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01:28 Judit hi
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04:30 druthb o/
04:31 bag heya druthb
04:31 bag good morning too you
04:31 * druthb does some math in her head.
04:31 druthb good evening, bag.  :)
04:31 bag yup 9:30pm here
04:31 druthb BEST BOSS EVAR
04:31 bag heh thanks druthb you are sweet
04:32 bag petra yet?  and oh yeah Sonja says hi Ruth
04:33 * druthb squeals and waves at Sonja.
04:33 * mtj waves to druthb  and bag
04:33 bag yo mtj
04:33 druthb Nope, haven't been to Petra (or anything) yet...  I hope to do some touristing this weekend.
04:33 druthb howdy, mtj.
04:33 mtj hows it all going over there druthb ?
04:34 mtj yo bagz
04:34 druthb going well.  I got the first patch of this trip in yesterday, and jcamins did a lovely job testing it--found a few minor tweaks to make, which doesn't surprise me.  Going to do some system admin training this morning, and more CSS and coding over the weekend.
04:35 mtj druthb: what's the weirdest thing you've eaten so-far?
04:35 bag good question
04:35 druthb hm.
04:35 mtj ps: the RTL stuff sounds very useful to Koha
04:36 druthb Fresh green olives--for breakfast, every day.  That's pretty novel.  Oh, and they don't just use hot dogs for putting on a long bun like we do in the states...for breakfast this morning, they had a dish where they'd cut up franks, plus onion and green pepper, and pan-fried the lot, with spices.
04:39 druthb They are very fond of sandwiches here...they take a long roll similar to a french roll, and fill it full of tasty stuff, and then grill it to heat everything up.  I went to a restaurant last night where they spoke no English--but they had pictures up.
04:39 Judit where are you?
04:39 druthb One of the sandwiches looked tasty--a fried patty of some meat, with olives and lettuce and tomato.  So some pointing and waving, and looking at the register, and I had ordered a fish sandwich.  :)
04:40 druthb Judit:  Amman, Jordan.
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04:41 druthb Outside the hotel, food is *cheap*.  a can of cola costs about US 50 cents (JD 0.350), and my sandwich last night was JD 2.000, about US 2.60.
04:43 druthb they  have an interesting tradition here in the offices...  the "office boy."  in our case, an Egyptian man about 20, maybe 25 years old.  His name is Mohammed...the staff here just bellow his last name when they want him to fetch tea or coffee, or run some errand.  They're amused that I don't do that.
04:45 druthb (I go find him, and I speak to him very politely.  Our conversations are limited, but I do know how to ask for more tea.
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04:48 * druthb squees and waves at cait
04:57 * druthb packs up to head to the office.
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06:25 marcelr hello koha
06:30 alex_a hello
06:30 cait hi marcelr and alex_a :)
06:31 marcelr hi cait, alex_a
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06:41 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:41 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 12.7°C (8:39 AM CEST on May 10, 2012). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
06:43 alex_a cait, marcelr o/
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06:44 reiveune hello
06:44 druthb @wunder Amman
06:44 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Amman Airport, Jordan is 21.0°C (9:00 AM EEST on May 10, 2012). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.78 in 1008 hPa (Rising).
06:45 druthb Heading for a high of 35 today...gonna be another scorcher.  39 on Saturday.  (!)
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06:51 cait supposed to be around 25 today
06:51 cait warm enough for me!
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06:54 paul_p good morning #koha
06:55 marcelr hi paul_p
06:55 mtj hi #koha
06:55 marcelr hi mtj
06:56 cait brb
06:56 mtj paul_p:  do you have a wiki-page with your Koha benchmarking stuff?
06:56 mtj ... or a personal git repo, or something?
06:57 dgl-library @marc 300
06:57 huginn dgl-library: A physical description of the described item, including its extent, dimensions, and such other physical details as a description of any accompanying materials and unit type and size. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,e,f,g,3,6,8]
06:59 mtj paul_p: i see this page ->[…]Benchmark_for_3.8
06:59 paul_p mtj yes, search benchmark[ing]
06:59 paul_p mtj that's it ;-)
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07:00 mtj do you have a koha-benchmarking git repo, to share - or scripts?
07:00 julian_m hello
07:00 mtj aah  i see : ) 'made with an updated version (dec, 2nd) of the script in misc/load_testing.'
07:00 mtj paul_p: ok, i got it now :)
07:01 paul_p mtj please don't add a line to this page, because, as you don't have the same computer, your results will differ
07:03 mtj yes, understood!
07:05 mtj paul_p:  i have been planning a script to automate your load/* tests - for every Koha release since 3.0.0, etc...
07:06 mtj .. it could be interesting to track/graph the performance stats of Koha, from the 3.0.0. release
07:07 bag yeah that would be pretty cool
07:08 mtj .. to see what release made Koha faster or slower than the previous release
07:08 bag hopefully each is faster then the previous
07:08 mtj yeah, i reckon - and not sooo tricky to do - either  :)
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07:09 druthb julian_m:  ping?
07:09 mtj bag:  well, the results might show otherwise :p
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07:09 bag :P
07:09 julian_m hi druthb
07:10 mtj ok, gotta scoot - ciao all...
07:10 druthb hi! :)  your translation script for bug 8044 works a treat; I gave it signoff, but fredericd raises some good points.  Would it offend you for me to revise the patch to at least address some of those?
07:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8044 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Localization for Perl scripts and modules
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07:12 vkm where is stop words to add in 3.6.4
07:13 druthb vkm:  Stopwords only exist if you're using NoZebra.  If you're using NoZebra, don't.
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07:14 julian_m druthb, in fact, the patch was not intended to be pushed to master 'as is' but to start a discussion about localization in koha. I will answer to frederic but i'm afraid I have no time for revising the patch this week
07:14 druthb That's okay.  I can do some of the revision--in particular, getting it into the existing framework.  I also have an idea for a little tool that would help us modify the many, many files that will need to be touched for the final version of this, to create the .po.
07:15 vkm should we use zebra
07:15 druthb I don't have any particular opinion on which library to use, julian_m.  Either works, as far as I am concerned.
07:16 druthb vkm:  Absolutely you should.  NoZebra is deprecated, and will probably eventually disappear.
07:16 vkm zebra uses stop words?
07:18 druthb Zebra does *not* use stopwords; that's what I said earlier.
07:20 druthb julian_m:  I have a little bit of time this weekend that I could get that patch revised to get it into the existing spaces, and write the tool to edit all the .pl scripts, maybe.  Would you like me to do that?  The project I'm on here in Amman has a strong need for this problem to be solved.
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07:22 julian_m druthb, I think we should first agree with the perl module to use before writing more code. Is fredericd there?
07:22 kf back
07:22 druthb guten morgen, kf.
