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01:24 chris_n jcamins: I think what's left with the quotes uploader is mainly cosmetic; I added some messaging to pass basic success/failure reponses back from the server
01:24 chris_n I'll work on it again monday, but I think this has a lot of potential
01:25 jcamins chris_n: woohoo!
01:25 * jcamins too.
01:25 chris_n if you can take it for a spin and let me know what your thoughts are I'd be grateful
01:25 chris_n just truncate your quotes table often :-)
01:25 jcamins I will. Still branch bug_7977_csv?
01:26 chris_n yup
01:26 chris_n it has all my work up to a few moments ago
01:26 * chris_n hits the hay :-)
01:26 jcamins :)
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07:19 cait joined #koha
07:21 cait hi #koha
07:32 mbalmer joined #koha
07:32 mbalmer m'ning
08:06 mveron hi #koha
08:06 mveron hi cait :-)
08:06 mveron hi mbalmer :-)
08:06 mbalmer hallo marc!
08:10 cait hi mveron and mbalmer
08:10 mveron cait: Word count rapidly goes down!
08:10 cait mveron: are you working on translations? I have downloaded the file to fix some poblems right now - don't want to undo any of your changes
08:11 mbalmer <- fiddling with debian packaging
08:11 cait mveron: if you wait a second, I will upload the corrected file
08:11 mveron Cait: Just wanted to start with translations, but no big things done yet.
08:12 cait ok, give me a second
08:12 cait test running it one more time before uploading :)
08:12 mveron Just let me know when you are ready with upload
08:13 cait it's uploading now :)
08:14 cait takes a bit, staff file is big
08:14 mveron cait: Time for another coffee..
08:14 cait i also checked opac and pref files - should throw no errors now when you install
08:17 cait mveron: done :)
08:18 mveron cait: OK,  2781 Wörter benötigen Aufmerksamkeit
08:22 cait we are almost done
08:22 cait and i think all of those belong to the help files
08:23 leander joined #koha
08:24 cait hi leander
08:24 leander hi
08:24 mveron hi leander
08:24 leander :)
08:25 leander im trying to install koha on ubuntu
08:25 leander thats not as easy as I thought
08:25 cait did you use the packages?
08:25 cait packages?
08:25 wahanui packages is at
08:25 leander mhm, no
08:26 leander i downloaded the tar.gz
08:26 cait ok, what have you been doing and where are you stuck :)
08:26 cait and which version are you trying to install?
08:26 leander i had a lot of fun with cpanm and so on
08:26 leander 4.8something
08:26 cait oh
08:26 cait ok
08:26 cait first
08:26 cait don't install 4.8
08:26 leander no?
08:26 wahanui no is, like, failing unit tests
08:26 cait if you want to get support from the community
08:26 cait 4.8 is a fork of the company ptfs/liblime
08:26 cait and only supported by them
08:26 leander i just want to have a quick look on it
08:27 leander oh ok
08:27 cait where are you located leander?
08:27 cait download Koha?
08:27 leander in leipzig/germany
08:27 cait wahanui: download Koha is
08:27 wahanui OK, cait.
08:27 cait :)
08:27 cait I am in Konstanz ;)
08:28 leander hey :)
08:28 mveron leander: And mveron in Basel (and mbalmer as well)
08:28 leander cait, BSZ?
08:28 cait ja
08:28 leander achne
08:28 leander <- UBL
08:29 leander hm
08:29 cait :)
08:29 leander which version should I go with then?
08:29 cait 3.6.4
08:29 cait von oder noch besser einfach die packages verwenden
08:29 cait packages?
