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00:23 Judit hi
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02:12 jcamins_away Good morning, cait.
02:15 cait hi jcc
02:15 cait hi jcamins_away
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03:12 druthb o/
04:15 Judit hi, anyone tried 3.8 with the FF offline circulation plugin?
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05:02 Oak kia ora #koha
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06:20 Oak what could be the reason, that, I imported patron data in Koha in csv format, and filled the password column with birthday (day + month) of patrons. And the password worked when I used to access the system from university's LAN (the server had no public IP). Now that the server is publicly accessible, when I try to login, I get "ou entered an incorrect username or password. Please try again!..."
06:21 Oak Is there a way I can see what are the passwords of patron (instead of seeing ****) ?
06:21 Oak or to find out what is going on?
06:24 Judit what if you log in to admin, and change the pw and try again with the new pw
06:24 Judit i mean chance the pw for a patron
06:27 Oak yes I did and that worked.
06:28 Oak Judit
06:29 Judit you have tried many patrons?
06:29 Judit with same results?
06:29 Oak yes
06:30 Judit i dont see a reason
06:30 Oak hmm
06:30 Judit do you have  mysql access
06:30 Oak yup
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06:31 alex_a bonjour
06:34 Oak Judit, so... I examine the mysql tables...
06:36 Judit just a sec
06:36 Judit how many patrons are we talking about?
06:36 Oak 1200
06:36 Oak about 1200
06:37 Judit i would try to import them in again
06:37 Judit usng the koha tool
06:37 Oak :(
06:37 Oak what could have gone wrong?
06:37 Judit or manually change all pw in Koha
06:37 Oak oh joy
06:40 Judit i am sorry, i cannot help
06:41 Oak no problem :)
06:41 Judit but i wish you a lot of good luck
06:41 Judit :)
06:42 Oak thank you!
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06:48 francharb morning #koha
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06:58 Joubu hi #koha
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07:03 gaetan_B hello :)
07:05 Judit so anyone tried koha 3.8 with the firefox plugin?
07:05 Judit the offline circulation
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07:09 julian_m hello #koha
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07:11 Oak Judit, my dates in csv file that I imported earlier were like 5/8/1988... and the patron import says a note i just read that "Date formats should match your system preference, and must be zero-padded, e.g. '01/02/2008'."
07:12 Oak so now when I import the new csv with changed zero-padded dates, will Koha consider them same records and replace them (good) or add as new records (bad)?
07:12 Oak uh oh
07:12 Oak Judit is gone.
07:12 Oak cait!
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07:13 Oak uh oh
07:13 Oak cait!
07:13 Oak awake enough for a question?
07:15 Oak *sigh*
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07:16 * cait waves
07:16 Oak \o
07:18 magnus_afk o/
07:20 magnuse rangi++ for 3.8.1!
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07:22 Oak rangi++
07:22 Oak magnuse,
07:22 Oak tch. comma :(
07:25 magnuse Oak
07:25 magnuse next question: is it ready for production?
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07:54 rangi magnuse: id wait for 3.8.2 there are still some bugfixes id like to see in it, awiting sign off and qa
07:57 magnuse rangi: cool
07:57 magnuse i'll do some digging, might not affect the parts my customers actually use...
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09:54 Oak guys, once a Koha server is set up, and running, books cataloged, etc. can we make the zebra server UTF-8 compatible? Or are we supposed to do that before we cataloged books? At present all cataloging info in plain English... no unicode characters.
09:55 cait you should be able to catalog unicode without doing anything
09:56 cait for search you might need icu indexing activated
09:57 Oak and we can activate icu indexnig whenever we want?
09:57 Oak in the middle i mean.
09:58 Oak "you should be able to catalog unicode without doing anything" <-- because MySQL is set up with utf-8... and that's what matters here... right?
10:00 cait yes I think so
10:00 Oak hmm. cool
10:00 Oak still traveling?
10:00 wahanui traveling is serious business, eh? ;-)
10:01 cait search bugzilla for ALL chinese icu
10:01 cait it should bring up a recent bug with hints how to activate icu indexing
10:01 Oak okay thank you!
10:01 Oak doing it
10:01 hdl1 wahanui: forget traveling
10:01 wahanui hdl1: I forgot traveling
10:02 cait if you are using 3.8 - there is an option to activate it on install
10:02 cait it might be a bit different to activate it then - not exactly sure how to do it
10:02 Oak "it might be a bit different to activate it then" you mean in the middle?
10:02 cait yes, when already installed without
10:03 Oak hmm
10:03 cait I tihnk you have to change the koha conf file then
10:03 Oak i am on 3.6.4
10:03 Oak hmm
10:03 Oak searching 'chinese icu' returns zero results
10:04 cait ah
10:04 cait I tihnk you can just use the description in the bug then
10:04 cait @query ALL chinese icu
10:04 huginn cait: No results for "ALL chinese icu."