07:24 kf salaam druthb
07:25 kf hi julian_m :)
07:25 julian_m hello kf :)
07:27 druthb julian_m:  I'm looking at the docs on Locale::TextDomain, and it's pretty nifty, but it'd require a bit more work to tweak the perl scripts than with maketext.    Most of the really cool things that locale::textdomain does are not done in perl with Koha anyway, but are in the .TT, so are not the subject of this bug.
07:28 magnuse kia ora #koha!
07:28 kf marcelr++ :)
07:28 marcelr hi magnuse
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07:29 samuel hello everybody :-)
07:30 kf bonjour samuel
07:31 druthb god dag, magnuse.  :)
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07:39 magnuse salaam druthb marcelr Amit_Gupta kf samuel
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07:51 magnuse kia ora connor_l_dewar
07:52 connor_l_dewar hi magnuse mummy asks hows your wife? hope shes doing well!
07:52 magnuse connor_l_dewar: starting to get a little uncomfortable, but all is well with the baby :-)
07:53 magnuse connor_l_dewar: and say hi to your mummy!
07:53 kf :)
07:53 kf yeah, from me to :)
07:53 bag :)
07:53 connor_l_dewar will do
07:54 magnuse connor_l_dewar: ready to do some more koha hacking?
07:55 connor_l_dewar haha im learning python at the moment hoping i could talk to someone about how i go about contributing with it
07:55 magnuse hm, perl would be a better choice if you want to contribute to koha, i think...
07:56 connor_l_dewar yeah i got told that too but python is the future!
07:56 connor_l_dewar and its a lot easier
07:56 magnuse pft ;-)
07:57 connor_l_dewar im so proud, i got code into koha before mum
07:57 connor_l_dewar :D
07:57 magnuse yeah connor_l_dewar++
07:57 magnuse did jo say something about learning to code?
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07:59 connor_l_dewar yeah she said shes really really busy at the ,moment but as soon as she has time shes going to start
07:59 connor_l_dewar :)
07:59 magnuse yeah, right ;-)
08:00 kf heh
08:00 kf sounds familiar
08:00 connor_l_dewar im sure get round to it one day ;)
08:00 kf connor_l_dewar: there is no python in Koha right now - so not sure how it could work
08:01 kf connor_l_dewar: git bz is python - perhaps you could try and contribute to that? we use it heavily and it woudl be nice if it woudl allow to do some more things
08:02 connor_l_dewar awesome will look into it , perl should probably be on my todo list
08:05 druthb connor_l_dewar: perl should *definitely* be on your todo list; and do please tell your mother hello from me.
08:06 magnuse @later tell jcamins having 7537 in 3.6.x is a good thing, I think
08:06 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
08:07 connor_l_dewar mum says hello back
08:22 druthb :D
08:24 samuel question, i'm trying to convert data in marc format ( a big challenge because  our older ils doesn't respect unimarc): in marc edit, when i have this error "undefined error reported, error number -99" what does it means ?
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08:26 kf samuel: no idea sorry
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08:33 kf meeting
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08:36 Brooke kia ora
08:48 magnuse kia ora Brooke
08:48 Brooke :)
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08:59 halfie hi, does koha supports unicode? I am trying to enter unicode characters in author field but koha gives an error message?
08:59 halfie how do I make koha support unicode
09:13 halfie I followed the wiki page about charsets but I still get "Wide character in subroutine entry" error
09:18 hdl samuel: maybe you could take a look at :[…]ember/012750.html
09:22 hdl samuel: or you could checkout the branch csvmigration from the catalyst repository
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09:35 Brooke hey oak :)
09:36 Oak hello Brooke :]
09:36 Oak Ahoy me hearties
09:36 Brooke arrrr
09:36 Oak :)
09:36 Brooke avast ye swabbie dog
09:36 Oak hehe
09:40 slef halfie: yes, koha supports unicode. Basically you need to check that the record is really unicode and that each part of the system (mysql, apache, koha, your browser) is correctly configured.
09:41 slef hi all
09:41 Brooke yo
09:43 halfie @slef: mysql, apache and browser are configured properly. I checked the wiki. How do i ensure koha is setup propery?
09:43 huginn halfie: downloading the Perl source
09:46 halfie I have removed LEADER field from Book entry page. Can this cause a problem?
09:46 slef halfie: Administration: Check Koha-MARC framework or something like that. But have you checked that the record is really unicode? Where did the record come from? Incorrect z39.50 settings can cause corruption. Have you checked all tabs for the unicode unknown-character boxes (like [FF]) or question marks (like <?> but upside down)?
09:47 slef halfie: I think so. The leader contains character 10 to signal unicode IIRC.
09:47 slef @marc leader
09:47 huginn slef: unknown tag leader
09:47 slef huginn: you suck
09:47 huginn slef: I suck
09:47 Brooke heh
09:47 slef bbl
09:49 halfie @slef: my unicode data is correct, it comes from , no strange characters anywhere in book add page.
09:49 huginn halfie: I suck
09:49 halfie heh
09:50 halfie Can I re-add LEADER field back to add book page? is it possible?
09:51 Brooke is encoding in your browser set correctly, because quillpad warns about that.
09:52 halfie Brooke: encoding in browser is okay i think, copy pasting unicode text is working fine.
09:54 Brooke I'm not keen on that passthrough. We weren't using it at KohaCon. Vimal says use google transliteration or just the native regional keyboard.
09:54 Brooke[…]ruary/032087.html
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10:00 halfie Brooke: same error with google tool, Wide character in subroutine entry at /usr/share/perl5/MARC/Charset/ line 96.
10:01 halfie yay, adding LEADER field solved the unicode entry issues :) :)
10:01 halfie now how do i get zebra indexing to work with unicode data?
10:01 halfie @slef: Brook: thanks for help
10:01 huginn halfie: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
10:04 Brooke pretty sure it should just work, but ask Magnus or Cait to be sure. Both use special characters routinely. I know that there are things that are unique to hindi and other indic languages, though, so be sure to hit the translate pages to help out.
10:04 Brooke
10:09 Amit_Gupta heya kf
10:17 magnuse for me, indexing strange things like æøå has just worked
10:17 magnuse but i know others have had to use icu indexing to make it work for them
10:21 halfie Brooke: zebra indexing worked with unicode by default
10:22 halfie error retrieving biblio 3156 at /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ line 471., now i am seeing a bunch of similar errors, any ideas why?
10:22 halfie according to souce bib was found but was un-parseable
10:22 halfie s/souce/sources
10:26 dgl-library Hi #koha
10:28 Amit_Gupta heya dgl-library
10:28 wahanui i think dgl-library is in India
10:28 Amit_Gupta heya wahanui
10:28 dgl-library namaste amit
10:29 Amit_Gupta yes dgl-library
10:29 wahanui dgl-library is probably in India
10:29 dgl-library yep
10:29 Amit_Gupta dgl-library india?