08:29 wahanui it has been said that packages is at
08:30 leander I'll do so now
08:39 mbalmer mveron, actually I am not in Basel, but canton Aargau, I just happen to have one of my many offices in Basel ;P
08:40 mveron mbalmer: Let's agre to suburbs of basel, as are Allschwil,  Zürich and Konstanz as well  :-)
08:42 cait hmmm
08:42 cait not sure I can agree to that
08:42 mveron :-)
08:43 mveron cait: Found some french text in the original, see http://translate.koha-communit[…]ate/?unit=3086306
08:44 cait yeah
08:44 cait some of the unimarc plugins for cataloguing are not properly translated
08:45 cait there is a bug about that too somewhere
08:45 cait I tried my best - I am sure it can be improved :)
08:47 mveron cait: Bug 3007
08:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3007 normal, P3, ---, paul.poulain, NEW , four UNIMARC value_builder templates to translate to English
08:47 cait yep :)
10:56 cait 1289 words need attention
11:31 mveron cait:Back, had to cook.   Oh -    648 Wörter benötigen Aufmerksamkeit   :-)
11:35 cait what's for lunch? )
11:35 cait :)
11:36 mveron cat: Aspargus and lamb. I cook the lamb in the dishwasher (really).
11:37 mveron cait: Oh I misspelled cat :-)
11:37 cait sounds very yummy
11:38 mveron cait: See Lisa Casali, Cucinare in Lavastoviglie
11:40 mveron
11:40 cait I don't have a dishwasher...
11:41 cait but I bet jcamins_away would love this
11:44 cait hi magnus_afk
11:44 magnus_afk hiya!
11:46 cait mveron was telling me about cooking with a dishwasher :)
11:46 magnuse so i saw
11:46 magnuse i think i have heard about that before, actually
11:46 magnuse how long does it have to stay in the washer?
11:46 mveron Works great, just everything you would do with low temperature
11:47 magnuse how long does it take?
11:47 mveron I have now a closed pot with lamb and lemon in it, 70 degree programma, 80 minutes
11:47 magnuse nice
11:48 mveron In te meantime I can translate :-)
11:50 * cait tries to figure out how long it would take her to go to basel...
11:52 mveron cait: Konstanz 14:03, Basel SBB 16:27, via Zürich   :-)
11:52 cait hm vielleicht bisschen spät für das lamm :)
11:52 cait bit late for the lamb
11:52 mveron Ja, das ist dann schon weg :-)
11:53 mveron Will be gon...
11:53 mveron e...
11:53 mveron the lamb
11:54 magnuse das ist schade
11:56 cait heh
11:56 cait seems we have a German Koha IRC day today
11:57 cait with visitors from Leipzig and German speaking Norwegians
11:58 magnuse ja, das ist toll!
12:00 cait 542 words
12:02 magnuse that's all that is left to do n the german translation of 3.8?
12:04 cait yep
12:04 cait jealous? ;)
12:04 * cait is mean
12:07 magnuse ein bischen
12:07 * cait sends cookies
12:07 magnuse yay
12:07 * cait is sorr
12:07 cait y
12:07 magnuse no you're not :-)
12:10 cait ein bisschen
12:14 cait oh
12:14 cait whathappened now
12:14 cait the counter went up again`
12:14 cait ?
12:19 mveron cait: There was a lengthy entry that I marked as 'fragwürdig' because it has an error in it. Will look it up.
12:19 cait ah
12:19 cait what kind of error?
12:20 mveron http://translate.koha-communit[…]ate/?unit=3080955
12:20 cait i think I see it
12:20 cait benutzerausweisdruck?
12:20 mveron See comment, it talks about Etiketten,is related to patron
12:21 mveron card creator.
12:21 cait yeah
12:21 mveron Same with 1992
12:21 cait both modules are almost the same
12:21 cait but only almost
12:21 cait so the text it probably the same, with this little difference
12:23 mveron 506 :-)
12:28 magnuse yay
12:32 jcamins_away mveron: this is fascinating.
12:33 mveron Translating ? Cooking?
12:33 jcamins_away mveron: this is me... cooking things in the dishwasher!
12:33 cait hah
12:33 cait I knw
12:33 cait knew
12:37 cait jcamins: you have a dishwasher in the new kitchen, right?
12:38 jcamins cait: yup.
