, and what about the .packages files? One might be out of date! I think I'll check every time I run the tests. Ooh, it might have stopped installing in the last couple seconds. I'll do a dry run of the installation now."
11:52 mtompset Yes, but you follow that process compulsively. :P
11:52 mtompset I think it is more OC than paranoid.
11:53 mtompset Nothing wrong with a good triple check. :)
11:55 jcamins Sextuple check, actually. I install Koha six times.
11:55 mtompset Actually, did you do a test run of your change?
11:55 jcamins Yes.
11:55 jcamins Works great.
11:55 mtompset Really?
11:55 wahanui Of course!
11:56 jcamins Yup.
11:56 mtompset Because I would have thought it would truncate --noupdate since you don't have an =
11:57 jcamins What do you mean?
11:57 mtompset EQPOS=0
11:57 mtompset (because there is no =)
11:57 jcamins No = where?
11:57 mtompset PARM=${1:0:$((0-1))}
11:57 mtompset on the command line
11:58 jcamins ~/release-tools/ --koha-dir=/home/jcamins/koharelease --list-dir=/home/jcamins/r​elease-tools/sources.lists --dist=debian --release=6.0 --noupdate=1
11:58 jcamins Per the instructions.
11:58 mtompset Ah, oh okay.
11:59 mtompset Because you put SKIP_UPDATE=1
11:59 jcamins Right.
11:59 mtompset rather than $VAR
11:59 mtompset rather than $VAL
11:59 jcamins Exactly.
11:59 mtompset That way you should toggle the value with the parameter.
11:59 mtompset But this won't toggle.
12:00 mtompset you could put --noupdate=sillyvalue
12:00 mtompset and it will skip./
12:00 jcamins Really it should be an on/off parameter: --noupdate skips, no --noupdate does not.
12:01 jcamins But you write this in bash and not perl, so I couldn't figure out how to do that.
12:01 * mtompset laughs.
12:02 mtompset I'll tweak the script again, so it will be friendlier to --flags
12:03 mtompset basically I figure put a check for EQPOS=0
12:03 mtompset if it is 0, then PARM=$1 and VAL=1
12:03 mtompset else PARM=.... VAL=...
12:08 mtompset if [ "$EQPOS" -eq "0" ]; then
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12:11 mtompset Greetings, drojf
12:13 mtompset There are 25 libraries missing under CentOS.
12:13 mtompset They would require a CPAN.
12:14 mtompset Hmm... wait... I didn't enable the extras repo.
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12:32 * mtompset grumbles about CentOS running so slowly compared to Ubuntu in my VM.
13:11 jcamins Ugh. I do so loathe Ubuntu 12.04.
13:14 mtompset Why?
13:15 mtompset It's the nicest Ubuntu yet. -- though I have heard complaints that stuff in Quantal should have been in Precise.
13:16 jcamins "Anonymous logins? Let's totally add that!"
13:17 mtompset Well, think about sessions being handed out without authorizations in Koha. ;)
13:19 jcamins Insecure is not turned on by default.
13:19 mtompset Yes, koha isn't as bad about security that way. :)
13:20 jcamins I get that the goal is to be more like windows, but having anonymous logins enabled by default is not the way to do it.
13:20 jcamins Especially not if those anonymous logins take precedence over actual, authenticated users.
13:20 mtompset just delete that blank users and be happy, jcamins. ;)
13:21 jcamins <-- Debian user
13:21 mtompset ^that^the^
13:21 mtompset no, you are a Debian-ist. :P\
13:22 mtompset If you were a Debian user, you wouldn't care about Ubuntu's failings. ;)
13:22 jcamins mtompset: no one else is testing the Ubuntu-specific patches.
13:23 mtompset Yes, but I'll use them and probably complain about them when they bust.
13:23 mtompset I may even fix them occasionally too. :)
13:24 mtompset So, don't think of it as "No one else is testing this," but rather, "I can't wait to hear back from the happy users."
13:24 jcamins lol
13:25 mtompset Wow... EPEL only got me 7 more libraries?!
13:25 jcamins But mostly I'll be hearing from *un*happy users, unless I test it. In which case I won't hear from anyone.
13:25 mtompset You hate Ubuntu?
13:25 jcamins :P
13:25 mtompset I HATE CENTOS!
13:25 jcamins No, I really liked Ubuntu up until 12.04 broke everything that I was used to.
13:25 jcamins I reserve my OS hate for RPM-based distros.
13:25 * mtompset grins.
13:26 mtompset Why would anyone want a perl 5.10.X when 5.16.X is out?!
13:26 jcamins mtompset: stability. Perl 5.10 isn't unreasonable.
13:26 jcamins 5.6, on the other hand, is.
13:27 mtompset Why would anyone want repositories that are so stale, the mold has mold.
13:27 mtompset They are still supporting CentOS 5.X which only has 5.8.8!
13:28 mtompset That's 4 stable versions behind!
13:30 mtompset Why would anyone care about "stability" over "current" so much that they are years behind?
14:22 mtompset[…]land-presentation
14:22 mtompset For those who are lurking or reading the irc logs... anyone wish to set up a Koha RPM Repo? It's just an idea.
14:34 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period), #koha folk.
14:34 mtompset Bye.
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17:29 druthb o/
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18:53 jenkins_koha Starting build #114 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:23 rangi morning
19:32 jcamins Morning.
19:32 wahanui morning is, like, a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast
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19:36 cait hi #koha
19:36 jcamins Hello.
19:38 rangi hey cait and jcamins
19:38 cait hi rangi and jcamins
19:57 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #114: SUCCESS in 1 hr 4 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/114/
19:57 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bumping debian changelog
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