10:29 dgl-library yep
10:29 Amit_Gupta which city?
10:29 dgl-library himachal pradesh
10:29 dgl-library small town
10:30 Amit_Gupta which city
10:30 Amit_Gupta in hp
10:47 dgl-library sorry, I was away
10:47 dgl-library small town. small school. specialised library. how about you?
10:47 dgl-library Does anyone know what the difference is (in practical terms) between "SUBJECT — TOPIC" and "SUBJECT — KEYWORD"? These are MARC 650 and MARC 653, and I don't know quite how Koha handles them, especially in the OPAC.
10:52 kf_lunch dgl-library: 653 is uncontrolled I think - no authority
10:52 kf_lunch @marc 653
10:52 huginn kf_lunch: An index term added entry that is not constructed by standard subject heading/thesaurus-building conventions. (Repeatable) [a,6,8]
10:52 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
10:52 kf_lunch @marc 650
10:52 huginn kf_lunch: A subject added entry in which the entry element is a topical term. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,d,e,v,x,y,z,2,3,4,6,8]
10:53 kf_lunch dgl-library: so 650 would be linked to a topic authority, while 653 is just text and no authorities
10:55 dgl-library and we create our own authority list for that?
10:56 dgl-library right now we have no authorities. we've been using 650 and 653 interchangeably with free text, basically
10:56 slef @marc 008
10:56 huginn slef: This field contains 40 character positions (00-39) that provide coded information about the record as a whole and about special bibliographic aspects of the item being cataloged. These coded data elements are potentially useful for retrieval and data management purposes. []
10:56 slef marc21?
10:56 wahanui marc21 is at[…]hic/ecbdlist.html ,
10:56 dgl-library slef: is that for me?
10:57 slef dgl-library: no, sorry, for me. Although the authority link may interest you.
10:57 dgl-library is there some central repository of data from 650 in koha that is assembled from all the blah blah we've put in, so we can go in and tweak?
10:58 slef dgl-library: I'd look in Administration: Authorities, but I'm no cataloguer and may be wrong because I have not checked.
10:58 slef bbl
11:02 dgl-library kf_lunch: thanks for the clarification
11:02 dgl-library wish I'd asked 6 weeks ago :|
11:03 dgl-library slef: no data under Authorities
11:04 dgl-library Amit_Gupta: and where are you?
11:04 slef dgl-library: did you select TOPIC or whatever it is?
11:06 slef I was wrong about the location. It's in http://library:8080/cgi-bin/ko[…]rderby=HeadingAsc
11:07 dgl-library slef: Authority search results
11:07 dgl-library No results found
11:08 slef dgl-library: yikes. Worst case, you could use a Report to extract all the 650 and 653 field values and import them as authorities.
11:08 slef I've done that for some libraries. No idea if it's good practice myself.
11:10 kf_lunch dgl-library: the reason you don't find them might also be that you haven't set zebra to index them
11:10 kf_lunch dgl-library: you have to do something like -a -b -z
11:10 kf_lunch where -a is for authorities
11:10 kf_lunch dgl-library: and perhaps also check your system preferences for authorities
11:10 kf_lunch there is one to automatically create authorities
11:11 kf_lunch I think perhaps you changed the frameworks to not add them or changed the preferences
11:11 kf_lunch you don't have to work with authorities - a lot of libraries do not
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11:15 dgl-library slef: thanks for the report suggestion.
11:16 dgl-library kf_lunch: hmm, zebra. maybe. also one small detail— we can't access the OPAC
11:16 dgl-library kf_lunch: possibly related?
11:19 lunch what do you mean by can't access?
11:19 lunch is there an error message? or is it that you can't search?
11:20 * druthb chuckles, as she gets back from lunch and sees "lunch" logged on.
11:20 Amit_Gupta heya druthb
11:24 kf oups
11:28 dgl-library lunch: can't access means as far as I know, our OPAC is non-existent. it is a non-OPAC. I have never seen our OPAC. I don't believe we have ever had the pleasure of meeting it. No OPAC.
11:29 dgl-library lunch: but our staff client works fine.
11:30 dgl-library I've seen one thread describing exactly my problem —[…]-June/029691.html
11:30 dgl-library but I don't understand the solution
11:32 druthb hi, Amit_Gupta! L)
11:32 druthb :)
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11:40 Amit_Gupta dgl-library: i m from bangalore
11:41 dgl-library Amit_Gupta: nice city. do you work at a library, or are you a koha consultant?
11:43 Amit_Gupta i am from Nucsoft Osslabs
11:45 dgl-library wow, 50 koha implementations? that's impressive. do you have a librarian on staff?
11:45 Amit_Gupta no no i am a developer
11:45 dgl-library yes, but you must know a lot about books in order to have installed koha for 50 clients
11:46 Amit_Gupta hmm..
11:55 kf dgl-library: hm - opac weirdness :)
11:55 kf dgl-library: I think most people have more difficulty finding the staff interface than their opac :)
11:55 kf dgl-library: does search in your staff client work?
11:55 Amit_Gupta heya kf
11:59 mtj dgl-library:  your OPAC problem is probably caused by an incorrect apache config
12:01 mtj is it just me - or is the Koha logo squashed on this page? ->
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12:04 kf mtj: why are you awake? and yes, it's squashed
12:06 mtj right... im gonna send nengard  a fix for that :)
12:07 NateC Morning #Koha
12:07 mtj kf: i am feeling perky now, - so gonna do a little Koha work...
12:07 nengard mtj - it wasn't squished until the page was upgraded ? thanks for sending a gix
12:07 nengard or a fix
12:07 mtj heya nate
12:18 dgl-library mtj: how would I fix that or diagnose it? seems odd, because I followed the default installation instructions for both debian and koha
12:18 oleonard joined #koha
12:19 oleonard Hi #koha
12:20 mtj dgl-library: start by looking at your apache access.log file
12:20 mtj and error.log files
12:20 dgl-library mtj: where are those found?
12:20 mtj and apache2clt -h
12:21 mtj /var/log/apache2 or  /var/log/apache
12:21 dgl-library mtj: that thread I mentioned referred to a program called webmin that was supposed to simplify diagnosing these problems, but I couldn't get that to work
12:21 dgl-library thanks
12:22 mtj # apache2clt -S too
12:22 dgl-library is that a command?
12:23 mtj yep, sure is
12:23 mtj oops , apache2ctl not apache2clt :)
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12:25 dgl-library bash: apache2ctl: command not found
12:26 dgl-library I wonder if apache is installed at all.
12:26 dgl-library would koha run without it?