12:38 mick joined #koha
12:38 mick hi
12:38 wahanui hola, mick
12:38 cait hi mick
12:39 Guest1285 i'm wondering if someone could give me some hints how to set up sms sending in koha
12:39 Guest1285 I know I can set up the driver
12:39 cait sorry, I am not sure
12:39 cait i have never used that feature
12:39 Guest1285 but I think I should set up username, password and other details from the sms provider
12:40 cait in koha there is only the pref for the driver
12:40 Guest1285 yes
12:40 cait perhaps you have to cofingure that in the driver itself?
12:40 Guest1285 this is what seems strange
12:40 jcamins I don't know anything about the SMS features, sorry.
12:40 Guest1285 the driver seems a library for me
12:40 Guest1285 and when it's called it should have arguments
12:40 Guest1285 as far as I can see
12:40 leander joined #koha
12:40 Guest1285 ok, I'll check the code
12:40 leander rehi
12:41 Guest1285 thought there's some howto, but can't find any
12:44 cait I think not a lot of libraries are using the feature
12:44 cait perhaps try the mailing list?
12:45 * cait is so tired of translations and people talking about yummy food!
12:45 cait can someone send me chocolate please?
12:47 * jcamins sends chocolate.
12:50 * magnuse sends chocolate
12:50 cait <3
12:50 jcamins magnuse: did you see chris_n's quote of the day feature?
12:50 magnuse yup - nice!
12:51 magnuse well, i never actually felt koha was missing that feature, but he has done some interesting work on the infrastructure around it, with jeditables ets
12:52 magnuse s/ets/etc/
12:52 jcamins I never felt that feature was missing either, but I can certainly see uses for it.
12:53 cait lol
12:53 cait well
12:53 cait it's an usp
12:53 cait I can't think of another ils with that feature :)
12:53 magnuse usp?
12:53 jcamins Unique Selling Proposition. :)
12:53 magnuse yeah, good point!
12:53 jcamins cait++
12:53 magnuse ah
12:53 magnuse hehe
12:54 cait marketing course at library school :P
12:54 cait i don't remember much, but that
12:55 jcamins Right now I'm trying to decide between a directory and a map of my kitchen cabinets.
12:55 jcamins Thoughts?
12:57 magnuse first question is?
12:57 magnuse the first question is?
12:57 jcamins first question?
12:57 wahanui first question is "What are you trying to do?" or or what is the goal?
12:57 jcamins :)
12:57 magnuse jcamins: depends on what you are trying to do :-)
12:57 magnuse thanks!
12:57 jcamins Make sure no one messes up my perfect kitchen.
12:57 cait magnuse++
12:57 cait jcamins: you know ranganathan... right? a kitchen is for sue
12:57 magnuse heh
12:57 cait use
12:58 magnuse catalogue all the stuff in koha
12:58 cait every user its kitchen... every kitchen its user...
12:58 Guest1285 ~
12:58 magnuse then make a map-module for koha
12:58 cait oh
12:58 cait magnuse++ love that idea
12:58 jcamins cait: yes, and this kitchen is for *me* to use.
12:58 cait sure we have a bug for that too
12:58 jcamins lol
12:58 cait perhaps you should ponder locks for the cabinets then
12:59 jcamins I'm willing to allow other people to use my kitchen, but they have to put things back where they belong.
12:59 jcamins Otherwise, how will I be able to find my omelet pans?
12:59 magnuse bug 737
12:59 huginn Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=737 enhancement, P2, ---, mjr, NEW , Map of library in search system
13:00 cait jcamins: I would love to use your kitchen :)
13:00 cait I would even obey the map
13:00 jcamins :)
13:01 jcamins I'm thinking I'll start with a directory, and add a map later.
13:01 jcamins It's an amazing kitchen.
13:01 jcamins :)
13:06 jcamins Ooh! I just found my missing glass baking dish. :)
13:08 magnuse yay
13:10 cait and now you are baking for us?
13:10 jcamins No, I'm working on my kitchen directory and exhaustive shopping list.
