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06:29 cait hi #koha
07:27 rangi hmm this is apt timing, with slef talking bout gmail
07:27 rangi[…]gle-account-today
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07:34 rangi hi mveron
07:37 cait him mveron
07:37 mveron hi everybody
07:43 mveron I tried to signoff Bug 6448 but it does not apply. Changed status and commented in the results of applying. Is this correct?
07:43 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6448 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, Patch doesn't apply , EAN-13 barcode support
07:43 cait I am taking a look :)
07:44 mveron Thanks :-)
07:44 cait hm which command did you use for applying?
07:45 mveron git bz apply 6448
07:46 rangi does mveron drink whisky?
07:46 mveron Why?
07:47 rangi because i wont be going on the fishing trip at kohacon and will probably do a whisky tasting excursion instead
07:48 mveron I will be happy to join you :-)
07:49 rangi excellent
07:50 cait and what I am supposed to do?
07:50 * cait does neither like fishing nor whisky!
07:50 cait :)
07:51 rangi sober navigator?
07:51 rangi :)
07:51 cait mveron: what you can try when git bz apply does not work
07:51 cait which can happen because it doesn't do -3
07:51 cait git am --abort
07:51 cait git am -iu3 temp.... (the line that git bz gives you with the patch file)
07:51 cait and try if that applies then
07:53 mveron Will try
08:00 cait sober navigator? ... ok
08:17 cait mveron: does it work? :)
08:24 mveron Just tried. I get two CONFLICT (content).
08:26 mveron I think I let this one as is and try an other one
08:28 cait mveron: you can copy the conflicts into the bug and change the version to master :)
08:28 cait and leave as does not apply
08:29 mveron Done.
08:30 cait cool :)
08:30 cait mveron++ :)
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08:32 mveron I tried with bug 7647, git am -iu3 temp...  worked here, so I can test this one
08:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7647 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, Needs Signoff , Checkout History Sort
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08:33 cait yep, sometimes it will work, so you should always try the -3 when git bz apply fails
08:36 cait mveron: and thx for helping out :) we always need more people signing off and testing, neverending task :)
08:36 rangi mveron++
08:37 mveron Thanks, I do my best :-) Hoping that my own patch moves up in the list :-)
08:43 rangi mveron: im looking at the patch now
08:43 rangi a few little issues
08:43 rangi ill note them on the bug
08:43 mveron I would be surprised if not :-)
08:44 mveron I mean the issues... Will have a look at your comments.
08:57 rangi hope they make sense
09:14 mveron rangi: Thanks for the comments. I have to leave now, will work on it this evening.
09:15 mveron By #koha
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09:29 cait hi chris_n
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10:05 rangi spaces in filenames?? yuck!
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13:28 mib_h1ck1f Hi
13:28 wahanui niihau, mib_h1ck1f
13:28 mib_h1ck1f i have an issue with koha
13:29 mib_h1ck1f Software error: Can't call method "fields" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2245.
13:29 mib_h1ck1f have any idea about this error
13:30 mib_h1ck1f Hello wahanui
13:34 mib_h1ck1f hi
13:36 cait hi mib_h1ck1f - wahanui is only a bot :)
13:36 cait which version of koha are you using?
13:41 mib_h1ck1f Hi cait
13:41 mib_h1ck1f Koha version:
13:41 mib_h1ck1f operating system open suse 12
13:44 cait hm
13:44 cait and what did you do when the error occurred?
13:47 mib_h1ck1f when i try to  Add MARC Record
13:47 mib_h1ck1f path is Home › Cataloging › Add MARC Record
13:49 cait hm
13:49 cait are you using marc21 or unimarc?
13:49 cait did it ever work before?
13:50 cait did you change something in the marc bibliographic frameworks?
13:50 cait :)
13:51 cait what i would do
13:51 cait is check the bibliographic frameworks
13:52 cait there is a test you can under administration > MARC bibliographic framework test
13:52 cait I have to go now- weekends are very silent here. You can try to send a detailed description of your problem to the mailing list, but include information about the version and what you did and tried :)
13:53 mib_h1ck1f 1 sec please
13:54 mib_h1ck1f i am using marc21
13:55 mib_h1ck1f i had checked marc bibliographic frameworks, Configuration OK, you don't have errors in your MARC parameters table
13:56 cait hm
13:56 cait I am not sure what's going wrong
13:57 mib_h1ck1f to which mail id i will send the details
13:58 cait the main koha mailing list
13:58 cait I think
13:58 cait mailing lists?
13:58 wahanui mailing lists are at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
14:13 mib_h1ck1f h
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19:20 YoungPublicLibrarian Quiet in here on Saturdays...
19:22 cait always quiet on weekends
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19:27 YoungPublicLibrarian I see. :)
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19:29 shahas hi
19:29 wahanui que tal, shahas
19:29 shahas am getting software error in my koha 3.6??