10:04 cait Oak: the bug is already closed
10:04 cait Oak: try first search word ALL
10:05 Oak says Zarro Boogs found.
10:05 cait hmm
10:07 cait bug 8065
10:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8065 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED INVALID, chinese word search result all chinese biblios record
10:09 Oak thanks cait!
10:09 cait was ALL chinese search  :)
10:10 Oak on that link:[…]nuary/031714.html it says "Your icu.xml should look like this:"... will there be an xml file already available somewhere for Urdu or Arabic somewhere or will I have to create it?
10:11 * Oak tries ALL chinese
10:11 Oak works :)
10:11 Oak the search
10:11 wahanui i heard the search was for the patrons not the librarians
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10:39 Amit_Gupta Jonathan around?
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11:11 mib_mudld7 Hello
11:12 mib_mudld7 Can anyone tell me hw 2 backup and restore ur koha data
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11:22 druthb o/
11:27 mib_mudld7 Can u help wit the backup procedure..
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12:04 Amit_Gupta heya nengard
12:04 nengard hello
12:07 Joubu Amit_Gupta: yes :)
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12:27 magnuse kia ora nengard - did you ever get those two patches for the docs i tried to send to the list?
12:28 nengard nope
12:28 magnuse weird
12:28 nengard and others on the list said they didn't come through either
12:30 magnuse hm, i just tried to subscribe, and it says "You are already subscribed to this mailing list."
12:40 magnuse tried again, but it's not showing up in the archive
12:40 magnuse nengard: can you grab the patches from here?
12:42 nengard got them
12:42 nengard will try to apply them in a bit
12:42 magnuse yay!
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13:44 kyleh_ if any xslt gurus are in the house, I'd appriciate some advice on but 7441
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13:57 vfernandes hi guys
13:57 * wizzyrea waves
13:58 libsysguy o/
14:00 vfernandes one little question... i have a database with 250000 biblio and 250000 authorities. I have to do something on my authorithies so I have to search for some string in the marcxml.
14:01 wizzyrea report library?
14:01 wahanui report library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
14:01 wizzyrea i think there's a recipe in there for that
14:01 wizzyrea near the top
14:01 vfernandes But using mysql the queries are extremally slow... Is there a way to improve search on marcxml in the database?
14:05 vfernandes select auth_id from auth_header where marcxml like '%$xml%'
14:06 vfernandes how i can improve this search?
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14:18 wizzyrea i don't know if extractvalue is any faster
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14:27 hdl1 wizzyrea: ExtractValue Is slower.
14:28 wizzyrea there you have it.
14:29 hdl1 but it may be stricture.
14:29 hdl1 stricter
14:37 libsysguy have we ever thought about implementing recurring events in koha?
14:37 libsysguy or do we already have that and I just keep missing it
14:39 wizzyrea you mean like holidays?
14:41 libsysguy yeah but for other things
14:41 libsysguy like the task scheduler
14:41 wizzyrea like recurring news items?
14:41 wizzyrea the first question
14:41 wahanui "What are you trying to do?"  "What is the goal?" or "What problem are you experiencing?"
14:41 libsysguy heh
14:41 wizzyrea :)
14:42 libsysguy so I am trying to rework notices so you can say I want to send notice x every other monday till the end of time, or I want to send notice y every tuesday for only 4 times
14:43 wizzyrea oh, in notices
14:43 libsysguy so I've really been trying to find the best way to represent that kind of thing in the database without taking up a million rows
14:43 libsysguy basically setting up a recurrence that could be infinate
14:44 wizzyrea dunno, I kind of imagine a column in the db that has a specific value for "infinite" and increments on each send for finite.
14:44 wizzyrea if the notice itself is going to be identical
14:45 libsysguy that is what I was thinking too until i read Martin Fowlers paper on recurring events for calendars
14:45 libsysguy
14:46 libsysguy then I got caught up in representing temporal expressions lol
14:46 wizzyrea oh dear.
14:46 * libsysguy is too far down the rabbit hole wizzyrea
14:46 libsysguy :'(
14:49 * wizzyrea pats libsysguy
14:49 wizzyrea just don't eat or drink anything.
14:49 libsysguy heh
14:56 hdl1 libsysguy: what you could implement is an AnyEvent minidaemon and input data from the database to run a task on a schedule.
14:56 hdl1[…]nyEvent/Intro.pod
14:58 libsysguy that would be good, If i could find a way to best store it in the database first
15:00 hdl1[…].12/lib/
15:00 hdl1 that also could be helpful.
15:01 hdl1 mmm I guess having kind of crontab entries could be the best bet.