13:10 jcamins I'm trying to list everything that we buy in a month so that I can turn it into a shopping checklist.
13:18 cait librarian... + crazy cook... ooh
13:20 cait dangerous :)
13:21 magnuse hehe
13:27 * mveron Ponders if lamb is ready. Has to cook accompagning aspargus
13:28 * jcamins ponders what is in aisle two of the supermarket.
13:32 cait lol
13:46 cait 78 words!
13:51 cait it's done!!!
13:52 jcamins Hooray!
13:52 jcamins cait++
13:52 cait mveron++
13:52 mveron cait ++, Yeah!
13:54 cait :)
13:57 cait now time to take care of laundry and my own dinner :)
14:02 magnuse cait++ mveron++
14:02 magnuse time for lunch...
14:16 cait ... and translations install without errors
14:16 cait well... translation script errors
14:16 cait guess there are still enough typos to fix
15:23 leander i configured my apache2:80 to ProxyPass to localhost:8080. that works. but kohas html contains absolut references to the root /  - is there an option to confure some kind of base-url or something?
15:24 jcamins leander: yes, see the syspref OPACBaseURL. :)
15:24 leander s/confure/configure/
15:24 leander jcamins, i need intranet only for now
15:25 jcamins leander: in that case, just search for BaseURL in the sysprefs.
15:25 jcamins I don't remember what it's called exactly.
15:25 jcamins Maybe StaffClientBaseURL, maybe something else.
15:26 leander *searching*
15:27 jcamins staffClientBaseURL
15:27 jcamins Under staff client.
15:31 leander hm, when i edit that in the frontend i kick myself out immediately i guess
15:31 leander it also says http:// while im using https
15:32 jcamins leander: yeah, when you change the staffClientBaseURL your login will no longer be valid.
15:32 jcamins If you log back in, I think it should work.
15:32 jcamins I don't know about the http:// versus https:// prefix.
15:32 jcamins Wait, I have a question.
15:33 jcamins Why are you proxying the connection at all?
15:34 leander because I dont want to open another port to the evil internet
15:34 leander and fiddle around with ssl and all that
15:35 leander why not just route through the configured https
15:35 jcamins leander: I'm wondering why you don't just listen on the port that you want it listening on in the first place.
15:35 jcamins But I may not understand the issue you're trying to solve.
15:36 leander hm
15:36 jcamins In fact, I definitely don't understand the issue.
15:36 leander i just want the intranet to be accessible through https://myhost/koha
15:36 jcamins Ohhh.
15:36 jcamins Got it.
15:36 leander how can i achieve that?
15:37 jcamins You have other things on https://myhost/somethingelse?
15:37 leander yes
15:37 jcamins I have no idea, actually.
15:37 leander im currently proxying https://myhost/koha to http://localhost:8080
15:38 jcamins Yeah, I think that might be the only option.
15:38 leander but theres a problem with the absolute urls
15:38 leander in the html
15:38 jcamins Right.
15:39 jcamins Suggestion... do something with mod_rewrite to translate koha.myhost to myhost/koha?
15:41 leander yes, either just use another subdomain... or change the baseurl
15:41 leander from / to /koha/
15:42 jcamins Then set staffClientBaseURL to koha.myhost?
15:42 jcamins (and continue using the proxy.
15:42 jcamins I don't actually know how to do that, but it makes sense to me.
15:42 jcamins leander: I don't think the second option will work.
15:42 jcamins But if you combine option one with mod_rewrite, it *should* appear to the user as if they're just browsing in myhost/koha.
15:42 jcamins Right?
15:42 * jcamins isn't an Apache expert.
15:42 jcamins In fact, I just made all that up.
15:43 leander yes, but i dont have a ssl cert for anoter subdomain ;)
15:45 jcamins leander: what I'm proposing wouldn't require another one.
15:45 leander looks like changing the baseurl doesnt have any effect
15:45 leander it would, the browser thinks it would talk to https://koha.myhost and thats not https://myhost
15:46 jcamins Can't you set it up so that mod_rewrite tells the browser "no, sorry, you meant https://myhost/koha?