12:27 oleonard No
12:29 mtj dgl-library:  run as root ;)
12:29 jcamins o/
12:29 jcamins magnus_away: thanks.
12:29 dgl-library mtj: ok, thanks
12:30 dgl-library mtj: ran it. what am I looking for, exactly?
12:32 mtj run with '-S'
12:32 dgl-library did that.
12:32 dgl-library got some output.
12:32 dgl-library not sure how to interpret it.
12:32 mtj will dump your apache vhosts - is your OPAC defined as a vhost?
12:33 dgl-library can I just paste the output here?
12:33 mtj paste your output ->
12:34 mtj nah, pasting in #irc is bad :p
12:34 pastebot "dgl-library" at pasted "apache output" (9 lines) at
12:35 mtj dgl-library : no opac defined :)
12:35 dgl-library mtj: ok, now we know the problem! what's the solutioN?
12:38 mtj well, you need 2 koha vhosts - staff and OPAC
12:38 mtj ... you only have one
12:39 mtj port 80 namevhost dgllibrarylocalhost (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/dgllibrary:4)
12:39 mtj (thats prolly your staff vhost?)
12:39 dgl-library I see. Is this covered in the manual somewhere? Maybe I missed a step in the setup.
12:40 dgl-library I don't have the Linux skills to fix this without some sort of instructions.
12:41 dgl-library port 8080 is our staff client
12:43 mtj oops, my mistake - i see your staff vhost now :)
12:43 mtj *:8080                 dgllibrarylocalhost (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/dgllibrary:19)
12:43 mtj so, http://dgllibrarylocalhost:80 is OPAC
12:44 mtj http://dgllibrarylocalhost:8080 is staff
12:45 dgl-library :80 doesn't work
12:45 dgl-library I get the same error as this guy:[…]-June/029691.html
12:45 jcamins dgl-library: you need to disable your other virtual hosts.
12:45 dgl-library If I try port 80, it says "it works! This is the default web page for this server."
12:46 dgl-library jcamins: how?
12:46 jcamins Probably `sudo a2dissite default`
12:46 jcamins Run `ls /etc/apache2/sites-enabled`
12:46 jcamins You don't want anything other than dgllibrary to show up.
12:46 jcamins For each file that shows up, run `sudo a2dissite`
12:47 mtj rm  /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default
12:47 jcamins mtj: oh, this isn't Debian?
12:47 mtj 000-default is the file causing the 'it works' message
12:47 mtj tis debian
12:47 dgl-library it's debian
12:48 jcamins Yeah, so `sudo a2dissite default` should do it.
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12:48 dgl-library jcamins: exactly like that? I don't need to do anything else?
12:50 jcamins dgl-library: you need to do that for all the sites you see in sites-enabled, then run `sudo apache2ctl restart`
12:51 dgl-library jcamins: sorry to ask for so many clarifications, but how do I do that for each site (or for any particular site)?
12:52 mtj no , just that one will be ok
12:52 jcamins dgl-library: you run `sudo a2dissite $SITENAME`
12:52 jcamins Replace $SITENAME with the name of the file.
12:52 jcamins mtj: not necessarily. It depends on the order.
12:53 mtj
12:53 mtj thats the order...
12:53 jcamins Cool.
12:53 jcamins How did you get that?
12:54 jcamins dgl-library: okay, just the one.
12:54 mtj so, just that one should be ok?
12:54 mtj dgl-library pasted it :p
12:54 jcamins But what command?
12:54 wahanui it has been said that command is missing there, but it's a misc/migration_tools/ -b -r -v
12:55 mtj $ sudo a2dissite default
12:55 mtj $ sudo apache2ctl restart
12:55 jcamins No, what command to get that output.
12:55 dgl-library that's it?
12:55 mtj lol
12:55 dgl-library mtj: I just need to type those 2 lines?
12:56 mtj jcamins:  apache2ctl -S
12:56 jcamins mtj: ah, cool. I have to remember that.
12:56 mtj -S dumps out the vhost config
12:56 mtj dgl-library: yes
12:57 dgl-library so I type
12:57 dgl-library $ sudo a2dissite default
12:57 dgl-library $ sudo apache2ctl restart
12:57 mtj who's on first?
12:57 dgl-library and that's it… OPAC problem should be solved?
12:57 jcamins mtj: I don't know...
12:58 jcamins third base!
12:58 jcamins dgl-library: yup.
12:58 dgl-library jcamins: great. thanks. I'll backup everything and then give that a try.
12:58 dgl-library logging off now. thanks so much for your help!
12:59 kf backup++ :) dgl-library++ :)
12:59 dgl-library bye for now #koha
13:00 mtj heh, was kinda hoping to see if it worked...
13:01 kf mtj: I think he/she will come back
13:01 kf mtj++ :)
13:04 jcamins kf++ # for pointing out that 7837 doesn't belong in 3.6.x.
13:05 kf :)
13:05 kf bug 7837
13:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7837 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Pushed to Stable , nb-NO z3950servers.sql misses column names
13:05 kf ah :)
13:05 kf did the debarrmentdate thing turn out ok?
13:06 jcamins I'm still trying to figure out what that patch did.
13:06 jcamins debar is still boolean in 3.6.x.
13:07 jcamins But the patch applied cleanly.
13:08 talljoy joined #koha
13:08 kf jcamins: confusing!
13:08 wahanui confusing is probably "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"
13:08 * jcamins ponders.
13:11 oleonard Well, can't argue with wahanui there.
13:11 jcamins Well, bother.
13:11 kf jcamins: I think if you can still debar someone... it's perhaps ot that important?
13:12 jcamins kf: right now what's troubling me is that I appear to have screwed up Chrome. :(
13:13 jcamins I'm setting up a new 3.6.x installation to retest the debarring, because I feel like it must be broken.
13:13 jcamins Chrome won't let me go through the webinstaller.
13:16 jcamins Ah.
13:16 jcamins Yes, I do need to revert that patch.
13:16 kf jcamins: oh
13:16 jcamins Debarring still works, but there's an extra date that I hadn't noticed.
13:17 jcamins kf++ # for pointing out bug 7699, too
13:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7699 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Stable , Restricted until datepicker broken
13:19 dgl-library joined #koha
13:19 kf wb dgl-library
13:19 dgl-library kf: thanks :)
13:20 kf mtj was curious if it worked .)
13:20 jwagner joined #koha
13:20 dgl-library haven't done it yet. will take a while to backup first.
13:21 dgl-library but I'll let you know!
13:27 jcamins Anyone who wants to have a say in what goes into Koha 3.6.5 has about two hours to make their thoughts known.
13:31 maximep joined #koha
13:33 slef Is there a nice way to remove itemless bibs?
13:33 slef wahanui: faq?