15:01 libsysguy that was my first thought
15:02 libsysguy but I didn't want to confuse users, so I thought "man google calendar has a very cool way of implementing recurrence events"
15:02 libsysguy and set out to try it that way
15:02 libsysguy but I keep finding my way back to date manip
15:03 libsysguy and I know how we all feel about date::manip
15:05 hdl1 if this is a problem of 'interface', then it is not a problem of mysql database structure.
15:06 hdl1 But how to display and input data.
15:06 hdl1 Those are / should be two separate issues.
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15:09 libsysguy good point
15:10 libsysguy i guess what I should be asking is "how would you store something like 3rd monday every other month" in a database
15:15 jcamins Multiple inheritance in Perl... can it be done?
15:16 jcamins Yes it can.
15:16 libsysguy yes
15:17 libsysguy dang it
15:17 libsysguy
15:17 libsysguy in overview
15:18 hdl1 jcamins: in moose
15:18 libsysguy we should implement moose
15:18 hdl1 But usualy composition is better than multiple inheritance...
15:18 hdl1 Or Moo
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15:19 hdl1
15:20 jcamins Interesting.
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15:31 ASUSunDevil Hello all, having a bit of trouble with implementing koha and thought maybe someone here could help. I am using the LiveCD with Koha 3.4. I know this is out of date, but I'm having a couple weird things happen and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. First, I have items cataloged, but I cannot search by the barcode. It just tells me that no record was matched/found. However,
15:31 ASUSunDevil when I try to check out an item, it can find the barcode just fine... Any ideas?
15:32 jcamins searching faq?
15:32 wahanui hmmm... searching faq is at
15:32 jcamins ASUSunDevil: it sounds like your problem is probably with the Zebra configuration.
15:33 jcamins The searching FAQ has steps to go through for troubleshooting Zebra.
15:33 jcamins Do you get any results when you search on anything in the staff client or OPAC?
15:34 ASUSunDevil Yeah, the person that pointed me here said the same thing, but she didn't have much experience with Zebra, and this is all new to me. In both staff client and opac, if I just do a general search for the barcode, nothing. However, if I select the option to check out an item, it prompts for the barcode and it comes up just fine...
15:34 jcamins ASUSunDevil: if you search for something other than barcode does it work?
15:35 jcamins A keyword, for example?
15:36 ASUSunDevil Yes, I can search by keyword, isbn, author, anything else. It just seems that the barcode item doesn't work. Actually, to be honest, I can search by anything that was imported by the z90 search when I imported the record from LCC. Ater that there's a window that lets you add things like barcode, shelving location, etc, those I cannot search on. So I am figuring that it must be some sort of indexing
15:36 ASUSunDevil thing. I just don't know how to fix it
15:36 jcamins Sounds like there's probably a problem with the livecd. 3.4 is old, and I never used the livecd at all.
15:38 ASUSunDevil Yeah, I had a feeling this might be the issue. Well, maybe you guys can help me on this. My whole set up here is CentOS based, however, I find that there are other distributions that seem to work better with Koha (like, i can install it with apt or yast or whatever package manager comes with the distro). CentOS seems to need some manual hacking to get all of the Koha stuff to work. Can someone
15:38 ASUSunDevil suggest the best Linux distro that one should use to make a Koha implemenations as painless as possible?
15:38 jcamins Debian or Ubuntu.
15:39 jcamins And use packages.
15:41 ASUSunDevil Yeah, I think that is what I am shooting towards. I orginally used CentOS and had to do a bunch of manual set up. I want to try and avoid that if I can. Looks like Ubuntu is fairly popular, so I might go that route. Is there a release of Ubuntu that is preferred for the latest version of Koha (so all the libs and everything match up and work)?
15:41 jcamins ASUSunDevil: I'd use the most recent version of Ubuntu Server.
15:42 ASUSunDevil Sounds good, and from what I am told 3.8 is the most current release of Koha, is that correct?
15:42 jcamins Yes.
15:43 ASUSunDevil Excellent, that you all so much! I'll get to work on that, hopefully 3.8 will solve most of my problems. Thanks agian!
15:43 jcamins Good luck.
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15:49 jcamins francharb: around?
15:49 jcamins unimarc?
15:49 wahanui unimarc is[…]ted-documentation
15:51 ASUSunDevil jcamins: one last question, is there a preference of Debian over Ubuntu? Or are they both fairly starightforward for installing Koha? Is there a industry standard on the OS for Koha that everyone seems to use over most others?
15:51 jcamins Any other UNIMARCers might be able to help me, too.
15:51 jcamins ASUSunDevil: I don't think it really makes a difference. I use Debian for development and Ubuntu Server on my servers.
15:52 ASUSunDevil excellent, that helps me out a lot. Thanks agian!
15:52 jcamins You're welcome.
15:53 slef zzzz
15:56 jcamins slef: come now, authorities aren't *that* boring.