15:46 jcamins I feel like I've seen someone do that.
15:47 jcamins If I were a label printer, where would I hide?
15:48 jcamins cait: that question was for you... leander can't be expected to know my apartment well enough yet. ;)
15:48 leander "sorry, you meant" is a redirect and we would get into the same trap
15:48 jcamins I have so far ruled out my perfectly-organized kitchen.
15:48 jcamins leander: oh, phooey.
15:48 jcamins It seemed like a good idea. :/
15:48 leander ;)
15:48 leander do i have to restart something in order to make the baseurl change take effect?
15:49 jcamins Are you using memcached?
15:49 leander no, i think not
15:50 jcamins Found it. It was in Shari's desk.
15:50 jcamins leander: in that case, no, it shouldn't require restarting anything.
15:52 leander hm
15:54 cait hm
15:54 leander mh
15:54 cait the label printer?
15:54 cait i guess it's not in the kitchen, because you have a map for that
15:54 cait I vote for some unpacked box in the little storage room
15:54 jcamins cait: it was in Shari's desk.
15:55 cait oh
15:55 cait see, I don't know your apartment that well )
15:55 jcamins However, I had the same idea you did.
15:55 cait and now sure about the problem - because apache and me are not the best friends
15:55 jcamins I only found it in the desk after going through the boxes in the little room.
15:55 cait but we have installations using https
15:55 cait that work with 80 and 443 as ports
15:56 cait where both intranet and opac are https - so it's possible
15:56 cait only not sure how it's done
15:56 cait they work on separate urls
15:56 leander cait, anything that goes from / would be no problem
15:56 leander haveing a prefix /koha/ seems to be not so easy
15:57 cait yes, i think there is a comment on a bug about that from |Lupin|
15:57 cait bug 3717
15:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3717 minor, P5 - low, ---, paul.poulain, REOPENED , staffClientBaseURL and OPACBaseURL should be used
15:58 leander ic
15:59 leander i'll try to solve it from the apache side then
16:00 leander another thing...
16:00 wahanui another thing is different
16:00 leander hehe
16:00 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
16:00 wahanui thanks cait :)
16:00 cait be warned, wahanui and huginn are the beloved koha bots
16:00 cait they tend to cause confusion
16:00 leander is there a tutorial for non-technicians out there?
16:00 cait you mean tutorials for librarians?
16:01 leander thelike
16:01 cait about using koha or about installation?
16:01 leander about... mhm.. cataloging and loans
16:01 cait manual?
16:01 wahanui rumour has it manual is at
16:01 leander yes
16:01 cait video tutorials?
16:01 wahanui video tutorials are[…]/tutorial-videos/
16:01 leander maybe, a manual
16:01 cait i should also point to our wiki
16:01 leander something written?
16:02 cait but it really needs updating
16:02 leander i'll check both, thanks
16:02 cait there is a koha book from packt - but I am not sure how current it is
16:02 cait koha is moving fast, so it's probably not of much help by now
16:03 leander oh, i need it immediately - as always *fg*
16:03 cait[…]ha-handbuch:start
16:03 leander lovely
16:04 leander thank you
16:04 jcamins What's packt?
16:04 cait a publisher
16:04 cait I never really took a closer look at the book
16:04 cait but I think people might come across it looking for something
16:05 cait I think it's 3.0
16:06 jcamins Yeah, I'd stick with the manual.
16:06 * leander .oO(bsz rulez)
16:06 leander das musste mal sein zum sonntag :)
16:07 cait aw :)
16:07 leander :)
16:15 leander got to go, cu
16:15 cait have a nice sunday
16:37 adnc joined #koha
17:32 edveal-away left #koha
17:53 magnus_afk the book has 3.00.06 as the current stable version...
17:55 cait ash yes
18:40 ecc joined #koha
18:40 ecc hello
18:40 ecc can anyone tell me how to install koha on ubuntu?