19:32 shahas could u pls give any solutions,,,
19:33 YoungPublicLibrarian what kind of error? Not that I can actually help. But an error number or wording is usually needed for troubleshooting...
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19:35 shahas error is while creating new MARC record,,,is it need any configuration for creating new MARC record,,,
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19:35 Oak kia ora #koha
19:35 YoungPublicLibrarian Hello Druthb!
19:35 druthb hi. :)
19:36 Oak hi druthb, cait.
19:36 druthb Salaam, Oak.  :)
19:36 Oak :) peace  be on you druthb
19:36 druthb :)
19:37 * druthb waves to YoungPublicLibrarian.
19:38 YoungPublicLibrarian lol, if I knew how to wave back I would!
19:38 * cait waves
19:38 shahas i created itemtype,framework etc,,,but while saving MARC record it shows either software error or 'requested record not found'
19:38 * cait whispers start your wave with a /me
19:38 * druthb hugs cait.
19:39 YoungPublicLibrarian ah, long time WoW I tried to use / e...
19:39 * YoungPublicLibrarian waves to druthb and cait!
19:39 druthb wahoo!  :)
19:45 cait well done :)
19:53 * YoungPublicLibrarian sends PM to druthb ^_^
20:00 shahas hii
20:00 shahas could u help me??
20:01 druthb Hi, shahas...what's up?  (I might be able to, or not...let's try.)
20:03 shahas thank u,,,,,error is while creating new MARC record,,,is it need any configuration for creating new MARC record,,,
20:04 shahas am using koha 3.6
20:04 druthb If you've got item types and at least one branch set up, and haven't modified the MARC frameworks, it should just work.
20:08 shahas ya,,i created itemtype,framework ,library,,i entered only mandatory fields,,,in that fiest four fields got automatically,,,and i give Transcribing agency as marc21,,then title and type,,,
20:09 druthb *created* a framework?  Does it work when you create a bib record using one of the delivered frameworks that come already defined?
20:09 shahas but whilw saving am getting software error,,if clicj'save and view record' am getting requested record not found
20:09 shahas no
20:10 shahas can't create in default framework also...
20:10 druthb Frameworks are *very* touchy beasts; can cause all sorts of chaos if you've created one that's missing something crucial.  For instance, if your framework doesn't have 999$a and 999$b in it, then it's *broken.*
20:11 druthb hm.     I sure don't know; my expertise is in manipulating marc *outside* of Koha for import.   I'm probably not the best person to help.
20:11 druthb If you send an email to the koha community list--be detailed, screenshots, even, would be good--then you'll probably get several answers from folks there.
20:12 druthb (or try on Monday, during US working hours--lots of folks here then.)
20:12 shahas k,,,i tried in community,,but i didnt get any positive reply
20:13 shahas cud u please give the steps for creating marc record,,,
20:14 druthb Here's a step-by-step, with screen shots:  http://manual.koha-community.o[…]ng.html#addbibrec
20:21 rangi wow i hate mibbit
20:21 rangi and morning
20:22 druthb hi, rangi! :)
20:22 cait hi rangi :)
20:27 YoungPublicLibrarian Hello rangi! And why the hate of Mibbit?
20:30 rangi just that whenever we have someone coming in using it, there is about a 95% chance they will ask the same question again and again and again
20:30 rangi as if asking it repeatedly makes the answer change
20:31 rangi 9 times on the mailing list, and 3 times on irc now, for that particular one
20:33 rangi @wunder nzwn
20:33 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0°C (8:00 AM NZST on April 15, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.36 in 1028 hPa (Rising).
20:35 YoungPublicLibrarian Ah I see. Well that's not the poor Mibbit's fault. That would be user related. :)
20:38 rangi I also don't like sexist marketing like
20:38 rangi "IRC so easy your mom could use it."
20:38 cait hm good point
20:39 YoungPublicLibrarian LOL! Does Mibbit market as such?! :/
20:39 rangi it does
20:39 rangi admittedly its a quote from a cnet news editor about it, but they put it on their front page
20:41 YoungPublicLibrarian lol, that't horrible! And false! Heck, I've been lurking here for about three months and never once realized I was getting PM from people until druthb told me about it! :(
20:41 rangi :)
20:41 cait :)
20:41 druthb glad to be of service, of course.  :)
20:41 rangi yeah never use mibbit on a projector either
20:41 rangi because you never know when the ad will switch to penis enlargement
20:41 cait lol
20:42 YoungPublicLibrarian Oh my! :o
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20:46 what_advert house insulation at the moment
21:00 * rangi wanders off to enjoy some sun
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21:33 * magnus_afk wishes #koha a good night
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23:51 druthb o/

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