15:58 * jcamins mumbles imprecations about standards.
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16:05 hdl1 ASUSunDevil: what is your problem with UNIMARC?
16:06 jcamins hdl1: I'm the one with the UNIMARC problem.
16:06 jcamins Well, not so much a problem as a question.
16:06 jcamins I'm trying to understand authorities.
16:06 hdl1 jcamins: ?
16:07 hdl1 and ?
16:07 jcamins If we have an authority with a 245 field (for example), where would I find the heading in a bib?
16:07 hdl1 ah....
16:07 hdl1 Well...
16:08 hdl1 kind of a challenge.
16:08 hdl1 You may find it in a 6XX field.
16:08 hdl1 But you may also find it as PART of a 6XX field
16:09 hdl1
16:10 jcamins Okay, I think that answers my question, thanks!
16:10 hdl1 in this document, page 2, you have the standards.
16:11 hdl1 BUT.... there is a but, you may also find composed authorities just as in Rameau.
16:11 hdl1
16:12 hdl1 librarians can compose an authority heading
16:12 hdl1 with multiple authorities
16:13 jcamins Okay, that's similar to the way it works in MARC21, though it looks like UNIMARC is more flexible.
16:15 hdl1 this leads  to 606 $311935621$aHistoire universelle$z20e siècle$311931877$xDictionnaires$2rameau
16:15 hdl1 606 $311971242$aGéopolitique$311975995$z20e siècle$311931877$xDictionnaires$2rameau
16:15 hdl1 where $a is a topic
16:16 hdl1 And $z another topic
16:16 hdl1 And $x another one
16:16 jcamins Ah-ha.
16:16 hdl1 and $z a chronological topic.
16:17 hdl1 each $3 is in fact the id of the topic.
16:18 jcamins So if I have a 2xx field in an authority, it could be turned into a 6xx field for a bib, but the 6xx field in the bib might need to be divided into several authorities.
16:40 * chris_n wanders off in search of food
16:49 kyleh is this actually a bug, or is it intended? bug 8137
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8137 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , Checkout limit by patron category for all libraries
16:50 wizzyrea right, that is similar to something we see with holds sometimes
16:51 wizzyrea at least I think it is.
16:51 wizzyrea I think what you need
16:51 wizzyrea is a rule for WTMP in every library
16:51 wizzyrea which isn't how the default should work.
16:52 kyleh won't that still only count the issues for items of the home library, just for each home library?
16:53 wizzyrea we actually have the opposite situation here, we prefer the rules of the holding branch
16:53 wizzyrea I think what happens
16:54 wizzyrea is if you have a rule defined for any library, if there is a mismatch between home/holding branch
16:54 wizzyrea the rule needs to be duplicated in every branch
16:54 wizzyrea well, let me rephrase
16:54 wizzyrea if you have a rule by patron category defined for any library
16:54 wizzyrea for example
16:54 wizzyrea (same with itemtypes, btw)
16:55 wizzyrea we have a rule, walkin itypes are no hold allowed
16:55 wizzyrea if we define one rule for a patron category in a branch
16:55 wizzyrea we have to add a rule for patroncat - itype for walkin
16:56 wizzyrea otherwise no hold items will be picked for that patron category
16:56 wizzyrea which sounds similar to your situation, to me, after a fashion.
16:56 kyleh thanks, I'll try it and see what happens.
16:57 wizzyrea i'm glad that you were able to grok that, it's difficult to explain.
16:58 hdl1 kyleh: for what it is worth, i would too consider it a bug... But I have a very pessimistic view of circulation rules.
16:59 jcamins kyleh: I was just looking at the sub, and being totally baffled.
16:59 hdl1 BibLibre have had circulation rules revamping proposed.
16:59 jcamins Fortunately, it turned out I didn't need to do anything with TooMany.
16:59 kyleh it's *interesting* to say the least.
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16:59 hdl1 But it never got pushed.
17:00 oleonard Hi all
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17:03 jcamins Oh, Perl. Please don't be so confusing.
17:03 kyleh i think circcontrol is being mis-used here. It should use the maxissueqty for the item's home library ( or fallback to the 'all libraries' rule ), but it should still count all issues from any library.
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17:13 nengard magnuse around?
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17:35 Oak how are you today nengard ?
17:35 nengard a-ok
17:35 nengard you?
17:35 Oak b-ok
17:35 nengard @later tell magnuse i pushed your patches to the 3.8 manual - let me know if they're for 3.6 as well
17:35 huginn nengard: The operation succeeded.
17:35 Oak nengard++
17:36 Oak nengard, you are not here much these days?
17:36 nengard I'm logged in every day
17:36 Oak but quiet
17:36 nengard just been quiet
17:36 nengard hehe
17:36 nengard yes, lots and lots of work to do lately
17:36 Oak :) hmm
17:36 nengard still not up to date on the 3.8 manual and 3.8.1 is already out
17:36 Oak ah. well, good. but don't work too much. Vienna waits for you.