13:33 wahanui i think faq is found at
13:34 jenkins_koha Starting build #47 for job Koha_3.6.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:35 paul_p joined #koha
13:36 jcamins slef: I think there is in 3.8, maybe.
13:36 slef jcamins: heh. This is a 3.0 lib who I'm doing a little work for before they decide whether to upgrade. I guess I mess with mysql and the C4 API then.
13:37 jcamins slef: yeah, I think that's the only way to do it in 3.0.
13:39 kf jcamins: I think you can't do it in 3.8 - only when you have items
13:39 jcamins kf: oh, I haven't used that feature.
13:39 kf when you batch delete items, you can delete the record with the last item
13:40 kf perhaps you were thinking of that? it's new in 3.8
13:40 jcamins kf: yeah, that's what I was thinking of.
13:40 kf and hi slef :)
13:46 * wizzyrea waves
13:46 gmcharlt good morning
13:46 kf hi gmcharlt and wizzyrea too :)
13:48 jcamins Good morning, gmcharlt and wizzyrea.
13:48 druthb hi, gmcharlt and wizzyrea! :)
13:48 * jcamins eagerly awaits wise feedback from wizzyrea and/or gmcharlt on what should or should not be included in 3.6.5. Feedback that they will no doubt offer well in advance of the deadline in 2:12.
13:49 nengard joined #koha
13:49 wizzyrea !
13:49 * wizzyrea ponders
13:49 jcamins :)
13:49 kf a fix for the broken cart would be great...
13:49 jcamins nengard and paul_p are also welcomed to give any feedback they may have.
13:50 kf (but we don't have a patch for that yet :( )
13:50 jcamins kf: there's no patch.
13:50 nengard ?? missed something
13:50 jcamins nengard: 3.6.5.
13:50 jcamins You have 2:10 before it enters string freeze.
13:50 kf nengard: it's only broken in all translations - english works fine
13:50 nengard k ? webinar time for me - be back later ;)
13:51 kf bug 8062
13:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8062 critical, P5 - low, ---, frederic, NEW , Cart email broken for non english templates
13:51 kf have fun :)
13:55 gaetan_B joined #koha
14:05 slef 15:04:31-10/05 zebraidx(5030) [log] MARC: Bad directory
14:05 slef 15:04:31-10/05 zebraidx(5030) [warn] MARC: Bad offsets in data. Skipping rest
14:05 slef I don't like the look of that
14:07 druthb left #koha
14:07 kf yes, does not look like fun
14:07 jcamins slef: use -x
14:08 slef jcamins: ta. Trying.
14:08 slef is -x slower? Why don't I usually use it?
14:09 slef Wide character in null operation at /usr/share/perl5/MARC/Charset/ line 96
14:09 slef arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!
14:10 jcamins slef: no, it's faster.
14:11 slef rerunning with -k so I can look at the export
14:11 jcamins We don't always use -x because until gmcharlt's recent work on DOM indexing, -x didn't work with authorities.
14:12 jcamins Speaking of which...
14:13 paul_p joined #koha
14:13 jcamins paul_p: ooh, I was just thinking about you.
14:13 jcamins Is there any sample UNIMARC database that I could download?
14:13 * paul_p hope it was thinking about me in good terms ;-)
14:14 jcamins I was thinking "I hope paul_p comes around so that he can share a UNIMARC sample dataset."
14:14 paul_p jcamins as soon as i'll have access to repo, i'll push the sandbox database !
14:14 paul_p I and clrh have asked gmcharlt already, but still no success :(
14:14 jcamins paul_p: who can give you access to the contrib repo?
14:14 jcamins gmcharlt?
14:14 wahanui rumour has it gmcharlt is an expert in all things library technology
14:14 paul_p (clrh will push the KOCT code and I'll push the sandboxes)
14:14 paul_p jcamins yep, gmcharlt
14:14 jcamins We had some trouble getting my access to the main repo set up, too.
14:15 jcamins gmcharlt: please help! paul_p needs access to the contrib repo to share the UNIMARC sample data, which I need to sign off on the UNIMARC DOM index config, which is required for the DOM code passing QA.
14:15 clrh I sent another mail yesterday to gmcharlt about wip/biblibre...git too
14:16 kf hm
14:16 kf wasn't he here a minute ago?
14:16 jcamins gmcharlt was here just a few minutes ago.
14:16 kf yep
14:16 kf paul_p: perhaps you could do a pull request? or push it to the biblibre repo?
14:16 jcamins @later tell rangi the MyKoha demo is down.
14:16 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
14:18 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.6.x build #47: SUCCESS in 43 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.6.x/47/
14:18 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Revert "Bug 7837 - nb-NO z3950servers.sql misses column names"
14:18 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Revert "Bug 7699: Restricted until datepicker broken"
14:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7837 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Pushed to Stable , nb-NO z3950servers.sql misses column names
14:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7699 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Stable , Restricted until datepicker broken
14:26 jcamins paul_p: any chance you could put the dataset on a web server temporarily?
14:26 slef bloody leader bloody character bloody MARC-8 no it's bloody not
14:26 jcamins slef: sounds like a typical MARC record to me.
14:27 slef did my if-fail-retry-as-the-other-encoding patch ever make it into Koha?
14:28 gmcharlt clrh: I was able to successfully push to the contrib repo
14:29 gmcharlt paul_p should try something git push local_branch_name:desired_remote_branch_name
14:29 clrh gmcharlt: so I 'll retry
14:31 jcamins slef: it doesn't ring any bells.
14:32 clrh $ git remote -v
14:32 clrh (fetch)
14:32 clrh $ git push koha-contrib master:koct
14:33 libsysguy joined #koha
14:36 clrh nothing happens
14:36 clrh ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out
14:36 clrh fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
14:36 jcamins clrh: you have a typo in your git remote.
14:37 jcamins Open up .git/config and change "" to ""
14:39 jcamins (notice the "git." before the URL)
14:42 Barrc_ joined #koha
14:57 hilongo joined #koha
15:01 reiveune bye
15:01 reiveune left #koha
15:02 sekjal joined #koha
15:06 clrh thanks jcamins !
15:06 clrh but I have a gitmaster password asked
15:07 jcamins clrh: did you send gmcharlt your public key?
15:07 clrh yes
15:07 jcamins Hm.
15:07 jcamins I'm not sure what the problem is. We had trouble when I first tried to push, too.
15:07 clrh I didn't changed it ;)
15:07 clrh hm
15:08 jcamins He changed something for me then it started working.
15:08 kf perhaps gmcharlt can check if it's correctly configured for claire once more?