18:40 ecc through a package
18:41 ecc i looked at the wiki but its only for debian or ubuntu-lucid
18:42 ecc i think i figured it out
18:42 ecc nvm
18:44 ecc nope
18:45 ecc it says on the wiki it is not recommended to use that one
18:45 ecc Anyone?
18:46 Soupermanito joined #koha
18:47 ecc Anyone?
18:48 hdl joined #koha
19:00 hdl joined #koha
20:21 kathryn joined #koha
20:21 cait morning kathryn
20:25 kathryn good morning cait!
20:27 cait :)
20:27 cait @wunder Konstanz
20:27 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 3.3°C (10:25 PM CEST on April 22, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Windchill: 3.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
20:28 kathryn bRRRR
20:30 cait heh
20:30 cait not that cold
20:30 kathryn thought you might say that!
20:31 cait :)
20:31 cait it's spring here now, it was a pretty nice and sunny day
20:31 kathryn @wunder Wellington
20:31 huginn kathryn: Error: No such location could be found.
20:31 kathryn : (
20:32 kathryn do I need to say NZ too?
20:32 cait @wunder wellington, nz
20:32 huginn cait: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0°C (8:00 AM NZST on April 23, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 30.39 in 1029 hPa (Steady).
20:32 cait hm seems you have
20:32 cait but
20:32 cait @wunder berlin
20:32 huginn cait: Error: No such location could be found.
20:33 cait see, ... wahanui is a little stupid sometimes
20:33 kathryn ah well that makes me feel comfortable : )
20:36 rangi well thats huginn not wahanui :)
20:37 cait it applies to both - sometimes
20:37 cait !huginn botsnack cookie
20:37 cait hm
20:37 cait huginn botsnack cookie
20:37 huginn cait: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
20:37 cait see, he doesn't like cookies!
20:39 kathryn hehe
20:40 cait :)
20:53 bgkriegel joined #koha
21:38 rangi cjh: you there?
21:42 jcamins_away It is my considered opinion that plaster walls are a terrible idea.
21:42 rangi yup
21:45 jcamins_away Seriously, who said "I know, let's invent a substance to make walls out of that we can't attach things to"?
21:45 cait lol
21:47 * jcamins_away would not have said that.
21:47 jcamins_away I would've said "you have got to be kidding me. That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard."
21:47 jcamins_away If only I had been there for the first half of the twentieth century.
21:48 cait ... not sure that woudl be good
21:48 cait I mean... not walls like that, but no fudge for us
21:49 jcamins_away cait: at least this building wouldn't have these stupid plaster walls.
21:49 cait yeah
21:49 cjh rangi: yeah whats up?
21:49 cait but fudge/cookies/general jaredness tops plaster walls
21:49 rangi never mind, sorted :)
21:49 cjh too slow huh :(
21:49 rangi just setting srdjan up at your desk, i think we did it without knocking your machine off the network ;)
21:50 jcamins_away cait: easy for you to say. You don't have a shelf sitting on the floor, unmountable.
21:50 cjh isnt a huge deal if it dies today, I wont be sshing between now and tomorrow morning.
21:50 cait jcamins_away: I am sure there is a way
21:50 cait glue?
21:50 cjh I can still ssh in, success.
21:50 cait :P
21:53 jcamins_away cait: lol
21:53 jcamins_away I don't think so.
21:54 cait you would be surprised what glue can do...
21:54 cait the right glue I mean
21:55 jcamins_away cait: true, but the right anchor would work, too.
21:55 jcamins_away I just was sold the wrong one.
21:55 cait ok, that would have been my next suggestion
21:55 jcamins_away They always sell me the wrong anchor at Home Depot.
21:55 jcamins_away And it doesn't matter which one I go to.
21:55 cait so... don't go there?
21:55 cait tell them?
22:06 cait left #koha
22:29 mtj anyone from bywater about?
22:29 mtj just a quicky... :)
22:31 rangi unlikely, being sunday evening
23:11 mtj thanks, i got it sorted... :)
23:11 Irma joined #koha

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