17:37 Oak hmm.
17:37 Oak have some water.
17:37 * Oak goes to the fridge
17:40 Oak i did my project in Koha... and it would not have been possible without the documentation you maintain... wanted to say that. thank you!
17:40 Oak i had many tabs open all day scrolling up and down...
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17:41 Oak well. anyway. me quiet now.
17:43 hdl1 magnuse: around ?
17:44 hdl1 have a nice evening
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18:01 * chris_n notes that boolean charts in bugzilla don't seem to be enabled correctly
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18:14 oleonard Ah nice, I've finally trained myself to ask whether I *really* want to investigate another tags-related bug.
18:20 chris_n ahh... a programmed response to an external stimuli
18:20 chris_n stimulus rather
18:22 oleonard I would un-assign myself from Bug 7694 if I could.
18:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7694 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Syndetics_Editons not included
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18:36 chris_n oleonard: you could always just randomly assign it to someone else ;-)
18:37 oleonard it would do just as much good.
18:39 * chris_n imagines a new bz button "Random Reassignment"
18:45 Oak me go sleep now.
18:45 Oak later.
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19:01 wizzyrea whoa, that bug is … what does that even mean.
19:02 jcamins Huh?
19:02 wizzyrea bug 7694
19:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7694 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Syndetics_Editons not included
19:02 jcamins Ah.
19:02 jcamins No idea.
19:02 oleonard It's so specific as to really demand an in house assignment
19:02 wizzyrea i mean, I know what syndetics is
19:03 * oleonard cannot find a previous revision of that included the OPAC note (Bug 7506)
19:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7506 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , opac note not showing in staff client anymore
19:03 wizzyrea uh, I don't think it ever has
19:04 wizzyrea that's not the purpose of opac note.
19:04 jcamins That's why it's called the OPAC note.
19:04 jcamins (see what I did there?:)
19:04 wizzyrea and actually, I think we need to get rid of those notes
19:04 wizzyrea they are redundant
19:04 wizzyrea in favor of the messaging system.
19:05 oleonard How do you mean wizzyrea?
19:05 wizzyrea there are notes in the edit patron screen
19:06 oleonard Oh, by messaging system you mean the notes added on circ
19:06 wizzyrea right
19:06 wizzyrea
19:07 wizzyrea I think we should get rid of the OPAC note in the edit screen.
19:08 wizzyrea well both of the notes really.
19:08 wizzyrea there's nothing you can do with them that you can't do with the messaging system.
19:08 wizzyrea unless you know of something.
19:10 wizzyrea Also
19:10 wizzyrea she's wrong - it does show on the patron screen
19:10 wizzyrea *if you use the messaging system*
19:10 wizzyrea but not if you use the opac note in the edit borrower
19:10 * wizzyrea will note that on the bug
19:10 oleonard I think that's what she means by "but there are messages that are OPAC specific and those show in the staff client"
19:11 wizzyrea well, but you said that it had never done what she says it has?
19:11 wizzyrea at least you couldn't find it?
19:12 wizzyrea and if the fix is "make it so that shows there" I'd contend that we don't need that note at all
19:12 oleonard I just added a comment to that effect
19:13 wizzyrea *nod* I think we have a problem similar to the notices/messaging tab conundrum of yore.
19:13 wizzyrea something new was added and the old feature wasn't taken out.
19:14 oleonard I wonder how you would convert existing notes to use the messaging system? What library would you assign them to? Patron home branch maybe?
19:14 wizzyrea well yea, the current note doesn't say
19:15 wizzyrea who dun it
19:15 wizzyrea maybe "patron homebranch (migrated)" or something
19:16 libsysguy left #koha
19:24 sekjal joined #koha
19:24 chris_n heya sekjal
19:25 sekjal hi, chris_n
19:29 sekjal was reading up on the Catalyst framework... sounds like it'd make development much, much easier
19:29 sekjal wires nicely into T:T, DBIx, Solr, PSGI/FastCGI, etc
19:29 * oleonard solicits opinions on the Koha list about patron messages/notes
19:29 * chris_n has done some work w/catalyst
19:30 chris_n but only on in-house apps
19:30 jcamins sekjal: libsysguy has been working on a proof-of-concept porting Koha to catalyst.
19:31 * chris_n thinks that's a tall order :)
19:31 sekjal jcamins:  I remember him talking a bit Catalyst.... I'd be interested to see his work
19:31 sekjal not something I can throw time at, myself, as excited as I may be
19:31 jcamins sekjal: he had some problems with pushing to his git repository, and I don't think he's figured them out yet.
19:32 jcamins Oh, I may be mistaken.