15:17 laurence left #koha
15:18 asaurat left #koha
15:21 clrh I have to leave - I'll read the chan later thx
15:32 julian_m joined #koha
15:38 nengard joined #koha
15:39 pastebot "gmcharlt" at pasted "clrh: this is the right key?" (1 line) at
15:54 melia joined #koha
16:00 Guillaume left #koha
16:00 kf qa_team++ sekjal++ joubu++
16:01 francharb joined #koha
16:03 kf marcelr++
16:06 jcamins Well folks, it's time.
16:06 kf to go home?
16:06 kf oh
16:06 jcamins No, string freeze.
16:06 kf string freeze :)
16:07 jcamins kf: also, you should probably go home.
16:07 kf I am about to :)
16:10 kf left #koha
16:20 francharb hi
16:21 adnc joined #koha
16:25 Morthland joined #koha
16:25 Morthland Howdy.
16:26 Morthland How can I print a list of patrons with their card numbers?
16:35 oleonard Maybe export to CSV and open in a spreadsheet program?
16:37 jcamins Morthland: you could write a report to do that.
16:37 jcamins There might even already be one.
16:37 jcamins sql reports library?
16:37 wahanui sql reports library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
16:39 cait joined #koha
16:41 * jcamins cheers the accounting homework-doing crowd.
16:43 cait heh
16:43 cait :)
16:43 cait jcamins++
16:45 Morthland Thank you.
16:53 sekjal okay, lunchtime.  bbiab
17:34 oleonard joined #koha
17:35 sekjal joined #koha
17:35 maximep joined #koha
17:35 NateC joined #koha
17:35 collum joined #koha
17:35 wizzyrea joined #koha
17:35 kyleh joined #koha
17:35 wahanui joined #koha
17:35 gmcharlt joined #koha
17:35 thd-away joined #koha
17:35 Callender joined #koha
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17:35 pastebot joined #koha
17:35 nengard joined #koha
17:39 bg joined #koha
17:40 sekjal joined #koha
17:41 alohalog` joined #koha
17:54 druthb joined #koha
17:54 druthb o/
17:57 ago43 joined #koha
18:02 oleonard Hi druthb
18:03 druthb hi, oleonard!
18:04 cait hi oleonard :)
18:04 cait hi druthb :)
18:04 * druthb squeals and waves at cait.
18:04 jcamins druthb: order cait to go do her accounting homework.
18:07 druthb but, jcamins....  uhm.
18:07 druthb If she leaves, then she won't be here.
18:08 jcamins druthb: true, and she'll feel guilty about not doing her homework earlier when she should've, right?
18:08 druthb fair 'nuf..  and she can come back when finishes.
18:08 * druthb stomps her lil foot, and points and the homework.
18:09 druthb s/points and/points at/
18:09 cait lol
18:09 cait there is no way I am going to finish it today I fear
18:10 SJeffery joined #koha
18:11 druthb it's 20:11 where you are, cait?
18:11 cait yes
18:11 druthb Would working on it until 21:00 help?
18:11 cait it would
18:15 druthb Then go do that!
18:15 druthb oleonard++
18:17 cait :P
18:24 sekjal wow, college dining halls have improved by quantum leaps since my day
18:25 jcamins sekjal: really?
18:25 jcamins I've noticed that med schools have pretty good dining halls.
18:25 sekjal well, my sample set is pretty small...
18:25 jcamins sekjal: so's mine.
18:25 sekjal but UMass Dining Commons is vastly better than anything I had at UW
18:26 sekjal (today was staff appreciation day or some such.... free lunch)
18:26 jcamins Woohoo!
18:26 jcamins T*I*SATAAFL!
18:26 jcamins :)
18:27 jcamins (There *Is* Such A Thing As A Free Lunch)
18:28 sekjal it was good
18:28 sekjal I feel like a snake now, though... ready to curl up somewhere warm and sleep
18:28 * druthb gets out a big rock and a heat lamp
18:29 jcamins Speaking of lunch, I'd kind of like some of the amazing walnut-pomegranate dal I made yesterday, but I am currently in use as a throne.
18:30 jcamins And every time I shift, the center of the universe gives me a glare.
18:31 oleonard jcamins: Simulate rebellion among the serfs by tossing something chaseable?
18:31 jcamins oleonard: hehe.
18:31 sekjal laser
18:31 jcamins I should keep jingly balls around for that.
18:32 oleonard When I had a dog I could shout "Hello?" towards the front door and she would bark, startling the cats out of whatever they were doing.
18:34 jcamins That's fantastic.
18:36 jcamins koha 3.10?
18:37 jcamins wahanui, that wasn't very helpful.
18:37 wahanui jcamins: excuse me?
18:37 jcamins I will not!
18:37 jcamins roles for 3.10?
18:37 jcamins 3.10?
18:37 cait koha 3.10 will have a build in cat distraction module?
18:37 jcamins Roles for 3.10 is[…]ki/Roles_for_3.10
18:37 schuster joined #koha
18:37 jcamins roles for 3.10?
18:37 wahanui i think roles for 3.10 is[…]ki/Roles_for_3.10
18:37 jcamins There we go.
18:39 druthb wahanui: druthb?
18:39 wahanui somebody said druthb was thinking she likes Amman.  A lot.
18:42 jcamins :)
18:44 cait :)
18:45 cait well
18:45 cait cait likes having druthb closer to her timezone
18:47 jcamins You know, walnut-pomegranate dal was really rather inspired.
18:47 jcamins If I say so myself.
18:48 cait :)
18:50 wizzyrea WHAT
18:51 wizzyrea walnut pomegranate dal?!
18:51 wizzyrea that sounds amazing.
18:51 * druthb jumps at wizzyrea's yell
18:51 wizzyrea brb
18:51 wizzyrea left #koha
18:51 wizzyrea joined #koha
18:51 * wizzyrea waves
18:51 wizzyrea hey druthb :)
18:51 oleonard That was a quick trip to the grocery store wizzyrea
18:51 druthb hi, sweet wizzyrea!
18:51 jcamins Hehe.
18:52 wizzyrea well my colloquy was acting up
19:03 wizzyrea don't be quiet on account of me
19:03 druthb :P
19:03 jcamins wizzyrea: the dal is like vegetarian fesenjan.
19:04 jcamins :)
19:04 * wizzyrea has to look that up
19:04 * jcamins isn't surprised.
19:04 * jcamins had to ask his Iranian friend what it was called.
19:04 wizzyrea also, I have a video game framework
19:04 wizzyrea oh pomegranate and walnut stew
19:04 * druthb is going on a quest for cola.  no vending machines here.  None.  I'm hoping the c-store is still open, otherwise it's a solid half-mile hike to the grocery store.
19:04 wizzyrea I see
19:05 wizzyrea good luck druthb
19:05 schuster Question - with the in line report prompts who did the modification?  I couldn't find it easily in Bugzilla.
