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05:13 shahas hii
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06:24 cait hi #koha
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10:25 slef rangi: yeah, google=SNAFU
10:25 slef hi all?
10:25 wahanui yeah, yeah, hello, hello. Now fix some bugs for me, please.
10:25 slef wahanui: slavedriver
10:25 wahanui slef: i'm not following you...
10:25 slef wahanui: of course not
10:25 wahanui slef: sorry...
10:25 slef wahanui: sorry?
10:25 wahanui bugger all, i dunno, slef
10:25 rangi hi slef :)
10:26 slef rangi: the utter lack of support at google is a scandal, a very clever cost-cutting trick which surely almost no-one else would get away with and not widely realised.
10:26 rangi *nod*
10:27 cait slef: he is right - about fixing bugs
10:27 slef cait: waaah it's sunday and I need to bake some bread
10:27 cait slef: heh
10:27 cait slef: I think you wanted to send me another mail? or did I misread?
10:27 cait slef: the fishing trip post is online
10:28 slef cait: I don't remember :-/ do the organising meeting minutes say anything useful?
10:28 rangi i think im gonna do the edinburgh castle, national gallery and whisky tasting on that day instead of fishing :)
10:29 * cait was volunteered to be sober navigator for that
10:29 rangi heh
10:29 slef rangi: I'm pretty sure I'm going to go walk up Arthur's Seat but I may do national gallery. We should co-ordinate.
10:29 rangi excellent
10:29 rangi yep
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10:30 cait hi mveron
10:30 mveron hi cait
10:31 rangi hi mveron
10:31 mveron hi rangi
10:32 rangi slef: i had murrayfield on my list too
10:32 rangi plus the national potrait gallery, st giles, and the people's story museum
10:33 slef rangi: I don't know those so well. I'll go look at the National Library at some point.
10:34 rangi oh yeah good point
10:34 rangi well murrayfield is the home of scottish rugby and a famous stadium, it may only be paul and I interested in that :)
10:37 rangi http://www.edinburghmuseums.or[…]he-People-s-Story
10:40 mveron rangi: I have questions on your comments on Bug 7621
10:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7621 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Circulation: Match age restriction of title with borrower's age without using categories
10:40 cait slef: sorry, missed your question - you wrote me: I will send you the Speaker Details for the other three in a bit.
10:40 cait slef: so was waiting for another mail :)
10:40 mveron rangi:Table systmpreferences: content of field explanation does not show up in staff client, it just helps to understand the table, right?
10:41 rangi exactly
10:42 mveron YesNo values do not have options, just an empty string, right?
10:42 rangi it used to show up, but now the .pref handles that (so it is translatable)
10:42 rangi you got it
10:42 mveron So I have just to add my preferences to something like :
10:42 rangi <-- ive been told this is a good place to eat too
10:42 mveron INSERT INTO `systempreferences` (variable,value,explanation,options,type) VALUES('AgeRestrictionOverride', '0', 'Prevent patrons from checking out an item whose age restriction would apply?', '', 'YesNo');
10:42 rangi *nod*
10:43 cait can someone help me with vocabulary? what is the amount enumbered (funds?)
10:43 rangi probably without the ` or mbalmer will yell at you
10:43 mveron I know :-) But I know him as well, normally he is a nice guy :-)
10:44 rangi he did apologise the other day, so thats good :)
10:45 rangi so you want that in the syspref.sql file, and  something very similar in the
10:45 mveron Oh, but the whole file sysprefs.sql has `systempreferences`...?
10:45 mveron With the `
10:45 rangi yup
10:46 cait mveron: we know
10:46 mveron So I just add my lines without and leave the rest as is?
10:46 rangi *nod*
10:46 rangi otherwise it makes tracking what you changed hard
10:46 rangi if you want to change them all, that should be in a separate patch
10:47 mveron Ok, and thanks for the answer to a question about I just wanted to ask... :-)
10:47 rangi :)
10:55 mveron rangi: It was the first question. The second one is about the $DBVersion construct. Do I just put my lines inside the last one:? i.e. $DBversion = ""; if(...
10:56 rangi you make a new one, after that, $DBversion = "XXX";
10:56 rangi if (
10:56 rangi your lines
10:56 rangi then the RM (paul) will change it to the right number when he pushes it
10:57 rangi ok, time for sleep
10:57 rangi have a good sunday
10:57 mveron Thanks for helping, rangi, and sleep well!
11:07 slef cait: oh right. I'll get to that.
11:07 slef (was distracted for a minute. Someone on the internet was wrong.)
11:07 cait slef: that happens a lot :)
11:09 slef cait: my current irritation is the "butter is more natural than vegetable oil/margarine" crowd
11:09 cait ?
11:09 cait yeah, that sounds wrong
11:09 slef I mean, did cows used to milk themselves into churns before humans were around.
11:09 cait they were break dancing before - so you could milk butter
11:10 * cait is feeling depressed from looking at all those bugs
11:12 mveron cait: Have som chocolate :-)
11:12 cait mveron: can I have a bunch of developers fixing those instead? :)
11:13 mveron cait: Just one. Where can I help?
11:13 cait :)
11:14 cait it's just a lot of things that need some work - I have been looking through bugs, not enhancements, without any patches - and I got it down to 579
11:14 mveron That is not a bug number, no?
11:14 cait total
11:16 cait that's why I am depressed now :)
11:19 mveron Is it the list "All by prio"?
11:19 cait All \w enh
11:20 cait All /w enh even
11:37 mveron I'm impressed. And bugtracker seems to be very busy. Will have a look at the list after lunch.
11:38 cait lunch is a good idea :)
11:40 mveron Mahlzeit.
11:43 cait guten appetit.
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12:13 slef sent cait details on first three hackfest talks
12:13 cait cait says thank you
12:14 cait slef: I will try to write something up monday/tuesday
12:21 slef cool
12:44 jcamins_away slef: I don't know about "more natural," but butter certainly makes better-tasting baked goods than margarine.
12:46 slef depends on the butter and the margarine... trouble is that bakers who use margarine often use cheap margarine, whereas there's a higher limit to how cheap butter can get and still be called butter rather than animal margarine
12:48 jcamins_away slef: in that case, butter is more affordable, because the butter and margine I can get at the supermarket cost about the same, and the butter works better. ;)
12:51 slef jcamins_away: may be true now with the advice against saturated fats
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13:16 shahas hii
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13:37 cait mveron++
13:38 mveron cait: Regarding Bug 6981  ? Tanks. But it is not resolved...
13:38 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6981 critical, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , barcode not incrementing
13:44 cait mveron: yes, but a step in the right direction :)
14:27 * magnuse waves
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15:30 * cait waves at magnuse
15:31 * magnuse waves back
16:31 magnuse gah, i hate all those string starting with %s%s%s%sKoha online%s catalog &rsaquo;
16:40 cait me too
16:41 magnuse fuzzy strings that kan just be ok'd in the other hand... ;-)
16:43 cait finding lots of typos in those strings actually
17:18 magnuse prefs and opac for nb-NO 3.8 done - yay!
17:18 magnuse staff: 31874 words need attention
17:19 cait good luck
17:42 magnuse cait: thanks :-)
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19:47 shahas hii
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22:37 eythian hi
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