19:32 jcamins
19:33 nengard joined #koha
19:33 sekjal nice
19:38 rangi Morning
19:38 wizzyrea heya
19:39 jcamins Morning.
19:39 wahanui morning is, like, a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast
19:41 oleonard A belated happy birthday to you rangi
19:42 rangi Thanks oleonard
19:59 * oleonard must quit
19:59 oleonard See y'all tomorrow
19:59 rangi Cya
20:00 chris_n` joined #koha
20:03 chris_n @wunder 28334
20:03 huginn chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 20.0°C (3:55 PM EDT on May 22, 2012). Conditions: Heavy Rain. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.81 in 1009 hPa (Rising).
20:04 chris_n s/Heavy Rain/Heavy $0.05-sized Hail/
20:08 chris_n` joined #koha
20:09 chris_n` joined #koha
20:17 mbalmer joined #koha
20:19 chris_n` joined #koha
20:20 chris_n glue please...
20:20 * jcamins passes the glue.
20:21 rangi heh
20:21 chris_n` joined #koha
20:22 jcamins Well, that didn't work.
20:22 francharb_afk hi all
20:23 rangi oooh
20:23 rangi a wild francharb_afk appears
20:23 rangi :)
20:23 rangi you're outside your timezone :)
20:23 * chris_n tries to regain his balance
20:23 francharb_afk do you know if there is a simple way to get every authid that does'nt have linked biblio?
20:23 francharb_afk rangi, tonight, I'm testing a wild migration!
20:23 rangi hmm http://www.librarytechnology.o[…] <--- interesting
20:23 francharb_afk :)
20:23 rangi francharb_afk: ahhh :)
20:23 jcamins francharb_afk: there is not.
20:24 francharb_afk great!
20:24 francharb_afk :)
20:24 jcamins francharb_afk: there are not difficult ways, though.
20:24 * jcamins thinks about what non-difficult ways there are.
20:25 jcamins Easiest would be to write a little script to give you a list of unused authorities.
20:25 francharb_afk i have these crazy sql report in mind but I fear the server i 'm testing on would go down if 'im using it...
20:25 francharb_afk :)
20:26 chris_n` joined #koha
20:26 francharb_afk to many "extractValue" in one sql report are never a good idea...
20:26 francharb_afk :)
20:26 rangi francharb_afk: this might help you keep positive when doing a crazy migration!/s/Gr[…]+Time/SQ7fE?src=5
20:26 jcamins Yeah, it'd definitely bring down the server.
20:27 rangi francharb_afk: do you have access to the db from the cli?
20:27 francharb_afk ahah! I like the music!
20:27 rangi you could do it by doing one extract value into a temporary table, then another into another table
20:28 * rangi finds temporary tables quite handy
20:28 francharb_afk but when I'm testing something very wild I need over brutal music! it's war time in my head!!!
20:28 francharb_afk ;)
20:28 rangi oh, hmm ill get you something for that
20:29 francharb_afk rangi, humm, sounds like what I have in ming
20:29 francharb_afk mind
20:29 francharb_afk but I think there a migration running on the same server
20:29 rangi ahhh
20:29 jcamins francharb_afk: how many authorities are there?
20:29 francharb_afk and I noticed some slow...
20:29 rangi bit trickier then
20:29 francharb_afk jcamins, way too much
20:30 francharb_afk 450000 something
20:30 jcamins Ouch!
20:30 francharb_afk :)
20:30 nengard left #koha
20:30 jcamins I think your only options are ExtractValue or a script that uses SearchAuthorities to get the metadata.
20:31 mbalmer joined #koha
20:31 francharb_afk jcamins, since I'm not into coding, I will go with the ExtractValue option but later...
20:31 francharb_afk ;)
20:31 kathryn joined #koha
20:32 chris_n` joined #koha
20:32 jcamins francharb_afk: misc/migration_tools/ :D
20:32 jcamins Use -t to see if it'll do what you want.
20:32 francharb_afk :)
20:32 francharb_afk perfect!
20:33 jcamins I thought I remembered that paul_p had written a script to do that.
20:33 francharb_afk I going to save my database first!
20:33 jcamins Now, why did my authority deduplicator delete only 804 authorities in an authority file with 176k authorities?
20:33 jcamins Yes!
20:33 rangi never a bad idea
20:33 * chris_n quits while he can
20:33 jcamins *Always* a good idea.
20:34 jcamins Figured it out. Never mind.
20:37 chris_n` joined #koha
20:38 kathryn morning : )
20:39 wizzyrea mornin kathryn
20:40 chris_n` joined #koha
20:41 rangi chris_n: did you get my message?
20:43 kathryn hi there wizzyrea
20:50 sekjal goodnight, #koha!