19:05 jcamins schuster: what do you mean?
19:05 wizzyrea ?
19:05 schuster Reports where you can now put <<Pick your branch|branches>> and it prompts for your branch
19:06 cait schuster: what is your question? :)
19:06 schuster Documentation says it only works with three authorized values.Branches, Item Types and Patron Categories
19:06 cait hm no
19:06 cait authorized values too
19:06 jcamins Oh, that's wrong.
19:07 cait and it#s in the newest documentation I think, because I think I remember from translating
19:08 schuster Can you do 2 at a time?  I did branches and then tried ccode and it reported back a blank report.  needs to go try it without the branches...
19:08 wizzyrea yes, you can do as many parameters as you want
19:08 jcamins schuster: you can do as many runtime parameters as you want.
19:08 wizzyrea jinx
19:09 cait jcamins: I think you have to give her a beverage now or something like that
19:09 schuster hmmm need to do a little more maybe it is something in my SQL...  I'm not able to do ccode it comes back blank.
19:09 cait how did you do it?
19:10 jcamins cait: I thought I wasn't around to talk until someone else said "jinx" or something like that.
19:10 cait perhaps paste your sql to paste.koha-community?
19:10 cait jinx?
19:10 cait jcamins: I always forget how this works :(
19:10 cait I remember sth with coke
19:10 wizzyrea nah, I just jinxed, I didn't put any conditions on it
19:10 wizzyrea :)
19:11 * jcamins installs the new version of LibreOffice.
19:11 cait :)
19:13 schuster Ah I think I was mixing ccode with location...
19:13 jcamins Myshkin is snoring loudly and pointedly. I wonder why.
19:14 schuster That is Way cool and will offer me a LOT more flexibility without having to think 5 times before doing it with 67 locations!
19:18 cait schuster: it really is way cool :)
19:21 jcamins schuster: the new authority linking will be in 3.6.5.
19:22 jcamins :)
19:23 schuster jcamins - that too is WAY cool...  is anyone looking at modifying the frameworks to display/allow editing of the 336-338 tags for RDA?
19:24 chris_n joined #koha
19:24 jcamins schuster: chris_n and I were discussing redoing frameworks in a way that would make that easier.
19:24 jcamins However, no progress that I know of yet.
19:25 jcamins And, of course, display is something else.
19:26 * jcamins reflects on how one would display the 336-338 fields.
19:26 schuster Trying to be that forward thinker here in preparation...  I know a couple of vendors have asked if we want that data yet.
19:28 jcamins Yeah, I've thought about that, but it's one of those chicken and egg problems- I'd love to be able to say "oh, yeah, RDA-specific tags, those are totally supported by Koha," but I don't know of anyone who would actually use that feature.
19:31 * wizzyrea created a video game framework today
19:31 jcamins We really don't do anything with any 3xx fields other than 300, come to think of it.
19:31 jcamins I don't think we even use 306 or 310.
19:31 jcamins Ugh.
19:35 jcamins wizzyrea: did it make good use of any 3xx fields?
19:35 wizzyrea no >.>
19:35 wizzyrea oh, lies
19:35 schuster yeah...   not really 3xx fields were all pretty lame before
19:35 wizzyrea 300 :P
19:35 jcamins wizzyrea: wise.
19:36 schuster but if we are letting go of 245h - somehow we need to ponder display for these new 3xx's
19:36 * wizzyrea has it as a sql framework export file
19:36 * jcamins would love to see 342 and 343 being used.
19:36 schuster marc 300
19:37 schuster Oh what is the MARC documetation call?
19:37 jcamins @marc 300
19:37 huginn jcamins: A physical description of the described item, including its extent, dimensions, and such other physical details as a description of any accompanying materials and unit type and size. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,e,f,g,3,6,8]
19:37 schuster @marc 336
19:37 huginn schuster: unknown tag 336
19:38 schuster @marc 342
19:38 huginn schuster: A description of the frame of reference for the coordinates in a data set. To work with a data set a user must be able to identify how location accuracy has been affected through the application of a geospatial reference method, thus enabling the user to manipulate the data set to recover location accuracy. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,​n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,2,6,8]
19:38 jcamins @later tell gmcharlt If it's easy to do, huginn's marc tag database could use updating.
19:38 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
19:38 jcamins schuster: yes, I confess I choose weird tags to focus on.
19:39 schuster Made me worried I was talking about the wrong ones!!
19:39 jcamins schuster: no, you had the right tags in mind.
19:42 jcamins schuster: are your vendors offering records using 240/380 uniform titles?
19:48 schuster I have not inquired on that front.  Again I think most of the vendors are waiting for us to tell them what we want....  chicken and egg problem.
19:49 jcamins Understandable. I was just curious whether that was something else we should be thinking about.
19:50 libsysguy left #koha
19:53 chris_n nengard: about?
19:54 nengard sort of
19:54 chris_n heh
19:54 nengard multi-tasking :)
19:54 chris_n have a read at this if you will:[…]g.cgi?id=7977#c51
19:54 huginn Bug 7977: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, Signed Off , Add a "Quote-of-the-day" feature to the OPAC homepage
19:54 chris_n and let me know what you think
19:55 nengard replied
19:55 nengard you should probably remove the link for now
19:55 nengard I won't remember the url you used :)
19:55 * chris_n confesses that he ate all of the brownies :-(
19:55 nengard and once it's in Koha I"ll document it/copy what you have in the help file to the manual
19:55 chris_n nengard: so remove the links and references to them?
19:55 nengard i think so ?.
19:55 nengard is that okay?
19:55 chris_n ok
19:56 chris_n I'll do that in my follow up
19:56 oleonard Bye #koha
19:56 chris_n I hope I have written the help in such a way that you can mostly cut-n-paste
19:56 chris_n bye oleonard
19:56 wizzyrea bye oleonard
19:56 chris_n nengard: thanks!
20:01 cait chris_n: I wonder if it works with manual login, when you leave the autoselfcheck preferences empty?
20:02 cait reading your mail to the list right now :)
20:02 cait and do a manual login at the stations, not doing it automatically
20:02 chris_n schuster just sent me an email to that effect
20:03 * chris_n is giddy with the thought that it is that simple
20:03 cait :)
20:03 chris_n if so
20:03 cait fingers crossed!
20:03 chris_n we need a wiki page, tutorial, lights and banners, food, etc. to celebrate :-)
20:04 schuster I'm not in production yet, but it looks like it will work.  That was my fear when I originally saw that development that we would not be able to do that...
20:04 schuster manually log in due to multiple branches.
20:05 schuster Our 42 elementary schools almost all use it daily!
20:09 chris_n schuster: so it works in your sandbox?