20:50 wizzyrea @quote random
20:50 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #194: "oleonard: Everyone will be all, Wow, that guys smells like he really wishes he could have sex!" (added by wizzyrea at 06:55 PM, March 29, 2012)
20:50 wizzyrea LOL
20:50 rangi heh
20:51 wizzyrea @quote random
20:51 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #83: "<wizzyrea> you can watch the sunrise around the world in #koha" (added by druthb at 06:29 PM, July 13, 2010)
20:51 wizzyrea still true. :)
20:51 maximep left #koha
20:52 maximep joined #koha
20:52 maximep left #koha
20:55 libsysguy joined #koha
20:55 jcamins libsysguy: sekjal was asking about Catalyst.
20:55 jcamins He's gone now.
20:55 libsysguy haha i saw that on G+
20:55 libsysguy I was hoping to catch him
20:56 libsysguy dang it sekjal lol
20:56 libsysguy logs?
20:56 wahanui logs is, like,
20:57 francharb_afk jcamins, have you ever used the script?
20:57 francharb_afk I just ran it
20:57 francharb_afk and it gave me
20:57 francharb_afk ./ -t
20:57 francharb_afk 0 authorities parsed, 0 deleted and 0 unchanged because used
20:58 francharb_afk but I just found at least 1 authorities that should have been deleted I ran it for real
20:58 chris_n` joined #koha
20:58 francharb_afk (oh god, i'm with english tenses!)
20:58 francharb_afk hehe
20:59 francharb_afk anyway... is the -t option working?
20:59 jcamins francharb_afk: I have never actually tried that script.
20:59 francharb_afk hehe
20:59 francharb_afk :)
20:59 jcamins I just knew it existed.
20:59 francharb_afk I will find another way then!
20:59 francharb_afk :)
21:00 francharb_afk and I'm realizing that most of my sentences are missing words...
21:01 francharb_afk maybe, it's time for to go to bed!
21:01 rangi hehe
21:01 rangi its 11pm isnt it?
21:01 jcamins That's okay. My deduplicator only wants to delete 800 authorities in an authority file with 176k records.
21:01 francharb_afk rangi, yep
21:02 jcamins Actually, that might not be entirely unreasonable.
21:02 jcamins Go figure.
21:02 francharb_afk hummm, obviously, there are duplicate authorities in this migration! I need to find out why and then, time to sleep!!
21:03 francharb_afk testing migration is fun!
21:03 libsysguy headed to gym…probably won't be back till tomorrow
21:03 datadoctor mmmm sleep!
21:03 jcamins francharb_afk: maybe I need your database then to test the deduplicator! ;)
21:03 libsysguy later #koha
21:03 datadoctor nodding off...
21:04 francharb_afk :)
21:04 datadoctor good luck deduplicating! and good evening all.
21:04 francharb_afk jcamins, do you know that biblibre worked on deduplicate script too?
21:05 jcamins francharb_afk: I had an old deduplicator script, but it didn't work. Do you have a new one?
21:05 francharb_afk hdl worked on a new script lately
21:06 jcamins Hmm.
21:06 francharb_afk but we had problem when merging authorities heading in biblios
21:06 francharb_afk I think he fixed it
21:06 francharb_afk but you should ask him later
21:06 * jcamins goes looking for the script.
21:06 francharb_afk jcamins, I don"t know where it is now
21:06 jcamins francharb_afk: if I can't find it I'll ask hdl.
21:07 francharb_afk :)
21:07 jcamins Of course, my deduplicator may be close to done.
21:08 chris_n` joined #koha
21:12 chris_n` joined #koha
21:15 francharb_afk \0/
21:15 francharb_afk it's not our script fault
21:15 cait joined #koha
21:16 francharb_afk the duplicates are in the authority export the library gave us
21:16 rangi hi cait
21:16 francharb_afk I can go to bed peacefull
21:16 jcamins Made it to Hamburg?
21:16 francharb_afk hi cait
21:16 cait hi all :)
21:16 jcamins francharb_afk: that's what I need! I need to know that my deduplicator is removing all the duplicates!
21:16 jcamins It's only removed 804 so far.
21:16 cait yes, made it to hamburg, went to see 2 sessions and had dinner :)
21:16 jcamins I'm trying again with a different option.
21:19 francharb_afk jcamins, I wish I could find time to help you!
21:20 jcamins francharb_afk: that's okay.
21:20 francharb_afk good luck!
21:20 jcamins I'm still fiddling.
21:20 jcamins Thanks.
21:20 jcamins Woohoo!
21:20 jcamins 1304!
21:20 francharb_afk and good night!
21:20 francharb_afk see yaaa
21:20 jcamins In ten minutes.
21:21 chris_n` joined #koha
21:22 Soupermanito joined #koha
21:28 chris_n` joined #koha
21:30 cait1 joined #koha
21:31 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "DEDUP_AUTHORITIES(1) User Cont" (62 lines) at
21:31 JesseM left #koha
21:37 wizzyrea jcamins++ nice work
21:37 jcamins wizzyrea: thanks.
21:37 rangi yep, that is cool !
21:37 jcamins wizzyrea: I don't think you saw the POD for my heading flipper, either.
21:38 jcamins Put together, link_bibs_to_authorities, flip_headings, and dedup_authorities make it almost bearable to have authorities in Koha.
21:38 * wizzyrea admits that authorities are somewhat beyond her, as her system doesn't (currently) use them
21:38 wizzyrea (in a meaningful way)
21:39 chris_n` joined #koha
21:45 * jcamins adds a --report option.
21:45 jcamins Also, very cool feature of dedup_authorities and flip_headings: if you hit Ctrl-C to cancel it, you'll get a summary of what it did.
21:47 rangi nice!
21:50 wizzyrea Ooooooo
21:50 wizzyrea good one.
21:53 cait1 jcamins++
22:08 rangi hmm i think this is not going to go well
22:08 jcamins rangi: uh-oh. What's that?
22:09 rangi the mailing list thread
22:09 jcamins Oh.
22:09 jcamins Wow.
22:09 edveal left #koha
22:09 rangi reformat your box now and run away
22:09 rangi hehe
22:10 bag @wunder 93109
22:10 huginn bag: The current temperature in K6LCM-Westside/Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 19.7°C (3:10 PM PDT on May 22, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1011 hPa (Falling). Wind Advisory in effect until 9 am PDT Thursday...
22:17 jenkins_koha Starting build #731 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:19 mtj chris_n:  about?
22:20 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 3521 - Items table in catalogue/ and cataloguing/ is sorted... <[…]460f7d633db88ca14> / Bug 7948 - Printing transfer slip loses barcode field focus <[…]8a7ca377b6f0cfaac> / Bug 8057 - Error when adding a patron with email address <http:
22:23 jcamins rangi: this one is *all* yours.
22:23 jcamins mtj: the caching stuff is really cool. Bug 8092.
22:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8092 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , Koha should use CHI caching framework
22:24 jcamins It's also optional, so if it were incorporated right now, everything would continue working just as it does now.
22:24 jcamins :)
22:24 mtj im gonna have a go at QA-ing  chris_n's quotes patch now
22:24 jcamins Woohoo!
22:24 jcamins Even better!
22:24 mtj ... in case someone else was about to start
22:24 * jcamins wasn't.
22:24 jcamins mtj++
22:25 jcamins And there's more karma in it once you've finished with the QAing.
22:25 jcamins ;)
22:53 Soupermanito left #koha
22:55 papa joined #koha
23:02 rangi im done
23:03 rangi thats as much of that thread as i can handle in a day
23:08 mtj ah... yep :)
23:08 mtj so, the quotes stuff looks good
23:09 mtj heres my Q? can-i/should-i rebase those 18 individual patches into 1 patch?
23:09 rangi i wouldnt
23:10 rangi but thats a personal opinion
23:10 rangi huge patches are a mess to debug
23:10 mtj i prefer to squash that stuff down :)
23:10 rangi yeah that makes maintenance harder
23:10 rangi imho
23:11 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #731: SUCCESS in 54 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/731/
23:11 jenkins_koha * Bug 7788: [SIGNED-OFF] Remove two unused calls to GetShelf
23:11 jenkins_koha * Bug 7788: [SIGNED-OFF] Followup: GetShelf call in addbybiblio script corrected
23:11 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 8057 - Error when adding a patron with email address
23:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7788 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , Tiny problems with calling GetShelf
23:11 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 7948 - Printing transfer slip loses barcode field focus
23:11 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 3521 - Items table in catalogue/ and cataloguing/ is sorted nonsensically
23:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8057 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Master , Error when adding a patron with email address
23:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7948 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Passed QA , Printing transfer slip loses barcode field focus
23:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3521 enhancement, P3, ---, koha.sekjal, Pushed to Master , Items table in catalogue/ and cataloguing/ is sorted nonsensically
23:12 mtj so, now i'm looking for a way to add a sign-off string to each of those patches, before i 'git-bz attach' them
23:12 bag bug 7065
23:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7065 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Signed Off , reserves table needs a primary key
23:13 rangi one way, fresh branch, apply 1, sign off, attach, apply 2nd, sign off attach
23:13 jcamins_away mtj: I generally end up cherry-picking them one at a time.
23:13 jcamins_away filter-tree also works.
23:13 * jcamins_away leaves again.
23:14 eythian you can do an interactive rebase and commit --amend -s at each step I think
23:14 mtj cool...  i'm def. not doing it manually :)
23:48 rangi we dont have a syspref to control the titlenotes tab eh? needs to be hidden with jquery/css ?

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