20:10 chris_n if so, I'll put it into production next semester
20:10 schuster yes
20:10 chris_n many, many people will be very,very happy... me included
20:10 chris_n cool
20:10 * chris_n sends schuster lots of chocolate and other goodies
20:10 schuster I logged in with the generic user for that campus searched sql for that location - checked an item out and then checked SQL and it had incremented by 1
20:10 druthb joined #koha
20:11 chris_n wonderful
20:11 * chris_n has to run or miss his ride home
20:11 chris_n bbl
20:11 schuster Of course that was after fixing that owen had fixed and the bug is pushed..
20:11 druthb success!  The c-store across the street might as well have been on mars--the "street" is six lanes of bumper-to-bumper, making 60km/hr or better.  So I walked the half-mile to the grocery store.
20:11 schuster by!  glad I could help for a change!
20:12 schuster Well that's one way to get your excersize in
20:12 schuster How badly do you want to go to the grocery store!...
20:13 druthb yah.  And way cheaper than the buying sodas from room service.  Two dinars for a little bitty can of coke is ludicrous.  I bought five *liters*, plus two packs of amazing little cookies, for 3.10 dinars.
20:14 cait and then you carried 5 litres of coke back.. even more excercise :)
20:15 druthb yes.  and it's *diet* coke, which the hotel does not have at all.
20:16 druthb For the USians benefit, these cookies are like silver-dollar sized moon pies, only with coconut sprinkled on top.
20:16 * druthb plans to bring some home for wizzyrea and the minion, fer sure.
20:16 * jcamins isn't sure what a moon pie is.
20:17 druthb !
20:17 jcamins Wikipedia did not really clarify much.
20:17 jcamins What are the cookies called in Arabic?
20:17 druthb tsk tsk.  two cookies, with marshmallow creme between, all dipped in chocolate.
20:17 jcamins Ah.
20:17 druthb the english printing on this package is "Cikilop"
20:18 jcamins Ah, it's Turkish. :)
20:19 druthb they're teh yum.
20:20 druthb four packages of eight cookies, for less than a dinar.
20:20 rangi jcamins: demo site should be back up
20:21 jcamins rangi: thanks.
20:21 wizzyrea i approve of anything that has coconut on it
20:21 wizzyrea also, flipboard for android. that is all.
20:21 rangi morning btw
20:21 jcamins Morning.
20:21 wahanui morning is a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast.
20:22 wizzyrea mornin :)
20:24 cait oh yum
20:24 nengard left #koha
20:31 kathryn joined #koha
20:33 jcamins Speaking of yummy things -- as we were fifteen minutes ago -- what should I do with quinoa for dinner tonight?
20:35 wizzyrea make fried quinoa cakes
20:35 jcamins Hmm.
20:35 wizzyrea only one of many recipes:[…]noa-cakes-041912/
20:35 druthb mmmmmm
20:35 wizzyrea they are *fantastic*
20:36 wizzyrea 10 minutes per side seems… long.
20:37 cait :)
20:41 * sekjal is messing around with DokuWiki... with the data plugin, it's pretty sweet
20:41 cait :)
20:43 jcamins An intriguing idea, but I think we'll be going with quinoa falafel on a bed of quinoa.
20:43 jcamins So, I'm not very creative.
20:43 druthb mmmm...falafel....
20:44 jcamins druthb: you can get much better falafel than I can.
20:44 druthb I'm sure.
20:45 cait sekjal: looks interesting :)
20:46 ibeardslee well, learn something new everyday in here .. 2013 has been declared UN International Year of Quinoa
20:48 jcamins ibeardslee: huh. I didn't know that.
20:49 sekjal is that intended to increase supply, or demand?
20:49 sekjal or just awareness?
20:49 ibeardslee[…]story_and_culture
20:50 ibeardslee follow that through to a pdf from the UN General Assembly
20:50 schuster never heard of quinoa before what is it?
20:50 jcamins[…]mbol=A/RES/66/221
20:51 ibeardslee I'd never heard of it before, that's why I hit wikipedia
20:51 jcamins schuster: it's a type of grain.
20:51 jcamins A very healthful one.
20:51 druthb schuster: I'd not heard of it before I left texas, either.
20:55 druthb @wunder Amman
20:55 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Amman Airport, Jordan is 18.0°C (12:00 AM EEST on May 11, 2012). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 39%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Rising).
20:56 sekjal @wunder 01003
20:56 huginn sekjal: The current temperature in Computer Science Bldg - University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts is 14.1°C (4:55 PM EDT on May 10, 2012). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 29.58 in 1002 hPa (Rising).
20:58 wizzyrea quinoa is like the grain of the gods.
20:58 schuster @wunder 75074
20:58 huginn schuster: The current temperature in Brookview, Plano, Texas is 26.7°C (3:55 PM CDT on May 10, 2012). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 22%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
20:58 sekjal g'night, #koha!
20:58 bag @wunder 93109
20:58 huginn bag: The current temperature in K6LCM-Westside/Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 19.2°C (1:58 PM PDT on May 10, 2012). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
20:59 wizzyrea @wunder lawrence, ks
20:59 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 26.2°C (3:57 PM CDT on May 10, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 43%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Falling).
20:59 druthb It cools off very dramatically here after dark...the high today was 37.
20:59 schuster its the wunder game...  Wow Kansas is almost as bad as Dallas!  worse if you look at the humidity!
21:13 gaetan_B joined #koha
21:27 rangi @wunder nzwn
21:27 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0°C (9:00 AM NZST on May 11, 2012). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
21:29 jcamins @wunder 11375
21:29 huginn jcamins: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Jackson Heights NY US, Corona, New York is 16.1°C (5:02 PM EDT on May 10, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 34%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Pressure: 29.64 in 1004 hPa (Rising).
21:29 rangi oh i didnt know the programme was taking shape cool!
21:29 rangi[…]_Schedule#Timings
21:30 rangi yay first day!
21:30 rangi then i can relax
21:31 liw rangi :)
21:39 * mtj purchased some quinoa from the supermarket, just  yesterday
21:41 rangi liw: did you see[…]chedule#Timings_2
21:41 rangi should work eh?
21:42 liw rangi, yep, that looks fine
21:42 liw I assume "Debian packaging" is me and "Koha packaging" is eythian
21:42 rangi thats the one
21:44 liw cool
22:01 bag bug 1807
22:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1807 blocker, P3, ---, chris, Failed QA , ':' character blocks search ; search () give odd results
22:05 jcamins Oh yeah, that's a nice one.
22:07 rangi yeah that one is annoying
22:10 jcamins The solution, of course, is a rewrite.
22:10 jcamins Preferably using some sort of query parser.
22:13 liw oh dear, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, I'll be tossing and turning trying to get images of that out of my head
22:15 rangi heh
22:15 rangi yeah, that thing is horrid
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